Chapter 8: Liberations and Punishments

It was an easy feat for Zeruel to blast through the door of the central shaft. Only two cross-flares
later, and the way into the geofront was open. One Angel after another made its way down, followed by
the three EVAs.

"Cut all power to the units!" shouted Gendo. Ritsuko followed the command, but the effect was not what
was expected. Instead of receiving confirmation that the EVAs had been disconnected, nothing changed.

Even Misato was surprised at this one. She looked at Ritsuko. "How is this possible?"

Ritsuko, too shocked to answer, or even to think of an answer, didn't reply. For her, the end of the world
had come. Unable to stop the Angels, 3rd impact would begin soon.

Makoto and Aoba decided to trust the Angels more than their Commander. They disabled the last line of
anti-Angel defense inside the geofront, and waited for things to come. Maya supported them, and gave the
MAGI commands to not interfere with the Angels progress. Yes, she was embarrassed that her little
confession was broadcasted, but it had also set her free. Confronted with a decision between her Sempai
and Arael, the Angel had won.
Not because she didn't feel a lot for Ritsuko, but because she knew that she never had a real chance.
With Arael, she had one. And that the Angel looked better was an added bonus.

Misato and Gendo still pointed their weapons on each other. While the first stood calm and confident,
Gendo sweated heavily. Not only because of the attacking Angels, but also because of the reaction of
Unit 01.
The nodding meant that Yui was aware, and that she wasn't pleased with him. This was one of the reasons
why he needed Third Impact to set her free. Only then he would have been able to change the world to the
paradise he wanted. He knew better than to expect the forgiveness of his wife.

The EVAs, now directly powered by the Angels, went through the open doors of NERV HQ, and stopped in the
cages. The Angels stopped there as well, as their battle-forms were too big to fit in the human-sized
parts of the subterranean fortress. One after another gave up their battle-forms, and appeared on the
gantry that ran through the cages. The three pilots also disembarked their units, and accompanied them.

The sight for the Command Center came as heavy surprise. Beside Arael, who they had already seen, and
Kaworu, who hadn't changed at all, the other figures were new.
A cute green-haired girl, who greeted Shinji with a passionate kiss, sending Makoto and Shigeru into a new
fit of jealousy.
A black haired god of young man, clad in a black suit with red stripes. Bardiel.
A tall man, muscular with dark-grey hair and eyes of the same color in a blocky face. Zeruel.
And a milky skinned woman with blazing white hair and azure shining eyes, in beauty second only to Arael.

Section-2 immediately opened fire, high velocity slugs bouncing harmlessly off from the combined AT-fields
of the Angels. Zeruel, while human sized and with normal arms, was far from defenseless. Miniature
cross-flares erupted among the defenders, tearing defensive lines apart with ease. Only a small resistance
group was spared, as they landed in a small SoD.
With a slow pace, as if they were on a walk in the park, the group marched straight to the Command Center.


Nearly the entire Section-2 staff met their demise at Zeruel's hands, as they closed in to the Command
Center. With the defenders dead or running, the group marched straight into the heart of NERV..

The reactions of the staff were varied. Makoto, Shigeru and Maya stood up, bowed, and sat down on their
places again. Misato waved with one hand stupidly to them, while pointing with the other her weapon to the
Commander. And Ritsuko walked to the opposite end of the Command Center, and pressed herself tightly
against the wall, as if trying to hide inside of it.

So it came as no surprise that the arrivals went straight to the Commanders platform. Zeruel changed again
to his prophesied form, but in human size. He had some need for his ribbon arms.
As the Angels grinned wickedly at him, Gendo knew that it was over. Now he was only able to die like a man.
Kaworu went to him and placed his left arm on the table. Milliseconds later, Zeruel sliced the hand off,
sending the ribbon so fast through Gendo's arm that the friction heat cauterized it.

Gendo managed to stifle a cry of pain, but his eyes widened in fear as he realized that he wouldn't die
now. And as he saw Shinji's evil grin, which spoke of much more malice than he had ever managed to show
himself, he would have preferred a heart failure himself.

Arael took the hand, and carefully freed Adam from it. Tears of joy ran over her face, as the Angels had
thought that Adam was dead. But he had survived.

The entire group marched out of the Ops, down to Terminal Dogma. Led by Rei, they took the shortest way to
Lillith. Only Zeruel stood guard over Ikari Gendo.

"We will not punish you." growled the Angel. Gendo gave no reply, and no signs that he even heard the

"Your wife will punish you."

And this time, Gendo started to shudder.


The arrival at Lillith marked the end of this particular journey. Bardiel, the only one with a battle-form
capable of freeing Lillith changed into it, ripping the nails from the cross, and the mask from Lillith's

As soon as she was free, Lillith regenerated in a matter of seconds. Then she grew smaller, until she was
human sized. Knee-length hair, completely devoid of any color, but shimmering in its translucence, a
perfect face with large yellow eyes, and a body that surpassed Arael's. This was the sight that presented
itself to the little group of Angels and pilots.

She slowly took Adam out of the 15th Angel's hands, and placed him on the floor. A beam of light shot
out from her right hand, and hit Adam dead on, who started to grow.
Only a few minutes later, instead of a small embryo-like being, a fully grown man stood before them.
With mediocre height and built, along with sand-colored hair, he was a rather disappointing appearance.

"Finally free." he announced, and ended the war with these words.


The entire scene had been broadcasted over the entire world. Irouel ensured this.
The fact that no Impact had occurred spoke volumes. The Angels had showed themselves more trustworthy than
a lot of the human's own governments. The unnecessary war was over. Adam and Lillith were free.

People flooded the streets, celebrating the end of the bloodshed. For the first time since footage went
around the censors of Tokyo3, the fear of dying in another Impact was gone.

The entirety of humankind was united, for the first time in history, in a planet wide celebration.


Arael used her psycho beam to inform her leaders of the current situation. This way, she avoided having to
give them a lengthy report, and gave them the entire knowledge in an eyeblink. And only seconds later, the
eyes of the two most powerful Angels landed on the three pilots.

"We have to thank you. You shall receive a reward for your help. Later." spoke Lillith. "But for now, we
have the last of our kind to free."

With those words, she surprised the other Angels immensely, as they had no clue what Lillith meant.

She said "Follow me.", and led the entire group deeper into Terminal Dogma.

Rei knew what would happen now, and even Shinji suspected it. He knew where Tri came from, and that there
were more of them. So it was easy to guess where Lillith was headed.

His suspicions were confirmed as they went through a room that looked exactly like Rei's old apartment.
And the final stop was in a room with a wall of glass in the back. And behind it, bathed in orange light,
dozens of Reis floated. With a ferocious attack, Bardiel shattered the glass. LCL and Reis flooded out
of the tank, landed at the feet of group.

Arael used her abilities to scan one of them, to gain knowledge of what they were. Her face grew hard
during this procedure.

"They are Nephilim. Like Rei. Those copies have a spark of life, but it is dampened to almost nothing."

"Because the LCL was drugged." informed the newly arrived Irouel. "I saw all the data from the MAGI,
including the mixture of drugs, how to give them memory transplantations, and so on. We need to tend them
for some time. Most of the drugs will have withdrawal symptoms, so it will take some time until they can
start their life. But they need some immediate help too. Arael needs to give them the knowledge of the
basics of life. That they have to eat, drink, go to the toilet, and how to do this.
They have to learn the most basics of life, as they know nothing. Ikari always used only one clone as
replacement for Rei, and that was Tri. The next Rei should have been needed after Armisael's attack, as
Rei's death was part of his plans. And this one would have to be completely loyal to him, so all prior
knowledge would have been irrelevant."

"Looks like I have a lot of work to do." sighed Arael. "I just hope that Yui knows how to punish the
bastard, or I´ll do it myself." she growled.

"Trust me, her plans for him will hurt him more than you could ever do." informed Leliel with the most
evil smile she was able to manage.

"Can we watch?" asked Asuka, Bardiel, Arael and Kaworu unison.

Leliel looked at Shinji, who shrugged. "I see no reason why not. Yui already announced that she wants
to videotape it as well, and most probably give some copies to Gendo's supporters. So, a few more
witnesses wouldn't make a difference." he concluded.

The Angels and Asuka looked bewilderedly at him. But Asuka, contrary to the Angel, realized soon what
he meant, as she saw him kissing Yui. "Yes. That should really do it." "What?" asked Kaworu.
"You'll see." answered Asuka, chuckling evilly.


The next stop of the group was in great hangar where the EVAs stood.

"We will need Zeruel. Bardiel, please take over for him." commanded Adam, and Bardiel went to the
Command Center.

