Yep, I bet you thought that Tuxy just did bad fanfiction and a slew of SI MSTings.

Well, you're wrong. He's done various pieces of poetry, some rants, and at the moment, he's working on non-fanfiction stuff too. All that's going <Cartman> hyah, so read it, and respect his authoritah! </Cartman>

Object d'Writing

The Angels are Crying A rather dark, suicidal work.

Angels on Earth Written to... well, she knows who she is.

Crystal Teardrops Written in another fit of angst.

Piano and Violin Written to the Divine Violinist. I do hope that she remembers.

To BeOS or not to BeOS "O heavy burden! Mine bloated Windows..."

Women Anyone else sense the lack of my love life?

Error 401

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A novel about schools, hackers, and bad cafeteria food.