Title: Neon Genesis
Author: Yuna Cutie
Series: Evangelion
Pairing: Rei/Asuka
Story name: Valentine Crush
Contains Lemon
Description: its Valentine day and Shinji had gone on holiday (vacation), while Asuka get a love letter in school. She finally finds out why Rei Ayanami is so emotionless all the time!

Hello, this is Yuna Cutie again, having just watched the whole series; I thought that Rei and Asuka would be a very cool pairing in my story, and just starting to write this story on the day after Valentines Day. So it would be a good idea to base my story on that day of love, relationships and bonds.
Hope you enjoy this story!
P.S Due to the personality of Asuka in the series. I’m including non-shoujoai love, but not real. Sorry if you’re offended


“Ha, Valentines Day! No Shinji today and I will kiss Kaji silly today. That maniacal bitch Misato is not going to get in my way because who could not love a red head?” Asuka smirked, laughing with pure evil as she put her school clothes on and her red bow, admiring her teenage looks.
She was in the apartment alone; Misato working in her morning shift at NERV headquarters today. Asuka went out of the apartment and jolted to school, wanting to get there on time and early, as the temperature was strangely cold.
“Hmm, hmm, hmm…No Shinji, no wonder-girl to bother me on my way to school. Peace and quiet all around and Kaji in my arms oh yeah!” She sang, skipping up and down merrily on her way to school, feeling that this day will be her lucky day.
She arrived in school, and went on to class. She sat down and took a deep breath, imagining that kiss from Kaji, warm and beautiful. Her mind snapped back into reality as the class began to start.
“Well class,” the class teacher said. “Today, as you know, is Valentines Day and yesterday we sent letters to the people that you love and they’re about to be on your desks,” he explained, holding a load of valentine cards in his hands and handing them out. I hope no fuckin idiot will give me any cards, Asuka thought, hoping that no man would have a crush on her, for as she had her eyes on Kaji.
When they were all collected, she saw that most of the class had a card each, except Rei. Even she had a card that she didn’t want to have. “OK, which stupid bitch gave me this card,” Asuka said tiredly, feeling bored about reading love cards, as she knows that she has no interest on other guys at all.
When she read the envelope, it didn’t reveal whom it was from for as it just said “Asuka” on it. She opened the envelope and read what it said.
Dear Soryu Asuka Langley

Your eyes light my emotionless face,
Your face makes my life meaningful again,
You are the life that makes me whole.
You are the beauty that I can never obtain.
Pilot Langley I love you.
With your sexy hair,
That bow,
That face,
Those lips.

From Rei Ayanami.

“Shit!” Asuka screamed, horrified by what Rei wrote on this letter. “She loves me, I thought she was sick, but man that’s grouse! I knew that wonder-girl would be sick, but man! She’s a fuckin lesbian,” She said in a whisper, not wanting anyone to know about her secret admirer and her EVA pilot member that Commander Ikari noted as his favourite.
Rei was sitting at the desk, covering her mouth, as she had a rise smile, smiling at Asuka, as she was mesmerised by her ocean blue eyes. If only I could touch her lips with mine, Rei thought, feeling her heart pump enthusiastically, never knowing what love was until now. Rei imagined if Asuka loved her back.
“Oh Rei, you are a wonder-girl,” Asuka said, wearing a dress and lipstick.
“You too Soryu Asuka,” Rei said, kissing her lips.
Rei blushed, as she imagined her being kissed by the red head. She drooled behind her hand, still keeping her emotions at bay, not showing that she loves Asuka in public.
When it was lunchtime, Asuka sat alone on a table, until a girl, in short, blue hair with crimson eyes came to the table and sat next to the red head. “Hi, Asuka,” Rei said quietly, opening her lunchbox. Asuka started to feel strange. “Hi wonder-girl!” Asuka said harshly, feeling peeved off by Rei’s secret feelings about her.
Rei ate her sandwich quietly, for Asuka saw that Rei was just eating bread. “You freak! You’re eating nothing but bread! Are you mad?” She asked, getting a cheese and egg sandwich from her lunchbox. “Here! Eat a real sandwich you bitch,” Asuka said bitterly.
“Thank you,” Rei got the sandwich and ate it, Asuka knowing that Rei was a vegetarian.
Hold on, why did I just act nice to her. Am I mad! She thought, asking herself about her strange behaviour to the wonder-girl.

