Chapter 9: The final orgy

As Shinji awoke next morning, well, he assumed it was morning, he was alone in bed. But not alone in the
room, as Misato sat in the chair his father had occupied the day prior. Her serious expression didn't
herald good news, and he was sure that he would be right with this assumption.

"Good morning." greeted Misato in a very serious one.


"We need to talk." announced the purple haired beauty, and Shinji knew for sure that he wouldn't like
what would be coming now. Those words were feared by every man, and he was no exception.

"I hear." he answered shakily.

"I saw what happened yesterday in this room, and...." her word were interrupted by a heavy silence.

"It was too much for you?" asked Shinji.

Misato nodded. "Yes, it was too much. I can live with sharing, with Nephilims and Angels, but even I have
my borders. And you having sex with your mother was too much." she pointed out.
It wasn't an easy decision for her, and only the fact that she wouldn't end alone again gave her the
strength to do this.

"And that means?" he questioned cautiously.

"I don't know what you want, but you cannot have me and her. I understand that your feelings for her are
very deep, so I think it would be for the best to gain some distance between us." Misato confessed.

"Which means?"

"No more sex. I have nothing against being your friend, but Not under these circumstances.
I couldn't live with the thought of knowing that the man I love is fucking his own mother."

Shinji sighed. He had suspected that this would happen. He sat first up, then stood up and went to Misato.
His nudity didn't bother him. Standing in front of her, he bowed down and gave her a last kiss.

"Won't you be lonely?" he asked.

Misato shook her head. "No. I am not the only one who thinks that yesterday's display was a little bit too

Shinji looked questioningly at his former guardian and lover.

"Tri is also not happy with this situation, although for her it is more the thought of sharing you with Rei,
her original. She had asked if I could help her living, and I agreed. She will live with me, and we will
be a pair for the time being. We'll see if it will become something more serious."

Shinji nodded slowly. He was sad that he lost Misato and Tri, but he was unable to do something against it.
The only thing possible would be giving up Yui, and this was out of question. He had to accept that he
couldn't have everyone he wanted. It wondered him that Misato and Tri had decided to go together, as this
was a very unlikely constellation. However, those musings changed nothing.

"And how got you and Tri together?"

His former guardian looked in his face. "Rei."


"She realized first that this was too much for me, and that Tri had some problems with it as well. We both
feared loneliness more than swallowing this....perversion...but Rei had a better idea. Since we both
think that a relationship with you would be too strange, she pointed out that we could try it together.
And she is right. I liked the sex with Rei, so it will function with Tri as well. And Tri also thinks
that this is a good idea, so we decided to try it."

"Rei." sighed Shinji.

Misato encircled him with her arms. "Hey, it is for the best. And you need to understand her too.
Even without me and Tri, you will still have four girls. No wonder that she took the chance to ease the
competition as she saw it."

"Sure, but..."

"There is no but. What do you think what would have happened if I and Tri would have stayed with you?
Continuously uneasy about Yui or Rei, often in bad mood, disgusted with you and ourselves?"

"You find me disgusting?" demanded Shinji to know.

"No. But what you do with Yui. This I find disgusting. And that's why it wouldn't have functioned with us.
If I knew beforehand that you had her in the core, I would have Rei let bang you and barricaded myself in
my room." Misato added chuckling.

"So it was destined to fail from the beginning?"

"Yes, it was."

"I accept your decision, and wish you the best." he croaked out. It was all he could do, as he knew
firsthand how headstrong and stubborn Misato could be. And the moment Yui was back, he felt that he would
loose her.

Misato stood up and gave him a short peck on his cheek, then left the room. Shinji was on the verge of
tears, as he had very strong emotions for his former guardian. Sure, she annoyed him often to no end,
teased him mercilessly, used him as punching ball for Asuka's moods, but still, she was important to him.
He sighed several times before he was able to march back to the bed and take a lab coat so that he was able
to leave this room.
While Gendo got what he deserved, and while the sex with Yui and Rei was awesome, the memories of this room
were unpleasant, as here, he finally lost his father, as here, he lost Misato.
The door closed automatically after he had left, closing not only the room, but also a large part of his


Only a few hours later, Shinji left NERV with Misato, as she drove him to his new home. It was clear that
he wouldn't live with her anymore, but so far, nobody told him where he would live.
Misato told him that his mother had acquired one of NERVs save houses for this purpose, and his belongings
were already brought there.

As they arrived in front of the house, Shinji had to admit that it was a rather nice looking building in
an even better environment. Laying on the outskirts of Tokyo3, it was a small villa with a lot of glass
in the facade. Instead of normal windows, complete rows of glass run around the entire building, at all
three floors of it. Conveniently, people could only look from the insides through it.

Shinji exited the car and bode Misato good-bye, then he went to the door, which opened before he was able
to ring the bell. Rei had opened it, and looked with her blood-red eyes on him.
Through long observation of the bluehead, Shinji had learned to read the small signs which betrayed her
feelings. Although he wouldn't need this experience to see Rei's uneasiness.
It wasn't hard to guess why she was in such a state.

He had to admit that he had a few scenarios where he would give her a piece of his mind, but now, as she
stood in the door, looking ashamed and obviously awaiting some reprimand, he was unable to do so.
The loneliness she radiated reminded him too much of his own, making it impossible to harm her in any

"Hello, Rei."

"Hello." she answered with her trademarked empty voice.

Shinji stepped close to her and hugged her, which let the surprised girl stiffen.

"You did the right thing." he told her. Although he was very unsure if this was the truth, because only
future would tell, he saw no way to be angry with her. He felt her nodding, and relaxing.

"I did it to ensure happiness for all of us." she admitted.

Shinji chuckled. "I know." Well, his thoughts ran more along the lines that Rei ensured especially her
own happiness, but considering Misato's words, there was a possibility that she went the right way.

The two went inside, where a little surprise awaited the young male.


A little bit earlier, in NERV HQ, another person got a little surprise.

Maya Ibuki sat in her chair in the Command Center, busy with typing in new command lines for the MAGI.
The UN and Lillith had already announced that NERV was to be changed to a scientific organization, with
the main point research and development of space-capable technologies.
Another branches would be medical research, computer technology and bionic systems.

For this, the MAGI needed a different set of rules than the combat oriented they had now. And due to the
absence of Akagi-sempai, this task landed on her frail shoulders. At least she had some capable helpers,
as Irouel, Bardiel and Kyoko did a good amount of this work.

Maya gasped surprised as a pair of arms encircled her from behind.


"Hungry?" whispered a sexy voice directly into her ear.

Unsure of what to do, and due the fact that she hadn't breakfast, and even lunch was overdue, she
hesitatingly nodded.

"Great." came the cheerful response, and the arms let her go, only to swivel her chair around.

A silly grin spread over the cute brunettes face as she came face to face with Arael.


Another two people were also busy with moving into a new home. Asuka and Mana showed that nothing was a
problem if the teamwork functioned. They moved into an apartment two floors higher than Misato's, but in
the same building. Putting Mana's belongings into their places was an easy feat, as the JSSDF pilot
hadn't much. Asuka's stuff was another matter, as it was enough to fill the apartment alone.

Mana insisted that the things Asuka had to put in storage as she moved in with Misato remained there,
and much to Asuka's chagrin, the mahogany haired girl had a rather good point. They were two, but with
all of Asuka's stuff, there wouldn't even be enough space for one.
Sighing, Asuka looked after the van which brought her stuff back into storage.

At least the things she had in her room at Misato's apartment were easy to transport. It wasn't not only
all too much, but also the teamwork with Mana made it rather easy.
They still needed the entire day to set up their new home, but after they were finished, both had a huge
grin on their faces.

It was a premiere for both of them. Instead of having a room, their belongings were scattered over the
entire flat, standing side by side, mixed together as it should be when two people decide to live with
each other.

