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<<>> Denotes dream sequence
‘ ‘ Denotes thought

Note- this story takes place 4 Years after the end of Evangelion (having not seen the movies so I’m not sure if this story will coincide with the actual story line, but meh, oh well) In this story the Nerve and Seele forces are at war with one another. The Seele forces have their own set of Eva’s as well as the dummy system developed by Nerve. The three original Eva pilots have been the foremost defense against Seele’s forces…however this has been dragging on for quite some time and our young heroes are constantly battling with fatigue, as they have very little time to rest in between sorties. This story takes place in one of the few moments of rest….enjoy!

Misato’s apartment:

“Finally some time to myself” thought Shinji Ikara, as he lay on his bed listening to his headphones; tracks 25 and 26 on auto repeat as usual.
“How much longer can I keep this up? I barely have the strength left to fight anymore,” he mentally complains to himself “I'm sure Asuka and Rei feel the same way.” He muses. “DAMN YOU FATHER!” he shouts angrily, punching the floor with his fist, “you expect to much from us…. I hate you…”

As he sits there on his bed contemplating past events, battles, and what is in store for them in the future. The weary pilot slowly starts to give into his fatigue and falls into a nice, long awaited, sleep

<< Shinji can only see a dark, endlessly deep void around him.
‘Where…where am I? I ..I know this place’ A sudden bright flash of light envelopes Shinji. Instinctively he closes his eyes from the piercing light. After a moment he opens his eyes and a scene plays before his eyes.
‘ I, remember this, this is when I was in Rei’s apartment for the first time.
A sudden image of Shinji, atop a naked Rei
An image of Asuka kissing him, while sadistically holding his nose
Asuka: ”You idiot cant you do anything right?”
Shinji’s father sitting at his desk with his hands covering his mouth
A scene where Eva unit 01 crushes Susahara’s Eva Plug in its gigantic hand like a toothpick
A scene of Shinji just shortly after regaining control of unit 01, him still in his cockpit “I still have three minutes of power, that’s enough to take out half of Nerve!! DAMN YOU FATHER!!”

Suddenly a bright light surrounds Eva unit 01’ and it explodes violently. Completely decimating everything in a 30-mile radius.

Misato: “SHINJI! NOO..!.”
Rei: “Ahhhhh…..”
Asuka “YOU IDIOT!, AHHHH!….”

Shinji cannot believe the scene that he has just watched and angrily shouts.