The next few minutes, nothing happened, until Zeruel arrived.

"Cut the cores out, and place some flesh from the EVA's beside it." Adam instructed.

Zeruel used his miniature cross flares to blast the armor away, then, with only a few swift cuts, he
separated the cores bfrom the EVAs. Then he cut off a hand from each EVA, and placed it beside the
respective cores.

"First, the captives." announced Lillith, and a warm light started to emanate from her. It bathed the
cores and the hands in an eerie glow. The hands, stripped from their armor, started to liquefy,
transforming into a red liquid.
Instead of forming a puddle, it constantly shifted form. White dots started to appear in it. Those
grew larger, slowly taking the form of bones. It was a slow process, which took nearly an hour before
the skeletons were completed.
Then, dark spots appeared, forming the inner organs which took their place in the skeletons. Next were
the muscles, then skin, and finally, some hair.

Two of the bodies were known by Shinji, Rei and Asuka. The forms of Kyoko and Yui were clearly
recognizable, but the third puzzled them. A girl, several years younger than the pilots, with brown
hair, and blue eyes.

"Who is she?" asked Shinji, who never knew who was inside of 00. It was Yui who answered him.

"Your sister." she coughed out, still suffering from the aftereffects of the change into her new form.


Leliel parted from the others while they were waiting for the first round of freed souls from the EVAs.
She had another matter to attend, or, to be more precise, 15 of those.
All the members of SEELE and the council of the human complementation project.

Each one had to be located, verified, and brought via SoD into NERV HQ. One after another, they landed in
one of the empty cages. After the removal of the two steel ladders, which led down to the bottom of the
cages, the old fools were faced with 20 meter high concrete-walls surrounding them.

Prime ministers, industry captains, the mightiest and the richest. Lorenz Keel, Gill Bates, and a lot of
other megalomaniacs with the dream of ascension.

Silence reigned in this makeshift prison, as they knew what waited for them.


The world was shocked to see the faces behind the conspiracy to wipe them out. Mighty people, often
democratically elected, were bound to kill them all. Rich industrials, who pumped billions into social
projects, wanted to wipe them out.

The world saw, and acted. Instead of condemning the actions from the Angels, they celebrated each new
arrival in NERV as great victory. The spirit of the French revolution spread throughout the world, as the
masses started to cry for the blood of those who would commit genocide.

And the government officials, who wanted to protest at first, kept silent. Even fools who were only kept
in power for their ability to lie knew better then to try speaking up for the damned.


Shinji was shell-shocked. "What do you mean?"

"As I was absorbed, only one thing remained of me in the plug. My unborn daughter. The last medical test
before the actual test run was one month earlier, and in the meantime, I got pregnant again.
I didn't even know it myself. Only a small bundle of cells, it was found. The technology had already
advanced enough to give it a chance for life, so the head scientist put it into a LCL tank and let
it grow. But as she realized that Gendo was no longer interested in her, she took revenge. As a soul
for 00 was needed, she put the child into the plug, so that it was the one who became absorbed. At
seven months old, unborn, but already a victim of project E."

Yui looked at Lillith and Adam. "This is also the reason why 00 is so underdeveloped. My daughter never
had the chance for an education, so her lack is also the lack of the EVA. They both will need a lot of
help." she ended with pleading eyes.

And Lillith nodded. "We will do for them whatever is possible."

Shinji cradled the girl in his arms, hugged her close and gave her the first human contact she had
experienced in her entire life.
Soon, he was joined by Yui and Rei, who also tried to comfort the frightened child. With the body
approaching that of a 10 year old, her mind was not even at the state of a 2 year old toddler.

"Father will pay." announced Shinji darkly.

"It was not him. It was Naoko. Akagi Naoko. She did this to her. And for once, your father did something
good, ensuring her death. He used the first Rei, who was the second victim of the insane woman. But unlike
the first time, she had a problem with this one. A corpse, and no clue how to hide it. Instead of
thinking, she panicked and shot herself."

"He still didn't protect her properly."

And this time, Yui had to agree.


Fifteen of the most powerful people on earth were gathered in the empty hangar. They knew what would come,
and that there was no way to escape their destiny. They had gambled high, and lost everything.
The freedom of Lillith, along with the reappearance of the other Angels had destroyed their plans. And
this had occurred only because a fourteen year old wimp, unable to control his hormones, had become
desperate enough to hump his EVA.

Lorenz Keel, the only one who knew the entire story thought over the events in the last few weeks. He
found only one positive side to this situation. Whatever would happen to him, Ikari Gendo would pay an
even higher price.
As the bond between the Third and his EVA developed, he had called the foolish Commander and ordered him
to use his precious Rei to disrupt this particular course of events. He agreed, but did nothing. And now,
they all had to pay.

Keel was not the only one who realized the situation. They weren't the most powerful people on earth for

And so, the conspirators formed a last unspoken agreement. Whatever happened, they would die honorably.


Shinji brought his sister in the medical wing of the HQ, where he placed her in one of the beds. Asuka and
Mana agreed to safeguard her, until the arriving medical staff would relieve them.
Their guardianship was necessary as Yui had another important matter to attend to, and Shinji had to go
with her.

As the door to the Command center opened automatically, Gendo saw something he wished to see for over a
decade. His wife, Yui, only clad in a lab-coat, marched into the Command Center. She looked around, and as
soon as she spotted him, she marched straight to him, ignoring the surprised Ritsuko, and the stunned

Both women had seen pictures of her in the files of the early days of Gehirn, so they knew who she was.
And that she was married to the Commander.

Ritsuko saw all her dreams shattering, as her nightmare came to life. Yui, the woman she competed against
for the heart of Gendo, was back. And so, her chances of getting him zeroed.

Misato was thinking along a different vein of thought. Yui was married to the asshole, and she was
Shinji's mother. She knew how hard Shinji had to fight to bring this war to an end, and how much he
would be hurt if his beloved mother would make up with Gendo. She vowed silently that if this would
become a happy reunion, she would ensure that Ikari Yui was declared insane, and would be
institutionalized forever and additional three days.

Despite the different thoughts of the two women, the following events showed them again that first, it
comes different, second, than they thought.

Yui placed herself in front of Gendo, who stood up from his chair and looked at her.


She gave no answer, and glared at him.

"Finally, you are back."

"Yes, I am." she answered, and she proved her return by giving him an uppercut that Rocky would have
been proud of. With a shattering noise, blood and some teeth flew from Gendo's mouth, while he himself
fell backwards, landing heavily on his butt. Not neglecting this opportunity, Yui continued her assault
with several kicks, mostly aimed at the crotch of her husband, who rolled himself into fetal position,
and placed his hands over his groin to protect his family jewels. So Yui simply changed her main target,
and kicked him several times in the face, breaking his nose, and sending even more teeth onto the floor.

Gendo, too surprised, too hurt and too weak to do anything, gave up his defensive posture and lay on
his belly. He hoped that Yui would see this as his capitulation, and that she would cease her assault.

But the brown haired scientist had a better idea. Instead of stopping her assault, she stepped on him and
started to jump up and down on his back as if he was a trampoline. Cracking noises indicated the
fracturing of several ribs. Only as Shinji drew her down from him, she calmed down and stopped this first
wave of vengeance.


The rest of this fateful day was filled with several necessities, like helping the Reis, and Shinji's
sister. Instead of a little orgy, where Shinji could screw the brains out of his girls, nothing happened,
as he was way too tired to do anything this evening. Even Asuka and Mana, who had the least level of
stress, did nothing more than some cuddling and kissing.

Tri was the next one who was freed. This time it the process took less time, as it was only one person to
free and to create a body for.

The final event was the liberation of Lily and the conscience of unit00. The latter had no name, having
not developed enough to think of one. He needed a lot of help too.

Lily was immediately greeted by Shinji, who left the side of his sister to be the first at her side after
her liberation. For the first time, they embraced each other for real. She caressed his left cheek, then
she kissed him softly. With a contented sigh, she leaned against him and placed her head on his shoulder.
Finally, after all those events, after this long time, they were together for real.

So, only the insane spirit of 02 remained inside of it core. Lillith and Adam knew that all attempts to
help it would be in vain. So, they ordered Zeruel to destroy the core, and end the suffering of a being
that never had a chance.

Later, as Asuka heard of this, she sighed relieved. While a little bit saddened over the cruel fate of
02, it was better this way. And there would be no repeat of events like the one that brought Mana and
her together.


The agenda of the next day was very similar. While they hadn't had the time to deal with the matter, what
with ending a war, and storming NERV HQ, the trial for SEELE and the members of the HCP council was

After a short breakfast in the NERV cafeteria, which, oddly enough, produced good food for the first time,
the events of the day began. At 10.00h, the trial started. Arael was the judge, and only the absence of
lawyers indicated that this was a special court.

