The Visitor

By Evil Eric

Soryu Asuka Langley was in a bad mood, as usual. She had just gotten
back to Misato's apartment after a long day of synch tests, and
Shinji's synch ratio was still catching up to hers. At least that
little bitch Rei wasn't there to see it. For some reason, Asuka didn't
think she could have stood that. There she'd be, losing her lead right
in front of everyone, and there'd be Rei, staring at her with no
expression at all. Who knew what she thought?

"Misato, I'm home!" she said with fake enthusiasm. All she wanted now
was to get out of her uniform and take a long bath.

"Mmmm...good morning, Asuka," Misato mumbled sleepily.

Asuka walked into the kitchen and found Misato there, hunched over the
table. Her eyes were barely open, her purple hair was tangled, and her
hand was holding her morning beer, which she obviously hadn't taken a
sip of yet.

"Morning?" Asuka said. "Hello, it's five in the afternoon!"

"Mmmm," Misato mumbled again. She sat up and chugged the beer, at
which point her demeanor instantly changed. "Yee-haw! Now that's how
to wake up!"

Asuka shook her head. "You've got to stop working the night shift."

"Aww, leave me alone," Misato said. "Hey, where's Shinji?"

"How the hell should I know? You think I wanted to see his face the
whole way back here?!" Asuka grumbled and stormed out of the room.
She walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. She was
taking off her shoes when Misato staggered in.

"Do you *mind*?" Asuka said. "I'm about to take a bath here!"

"No you're not. I need to you do an errand for me.""


"Where is it..." Misato's hand fumbled around in her pockets. Whatever
she was looking for, she didn't find it. Then she reached into her
bra, and her face lit up. "There! I need you to deliver this," she
said, handing Asuka a plastic card. It was a security card, just like
hers, except it had Rei's picture on it.

"This is Wonder Girl's!" Asuka said. "Why don't you give it to her?"

"Because I have to leave for work in half an hour, and she won't be at
headquarters again until next week. She hasn't been feeling well since
the tenth angel's attack."

"She's probably just in awe of my superior combat skills!" Asuka
proclaimed. "Besides, why don't you get Shinji to do it?"

"Something about you not wanting to see his face the whole way back

"Rrrrgh! All right, fine, I'll take this stupid thing to Wonder Girl!"

Misato smiled and walked into her bedroom to change for work. Even
through the door, she could still hear Asuka kicking the bathtub and
screaming about how unfair everything was.


"Why do *I* always have to be the one to do this?" Asuka grumbled to
herself. "And it *had* to be Rei, of all people..."

Just why she didn't want to see Rei, she wasn't sure.

It wasn't a long train ride to the district of Tokyo-3 where Rei lived,
but it was almost at the edge of old Tokyo. The streets and sidewalks
were still cracked from where the tsunami caused by the Second Impact
had struck, fifteen years ago. The apartment buildings were lined up
in a long row, crumbling and covered in dust and garbage. It was
amazing, and stupid, that anyone lived here in the first place.

Anyone but Rei, Asuka thought. She didn't seem to care what anyone
thought...not even what she herself thought.

"Sheesh, what kind of way to live is this?" Asuka asked herself,
staring up at the building where Rei lived. No answer came, and she
could only sneer at everything and walk up the decrepit stairs.



"Hey, Wonder Girl. Where are you?"

There was no answer.

"Rrrrgh, dammit! I know you're in there, say something!"

Still no answer.

"Have it your way, I'm coming in whether you like it or not!"

Asuka kicked open the door to Rei's apartment. She was prepared to
scream her ass off at the First Child, but when she saw the state of
the apartment, all she could do was stare.

She'd been in Shinji's room a few times, and was amazed that one person
could own so few things. But Rei had even less than Shinji. Other
than the furniture that came with the room, all she could see was a bag
full of schoolwork, a box full of bloody bandages, and a few beakers
filled with water. How could someone live like this?

Rei herself wasn't there. At least, nowhere Asuka could see. For all
she hadn't wanted to see Wonder Girl, Asuka was surprisingly
disappointed that she'd come all this way not even to see a trace of

"Helloooooo, is anyone here?" she called.

There was no answer. Asuka screwed up her face in anger.

"Dammit! If you're here then answer me!"

"What?" asked a quiet voice.