Shinji bolts upright in his bed, letting out a loud shout, the headphones fall half way off his head; music still playing. Shinji just sits there panting heavily. His black hair has been plastered to his forehead, and he realizes he was sweating in his sleep. The boy slowly reaches up and takes the headphones completely off his head, then wipes the sweat from his brow.
‘A dream…..it …was just a dream, but ….that…never happened… so why did?’
Just then Misato and Asuka burst into the room wearing their sleeping cloths, stopping Shinji’s train of thought.
“SHINJI!, what’s wrong?!” asks Misato in a panic. Asuka is also flustered and seems genuinely worried. Shinji just sits there for a moment, unmoving. Suddenly realizing he hasn’t answered her question.
“I..I had a nightmare….. I’m ..sorry” confessed Shinji, bowing his head in embarrassment
“IS THAT ALL!!!” shouted Asuka in her normal, critical, high-pitched, yell. “Jeez, you idiot, you made me think you were under attack or something… I can’ believe…” her sentence trails off as she storms back to her room, all the while cursing in German. Misato just stands there listening to her leave, after she hears Asuka’s door slam she sits down next to Shinji, who is still bowing his head in embarrassment and shame.
“Don’t listen to her, she was just angry” she says with an exasperated tone, seeing that Shinji is still bowing
“Hey at least we know that she cares enough about you to worried right?”
Shinji realizes what was just said, and he thinks to himself
‘Asuka…cares ….about ME?’
His train of though was once again broken however, this time by Misato wrapping her arm around him.
“Are you ok now, do you want to tell me about your dream?” she says looking down and smiling motherly like.
Shinji’s face turns slightly red
“No… that’s ok, ill be fine” He sits up and smiles “…thanks anyway”
Misato is not convinced with his act, however she decides that he needs his privacy and does not push the subject.
” ok but remember if you ever need someone to talk to you can always come to me” she says, stressing the “always”.
Shinji blushes once again
“Thanks Misato.”
With that Misato gets up and leaves, as she gets to the door she looks back at him again, Shinji puts on a big cheesy smile, then she leaves, closing the door behind her.
Shinji just sits there thinking to himself for a moment
‘What’s wrong with me, why am I dreaming this now? I thought I was through with all of this emotional crap.’ Suddenly he winces in pain, looking down he sees a small pool of blood, and is surprised to find that there are 3 good-sized wounds on the palm of his hand. ‘What the hell happened?’ he then realizes what most likely occurred, while he was having the nightmare, he must have been making a fist in his sleep, and that he squeezed so hard that he cut himself with this fingernails.
Not wanting to make a big mess Shinji gets up and walks into the bathroom. Once there, he finds the first aid kit and bandages his hand with some gauss. Stopping to look at his reflection
‘Look at me, I'm so pathetic, scared by a dream’ the boy thinks to himself in disgust.
He then starts making his way back to his room. On his way he hears Asuka still mumbling to herself in her room. Curiously he creeps up to her door way and listens in..
“Stupid Shinji, always making everyone worry about him, I swear he does it just to get attention…. Stupid jerk, making me worry about him like that, I should go in there and kick him for that.” Deciding this is a good idea, she gets up and starts walking toward her door. Shinji realizes she is approaching and panics,, ‘oh no she's coming!” Before he could get away the door suddenly opens and there stands a very angry Asuka. As she is about to walk out she notices Shinji half laying half sitting on the floor with a shocked and very red face.
“what the HELL are you doing Shinji?!” Asuka yells quite loudly, louder than she had meant to.
“HEY YOU TWO KEEP IT DOWN I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!”, shouts a sleepy Misato. Realizing what she just did, Asuka blushes brightly, but soon returns to scowling at Shinji. Not wanting to risk another scolding, but not wanting Shinji to get away with this, she violently grabs him and shoves him into her room. Then she turns around and bolts her door shut. Meanwhile Shinji is panicking and sweating heavily
‘this is it! I'm a dead man...lets see I’ll leave my headphones to Susahara….and my..’ his thought process is cut short by Asuka
“Just what the hell did you think you were doing, listening in on me like that?!” she yells, this time in a quieter tone, however no less threatening.
“I …I … I was..” Shinji nervously stutters
“Well spit it out idiot, WHAT WERE YOU DOING?!” Asuka scolds angrily
“Well I heard you muttering and I thought” he is cut short yet again
“You just thought you would invade my privacy and eavesdrop on me, didn’t you? You pervert!” she shouts. Shinji once again lowers his head in shame and embarrassment “I’m sorry Asuka” ‘Geez you would think that after all these years I would learn to stand up to her’ Shinji shamefully thinks to himself.
Asuka suddenly feels a ping of regret at making Shinji yet again bow his head in shame.
‘what am I doing, why do I feel guilty for him being hurt, I have every right to yell at him, he was the one who was listening in on me!’ Asuka thinks to herself ‘But, I didn’t want to hurt him…’ she confesses to herself ‘Dammit! what's wrong with me, why do I care about hurting him for, he’s just dumb old worthless Shinji..’ she protests to herself in anger. Meanwhile having finished his will in his head, Shinji realizes that he isn’t dead quite yet, and that Asuka is just standing there staring at him.
Back in Asuka’s mind: ‘But I still feel bad. But why? Could I …could I like …..him?!….NO WAY, I mean come on! It’s Shinji, dumb, worthless, pitiful Shinji, how could I, the great Asuka like that little worm, he’s spineless, and whiny,’ she mentally fights with herself ‘and he’s is also very kind, and caring, he has saved me several times throughout the years and yet he asked nothing in return. Whenever I am feeling down or angry he is always there to try and make it right, by letting me yell and take it out on him. Every time, he just sits and takes it, and all I do is push him away ..MY GOD I DO LIKE HIM!’ she finally admits to herself.

Asuka suddenly realizes that she has been standing there doing nothing for quite a while and Shinji is just staring at her like a death row inmate about to be taken to the chair. Seeing that hurt look on his face, she twinges in pain again before regaining her self. Deciding she should say something, Asuka takes in a breath. Shinji cringes at the next verbal assault that is surely about to come…but it never does, instead he realizes that she is walking closer to him. Her sudden proximity makes him really nervous
‘Oh great here it comes, I'm dead now’ he mentally prepares himself for the beating of his life.
Asuka stands next to him and sits down, looking away. Extremely confused and overwhelmingly surprised, Shinji starts to ask
“Asuka what…” but is cut off.
“I'm sorry Shinji” confesses the shameful redhead. Surprised yet again he just sits there at a loss for words
‘she’s sorry? Sorry for what, what is going on there, why am I not dead yet’
“I'm sorry for making you feel like that yet again.” This time it is she who bows her head in remorse. Feeling surprised and yet saddened at Asuka’s apology he instinctively says “its alright,” reaching out and touching her shoulder. Suddenly Asuka screams with a burst of anger.
“NO ITS NOT ALRIGHT, you’ve been kind to me, you’ve saved my life, you’re always there when I need you, and all I can do is yell and belittle you into submission. God you must hate me, I'm such a horrible horrible bitch,” Asuka shouts, tears streaming from her eyes as she looks into Shinji’s, pleading for him to say something, anything!
Shinji feels an overwhelming pain in his heart at seeing Asuka hurt this way. Not knowing anything better to do, and with an extreme amount of courage, especially for him, he moves over and pulls Asuka to him and holds her gently. She starts to resist for just a second, then gives in and snuggles close to him. She continues sobbing on his shoulder making his shirt wet where her tears fall. Not knowing what else to do Shinji just holds her, gently rubbing her back with his hands, and rocking side to side.