After a small lunch, which consisted of Chinese take-out boxes, Mana announced slyly that it was time
for a shower before they went to bed.
Asuka grinned and followed her love into the bathroom.


While Asuka moved out, Tri moved in into Misato's apartment. An ordeal which was finished in less than a
half hour. Tri occupied now what was formerly Shinji's room, and only on the insistence of Misato, the shy
young girl agreed to put the Unit01 action figure she got as present from Shinji into the living room.

Misato pointed out that they would live together as couple, so there was no need for separation of their

Tri hoped that the older woman was right. She hoped that it would function, and that they would really be
together. She liked the often carefree attitude of the purple-haired Major, also she liked her looks.
As Rei offered this solution for their uneasiness regarding the competition for Shinji, Tri found the
prospect of living with Misato, especially as her lover, very enthralling.

She was sure that she could learn a lot from Misato as the outgoing officer was the very
opposite of herself in terms of behavior. And the long and slender legs, the warm brown
eyes, and especial the big breasts made the prospect of lovemaking to her a very joyful one.

After Asuka was finally out for good, and Tri's belongings were at their places, Misato ordered take-out.
She knew better than to scare her new roommate, and hopefully more, with her cooking abilities.

After dinner, Misato looked at the bluehead, unsure how to proceed.
With Rei, it would have been easy, but Tri was another matter.


"What?" asked Misato.

"Shouldn't we take a bath after dinner?"

"Oh. Yeah. You can go first."

Tri looked at Misato. "You will not come not with me?"

"Do you want me to?"

"It would be advisable. If we are to make love, we should do it in there."

Misato fell laughing from her chair, which startled Tri. The young clone was unable to comprehend what
the funny thing was.

"Have I said something wrong?" she inquired.

Misato needed some minutes to calm down until she was able to answer.

"'s just that this won't be a problem." she told Tri, still fighting the urge to laugh.

"I have to warn you. When I have a sexual peak, I release a large amount of fluids. It was I who made Rei's
apartment inhabitable." explained Tri.

Misato stood up from the floor and gave Tri a short peck on the cheek.

"I know. But that's no problem."


"No. You'll see. And now take your bath. I'll wait for you in your room." Misato added, winking seductively
at the bluehead, who nodded, stood up and made her way into the bath.


As Tri exited the bathroom and went to her room, a pleasing smell filled the air. Curious, she looked
around and found several candles in her room as the source of it. They were arranged in a loose circle
around her bed, on which lay Misato, only clad in a black bra and panties.

As Tri agreed to live with Misato as her lover, she was unsure how this would function. While Misato was
beautiful, the prospect of being intimate with her was a little bit unsettling. But now, as she looked at
her, seeing the inviting passion in her eyes, she realized that she had made the perfect choice.
After this night, she would have to tell Rei a really big thanks.

For Misato, it was also a little bit of an awkward position. While she liked the sex with Rei, this wasn't
her. Sure, they looked the same, smelled the same, probably tasted the same, but they were not the same.
She arranged the room to make it look more stimulating, and while her utilities were limited, she did
a good job. A few flowers and some candles gave the room the right feeling for a night of passion.
So the only question was if Tri would see it the same way.

She was just finished with her preparations and laid down on the bed, as the bluehead arrived at the door
and looked inside the room. She felt her red eyes running over her body, waited for a reaction to the scar
that ran over her body. There was none. Instead, only the slightest hint of admiration showed in the face
of the clone. No repulsion, no question.
Misato winked at Tri to come closer, what the girl did. As she stood in front of the bed, Misato sat up and
opened the belt of the housecoat she was wearing. The white fabric fell apart, gave her the first view on
the perfect body of Tri. She had the same wonderful body like Rei, only her breasts were a little bit
smaller. The major leaned her head against Tri's flat belly and planted some small kisses on the silky
skin of it. Then she sat back and admired the beauty which was hers. For this night for sure, and
maybe, for lots more nights.

Tri let the coat fall off from her shoulders, so that she now stood nude in front of the bed.
Misato grabbed one of her hands and drew her on the bed with her. They lay beside each other, looking
in each other's faces. Both of them waited for the other to start, both of them anxious to start their
lovemaking, both of them too insecure to do so.
Minutes went by, then, finally, Tri brought her hand to Misato's face and caressed her cheek gently.
This action broke the uncertainty in the Majors mind, and she brought her face close to Tri and kissed
the girl for the first time. The warm feeling of Tri's lips against hers was intoxicating. What begun
as a little kiss, evolute in a full oral assault on the other's face.
Misato's lips ran over her face, caressed her lips, her cheeks, teased her nose. Her tongue did the same,
while her teeth were sometimes used to nibble on Tri's nose and her ears.

Tri reciprocated these actions as good as she was able to, but Misato's fast, passionate motions made it
very hard. So she soon succumbed to simply enjoy the attention the other woman gave her.
As Misato suddenly stopped, Tri opened her eyes and found her gaze at the brown orbs of Misato's directed.
The purple haired seemed to search for something in her eyes, in her very soul. Suddenly, she was kissed
again, with even more passion than before. And this time, more sensations followed suite, as hands caressed
her young breasts, wandered all over her body, spared only her sex.

For Misato, it was heaven. As Tri was so passive, she was unsure how to proceed, doubted that the girl liked
her administrations, so she had to search for the truth. And she found them in those wonderful red orbs.
So she proceeded, and stepped up the stimuli of the girl. This time, she had no reason to worry, because
the small hands of the clone roamed over her body as hers over Tri's.
Soon, they stopped on her back, fumbling with the clasp of her bra. With a click, it opened, and the fabric
became loose. Only seconds later, one of the warm hands cupped her left breast, gently caressing it.
This was for Misato the sign to proceed a little bit more serious.

The young clone was a little bit disappointed as the eager mouth of Misato left her face, and the wonderful
feeling globes of flesh vanished out of the reach of her hands. But only for a few seconds, because then,
lips wrapped themselves around one of her nipples, and a tongue teased it as well.
Tri smiled as she felt this, she knew now that Misato wanted to spoil her a little bit. Moaning softly,
she decided to let it happen.

While enjoying the feeling of the hard buds between her lips, it soon wasn't enough for Misato. Ever since
she started to lick pussy again, Misato craved for the taste of it. It was no wonder that she soon started
to make her way downwards, trailing a line of kissing and licks over the white skin of her lover.
She gently spread Tri's legs for better access as she neared to her target. She reached the pubic region,
and broke contact with Tri's body for the first time since she started to make her way downwards from Tri's
She admired the folds of the girl´s labia, as she parted them using her left hand to see an even more adorable
sight. The pink insides shone with Tri's wetness invitingly. All she had to do would be to dive down and
stick her tongue as deep as possible into it. Her passion told her to do so, her conscience to make it more
slowly, to relish this situation as long as possible.
At first, her tongue circled around the girl's sex, teased it with several short licks at the outer parts.
After some teasing, Misato broke the contact again. One last time, she looked in Tri's face, which was
already contorted in lust, then she dove seriously in.

Tri gasped as Misato shoved her tongue roughly into her love tunnel, as the teasing was finally over.
The older woman used all her knowledge to give her lust, and she did it excellently. Kissing, licking,
nibbling, what ever was possible to do with her mouth, Misato did it.
Tri felt her orgasm approaching, felt how a wave of lust and passion overrun her senses.
With a loud moan, she came and released her juices into the awaiting mouth of her lover.

Misato felt the convulsion which heralded the cumming of her lover. She planted her lips firmly over Tri's
sex and waited for the things to come. She hadn't long to wait, as seconds later, the liquid gushed out
of Tri, directly into her awaiting mouth. She was glad that she had mastered to drink without having to
swallow long time ago, as otherwise, this room would have been in for a severe cleaning. But so, she
felt only how the warm liquid shooting down her throat and landing in her stomach.
Several strong gushes went this way, then the relaxing of the bluehead´s muscles indicated that it as over.
For some long minutes she licked the rest of the juice, which slowly ran out of Tri, up, until there was
nothing left. Only then, she removed her face from Tri's bald sex and laid down beside the girl, taking
her into a soft embrace.