“No way Misato!” Asuka shouted, eating her dinner opposite Misato.
“You have to, I need to do some work at NERV, so you have to sleep at Rei’s,” Misato persuaded.
“Do I have to?” Asuka asked.
“Tell you what, I’ll give you five hundred yen to have a sleepover with her,”
“Well, OK, but I’m coming back as soon as I wake up,”

“Gosh, now I have to go to her boring house,” Asuka said tiredly, unhappy that Rei doesn’t have any wallpapers or themes to the rooms in her small apartment. Asuka smirked. “At least I get some cash after this. Well, I need some new stuff in my bedroom. Mein mein, why can’t she just die if she has no fuckin reason to live?” Asuka asked, speaking some of the words in her native language German.
Thirty minutes later, Asuka arrived at Rei’s apartment door. “Hello, Rei open the door!” Asuka ordered, being impatient and wanting to get this over with a.s.a.p. The door creaked open by itself.
Asuka went in, being here before and know that the door creaks open for some sort of strange reason. “Ach mein gott!” She shouted in German, as she saw a table, two red candles, expensive tablecloth, two plates, two chairs, cutlery and Rei, in her school uniform, all in her bedroom. “What is this shit?” Asuka complained, as she felt nauseated by her. Rei stared at Asuka’s blue eyes and smiled at her. “Sit down please. I made you dinner,” Rei said politely, blushing.
Asuka gritted her teeth, puzzled. “Look, I know you love me and everything, but why didn’t you tell me about this when you met me?” Asuka asked. “God, you are so weird,” Asuka remarked.
“Well…” Rei got out of her chair and moved to her ear. “Because I down want Pilot Ikari to know. And now that he has a holiday…” Rei moved in and moved her lips to the German. “We can get acquainted,” Rei and Asuka can feel their breaths touching each other. Asuka tried to hesitate, but she was in a corner of her bedroom, trapped. Rei stopped moving, both could see their reflection in one another’s eye. “Do you love me Asuka?” She asked, narrowing her eyes. ”Because if you don’t I’ll understand,” Rei remarked on Asuka’s decision. C’mon Asuka, you don’t love wonder-girl do you? I love Kaji, and he’s mine, not Misato’s. But… Asuka thought, staring at Rei’s face. But that so nice that she gave me a Valentine Card I guess. God! Asuka thought again, unsure about her judgement of loving the crimson-eyed girl. Well, she’s my age, and Shinji isn’t here until tomorrow. Should I be a lesbian? Asuka’s mind was split, keeping the suspension on Rei for minutes.
Suddenly, her mouth opened, blushing. “I…love you Asuka, you’re the most beautiful girl I ever met in my life. And…” Asuka closed her eyes and puckered her lips. “We should keep this a secret from Shinji and the others,” suddenly Asuka and Rei embraced with a kiss, wrapping each other’s body tight and securely.
Rei moved her lips to the German’s ear. “Do you want to make love with me Asuka, I’ll be so happy!” Rei said enthusiastically, showing emotions to the girl she loved for the first time.
“Rei, just how long have you loved me for?” Asuka said discreetly, licking her pale earlobe.
“Well, I loved you ever since I met you, how about you?”
“Well…I never thought I loved you until now. Well you can say that I loved you ever since I met you too,” Asuka smiled. “And yes Rei, I will make love with you!” the red head shouted, kissing her on the lips.
Rei tossed herself and Asuka to her bed, both still wearing school uniform. Rei started licking all over Asuka’s face. “He…he Oh! That tickles,” Asuka said, enjoying what Rei was doing on top of her giggling.
Wonder-girl started to untie her partner’s bow and pulling off Asuka’s cream green top, showing Rei her brick red bra. “Your bra is so cute!” Rei giggled, showing the German her wild side for the first side.
The first child, then, buried herself between her girlfriend’s bra and thrusted up and down, making Asuka give out quiet moans. “Oh…oh…yeah. Keep going wonder aaaaaaah!” Asuka screamed as Rei pinched her nipple extremely hard.
Suddenly the crimson-eyed girl slides both her hands underneath both of the second child’s straps and pulled them down, making the bra slide under Asuka’s breasts. Rei suddenly drooled at Asuka’s breasts, as she saw the small cupped, pink bullet hard nipples. Asuka didn’t mind Rei drooling on her, feeling the warm salivary juices on her noble mannery glands.
