Chapter 7: Brunch with Arael

As Misato awoke in the morning, she had to sort out the signs her nerves sent to her brain first.
She was hot, and not because of the damned eternal summer in Tokyo3. No, she felt hot because she was
not alone in bed. She was lying in the arms of someone. And another heat-source lay partially on top
of her.

She pried her eyes open and looked down on her body, only to find her view blocked by a mop of blue hair.
A short glance side wards confirmed that she lay in Shinji's arms, and for a moment, she wanted to panic.
Then, the memories of the last night reached her brain, and she relaxed.

She was licked by Rei, fucked by Shinji, and had gotten a stomach full of Rei-juice. Life couldn't get
any better.

Rei was the next one who woke up, and she greeted Misato with something she never expected to see.
A genuine smile from the most unemotional girl she knew. At least Rei was this until yesterday.
Soon, a soft good-morning kiss was exchanged, and as Rei saw that Shinji was still out of order, she
nestled her head again against Misato's bosom and waited for him to wake up, enjoying the feeling of a
living pillow for the first time.

The two women did not know how long they lay there, but after some time, the buzzing of Shinji's alarm
clock finally woke their lover.
As his day started with two kisses in close succession, Shinji couldn't help but comment: "That's an
awakening I'd like to have every day."

"That would be possible." replied Rei immediately. She knew better than to hope for it, but there was
nothing wrong with trying.

Finally, they stood up, and Shinji readied himself for the morning shower. He wanted to go to the
bathroom as Rei intercepted him.

"We will shower together." came her announcement.

Misato nodded vigorously at this, and Shinji sighed. "Why do I think that the process of cleaning won't
be the only thing happening in the shower?"

"Because I fucked some brains into your empty head?" suggested Misato helpfully.

"As far as I remember, I fucked you, not otherwise." replied Shinji bluntly.

Misato grinned. "Well, we can remedy that immediately."

"Not yet. I'm too tired."

"I believe there is an easy solution to this problem." declared Rei, so that Shinji and Misato looked
questioningly at her.

"Who wants to eat my pussy for breakfast?"

After a second, Shinji nodded, while Misato grinned behind his back. She already knew what Rei had
planned. She would have to thank the blue head later.

Rei dead panned with her patented emotionless look on her face: "Shinji, you will lie down in the bathtub.
I will sit on your face, and Misato can ride you and fuck some brain in your head. You will need it."

The serious look of the girl, along with the emotionless voice and the seriousness of her were too much
for Misato. Unable to contain her laughter, she held her belly and broke into a laughing fit, which grew
worse as she saw Shinji's surprised expression too.

Two minutes later, as Misato was able to walk again, they made their way to the bathroom.


At the same time in the room opposite to Shinji's, Asuka awoke from the most refreshing and peaceful sleep
she ever had. She was lying on Mana's right side, and her right hand was placed on Mana's left breast. She
looked at the peaceful face of the sleeping girl and was once again surprised because of the beauty which
was now her own.
And only a few days ago, she would have discarded her without a thought.

Sighing contently, Asuka sat up and studied the other girl for several long minutes. Finally it was
enough, and she decided to wake Mana up, by tickling her nose with her tongue. This should be fun.

Sadly, Mana awoke only a few seconds prior, and was already in progress of fulfilling her standard wake up.
A few seconds lying with still closed eyes, then sitting up and stretching.
So, as Asuka wanted to lick her nose, she was timed exactly with the sitting up motion of the former JSSDF
pilot. The result was, unsurprisingly painful, as their heads collided with full force against each other
with a hollow sounding *Donk*.

Not the perfect morning they had hoped for.

Despite this little fall out, Asuka saved the morning because she didn't start complaining, but instead,
started kissing the other girl.
For Asuka, her mind was set. She had sought for affection and love all her life, and now that she had
found it, she was determined to never let it go of it.
While her personality was bitchy and competitive, her stubbornness made her also loyal and faithful. Until
now, she had no reason to use these traits, but with Mana, the time had come.

Mana had the best morning in her life. Not only was she not alone anymore, but she now had a beautiful
girl in her arms who kissed her as if there was no tomorrow. Sure, a lot of other females would have been
disturbed by the fact that it was a female that was kissing her, but for her, this was irrelevant.
She despised the false morals others constantly tried to force on all people. For her, it was completely
unimportant if the person she loved, and that loved her, was male or female.
Only the feeling of belonging mattered. Funny. Not so long ago, she wanted to see Asuka dead. Now she lay
in her arms and contemplated living with her the rest of her life. While they were young for such final
decisions, they had both experiences that made them way older than their time of life indicated.

A long round of kisses later, Asuka broke the lip and tongue contact.

"Soon, we will have to face our first problem." Asuka said somber.


"Misato. she doesn't know that you are still alive, and we need to stop her from running to the commander."

"Any ideas?"

"Beside threatening to stomp with 02 on her blue piece of junk? No."

"Maybe we should let Shinji handle it." suggested Mana, who found this idea rather amusing. The boy who
brought her back to Tokyo3 so that she could act as his girlfriend, should defend her against his superior
because she wanted to stay with the girl that not only 24 hours ago was determined to marry him.