It was Adam who spoke first. "We are here to judge fifteen creatures that planned to wipe out all living
beings on the entire planet. The goal behind this planned genocide was no less than ascension.
To achieve this, they had deliberately allowed second impact to occure. Millions died as resources which
could have been used to save them were diverted to serve their own goals. But the atrocities they
committed against their own kind are not the problems of this court, as we are Angels, not humans. So,
we have only the things they did to us to judge them. Those things includes several attempted homicides,
kidnapping, torture, drugging, medical experiments and cloning without consent.
Attempted homicide, torture and cloning without consent are punishable by death. We all have seen the
immense amount of evidence proving this, and they have not attempted to deny their actions. I have
nothing more to say."

Leliel, who had gotten the role of the defender of those people, spoke shortly, and straight to the point.
"We all know that they will die, we all know that it will happen today, and we all know that I dislike
defending them. We all know that the judge is biased, and that everything I could try to help them, not
that I would, even if I could, would be in vain. So, instead of pleading innocence or defending them, I
plead for leniency of the court and grant them a quick and painless execution.’

Immediately after this, the Judge spoke. "The fifteen of you have been found guilty of all counts.
Punishment is death. You will remain in the hangar, which will be flooded with Bakelite at 1800
hours. May you rot slowly."

The verdict was delivered. There would be no appeals or stays of executions. This was the end of SEELE
and the HCP committee. Of the people who desired 3I, only Gendo Ikari remained.


The next days were extremely stressful. Negotiations with the UN and several governments to find a new
status for the Angels, negotiations about the future of NERV, and its personnel, plus the tending of
the poor clones drained all the stamina from every one.

The fact that several governments tried to persuade the Angels to leave earth, by demanding that their
status as democratically elected representatives gave them the right to speak for their people
complicated things further.
Even as polls showed that the majority of people wanted the Angels to stay, they still demanded their
departure, saying that they were elected to speak for the people because they lacked the knowledge to
do so for themselves. Arael laughed again hard, as the democratic principle, a thought-model of ancient
Greeks, planned for an ancient society, unable to even function there, was used as excuse for some
liars to gain immense power.
It was Lillith who solved the problem by organizing a planet wide poll, which resulted in the stay of
the Angels.
Neither the governments, nor the different religions were able to turn the public opinion against the
Angels. They all lost, and along with the poll, they lost a large bunch of influence.

It was ironic that only Ikari Gendo rested peaceful in a bed in the medical wing, as he had to be
alive and conscious to understand his final punishment.


Asuka also faced some problems. The events around NERV and the Angel war ran through all media channels,
including as many details as possible. One of them was the love between the German pilot of unit02 and a
female Trident pilot from the JSSDF.

Those reports sparked a response from a completely unexpected side. Her father, a person she would have
gladly forgotten, decided that he had to intervene to save his daughter from the Japanese hussy that
'surely drugged and raped' his poor daughter. To say that Asuka wasn't pleased was an understatement. At
first, she tried to argue with him.
Then, she used the media and told them that they were lovers, and that she initiated it.
All to no avail. Her father used his influence as one of the major players at NERV - Germany, and drafted
an official order for his daughter to fly immediately home, to undergo a psychological evaluation, to undo
the damage Mana had done to her.

This was too much. And so, Asuka showed one more time what she was capable of, when she was pissed.
At first, she surrendered her German citizenship, and officially adopted the status as an Angel. So, orders
from German courts and institutions held no power over her. Then, she threatened to use Unit 02 against
Germany should they try to separate her from Mana. Given that Unit 02 had been destroyed not so long ago,
this particularly short-sighted move backfired.

The things were spiraling out of control when the only person with the ability to stop this madness took
action. Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu. She flew to Germany, where she filed several lawsuits against her husband.
He never divorced from her, and he lived together with another woman while she was still alive. During
the time that she was mentally unstable, in her weakest state, her husband betrayed her. Later, he had
married again, so due to her reappearance, he was now a bigamist. And sadly for him, the law had no room
for excuses like 'My wife was dead for a decade before she came back.'

Along with this, Kyoko brought her husbands great care for Asuka out in the public. How he avoided her
as much as possible, how he forced her into NERV, how he forced her to go to university, despite her other
obligations, and so on.
And she had some great luck, because several corporations filed also lawsuits against him, as the
contracts he made, which included Asuka as a model for TV-spots, and other advertisements, were
clearly made without the authorization of Asuka or her mother, and therefore, fraud.

But the biggest effect was the appearance of a DVD. Clearly labeled XXX, the title 'Drugged and raped?'
made the connection clear for everyone.
But even more interesting was the film itself:


It began in a dark room, lit only by a few candles. In the center stood a large bed adorned with sheets
of silk. Soon, a figure entered the room. A light source behind the female body sculpted it only as a
dark silhouette, giving a great view of the young, athletic body. Small and firm breasts stood proudly
as the girl whirled around to show her body off from all angles. But nothing was revealed.

The girl left the door, and stepped out of the picture, only to be replaced by another girl. This had
long red hair, and her breasts were bigger. Her body as beautiful as the first one, she showed it
off in the same way. Then she too stepped out of the door, but this time, the camera followed.

The two girls circled the bed and ignited a complete ring of candles. As the entire room was illuminated
in their yellow light, the identity of the two girls became clear. Asuka Langley Soryu and Kirishima Mana.
After lighting the candles, they sat down on the bed. Mana laid back, and her head landed in Asuka's lap.
The German girl bowed down and kissed her lover innocently. A long chain of short pecks followed, until
Asuka tried to go for more and forced her tongue into Mana's mouth. Not that the JSSDF pilot resisted, but
it was clear who the boss was in this little encounter.

One of Asuka's hands roamed over Mana's body, frequenting breasts. She clearly enjoyed the feeling of the
soft globes against her palm. Asuka took one of the hard buds that crowned the girl's breasts between her
fingers and twisted it playfully. A wave of pain and pleasure racked through Mana's body, who in response,
forced her tongue deep into the German girl´s mouth. Mana's wet muscle ran over the roof of Asuka's mouth,
over her teeth, dancing with her tongue.
As their lips parted, after long minutes of frantic kissing, a fine strand of saliva connected them for
several seconds.

Then Asuka straightened her back, and brought her own breasts in a perfect height for Mana to suckle on
them. Unable to resist the invitation, Mana circled one of Asuka's nipples with her tongue. This went on
for several minutes, when suddenly, she sucked the nipple entirely in her mouth with a loud slurping noise.
At first she suckled like a baby, but soon, she changed her assault to something more erotic.
She alternated between the planting of short pecks on Asuka's nipples, licking over them, and gently
nibbling on the hard buds. Each time she did the latter, Asuka gasped. The pilot of 02 preferred small
amounts of pain in the foreplay, so Mana bit a little bit harder, making the redhead shake.
Mana continued her administrations, until Asuka began changing positions. Not willing to break the contact
with Asuka's cleavage, she returned to suckling on them like a child.

Asuka's low moans filled the room, clearly enjoying the administrations. She decided to change her
position by swinging her feet up on the bed, and lying down beside Mana, all without breaking the contact
between her tit and Mana's mouth. This new position enabled her to reciprocate the other girl´s action,
and she started immediately. She didn't bother with circling around her target, but assaulted it instantly
with her mouth. In a matter of seconds, Mana's nipples were hard and stood proudly in the air, only to be
assaulted be Asuka's merciless tongue, which roamed over them in fast motions. Alternating between the
two, Asuka finally placed herself on top of Mana, giving her access to both parts of her own cleavage as
well. Both girls had the same thought at the same time. Using a hand to massage one of the soft globes of
flesh, while the other one was treated with the mouth. The feeling of the other girls flesh in their
palms, along with the feeling of their lover's hand on her own tit, the mouth on the other, while still
sucking herself on a tit, aroused them further.

Their breathing came faster, their moans louder. Soon, the playing between mouth and nipples wasn't
enough. It was Asuka who started the motion downwards, driving with her tongue in wild circles southwards.
She drove a line over Mana's ribs, heading to her bellybutton.
She circled it with small kisses, licked in small circles around it, then, finally, she plantd her tongue
into it, and breathed out through the mouth at the same time. The tickling sensation made Mana giggle, a
sound which Asuka enjoyed very much. There was nothing that she liked more than making her lover happy.

The motion of Asuka's body forced Mana to release her little snack and she started mirroring Asuka´s
motions. Surprised at the assault on her bellybutton, the Japanese girl started to giggle, and lost any
chance of performing the same act on Asuka.

