Chapter 6: Finally free

Late in the evening of the day of Zeruel's defeat, Asuka left the apartment and made her way downstairs.
Soon, Mana would meet her, and together they would go to NERV and hopefully solve the problem with her
mother. She would have left the apartment one way or another, since she was tired of hearing Misato
berating Shinji, while Wondergirl defended his actions with cold logic.

She waited at the entrance of the building for several minutes until Mana came and accompanied her.

"Follow me." instructed the former spy and lead Asuka through several streets until they reached a small
park. There, Asuka was led in the bushes.

"What are we doing here?" asked Asuka.

"We wait for our transportation to your EVA."

Asuka blinked, but decided to keep quiet. She would wait and see what would happen.

The noises of someone coming straight to their location was the first indicator that Mana wasn't as
delusional as Asuka thought. The German girl hadn't really thought that there would be an ally to help
them with their feat.

A green-haired girl emerged and greeted the two.

"Hi there, I'm here for you." greeted the girl cheerfully.

"You are not what I have expected." Mana replied.

"Your problem. Ready?"

Asuka and Mana nodded. But as soon as the way of transportation came clear, the surprised gasps indicated
that they weren't that ready as they thought. Even more so, as they found themselves directly in the
already inserted entry plug of Unit02.

"How?" asked Asuka, only to hear a "I don't have a clue." from Mana. The green haired girl came too, and
explained to them what would happen.

"Lily will make a direct connection to 02, and reach out to the remnants of Kyoko. She will be supported
by Yui and myself. You will be brought into the core too, so that you are able to talk with Kyoko
directly. But first, you will have a short stop at the core of 01."


"Because this will be the base for the solution to your problem. And that's the place where the people who
are able to help you, are."

Neither of the two girls gave any reply to that, so Leliel gave Lily a sign that they could begin.

Asuka and Mana gasped at the whirling motions as they were sucked into the core for the first time.


Misato gave up. She argued for hours with Shinji and Rei, but both were unwavering with their points of
view. And she had to agree, the Angel was dead, Shinji had saved the day again, and again, he did it in
a very strange kind of way. He said that he knew what he had to do, and as long as he kept winning, she
had to agree. The problem however, was that with his first loss, they would be most likely be all dead.

As Shinji went to sleep, closely followed by Rei, Misato sighed deeply. She wasn't only unable to make
Shinji agree with her, but failed to separate them for the night as well. This meant another night in
Shinji's room.

She entered the room, and the sight before her eyes didn't do anything to calm her down. Shinji and Rei,
both nude, were involved in a rather heavy kissing session.

"Stop this at once!" bellowed Misato, only to be ignored again. Fuming, she went to the two teens and
yanked the sheets off, hoping that then, they would acknowledge her presence.
Seconds later, Misato only wished that she didn't have done it. The sight of Rei's hand caressing Shinji's
erection, along with Shinji's hand between Rei's thighs was something she didn't want to see.

Now it was time to use force. She yanked Shinji away from Rei, and separated them under loud yelling and
cursing. Ignoring the protests of the two lovebirds, she laid her futon between them and lay down.
As the bickering of those two didn't calm down, she yelled with her loudest voice: "SHUT UP!!!"

The ensuing silence was wonderful in her opinion. Now, she could sleep. Or at least fake it. There was no
way that she would sleep before her two lust ridden roommates were out of action.


Inside the core of Unit 01, Asuka and Mana were greeted with an unexpected sight. A young, silver-haired
girl was shouting venomously at a brown haired woman that appeared to be at the same age as Misato. And
Rei stood not far away observing the commotion quietly.

Since Rei was the only one who they knew, they went to the pale girl.

"What's going on here?" asked Mana, who, contrary to Asuka, had no problems of talking with the pilot of
Unit 00.

"The problems Asuka is experiencing are the effect of an attempt at motherly acting by Yui. Now she had
to tell Lily what she did, and get a lecture about the repercussions of her actions." came the monotone

"Yui?" said Asuka surprised.

"Do you know who that is?" asked an irritated Mana.

"I only know of one Yui, and that was Shinji's mother."

"Figures. If yours is in 02, his is in here. But what did she do to cause your strange behavior?"

Rei answered this question. "Yui thought that Shinji and Asuka were destined to be together. They met in
the past and were friends, although both of them can't remember. As Shinji started his relationship with
Lily, Yui thought that there was only one way left to bring those two together. If she influenced Shinji,
someone with the ability to influence Asuka would have been needed. She knew that Kyoko was in 02, so she
contacted her. But she overlooked a simple fact. Contrary to herself, Kyoko wasn't completely absorbed.
So, the soul in 02 is not complete, it is lacking in some essential things that make the difference
between living and being dead. Kyoko didn't talk with Asuka, but simply took the parts of her that were
her own will, the ability to make her own decisions, and used it to complete herself. That Asuka got
obedient wasn't the goal, but it was a nice side-effect of completing herself."

