Herein, you'll find the MSTings I've completed since 1999. Admittedly, they're somewhat - okay, who am I kidding, BLATANTLY - subpar, and there's horrendous OOCness. I've tried somewhat to correct that starting with the third season, but by then, I'd started college, and I'd not had much time to work on them since.

As is, though, you're more than welcome to take a look and see how you like 'em.

Season One: The Pain Begins

Episode 1: Sailor Moon Meets Seinfeld
By: Wyvern
Episode 2: Poke-Sailors
By: Hachi Machi
Episode 3: Sailor Moon Redux
By: Jack Staik

Episode 4: Whimsical Sailor Street
By: Omega

Episode 4.5: Interlude

Don't ask. I was still in my Mary Sue phase for all of these.

Episode 5 is considered a lost episode. I completed the MSTing, put it out on Angelfire and EV1, and ever since my hard drive died way back when, I've lost it.

Episode 6: That's What A Tail's Good For
By: Greyjedi

Note: this is a lemon, and is therefore unsuitable for people under 18 years of age.

Episode 7: Reunions, Part 1
By Blaine

Episode 107.5: Moon Princess

This is a songfic, and is not MSTed. However, as I wrote the cast into it, I should put it here instead of in Fanfiction.

Episode 8: Identity Crisis
This is a self-MST.

Episode 9: Fit to Be Tied, Or a Tail of Nine Kitties
By: Blaine and Hachi Machi

Note: this is a crossover lemon with Thundercats. I co-MSTed this with Tuxedo Alex.

Season Two: Deep Hurting

Episode 11: Three Harry Potter fics
By: Serpentana, Jack Ewers, and Mina and Labrynth
Episode 12: Hermione Granger, Hanson Hater
By: Tic Tac - The Orange Kind

Episode 13: Lemon Wing
By: RiikiTikkiTavi

Note: This is a lemon.

Other note: Yes, I'm going to admit it. I did MST this without the author's permission, and I do regret it after all these years. I apologize, and in the future, I'll ask for MSTing permission.

Episode 14: The Menial Task Machine and Forbidden
By Sailor Scully and C.B. and Alexa

Episode 15: Quit Pining Over Ifurita!
By: Shinji the 10 o' Clock Assassin (also named Tyrenol)

Note: This is a lemon, and as such, is unsuitable for people under the age of 18.

Episode 16: Five Fics
By: Sailor Janus

Episode 16.5 was a lemon sequel to episode 16. This, however, is trapped on an 8MB PCMCIA card in my old Compaq C120 palmtop, and it will never rise again.

Episode 17: Humans, Digimon, and Hormones
By: Shadow Guyver 007

Side note: I recently got an e-mail from Shadow Guyver stating that he's the infamous Dark Ranger of "Agony in Pink" infamy.

Episode 18: Reunions, Parts 2 and 3
By: Blaine

Episode 19: A Very Special Jerry Springer
By: Jessie

Episode 19.5: G-Boys Go Miniature Golfing
By: Lady Kat

Note: This uses the Gundam Wing characters as MSTers instead of the normal MSMT3K cast.

Episode 20: The New Goddess and Memorial Day
By: Shinji the 10 o' Clock Assassin and Stephen Ratliff

Note: "The New Goddess" is a lemon, and as such, is unsuitable for people under the age of 18.


Season 3: Make the Hurting Stop

Episode 20.5: Three reviews, all flames

Episode 21: The Story of the Yaoi Monkey
By: Onsce

Note: I MSTed this twice by accident, since I was using two separate machines. The alternate version can be found here.

Episode 22: Jessie's Pair
By: Steve

Episode 23: Too Long for the Treehouse of Horror, Part 1
By: Hadisia

Episode 24: The Eye of the Storm, Prologue
By: TrueC

Episode 25: Memories
By: Umisetsu

Episode 26: The Eye of the Storm, Part 1
By: TrueC

Episode 27: Reunions, Part 4
By: Blaine

Episode 28: Artemis' Lover
By Oscar

Episode 29: A Black Day
By Oscar

Episode 30: Chibi-Usa's 7th Birthday
By: Robert Tsunai