Warning!!!! Danger will Robinson, lemon approaching! Those under the legal age: go to another fic. For those who either don’t give a crap or are old enough for the lemony goodness following, you might want to find a copy of my fic 'Wake' and read it because this has an actual _plot_. Those of you who don’t like a plot with their lemon feel free to take a hike. Now that I've gotten rid of 90% of lemon readers, the rest of you enjoy the show.

                                     Chain Lightning Studios Presents
                                                    Water Hazard
                                          A lemon side story to Wake
                                                   By T. L. Webb

     (Note: this takes place between the nighttime scene on the patio and the final scene)

      "Um… help?"

       These words were followed by a splash and as Asuka turned around she was just in time to see Shinji disappear under the surface of the river. The makeshift log-bridge had been a good idea, but they hadn't realized just how slippery that the moss was going to be.

       "Shiest!" she shouted as she dove in after him without a second thought. The current wasn’t strong, but Shinji had told her awhile back that he didn’t know how to swim, and he was proving this by thrashing around like an idiot. She on the other hand cut through the water like a knife and was beside him in moments. Grabbing him from behind and yelling for him to calm down she kicked her way toward the shore until she found a foothold.

       Having calmed down a bit Shinji climbed to the shore and fell to the sand coughing up water as he tried to catch his breath. She sat down next to him and relived that he was ok kissing him deeply, then began to wring out her jacket. She just barely held back the rant that was threatening to fly from her lips.

     She knew he couldn't swim.

     His falling was an accident.

     No one was to blame.

     'Keep telling yourself that Langely and you _might_ keep from chewing his ass off' she told herself with a smirk. As she looked over at Shinji, she saw he was frozen in place. It took a moment of looking around to realize he was staring at her. Looking down she realized with a yelp that her shirt and shorts had become translucent thanks to a hearty dose of cold water.

      "You might want to stop staring before I'm forced to knock some manners into you" she told him with almost as much amusement as hostility. As Shinji's brain started working again and his eyes closed tight she paused to think about that. Shinji wasn’t really that perverted, and usually looked away or closed his eyes the moment something like that happened. She had, for awhile, enjoyed teasing him with that knowledge by dressing as scantly as Misato. But that had been before everything had changed. Before his father had gone too far. Before instrumentality.

      They had been changing recently in their attitudes toward one another, growing closer and more tolerant. And the kissing was a nice bonus as well. Was this another of the changes?


     "Hey Shinji?" she asked as they made their way back to the path, "what brought on the deer in the headlights bit back there?"
      'She's still just as blunt' Shinji thought with a smile even as he blushed from the question. He didn’t want to answer it, but they had agreed a few weeks back that they should try to be completely open when possible, and get to know one another as well as they could. If they were going to be together alone, it would be vital, especially in their case.

       So with a resigned sigh, he told her.

      "Your beautiful."

     "Yes I am well aware of that," she said with one of those smirks that only she could pull off and still look cute," but why such rapt interest?"

      "Asuka…. If I tell you will you at least give me a running start?"


      "Ok, look," Shinji said as he stopped on the path, " how long have we been together? Counting before I mean."

      "About a year I think."

     "And how many times did you threaten my life if I so much as glanced at you below the neck?"

      "Shinji…. We agreed to let that go…"

      "Hear me out, but lets say it was often. Anyway not too long ago you told me to relax around you and I have been trying, hopefully succeeding but it's hard for me to tell from my point of view. Now take all this and assume that until just recently I hadn't looked at you… I mean _really_ looked at you till just now."

      A blush creeped across Asuka's cheeks as she realized what he was implying. She looked away quickly and started up the trail. Shinji stood and was soon walking beside her. They didn’t say much for the rest of the trip.


      'Oh Gott…. What am I going to do?' she thought as she paced her room the next evening, 'I knew this was going to happen sooner or later…. Oh Gott, oh Gott….'

       In truth not only had she known it was coming sooner or later, she had been awaiting it with both anticipation, and a touch of fear. Ever since their first _real_ kiss that night in the geofront she had wondered when things would take their course and they would progress from kissing to…. Something else.

      "Sex…." There she had said it. It was a huge step, something that was whispered about in the locker rooms and at the few slumber parties she had attended in Germany. The other girls had been just as clueless as she had been and she suspected that Shinji would probably be about as ignorant, if not more so on the subject.

      So problem number one: they both knew virtually nothing about it save where the parts were supposed to fit.

      Problem number two: would it screw up what they already had? They had made so much progress together, had become so close…. Half of the romance sections in the magazines were always talking about it ruining friendships and screwing business stuff up. She and Shinji were alone here; did they dare risk it?

      Problem number three: she did _not_ want to get pregnant.

     'What am I going to do?' she thought as she looked out the window. She was living in Misato's old room, Shinji having reclaimed his from before her arrival. As she looked out she saw that Shinji was looking up at the sky from the patio chair. He looked so calm; perhaps she should ask him for some advice on blanking her mind, as he had been quite the expert.