Mana's face grew hard, but it was Asuka who acted up. "No. My mother would never do such a thing." she
said with a firm voice. That her mother killed herself she could understand, since she understood that
her body was only a soulless shell. But that she would do something like this to her daughter was a
complete other matter.

Rei looked at Asuka. "You do not understand. Her soul isn't in 02. Only parts of it. And those parts are
unable to see the difference of good and evil, or the effects of her manipulations. Those parts are
incomplete, and all they want is to be complete again, no matter what. Your mother died in the activation
test, Soryu, and this is nothing more than a ghost out of a nightmare."

Asuka flinched as she heard the cold statements. Mana laid an arm around Asuka's shoulders to support her
a little bit. She could understand how Asuka felt, even if she was unable to act upon those feelings.


They had to wait for a few minutes, until the silver-haired girl made her way to the three.

"Hi, I'm Lily, Shinji's girlfriend and the one who can help you." With that she looked at Asuka and sighed.
"You are in a really deep mess. The remnants of Kyoko have sucked several parts out of you, and I have no
clue how to get them back into you. So we will take this in four steps.
One - we will go into the core and try to negotiate with the leftovers.
Two - If that doesn't work, which is most likely, I use my powers to force the pieces to comply.
Three - we will stick the lost parts back into Asuka, and hope that this will work.
Four - we bring you back and everything should be fine."

Mana looked dumbfounded at Lily. "I expected something better."

"I know, but that's the best we have. If necessary, we can have additional help, but this will incur a

"A price?"

Lily looked sour. "Yes."

"Let's go." called Yui from behind, and so they started their way into the confines of Unit 02.

They were immediately greeted by a red-brown haired beauty, which called itself Kyoko. But the fact alone
that this thing did not recognize Asuka as her daughter spoke volumes.


Several hours later, Misato was still on guard. She intercepted three attempts of Rei to get Shinji, but
now she was sure that the little nympho was asleep. And it was time, since she was very tired herself.

As she made one last look around before succumbing to sleep, she saw something she never expected and
wanted to see. Her body was suddenly engulfed by a cubicle of orange glowing panes that cut her off from
her surroundings.
Misato wanted to cry in terror, but was too stunned to do anything. With wide open eyes she lay there,
unable to do anything. Her terror increased as a sea of dirac formed in the floor, only recognizable as
the complete absence of light, while the rest of the room was a little bit illuminated by light that came
in from the window.

A person came out of the shadow and went to the door, where it used the light switch. Now she could
recognize the girl. It was the same as the girl on the new erotic paintings in this room. Still unable
to move, she doubted that this was a coincidence. Shinji and Rei awoke, but didn't react as Misato would
have expected. While she couldn't hear anything, they appeared to have a friendly talk with this creature.
Then, another black disk appeared on the floor, and the two jumped in as it was the most natural thing in
the world.

As soon as those two were gone, the AT field which surrounded her vanished.

"I think we have a lot of things to discuss." said the green-haired girl.


Shinji and Tri arrived directly in the entry plug of Unit 02, where Shinji was surprised to see Mana as
well. He shrugged and let himself be drawn into the confines of the core.

As they arrived, they were greeted by a sight Shinji would have never expected. A desperate Lily threw
massive amounts of energy at a red-haired woman, who was able to withstand those attacks without
difficulty. Yui yelled at the woman too, while Mana lay on the floor, obviously knocked out. Asuka
talked to her, but of what, he couldn't understand.

His arrival marked the end of the open hostilities, as Lily stopped her attack. The strange woman went
to Shinji and greeted him.

"Hello. I'm Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, and you are soon my son-in-law, correct?"

Shinji's face froze. "Definitely not." he answered coldly.

Kyoko looked strangely at him. "Why not? Asuka looks good, and now that she is obedient, she will be
a great wife."

Shinji, informed of the situation by Leliel, had expected this. And he even had a plan.
"But it wouldn't be Asuka anymore. She would be like a good little housewife, a broken spirit, dead, and
boring. She wouldn't be a wife, she would be a doll, incapable of feeling. If you think that this is
something I want, you are stupid. Besides, my interest in women lies with other people, not in Asuka."

Kyoko looked strangely at him. "I do not understand. What do....."

"I will not marry a girl where I need a little crane each time I have to sleep with her."

Kyoko's face grew hard. "If she is useless, she will cease to exist."

She turned to Asuka, but was stopped by Shinji who went in her way. "No, she will not. She isn't useless,
as she is my friend. She isn't useless, as she is the friend of others. She isn't useless, as she will be
the love of another one. The only one whose is useless is you."

Kyoko snarled at him. "If that's what you think, that is your problem." And with this, she charged at him.


"Who are you?" asked Misato with a cautious tone in her voice.

"Hmm, I thought you would ask what I am first." Leliel shrugged. "My name is Leliel."

Misato's eyes grew wide. While this explained some things she witnessed earlier, it didn't exactly calm
her down.