Their tongues reached the place where normally some hair would have been, but the wet muscles only
encountered bald, flawless skin. Mana smiled a little bit at this. She had asked Asuka if she could remove
her hair too, and Asuka was back only three minutes later from the NERV medical station, where Leliel had
been so kind as to use her AT-field on her.

Now it was Mana who took control. Asuka's position gave her great access to the private parts, while she
had still her legs closed, which posed a little problem for the German redhead. Especially since Mana
decided to use this advantage to the fullest. She parted Asuka's outer lips with her fingers, assaulting
the girl's labia with her mouth. Her lips, her tongue and even her teeth were used in the administrations.
She started with some licks over the outer folds, enjoying the wetness and the taste on them. If possible,
she would have bottled Asuka's wetness and try to live solely off it. Mana took one of the outer lips
between her teeth, and pulled on it, stretching it to its maximum.
Asuka moaned in pain, her pussy wasn't used to such a rough treatment. Hearing this, the JSSDF pilot
released the captured part, and eased Asuka's pain with gentle kisses on it. As this proved to be
ineffectual, a distraction was in order. And what could have been a better distraction than sending her
tongue as deep as possible into her sex-hole? Asuka's muscles clenched around the invader, informing
Mana that she had guessed right. Determined to continue on the road of success, Mana strengthened her
assault on Asuka's private parts. The German girl was helpless, a state Mana would surely use to spoil
her lover as much as possible.

Tongue-fucking, nibbling and licking, she had her way with the girl that lay on top of her. Soon, Asuka´s
body started to spasm, her moans grew louder, becoming screams. With a tensing of her body, she came and
released a dribble of pussy juice in the underlying girl's mouth. Mana swallowed the precious liquid,
licked some excess from around her mouth, and out of Asuka's hole.
For the final, she gave her lover a peck on the clit, so that Asuka convulsed again, releasing a few more
drops of Mana's favorite drink.

After a few minutes of recovery, Asuka retaliated in the same manner. At first, she forced Mana to change
positions with her. Now lying on top, it was very uncomfortable for the Japanese girl to keep her tighs
Closed, the main reason why Asuka changed positions. It didn't take long, and Mana parted her legs, giving
Asuka a great view on her wet sex.

Asuka smiled evilly, and wasted no time with her oral administrations.
She planted her mouth on the other girl´s sex, and the muscle play in her face indicated the frantic
working of her tongue on the insides of Mana. She savored the taste of the juices that covered her
invading tongue each time she stuck it inside the other girl. In, out, wallowing, repeat. She could have
done this forever, but she had other things planned for today.

So, Asuka changed her tactics, switching between deep tonguing and nibbling on the outer parts. Only
Mana's clit was spared, so far. But soon, this changed too. With a swift motion, she puckered her lips and
sucked Mana's clit as it were a mini-cock. It didn't take long, and the effect of this strengthened attack
came to bear.
With heavy shuddering, and an ear-splitting scream, Mana cummed.
A few small squirts of sex fluids drenched the German girl's face, filling her mouth. Asuka enjoyed this
very much, the swallowing and the frantic licking around her mouth to catch as much juice as possible,
were testament to that. Her voiced statement too: "Yummy."

Without taking some time to recover, the girls started to clean themselves, only using their mouths and
tongues. The position they were in made starting at the sex a matter of logic, and not only lust. Because
this time, the contact between mouth and sex was only used for cleaning. Asuka violated this rule one
time, as she nibbled shortly on Mana's clit, but otherwise, they just cleaned each other.

Since only their sexes and faces were covered in juices, they left their 69 position and sat up. This way,
they had the ability to clean each others faces, which they did very slowly. Both girls used different
techniques to do this feat. Asuka planted her lips on the wet parts, and sucked the skin of her lover
clean. Mana decided to use only the tip of her tongue to catch all drops of her own sexual fluids from
the other girls face. For nearly a half hour, only the dancing of their mouths on their faces took place.
Then they finally parted.

"You know that some idiots think that our relationship is a mistake, and should be corrected with
psychiatric help?" asked Asuka in an amused voice.

"Yes, I do." replied Mana.

"What would you think if we ensure that the treatment would be insufficient?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know of way to seal our relationship in such a way that no amount of counseling can ever eradicate it.
Interested?" baited Asuka her beloved girlfriend.

"Sure." Mana answered eagerly.

"Then take a look at this." announced Asuka, and grabbed something from under the pillows. She took the
item and presented it to Mana.

"A double-Dildo?" came the slightly disappointed question from the mahogany haired girl.

"Yes, but not a normal one. This is one of the most advanced sex-toys available. It uses direct
stimulation to the nerves to not only give the feeling of the penetration, but also the feeling how it
is to be inside of the other."

Mana looked the dildo curiously. "Nice, but what has this to do with your little problem?"

Asuka smiled. "That's easy. I wanna take your virginity."

After a short peck, Mana answered. "You can have it, my love."

"And because it is a double-dildo, you get mine too. And no counselor can restore a person´s virginity.
So any psychological treatment would be clearly insufficient."

Mana giggled at this explanation, and then she nodded. This confirmation was all Asuka needed. She placed
the dildo on the bed and kissed her love slowly, the act full of passion. Their hands roamed again over
their bodies in slow motions, more precise and subtle than the groping they had done at the first
foreplay. Fingers wandered in curvy ways over sweaty skin, searching for sensitive points.
Kisses were exchanged, landing on lips, faces and necks. Hands caressed shoulders, arm, breasts and
bellies, until they reached their ultimate goal.
Asuka was the first who lost patience, who placed her hands over the sex of the other girl. Crooking her
middle finger, she brought it in perfect position. With a slow but steady motion, she plunged her finger
deeply into Mana's sex. The Japanese girl chose to reciprocate this action, and she too placed her hand
on the sex of her lover. Contrary to Asuka, she didn't use her middle, but her fore-finger to enter the
wet tunnel. Moans and gasps filled the air, grew louder as a second set of fingers joined the first. Now
they were equal, as both had their fore- and middle-fingers in the other's hole.
Kissing and finger-fucking each other, they aroused each other to the brink of orgasm.
Pussy juices ran freely over their thighs and stained their bed, heralding the fact that they were ready
for the act itself.

With a final kiss, they parted and went into a scissor position, leaving enough space between their sexes
to bring the dildo between them. Then, they edged closer, until the heads of the dildo pressed against
their wet slits. As it started to part the outer labia, they stopped.
Asuka looked at Mana, who nodded encouragingly. So Asuka edged closer again, and the heads slid in.
Millimeters, then centimeters of the toy went in. Then, they stopped all motions and looked again at each
other. They smiled as each of them grabbed a leg of the other one. Finally, with one swift motion, they
brought their wet flowers together, taking their virginities in one swift stroke.

Mana grimaced a little at the pain, while Asuka had a contented smile on her face. The feeling was
strange, having something inside of their bodies, while simultaneously experiencing the sensation of being
in the body of another person. Both weren't too enthusiastic about these sensations. Only as the pain
subsided, did it start to feel better. Still alien, but better. Since the reason for this encounter was
to show the world that they belong together, they would have to reach a climax. At first, it looked like
they had failed. But while the physical sensations weren't all too thrilling, the mental ones were.

"Now you are mine. Forever." announced Asuka.

"And you are mine. It's good to feel this close to you, to know that I am the only one who can have you
this way."

"And I am the only one who can have you."

At first very slow, with increasing speed, they humped against each other. The sensation of the dildo in
their insides wasn't any longer as bad as it was in the beginning, but the sensations of their sexes
pressed against each other more than made up for that. It was their first time in a scissor, and the
feeling of the satiny folds of her lover´s sex was something new and very exciting for the two pilot girls.
Their clits met several times, and the wet noises of their lovemaking filled the room. Their breathing came
hard, changing to panting. Low moans could be heard several times, but overall it was a very silent
lovemaking. There was no over-exaggerated screaming or any other cheap effect. It was only their affection
for each other, the love they felt, and expressed, with this action.

They came nearly at the same time. Asuka was a few seconds early, as she convulsed and screamed in ecstasy.
Some of her juices found a way around the dildo, squirted out of her and landed on Mana's sex. The feeling
of the squirting fluids on her most sensual parts sent Mana over the edge too. A small cry, and she too
came. As with Asuka, some fluids found their way from her to the sex of her lover, as if those juices knew
that their destiny was to be in the other girls. As if they wanted to impregnate each other. Silence

Motionless, they lay there for long minutes, and then suddenly, they sat up. With careful motions, they
edged away from each other, until Mana was able to remove the dildo. She held the device up to eye level,
then turned it around. Now, the part which was in the other girl was pointed at their mouths. Both
started in perfect synch to let their tongues wandering over it, licking the mixture of sexual fluids and
blood from both of them off. As soon as the toy was cleaned, they gave each other a long kiss, with an
extended tongue play.
After this, they both laid down again in a 69, but this time beside each other. Their goal was not to
devour each other again, but to clean each other from the blood both had lost. It wasn't much, but enough
to make a stain on the sheets, coloring their sexes red. As they lapped each other clean, Asuka paused.