      'Way to go blockhead' Shinji thought as he watched the moon rise in the sky. Asuka had hardly spoken to him since he had opened his big mouth and now she was probably thinking he was the pervert king.
     Not that he didn’t disserve the title after gawking at her for such a long time. Seeing her like that, with the clothing sticking to her body, and showing so much of what it concealed had driven home just how powerful the attraction he had for her was. It had started before he had recognized it. And back then it hadn't been as…. Physical an attraction, well not completely anyway.

      Somewhere down the line he had started to want her around, to need her around him. It was strange mostly because at the time she had been doing everything humanly possible to drive him away. Once they had awoken on the beach it had balanced out somewhat, and he had been able to deal with it, but then they had started kissing and something had changed.

       He didn’t know just how to define it, but he knew it wasn’t as innocent a longing as it had been before. Thankfully it also wasn’t the same as what he had gone through just before Instrumentality; it was nowhere near as desperate or disturbing as that had been.

     It was her, all of her that was making him feel like this, and he didn’t know what to do. Every time he saw her lately his breath caught and it was taking everything he had not to stare at her. At her hair, at her eyes, at her legs and….. He had to admit it, at her breasts, and hips and….

     He let out a sigh. 'What is happening to me? I wish Kaji were here, I don’t know if this is even normal. Is it ok for me to be thinking of her like this? Its so much harder to push back than it was before, harder to brush it from my mind.'

       Where was this going to lead?


      "Hey Shinji!" Asuka shouted from the kitchen the next morning as he took a shower, "pack up a few days of clothes and grab a bathing suit or something then meet me down at the truck when you're done in there!"

      Shinji heard her, but asked for a repetition of what she had just said to make certain he hadn't been hearing things. Sure enough he had heard her correctly.

      "What do I need the stuff for? " he asked as he toweled off.

     "I'll tell you once we're loaded and ready to go." She said as she gathered a few supplies and headed out the door.

      "Ooookay" Shinji said as he complied and headed down the stairs to where they had parked their truck. In the back sat a basket and Asuka's duffel bag, so apparently it was going to be an overnighter. Climbing into the passenger seat he shuffled though their collection of music and finally settled on a track. They had agreed that the passenger would be in charge of the music when they went for a long trip, it was too dangerous for the driver to change disks with the roads no longer having repair crews to keep them in shape.

      "So where are we going?" he asked as the bouncy electronic beat came through the speakers. It was an American artist, but the song was in Japanese, the song was called 'trigger finger' or something like that. It was older than they were, but it was one that they could both agree on and that was the important part

      "_We_ are going to teach you to swim Shinji." She said as she hit the gas and sent the truck rocketing down the road toward the nearest town.

      Shinji frowned, he didn’t particularly care for the water, he had spent enough time breathing it in the Eva to last him quite awhile.

      "That's not really necessary you know…" he protested

     "Careful, Shinji, or my bullshit detector is going to go off," she said with a grin, " how many times have you nearly gotten yourself killed in the water in the past few months?"

     "Um….twice" he said quietly.

     "I might not be there to save your ass next time, so this is not a debate. Ok?"

     "…..ok" he said finally.

      "Besides, it'll give you a chance to oogle me in my bathing suit." She said with a laugh, causing him to blush and mutter about fair play for half an hour.


      When she pulled up to the hot springs resort Shinji smiled. He had forgotten about this place in the months that had passed between the eighth angel and their new life. They had come just after her battle and had all enjoyed the rest. It was a lovely place and he was glad she had picked it. He had a feeling that if he were relaxed all of this would go much easier.

       They took their things and set up in the largest suite the place had, and it was quite a set up. Twice as big as Misato's apartment its living room had a central fire place, a huge picture window that ran the side and overlooked the mountains, and the most comfortable couch Shinji had ever seen

      Even the bathroom was amazing, although that wasn’t too huge a shock seeing as how the resort was essentially an exotic bathhouse by definition. The tub alone was more of a Jacuzzi, and everything seemed to be marble. It looked like something out of the Roman Empire. The shower was huge and had a skylight above it, providing light for the entire room.

     The bedroom was no less grand. The bed was large and circular with curtains hanging all around it, and a lighting system that had a seemingly infinite selection of patterns. Unfortunately little of this worked, power had been lost months ago, and while the waterworks were still functioning, none of the lights or other devices were available.

     Off to one side there was a cabinet that Shinji had asked about, but when Asuka checked she had refused to say what was inside, and demanded that he not look. Shrugging he complied and they got ready to hit the springs.


     As they made their way up the path to the springs, Asuka wondered again about what might happen, this whole thing was so nuts…. Fortunately Shinji was a gentleman, a fact it had taken her forever to recognize and if she decided to back down, she felt he would understand, well eventually.
     She couldn't have picked a better place; the entire resort was a romantic's dream. Even after months without the groundskeepers present it was still in almost perfect condition. This would be the perfect place to see if they could take that step.