Asuka turned around and did an instant face-fault. There was Ayanami,
fresh out of the shower and wearing nothing but a towel. It wasn't
even wrapped around her, but draped over her shoulders so that it
barely covered her breasts and crotch. Asuka's jaw hung open at this
shocking display of immodesty. She knew the Japanese didn't appreciate
privacy as much as Germans or Americans, but this was too much!

"Mein Gott!" she exclaimed. "What the hell's wrong with you?!"

"What do you mean?" Rei asked, her voice monotone and barely above a
whisper, like always.

"Rrrrgh! Put your damn clothes on!" Asuka yelled, picking up a school
shirt and tossing it at the blue-haired girl.

Rei caught the shirt and held it in front of her, but to Asuka's
chagrin, did not put it on. Instead, she just stood there, staring
blank-faced at the redhead like she always did. Asuka began fuming

"What are you just standing there for?!" she yelled. "You think I want
to see you without any clothes on?!"

For a moment Rei didn't say anything. Then she whispered, "Then why
are you still here?"

Asuka stared, then stuttered, then paced around the room with her fists
clenched. How dare this blue-headed bimbo insinuate that she
was...attracted to her! If that was what she thought, there was
something seriously wrong with her. By God, the only reason she *was*
still her in the first place was...what? She tried to remember what
she was doing here, but all she could think of was what was behind that
towel Rei was wearing. NO! She couldn't start down that road, or she
might never turn back. Wait, the card! That was it.

Asuka dug around in her pocket and found the slip of plastic. She
strode over to Rei's dresser and put it down, then pulled her hand back
as if it had been stung. There was a white cotton bra stained with

"There!" she said. "I came here to give you your new ID card, and I
did, so I'm getting out of-"

She turned around to leave, but suddenly Rei's face was an inch from
hers. And she had tossed the shirt and towel onto her bed. Asuka was
paralyzed by the seductive look in the First Child's eyes, and the idea
of what she would see if she lowered her own.

"Why are you *really* here, Pilot Soryu?" Rei asked, her breath cold on
Asuka's face.

This was the point where Asuka would usually blow up in her face, but
for some reason the impulse got stuck as a lump in her throat. Rei
took a tiny step forward, forcing Asuka to take a step back. She found
herself backed into the dresser and threw her arms back to catch her
balance. The beaker of water clattered to the ground and spilled, but
neither girl seemed to notice.

"Why-why do you always c-call me Pilot Soryu?" Asuka stammered, not
knowing what else to say.

"Because that is who you are," Rei said, running her hands up Asuka's
arms and letting them rest on her shoulders. "...My Pilot Soryu."

Rei's hands drifted up to Asuka's cheeks, and she leaned forward and
gently pressed her lips to Asuka's. The German girl was literally
trembling, but powerless to resist Rei's touch.

*Ach mein Gott she's kissing me she's kissing me what am I gonna do her
lips are so soft she's kissing me mein Gott mein Gott yes no yes no...*

Asuka's eyes slowly closed as Rei's tongue licked all around her lips
before slipping between them. The redhead's arm slipped off the top of
the dresser. She could feel Rei licking all around her mouth before
coaxing her own tongue out of hiding. Soon she was matching Rei's
every caress, and she reached around to run her hands through Rei's
soft hair.

After what seemed like forever, Rei pulled away, and what Asuka saw
shocked her. The First Child's ruby eyes were sparkling, and she was
smiling gently.

"You don't need this right now," Rei said, undoing the red ribbon
around Asuka's neck.

A part of her mind was still screaming silently, but Asuka got the idea
and began sliding off the straps of her skirt. Rei helped, crouching
to pull the green garment down as she planted kisses all over Asuka's
neck. Asuka stepped out of the skirt, leaving her in only her shirt
and underwear. Rei placed her hands on Asuka's shoulders, turned her
around, and pushed her softly onto the bed. The blue-haired girl
herself followed, perching on all fours above Asuka.

Rei's hands found Asuka's breasts, kneading them through the fabric of
her shirt. Asuka writhed in pleasure, biting down on her knuckle. Rei
began unbuttoning Asuka's shirt, and when she had finally undone all
the buttons, Asuka thrust her chest out so she could remove the flimsy
garment. Unlike Rei, Asuka liked to think she had a certain fashion
sense, and wouldn't have allowed them to bury her wearing plain
underwear. Her bra and panties were light pink lace, in floral
patterns. From the slight look of surprise on Rei's face, Asuka
assumed she found this interesting.