“There’re so sexy,” Rei whispered to Asuka. The first child ran the German’s ginger hair and sucked Asuka’s breast viciously, holding it up from the bottom. “Ummmmmmmmmmm, oh…Rei!” Asuka screamed as Rei bit her left nipple furiously, as if she was taking her locked up anger on an angel.
Rei did the same on the right mannery and then turned herself around, making Rei on the bed and Asuka lying on top. Rei could feel Asuka’s breasts on hers, but was hidden by her school clothes.
Asuka kissed Rei. “Thank you Rei, you made Valentines Day worth living for me now,” Asuka complemented on Rei Ayanami. Rei kissed her back. “You forgotten that you and me aren’t naked, or at least not yet,” Rei slid her finger underneath Asuka’s skirt and poked her clit continuously. “Oh, oh…oh, OK we’ll continue ourselves to make love. Oh, OH!” Rei stopped, making the last poke more like the force of a stab.
The redhead took wonder-girl’s top off, for as she saw that she didn’t wear a bra. “Rei, why didn’t you wear a bra?” Asuka asked, lying on top of her, feeling each other’s hard nipples touch one another.
“I felt uncomfortable, so I’m wearing nothing underneath my school clothes…” Rei said, wrapping her arms and licking Asuka’s nose, enjoying Valentines Day, or what’s left of it. “That’s so fuckin sexy!” Asuka remarked, grinding her teeth around Rei’s nipples until she felt bored.
“Now, let’s see what’s under that skirt,” Asuka smiled, licking her breasts and sliding her hands underneath her skirt, pulling it down to Rei’s ankles. Rei kicked off her shoes and skirt, rendering her nothing but a pair of white socks on her.
Asuka turned and took Rei’s socks off, revealing the cherry smelling feet of Rei’s. Rei quickly took off her partner’s skirt, revealing Asuka’s red knickers. “Cheeky!” Asuka blushed, as she started to feel cold. Rei noticed her shivering. “Hey, do you want us to continue under the bed?” Rei asked happily.
Asuka nodded, kicking her shoes and taking her clean socks off, as they went under the blanket. Rei took off Asuka’s underwear and threw it out of the bed, as they embraced, kissing each other and smiling discreetly.
Asuka buried herself between Rei’s legs and grinded her teeth on the surface of Rei’s cunt seductively, feeling Rei’s pubic blue hair in her mouth, tasting her piss. “Oh, yeah. Oh…yeah…OH! OH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Rei screamed as Asuka grinded her clitoris hard. “Ooooooooooooooo!” Asuka bellowed out, inserting her tongue inside the first child’s love box, licking all around her partner’s vulva. “Oh! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! HOLY FUCK!” Rei cursed, as she struck orgasm furiously, taking deep breaths and gasps.
Asuka turned each other around, for as Rei was catching her breath, still feeling orgasm. Asuka kissed her on the lips, hugging her. “It’s your turn,” Asuka whispered, smiling at her. Rei snapped back in consciousness and sat up on Asuka’s thighs and thrusting both of their womanhoods together, Rei seeing the redhead’s pubic ginger hairs. “Oh! Yeah! You’re…oh! Amazing Rei! I…oh! Love…oh! YOU!” Asuka shrieked viciously for as Rei went a bit higher, reaching Asuka’s clit. “Let’s see you strike orgasm!” Rei said, being possessed about her love with Soryu Asuka Langley.
Rei Ayanami inserted two fingers into Asuka’s hole and moved them up and down. “Wow ...oh!” Asuka let out soft moans, seeing the German’s skin turn into an exhausting pink, breathing deeply. The first child narrowed her red eyes and added her thumb and went up to her clitoris. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Asuka yelped for the sexual pain that Rei inflicted, striking orgasm as her eyes widened.
“Asuka?” Rei asked, after she recovered from orgasm.
“What is it? Rei Ayanami?” She asked, giving Rei a soft kiss.
“I’m tired, want to sleep with me?”
“Hell yeah!” Asuka rejoiced, hugging her and giving her kisses around her lips, Rei copied.
“Goodnight,” Rei said, staring at Asuka’s eyes.
“Goodnight Rei, we’ll eat the dinner when we wake up OK?” Asuka asked.
“Yep! Sure!”
They slept.