"You are the twelfth Angel?"

"Yup." came the cheerful answer.

"You?re supposed to be dead."

"There is no way that a human can kill an Angel. Not even with your EVAs. You can destroy our unfriendly
forms for the battle on this world, but you cannot kill us."

"Bullshit!" spat Misato. "We killed the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Angel. And you
should be dead too."

"Well, as you see, I am not dead. And my brothers and sisters aren't dead either. It's quite the contrary
actually. Sachiel wants to meet my lover to congratulate him on his good fight against him. Ramiel would
like to study the plans for your positron cannon, the Israfel twins are writing a new opera and Iruel is
quite busy with digesting of all the information he got out of the MAGI. I can assure you that they all
are alive and in good health."

Misato's shocked face let Leliel laugh. She thought that the confrontation with the Major would become
more violent, but so far, it was only talking.

"Why aren't you dead? And what's with the 13th and the 14th?"

Leliel sighed. "No one is dead. Accept it and move on to the next question."

"Could the others come back on this world too? The ones we defeated earlier?"

"No. Only after the end of the trials."


"With your attempt on killing Adam, you started the trials. Now we will test you to see if you are able
to understand."

"You mean, after we defeated you all, it is over?" asked Misato interested.

"No. If you would defeat us all, the Lillium would have failed and would be annihilated." came the dry
answer of the young Angel.

Misato gasped in open shock. If they were unable to win each way, how should they pass? "So, we fail if
we defeat you, and if we fail to defeat you we cannot stop you from initiating Third Impact, we are
screwed either way. That's typical Angel."

Leliel had to use all her control to not smack Misato a few good ones. "It may be hard for your
alcohol-dampened brain to understand, but if each way of fighting is wrong, doesn't mean that there
aren't other options. If you would drink less and think more, you should understand that you never tried
to negotiate with us."

"And how should we do that? Adam wiped us nearly out, and Sachiel came as tall monster and started to
destroy the city. How should we react? Ask him if he comes in peace while he stomps on the negotiators?"
countered a fuming Misato.

"How would you react if you come out of the water on a beach, and you are greeted by firing tanks and
attacking planes? Saying 'Thanks for the hostilities, I like you too?' How stupid are you?"

"We wouldn't have attacked if Adam hadn't wiped out half of humanity."

"Adam acted in self-defense. You assholes tried to kill him by using the only weapon that has the ability
to do this."

"Bullshit! I was there. I saw what happened."

"You saw nothing. You saw the explosion, but not what triggered it. You didn't saw how you so-called
scientists tried to insert the Lancea Longinus in his core."

"That was still no reason to kill so many."

"Would you act differently?" asked Leliel, who now made no more attempts to hide her flaring anger.

"Yes." shouted Misato.

"That is something we can test." answered Leliel. Shortly after, both were swallowed in a sea of dirac.


Kyoko gasped in shock as her attack was deflected like it was nothing. She had succeeded in taking out Mana,
and reached a draw with Lily. But Shinji wiped her efforts of hitting him effortless away.

After several minutes, she stopped and took a few steps back. "How?"

"Leliel is a master of techniques involving the AT-field. She is the best of all Angels in that field. And
she showed me a lot."

"You are human. You cannot externalize your AT-field."

Shinji only grinned at her. "As you see, I can."

"That's not possible!" cried Kyoko, while the others were simply shell-shocked. Not even Yui was able to
understand how this was possible. Only Lily watched it with keen interest, but without shock. Leliel had
told her the truth. This was simply the confirmation of it.
Yui looked questioningly at Lily. Asuka and a slightly recovered Mana did the same.

"Humanity. Lillium. The 18th Angel." explained Lily. Yui understood, but she was the only one. So Lily
continued her explanation. "The Angels were things that could have been. Lillium were the ones who were
finally given this planet. The last of the Angels, they are the 18th. Children of Lillith and Adam, given
the ability to create and to destroy. Their abilities sealed away, until they show that they are ready.
But by angelic touch, they can be unsealed instantly. And Leliel unsealed him."

"But why him?" asked Asuka.

"She wanted better sex with him." came the unexpected answer. Asuka and Mana's dumbfounded expression
begged for a more detailed explanation of this odd statement.

"Angelic abilities are not only the mastery of the AT-field and the defensive and offensive capabilities
of it. They include a lot of other things as well, as a better understanding of life itself, telekinetic
and telepathic abilities, a heightened IQ, and sharpened senses. Plus a few other things. Leliel did this
so that she could have a telepathic link with him during sex."

It took a while, then, Asuka finally asked: "Shinji fucks with an Angel?"

"Yes, I do." came his answer.

Asuka didn't know what she should feel. Relief and regret washed at the same time over her, as did a
feeling of freedom and loss. Still not complete, she knew that now she would be free soon. Asuka always
wanted to be the best, but she wasn't delusional. She couldn't compete with an Angel, at least as long
as she was sealed.