Rei traced the lace edges of Asuka's bra with her finger, leaning down
to run her tongue across the redhead's collarbone. As Rei worked her
way up, Asuka realized the position she was in. No way she was letting
the First Child outdo her, not even now. Her hands crept across her
stomach and reached up to take hold of Rei's bare breasts. At first
she squeezed them gently, then ran her fingers across them, just barely
touching the pale skin. Rei licked around Asuka's ear just as Asuka
pinched Rei's nipples, and Asuka heard a sudden sharp intake of breath.

Apparently the blue-haired girl decided it was time to up the ante,
because she reached around behind Asuka and fumbled with the clasp of
her bra. But she was obviously having trouble concentrating while
Asuka continued to tease her pink little nipples, as her hands slipped
several times before finally undoing the bra.

The bra was casually tossed away, and Rei began to return the favor
Asuka had been doing for her. She moved more into a sitting position,
taking her chest out of Asuka's reach. Asuka's breasts were not quite
as large as Rei's, but they were just as firm, if not more so. Asuka's
nipples were stiff and ready for attention, which Rei was more than
willing to provide.

She nuzzled the Second Child's left breast with her nose, running her
cute little tongue across the bottom of it. Meanwhile her hand sneaked
up and gave Asuka's right breast a playful grope. Asuka yelped in
surprise, then gave Rei a rare smile and leaned up to kiss her

Rei traced circles around Asuka's breast with her tongue before
planting a kiss right on top of her nipple. Asuka gasped again, and
Rei's lips fastened around the hard bud. One of her hands continued
playing with Asuka's other breast, and the other one crept down and
slipped into Asuka's panties.

When Asuka felt two of Rei's fingers probing at her entrance, the
assault on her erogenous zones became too much to stand anymore.

"Wonder Girl...oh, god, Wonder Girl!" Asuka moaned as she reached

She lay there on Rei's bed, panting and out of breath, and Rei sat on
her thighs. The First Child pulled her fingers out of Asuka and put
them in her mouth. She looked like she was tasting candy for the first
time. She leaned over again and planted a kiss on Asuka's cheek,
letting her tongue linger across the German girl's lips.

"We aren't finished yet," Rei's soft voice said in Asuka's ear.

For a moment Asuka wondered what she was talking about, but then Rei
moved farther down the bed, pulling Asuka's legs out from under her.
She lifted them up and ran her hands across them a few times, finding
them pleasantly smooth. Her fingers hooked under the lacy hem of
Asuka's soaked panties, which she pulled off in one fluid motion. Rei
held the panties in front of her face and inhaled deeply.

Asuka looked at the blue-haired girl from between her own legs, and saw
that Rei had a ravenous look on her face the likes of which she'd never
seen before.

*She's not going way, not Ayanami Rei...holy shit, she is!*

The blue-haired girl lowered her head between Asuka's spread legs and
inhaled the scent of her delicate flower. She gave it an experimental
lick, and Asuka screamed like a bomb had gone off inside her. Seeing
the reaction she was getting, and finding more of the same taste she
had found pleasant at first, Rei licked deeper, sliding her tongue into
Asuka's vagina.

"Aaaahh! Yes! Keep doing it!" Asuka yelled.

Rei increased her tempo, her tongue writhing and lashing around inside
Asuka's womanhood, trying to suck up every bit of moisture she could
find. Asuka ran her hands through Rei's soft, azure hair, trying to
pull the other girl's head even closer. Rei pressed her lips against
Asuka's lower lips, lovingly nuzzling Asuka's tender skin. Her tongue
fluttered across the folds of Asuka's sex like a hummingbird's wings.

Asuka continued to vocalize her ecstacy, her moans of arousal just as
loud as if she was yelling at Shinji. Rei gave Asuka's snatch a last,
drawn-out lick, and chose a new target for her attack. Rei raised her
lips and fastened them around Asuka's clitoris and sucked it

"Yes, right there!" Asuka screamed, and began cursing in German.

She arched her back, thrusting her pelvis into the air, and Rei kept
her mouth fastened to Asuka's clit. Asuka's hands traveled upward and
found her breasts, kneading them hard and pinching her nipples. Rei
followed with her own hands, letting them leave Asuka's thighs and
running them up along the German girl's side. Finally they reached her
breasts, where Asuka guided them in a matched caress.