Heavily panting, Tri enjoyed the feeling of being held closely. Sure, her angelic abilities would have let
her reciprocating Misato's action immediately, but she saw no reason to. Now was the time for some cuddling.
She snuggled closer to the Major, felt her hands making caressing motions over her body.
She didn't know how long she enjoyed this before she started to move out of the embrace.
Misato looked questioningly at her, so Tri decided to tell her without words what would be happening now.
She kissed Misato fully on the lips, sucked her tongue in her mouth, relishing the taste of Misato and
her own juices.

As Tri left the embrace, Misato was unsure what this meant. Wanted she to gain some distance because she
was too hot, or needed she go to the toilet, or did she simply want some space because she felt the
feeling of her body against hers disgusting.
As she had sex with Rei, those doubts were superficial, as she never thought that it would be something
lasting with the first child. This time however, it should be the start of a lasting relationship, so
those doubts had a lot of fertilizer to grow.
She knew of her shortcomings, her scar, that she was way older than Tri. She looked questioningly at
the clone, was immediately rewarded with a frenching that blew her head off.
Surprised over this action, she had no chance to complain that Tri went very fast downwards, after some
tongue playing, stopping at her extensive bosom. She moaned as the girl circled one of her nipples with
her tongue, then started to suckle on it. She moaned even louder as Tri's teeth carefully clenched her
nipple between them and tugged carefully on them. Strong enough to elicit some sweet pain, but not enough
to make it really uncomfortable. This was followed by some sucking, until Tri released this part of her
anatomy with a loud plop.

Tri had to admit that she had a fancy for big tits. The feeling of pressing her face against them, with
the hard bud of an erect nipple between her teeth was something she had never thought that it could be
this wonderful. As much as she liked doing this, there were some even more erotic things to do.
So, instead of concentrating on Misato's bosom for the next few hours like she wanted to do, she broke the
contact. Instead of making a wet trail downwards, she brought her face immediately down to Misato's panty-
covered crotch. She took hold of the fabric with her teeth and started to draw it down.
Misato heightened her hips to make it easier for her, so it didn't take long and the fabric tangled between
Misato's knees, where Tri changed from her mouth to her hands to remove it the rest of the way.
As soon as the fabric was discarded, she looked at Misato's sex. Crowned with a small strip of purple hair,
the puffy lips indicated that it would be a pleasure to munch a little bit on them.
Which Tri started immediately to do.

A loud gasp escaped Misato's mouth as the bluehead landed between her thighs and started immediately a full
scale assault on her sex. There was no teasing, no great playing, but raw lust.
A huge grin split her face, as this was exactly the way she liked it. For Misato, sex meant spoiling her
lover. Thus she already did. And it meant that her partner gives her what she desires as well.
And she likes her sex straight to the point. With Tri, it was as if they were made for each other.
She could spoil her as much as she wanted, and received for it exactly what she desired.
As Tri started to clasp her clit between her teeth, it was too much for her. Unable to control herself
any longer, Misato lost herself in the intense waves of feelings which are called orgasm.

Misato's cries, the convulsing of her muscles made it clear that Tri gad reached her goal. Only the lack of
fluids from the Major was a little bit disappointing. Otherwise, Tri was sure that they would be together
for a long time. Not only that she liked being spoiled, it also looked like Misato liked it a little bit
more direct that she herself. Which was exactly what she liked to do.
Her taste was great, the feeling of her cumming against her face was something she would hopefully feel
much more often.
As it was over, Tri laid down beside Misato and embraced her, like Misato did to her earlier.
They snuggled close to each other.

Shortly before Tri fell asleep, she heard Misato mumbling.

"I think we will have a lot of fun together."

"Yes, we will." answered Tri, for which Misato snuggled even closer to her.

"It was even better than the first time."

Misato looked surprised at her lover. "First time?"

Red eyes met brown ones as Tri answered. "Yes. I was at this time in Rei's body, but it was me."

Misato looked dumbfounded at her. For long moments, the Major didn't know what to say.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she finally asked.

"Because this was our real first time. Me in my body, together with you." explained Tri.

Misato sighed, then shrugged. "Anyway, I'm happy that you didn't tell me."


"Because this was the perfect first time with you."

Tri smiled a little bit.

"But I still have to punish you a little bit for that." added Misato.

"I am sure you will find some way to accomplish this tonight."

Misato blushed, but didn't decline the truth of this statement.


As Mana heard that Asuka followed her, a silly grin appeared on her face. So far, her plan functioned
flawlessly. She took off her sweaty clothes, and the rustling behind her told her that Asuka did the
same. She stepped into the shower, closely followed by the German redhead. Then, after the door was closed,
and the water ran, she turned around and faced Asuka. Grabbing both of her hands, she pinned the pilot
of 02 against one of the walls. Then she looked deeply in her eyes.

"I have something to ask you."

"What?" asked Asuka, somewhat annoyed by the position she was in.

Mana released one of Asuka's arms and grabbed something on top of the shower head. As she held the small
item in front of Asuka's face, the blue eyes of the German girl´s went wide, almost popped out of her face.

"You...." was her first reaction. Seconds later, she tried again.

"You want to....?"

Finally, she was able to finish the question. "You want to marry me?"

Mana grinned and nodded. Then she kneeled down in front of her love, and asked seriously:
"Soryu Asuka Langley, I love you more than I could ever had imagined. So I ask you, do you want to become
my wife, in good and in bad times, for the rest of our lives?"

Asuka was glad that they were in the shower, so that Mana couldn't see the tears in her eyes. Her answer
was clear, but that didn't mean that she couldn't have some fun. A devious grin started to split her face,
indicating some hard times for her bride.

"So you want to marry me?" she asked playfully.

Mana, already accustomed to some of Asuka's moods understood immediately and nodded.

"And why should I marry you?" Asuka asked, pulling on Mana's hand to help her standing up. Then she was the
one who cornered the other girl and pressed her against the wall.

The German girl grabbed both hands of Mana and lifted them over the others girl's head, where she held
them together, to get one of her hands free.

"And why should I marry you?" she asked the former JSSDF pilot, then she licked over Mana's nose.

"Because you have a pretty face?"

She studied the captured girl for long seconds. "Or because of your inviting lips?"

That said, she kissed her forcefully on the lips, shoved her tongue roughly in the other girl's mouth.
While doing this, she grabbed Mana's left breast with her right hand. It wasn't a gentle move, more the grope
of a rapist than a caress of a lover.

After breaking the kiss, Asuka continued. "Or because you have cute tits?"

She pinched rather hard on the nipple, elicited a moan of pain from Mana. A look in her face showed no
longer care and love, but uncertainty and a little bit of fear. Asuka felt a little bit guilty at that,
but this was the ultimate power-trip for her. Controlling the other girl like that, doing whatever she
wanted, this turned her more on than anything else.
She bowed down and bit on the hard bud. But not as hard as Mana had feared, as she had tensed, then, at
the careful contact between teeth and nipple, relaxed again.

"Or for your nice body?"

Asuka made a trail with her lips downwards. Not with soft kisses, but with a rubbing that looked nearly
desperate. Shaking her head, it was as if she tried to force her way inside of Mana.
Suddenly, she broke the contact and kneeled down, with her face only centimeters from Mana's sex away.
Bringing her hands between Mana's legs, she forced them apart to give her access to her primary goal.
As in all glory, the wet sex laid vulnerable in before her eyes, she gave the next comment.

"Or for your good taste?"