Kyoko smirked. "So you do an Angel and an EVA. Sounds like you need a human girl too. Asuka is still

"I already have a human lover, I don't need another one."

"Rei isn't human. She is Nephilim. Oh, so you are doing a Nephilim as well. But no human." pointed Kyoko

"I think I know better with who I have sex, and with who not. I never slept with Rei. But I had sex with
a human. I know that as sure as I know that you are not Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu."

Everyone, this time including Lily, looked surprised at the only male in their little gathering.

"As I came here, Leliel told me how I can have support if needed. I called for that support, and it has

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a figure started to form. Within a minute, a young man stood there
with a frown on his face. Violet hair fell down on his shoulders, and partially hid his pink eyes.

"My name is Irouel. I have searched for ways to break the influence of this thing above Asuka, and found
that this is the EVA, not Kyoko. Kyoko is still hidden in the deepest confines of the core and unable to
come out by herself."

"Can you free her?" asked Yui.

"No. This is not in my power. But another one can." he answered and looked amused at Shinji, who sighed
deeply. Now he had no chance of avoiding the little ploy he never wanted to participate in. While the idea
was interesting, he wasn't a fan of things like this. Well, now he had no other choice than to calling for
help, and therefore, sealing his fate. Yui looked pleadingly at him, and she knew what this would mean.
He sighed another time and used his abilities to call for help.


After a short pause at a beach, Misato found herself in the sleeping room of a pre-school. She didn't know
in which country she was, but by seeing that there were around hundred children in this room, indicated
that it was a poor one.

Leliel materialized behind her and strapped a bomb belt on her.

"So, now we will see if you act differently."

With this, she forced Misato against a wall by pressing a rapier against her chest. After Misato was
pinned, Leliel explained what she had planned.

"You say that Adam's action was intolerable. I say he simply defended himself. Now, we are in a room
with 103 children. You have a bomb strapped around your belly, and I intend to push this blade deeper
and deeper into your body.
To stop me, you would have to ignite the bomb. But this would kill the children. Or you can simply die
and let an Angel triumph over you."

Misato snarled at the last sentence, but was unable to move. The blade pinned her against the wall, and
each motion would impale her on it.

Ever so slowly, Leliel started to press the blade against Misato's body. First, it tore through the
fabric of her sleeping top. Then it grazed uncomfortably her skin, later, it broke through and drew the
first blood. As the blade sunk deeper and deeper, panic formed in Misato's mind.

An Angel, the creature she hated the most, was in process of killing her. Could the bomb stop it? Misato
doubted it. Was it worth a try? Definitely. But there were the children. She mentally shrugged. The Angels
killed more Yes, she wouldn't survive it too, but if she managed to take out the Angel, it was worth it.

As the blade sunk deeper, tore through the first layers of her flesh, she pulled the trigger on the bomb.

It didn't explode. Nothing happened.

"So you are better than Adam?" asked Leliel with anger in her voice. "Well missy, looks like an Angel is
more human than you. Contrary to you, I wouldn't kill the kids in here. So I gave you a disarmed bomb."

Before Misato could reply, she was again swallowed up in a black disk.


It didn't take long until the reinforcements arrived. Ever so slowly, a girl emerged from a dirac sea in
the core of Unit 02. While Shinji expected the worst, he was now unable to take his eyes off her.

Transparent hair, looking like thin fibers of silky glass, breaking the light in all colors of the rainbow,
fell down onto her shoulders. Overly large eyes in the color of shining silver latched onto his own blue ones.
The body of this Angel could only be described as angelic. Flawless white skin, as pale as Rei's, small and
firm breasts like Mana's, and overly long and slenderly legs like Asuka. She looked as if someone patched
the most beautiful parts of the girls he knew together in the perfect form of a goddess.

"I feel inadequate." announced Lily in a small voice, only heard by Yui.

"No need to. You were his first, and you are his big love. He will be enthralled by her beauty, but he will
not forget who he loves." whispered Yui to the Eva which had a downcast face.

"Love can change."

"You saw his heart. I had the same fears about Leliel, and while she is his lover, she is yours and mine too.
With her, it won't be different."

Lily looked with a spark of interest at Yui.

"Don't tell me you don't like the image of her in the bed with you and Shinji." continued Yui, which forced
Lily to nod in agreement.

Meanwhile, the new arrival made her way to Shinji and looked at him closely. "I expected someone more
mature." Were her first words in an undescribable voice. Sexy, soothing, arousing and calming at the same
time, it immediately caught everyone's entire focus.

"Well, I can't have everything. So what's the problem here?" she asked.

And Shinji started to explain.


The exit of this last black disc was shortly under the ceiling of the Katsuragi apartment, so that Misato
fell heavily to the floor with an unceremonious thump.
As she opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of the Leliel who looked disapprovingly down at her.

"And you think that you are better than an Angel?"