Meanwhile she continued to stimulate Asuka's love button, alternately
bathing it with wet kisses and circling gently around it with the tip
of her tongue. When she felt Asuka's hips start to shake, Rei nibbled
her clit and tugged gently on it with her teeth.

"Reeeeiiiii!!!" With a screech, Asuka came, and liquid gushed out of
her vagina. The startled Rei pulled back in surprise, and her face and
chest were soaked in Asuka's cum.

Rei traced a finger through the clear fluid and licked it seductively
off her finger. Asuka propped herself up on her elbows, and Rei
offered her a finger covered in her own cum. Hesitantly, she popped
the finger into her mouth. It was sticky and sweet...and surprisingly

The First Child reached around and pulled Asuka's head to her chest,
and Asuka began licking her cum off of Rei's breasts. Her tongue
rolled around Rei's nipples and her hands explored every inch of the
blue-haired girl's alabaster skin. Rei held Asuka's head to her bosom
like a newborn child.

"Did you enjoy that?" Rei asked quietly.

Asuka's smile widened dangerously. "You think you're getting off that
easily?" she said.


"Did you forget who you're dealing with?" Asuka said, giving Rei a
cocky look. "I'm Soryu Asuka Langley...the best EVA pilot in the
world! And I'm not going to let you show me up, I have a reputation,
after all!"

With that, Asuka flipped Rei onto her back and loomed over her with a
ravenous glint in her eye. It had felt good to have all that attention
paid to her, but now that she was sated her dominant personality was
once again asserting itself. And even though this was new territory
for her, she was used to never showing fear or doubt.

While Rei had taken a slow and sensual approach to her lover's breasts,
Asuka preferred a faster, almost frantic approach. Rei gasped quietly,
feeling tongue and fingers switching wildly back and forth between her
nipples. At the same time, there seemed to be a dozen hands caressing
every part of her body all at once.

Rei was breathing quickly, barely able to handle the sensory overload.
Then, without warning, it stopped. She couldn't feel Asuka touching
her anymore, and opened her crimson eyes a crack. The Second Child was
still looming over her, but sadistically waiting until she had Rei's
attention. Once she had it, she placed her hands under Rei's butt and
hefted it into the air. Rei, who was caught off guard, barely had time
to get her feet underneath her. Asuka ducked under Rei's legs and
positioned herself between them. She brought up one of her hands and
idly twisted her finger through Rei's blue pubic hair, tugging on it
gently and making Rei squeal.

Asuka decided the moment was right. She planted a kiss on Rei's furry
mound before burying her face in the other girl's loins. Rei shouted
louder than Asuka had ever heard her before as the German girl's tongue
licked up and down her entrance, teasing and probing her outer lips in
a frenzy. Asuka brushed against Rei's clit with her nose, then thrust
her tongue as far as it would go into the First Child's vagina. She
noticed that Rei tasted different from herself-a little sour, but not
enough to be unpleasant.

"Pilot S-Soryu...Asukaaaaaa!" Rei screeched.

Sensing that her lover was close, Asuka went for the kill. She
replaced her tongue with two of her fingers, and fastened her lips
around Rei's clit, tugging and nibbling on it as hard as she could
without hurting Rei. Rei's pelvis began to quiver, and Asuka added a
third finger, pumping them in and out quickly, swirling her tongue
around Rei's love button. Rei uttered one last high-pitched scream
before reaching orgasm. Asuka licked up all of Rei's cum and gave her
mound one last kiss before finally lowering Rei's butt back down to the

Asuka crawled over to where the exhausted First Child lay and wrapped
her arms around her. They looked into each other's eyes and their lips
met for one last time. Each tasted herself in the other's mouth.

Rei's bed wasn't built for two, but the two lovers stayed entwined as
Asuka reached down and pulled the blanket over them. They stayed that
way the rest of the evening and all night. There were no words spoken
then, and none that needed to be spoken.


When Asuka awoke, it was to the sound of rushing water. The sound
stopped shortly after she realized what it was, and when she opened her
eyes, she saw Rei stepping out of the shower again, just as she had
when she arrived the day before.

The day before...what? Wait a minute, this was Rei's apartment! And
they had spent all of last night...oh, no.