As soon as the Japanese girl was in a halfway stable position, she brought her hands to the folds of
Mana's sex. Inserting her two index fingers, she pulled them apart, giving her a view in the dark
tunnel behind them. Still holding her open, she stuck her tongue out and started to insert it into
the slimy slit.
Her fingers hindered her progress a little bit, so she moved her hands away, placing them upwards on
another sensitive part of Mana. With her mouth fully placed over the sex, she used her newly acquired
skills of eating out to bring her love to orgasm.
This time, she didn't want to go the easy way, to simply stimulate the clit. No. She wanted to tongue-
fuck her until she came. Mana did this to her already three times, and she hadn't managed to
reciprocate this so far. Which was definitely something to change. And aroused as she was, she was sure
to hold out long enough to accomplish this feat.

In and out, in and out, with short breaks where her tongue roamed around. Asuka's jaw hurt, and she
started to fear that her tongue would fall off as some little spasms indicated that Mana was close to
the edge. This knowledge invigorated her, and she strengthened her assault to finish her lover off.
Loud moans, and some trashing around with the arms marked the peak of Mana, along with a small trail
of juice which landed directly in Asuka's mouth, who licked it up eagerly.

Asuka stood up, and the sudden loss of the stability provided by the German girl caused Mana to fall
onto the floor of their shower. Then Asuka smiled down at Mana, waited patiently until the JSSDF pilot
regained her senses enough to understand what she would see.

It took some minutes until a surprised, shocked and hurt look from Mana told Asuka that it was time
to finish this little incident.

"Or because I love you?" she asked, and placed the ring on her finger, clearly for Mana to see.
Then she left the shower and went to their bed. She hoped that Mana was now happy enough to make her
really happy. This little power trip made her horny as hell, and she needed a long and good licking

The water in the shower was turned off, and she heard how her lover exited the bath and followed.
With a huge smile on her face, Asuka let herself fall down on their bed face-first. Now it was her
who would be vulnerable. At least for now....


After a few minutes of walking, Maya realized that Arael didn't waste time. They were on a straight
course directly to the Angel's newly acquired apartment. Suddenly, Arael turned around and faced Maya.

"What do you expect from this encounter?" the Angel asked.

Maya furrowed her brows. "What do you mean?"

"Do you want just lust, just a little thrill, or more?"

"More." answered Maya immediately.

"And how far would you go to get what you want?"

The cute tech blinked confused. "I don't understand."

"If you want a relationship, how far would you go to maintain it?"

"I...I think that we both would have to work to make it function. That we both would have to make
compromises, to sacrifice something to gain something even better."

"Say, do you believe in some religion?"

Maya didn't understand how this question fitted to the ones before, but answered nonetheless. "No."

"Good. And how much morality do you possess?"

Now she was completely at a loss. Considering her work for NERV, she had to admit that there wasn't
much left. But still, there were a lot of things she would never do, because she thought of them
immoral. Which left the question how Arael meant this question.

"What morality do you mean?"

Arael smiled at her. "Sexual morality, of course."

The brown eyes of Maya blinked two times, and while she blushed, she gave her answer.

"That depends on what you would consider as moral, and what not."

"I have no morality, so now, answer, please." came the amused reply Arael's.

"Then I think that I am a very uptight person. Like most persons, I believe in the moral of the
majority, which is in itself, derived from the major religions."

"I see." said the Angel. "That would mean no sex with minors, animals, persons of the same sex, and only
in some allowed positions."

Maya's eyes widened as she realized that she was now cornered. Unable to bring up a good reply, her mouth
opened and closed several times without allowing any noise to escape her throat.

"So your morality is already flawed." continued Arael. "That leaves the question how much more of your
morality you are ready to sacrifice for a relationship with me."

A perverted Angel? This was a new and extremely surprising concept for Maya. Arael wouldn't have asked
those questions if she hadn´t have planned to break at least some of those rules of morality.
However, this wasn't the problem, as she did this herself with her feelings for the female Angel, and
formerly, for her sempai. So this wasn't about the prospect of lesbian love, but of the other mentioned
things. The bridge bunny gulped several times until she answered.

"That would depend on the things you want to try."

"I'm open for everything." came the Angel's reply.

This sounded too strange for Maya, so she pointed several things out. "I will not have sex with a dog,
nor will I have sex with kids."

"Ok. Define kids."

Maya didn't like it, but the age of consent was all over the world 12. Second Impact killed too much people
to wait too long, so the laws were largely loosened. Some countries even hadn't such laws anymore, but
gladly, in Japan, they existed. "I will not commit a crime." she answered firmly.


Maya sighed in relief.

"For now." finished Arael.

"We'll see." muttered Maya under her breath. She smiled wickedly as she thought of a fool-proof plan to
avoid all things she didn't want to do. Giving Arael so good sex that the Angel wouldn't even thinking
about trying other things.

They arrived in Arael's new home and entered swiftly. As the brown haired beauty looked around, she was
impressed by the interior design. White and blue dominated, several small artificial wells dabbled calmly
and gave the apartment an aura of peace. Several well placed plants strengthened this impression.

Arael walked straightly into the kitchen. "How do you want to eat?"

Surprised by this question, Maya needed several seconds to recover from her musings. "What do you mean?"

"Do you want me as plate, or eating normal and sex on the bed?"

Astounded by the bluntness, Maya answered again with some delay. "Normal and bed."

Maybe this bluntness was an angelic trait, mused Maya. Rei was blunt too, after all. And the other Angels
were also always very straight to the point.

It took Arael only a few minutes to prepare two plates of food. She brought them into the living room,
where Maya sat at the table and relished in the overwhelming feeling of peace in this apartment.
Even the ceiling was styled to fit into the main theme of the flat, as it was painted sky blue, with some
white clouds.

Maya had a hard time to hide her surprise, as the first bite reached her taste buds. The meal consisted
of fish, vegetables and fruits, arranged like a salad, but without any dressing or dip.
Still, it was delicately spiced. It tasted strange, but very good.

The meal itself was rather quiet, only some praising from Maya, and Arael's replies broke the eerie
silence in the room. It was a rather light meal, especially if someone hadn't eaten for a long time.
However, Maya didn't complain. She understood pretty well why the meal was rather light.
After they were finished, Arael brought the plates into the kitchen, then returned to Maya. She helped
her up, then led her to a closed room.

It was dark in there, and only a gentle push from behind gave Maya the much needed resolve to enter the
dark room. After a few steps, she tumbled against something soft and stopped. Then, another push in the
back let her fall on the softest thing he had ever laid upon.
Definitely a large bed.

"Close your eyes." ordered Arael softly. The bridge bunny was unsure why, as she couldn't see anything,
but complied nonetheless. She expected that Arael would start to make out with her, so she waited for
the first touches. As they didn't came, not even after several minutes, she asked if she could open her
eyes again.

"Yes, you can." came the Angel's answer.

Maya opened her eyes, and gasped in surprise. What she held for a pitch-black, lightless room, was in fact
a complete look on a heaven full with stars. During her time in university, she had astronomy as
side-course, so she was able to identify a complete night-sky as it could be seen from the northern point
of Japan.


"The entire room is formed like a half-sphere, so it is possible to bring this great view without any
distortions into view. The bed stands in the middle, along with some controls to play with." answered
Arael, clearly amused by Maya's awe.

"What controls?"

A short click later, polar lights flickered over the northern part of the night sky, illuminated the room in
a blue and green light. With this additional light, Maya could finally take a look on the bed and shook her
head astonished. Were the walls the night sky, the bed were the cloud. Round, with white sheets, and a lot
of equally white pillows, it resembled a gathering of small summer clouds.

Another click, and the polar-light was off again.

The tech inhaled sharply as she felt the other girl grasping her shoulders. Startled, Maya froze until she
felt warm breath on her face. Then she knew what would happen, and the meeting of her lips with Arael's
gave her the right answer.
A slim tongue pushed its way into her mouth, where her own started to dance invitingly with it.
For long minutes, only the wet sounds of kissing, along with increasing breathing could be heard, until
finally, with another wet sound, they parted.