Misato was unable to answer, as she knew that she was tricked by her own instinct of survival, by her own
panic. She acted the same way as Adam did, if the tale Leliel told her was right. Sadly, she was unable to
doubt her story anymore. Her actions and the logical analysis of her story only indicated that she said the
truth. Misato didn't know what to do anymore. First, her life consisted of her hate for her father, who
always worked and always neglected her. Then, after he saved her life, her life consisted of her hate for
the Angels, responsible for Second Impact. Now she heard that the scientists around her father were
responsible for this tragic event, but her father was dead. So, there was no one left to hate. No more
reasons to keep on living.

"You know that Shinji and Rei aren't with NERV anymore. Do you still plan to run to your Commander and tell
him about this? Do you want to betray Shinji?"

"No." came the hoarse reply of the purple haired beauty.

"Good. So you are able to learn after all. Soon, this conflict will be over. Humanity will survive, and
you can marry your Kaji and live a happy live."

"I don't want to marry that lazy and cheating bum!"

"I don't care who you fuck. Or lick. Or whatever. You can have a happy life, and that's all that should
matter to you. And everyone else too. We, the Angels, will wander as equals among you. Without hostilities,
but helping each other."

"Sounds too good to be true."

"Not my problem."

"You said that we cannot win. If we defeat you, we lose, if we are defeated, we lose. So, how should this

"Shinji found the answer."

"What is Shinji to you?" asked Misato in a curious voice. She didn't entirely trust the Angel, and Shinji
was still important to her. Yes, she didn't need him anymore as weapon for her revenge, but as he lived
with her, she had started to like him. And now that he negotiated with the Angels behind her back,
although he had good reasons to do so, she felt betrayed by him, and concerned about his well-being as

"He is my lover." came Leliel's reply, which wasn't expected by Misato.

"So Shinji saves the world by fucking an Angel?"

"Partially, yes. Shinji saves the world by realizing that armed conflict isn't always the answer. That we
all need to let go of the past and march on towards the future."

This was something she needed to do as well, understood Misato now.


The first action of the newcomer was helping Mana. With a swift gesture, she used her abilities and lifted
the haze in the girls mind. She would need her help, so this was the logical thing to do.

"At first, I need to learn which parts are missing, and how I can help her. For this, I need to take a
good look at her mind and see what I have to do. This will not be pleasant, so a little deviation is in

She put Mana's face in front of Asuka's, then tilted it to the side. Before Mana or Asuka could protest,
their lips were forcibly smashed against each other. Mana used this opportunity to kiss the girl she
started to like immediately, while Asuka was occupied with kissing and realizing that a girl was kissing
her, and that she liked it sooo much.

This gave the Angel the chance to do what was needed. Light emanated from it and bathed Asuka in a glowing
aura. Only minutes later, she was finished with the information gathering. As the light faded, Rei wanted
to tell Asuka that she could stop kissing the girl, but Shinji signaled her with a shake of his head that
she should let them.

"Okay, that's not so hard as I thought. The EVA simply took some parts and played cut and paste. That's
easy to correct. Kyoko is still in the core, and liberating her won't be much work either. I think, in a
half hour, I'll be finished here." announced the beautiful Angel cheerfully, lifting a large weight from
Yui's shoulders with this words.

"And who said that I will cooperate?" snarled the Kyoko-copy.

The Angel raised one of her perfect eyebrows. "I never said that I won't do it by force."

The same light illuminated the Kyoko-copy, but this time, the effect was clearly visible. Within seconds,
the form lay on the floor, writhing in pain and cursing the Angel. Cracking sounds within the core were
signs of the shattering of the bindings the EVA wove above Asuka, showed that the stolen parts were being
freed. It didn't take long and the Kyoko-copy lay silently on the floor, utterly defeated and annihilated.
The Angel shifted her light from the copy to Asuka, as she implanted the missing parts where they
rightfully belonged.

Mana was the first to know that it was successful. From the shy kissing she received from Asuka, it were
suddenly upgraded to a devouring of her mouth and her lips. This forceful kiss suited far more the Asuka
she knew.

"Part one: Accomplished and successful." announced the Angel.

The others calmly waited, only Asuka and Mana didn't get it, since they were still occupied by other, more
important things to do.

For nearly fifteen minutes, they all waited, but nothing happened. Yui was the first one who grew a little
impatient, especial since she saw that there wasn't even a slight chance for an Asuka/Shinji relationship.
Not the way Asuka kissed the other girl.
However, before she could ask, a figure started to form. At first only a formless shadow, it grew in size
and density, then on sharpness and color. It was a slow process, but finally, the real Kyoko Zeppelin
Soryu stood in front of them.

Yui immediately greeted and hugged her, started to tell her what had happened during her absence. The
others didn't interfere, so Yui took her time and told her about the war, the Angels, the truce and the
upcoming peace. After this, Kyoko wanted unsurprisingly to see her daughter, so Yui stepped out of the way.
While she had hoped that Kyoko get a little fit and told her daughter that she should marry Shinji, Kyoko
simply saw the two girls kissing and said: "As long as she is happy, I don't care."
And this was the end of Yui's efforts of forcing Shinji and Asuka together.