Asuka's full fledged laughter after this statement made clear that the German brat liked the idea as much
as she did. Yes, in Mana's mind, Asuka was a brat. But now, she was her brat.

As Asuka got her chuckling under control, she agreed. "Sounds like a plan."


Normally, Shinji needed 5 minutes for his morning shower, not 50. This was the way things changed with the
addition of two horny females that accompanied him.

True to her plan, said females laid him in the bathtub, and took their positions on him pretty fast.
Rei sat down on his face, and gave him his breakfast, while Misato, after Rei hardened his member with some
tongue-play, took him inside of her and started to move up and down.

What surprised him the most was Rei's playfulness. After a few minutes of Misato's work, she lifted her
sex shortly from his face and asked:

"And, has Misato already fucked some brains in your head?"

He replied with a mumbled "No.".

Then, the young Nephilim encouraged Misato with words, kisses and her administering hands. She repeated
this action every few minutes, and didn't stop it even after she came and filled his mouth and stomach
with sweet fluids. Only after his groans became louder, announcing his orgasm, did she stand up and
waited for Misato to do the same.

It took the purple haired beauty a few minutes, and she knew that she would have sore thighs or the rest
of the day. The bathtub wasn't an ideal place for a threesome, but as long as he didn't manage to
properly gulp Rei down, they would have to stick to this.
Guessing by the mess Shinji would have made if they would have done it in his room, there was no other way.

His manhood was already limp as she finally stood up on her unsteady legs. She felt his seed running down
between her legs and enjoyed this feeling very much. It was a long time since she had such good sex.
Before Shinji and Rei, she never felt so satisfied. Misato knew that she was bisexual, but never really
tried to live the urges out.
Now that she did, she never wanted to stop again.

Rei observed the trickle of whitish fluid between Misato's legs, and cleaned her with her tongue. After
the first few licks, she paused.

"Misato, are you sure that you fucked brains INTO Shinji's head, and not out? Because it looks otherwise."

The laughter didn't stop for some minutes.


In the best mood since a long time, Shinji started to make breakfast, while Rei waited on the table, and
Misato made her way to the refrigerator.


"Yes, Shinji-chan?" asked his guardian.

"I will not kiss you if you taste of beer."

A hurt expression ran over the face of the Director of Operations, then she shrugged and placed the beer
back into the refrigerator.
Misato had set her priorities a long time ago, and sex ranged over beer by more than a few points.

"Then I will wake Asuka up."

Shinji wanted to stop her, but Misato was faster. She tried to open the door, but found it closed. So she
resorted to banging with her fists against it and shouted: "Asuka, time to get up."

Just seconds later, the door opened, revealing a surprised Asuka. "No beer-yell today?"


Asuka shrugged. She never knew Misato without a lot of alcohol in her system, so she didn't knew if this
was a good or bad sign. Well, there was no use in dwelling on that, as she never would try to hide Mana.

So, Misato was in for a big surprise as after Asuka, a familiar mahogany-haired girl emerged from the
redheads bedroom.



"I thought you were dead?"

Mana countered cheerfully. "What's the saying? Oh yeah. The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

"But that? Why......The Commander....."

"The Commander will not learn of her re-appearance." stated Asuka coldly, which surprised Misato greatly.

"Last time, you were the one who ran to the asshole."

"Last time, Mana wanted Shinji."

"And what?s the difference now?"

Misato's eyes nearly fell on the floor as Asuka kissed the other girl passionately, including tongue and
the groping of her breasts.

"Good morning." greeted Shinji. He was unfazed by this display, as he knew since their kiss in the core
that they would be together. The same went for Rei, who greeted them the same way.

Misato looked shocked at Shinji. "You knew?"

"That Mana was here? Sure, I brought her back to Tokyo3. Or that she slept with Asuka? That too. That they
are now a couple? No, but I suspected it. They fit well together, and will be happy with each other."

"But they are two girls." replied Misato without thinking. A cold look from Rei informed her of her
tactical error.

"Last night, you enjoyed eating pussy very much." stated the pilot of unit-00.

Misato flinched at this blunt statement, especially as she faced the two other girls; whose eyebrows were
now raised.

"It wasn't what you think." tried Misato to defend herself. However, for the two girls, the picture
was clear.

"Baka Shinji, you pervert. You added another one!"

Shinji blushed, but said nothing to his defense.

What followed was a long line of teasing and taunting, but in a very relaxed and friendly manner. It
continued until the sound of the alarm claxons announced the arrival of the next Angel. Arael had come
to claim her reward.


The entire Command Center was in turmoil. The Magi confirmed their fears. This Angel was out of range
for their weapons, and that they had no clue what abilities this Angel had.

The pilots hadn't arrived so far, and their city-defense systems were not functioning at optimal levels
ever since the attack of Zeruel. In other words, they were defenseless.

Ritsuko Akagi tried to reach Misato via phone several times, but was confronted with the fact that her
handy was again offline. Her latest tests with Unit 02 didn't provide any conclusive results either, and
Gendo was so pissed about the behavior of his son, that he didn't even say one word as she sucked him off
last evening.