      As they made it to the heated waters of the main pool and She watched Shinji take his robe off and slid into the heated water, she suddenly realized something. As often as she had thought of this scenario, she had never really looked at the young man with whom she intended to, sooner or later, act it out with. As she mimicked Shinji's response of a few days before, she wanted to slap herself for not doing so.

      'He…. Oh my….' She thought as a hot blush overtook her face and kept going until her body felt like she was in the water already.

     When a young person is entering the final stages of that wonderful period of time referred to as 'puberty' the changes a simple year can bring about are often as dramatic as they are surprising. Added to this the fact that Eva training required constant workouts and all the hard work that Shinji had been doing on the apartment had resulted in quite a different view than the one she had glanced at a year before at the same resort.

       'I think I understand why he was staring so hard the other day' she thought as she slipped into the water herself. As her heart rate slowed and she let the warmth soak into her skin and let out a sigh of content.

     He looked good. That was the long and short of it. He was still a bit thin and wiry, but his muscles were toned and he had been developing a tan from all the outside work. He didn’t have any kind of build that would win contests, but he had one that would turn heads, especially in those swim trunks. It was certainly turning hers!

'Calm down Langely,' she told herself, 'we still have a mission to accomplish, save it for after the lessons'


     'I guess I should be thankful she didn’t wear the bikini' Shinji thought as he sat chest-deep in the water.

       Of course the green one piece that she had chosen hadn't helped any. If the neckline plunged any deeper he would probably be able to see her navel. She was doing this on purpose, he knew it. She had never been one to pass up an opportunity to tease him, it was almost fun lately because it wasn’t as mean spirited, but in this case he wished she would just lay off a notch.

     He was finally managing to clear his thoughts when she tapped him on the shoulder.

     "Huh?" he grunted as he opened his eyes and turned to see what she wanted.

     "Its time for your first lesson Shinji" she told him, "relax, I picked this spot because its safe, no chance of drowning here.

     "Ok…" he said as she kneeled beside him 'oh please let the water cover her breasts, otherwise I don’t think I can pay attention….' He thought. Thankfully, the spot she had picked was deep enough to do just that.

     "The thing you gotta remember first off is that humans float." she told him, " your bloodstream is filled with oxygen and when you have a lung or two full of air, you float even better. So right now we're going to practice just floating. The reason most people who cant swim panic is that they don’t realize this Shinji, but all you have to do is relax. When your thrashing around aimlessly you can accidentally send yourself under, so that’s the key; just relax."

       "Now while the body does float, we're not exactly built as well as the average boat, so we tend to float weird. Best way to do this is on your back, so what I want you to do is to lay back against me and I'm going to hold your arms and keep you afloat until you manage to get the hang of it."

      Shinji was a little hesitant, but didn’t protest. He turned and leaned back, and Asuka true to her word grasped his arms just below his armpits.

     "Ok, now what?" he asked
     "Now you let your feet and waist drift up until they get even enough that your weight is distributed."

      As he followed her instructions, he felt her knee pressing him in the back, helping him a bit. Soon he was lying almost fully on his back in the water. He smiled up at her and she tossed him a wink.

     "Ok, " she said, " now the trick to this is that you have to exhale, and when you do your going to sink a bit, so when you exhale, you have to wave your arms gently to keep yourself afloat till you take your next breath. Time it right and you won't get tired for hours."

      As she told him this, he felt her hands slide from his arms to his back, still holding him aloft, but allowing him more movement of his arms.

     "Don't worry," she whispered, "I won't let you sink"

     As he began following her instructions, he tried to ignore how nice her hands felt against his shoulders like that. He was just making progress when he felt them move again and a tingle went through his body.

      'Oh shit….' He thought as he felt a familiar sensation in his lower extremities, 'not now, not at this angle!'

       As he lowered to a sitting position, Asuka asked him what was wrong.

     "Huh… oh nothing," he replied a little too quickly, " just got a little jumpy."

      Auska frowned. If he wasn’t careful she would have to unleash a pout on him and he had nowhere near the skill Kaji'd had at resisting those, and Kaji hadn't had much.

        "Shinji…" she a little sternly. Just enough to let the message get across that he was going to tell her or she would start playing dirty.
        He muttered something under his breath too quickly for her to make out the words.

      "Say _what_?" she said, using her whiny voice, and knowing that he wouldn't last long under it.

      "Thermal expansion" he said clearer and louder, not that it made any sense.

      " What is that supposed to mean?" she said, "I mean seriously, what does physics have to do with anything? Don’t get me wrong, yeah I remember having the discussion just before we came her last time and I remember that things get larger when they…. Oh…."

       Realization hit her in mid sentence, and she caught on. Her subsequent blush matched Shinji's and as they realized this; they both began to chuckle. The chuckle turned into a laugh and soon the two were making more noise than the springs had experienced for months.
       When they calmed down, Asuka smiled and leaned in for a kiss, one that Shinji returned heartily. They sat there in the water for awhile, not speaking, just enjoying one another's company.