The two just sit like that for what seemed like an eternity, but neither one of them minds one bit. After what seemed forever Shinji pulls away from her slowly, looking at her soggy, messy, hair matted face, he smiles gently.
“Are you ok now?” he asks softly. Suddenly Asuka cry’s out
“Oh Shinji…I love you!” Shinji’s jaw drops to the floor, almost comically.
‘She….she loves me? Asuka loves me, ME? This is impossible how could anyone love me, especially Asuka’ he contemplates her confession.
“Shinji …say something please!!” Asuka cries.
“You …you love…..ME?” he asks in surprise, stressing the word ME.
“Yes I love YOU Shinji Ikara , I love you with all of my being, I cant believe it took me this long to realize that, yes Shinji I love you!” she confesses with all her heart. Shinji thinks a moment “I.. love you to…Asuka” Shinji sheepishly confesses. Now it is Asuka’s turn to be surprised.
“How could you possibly love me after what I've done to you?” she asks bowing her head in remorse …yet again.
With a sudden flair of boldness
“Because even thought you my have treated me badly, I always knew you really didn’t mean it, and that you were just taking your frustrations out on me and I didn’t mind….as long as it made you feel better. Asuka, listen, you have also been there for me, you have saved my life just as many times as I have you, and despite how often you protested that you can’t stand my guts, your still are here, living with me. And when I heard from Misato that you actually cried when you thought I was dead (referring to the dissolving in the LCL event). I knew from that moment on in my heart that I loved you, Asuka”
Shinji lowered his head in embarrassment. “Oh Shinji!” Asuka squeals in delight as she grasped both sides of his head, and pulls him into a very passionate kiss. Shinji’s head is spinning, he had never felt anything like this, sure he kissed her before but this one isn’t a sadistic, just to waste time kind of kiss, this is a kiss meant only for lovers. Suddenly he gets an idea, he slowly parts his lips and pushes his tongue into her awaiting mouth. Asuka, somewhat surprised by his bold move gasps, then happily returns the favor. The two teens probe each other’s mouths with their tongues. Each one exploring and mapping each other’s every tooth, every crevice. Suddenly Shinji realizes that he cant breath and breaks the kiss violently and sucks in air for all he’s worth.
“That ……*pant* was….*pant* the greatest…*pant* feeling I've ever…..had* confesses Shinji, catching his breath “you taste so good Asuka”
“Me…too *pant*” replies Asuka, equally out of breath, and equally pleased.
As the two teens catch their breath, Asuka gets an idea
“Say Shinji?, do you want to ….you know….take this a bit further” Asuka asks in the most sultry tone she can muster, all the while looking lustfully into Shinji’s eyes.
Shinji’s gulps in surprise, and starts sweating heavily again “you….you mean have….sex?” he fights to get the last word out
“Yes of course I mean sex silly, don’t you like my body” she asks as she straitens herself to give him a clear view of her assets. Shinji runs his eyes up and down her figure, she is wearing her pajamas, which consist of a loose fitting pink button up top and some pink nicely fitting sweatpants. Even though the shirt is loose fitting he can clearly see her 36 c cupped breasts. His gaze trails a bit further south and rests on her shapely hips. Shinji gulps audibly.
“Well…yes ..of course, you’re the most beautiful woman I know”
‘Together with Misato that is’ he thinks the last part to himself.
“Then lets have some fun!” Asuka squeals, and quickly pushes him over onto his back starting to undress him. Shinji is wearing his usual outfit, white button up shirt and black trousers.
As Asuka starts to unbutton his shirt very slowly and seductively, He asks nervously “are you s..sure we should be doing this? I mean were only 18”
“So what, were both of age, and we both love each other, so what’s the point?”
“Well it’s just… I've never…never had any of these types of experiences..” he blushes heavily.
“That’s ok, don’t worry about it, just let me take care of you” Asuka replies lovingly with just a bit of seduction in her voice. She pushes him all the way to the ground and finishes unbuttoning his shirt. She throws it off into the corner and stares lovingly at Shinji’s body. Over the past four years and countless battles Shinji filled out quite nicely, he didn’t quite have a defined ‘six pack’ but he was well on his way. Aside from a few scars here and there he looked very hot in her eyes.
“My, my Shinji, four years has defiantly done you good.” She tells him in her best alluring voice. She then kisses her way up and down his chest and neck, slowly, excruciatingly slowly in Shinji’s opinion. As she kisses his neck he lets out a small grunt of pleasure. Making a mental note of this in her mind for later use, Asuka continues her kissing downward until she reaches his navel, and stops. She realizes that he is still clothed form the waist down, and this will definitely not do! With a quick seductive smile up at her lover, she slowly un-buttons his pants and slides them off. Now the only thing separating her from her prize is a thin piece of cloth that is Shinji’s boxers. She gazed lovingly at his towering erection, straining to break free from its prison.
“Aww look at that, he's happy to see me” comments Asuka impishly. “Oh how sad, he cant get free, here let me help you with that.” With that last comment she suddenly reaches up and pulls his boxers down with one deft motion. Shinji yelps in surprise
‘I cant believe this is happening, two hours ago I was listening to my headphones and now the love of my life is just inches from my manhood…god if this is a dream I pray that I am in a never ending comma’ Shinji thinks to himself. Shinji can’t continue his quiet thanks, as he is suddenly overcome with a wave of pure pleasure. He feels something wet and very warm on the tip of his member. As he looks down he sees the beautiful red head with the tip of his head in her mouth.