The light from the painted stars was too weak to give something close to illumination, so Maya could only
see the silhouette of Arael. She felt how the Angel's hands roamed softly over her body, searching for the
buttons of her uniform. One button after another was undone, soon the top was carefully stripped over her
shoulders to be finally discarded. In the meanwhile, Maya's hands were busy too. Contrary to her, Arael
wore a simple dress, so she hadn't as much to do as her lover. With one motion, the dress slid from the
Angel's shoulders and gave the upper body free. How free realized Maya only seconds later, as she caressed
Arael's breasts and found them completely free. No bra hindered the feeling of hard nipples against her
palms. While Arael had to hug her to undo the clasp of her own bra.

It was very exciting for the bridge bunny to have sex this way, in almost complete darkness. It needed
much more care, much more control, and brought endless more pleasure. At least for her, as she liked
it slow and intense.
And the hands that slowly explored her cleavage, soon followed by lips that planted a short kiss on her
right nipple was pure heaven.

"I like your tits. They are perfectly shaped. Not big, but simply perfect. And they taste delicious."
stated Arael. If this would have been an Anime, the room would have been lit with red light due to Maya's
intense blush. Yes, it was indeed very good to do it in this darkness.
She tried to reciprocate those actions, but was hindered by two arms that pushed her gently down on the
bed. Maya complied, and felt how Arael started to remove the rest of her clothes. Her shoes, her skirt,
then the stockings. Only her panties remained, giving her at least some protection for her most private
part. This she thought. As a finger made its way under her panties, and drew it sideways, she had to realize
that this was a wrong assumption. Especially as something wet glided over her slit. Arael had taken a first
taste of her pussy.
And a satisfied moan indicated that the Angel would surely continue this action. Maybe not now, but it
would happen.

While it was nice to be spoiled, Maya wanted to have a piece of Arael too. She probed with her hands around
until she found a handful of the Angel's dress. She tugged on it, and Arael complied, brought herself in a
position where Maya was able to remove the dress completely. After this, the tech searched for panties,
and found again nothing to stop the contact between her hand and Arael's skin. Instead of finding panties,
her hand landed directly on the most wet slit she had ever touched.

Arael used this touch to finally go into a full fledged sixty-nine position. The odor of pussy waved over
Maya's nose, and she wanted to take her first taste of the pussy of a being she was hired to help to kill.
And now she only wanted to eat it out. The smell was intoxicating, and as a first drop of pussy juice
dropped down from the Angel's sex and landed in her mouth, she knew that she simply had to lick this wet
hole, or she would go on a horny killing spree.

The Angel knew this, and so, Arael held her hips too high for Maya's mouth to reach. While Maya's own
dripping slit was defenseless against a pussy-hungry mouth.
Maya gasped as her panties were again pulled aside, and a mouth planted itself firmly over her sex.
The administrations of Arael were good. However, the inexperience of the Angel came to bear as she failed
to push all of Maya's buttons. Maya used her hands and fondled the sex above her face. Not only to get more
delicious drops, but also to give her lover instruction of what to do.
Gladly, Arael complied, and as she suckled hard on the bridge bunnies clit, Maya was pushed over the edge
and came with a loud moan. Her juices ran freely out of her, only to be licked up by an eager Angel's

After a time of recovering, it was now up to Maya to satisfy the other girl. And to show her how much fun
she could have with her. Too much fun to think about experimenting.
She took a position above the Angel, who now lay lazily on the bed. A short peck on the lips started
this round of lovemaking. With feathery light kisses, Maya showered Arael's perfect body, got the
Angel shivering out of lust. Teasingly she avoided the perfect breasts, worked her way around them.
The arrival on the belly marked a change of tactics. Maya drove her tongue in her bellybutton. Now, the
tongue got some work too. Arael giggled at this action, so Maya repeated it several times before she
drove a level upwards and took one of the perfect nipples in her mouth.
Her eyes widened, as the taste and the feeling of the Angel were better than anything she ever had the
joy of tasting. And the hard nub between her nubs felt so smooth, so warm, so inviting that she started
to suckle on it like a baby. And, much to her astonishment, a few drops of liquid came out.
She sucked them in, and after she released the tit from her mouth, she whispered low: "Delicious.".

Then, the tech placed herself between the long and slender legs that immediately encircled her. Again,
she was surprised by the smoothness of Arael's skin, and the immense pleasure each little contact
brought to her. Yes, she wanted to spoil Arael now, but even she herself was again close to an orgasm.
After taking her place, she started to caress the girl's sex with her right hand. She drove lines around,
zig-zagged over the wet flower, and finally sent her index finger to a short exploration in the insides of
the wet love tunnel.
Unable to see, Maya could only feel Arael's sex. The Angel had a nice little clit, and rather large lips.
Large enough to take them between her teeth and pull on them a little bit playfully.
With an unseen grin, she did exactly this, elicited this way a long chains of moans from Arael.
Then she ended this first contact between her mouth and Angel-pussy. Now wasn't the time to take her first
taste. But soon.

Again caressing the wet sex , and the tender areas surrounding it, Maya took her time and inhaled
deeply the scent she wanted she wanted to smell on a regular base for the rest of her life.
Caught up in her own feelings of lust and desire, she failed to realize that she had fallen in love.

Arael nearly reached her peak, and Maya stopped her administration abruptly to not let her love come this
soon. It was nearly too late, so Maya sighed in relief as her partner calmed a little bit down. The
disappointed sighs were something she simply ignored.
Caressing and kissing the Angel's thighs, and her belly, she waited for Arael to come down enough to be
able to eat her out without her cumming after the first few seconds. Several minutes, she didn't make
contact with her sex. Arael's breathing calmed down, the sign for the start of her main course.
Taking the girl's nether lips between her fingers, she pulled them apart and stuck her tongue as deep
as possible into the hot and wet hole behind them.
As the juice hit her taste buds for the first time, Maya was instantly hooked. Originally, she wanted
to take it slow, but this new sensation eroded her patience within nanoseconds, and she started with
a full eating out. Nibbling on the labia, tongue fucking the hole, licking the clit. All of this and
all other things she could think of doing with her mouth on a girl-sex she did in a fast and merciless

Arael, who wasn't too far off from her peak, even after the little unwanted break, responded fast.
With a gasp, she let herself fall to the assault to the bridge bunny, and enjoyed the things to come.

And cum she did. A loud scream heralded her peak, and Maya got nearly drowned as her large amount of
juice shot under high pressure directly into the awaiting mouth.

As her lover came, and she had to gulp like no time before, Maya also had a peak. More intense than her
first one, it was still nothing compared to the display of orgasm Arael gave. She leaked only a few drops,
calming soon down, while Arael-river still flowed strongly in her mouth.
The room was a mess, as gulping the Angel down was as impossible as gulping everything from a fire-hose
down. Not that it mattered. She was rewarded for her excellent work, and that the reward was much more
than she had thought was hardly a problem.
It took what Maya seemed like forever before the flow of her new favorite drink stopped completely.
Exhausted, she flopped down beside Arael and took the Angel in a loose hug. They needed some time
to recover from this ordeal.

A few hours later, after a long nap, they awoke perfectly synchronized. It was Arael who was the first
who found her voice back.

"I'd like to do this more often. Much more often. With you."

Maya relaxed even more. It seemed her performance was more than good enough to reach all her goals.

"I'd like that."

For this response, she got a short kiss from Arael before the Angel left the bed. As she opened the door,
light flooded in the room and hit Maya's eyes painfully.

"Oh." started Arael "Do you know where I can get a nice horse?"

"No. But for what do you want a horse?" she asked perplexed.

With nearly closed eyes, she managed to see Arael grinning.