  As they sat there, Asuka began to think about doing something she hadn't considered doing until later during their trip. It was a bit soon, but she doubted that they could be any more relaxed than they were. It was an opportune moment.

     "Hey Shinji?"


      "Wanna loose the bathing suits?"

     Asuka suppressed a giggle as she felt his breath catch in his throat, had this been an anime, he would have no doubt developed the mother of all nosebleeds. Looking up at him from her position against his chest, she saw him looking down as if she were a bit crazy.

      "Are you serious?" he asked with a bit of apprehension in his voice.

     "Actually I am." She told him, "I thought you Japanese didn’t care about bare skin? I'm the foreigner, I'm the one who's supposed to be jumpy here."

     "Humph, well I might have been like that until a certain German girl started screaming at me every time I saw so much has her bare arm."
      "Well excuse me for not quite trusting the country who unleashed tentacle porn on the world" she told him with a playful nudge to the ribs

      "Ok, point for your team," Shinji said, " but why the sudden switch about the apparel?"
     "Well, for one thing we're still jumpy around each other in that regard, and for another, I think I won't freak out as much when you 'accidentally' walk in on me if we've already seen everything."

     "I guess that makes sense…."


     "You're getting too good at doing that," Shinji said with a shake of his head, " _but_ in case you haven't noticed I've been having a difficult time keeping my eyes from wandering lately. To be perfectly honest I don’t know how well reigned in I can keep my thoughts if we do that. Or if I can trust myself alone with you like that."

      "Do you really think I hadn't considered that Shinji?" Asuka said quietly.

      Shinji's eyes widened at this. "Asuka?"

     "Shinji…. We've been building to something like this for a while now, don’t tell me you haven't thought about it."

     "I have, I won't lie to you, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon."

     "I'm not saying it will, or that it won't, but I think we should talk about it at least. It can…. change things, and not always for the better."


     As Shinji practiced floating a few minutes later, he thought about what she had said. At the moment Asuka had gone back to get some drinks and he was alone, which was ideal as he had a lot to think through. Ever since she had first moved in with him back before they defeated the seventh angel he had carried a fantasy of them being together. But at the same time he had considered it impossibility. She had shown little interest in him other than the teasing before the eighth angel and the kiss before the twelfth. And behind each of those had been a layer of taunting that had prevented him from considering them as advances.
      Ever since they had kissed the second time the fantasy had returned in full force. If she was seriously considering…. doing that then he didn’t want to mess it up. She had been right in one regard; it was an enormous step for them. They had come up here with enough supplies to last them a week if necessary, and he agreed that if nothing else they should use the time to work out how to proceed if nothing else.
     He suspected that her suggestion on the suits was more for her than for him. She had always been extremely uptight about her body, which was strange, as she was also very proud of it. She had screamed at everyone from him, to Ritsuko, to even pen-pen for peeking at her. She definitely needed to relax in that regard if they were to ever think about further steps.

     After a while he heard a splash and out of the corner of his eye saw Asuka climbing back into the water. Standing and wading over to the rock where she had set the food and drinks he settled down beside the stone and noticed she was biting her lower lip. Before he could ask what was wrong however, she moved off the side of the spring to a deeper part and slid one of the straps of her swimming suit off her shoulder.

      As Shinji futilely tried to peel his eyes away, both straps disappeared into the water, which came just to the base of her neck. Her shoulders shifted a bit, and then she waded back up to the drinks, purposefully keeping the water covering as much as she could. As she placed her suit on the stone to dry, she sat back down turning to him. With a gulp, he realized it was his turn. Nodding to let her know he understood, he was soon setting his own suit beside hers.

      "Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be," She said as she handed him his drink, "in fact it feels kinda nice."

"Yeah, especially just afterwards," Shinji agreed, "but lets get back to this swimming lesson, I can keep afloat now so at least I can stay alive for awhile, but I cant really see where I'm going like that."

     "We'll save most of that for later, it requires a deeper pool than this. But I can teach you a backstroke if you want?"

     "Sounds good" Shinji replied as he waded further out into the water.


     As Asuka followed him out into the pool, she realized something. Shinji would be floating on his back, and this time he wasn’t going to be wearing his suit.

      'Maybe this wasn’t the best idea I ever had' she thought nervously as she joined him, 'ok Asuka, just keep your eyes to the side, yeah that’s it, just don’t look.'

      Her resolve on this lasted about three seconds.

      "Hey you ok?" Shinji Asked as she showed him how to properly position his arms and hand for a backstroke.

       "Hmm? Um yeah I'm fine…" she said as she blushed furiously.

       "Want to call it a day?" he asked as he sat back up, " I'm feeling a little tired myself."

      "Ok, we'll work on something else tomorrow, I think you about have this down." She agreed as she turned and without realizing, stood up and walked to the shore. She didn’t even clue in to the fact until she saw Shinji's face a moment later as he put on his robe. It was as red as her own had been moments before.

      'I think we both have a ways to go….' She thought as they made their way back to the room.


