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Tuxy's Winamp Skins A selection of finely-crafted Winamp skins made by Tuxy. These can be used with Winamp 2.6 and newer.

Castlevania: Clockwork of Night My one-man Castlevania RPG that I've worked on for nearly a year and a half now. I'd appreciate any and all help.

Exile III: Ruined World Comprehensive Walkthrough

A comprehensive walkthrough for one of the best RPGs ever made. This covers everything - all the plagues, all the sidequests, all the interesting little thingies that Jeff Vogel did quite well...

Even Rentar-Ihrno's Pants-Stealing Dungeon.

Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age
A nice little FAQ cooked up by myself to guide GS2 players through the methods necessary to get the best weapons and armor and stuffage.