"You know that we are also blood-sisters now?"

A chuckle forced Mana to cease her part of the cleaning too. "Yes, now I do." Then they finished the clean
up, and sat up again.

"Whatever people say, you are mine, and I am yours. No words can ever destroy our feelings for each other.
And no words can kill all signs of our love for each other." After a final kiss, the film ended.

The credits showed only the names of the two actors: Asuka Langley Soryu, and Kirishima Mana.
And a final message: 'Please excuse the misleading title of this film. No girls were drugged or raped
during the making of it.'


It was little wonder that the court decided that the new status of Asuka Langley Soryu took her out of
the jurisdiction of any German court. On the other side, Asuka's father was detained and charged with
fraud and various other crimes.


After this decision was made public, the time for Gendo's punishment had arrived. He had recuperated from
the injuries Yui inflicted onto him, he was fully conscious and clear-headed. Well, let's say he wasn't
more idiotic than normal.

He was brought handcuffed into a rather bare room, where he was chained on a steel chair which was screwed
in the floor. He looked around. This environment made no sense to him. The entire room was empty, save for
a large bed in the middle of it. For what purpose, he didn't know.

An eternity passed before another person entered the room. The person went in front of him, and he gasped.

She looked at him and shook her head.

"You are such a fool." declared Yui.

"I did everything just for you. So that we could be together again."

"And you thought I would forgive you banging Naoko, banging Ritsuko, killing the first Rei and abandoning
our son?"

"Everything for you."

Yui snorted. "And you really think that I am so stupid to believe this?"

Gendo looked surprised at her.

"You did this all for yourself. Not for me, or anyone else. Only for you. You banged them because you
wanted them. As I was trapped in Unit-01, you realized that you missed me. And so, instead of raising our
son, you started your scenario. So that YOU could get me back, that I will be together with YOU again."

He hung his head in shame.

"But this wasn't all. You knew that I would never forgive you, so you never tried other ways than the
elimination of all life on this planet. You needed Third Impact. Not only to get me back, but also to
form your ideal world. A world where I would forget Shinji and everything else, so that YOU could live in
perfect bliss with me."

Gendo didn't deny these accusations. They were true, after all.

"It won't happen. You will never again live with me."

Gendo looked shocked at Yui after this announcement.

"Not only that I find alone the thought of being with you disgusting, I have found a new family, and a
new man. I have no need for you. And as you always liked to say: I have no need for useless things,
useless things have no right to exist. No, I won't kill you as much as I would like to. But I will
remove you from my life. Forever."

Tears rolled over Gendo's cheeks. Everything he always wanted was now out of his grasp.

"One of your biggest mistake was that you constantly underestimated others. This was your downfall. And
so, I will show you how much you underestimated someone very special to me. And you will also see that
I am in very good hands. Hands that would never hurt me as you did."

That said, Yui went to Gendo and used a ball-gag on him.

Then, the door behind Gendo opened again. He heard someone entering, but had to wait until that person
stepped into his field of vision.

His eyes grew wide as he saw who it was, and he tried to shout, but only some mumbling could be heard.

"Guessing by your reaction, you know what I meant. And you are right. Back in 01, I was alone for over a
decade. Only Lily was my companion, but she was a child. At least, that was what I thought.
She contacted Shinji, and seduced him. Confronted with this, I tried to break them up. I failed. And
the price of my failure was my body. I knew that it would happen from the very beginning, but fought
against my urges as long as possible. Lily did everything to undermine my efforts, and unlike me, she was
successful. Still ashamed, I chose an environment devoid of light for the first sex in a decade. You
could never imagine how good it felt. And this was just the beginning. The second time happened with
light, and I realized that he is a better lover than you ever could be. Gently, understanding, caring."

She slapped Gendo. "Quite the opposite of you!"

Shinji calmed her down by placing a hand on her shoulder.

"And so I made my decision. Whatever would happen, I belong to him. And so I became his lover, and maybe,
if he wants, even his wife. Not yours."

She smiled at Gendo, who had tears streaming over his face. He often thought that nothing could be worse
than death. Now he knew otherwise.

Shinji's eyes widened. This was something they hadn't planned in advance. After he was over his surprise,
he gave his reply. "I would be honored to make you my wife."

Yui gave Shinji a small peck. She knew that she would have to share him with several other women, but
the laws concerning several wives in non-Christian countries like Japan were very liberal.
Ever since Second Impact, and the following wars, they allowed a man to marry multiple wives, as long as
they agreed with each other.

Yui smiled at Gendo. "And to give you the knowledge that I am finally in good hands, I'll give you a
little demonstration with my new lover."

Unbeknownst to Gendo, the entire ordeal was recorded. A cut edition of it would be aired, to show that
Gendo had received his punishment as well. The cut would only ensure that the way of punishment wouldn't
reach the masses. Humanity was not ready to accept this relationship, and there was no need to aggravate
them even further. At least not now.

Also, they had quite a number of live watchers. Asuka and Mana, who savored Gendo's pain like a good wine,
several Angels and Lily, who cheered for them, plus Misato Katsuragi, who was shocked beyond belief.

Yui dropped her clothes, consisting of only a lab coat, then she disrobed Shinji as well. It was planned
in advance that Shinji would wear his customary black pants along with his white shirt. Yui started
downwards, und unbuckled his belt. Then came the button, followed by the zipper. The pants dropped down
and landed around his ankles. Yui looked shortly at Gendo, and grinned evilly, as she stood up and started
with the buttons of Shinji's shirt. Instead of simply opening them, she bit them off, and spat them in
Gendo's direction. One after another, each button sailed in a perfect arc, right into the face of the
former Commander.
After the last button hit the bull´s eye, she dropped his shirt, and let him step outside of his pants.
Only his briefs remained, but as she kneeled down again, it was clear that they wouldn't remain there for
long. She brought her mouth close to them, and bit down. Then she moved her head downwards and took this
last item of clothing with her, freeing Shinji's already half-erected member from its last prison.

As soon as they were nude, they sat down on the bed and began kissing. They were slow and tender kisses,
full of emotion. At first only their lips danced with each other. Pressed against each other, or capturing
each others lips and suckling on it. Between, dozens of short pecks were exchanged. Long minutes went by
before their tongues entered the fray. It was Yui who initiated it by shoving her tongue into the mouth
of her son. And, as obedient as a dutiful should be, he sucked on her wet muscle, something Yui really

And Gendo sobbed.

Shinji's mouth wandered downwards, over her chin, her neck, her shoulders, tasting as much of her skin as
possible. Soon he was sucking at Yui's nipple, much like he did 14 years prior, triggering some long lost
memories. Shinji sighed contently as he did this. Those hard, rosy buds between his lips felt so good, so
right, like something that is simply destined to be.

Like most good things, this had to end, as Yui withdraw her tits from him and wandered downwards too. She
didn't play all too long with the hard buds on Shinji's chest, but drove with her tongue downwards at a
rather fast pace. Now was not the time for long foreplay, as they had a lot of plans for this special day.
And considering Gendo's already bad state, it was doubtful that he would be conscious long enough to see
his punishment in its entirety. So she sped up a little bit, and instead of slowly nibbling her way
downwards, she drove a straight line over his body, down to his sex.

She knew pretty well, that after Shinji's special diet for the past few days, and the no sex policy during
this time, he would explode very soon. Definitely not a good idea if she wanted to show Gendo how good
Shinji was.
So she was determined to relieve his first pressure by doing her specialty. Deep throating him until his
spunk covered the back of her mouth. Or maybe not. Gendo should enjoy the show, so it would be a better
idea to withdraw her head a little bit, so that he could see how Shinji's jizz shot in her mouth. Yes,
that was definitely better.

Yui engulfed Shinji's hard member with her mouth, and bobbed her head up and down. He wasn't completely
hard, but for the things she had in mind, he had to be. This little event also showed her that Shinji
Was no longer the shy boy who piloted unit01 against Sachiel. Lily and the others have showed him enough
to not let some kisses go into his head. He was accustomed to sex, partly because of her times with him.
If she wouldn't have been brought into the mecha, this would never have happened. Maybe her time in the
core wasn't so bad after all. She had gotten a nice reputation out of it.