The impulse to scream that the Second Child had fought down the whole
time she and Rei were making love was coming back with a vengeance.
Rei was standing there, naked as she had been last night, drying her
hair as she looked in the mirror. Asuka remembered that she was naked
too. Painfully, she fought the scream back down her throat. She
remembered that she had not only accepted Rei's advances, she had
returned them. It was a little too late to run away in terror.

She shifted on Rei's bed, causing a small creak. The blue-haired girl
turned and noticed that Asuka was awake. They stood staring at each
other for several seconds. Then, strangely, it was Rei who broke the

"You called me my name," Rei said.

"S-so did you," Asuka said back.

Asuka rarely used Rei's name to her face, since she always called her
Wonder Girl. And she'd never heard Rei call her anything but Pilot
Soryu. For that matter, Rei always called Shinji Pilot Ikari. Asuka
wouldn't be surprised if Rei called herself Pilot Ayanami in her own

Rei walked across the apartment to her dresser and began putting on
clean underwear. Asuka's clothes were still on the floor near the bed.

"How did'd you know I would do that with you?" Asuka asked.

"Because I know you," Rei said with her back turned.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?"

"I know you better than you know yourself," Rei said, now buttoning on
her white shirt. "What you want more than anything else is to have
others love you, but you're afraid to get close to them. You don't
want to be betrayed again."

Asuka sat up, barely aware that her breasts were no longer under the
bed sheets. Rei's tone was starting to annoy her. Who the hell was
she to say that she knew Asuka better than Asuka knew herself?

"What are you talking about?" she asked stiffly.

Rei was pulling on her skirt now. "Your mother's betrayal."

If Rei's previous statement had lit a fuse in Asuka's mind, this last
one set off the whole crate of explosives. The German girl jumped out
of Rei's bed, grabbed Rei by the shoulders, spun her around to face
her, and glared at her. It didn't occur to her that yesterday she had
been clothed and Rei had not, and now the opposite was true. She was

"What do *you* know about my mother?!" she shouted in Rei's face.
"What makes *you* so much of an expert on me, huh?!"

"I read your personnel file," Rei said impassively. "I can read the
meaning behind your actions."

"Then why did you do...that...with me?!"

Rei's expression was blank and unreadable as always. "To help you
learn how to act on your subconscious desires. If you do not, you will
never be able to communicate with others or pilot your EVA as
efficiently as possible."

Asuka felt like a car had just fallen on her. "You had sex with me
because you thought it would make me a better pilot?!"

Rei didn't say anything. Asuka slapped her as hard as she could. A
red mark appeared on the blue-haired girl's cheek, and her eyes widened

"I don't need your help to be a better pilot! I'm already the best
pilot there is! And I don't need to be loved by anyone, especially not
you! I hate you! I hate you!"

She turned on her heel, picked up her clothes, and stormed off into
Rei's bathroom. A minute later, she came out fully dressed and dashed
out the front door. Rei didn't moved an inch. She watched Asuka leave
in a rage without saying anything.


Shinji stood at Misato's kitchen counter, busily working to make lunch
for himself and Asuka. He was a little worried about her. She hadn't
shown up last night, and they had to leave the apartment in 15 minutes
to be on time for school. Asuka still wasn't there. Misato had shown
up sometime early that morning and gone straight to sleep, like she
always did when she worked the night shift. So Shinji had no way to
know where Asuka was or when she was getting back.

But just as he was thinking about it, the front door slid open and the
Second Child thundered in, sounding more pissed off than usual. She
was still wearing her school uniform, which was dirty and ruffled. Her
hair was messed up, and she smelled...weird.

"Oooh!" Asuka shouted, kicking the wall.

Shinji winced as if he'd been the one who was kicked. A drowsy groan
came from Misato's room, and the apartment was silent again except for
the sound of Asuka fuming. Shinji took a chance and spoke.

"Umm...Asuka?" he asked.


"Are you–are you OK?"

"Do I *look* OK, you idiot?! Hell no, I'm not OK! Rei...that little
bitch! Verdamnt!"

Shinji was about to ask what Ayanami had to do with anything, but Asuka
stomped off into her room and slid the door violently closed. Shinji
felt a new kind of panic now. He knocked on Asuka's door.

"Hey, Asuka! We've gotta go to school!"

"I'm not going to school today! Go by yourself! Give my lunch to Toji
or something!"

Shinji grabbed the lunches and his bag, and ran out of there like the
hounds of hell were after him. All but alone in the apartment, Asuka
kicked the wall and screamed until her foot and throat were too sore to