     "What's that?" Shinji asked as Asuka dropped into the couch beside him with a large leather bound book. They had been back just long enough to put everything away, and hadn't bothered changing out of the silken bathrobes.

      "For lack of a better term," Asuka replied as she settled in next to him, "an instruction manual."

      "Instructions for what?" Shinji inquired as he took the book and opened it to its first page. That page was answer enough. "The Kama Sutra?"

       "Look, its not like they gave us any thing like sex Ed back in school," she said as she tried to stay professional about the whole thing, " then again I think the old geezer would have had a heart attack if he had ever tried."

     "Ok…. But why are we looking at this?"

     "You don’t listen do you?" she said with a roll of her eyes, "if we're going to even think about doing this then shouldn’t we at least learn how?

      "I can't argue with that, the closest thing I ever got to it was Misato's condom lecture."

      Asuka broke into a giggle at that " did she use the banana to show you too?"

     "Yeah, " Shinji said with a smile, " I think I almost passed out in embarrassment at the time."

     "Well try to keep from doing that," Asuka said in a prim tone, "this is, after all, for our education."
      After anther round of laughter, the opened the book and resolved themselves to taking this seriously.

      This resolve lasted about a page and a half.


     "I refuse to believe a human being can bend like that," she said about thirty pages in, "I just won't believe it."

     "I think some of these are exaggerated a bit Asuka, " Shinji said in between snickers.

     "Oh please" Asuka said as she laughed, " that's about the same as saying that an Eva is 'kinda tall' "

      They had tried to take it seriously, they really had. But the drawings inside the large manual were just to funny for them to keep from laughing. It had taken three pages before they had given up and had just started making jokes as they went. This was not to say that the hadn't picked up anything useful, but any serious examination of the book's more elaborate techniques was going to have to wait until they could read it without falling into gales of laughter.

     Eventually they made it to the end and closed the book. For about half an hour afterwards they sat there and chuckled over it, making offhand comments about things inside and generally just kidding around.

     One thing from the book had caught Shinji's attention however, and with a playful grin, he reached over and tickled Asuka's side.

     This naturally resulted in a yelp from the redhead and a playful punch in the arm.

     "What was that about?" she asked as she eyed him warily.
      "Oh nothing" Shinji said as he tried to look innocent.

      "Oh?" Asuka said with a predatory grin, "You might want to remember that I read that chapter too third child."

       "What chapter?" Shinji said as he smiled mischievously and backed away. He reached the end of the couch, and stopped as Asuka continued forward.

      "You know the one baka, the one that said tickling and arousal produced the same hormones in the body." She was right over him now, and he was having a difficult time not staring down the front of her robe.

     "Oh right, that chapter," he said as if just remembering, and then without warning reached up and tickled both sides of Asuka's ribs "how's that working by the way?" he asked as Asuka's eyes went wide and she lost her balance.

      She fell right on him and they both slid off the couch, ending up on the floor in a tangle of arms, legs, silk, and laughter.

     "You little sneak," she said as she climbed out from under him, "that was totally unfair!"

     "But it was fun, " Shinji said as he pulled himself up to a sitting position against the couch.

      "Mmm it was that," Asuka said, her tone suddenly shifting to a breathy whisper that sent tingles down Shinji's spine. He noticed at that point that her robe had fallen open partially and was granting him a generous view of her cleavage.

       "Maybe we should turn in for the night…." Shinji said as he looked away.

      "If you want to Shinji," she said with a smile, "hey, make you a deal…."

     "Ok, what?"
     "You keep your shorts on, and I mean that literally, and I'll bless you with my company tonight."

      Once again her words caused Shinji's eyes to widen. "Your not joking are you…." He said.

     "Nope." Asuka replied as she climbed to her feet and straightened her robe.

     "Just how thoroughly did you plan this trip?" Shinji asked suspiciously.

     "To be honest I'm making most of it up as I go along," she told him, "but tell you what, if we run into something that either of us feel uncomfortable with, lets just call it even and head home, sound fair?"

     Shinji thought about that and nodded as she walked into the bedroom. It did sound fair, he didn’t want to rush her either, and at the same time was still a bit nervous of the whole thing. But as long as they were both comfortable, and no one was hurt he didn’t see any problem.

     'If nothing else, the rest of this trip will be memorable.' He thought as he unpacked a pair of his boxers.


     As she woke up and stretched, Asuka realized that she was snuggled up quite close to Shinji. Smiling she settled back and thought about the rest of their stay. Despite the never-ending wave of laughter the Sutra had produced, they had actually learned quite a bit, and if they did move forward, at least it wouldn't be as awkward as it might have been otherwise. She was glad that Shinji seemed ok with the pace things were taking, it was faster than she had originally intended, but once they had arrived she had resolved to just play things by ear.
      As she rested her head against Shinji's chest, she resisted the urge to start something then and there, and it was not an easy urge to resist. The early morning sensitivity in her body accompanied with various erotic images floating around her mind was putting her in a _very_ powerful state of arousal.

