Big Night Out Just more Carnelian on the Ginza.

Catboys in Roses Crap, but it's bishounen crap.

Coffee? Tea? Me? I need no comment on this, but catgirl maids rock.

Downtown Ghosts The ramen museum strikes again!

Wind, Water, Elf, Grape Just a watercolor version of an image of Deedlit from Lodoss.

Girls With Weapons - Ramen Museum I'd had two amazing images from iichan's high-resolution board, and it seemed a shame to waste them just as they were - sitting there, in all their 4000x1024 glory. So I went out and picked up a photo of a ramen museum, and bingo! Off and running.

I'm No Goddamned Angel More Angel Sanctuary wallpaper goodness. It's crap, but it's good crap.

Kittenish Just my thoughts on Windows XP. I may be able to port this to 1600x1200 and 1280x1024, but not anything smaller, I don't think.

Let the Music Play The sheet music in the background is "Cruel Angel's Thesis."


Lilium (Latin text)

If you've sene Elfin Lied, you know the opening song, "Lilium," is almost impossible to understand for anyone who can't speak Latin, and you also know the art in the album is stunning.

This is just my little contribution.

If you can't figure out the Japanese lettering, it's "Elfin Lied."

OS x86

Once again, holy freakin' crap.

There are three wallpapers in here. Choose the one that corresponds to your resolution. If it's not there, I'll port it over.

So Lovely Day I'd originally meant to make this 2048x1536, but I screwed up the dimensions, and it's now 2560x1536. It's not really a problem, per se; I just use Center. Admittedly, Belldandy gets cut off, but it still looks damn good.

The Happiest Sinners (2048x1536)

The Happiest Sinners (1024x768)

Yes, it's Angel Sanctuary. No, it's not how you think it is. I saw a stunning picture from volume 20 and just had to use it in a wallpaper, but it was 1024x768 and that's just a godawful resolution.

Photoshop and a lack of sleep solves everything in that respect.

And in response to the request, I've resized this to 1024x768. Enjoy.

Those Poor, Unfortunate Souls

A high-resolution image of a cathedral, a picture of (I believe) Arcuine Brunestud from Tsukihime, and a little time in Photoshop.

You get a Puchuu 100-point badge if you get the reference here.

Try Me (1024x768)

Try Me (2048x1536)

This wallpaper of Firefox-tan is at 1024x768, since a ton of people use that resolution and don't use Firefox. Seriously, use the best browser in the world - it's more secure than IE (which can give someone root access on your machine, which is VERY VERY BAD for those of you who don't speak Linux), you can block ads, and it stops spyware from downloading and installing.

Plus it uses less resources and runs a HELL of a lot faster.

You can get it for your OS here.

Waterfall Mage

Sometimes when you see beauty, you just have to use it.

I'm also grateful for cameras that take high-resolution photos.

Weiß Neuschwanstein Weiß. Schloss Neuschwanstein. I just wish I had a better photo.

When I End the World Tonight Another Angel Sanctuary offering.

Wolf in Monk's Clothes If only to screw with you Miroku lovers, I _HAD_ to do this.

Note: All wallpapers are 2048x1536 or higher. I have no plans to resize them for various resolutions, and if you want to, you can do it yourself. Just toss me a smaller copy when you're done. Thanks!