Said Commander sat in his chair, in his stupid looking position and waited for the pilots to arrive.
While he didn't like it one bit, he knew that only Shinji was able to defeat the Angels. He had already
several scenarios in his mind how 01 could defeat this Angel, and was sure that he wouldn't die today.
Beside him stood, as always, Fuyutsuki, who thought along the same lines.


Misato saw no reason for panic, so she drove at a rather slow pace to her work, with the pilots in the
backseat. Only Mana stayed back, but was brought to security by Leliel, which relieved Asuka to no end.

As the redhead contemplated this, she shook her head. Not only that she became a lesbian, and was proud of
it, she also trusted Angels more than most humans. It was truly a large number of changes in only two days.

Their arrival at the gates of the geofront had almost a comical character. During the ride in the car
train, Ritsuko constantly berated Misato over the comm that she was late, in how much danger they were,
and so on.
Sure, Ritsuko was Misato's oldest friends, but the Major knew that, especially after the episode with
Shinji, which would continue, how appropriate the term 'was' was. The past.
She suspected that Ritsuko did a lot behind her back, and the information she got from Leliel showed her
how much they had drifted apart. The Director of Operation had no intentions of being friends with someone
who fucked with Gendo Ikari. According to Shinji, even Yui Ikari knew better and wanted to see him suffer.

At the end of the ride, Misato drove to the parking lot. She started her way to the command center, and
the pilots to the changing rooms. This action alone brought her some critics as she reached the Ops.

"Why are the pilots not in their EVAs?" demanded Ritsu to know. Misato's answer that they needed to change
first wasn't taken very well. The bleach blond doctor pointed out that the time their pilots were using
for changing could very well mean their demise.

"Ritsu, does bleaching your hair meaning poisoning your brain too? Here is only one who knows what the
Angels are doing, and his name is Shinji. He said we have time, so calm down."

"The opinion of a 14 year old doesn't matter if the topic is the survival of the human race. Despite his
strange abilities he has neither the age nor the knowledge to judge how we have to act against the Angels."

"You are poisoning your brain! If you haven't got it, he is the one in Unit01. It was always his decisions.
And ever since the episode with the 12th, he had shown his superior abilities in dealing with the Angels.
And your so called science didn't give us much info either. I can clearly remember as you tried to analyze
the 4th, and all you got was the message that it was impossible to analyze. Besides, who should know more
about the Angels?"

Ritsuko glared at her, but decided to shut up. She almost had answered that Gendo did, but that would have
led to questions she didn't want to answer. So she swallowed the statement and waited for the pilots to
arrive in the EVA cages.


The three pilots were in no rush to get in their suits. They took their time, so several minutes went by
before they arrived in the cages.

Boarding the EVAs took little time, and the starting procedure was shortened to an absolute minimum.

"EVAs, launch!" came Ritsuko's voice out of the speakers, but her command was ignored by the pilots.
Only as Misato gave it, nearly a minute later, they started. Asuka and Rei had to agree with Shinji. It was
very useful to have the MAGI on their sides.

Finally arriving at the battlefield, the three large evangelions stood there and waited.

"Attack at once!" came the Commanders cold order, which only Shinji decided to hear.

"And how? Shouting at it? You idiots haven't built a weapon with enough range, so what should I do?"

Ritsuko was nearly to explode. Not only at Shinji's show of insubordination, but also because of the
snickering of the other two pilots. In her anger, she didn't notice the most important fact of this
event. That Rei showed emotion.

Gendo on the other hand didn't make this mistake. The shock was clearly visible on his face, and he had
to fight the urge to order Rei to stop it.
He was only glad that this Rei wouldn't live much longer, as the 16th would kill her. Whatever had
happened to her, she was now too independent to be trusted anymore.

"Then stay in position until the target gets in range." he ordered, only to get another insulting answer.

"Oh, what a great idea. We obey your commands, great master of wisdom." Asuka answered this last order. The
sarcasm was practically impossible to miss.

Now he had enough. He would reprimand them at the end of this mission.


A half hour later, Arael finally took action. A short flash of her AT field, and the LCL in Shinji's plug
began to drain out. Then, several black discs formed. Two glued 00 and 02 to the ground; a third sucked
Shinji out of his plug, and dropped him in the nearby lake repeatedly before he was finally deposited in
his plug again. During his absence, the LCL was drained from the plug.

Misato had a hard time trying not to chuckle, as she was the only one who understood the actions of the
Angel. Leliel had told her that Arael preferred her partners clean.

The entire command staff tried to find out what was happening, as the first display of the Angels power
ended. But this lasted only for a few seconds, as all monitors switched to show the insides of Shinji's
plug despite the fact that a lot of them had other functions.

Again, the staff was irritated, as the Angel finally arrived.

"AT-field detected in 01's entry plug. Confirmed blue!" shouted Hyouga. A message, that let Maya blanch,
as she was sure that this would mean Shinji's demise. It wasn't that she was close to him, but she liked
him as a young boy, and as the defender of her life. Hyouga and Aoba thought the same, so the next picture
on the screen came as complete shock to of them.
But no one of the staff was as shocked as Ikari Gendo was.

The black disc appeared in the entry plug, but this time, something came out. The most beautiful girl any
man could imagine. Her in rainbow colored shimmering hair, the perfect body of a goddess, the
silver-shining eyes.
All males in the Command center had a hard time trying not to drool, Gendo included.
Then, the next shock followed suit.