     Realizing that she was not going to be able to keep herself under control if she stayed there, she gently slid out of bed and into the bathroom.

      'No wonder they always tell people to take a cold shower,' she thought as she turned on the faucet, 'I feel like I'm about to catch fire'

       Indeed her entire body felt flushed, as if she were experiencing an entire body blush. As she stepped into the shower, she wondered if it was too soon to push a few of those borders…."


       As Asuka had climbed out of bed, Shinji had finally relaxed. He had been almost painfully holding himself statue-still for the past hour and a half, ever since Asuka had rolled onto him and placed her head against his chest. It had woken him and almost startled him, but he had managed to keep still. If he hadn't been so intent on holding himself in place and not waking her, he would have enjoyed it, he still had to tell the truth.

      As she entered the large bathroom he sat up and waited for the feeling to return to his arm and hand that had been pinned by her. It had been nice, feeling her breath against his chest and the amusing sight of a small strand of drool on her cheek. He had been contemplating waking her when she had stretched and he had feigned sleep. Now as the shower started, he wondered if he ought to try to take some initiative with what they were trying to accomplish during the trip.

       'Well, she did say we shouldn't be too jumpy.' He thought as he stood and walked into the bath.

      In the corner, the shower was running and he could just make out her silhouette inside the curtain. As he set a towel beside the one she had selected, he cleared his throat loudly and rapped on one of the walls. Inside the shower, he saw her jump a bit and he suppressed a grin as her hand went to her hip in that annoyed posture she used so often.

     "What is it?" she asked through the curtain.

     "Need someone to scrub your back?" he said, as he remembered the way she had asked him before the hair washing incident a few months back.

     "Feeling bold this morning are we?" she called back playfully

     "I guess your rubbing off on me," he said

     "Play your cards tight and I might do more than that, let me turn some hot water on first" She replied in a sultry tone as she opened the curtain a bit to indicate he was welcome.

      'Target the center…' he thought as he stepped in.


      She was standing in the spray of water turned slightly to the side and with one arm covering her breasts. She was looking at him over her shoulder and she couldn't have selected a more erotic posture if she tried. Her hair was streaming down her back, and was lying close against her neck and head. The newly warm water was mixing with the cold from moments before and was creating a haze of steam that made everything seem dreamlike.

     "Well?" she asked in mock seriousness, "are you going to stand there all day staring or are you going to come over here and help me?"

       " I think I'm going to stand here and stare for a few more moments." Shinji said as a smile rose to his face, Asuka responded to this by throwing a handful of water in said face and telling him to get his ass in gear. She did _not_ tell him however, that she wouldn't have minded a few more moments to stare at _him_.

      He took the bottle of body shampoo and squeezed it onto the washcloth, and in a few moments he had a thick lather to work with. Taking a deep breath and muttering 'pull the switch' under his breath, he reached out and began to gently soap up Asuka's back as agreed. He had never done this before, and was a little too gentle at first, barely touching her as he rubbed the cloth across her back. Even after she told him to put his heart into it, he still wasn’t doing it quite right. Part of this was indeed due to inexperience, but also the cause was that he didn’t want to get in to close to Asuka due to a rather embarrassing case of thermal expansion. Finally she told him to hold off and turn around.

      He complied and suddenly she snatched the cloth out of his hand and was giving a demonstration of just how to scrub someone's back. As he closed his eyes and enjoyed her hands gliding all over his back, he suddenly realized that the hands in question were starting to stray. For a change he didn’t panic, but his eyes did widen as he felt Asuka press her body against him and run her hands up his chest. As her soapy skin slipped and slid against his back, he felt her chin come to rest against his shoulder and she whispered in his ear.

      "That's how you scrub someone's back third child."

      Somehow he found the motor control to nod as she began to step around him. She didn’t step back as she did this and various delightful parts of her anatomy slid against his skin as she moved to stand just in front of him.

     " Is this to fast Shinji?" she asked as they came eye to eye. One of her arms wrapped around his neck as the other hand rested against his chest as she spoke in almost a purr "if you want to slow down I will, we still have a few days before we have to go back."

       Shinji closed his eyes and tried to block out all sensory input so that he could think, a task that was one step from impossible at the moment. Finally, he came to a conclusion.

     "Asuka…. I think we should wait…." He said slowly, fighting to get his mouth working. As he said this he opened his eyes to see her frowning slightly as she began to back herself away from him. As she started to turn to the curtain, he reached out and took hold of her arm and finished what he had to say.

     "Till we at least get to the tub," he finished with a wry grin.

     Her mouth opened, her eyes lit up and she started to laugh, "dummkopf!" She said as she moved against him again and kissed him deeply. He returned the kiss and his hands found their way to her back, pulling her against him gently. As their kiss sped up so did their caressing and Asuka soon found herself pressed against the back of the shower as the water ran down their bodies. Everything was delightfully slippery due to the soap, and once she managed to tip the bottle over onto the two of them, things just kept heating up.