In the next several hours, many things changed considerably. Not only that the S/A policy of Yui came to
an end, Rei faced several big changes as well. She accepted the Angels as allies, and therefore, Shinji
understood that she would do anything for him.

While he finally accepted that he wasn't the wimp he was few weeks ago anymore, he had hard times
accepting that a girl could like him. Lily was an exception, since she knew him better than anyone else.
That others were also interested came as rather big shock. Surely, the affections of them did a great
deal of changing his view of himself, but Rei frightened him.

That another person was willing to accept anything, to give anything, was something he couldn't understand.
It was even more so, since it was Rei that would do this for him.

After Kyoko's liberation, and his blessings for Mana and Asuka, which made them blush, he walked to Rei
and talked to her. They took their time, and he finally was able to understand some of her views. And he
was faced with another dilemma. He trusted Rei, and knew that she wouldn't run to the CA anymore. But would
he really be able to command Tri to give up the body?

Tri knew that this was destined to happen, but she didn't mind and decided to take the matter in her own
hands. Before Shinji could ask her, she announced that she would prefer if Rei would go back to her body.
She had good reason to wait for an Angel made body. "If I work hard, I want to enjoy my reward, not
getting sick of it."

Shinji laughed at that, while Rei didn't understand. If she could express herself better, she would have
shrugged. It didn't matter to her anyway. For her, only the fact that she would be back in the real world
mattered. And that she would live with Shinji.

During this time, Asuka and Mana were having a difficult time. Both were unwilling to announce an
relationship, and fact that Shinji wished them good luck and he would act as donor, if they wanted, didn't
exactly calm the others down.
Especial Kyoko, who was even a greater tease than Misato, enjoyed tormenting them.

Kyoko, very interested in catching up the last years, apologized to her daughter for her disappearance,
and her lack of strength. Yui apologized as well, as it was her who made the mess with the Kyoko-clone.

"But one thing I don't understand." Kyoko said. "Why did you wanted them so desperate together?"

Yui blushed into a new dimension. "I had my reasons." she stammered.

"And what reasons?" demanded Kyoko teasingly to know. "You didn't try to force them together because you
got the hots for him?"

Kyoko anticipated further blushing and stammered denials, not the completely draining of all color from
the face of her old friend. It took her only a few seconds until she placed all pieces of the puzzle
together. "You did! How far did you go?"

"A...t....w.....yyy." came Yui's mumbled reply.

"Could you repeat that?" Kyoko loved teasing, and that Yui fell for Shinji was too funny to not use it.

"All the way."

This was an answer Kyoko didn't expect to hear. "You fucked him?" she asked in a low voice.

"Yes." confessed Yui.

While they talked with low voices, they weren't silent enough.

"EWWWW, that's sick. I always knew that Shinji was a perverted hentai-ecchi, but that's gross." dead
panned Asuka, and Mana only nodded to this.

Kyoko on the other side could understand. She did not approve, but she understood. She knew how it was
to be incarcerated in the core of an EVA, how hard this ordeal was, this loneliness. But first, she would
need to make damage control.

"You are hardly one to talk Asuka. You are a hentai yourself, or at least you will be considered one. What
do you think will happen after your relationship with Mana becomes public knowledge?"

"But that's not incest."

"Yui and Shinji isn't incest too. We are here in the cores, where we have no bodies. No bodies means no
DNA, no DNA means no incest. This would only be the case if they would be doing it after our release of
the cores. And even then, I could understand. You cannot understand how hard it is to be here for a
decade, alone. If Shinji would have made contact with me, I would have jumped him as well."

"But you are not his mother!" replied Asuka.

"If it would have been you, and you were a boy, it would have happened! And as the girl you are, too."

Asuka gaped open-mouthed at her mother. Why did she defend this perversion so much?

"I understand." said Mana, which completely surprised Asuka.

"She was desperate for affection, and he was available. And for Shinji, we all know how much backbone he
has. But he wouldn't reject Yui anyway. She was always important to him, and since he didn't live with
her, he had no objection of being together with her. He didn't see her as his mother, but rather, as woman
who was interested in him. While still morally wrong, I don't give a damn about his bed-companions. He is
my friend, and he will be it in the future. Whether he pursues this relationship or not, doesn't matter.
And it already had some positive effects."

"What positive effects?" Asuka wanted to know.

"First, this entire mess brought us together." stated Mana, and for the first time, Asuka didn't object.
"And second, if this continues in the real world, I want a video camera when Gendo is confronted with it."

This statement brought laughter to everyone, especially as Yui declared that she would really like doing

"And third, as long as I have my love for myself, I don't care."

This last statement brought her a hug from Asuka, and a teasing answer from Kyoko.