"Hi Shinji." greeted the Angel. Shinji showed no trace of fear whatsoever.

"Hi Arael. Did you came for your reward?"

The Command Center was silent. No sound could be heard.

"Sure. Did you eat breakfast?"

"No. If you would have come a few minutes later, I would have."

The Angel smiled. "Great. Then you will have your breakfast now, and then I will have brunch with you."

Shinji shrugged. "Sounds good to me."

In the Command Center silence still reigned. The shock was simply too great. Only Misato wasn't shocked,
but she was busy with observing the other ones. She hadn't so much fun in ages.


What happened next came as big relief to the staff of NERV. The Angel vanished from the plug, and everyone
let out the breath they were holding. That made the next shock a lot bigger.

The black disc reappeared in the entry plug, and the Angel came back. Makoto's mouth stood open, and after
a few seconds, his head landed heavily on the desk. While this wasn't a particularly great display of
strength and willpower, he fared better than Aoba, who simply started to sob in impotent jealousy.
Gendo contemplated a change to the scenario where this particular Angel could survive, while Fuyutsuki
was lying unconscious on the floor.

Among the females, Ritsuko didn't react at all. She was frozen in her posture, her had brain shut off,
faced with what should have been impossible. Misato blanched, as a not so friendly realization hit her.
It was only Maya who took it in good stride.
"I want this breakfast." the cute technician mumbled.

What had appeared in the plug to create such strong reactions from the crew was the question.
Simply put, it was Arael again. But this time, she was not completely nude. She lay on her disc, and
presented herself in a most delicious way. Whipped cream hid her breasts, which were topped with
strawberries. Orange slices covered her stomach and belly, and a chocolate syrup coated banana rested
between her legs, pointing to her treasure.

No wonder Shinji was grinning all over his entire face.


Rei and Asuka saw the spectacle too, and their reactions were very different. Asuka mumbled about
perverts, and why the baka got breakfast, but not her, Rei was simply shocked. She knew that Shinji had
sex with Angels, but this display was a little bit too much for her taste.

Leliel, who heard their statements and opinions, decided that they both had a point.
Asuka, who complained about not getting breakfast, received a package with food. But instead of being
grateful, she continued bitching, the topic this time being that she was too old to eat a junior package.

Rei, who had opted to think about why Shinji liked Angels so much received a little bit more, as Leliel
visited her in the plug to give her a nice little demonstration.
At first Rei was unperturbed by Leliel's appearance, but this changed after the Angel de-pressurized her
plug suit and started to fondle her.

At least Leliel had a little bit more sense of decency, as she refused to display her action over all the
channels worldwide, contrary to her big sister, who had made Shinji the new porn star of this planet.


After observing this very appetizing plate of food, Shinji made his decision how to devour it.

Very slowly, be brought his face close to hers, and started with the cherry Arael held in her mouth.
Slowly, after much work with his tongue, he took the delicious little fruit in his mouth and chewed it.
Some of it's juice ran between his lips down, and dribbled into the awaiting mouth of the Angel.
As Shinji finished with the fruit, she swallowed the juice and deep tongued him, to steal as much fruity
taste as possible out of his mouth. Later, when he would be administering her lower regions, she wouldn't
have a chance to do so.

After Arael was done cleaning his mouth with her tongue, Shinji started his way downwards. Using his
tongue he did a little slalom over her neck, stopped at her shoulders and nibbled his way outwards, only
to lick his way back and move downwards. It took him five minutes to reach the sweet hills of
whipped cream.

Nobody would try to take down a hill from its basement, so he reached directly for the top and plucked
the strawberry off. Instead of simply chewing it down, he held it between his teeth and made his way
upwards. He offered Arael to take a bite of it, and she did. He continued to hold the fruit, and after
she bit a portion off, she sucked the rest in his mouth and ate it. Then he started his way downwards
again, took the same technique, but by another route.

At the second arrival at the first creamy hill, he chose to make it fast and merciless. Shinji placed
his mouth at the top of it and started to suck. With loud, wet noises, more and more of the cream
entered his mouth and was swallowed, until he reached the bottom of it, marked by a sensitive and hard
bud that he sucked mercilessly for several minutes.
Areal shuddered and gasped at the sensations caused by the actions. She had heard how great sex could
be, Leliel boasted often enough about it, but she never thought that it would be that intense.
Finally, Shinji decided that it was enough, and he sucked the remaining ring of cream around her nipple
off from her sensitive skin. The last action thoroughly cleaned her breast with his tongue. One finished,
one more to go.

He repeated the action with the strawberry on top, but decided otherwise for a different line of action.
Instead of simply sucking the cream off, he licked layer after layer away. Always going round, drawing
the circles around her nipple closer and closer.

The small hill of cream shrunk until only a little portion directly on top of her rosy knob remained.
Arael waited for the entire time that he would do his way with this hard little thing and gave her the
same feeling as he did prior, but instead, he teased her and made never direct contact. But now, he
couldn't avoid it any longer. She had waited long enough.

