So you've found my little soapbox. Good for bloody you. Take a look around and see if there's anything that interests you among my wild, caffeine-induced delusions.


Overview Rant
In which Tuxy rants about things in general.

Guest Rant: is Dying
In which Kebinu, a Naru Fanboy famous for his Nadesico Thumbnail Theater works, rants about how FFN stifles good writing.

Pyramid Spammers
In which Tuxy exposes a particularly odious scheme to collect addresses for spammers.

Secure Your Damn Machine or I'll Call Your ISP and Ask Them To Terminate Your Internet Access!
In which Tuxy rants about people who don't give a damn about securing their machines which have Internet access.

Hey, Kids! Be Cool and Form Your Own Luciferian Cult!
In which Ryo, a guest ranter, and Tuxy rant towards vandals.

Lexmark: We Make Crappy, Overpriced Cartridges and We Spy on You, Too!
In which Tuxy explores a rather odious scheme of a certain printer company's to monitor printing by owners of their printers.

CoolWebSearch: We OWN Your Machine, GODDAMMIT!
In which Tuxy explores an attempt by the disgusting kiddie-porn-pusher "affiliates" of a search hijacker to gain a botnet in addition to money.