"Well, my daughter is a nice girl. Maybe....."

"NO!!" came the combined answer from Mana and Asuka. Kyoko doubled over in laughter.

Later, as Shinji came back to them, Asuka greeted him with "Hello hentai," which he didn't understand.
Only after Kyoko explained what had transpired during his absence, he blushed and understood. But
instead of trying to melt into the floor, he went to Yui and kissed her on the lips. It was a simple
statement. He loved her, as lover, and he would stay with her, no matter what.

Rei joined them and raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment on the kiss. She knew that she would have to
share, and so she didn't mind. Man made morality didn't have a place in her world, as she was nephilim.

The Angel who had helped them, was the first to vanish. She went to Shinji and whispered something in
his ears, which made him blush, and then she was gone.
After this, the four people with the ability to go into the real world went back into their bodies, and
were transported to the door of Misato's apartment.

As Mana wanted to go upstairs, Asuka took her hand. "No." Mana looked questioningly at her.
"Stay with me, please." Mana nodded, but this created a new problem. Neither of them knew that Misato
was already indoctrinated by Leliel, so they had to hide Mana from Misato.

"Rei and I will go first. Misato will be busy of watching over us, so you two can slip in."

"Thanks." came Mana's reply.

Shinji swiped his card through the entry, and entered the apartment, holding Rei's hand.


"So, the lovebirds are back." they were greeted by Misato, who was sitting in the living room.

"We thought that you were asleep." stated Shinji, hoping that Misato hadn't seen the way they had left.

"Don't try thinking, you aren't good at it," replied Misato. She was in for a lot of fun, especially since
she knew some very interesting things about her ward. While she now understood why he was on the side of
the Angels, this didn't mean that he could bang Angels and not pay for it.

Rei frowned at this statement, but kept calm.

"Says the one who is killing her brain-cells with beer?" Shinji shot back.

"Where were you?"



"Is not important,"

"And why were you out? For a little number with Rei?"

"No. The bed would be more comfortable."

Misato smiled at this. "With me in your room?"

"If you like to watch." Shinji shrugged as he said this. Misato wanted to tease, but this was not supposed
to happen.

"We'll see."

"Good. I'm tired, so I would like to go to sleep."

With this, Shinji entered his room and started to disrobe, closely followed by Rei.

"It will be most disturbing, having Major Katsuragi in our room." dead panned Rei.

"Not necessarily." answered Shinji, and told her his little plan.

"Are you sure that this is wise?"

"Well, we know that she nearly gets a fit each time Kaji talks to her, and that she is awfully protective
of me. We'll try it and see. Since we cannot go all the way, because the next medical evaluation would
show it, we can do this."

"But I want to have it for me, since I have the stimulation to do so."

"Do you remember what Tri said, as she announced that she was willing to give your body back?"

"Yes. But I don't understand."

"Why are you unable to eat meat?" asked Shinji.

"Because of the animal enzymes."

"What are humans?"

And Rei understood.


They were just barely under the covers, as Misato entered the room and laid down beside them.

"I will ensure that nothing improper happens." she announced. But this had only the effect that Shinji
started to kiss Rei. Misato frowned at this, but didn't intervene. So far, they were within the boundaries
she had set in her mind. That Shinji's hand was busy with the fondling of Rei's breast, was something she
didn't know.

It didn't take long, and Rei changed position, so that her chest was now in front of Shinji's face, who
started kissing and sucking immediately.

Misato gaped at them. She never thought that Shinji would go that far, especial with someone else in the
room. The Angels corrupted him more than she had thought.

"Stop!" she yelled, only to be ignored. As she tried to interfere, she bounced off a weak AT-field.
Misato looked around to see if the Angel was back, but that wasn't the case. Instead, Rei's eyes were
glowing, and the look on her face, despite the pleasure she received, spoke a volume of the consequences
if Misato would do something she considered hostile.

So, Misato had to watch how Shinji pleasured Rei with his mouth. She was surprised that he didn't go the
entire way, as she expected that he would eat Rei out just to show her that he could do anything he wanted.
Misato hoped that things wouldn't go further, but this hope was shattered as Rei made her way down, and
took Shinji's erection in her mouth.

She had to admit that Shinji was not badly developed in this area. Not oversized, but not bad either.
However, seeing Rei sucking him off was something she didn't want to see. And his low moans and words
of encouragement towards the red-eyed girl were not welcomed either.
As Misato heard this, several pangs of jealousy flooded through her. She knew that she liked Shinji, and
always thought of him as a little brother. However, this little show aroused her, and she understood that
she could easily imagine herself in Rei's position.
The sucking noises, the low groans, this all made her hot, and her sex started to dampen. She would have
really liked to touch herself, but this would have only confirmed that those two had won. So she used all
her will to restrain herself.