Shinji sensed this as well, and decided to finish the teasing with the biggest tease. Instead of fulfilling
her unspoken wish, he made only one fast assault in which he sucked the entire remaining cream off,
followed by a short lick. This attack lasted not even two seconds, and Arael looked shocked and
disappointed into his grinning face.
She contemplated reminding him that this was her reward, but chose to wait. She was sure that he would
reward her with something even better. If not.....well, she could always express her displeasure at that
turn of events.

Silently chuckling, Shinji laid his head under her bosom on her stomach, and looked at the nicely arranged
orange slices. There were twelve of them, laid in a full circle, and a little raspberry on her bellybutton
completed this little arrangement.
Slowly, he brought his mouth to the first slice and bit a part of it off. Sweet juice ran over her white
skin, drawing wet beads on her perfect body. He finished the slice with a second bite, and then licked
the excess juice from her skin.
A little shuddering of her body, along with some slow moans confirmed that she enjoyed those actions very

All twelve slices were eaten this way. And always, he took his time after the first bite, so that the
juice could run over a greater part of her body, and he had more to lick up.
He needed over 15 minutes for this orange, a new record. He was for the first time this slow, although he
had to admit that he never ate his fruit before under such circumstances.

So, only the raspberry remained, which was naturally his next target. He tried to bring his tongue under
the little fruit, but failed miserably. Instead of placing it on his tongue, the berry rolled down over
her belly. In a frantic try to catch it, Shinji drove with his lips a line after the berry and tried to
stop it by sucking it in his mouth.
That failed too, as it landed directly above the banana, and the cool little thing had an almost
devastating effect on the Angel as is landed directly on her erected clit. If Shinji would have planned
it, it couldn't have worked any better.

Arael nearly came as this happened. She had fight mightily not to lose control over her body. Her fight
was difficult and she emerged victorious, but the amount of her pussy juice running down from her sex,
through the valley of her ass cheeks and finally dripping on the black AT-disc, tripled. It already
started to ooze down from the disc on the pilots chair.

The new position of the little fruit made it the last bite of this breakfast, as the only way to get it
would be eating the banana first. This, coated in chocolate sirup, rested between the thighs of the Angel,
and to eat it, either her position had to be changed, or Shinji had to change places. Because the plug
hadn't all too much space, only the first option was possible. So, only the question of how he could move
her remained. He tried the most simply action, using the disc like a plate and positioned her for this
last course. And it worked.

After the beauty was lined up in front of him, Shinji dived down and took the first bite out of the
banana. Covered with chocolate, it was a sweet end to his normal breakfast. He knew, the real end would
be a little bit more special.

The generous amount of syrup created a mess, as it soon coated the lower portion of Shinji's face, who
had smeared it in his attempt to finish the banana all over Arael's thighs.
As Shinji reached finally the last part of the banana, he was unable to suppress his grin as this last
piece landed on his taste buds. The taste of sexual fluids was overwhelming, and one of the reasons
continued to rest in its place.
The little raspberry, which pressed with her uneven surface against the Angel's clit, did a great work
in arousing the 15th Angel.

This little fruit was rewarded for his work by not landing in Shinji's stomach, but in Arael's. Shinji
gently picked it up and held it delicately between his teeth. This way, he delivered it to Arael's open
mouth and let it fall in the dark, teeth-rimmed cavern. Seconds later, the sex-juice coated fruity little
thing was on its way down through Arael's throat.

This left Shinji with the cleaning to do. Her thighs smeared with chocolate, the Angel spread her legs
and gave him access to clean her up with his tongue. He started downwards, near her knees, and worked
slowly his up, until he stopped near her sex. Since his tongue was covered in chocolate, the cleaning
wasn't very efficient, so he had to do it a second, and a third time. Only then, he was satisfied with
the clean look of her flawless skin.

The time for the jackpot had come. Only her wonderfully formed pussy was still hidden under a chocolate
coating. Very slowly and carefully, he started to clean her, beginning with the outer folds of her labia,
tracing his way to the wet, pink insides. The great amount of Arael's wetness made the cleaning much
easier, as he only needed one licking to remove the sweet syrup from her sex. The last part was her clit,
and he cleaned it by sucking the little bit of chocolate off. Arael moaned at this action, she clearly
enjoyed it.

The breakfast was nearly over; the time to use his hands for the first time had come. He brought his
hands to her sex, and parted her nether lips. The look of her insides was great. The pink flesh, the
little piss-slit, and the dark tunnel that led into her womb. He was even able to see her cherry,
which surprised, and saddened him a little bit.

He appreciated this sight for several long minutes, and then he dove in and started to eat her out
seriously. His tongue darted into her insides, only to be removed to be sucked clean of her juices,
to enter again for more.
At the same time, his lips rested against the satin outer folds of her sex, and his breath gently
caressed her clit. Arael, who had for the first time oral sex, was in heaven. Now she knew what Leliel
meant with 'Learning from each other'.

The young Angel's body began to spasm, and her juices flowed more freely, announcing her upcoming
release through her first orgasm. Feeling those signs of the impending flood, Shinji concentrated
his efforts immediately on her clit, licking and sucking on it. Arael didn't last long under this
final assault, and she experienced her first orgasm with loud cries and moans.
Shinji managed to take the first wave and swallowed it almost completely; the other four were too
much for him. The Angel fluid was squirted over the entire insides of the plug, coated most of it with
its light slimy complexion.