While she was thinking, her head bopped up and down on Shinji's hardening member, making it fully erected.
Then she took him in her mouth as deep as possible. She was only satisfied when her face was pressed
against his pelvis. Doing this in a position where Gendo could see her throat working, she gave Shinji
another of her special blow-jobs. Without moving her head, she massaged his erection, bringing him closer
and closer to his first orgasm of the day. The muscle work of her throat was only part of the process. Her
secret was that she also used her tongue to massage the lower side of the cock in her mouth, doubling the
sensations he got from this piece of mouth-work. And from time to time, she smuggled the tip of her tongue
out, and tickled over the reachable parts of his testicles.

It was no wonder that Shinji neared his peak at such a rapid pace.
Low moans from him indicated that it would happen soon, so Yui withdrew her mouth. With a silent *pop*,
Shinji's erection was freed from her mouth. While this action was surely fun, it has also a little side
effect. Before Yui managed to open her mouth fully again, Shinji's first spurt of semen hit her fully in
the face. The latter landed in her mouth, but a goodly part of her face was covered in sperm.

As she saw Gendo's reaction to the sight of her with spunk covered face, Yui realized that this little
accident was rather beneficial for Gendo's punishment. Using her fingers, she wiped the sperm off, and
sucked it in her mouth. Her cheeks, her nose, her forehead.
She savored those actions slowly, enjoying each little drop she sucked in.
The next half hour was spent kissing, caressing and cuddling. Ten years without bodily contact had left
their marks on Yui. For her, a close embraces, the caressing of her body, the close vicinity to another
human being was more important than sex alone. She craved for such contact, and savored it as long as
possible. Now, she took her time, as she needed the feeling of skin against skin. She took Shinji into a
close embrace, caressed his back and exchanged short pecks and kisses with him. The feeling of his hands
on her body, slowly wandering over her shoulders, her back, and one of them, over her left breast was
wonderful to her.
It saddened her that this was only an extended foreplay for the next round, as she would have preferred
to cuddle the entire time with Shinji rather than going for another round of fucking.
Yes, she enjoyed the sex, but closeness was more needed. She recognized this need soon after her new body
was formed, and tried to give in into this demand as often as possible.

Finally, Yui had the opinion that Shinji was rested enough for the second round, so she started to wank
him again. She placed her right hand on his manhood, grabbed it softly and started with slow, jerking
motions. It was not something she particularly liked, as she preferred to use her mouth, but this time,
she needed him only hard, not ready to shoot again.
While she was doing this, she placed Shinji's right hand on her sex, and he understood. He started to
move his hand, over her sex, gently running over the outer labia, following its lines with his index
Then he parted with his forefinger and his thumb her outer folds, and placed his middle finger on the
hard knob of her clit. Gently fingering this center of female lust, Yui was aroused in no time. Soon, her
juices flowed out of her, and she started to dribble onto the sheets, she was more than ready for her
first corporeal sexual experience in nearly 10 years.

As soon as she reached this point, Yui laid back and spread her legs. Shinji positioned himself on top
of her, and started to push his manhood into the womb that had housed him a long time ago. The purple
head of his erection parted her labia, searched for the entrance to his first home.
Yui's wetness made it easy to slide in, and so the purple head was in her wet love tunnel in a matter
of seconds. He pushed further in, surprised at not encountering the natural barrier he was expecting in
a woman that had yet to have her first time. Well, he was unable to do something about this, so he ignored
it and pushed his way further into the insides of his mother. Her astounding wetness, combined with the
knowledge who he was fucking, what gave him a perverted sensation that led his arousal into new heights,
making it one of the best entries he ever had. Shinji pushed in until he was stopped by his pelvis
pressing against hers.
He stopped all motions, and enjoyed the feeling of being inside of this beautiful woman, which was now
his, forever. After some time, the time for the act itself had come.

He started with very slow motions, as he knew that Yui liked a gentle beginning that gets rougher as
it proceeded. Enjoying the feeling of being in this beautiful woman, he took his time, and increased his
pace very slowly. The wet smacking sounds of their lovemaking filled the room, accompanied by Yui's low

Yui tried several times to speed his movements up by moving her hips at a faster pace, but Shinji
resisted those assaults. She looked pleadingly at him, to no avail. Only when she begged "Please.", did
he fulfill her wish, changing the pace abruptly to a full force fuck-fest. Ignoring her surprised gasp,
and her shocked moan, he assaulted her at full speed, plunged himself as deep and as fast as possible
into her.
In and out, in and out, faster and harder than he ever did before.
Considering the speed, it was surprising that Shinji lasted for several minutes. But all too soon for his
liking, he couldn't hold back any longer, and shot his load into Yui's awaiting womb. He lay fully down
on top of her, and stayed inside of her as long as possible. As his penis softened, it fell out of Yui's
love tunnel, letting mixed fluids drip down onto the sheets.

And through it all, Gendo had a great view. His body shook uncontrollably, sobs wracking his frame. He
was defeated, broken and utterly destroyed. And it got worse.


"Yes, my love."

"Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure." he answered.

"Each time we make love, shoot your load into me. As deep as possible."

Shinji looked surprised at his mother. "You could get pregnant." he stated surprised.

Yui blushed. "I would like to have more children." she admitted shyly.

Shinji thought over the prospect of becoming a father so soon. While he had nothing against kids, he never
thought that it would happen so early in his life. Sure, he had other girls, and they would surely help
with the raising of his and Yui's children, but that didn't ensure that he would be a good father.
He looked at the beautiful woman that lay beside him, looked into her green eyes and understood that he
would never be able to resist her. Her beauty was captivating, and he loved her too much to deny her
anything. Hell, this entire encounter was testament to that, as otherwise, he would have never agreed to
have sex with her in front of his father, and got the entire thing taped as well.

He gently caressed her cheek, and kissed her softly. "I would be proud to be the father of your children.
Our children." He kissed her a second time, sealing this promise with a long and soft kiss.

Gendo's muffled wail filled the room, ignored by the couple that had just laid out their future together.
A future with no place for the man named Ikari Gendo.

This time, Shinji received no time for recovery. Yui used her mouth to clean his manhood, and to arouse
him again. Unsurprisingly, it posed no problem to accomplish this. Especially when she drove with her
tongue under his foreskin, he reacted pretty fast. She stored this discovery in her mind for further use.
It was always a good thing to know how to arouse the love of her life.

She also coated his erection with lot of spit. He would need the lubrication. This done, she lay down on
her belly, and spread her ass cheeks. Shinji dove down and gave her a nice rim job. He plunged his tongue
deep into her hole, curving inwards as much he was able to do. Not much apparently, as the tightness
allowed only very little movement.
However, the greatest surprise was the taste. He had expected a very bad one, but it was pleasant. Yui
had cleaned herself very thoroughly, and had done a special trick to make it pleasurable for him.
In preparation for this event, she coated her finger several times with honey, and inserted it then.
While most of the honey remained outside, some of the nectar stayed in, giving Shinji a very enjoyable
taste of her backdoor.

Shinji also coated her little hole with lots of spit. He lost no time in doing so, and soon, he positioned
himself and placed the purple head of his erection at her back-door entry.
With one swift stroke, as Yui liked it, he plunged himself up to the hilt in her ass.

Yui liked a gentle beginning only when her pussy was fucked, but for an ass-job, she preferred a furious
pace from the very beginning. And Shinji happily obliged her preferences. Hammering himself into her rear,
again and again, feeling the clenching of her muscles, enjoying the intense tightness of this hole, it
didn't take him long to feel his peak arising.
For his third cumming of the day, it was still pretty fast, lasting only a few minutes. With a loud groan,
mirrored by Yui who came together with him, he loaded himself into her intestines.
There wasn´t much in his shot, but enough for Yui to feel the warm wetness in her body. She smiled in
satisfaction at Gendo, enjoying the knowledge that she gave Shinji something Gendo never got.

Heavily exhausted, Shinji collapsed onto Yui. His cock slid out of her, leaving a wet trail between her
cheeks. Yui rolled him down from her, and she sat up. Cum dribbled from her asshole, and a mix of cum
and pussy-juice from her sex.

Gendo was completely devastated. He was only glad that it was over. He knew that he wouldn't forget those
sights for the rest of his life, and he even comprehended that this was his punishment. A very cruel
punishment. He knew that he would never fully recover from this.

The door behind him opened again, and he thought that they had come to kill him as his final punishment.
He was wishing for it. To end his pain, giving him the peaceful oblivion of death. A person entered and
closed the door. As this person stepped in front of him, his eyes widened in unspoken horror.
His punishment was not over. Only the first round of it. Rei had arrived.