"You only said that you don't want to try dogs." came the amused answer.

Shocked, Maya sat up in the bed and looked wide-eyed at her lover. The pain of too much light was now
forgotten, as only one thought ran through her mind: What now?


It was indeed a surprise for Shinji. Since along time, he never entered a place that simply looked like
a real home.

Yui stood in the kitchen and prepared a meal, Lily sat in front of the TV and watched some show, along with
Leliel, and the entire scene just felt home.

"Follow me." said Rei in her neutral voice, and Shinji complied. She gave him a tour through the entire
house, showed him all rooms and their purpose.
Each female had her own room, complete with bed, multimedia installation and lots of space. He had one too,
and his belongings were already placed on their new places. He suspected that Yui did this, but Rei
admitted that it was her. She got a kiss for this.

There was also a sports room, several baths, the immense living room and the modern kitchen. Outside was a
great garden, including a pool. Back in the house, Rei led him to the last stop of their tour, the last
room she had to show to him.

"And this is the playroom."

Seeing the interior, it wasn't hard to guess what kind of games they had in mind while decorating this
room. A large bed stood in the middle, while all walls were protected with glass-panes.
Considering the mess some of the girls made, it was an Angel-proof fuckplace.

"If you want to be alone, or alone with just one girl, you sleep either in your room, or in hers. This room
is free game. Being here means being available for everyone who wants to have some fun." Rei explained.

Shinji grinned at this, as he already had some fantasies including having all girls at once. Now it looked
like that he wasn't the only one with those fantasies.

Back in the large living room, Rei led him to a large table in one of the corners. Directly beside the
entrance of the kitchen, this was obviously their eating place. Those suspicions were soon confirmed as
plates and cutlery appeared out of little SoDs.

"She's so lazy." commented Rei.


"Leliel. She's so lazy that she always uses her powers to perform manual tasks."

Shinji only shrugged. He would see it for himself, and if needed, he would talk with Leliel about it.
Lily and Leliel joined them on the table, closely followed by Yui who pushed a little trolley that
had several large plates with food on it.

The meal was a very relaxed and often funny event for Shinji. Instead of his lonely meals back at his
tutor, or the mix of teasing and hostility at Misato's, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.
Yui was clearly the leader of the girls, and handled this without any effort. They all simply went
along without any major problems.
The conversations were light, besides NERV included the latest news, politics and some gossip.
It was Yui who forced Shinji several times to participate, as he was way too occupied with the first good
meal he hadn't cooked himself in long years.

After the meal, Lily forced him to play some video games with her, while Rei simply placed her head in his
lap and used him as pillow while she was reading.
The rest of the day went peacefully, and he started to become anxious for the night. Gladly, he hadn't
to wait long. After sunset, he took a bath, which did the females too.
He hastened through the movements of cleaning, just wanting to get to the playroom and get surprised who
would come to join him. As he jumped on the bed, he was happy and at peace with himself for the first time
since he was a toddler.

Sadly, he waited rather long and nobody came to him. But that didn't bother him too much, as he simply fell

On the next morning, he was awoken by Lily, who brought him breakfast. She shook him awake, and after he
got his senses online, he asked:

"Why didn't you come to me last evening?"

"You were too anxious. It would have been disappointing for you, and for us. So we decided to wait."

"And for how long do you want to wait?" he asked with a little bit annoyance in his voice.

Lily smiled at him. "The time for waiting is over. And now we haven't only evening, but the entire day."

That said, she kissed him passionately. It was their first kiss since she was freed from her monstrous form.
And it felt so good. Better than Yui, better than Rei, better than anybody else. This girl, she wasn't
the most pretty one, wasn't the most beautiful one, wasn't the most mature one. But still, she was more
important to him than all the others combined.
The kiss was broken, and as he looked at her relaxed face, her eyes still closed, he realized that he
loved her.

Not the love he felt with the others, that was based mostly on lust, but the one that went through body and
soul. She was the one he wanted to be with forever, the one he couldn't live without.
And now she was here for their first communion in the real world. He vowed, he would use all his knowledge
to make it perfect for her.

He kissed her gently, placed his lips over hers and enjoyed the contact. She opened her mouth a little bit,
so that he was able to deepen the kiss. Which he did. Their tongues danced with each other for long
minutes, only the sound of heavy breathing filled the room.
After they parted, they looked each other in the eyes. And they understood. She gently cupped his face in
her hands and nodded encouraging. Her permission to begin the love play.

The only piece of clothing was Lily's shirt, which she discarded immediately. Shinji's eyes wandered over
her body. Her cute face, her shoulders, her perky little breasts, her flat belly, her bare sex.
His looks made her blush, she was on the verge of apologizing for her immature looking body, but was
stopped by the first sentence he spoke since they started.

"You are so beautiful."

A huge grin spread over her face, and she forced him into a close embrace. This surprised Shinji, but he
didn't complain as she lay on him and writhed her body seductively around. Instead he used this opportunity
to let his hands wander around over her body, caressing her as she deserved it. For him, she deserved only
the best. And he would do everything in his power to give it to her.
For now, this was easy.

He planted several kisses on her head, was interrupted in this doing as she sat up. Sitting on his belly,
she smiled down at him. Her smile changed from joyful to devious as she made her way upwards until she sat
on his face.

For Shinji, this was perfect. Now he could spoil her without having anything to do beside working with his
mouth. Presented with her sex in his face, his lips and tongue went immediately to work. Her smell flooded
his nostrils, became stronger as his administrations aroused her more and more. His own sex already
throbbed painfully, but for now, he had to ignore this.
Which was easy. Her sex produced more wetness, the taste was a great diversion for him.
His tongue roamed over her sex, darted in her love tunnel, ran over her piss-slit up to her clit, then back
to the deep wetness he preferred most.

Suddenly, Lily moved her sex out of his range. Shinji wanted to pout, but such a display would have been
in vain, as Lily changed her position into a classic sixty-nine. This was what he thought, not that it
really happened. Instead, Lily moved completely down from his body and laid down sideways to him, placing
her head on his belly, with her look downwards to his sex.
Her hands carefully caressed his erected organ, played slowly with it for long minutes. While not directly
an overly sexual play, it was too much for his oversexed mind. As the throbbing announced his upcoming
orgasm, he felt Lily's soft lips encircling his erection. This sent him completely over the edge, and with
a low moan he released himself in her mouth.

After he recovered, he wanted to return the favor, but Lily had other plans in mind. She didn't sit down
on his face as he had hoped, but held her body out of his immediate reach. Sure, she came closer to touch
him, but each time he wanted to touch her, she withdrew.
Shinji sighed in exasperation. Here he laid and wanted to spoil his love, and what happened?
She sucked him off, and all he did so far not was not enough good things to her. Sure, she held herself
out of reach, but still, the nagging thought that it was somewhat his fault occupied his mind.

Lily continued this game for a long time, until she decided that it was time to go further again. Entering
his range, she didn't withdraw as his left hand landed between her legs and softly touched her sex.
On the contrary, she reciprocated this action and started to jerk Shinji again to hardness. An easy feat,
as she found out. She was very satisfied with this situation, as he was hard, and she was wet.
The time for her first time in the real world had arrived.
She gestured to Shinji to not move, then she moved slowly in position. At first, he didn't understand.
Only as she positioned her sex right over his own skywards pointing erection, he got the idea and gave her
an encouraging smile.
Slowly, she lowered her body until the tip of his penis pressed against her outer folds. Sinking further,
it started to open her flower, pushing inside in the tightest love tunnel he ever entered.
Lily was always the tightest, but not even inside the core she was this tight. He forgot all hopes of
giving her a great first time. He would have had a hard job just to avoid cumming too soon. Way too soon.