Helping her with an embrace and the gentle caressing of her hair through the aftermath of her first
sexual experience, Shinji relaxed and waited for Arael to recover.


To say that the Command Center was in turmoil would have been a complete understatement. All phones rang
continuously, but nobody bothered to use these technological devices.

Misato had a hard time of accepting the scene that she had witnessed, and only one thought ran through
her mind: How could she compete with such a goddess?

Ritsuko was too stunned to do anything, while Maya was ready to burst into tears. She wanted to be in
Shinji's place!

Makoto had already a bloody forehead. The reason for it was simple. After seeing the action, he smashed
his forehead against his desk, whether in annoyance, envy or jealousy, nobody knew.
Every few minutes, he would lift his face, take another look at the screen, only to smash his head
down again.

Aoba took a more normal way of coping with his feelings. He sobbed openly and cursed Shinji for having
so much luck.

Gendo took it with stride. He was nearly finished with a scenario where he should be able to not only
get Yui back, but some Angel sex-toy as well. Sure, he would have to kill Shinji for it, but this was
a small sacrifice to make.
He knew that Yui had some bisexual tendencies, so he was sure that after one look at this beauty, Yui
wouldn't mind a liquified Shinji. He only had to get these events under his control, and he would be
successful. The way he could achieve this was the last problem he had to solve before being able to reach
absolute bliss.

Fuyutsuki was the only who didn't give comments at all, primarily because he wasn't in a condition to do
so after the first few pictures. Having a heart failure could do that to a man.


The entire world had witnessed those events, and the reaction ranged from simple acceptance to outmost rage.
The phones in NERV HQ weren't ringing because they were bored.

The UN wanted to know what the hell was going on.

The Japanese government wanted to know the same.

The US pondered the option of nuking Japan, as the feed from this country was offensive to their high
moral grounds.

SEELE was shocked, and as Gendo hadn't reacted to their demand for a meeting in the VR, they tried to
reach him via the good, old phones.

The Christian churches, always complaining about killing messengers of god, saw the sinful activities of
this 'messenger', and demanded the death of this disguised demon. Sure, it would be a 180, but they did
things like this for over a millennium, and nobody had told them how stupid that looked, so far. So, why
should they break with the road of success?

And then there were millions of people who wanted to ask if they could get an Angel of their own. The
first in this particular line was a black-clad guy from Vienna, who threatened to shoot all members of
NERV if he didn't get one.

The most interesting thing however, was the absence of malice towards this Angel. Ever since the first
attack, they were enemies. Nobody bothered to ask why, or for what reasons they came.
This would now change, as the little display from this Angel destroyed the image of mindless killers.
Such a cutie wouldn't do such bad things. At least all males, and a good portion of females were sure
about that.
The remaining percentage, less then 15 percent of the population, who still demanded the immediate death
of the Angel, consisted of religious lunatics and aesthetically impaired, jealous old hags.
Interesting how such a little display on the media influenced the opinion of the world.


Asuka had a good time in her plug. Her hunger sated, she observed the action on the screen, and came to an
almost disappointing conclusion. The Angel didn't look better than Mana, at least in her opinion, and
Shinji wasn't very capable with his tongue. She congratulated herself again on her choice of taking Mana
as her girlfriend, and was otherwise unaffected.

Rei on the other hand was very busy. Leliel's visit wasn't out of boredom, but to show her the joys of
lesbian sex. Leliel had a good reason for this course of action, but what Rei didn't know, wouldn't
aggravate her.
So, the green-haired Angel showed Rei the proper meaning of sixty-nine, and how much a female tongue knew
better on how to satisfy a girl than a male one.

This action wasn't broadcasted over the word, so while the events in Shinji's plug changed the world,
Rei's silent orgasm as Leliel's finger entered her anus while she was being eaten out, was something
very private.


A few minutes later, as Arael has recuperated from her overwhelming feelings, it was time for her brunch.
Her plan wasn't to use Shinji as plate, at least not now. Instead, it was time for a normal little meal,
and a very important talk. Her little plot to broadcast this event all over the world had an important
reason, now the time for fulfilling it had come.

Shinji knew that this part would be broadcasted; he only didn't know that the first part was aired too.

Her food simply appeared out of the SoD on which she laid minutes prior, and as she started eating, the
talk started too.

She started. "It is time to end this useless violence."

"I'm fully for it. The question is how. If you get in contact with Adam, we will go boom. This is not
an option."

Arael smiled. "And this is where you are wrong. We get Adam and Lillith, and we all can live happily

"But second impact was ignited by Adam."

"True. It was an act of self-defense. We, the beings you are calling Angels, are almost immortal. We
have wandered for eons through the universe, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that we have a
little aversion against attempts to end it."

Shinji chuckled. "Not really."

"While it is impossible to kill us with normal weapons, a few with the capability to do this exist. One
of them is the so called 'Lancea Longinus'. If you hit us with one of those in the core, we are
completely obliterated.
As the Katsuragi expedition, who found Adam in Antarctica, tried to insert this weapon in the core, he
reacted. Everybody would, as this action wasn't a quick thrust, but a millimeter by millimeter insertion."