The blue haired girl made her way to the back, where she put off the lab coat she wore. It was the only
piece of clothing on her body.
She sat down on the bed, and together with Yui, she smiled evilly at her creator.

"I am not yours to command, as I have my own life, my own existence, my own will. I am not a copy of Yui,
nor am I a tool to use and discard. I am Ayanami Rei, lover of your son, and of Yui."

Those words hit Gendo heavily, especially as he had for the first time, the chance to compare Yui and Rei.
And again, he was faced with his failure. He knew that he had played god as he manipulated Rei's genetics
to make her resemble Yui, but the failure was evident. Yui didn't have blue hair and red eyes, so he knew
that his little ploy had failed.
Now, as those two women sat together in front of him, he saw more differences in them than he had ever
imagined. Rei's red eyes were smaller, more Asian-like whereas Yui's were larger and had green irises.
The facial structure had several differences as well, and the bodies were completely different. Yui, with
her athletic built and full breasts radiated a mixture of life and joy. Rei's body was thinner, lither.
Her entire frame would never reach the proportions of Yui's, and her chest would never reach the size of
Yui's. The difference of the skin shades was also immense. Rei's beauty was ethereal.
Angelic. Fragile. Not like Yui. Even the haircut was different.

Rei and Yui kissed. Their tongues danced with each other, while their lips were parted to allow a good
look of the intense kissing. This continued for some time, then closed this encounter with a good-old
fashioned kiss. They had some other things for their tongues in mind, so tiring them with too much
kissing wasn't an option.
Then they looked in unison at Shinji, who was still busy recuperating from the hard fuck he had given Yui.

Rei changed position and sat down on Shinji's face. The message was clear. He may be too tired to fuck her
now, but that didn't mean that he was unable to satisfy her otherwise. An angelic smile, followed by a
slow moan, indicated that Shinji got the message, and used his mouth on her.

She opened her arms, and Yui melded in a close embrace with the younger female. Their lips met again, and
it looked like as if those two wanted to devour each other. Some kisses later, Yui retracted her lips from
Rei and brought her head a level lower. She circled one of Rei's rosy nipples with her tongue, taking it
entirely into her mouth. She suckled on it like a baby. This was irony at its best. The original suckled
on the supposed copy as if she were the youngster, and not otherwise.

Rei, now under assault from two mouths was unable to last long. Yui's mouth covered one of her tits, while
the brown-haired woman's left hand was busy fondling the other one. And Shinji tongue-fucked her like there
was no tomorrow. Suddenly, in perfect harmony, Yui bit down on her nipple, sending a wave of pain and
pleasure through Rei, and Shinji took his tongue out of her and sucked hard on her clit.
This was too much for her. Her body shuddered, and with a high squeak, she climaxed. Her juices shot out
of her, filling Shinji's mouth in an eyeblink, spurting over the entire bed.
As it was over, Shinji and Yui were completely drenched in Rei juice, and even Gendo got more than just
a few drops onto him.

While Shinji simply lay on the bed, unmoving, Yui was a sight to behold. The entire front of her body
glistened with Rei's wetness; drops of it ran over her body, glittered on her perfect body like little
diamonds. A few of them unified at one of her nipples, dropped down from her chest on her thighs. It is
often said that covering a lover in chocolate or something similar would be the peak of oral pleasures.
This view told otherwise.

Normally it would have been a sure bet that Rei was now out of action. However, Rei wasn't a normal
person. She was Nephilim. A minute after her climax, she gestured for Yui to lie back, which she did. Then
Rei gently spread Yui's legs, and looked at the red pussy of Yui. Shinji's earlier assault had left some
marks, as all rosy parts shone now in an angry shade of red. She planted a soothing kiss on it, flicked
out with her tongue and tasted the older woman for the first time. She sat up again and smiled at the
scientist, telling her this way that she liked the taste of her. And that she wanted more of it. Rei used
her left hand to part the outer labia, and used her right to gently caress the sore flesh. Then she
dismounted from Shinji's face, and laid down on her belly, her face in close vicinity of Yui's sex. She
slowly extended her tongue, until it made contact with Yui's clit. A little purr from Yui confirmed that
she had hit the jackpot. Rei circled around the little knob, teased it shortly, only to resume its way
around. Her tongue ran over Yui's nether lips, in her wet hole, and back out again.
Yui wanted more, but just like Shinji earlier, Rei took her time.

While Rei teased Yui and licked around her wet sex, glistening with Yui-juice, Rei juice, and Shinji's
seed, said male used the opportunity to place himself behind the blue haired girl. The erotic display of
the two women made him hard again, he was ready for the next round. His erection stood again proudly.
Well, not as proud as in the beginning of this erotic encounter, but hard enough to take what Rei wanted
to give him. He grabbed Rei's hips and raised them until she was in the right position for him. He gently
caressed her head and asked: "Are you ready?"

"Mhm." came the muffled answer, supported by a little nodding motion of her head.

Shinji started to push his way in. Millimeter for millimeter, slow but steady, he made his way in Rei's
insides. He stopped as he felt her natural barrier. Rei pushed a little back against him, encouraging him
to take her fully. And he did so. With a swift stroke, he took what he didn't want when Tri had occupied
Rei's body.

Up to the hilt in the female pilot, he waited for a sign from her to continue. He waited patiently,
listening to Yui's moans. Rei demonstrated quite a talent in eating pussy, Yui squirming even more than
as Shinji had her way with her. Her lips sealed the entrance to the womb of Yui, as she licked frantically
around. Besides some deep tonguing the green-eyed beauties sex, she also pressed with the tip of her
muscle several times against her piss-slit. Those actions brought her the reward of a short stream of
strange tasting liquid entering her mouth. Rei's eyes widened as she understood what this was, and she
looked shortly up to Yui's face. There she saw just bliss, and so it wasn't hard to guess that Yui liked
her administrations very much. In fact so much, that she lost shortly control over her body. Rei gulped it
down, and resumed her mouth-work on the wet slit in front of her.

Then, as Shinji felt Rei wiggling her hips, he started at a slow pace fucking her. For Rei, it was perfect.
Her mouth was occupied with licking a tasty pussy, and her love became finally one with her. She felt the
throbbing of his erection, the smooth texture of his skin as it drove in and out of her. It felt good, and
strange. For her, it was an experience she couldn't describe. She, the one who was always alone, who
always had only one purpose, trusted another person enough to enter her body with his own. The feeling of
completeness overwhelmed her, as she had never guessed that the phrase 'Becoming one' could mean such
intense feelings. The slow lovemaking increased in tempo, and all she wanted now was the feeling of his
seed entering her womb. To have something of her love in her body. Those new feelings were too much for
her. Knowing that she wouldn't last long, she changed her administrations on Yui's wet slit from teasing,
to a complete devouring. But it was too late.

Juices flew again through the air as the young Nephilim came again. But neither Shinji nor Yui were
finished yet. They simply ignored this new mess Rei made, and continued their actions. Rei was completely
out of action, and only basic physics ensured that her body was still in a position where Shinji was able
to continue their lovemaking. He slowed his pace down immediately, as he wanted her to be conscious when
he would shoot his load into her womb. But Yui didn't any such luck. Without Rei's eager mouth, she had to
something else to keep her level of arousal. Yui started to grind her sex against Rei's face, the feeling
of the girl´s lips against her sex were still delicious, and the blue haired girl´s nose fit perfectly
onto her clit. This would surely do until Rei was conscious again and was able to continue her disrupted

After a short while, Rei was in action again. Yui's moans became louder as Rei was again busy devouring
her sex. This time, Rei didn't waste time, and started an immediate full scale assault.
As reinforcements, she changed her position and brought her right hand also to Yui's sex, fingering her
clit while tongue-fucking her at the same time. Yui gasped and moaned, but not fast enough for Rei's
taste, who felt again the rising of a new peak. So she changed her tactics, and inserted her finger into
Yui's sex, and used her mouth on the clit. The wetness of the older woman made it easy for the blue-haired
girl to insert more than one finger. Two, three, four fingers made their way in, then Rei took them
completely out, which was reprimanded with a disatisfied moan from Yui. Rei looked shortly at her
pussy-juice covered hand, and formed her fist. Compared to others, it was tiny, and therefore, ideal
for her next action. She pressed her fist against Yui's sex, felt how the muscles widened the opening
to give her the needed access. Slowly but steady, her fist entered Yui's sex, and soon, she was up to
her wrist in the other female. She moved her hand just like Shinji did with his erection in her own sex,
while using her tongue on her clit too.