Shinji wasn't surprised that he didn't encounter the natural barrier other girls had. Lily had made clear
that she saw no reason to endure a full defloration just so he could feel a little bit better.
She stated clearly that if he loved her, he had to accept her as she was.
Remembering this little speech, and how he disappointed he was, despite the show he put up for her back
then, he now fully agreed with her. Now that his entire organ was embedded in her, overtaken by the
strongest feelings and sensation he ever had, this little detail had no longer any importance.

It was again Lily who took the initiative and started to move up and down, started the real fucking.
Shinji was grateful that the pace was slow, as he never was so....milked. Even using his hand he wouldn't
have been able to create this much pressure on his entire organ. sure he just had fired a load not even
a half hour ago, but after a few movements, he felt his orgasm rising again.
The play of her muscles, the incredible tightness, the overwhelming feel of her wet insides was too much.
He groaned and came into her. Which she conveniently ignored. He was young and aroused enough to stay
hard, so she simply moved up and down, up and down. She pumped onto him slowly, then started to increase
her pace.

All Shinji was able to do was to enjoy this lovemaking and use his hands on her breasts. Over the rest
of their encounter, it was Lily who had the total control.
She fucked him faster and faster, up to the point he started unconsciously to fear that she could hurt him.
Not that he was in a position to do anything against it. On the contrary, he had to fight to not come again.

An ear-splitting scream cut through the silence in the entire house, heralded her orgasm to everyone
living there, and to the neighbors, if there were any.
The sudden clenching of her muscles sent Shinji too over the edge, but his groan went under because of the
long and loud scream of Lily. As her scream died down, so did she as well. Completely exhausted, she fell
forward, fully onto him. Before he could protest, she was already asleep.

They lay this way for long minutes, until Lily was dragged off of him. Leliel was his liberator, and a
teasing gleam in her eyes informed him that she already knew what she wanted as gratification. Him.
He shook his head, which was ignored by the green-haired Angel. She kissed him softly on the lips and
grabbed his manhood at the same time. Her fast but gently moving hands worked their magic, while the fact
that her tongue was in his mouth ensured his inability to protest. As he felt another hand starting to
caress him, Shinji was on the verge of panic. Yeah, he had thought about having all girls at once, but
he already was exhausted. There was no way that he could have much more sex.

After Leliel broke the kiss, her face was replaced with the familiar features of Rei, who gave him only
a short peck. The young Angel wandered downwards with her mouth, without taking too long, or doing
any special things. She drove a simple line between his mouth and his sex, nothing more. Rei kissed him
several times more, grabbed his hands and made him completely defenseless against Leliel's
attempts of seducing him.

The Angel took his only half-hard member in her mouth, using her tongue to clean it from Lily's juices.
As she cleaned him under the foreskin, he raised a little bit more, but not enough to allow her to take
him inside. A little bit annoyed, she continued her work and watched silently how Yui started to clean
Lily's sex with her mouth. Lily had already awoken and encouraged the older woman with words and

This new commotion finally caught Shinji's awareness as well. The sight of Yui going down on Lily, and his
love enjoying this sent his hormonal production into overtime. Like most males interested in woman, the
sight of hot lesbian action aroused him. Especially since one of the girls was his greatest love, and the
other one was clearly in second place. He watched silently as Yui inserted her wet tongue in the hole
he fucked only minutes ago, how it came back out coated with slimy fluids, for a good part his own seed.
How she sucked it inside her mouth and swallowed, smiling at Lily.

Leliel saw that Shinji watched this ordeal and frowned a little bit. He should be concentrating on her, not
on the lezzie action beside her. She had his cock in her mouth. His hard cock. She blinked. His very hard
cock. She grinned around the hard rod in her mouth. If he needed some girl-girl action to get a hard-on,
then so it shall be. She had now something to fuck, and this was all that mattered.
Taking no chance of wasting this chance, she positioned herself on top of him and sat down on his erect
pole. The feeling of his sex inside her calmed her immediately. Now she only had to get his attention,
and all would be well.

Shinji watched in awe how Yui ate Lily's pussy. It was the most erotic thing he ever saw. And the feeling
of a warm wetness engulfing his manhood was also very good.
At the same time he realized this, Leliel pinched him in the nose, guided his head until he looked
directly at the sight of his erection in her pussy. She leaned down onto him and kissed him, moving her hips
to make love to him. Now completely occupied with Leliel, he was unable to follow the action beside him,
nor did he realize that Rei also worked on him. Her hands moved gently over his body, caressing, soothing,

But Shinji didn't get this. All he felt was Leliel. Leliel's tongue in his mouth, her lips against his, her
breasts pressing against his chest, the movement of her hips, the almost caressing touch of her legs
against his, and the feeling of the insides of her sex. The warm wetness, the clenching of her muscles.
It was the first time for him of having sex this way. With the girl laying completely on top of him.
And he liked it. Very much.

Leliel enjoyed the full contact she had with her lover. Her skin against his, gliding sweaty over each
other. Kissing and fucking at the same time, riding him, having control, but in the most gentle way
possible. This was the way sex should be. Fully concentrated on each other, feeling as much as possible,
tasting as much as possible, smelling as much as possible. This closeness was the best thing she ever
had experienced in her life. Leliel knew that she wasn't his number one. That didn't bother her as long
as she got sex with him, and the other girls. Feeling that she had made big points with this new technique,
it was clear to hear that this odd family could really function.

Shinji was heavily exhausted, which was no wonder after Lily. He thought that he was out of commission,
now he felt that he was wrong. Being one with Leliel in the most intimate way possible, he felt an orgasm
arise. But something was different. It wasn't the one that started at his sex and wandered upwards.
This one set his entire body on fire, burned through his veins, was more intense. His entire world shrunk
to him and Leliel. She was all he felt, sensed, smelled, tasted, heard. Nothing else. His mind was caught
in the intensity of his lust, in waves of pure pleasure that racked through him, causing him to explode.

Leliel felt her peak arising. The closeness was something new, triggered more intense feeling. She
originally wanted to look in his face when he came, to see if he came really for her, and not for someone
else. Now she was unable to do so. Not that it mattered. Her angelic senses told her that there was no need
to do so. She was his world, as he was hers. She felt the throbbing as he peaked, felt the few drops of
seed shooting in her womb. And seconds later, the wave of pleasure that had built up in her body shot
through her brain and knocked her out.

Long minutes went by before Shinji regained enough of his senses to came aware of the dead weight laying
on him. He gently moved her head to look in her face and saw the relaxation in it. Unsure what had
happened, he decided that it would be best to leave her where she was. It wasn't overly uncomfortable to
him, and the memories of their closeness gave him enough resolve to not disturb her.

Suddenly, Rei's face showed up over his. She looked at Leliel and frowned.

"Banged out." she commented dryly. Then she left his field of vision. Shinji was shocked over this crude
comment. From Misato, he would have expected it, but definitely not from Rei. He moved his head to see
what was going on beside him. And his eyes grew wide.
Yui was still eating Lily, who writhed around, close to orgasm. And now, Rei joined the fray and placed
her pussy against Lily's face, grinding her sex against her mouth.
Immediately he looked away. The last thing he needed was a hard-on again. There were still two females who
hadn't had him today, and he didn't want to raise their interest. He was happy to have survived Lily and
Leliel. More wasn't healthy. He was sure of that.

To block all thoughts about the action beside him, and the noises out, he concentrated on the face of the
Angel that used him as mattress. Her face relaxed in the afterglow of orgasm was more serene than anyone
else, and therefore even more beautiful. He thought back how she managed to get a tryst with him, at a time
he wasn't all too thrilled about the prospect of fucking an Angel. Now, it ranged in the things he liked
most pretty high. He loved Leliel. Not as deeply as Lily, not with such a strong bond as Yui, but it was
love nonetheless. He could only compare her to Rei. His feelings for those two were very similar.
It was more than he felt for Misato or the others. As he realized this, he came finally to peace with
Misato's decision to stop their sexual relationship. Instead he was grateful for it.
Now even further relaxed by those thoughts, he fell into an exhausted slumber.