The disgusted face of Shinji spoke volumes about the prospect of this torture.

"Isn't the Lancea Longinus a weapon out of the bible?"

"Yes. It is the weapon of the soldier who used his lance to slash over the chest of Jesus, to confirm
the death."

"So the bible is right?"

"A Roman soldier, using an over 200 meter long weapon, with a weight reaching several dozen tons, which
originated from outer space? Hardly. This is just the name you gave this weapon, which is a remnant of
our initial equipment."

Shinji shrugged. "Now back to the Second impact."

"While we are responsible for this event, we were not responsible for starting this mess. Adam used most
of his energy in his attempt to defend himself, and shrunk to the size of an embryo. Instead of letting
him rest, another expedition kidnapped him and sealed him in Bakelite. And this was not the only violence
you did to our species years prior of our attempt to free them."

"What was the other one?"

"Shortly before the impact, the Geofront was discovered. Inside of it, another one of us lay. Lillith.
While the humans didn't try to kill her, they nailed her on a big cross, and are hiding her under the
NERV HQ. We want them back, but for a long time, we were divided, unable to agree on a plan of action.
I voted for subtlety, others for violence. We sensed the way our parents were treated, so we decided to
act. The violence against our kin called for violence too, so we reacted in a similar way, and this
conflict has started. As Sachiel, the first one attacked, the next discovery came. Not only that you
tried military measures to stop him, but then, he found himself confronted by clones of our leaders, bound
under layers of armor, kept in check with artificial control-systems.
I think most of the people know the tale of Frankenstein, and EVAs are exactly like that.
But one thing went in their creation wrong. They needed a life spark, and those they got from the first
pilots. And this sparkle of life was enough to create new life. The EVAs became alive. Sadly, in a very
different way. 00 hides itself, as the pilot was weak, 02 went insane, because the assimilation of the
first pilot was not complete. Only 01 developed normally, and was able to make contact. And so, this
started the final act to this drama."

"The final act?"

"Yes. We mean you no harm, as we never intended to do. Despite the plans of Commander Ikari, who wants
a Third impact to get his wife back, despite the mad schemes of SEELE, a group of old idiots, so afraid
of death that they want to kill all in a vain attempt to gain immortality."

"What has my father to do with this?"

"He was the one who ordered to nail Lillith on the cross, he was the one who kidnapped Adam, and even
now, as preparation for his impact, he has Adam under his control. He has the last remnants of Adam
implanted in his left hand, as he wants to use him as key for his own version of instrumentality."

Shinji's shock wasn't acted as the entire conversation so far. The plan never included such information,
which came as complete surprise to him.

" can you get Adam back?"

"Remove his hand."

Shinji growled. "You have my permission."

"And for SEELE?"

"What kind of people are they?"

"Old, very wealthy, with immense political power."

"Then kill them." Shinji anger flared, as it was planned by Arael. It was time for the complete wash-up,
which included SEELE and their mass-produced EVAs.

"No court?" she asked innocently.

"No court would judge them, if they have this much influence."


"One last thing." said Shinji. "What about the prophecy of the dead sea scrolls?"

And Arael laughed. At first it was only a light chuckling, then she fell in a full fledged laughter on the
floor and rolled around.

Shinji looked dumbfounded at her, as this reaction wasn't planned either.

It took some time until she was able to speak to them. "They are a nice little novel I wrote a few
thousand years ago. While my style was completely lacking at the time, I gave several copies to the humans,
in the hopes that they would learn the art of writing from it. While they managed this, they also created
not only one, but several religions based on the little tales. The tragic thing is that this little fiction
became their truth."

Then she laughed again.


The reactions to this little talk were varied.

In the Command Center, everyone listened closely, and as the speech had ended with Arael's laughter,
everyone glared at the Commander, Misato even pointed her weapon at his face.

Ritsuko looked disbelievingly at him, Makoto wanted to lobotomize him, while Aoba contemplated of using
his old, now useless guitar, for beating the old bastard.

Maya on the contrary, was way more sophisticated than that. She sent via the Magi a message to 01, which
informed the Angel that the Commander was hers to kill, torture, castrate, mangle, shoot, cook, dispose,
eliminate, terminate, and obliterate as she would wish.

Gendo pointed his own weapon at Misato, but was too nervous to do anything. He knew that he was in the
deepest shit possible, especially if the Angels information about the scrolls was really true.
And he knew that all the other things Arael said were this. Truth.


The reaction throughout the world varied greatly. The different cultures and histories of the countries
now showed their effects.

In North America, the people didn't believe the Angel. Their government had told them the Angels were
evil, so they had to be. The fact that almost nobody even brought the point about the events in
Antarctica up to now, spoke volumes about their trust in all things the media told them.
But not even they were foolish enough to intervene into the events in Nippon.

Europe and Asia were another matter. After a long line of dishonest governments, they knew that it was
better to trust an Angel, than their self proclaimed leaders. At least most of them.
Only Africa experienced a mix of reactions, as it depended on the history of the regions.