       His hands finally gained enough courage to cross the border from her back to her chest and as they slid up to her breasts, Shinji felt her gasp against his lips. He pulled back a bit and asked if she was ok. Her eyes wide and lit up with a passion that would have frightened him once, she nodded and placed his hand back where it had just been.

     ''Do that again!" she demanded in a breathy excited voice as he complied and brushed her erect nipple with his thumb. This time he heard the gasp, and changed his mind, it was more of a rapid moan. She threw herself back against him and he lost track of that line of thought as they returned to their kissing.

       Somehow Asuka ended up with her back to him and as he kissed her along the side and back of her neck, one his hands began to make a slow teasing trek down the front of her body. The other remained in attentive care of her breasts as they had discovered how enjoyable touching and caressing them could be for both parties involved. As his hand reached her hips she unconsciously began grinding her backside against his pelvis, sending a shockwave of pleasure across Shinji's entire body.  When his hand finally came to rest between her legs she let out a longing whimper and gripped both of his hands with her own, pressing them tighter against her skin.

     Recalling various key points of anatomy of the female genitalia he had studied the night before in the world famous Kama Sutra, Shinji began to slowly and carefully move his finger against a small erect nub between the moist mounds his hand was pressed tightly against. This had the effect of causing Asuka to cry out in pleasure and press against him as she almost lost her footing. Resting his back against the wall and supporting both their weights as she leaned into him, he continued to rub his finger in small circles as she gasped and held tighter to his hand.

      As he returned to kissing her neck, he felt her entire body shudder and heard a series of rapid moans escape her lips as her head leaned back and came to rest against his own. Moments later she went stiff and a long passionate cry came from her as her grip on his hands tightened to almost painful levels.

      Finally she almost seemed to sag against him and he felt her pull his hand away, and up to join the one attending her breasts. She stood and turned, her lips were right by his ear as she cooed in a soft voice.

      "Shinji… that was….. very nice," she purred as her legs rubbed against his own, " but I don’t think you got much out of that…."

     He was about to tell her that he had actually enjoyed it immensely when he felt her hand slide down from his chest and down to where an almost painful erection was crying for attention. As she touched him an electric shock seemed to flash over his body and he involuntarily jerked forward, his arms going around her to prevent him from falling. His breath caught in his throat as her caresses continued and as he let it out, a moan escaped his mouth.

       "So you're enjoying this then?" she said teasingly in his ear as she quickened the pace.
      He didn’t even have time to answer as another wave of pleasure flashed over his entire body. He didn’t last long under her attentions and soon his moans reached their peak as an almost unbearable final burst of bliss fell over him. His lips found Asuka's and they were soon lost in one another's kisses.


     They practically fell out of the shower because neither of them wanted to stop kissing and playing with the others body. When they finally reached the Jacuzzi they did fall into the water and surfaced in a mix of gasps for air and giggles. Asuka waded over to him and straddled him as they went in for another kiss.

     "Remind me again why we didn’t do this sooner?" she asked between smooches.

     "Ask me again when my brain has its full blood supply" Shinji responded with a smile as he did his best to keep up with Asuka's ravenous lips.

      "Hmm that didn’t take long at all," she whispered as she reached between them and confirmed the direction of Shinji's diverted supply of blood, " hold that thought," she added as she stood up giving Shinji quite a fun view.

      She climbed out of the tub, and being careful not to slip hurried into the bedroom. A short moment passed and she came back carrying a small thin box. It took Shinji a moment to recognize it for what it was, he had after all only seen a box like it once before during Misato's condom lecture.

      As Asuka climbed back into the warm water and turned on the bubble jets, Shinji grew serious for a moment.

     "Are you sure Asuka?" he asked as she opened the box and set the three packages between where they sat.

     "I am," she told him, "something changed just before you stepped into the shower and I'm not even nervous at all anymore. How about you, think your ready for this?"

      Shinji smiled at her and reached out to caress her cheek. "My heart has been yours for awhile now Asuka, I was in love with you for quite awhile before third impact, and I still am."

     The cocky playfulness that had been present on her face as she returned his earlier question fell and she looked him in the eyes as if searching for a sign of deception. Finding none her eyes began to tear up and she smiled as she pulled him into a deep long kiss.
      "I love you to you big jerk," she whispered as she held him close.


      They had opted to go traditional and after drying off had retired to the bedroom. Misato's banana lessons had proved to be most helpful and as they lay next to one another on the bed, they silently thanked their former guardian for both the lesson in protection, and for keeping them together for so long.

     As they lay there on their sides caressing one another, Shinji looked up into Asuka's eyes and they both realized it was time. Leaning in Shinji broke the tension with a long kiss, and before either of them realized it, he was soon leaning over her as he kissed her throat and breasts. Letting out little gasps of pleasure from each gentle touch, Asuka reached up and touched his face. Pausing suddenly, Shinji looked down into her eyes and they held one another's gaze for what felt like an eternity before Asuka finally nodded to him.