While aiming for perfect sex, where all three would come unison, it was not possible to do so. Yui was
the first. Her convulsions grew stronger as she climaxed, and Rei retracted her hand, which slid with a
wet sound out of the brown-haired woman. Rei also retracted her head a little bit. This allowed a clear
look at Yui's sex, which squirted a little bit of fluid directly into Rei's open mouth. The blue haired
girl closed her mouth and swallowed it. It was the first time that she was able to enjoy this, thanks to
Lillith. The Angel was very understanding as she explained why she needed a little change of her genetic
structure. Now, she no longer had allergic reactions to animal enzymes, now she was able to eat meat. And
drink spunk and pussy juice, of course. Plus some other liquids too, as she had realized that she had
liked it as Yui peed a little bit in her mouth.

Rei was the next. Although it was her third orgasm, she still produced a large amount of fluid that coated
Shinji nearly completely. It spurted out of her, some of it splashing off the obstacle that Shinji's body
was, and spurted over her back, her hair, some of it even made its way on Yui's relaxed body. Yui felt the
drops hitting her body, and decided to give a little comment. "It's raining Reis." She was feeling a
little bit playful in the after glow of an orgasm.

The feeling of Rei's fluids shooting out against his testicles sent Shinji over the edge, and he released
his few remaining drops of semen into Rei. It wasn't much, but enough for Rei too feel it.
A satisfied smile graced her face, which was wet with a mixture of sweat and sexual fluids from all three
of them. Completely out of action afterwards, Shinji simply fell to the side and closed his eyes. Now was
the time for rest.

Rei panted heavily, as well as Yui. But those two weren't finished. Yui rolled Rei around, so that the
girl now lay on her back. Then she dove down and took a first suck on the wet slit of the girl. Her lips
were covered with a mixture of Rei, Shinji and a little bit of blood as she licked them clean.

"Tasty." was her only comment on this mixture. Then she placed her mouth firmly over Rei's bald sex, and
licked her clean. Like most things, she did this also in a very organized way. She started down at the
back-door entry of the pale girl, licked the wetness that made its way down there up. Following the wet
trail upwards, she soon arrived at the now red-colored sex of the girl. Yui started with the outsides,
cleaning her way slowly to the jackpot. A mixture of licking and sucking proved to be a very efficient
way of cleaning, so she used this. Especially since the satiny lips of Rei's sex were easier to clean by
sucking them clean, than licking around.
But she was finished all too soon. Not satisfied, she started to suck all fluids the girl had in her
belly out. Using all the power she had in her lungs, and extending her tongue as long as possible, she
stole as much fluids as possible out of Rei's womb.
An action which Rei really liked, so Yui got more than she had hoped for. Only a few minutes of this
action were enough to send Rei to her next orgasm. While not as much as in the beginning, the gushing
juice was too much for Yui to properly gulp it down. It drenched her face completely, and soaked her hair.

Her mission fulfilled, as Rei was now out of action too, Yui looked at Gendo. Rei's juices dripped down
from her hair, ran freely over her face, which had a contended smile on it.

"As you can see, my future will be very tasty and satisfying. Bye Gendo, I hope I never see you again."

As soon as those words were spoken, Bardiel and Zeruel entered the room and freed Gendo from the chair.
They had to drag the former Commander out of the room, as the sobbing wreck was unable to walk alone.


On the next morning, Ritsuko was in for a surprise. She had been held in a cell ever since the Angels took
over NERV, and she had no difficulty in guessing why. The Angels knew all the things she had done, and
probably all the things she would have done for Gendo too.

Not even Misato visited her, so her old friend most likely knew of her actions as well. So it was highly
doubtful that she still had any friends.

As the door of her cell opened, she was surprised. It was the first time that the food wasn't shoved
through a slot in the door, but that the door was actually opened. Sachiel came in and commanded:
"Follow me."

She did as told, as there was no other choice. The third Angel led her to the Command Center. Much to
her surprise, Gendo stood there, beside Adam and Lillith.

It was Lillith who spoke first.

"We have long thought to find a fitting punishment for you, Akagi. It was Ikari Yui who had the solution
to this problem. Grant you your greatest wish."

Ritsuko looked bewildered at the Angel, understanding nothing.

"You are free, effective immediately. You will live in a house in the hills surrounding Tokyo3. There
you can do whatever you want. Whether you continue to work or not is your decision. You will only abide
by one rule alone. You will live together with Rokubungi Gendo." elaborated the Angel.

Ritsuko's eyes widened in surprise, her entire face lighting up in joy.

"Now take him with you to hangar 3. There you will have to wait for transportation." announced Adam.

Ritsuko nodded happily. She looked at Gendo and saw that he was in very bad shape. Not physically, but
mentally. So she gently took his hand and led him out of the Command Center. Time was able to heal all
wounds, and now she had all time in the world to make him hers.


Minutes after Ritsuko's departure, Shinji, Asuka, Mana, Maya, Misato, Yui, Kyoko and Lilly entered the
Command Center. They stopped, standing in a line in front of the two most powerful Angels.

"Arael has brought our attention to a little problem. We Angels are virtually immortal, while your
lifespan is very limited. Because I don't want to disappoint Arael, Leliel, Lily and the others, we
have decided that we should do something. As you all know, a S2 organ is our well of power. It is a
limitless supply of energy, which also allows us to live practically forever. So, to avoid saddening
all Angels that have interest in one of you, we have decided to equip all of you with those useful little
things." said Lillith. She immediately took action, her hands glowing, as she inserted them into Shinji's
body, but without actually hurting him. And only a few eye blinks later, she drew them back out of him,
and Asuka was the next. This procedure was repeated until all humans were treated this way.

"You will need less sleep, no food and no water to keep alive. You can resume eating and drinking for fun,
if you want. You can regenerate wounds very fast, and you are immune to all diseases of this planet. And
only the destruction of your S2 organs can kill you."

"So, we are Angels now?" asked Mana.


"And why Asuka and me too? We are not involved with an Angel. We are content with each other." declared
Mana, as she feared that an angelic tramp could be behind her or her love.

Adam answered: "We gave you this gift for two reasons. First off, you were involved in this unnecessary
fighting, so we thought that you two deserved a reward. And second, you two vowed to be together forever.
We wanted to give you two a chance to fulfill this pledge."

Unsurprisingly, Adam got some odd stares from the assembled people. It was Misato who had the right idea.

"And for what time did you bet? I mean, for how long did you think they will fulfill this pledge."

And Adam blushed.


Later, as they left the Command Center, Leliel awaited them. The green-haired Angel went directly to

"And? How do you feel as the thing you hated the most?"

"What do you mean?"

"You are an Angel now, baby."

Misato looked shocked at her and blanched. This reaction sent the others into a laughing fit, as they
all found this irony, combined with Misato's dumb-looking face too funny to resist.


Rei wasn't with the others, as she had another matter to attend to. During the last days, Arael did a
great job of helping her sisters, so now, they were able to walk around, talk, and nearly live a
normal life. Sure, they would still need a lot of time to get accustomed with the thing called life, as
she needed as well, but they were making good progress. And they had even made their first important
decisions. Rei was grateful to Shinji that he was understanding enough to fulfill their wishes.

She had received her own fully developed S2 as Lillith changed her body, so she had no need to be with the
others. Rei went into the hangar, where Gendo and Ritsuko waited. She went straight to them.

With a lot of disgust in her voice, she informed them about her sisters, and the fact that they were alive.
Gendo didn't react.
No wonder, ever since his punishment, he was nearly a vegetable. And Ritsuko's lack of reaction indicated
that she knew all along the truth about them.

So she set herself for the final blow. It was another blow against Gendo, and she knew very well, each
blow against him hit Ritsuko as well.

"Of the 147 clones, made without my permission, 18 have decided to live as pairs together. They see
themselves unfit to have normal relations with other people. 7 decided to live alone. They are unable to
function with others, so they will seek their happiness alone. 3 believe that they can make their way in
life after their education.
The rest, my remaining 119 sisters, have opted for a choice I gave them. Shinji was kind enough to give
his consent to my idea of giving them happiness, so I presented them with this opportunity.
The Angels will clone Shinji 119 times, so that my sisters have someone to love as well. So, whenever
you think of me, or of my sisters, be sure, one of them is surely intimately with a Shinji." she
announced grinning evilly.

Gendo's body shook, and he sobbed again, as Rei left the hangar. Ritsuko didn't know why this had so
much effect on Gendo, but she was sure that she would find out. She had time on her side.

The door just closed after Rei left, as Bardiel came from the other side and led them to a VTOL, which
brought them to their new home.


Preread by Wanderer
Useful comments and encouragement to write by Kuracao
Domo arigato.