Asuka, noticing how much he loves her bold action, starts to move her tongue around his head, licking it very much the way a kid licks a lollypop. Shinji can barely contain himself, just the very site of his pole in Asuka’s mouth is almost enough to push him over the edge.
“oh….mmmmmm..assssukka, please ….don’t stop” he pleads. Not one to deny such a request, Asuka happily continues down his pole. She takes more and more of it into her mouth, until she almost starts to gag. Not being very experienced at this sort of thing, she just starts moving her tongue around his pole trying to find what makes him feel the best.
‘I can’ttt take much more of this’ thinks Shinji to himself
“Oh my god! Asuka , I'm gunna ….I'm gunna “ suddenly to Asuka’s big surprise, Shinji explodes into her mouth, wad after sticky wad hit the back of her throat. Not used to this sort of thing she jerks her head back letting some of the strange yet good tasting white goo slip through her lips. All Shinji can do is lay there in euphoria, he has never felt this way before in his life. Not even when he masturbated did he ever feel this good. Suddenly he realized what had just happened, and what was in Asuka’s mouth.
“oh my god Asuka! I'm so sorry , I didn’t mean to..” Shinji protests wide eyed.
“Shhh shh, its ok , its ok, I don’t mind at all, besides it kind of tastes good” she interrupts licking the goo from her lips. “did you enjoy that my Shinji darling?” she asks sweetly
“Words can’t describe how good that felt Asuka, thank you so much” then he gets an idea of his own “instead of telling you , why don’t I just show you”

Shinji suddenly sits up and pushes Asuka onto her back, as she lets out a small squeal. Just as he starts to unbutton her shirt, the phone rings and breaks his concentration. The two of them just sit there listening to a sleepy Misato mumble into the phone. After a few seconds they hear the phone being hung up.
“GET UP YOU TWO, NEVE HAS JUST DETECTED 3 SEELE EVA’S ON THEIR WAY TO THE GEOFRONT!!” Yells Misato as she is struggling to get dressed.

“YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. GAAAAWWWWWD!”, Asuka shouts in extreme dismay. ‘Damn just when it was starting to get good,’ oh well. “Well Shinji what are you just sitting there for? GO GET DRESSED.” Asuka shouts at him. Suddenly feeling the urgency he gets up, cleans up his minor mess, and starts to re-dress himself.
“But don’t worry,” she interrupts, “when this is all over, your going to finish what you started.” The sultry redhead says slyly. To this, all Shinji can do is smile stupid like. “YES MAAM”, He eagerly shouts

To be continued……

Well that’s it folks, Don’t ya' just hate it when that happens. Just about to get their Mack on when giant robots come to blow shit up. Oh well, anyway, this was my first ever lemon, please by all means tell me what you think of it. Even if you think it was the worst story ever written and think I should be shot for writing it, tell me. You can contact me at Bradmeg128@Hotmail.com I will write a sequel to this, depending on whether you people liked it or not.