But one thing was sure: The majority of the world wanted to know what the truth really was. The events
that unfold themselves in Tokyo3 would soon culminate in the final truth, so they would learn it, one
way or another.

The UN, as dumb as their leaders were, knew this too. They ordered the destruction of SEELE, and
announced a non-interference directive at the events in Tokyo3. The kind of firepower they had was
insufficient anyway, as only the EVAs were able to stop an Angel. Ever since the end of the JA and
Trident projects, only those creations of NERV were left.


Arael had a hard time trying to stop laughing. The entire thing was so damned funny to her, she could do
it for the next few years non-stop. But time was pressing, and there were still other things to do, which
were more important.

So she called for her reinforcements, which should arrive soon. And for the little time she had, she had
a very sweet idea.

"Time for the dessert."

"Hmm?" was Shinji's only response, as a bucket with warm chocolate was emptied over his head.

She started immediately to lick him clean, and sent all males of the planet into a new fit of jealousy.
She laid him on the SoD disc, and started with his toes, wandering upwards. With no time to loose, she
decided to make it fast. Unlike Shinji, she had not enough time to lick each point several times.

Avoiding his sex, which was as hard as possible, she cleaned him up, from his thighs, followed by his
belly, over his chest, his neck, his face, up to the hair on his head. Instead of the slow administrations
she got from Shinji, hers were almost frantic.

As only his sex was still covered in chocolate, Shinji was sure that he would now get a great blow job.
So what came in reality, was a large disappointment.

Arael brought her index finger at the root of his erection, and with her nail, she slowly drew a line
upwards. Shinji, in his already over-aroused state, was unable to hold back. This little touch was too
much. With a loud groan, he spurted his essence over his body, only the last drops ran lazily down over
his softening cock. It was great, but not was he had hoped for.

He looked at Arael, which smirked at him. It was the same smirk Asuka often wore, so he knew that he
would get a nasty surprise.

Arael was fully satisfied. not only that she had all things she wanted, but her way of taking her reward
had also the nice side-effect of getting back at Shinji for his teasing earlier. Life was great!

"Sorry, I only like sweet things, not salty ones." came the Angels happy answer to his unspoken question.

And Shinji was near tears, as he understood that she never planned to have real sex with him as reward
for her help. She was a worse tease than Misato!

"Not funny." he mumbled angry.

"We all have different tastes. I like sweet things, so while you have no luck, this one will get its
wish fulfilled."

As explanation, a short video from the observation cameras in the NERV Command Center appeared on one
of the EVAs screens. It showed the bridge bunnies, and concentrated finally on Maya, just as Shinji's
meal started.
"I want this breakfast." the cute technician mumbled.

"I think I will fulfill her wish." declared Arael happily.

It was a very wise choice for Shinji to stop this particular conversation; otherwise, the strong red
light coming from the Command Center could have been misjudged as the start of 3I.
Maya's blush already lightened the entire geofront up, as everyone on the Command bridge looked at her.
Only Misato and Gendo were exceptions, who still pointed their weapons on each other.

"And what's with the rush, anyway?" Shinji asked annoyed. "You were awful quick with your dessert."

Shinji's disappointment was clear for everyone to hear. He cursed inwardly and asked himself if all
females were lesbians. First Asuka and Mana, and now Arael.
That he still had Rei, Tri, Misato, Yui, Leliel and Lily, was something he conveniently forgot.

The arrival of the other Angels answered this question. Leliel was back in her battle-form, Bardiel with
his possessed EVA-body, Zeruel, this time in the form described in the scrolls, and two new ones.
A glowing ring, Armisael, and a normal looking boy with white hair and red eyes, Tabris.
He had the hardest time getting to this gathering, as he had to be freed from SEELE first. Zeruel took
up the job, destroying the mass-production EVAs too. Tabris secured the video footage of the base from
this event, so that Iruel was able to broadcast it the same way as Arael did.

And so, the world learned about the mass-production EVAs, and their demise.

The picture of six Angels at once, ready to end the war, went over the world. And the world was helpless,
as their only weapons with the capability to defeat the Angels did nothing.

In perfect synch, all three Evangelions lined up and sided with the Angels, against NERV in stark contrast.
As they simply stepped out of the shadows that 'glued' them to the ground, Gendo understood how long he
was fooled. And Misato looked wide-eyed at this too. She knew that the other Angels were alive, and that
Shinji had an alliance with them, but she never expected that ever since the 12th Angel, he had fooled her.
He would have a lot of explaining to do, until she would let him in her bed again. Seconds later, she
realized that this was hardly a threat. There were simply too many other bedmates. She growled, and made
an oath to punish him for this stunt.
She would arouse him until he was near his peak, and then do nothing, again and again. He would pay for
his treachery!

"It is time to end this madness." announced Arael, now back in her battle-form. We will free our leaders,
and end the conflict once and for all. The fact that there will be no impact will show you that I spoke
the truth. We can learn a lot from each other, if we get the chance to do so. After this, it will be the
decision of humanity if you accept us as equals, and live with us in peace, or if we should leave you,

And Shinji added: "Time to pay, Father."

Unit01 nodded vigorously.


Preread by Wanderer
Useful comments and encouragement to write by Kuracao
Domo arigato.