As he awoke again, it was apparent that his rest lasted only for a few minutes. The wetness Leliel released
as she orgasms hadn't dried up. Which was most likely the reason for the events that woke him up.
Rei and Lily were busy slurping the Angel-juice off him, while Yui tended to Leliel, who lay still on
top of him.
Only an eyeblink later, the Angel awoke too and opened her eyes. She felt Yui's administrations and smiled.
By spreading her legs some more to give her better access, a clear message was sent. And Yui understood.
The same time Yui's mouth covered her sex, Leliel started to kiss Shinji. She had no intention of leaving
her new mattress, so it was easy to kiss with him while she was eaten out.

Leliel moaned into Shinji's mouth, with decreasing breaks between them. Yui did a good job, and she could
feel her rising lust. Her kisses became more passionate. What started as little kisses changed to the
most intense mouth work she ever did. It was new for her to be under a two-sided sexual assault.
And it wouldn't be the last time. Laying on her love, kissing him as if there was no tomorrow, while
being caressed and eaten out by a beautiful woman was simply amazing to her.
She writhed around on Shinji's body, her arousal evident in her erratic motions, her lustful meanings,
her wild kisses.

As Yui licked directly her clit, it was over. She bit down, not thinking that she had still Shinji's tongue
in her mouth, as she climaxed. His painful protest was unheard, as this action was soon followed by a chain
of short gasps from the green-haired beauty.
Contrary to her first orgasm, this time, Leliel didn't make a great mess with her gushing juices. Sure, she
released almost as much as she did at the first, but Misato wasn't the only one with the ability to let
the hot fluid directly in her stomach.
Yui patted her belly in satisfaction when she finally broke contact with Leliel's sex and sat up.

"Yummy." she commented.

Lily and Yui were clearly happy and satisfied for now, as was Leliel. Rei wasn't. That Leliel lay on Shinji
during Yui's breakfast had the nice side-effect that her arousal had also a nice effect on Shinji as well.
His erection stood proudly into the air. Not as hard as it was in the first turns, but still enough to get
it into her. But first, she would have to remove the Angel from her lover.
Typically Rei, she took the most direct way of action and gave Leliel a strong push, so that the Angel-girl
rolled down from Shinji sideways.

This accomplished, she smiled at Shinji, who thought that Rei simply wanted to liberate him. So he smiled
back. Which Rei took as confirmation that now, it was time for her turn. And she even had something special
for him.

"Shinji, May I try something new?"

Said male frowned. "What?"

"Something I have seen in a film Asuka gave me."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see. May I?" she asked in a pleading voice, melting his resistance on the spot. And because he
still thought that she wasn't doing her turn now.

"Yes." came his answer, making Rei smile.


He thought that now he had the time to relax a little bit, so it was for him a big surprise as his erection
was suddenly grabbed by Rei, who started to jerk his manhood immediately. So he started to protest.

"Hey, not now! I want..."

"Shut up!" commanded Rei. "Listen, and listen closely. For the next hour, you are my play toy. And you will
function well, is that clear!? So shut up and show me that you are a man."

The three other girls and Shinji looked at Rei in shock, who ignored this unwanted attention. She had
better things to do.

After recovering from the initial shock, he understood. It was a film Asuka had sent to Rei. He had
wondered why the Redhead suddenly sent Rei a present, but discarded his ill thoughts about this incident
as remnants from his bad times with her.
Now he knew better. Asuka was happy with Mana, so she decided that it would be nice to make Rei a copy
of her, at least in the bed. And now it was too late. He couldn't stop Rei without hurting her. Besides,
in his current state, he was too weak anyway. So he could only hope that it wasn't a S/M film.

Rei took his erection on her mouth, bobbed her head up and down while using her tongue to lick over the
downside of his pole. Sadly, this had not the effect she intended, as he didn't grow much harder.
So she released it from her mouth and sat up again. She gave it a not too gently slap and complained.

"You call this a hard-on? That's so soft, even a worm would be better. Are you a man or what?"

She slapped him in the face. "Now get going, or do I have to punish you?"

Shinji gulped as he heard this. At least Rei did her part of arousing him, as she gave him head.
And she did it good. Not as good as Yui, but really good. He concentrated on the feeling she emanated
in his neither regions, hoping that the response of his body satisfied her. He tried it with closed
eyes at first, which didn't work well, as he grew softer. A low groan from Rei informed him of her
displeasure, and his eyes widened in a mixture of shock and fear. He didn't want to be whipped.
And it was a film from Asuka. He could be happy if he was only whipped.
However, the sight of the bluehead sucking his dick was definitely arousing to him. He always liked
having his pole sucked, and especially watching it. This time it was no difference.
And he received a reward, as a now slightly smiling Rei released him from her mouth and went into
position to spear herself up on his erection.

Shinji watched closely how the purple head of his cock parted the outer rosy lips of her sex and slid
further in. She sat suddenly down, impaling herself completely.

"And now fuck me, and fuck me good!" Rei screamed.

Like Leliel, she laid down onto him. but she placed her knees beside his body, easing her weight on his
hips, giving him the possibility to fulfill her command.
Using his last strength, he tried his best to give her what she wanted. And she continued with her

"Harder you moron. If you continue this way, I feel nothing. HARDER!" she screamed directly into his ear.

He did his best to comply, rammed himself as deep as possible in her soft cunt. And what was his reward?

"Faster you lazy bum. I don't want to sleep in, so do something you wimp. AND DO IT FAST!"

At first he didn't comply, until he felt her fist starting to pound against his chest. Then he tried his
best to fulfill her wishes.

"Yes. That's it. YES!YES!YES!" she cried in rhythm with his thrusts.

Feeling the clenching of her muscles around him, he knew that she was close. Taking all his last reserves
for this last assault, he fastened his pace.


Her juices gushed out, splattered over his body and his face, drenched the entire bed. While before it was
only below his sex wet and moist, from Leliel, now was it the rest of it too.
He himself spurted only very little, not even a drop as he peaked shortly after her. But it wasn't all too
joyful for him. Too fatigued to enjoy it, with already aching nuts, it wasn't something he would do soon

Rei on the other side had more fun. She enjoyed their love play, and soon after she finished to play river,
she dismounted him and stood up on the bed. She looked around and set her eyes on Lily.


"Yes?" asked Lily.

Rei pointed at her sex. "Lunch for you. Now."

Lily hesitated, was unsure what to do with this strange behavior. Rei stepped closer to her until she
stood directly in front of her.

"Now means immediately. So, GET STARTED!" she bellowed, and Lily obliged. That she felt Leliel's hands on
her back helped too. Especially that they wandered downwards.

Yui on the other side left the sleeping room, but came back shortly. She went straight to Shinji and
dropped a DVD on his belly. He took the disc and read the title, plus Asuka's little message the demonic
redhead scribbled on it.
'Commanding a housebroken male - Lessons 1-4'

And the message wasn't better. 'Shinji will surely like this. He needs someone to give him directions.'

"I'll kill her" groaned Shinji, much to Yui's amusement. Still chuckling, she left him alone. She knew
that he was out of action for good, and that she had to wait for her turn. Seeing Lily eating Rei, while
Leliel was fingering her gave her idea how to pass the time until Shinji was ready again.

Shinji saw Yui joining the fray, knowing very well that she would want a piece of him too. And considering
the action before his eyes, the others were also ready again.

Here he was. The dream of a lot of teenagers became truth for him. Four wonderful females, always ready for
sex, always horny and willing. He had a nice home where he lived with them, all the bad things in his life
were gone. Everything looked fantastic.
There was just one little detail that wasn't fitting. A little question.
How long would he survive this?


Preread by Yagami
Useful comments and encouragement to write by Kuracao and Akhorahil
Domo arigato.