       As he slid over her she wrapped her arms around him whispering into his ear and reminding him to take it slow. She was a little afraid of this first moment for more reasons than just her virginity.

       Carefully she reached down and guided him as his hips moved slowly against hers. There was a moment of sharp aching, and as she whimpered into his shoulder and dug her fingers into his back, he paused and asked if she was all right.

     Catching her breath, she nodded and asked that he wait for a moment as she held him against her body. Finally the pain ebbed away and was replaced by the feeling of him inside of her.

    Licking her lips in anticipation she nestled back into the soft bed, sending waves of tingles with every movement. She smiled and gave Shinji a playful lick on the neck as she rocked her hips forward, bringing their hips together and engulfing him to the limit.

      "Ready when you are lover," she whispered as she felt him grow even more ridged inside of her.

      As he began to move, she thought she would pass out from the first few strokes alone. It was like her entire body was a single conductor of pleasure, she could feel every part of him that pressed against her, and each movement brought new hights to the sensation. She began to moan into his ear, letting him know just how much she was enjoying what he was doing. His response to this was much appreciated as he quickened and slowed his pace at her bequest, his only goal seemingly to make this as pleasurable for her as he could.
      Their lips met again and the kisses had not been more demanding in their entire time together. They tried to devour one another as their bodes glided together again and again, slick with sweat and driven with need.

     As his pace increased, Asuka fought the urge to scratch her nails along his back. She had never felt anything this powerful in her life; it was threatening to drown her. Just when she thought she had reached the highest peak, another and another came upon her and she was lost again in the rhythm of their bodies. Her voice was a constant presence in Shinji's ear as her cries guided him. When they began to slow, he would alter his pace and they would begin anew.

      When the dam finally broke and Shinji climaxed she felt him fall against her resting after such an exertion. Their bodies were covered in sweat and they just lay there together recovering. As his head rested against her breast, she let out a content sigh and ran her fingers through his hair. After awhile, he lifted himself and moved up to meet her lips.

       As he rolled and pulled her with him she let out a yelp. Finding herself wrapped in an embrace and the recipient of another kiss she surrendered and snuggled up into his lap.

     "What was that about?" she asked as he held her close.

    "I dunno, just wanted to kiss you again before you passed out I suppose."

     "Whatever," she said, not really caring what he was talking about at the moment, "but lets just stay here for awhile ok? No more rolling around."

      "That's fair enough," Shinji told her with a kiss to her forehead.


      As they packed up their things a few days later, Shinji looked up at the resort with a fond smile.
      "We're going to have to come back here once in awhile" he told Asuka as she tied down a few of the items they had elected to bring back with them.

     "How about we use it as a summer home?" she suggested
     "Hmm, well if it ever snows again lets reverse that, what do you think?"

     " I like it, sitting in a toasty hot spring in the middle of winter…." She grinned at the prospect.
     "Hey Asuka?" he asked as they climbed into the truck.


     He leaned over and kissed her, "thank you, I don't think things could have gone more perfectly."

     She smiled and actually blushed. "It was nothing, I didn’t even plan half of it"

    "Oh my God!" Shinji suddenly said with wide eyes and a panicked tone of voice.

    "What?" she said as she sat up, suddenly all business and ready to defend them if necessary.

     "Asuka Langely Soryu just showed an ounce of humility!" he said in awe.

     Asuka's face seemed to freeze in place, and then an annoyed smirk came over it. She leaned in very close to Shinji and he felt her lips against his ear.

     "BAKA!" She shouted as Shinji's head smacked the roof of the truck. This of course sent Asuka into a giggle fit and as Shinji rubbed his head and started the engine, he reminded himself that no mater how much they loved one another, Asuka was still quite a little fireball…. Not that that was always a bad thing.

     "I think I'm deaf in this side." He said as they pulled onto the highway.

     "Ohh, I'm sorry, let me kiss it and make it better."

     " I don't know how that will help but I'm not complaining"

     "And you better not either!"

     "Hey no biting!"


Authors incoherent babbling:

     Well that was kinda fun. This is my first NGE lemon. And the first one I've ever even considered posting (don’t ask about the other)

     Hopefully my goals with this got achieved. Those were to

     A: tell the promised lemon side story to 'Wake'
     B: make it more erotica than porn
     C: not be overly graphic
     D: convey some hopefully useful information.
     I think I pulled it off, but let me know what ya think. Oh btw, the song that Shinji played during their trek to the resort is called 'Hikigane' and its by a gal named Apollo Smile who you might catch once in awhile touring the Anime conventions. She sings the song in Japanese, and its translation is 'trigger finger'. Just a little fun anime trivia I thought I'd share with y'all

     One more note about music. While I wrote this I had a single CD playing on repeat the entire time. The CD in question is Enigma's 'MCMXC a. D.' album. It is quite possibly the most erotic album ever created. If you don’t believe me that’s fine, but if you do, grab a copy and play it on repeat during the next romantic evening with your hunny, you'll thank me later ^_^

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