“Good morning Asuka!” Rei said loudly, giving a smile as Asuka twitched her eyes. When Asuka opened her eyes, her eyes focused and saw Rei, still naked, in front of her. “Rei!” Asuka jumped out of the bed and hugged her. “Oh! I missed you so much while I slept. So I dreamed about you he…he!” Asuka giggled.
“Hey, we’re going to be late for school…” Rei said, looking at her clock. “It’s nearly nine!” Rei worried. Asuka walked to her, resting her head on Rei’s breasts. “Fuck that! Let’s spend time at your home Rei! I want to stay here until I go back to Misato’s,” Asuka said, feeling the warmth that Rei’s breastmilk provided.
“Asuka, why don’t you spend the night again?” She asked.
“Good idea!” Asuka awakened.
Rei realised that the food was untouched from the table. “Asuka, lets have breakfast!” Rei said, smiling at her.
“Cool, what’s for breakfast?” Asuka asked.
“Chocolate cake,”
“Chocolate cake!” Asuka drooled.
“You should be thanking me for wiping the blood off your love hole Asuka, because you made a mess on my bed. But who gives a fuck!” Rei admitted. Asuka looked down, seeing that Ayanami made her vagina as clean as it was before they made love.
“Let’s eat!” Asuka got her desert spoon.
“Cool!” Rei opened the lid and sat down, both getting half of the cake on their plates. “Can I sit next to you, I feel cold just seeing you opposite me Rei?” Asuka remarked, still shaken happily by the sexual experience that she had for the first time yesterday. Asuka moved her chair, her plate, her spoon and herself besides Rei and gave her a kiss, both tasting each other’s chocolate from their mouths. “Much better!” The German tossed her hair back and dug in to her share of cake.
Rei moved to her partner’s ear. “Asuka, can I feed you and you feed me? It’s essential for lesbians to act this way you know,” Rei admitted, kissing Asuka’s cheek. Asuka nodded and showed her a spoonful of chocolate cake and Rei ate it, tasting the goodness. “Ummmmmmmmmmm,” Rei said, loving the taste even more. “It tastes like you, strawberries!” Rei said, showing a spoonful as well to Asuka. She ate it. “Yummy, It tastes like you also! Mint!” Asuka said happily and kissed. “Anyway Rei,” Asuka paused, getting wonder-girl’s attention. “Ya!” Rei said, still swallowing the chocolate.
“You see, why are you so emotionless over the times I’ve seen you before we had sex Rei?” She asked, staring at Rei’s crimson eyes.
“Well, I always had an empty heart, and now…” Rei tangled her legs with Asuka’s. “Now that I have a partner, I have a life worth living!” Rei admitted, kissing her lips.
When they finished their unhealthy breakfast, Rei and Asuka stood up. “What shall we do now?” Asuka asked, clenching Rei’s small hands. “Let’s have a shower!” Rei said enthusiastically.
“Where’s Asuka Misato?” Shinji asked.
“I don’t know Shinji,” Misato answered, knowing that she’s supposed to be back by four p. m, because schools over. “What is she doing at Ayanami’s?” Misato whispered.
“You’re so warm!” Rei shouted, drinking Asuka’s warm milk.
“You’re so cute when you suck my milk Rei,” Asuka admitted, running her hands on Rei’s blue hair.
When they finished their sexual moment, they slept, feeling tired by their breathtaking relationship already.


Did you like the Valentine special story? I loved it! I think that was the best fan fiction I wrote so far which contains lemon, because I thought I used my sexual vocabulary, my cursing, their actions and the scenery brilliantly. I must work on shower love scenes. I completely made up what I written the whole of my fan fiction, I guess that’s my secret for writing fan fiction and my own stories I guess.
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