Rei had a completely different technique compared to his other companions. By using her tongue and her
lips simultaneously, she gave a nice effect, but by very careful usage of her teeth, something which isn't
really recommended by this act, she triggered very intense feelings in him. It didn't take long, and he
shot his load in her awaiting mouth. Shot after shot, until he was empty and very satisfied.

Rei tasted the essence, and was disappointed that she could not swallow it, that she could not take it
inside of her. But she knew, if the Angels gave Yui, Kyoko and Tri new bodies, she could ask for a little
altering of her own as well.

Misato looked wide eyed at the things that happened in front of her eyes. Rei had sucked him off, and
Shinji came in her mouth.

As Rei took her mouth from his erection, and stood up, Misato didn't understand what would happen next.
Did Rei want to rinse her mouth out? That was not very erotic, and something she would never have done.
Maybe Rei was really that inexperienced?

Rei stepped over Shinji's body and kneeled down in front of Misato, who looked questioningly at her as
she took the face of the purple haired woman between her hands. As Rei's lips met Misato's, the older
woman opened her mouth in shock, and she wanted to yell. But something prevented this. A flood of slimy
liquid came out of Rei's mouth, and drowned her protests. At first, Misato didn't understand, but soon
the taste triggered several connections in her brain.

Her eyes widened in shock, as she understood that her mouth was now full of Shinji's seed.

Rei held the kiss, and forced Misato to swallow. A little massage on her neck, and the slimy fluid went
down her throat, and ended in her stomach. Misato was too stunned to react to this, so Rei continued the
kiss. It took nearly a minute, until Misato tried to shove Rei away from her, but found herself unable to
do so. During the kiss, Shinji had positioned beside them and stopped Misato's right hand. With a swift
motion, he sat behind her and grabbed her other hand as well. Now unable to defend herself, as she was
still half lying, she could not stop Rei from exploring her mouth with her tongue. Sure, she could try
to bite her, but Rei's little AT-field performance told her that this was probably a very bad idea.

She felt that Shinji had an erection again, so he most likely enjoyed the show between Rei and herself.
So far, she was an unwilling participant, but if that's the game those two wanted to play, she would
show them that she was better. And maybe she could convince Shinji that human partners were still the
best. It would be a shame to loose him to some angelic tramps. Or Rei.

So she started to kiss the girl back. She started to suck on Rei's tongue, which the girl clearly
enjoyed. Misato was surprised as she felt Rei's hand working on her pajama top, and even more as the
girls hands started to caress her breasts. Now only the bra was between her sensual globs of flesh and
Rei's administering hands.

Rei broke the kiss and hugged Misato, who didn't understand. Only as she felt the girl working on the
clasp of her bra, she understood. As soon as this piece of fabric was loose, the pale girl rolled it
up to expose Misato's hardened nipples to the cool air of the night.
Without hesitation, Rei began to kiss the tips of her impressive bust and lick at her hard nipples.

While Misato was first angry at Shinji for immobilizing her so that she couldn't push Rei away, she was
angry now because she couldn't draw Rei closer. As if Shinji had sensed this, he let her arms free and
used his position to remove her pajama top completely, soon followed by her bra. After this, Misato laid
back and drew Rei with her.

Shinji used this opportunity to kiss Misato. Ever since he lived with her, he had fantasies about his
guardian. His position and his own view of himself were always in the way when he thought about trying
to get closer to her. He never expected to kiss her, he would have been content by being her friend.
But now, he had the opportunity. Not only to kiss her, but to make love to her. And this would happen,
he was sure of it.

He changed his position and looked in the chocolate brown eyes of his guardian. As he saw her permission
there, he slowly pressed his lips against hers. He explored her lips for long minutes, until he opened
his mouth and brought his tongue into the fray. Misato had been waiting for this, and sucked his muscle
as deep as possible in her mouth, where her own tongue played with it.
Misato was surprised that Shinji knew to kiss this well, but didn't complain. Maybe Angels were useful
after all.

In the meantime, Rei had left Misato's cleavage and was heading downwards, until she reached the bottom
part of the pajama, where the panties were in her way. She observed their kissing for a little while, then
she tried to remove the obstacle.
Rei was quite pleased as Misato lifted her bottom and allowed her this way to remove the fabrics.
Frantically, she pulled them down over Misato's long legs, and was rewarded by the first view on Misato's

Rei liked what she saw. Only a small landing strip of purple hair hid a little bit of Misato's already
swollen labia. It was glistening with wetness, so Rei drove with a finger over it and took her first
taste of another woman.

Unseen by Shinji and Misato, who were still busy with each other, she smiled. She found the taste strange,
but agreeable. Without wasting more time, Rei brought her face close to Misato's sex and licked for a
first time over the wet slit. As she found this not satisfactory enough, Rei used her hands to part
Misato's nether lips, so that the rosy pink insides laid now open before her eager mouth.

At first, only her tongue made contact, wandering slowly over the outer folds, then Rei plunged it deeply
in the other woman.

Misato's eyes widened in shock. While she felt the administrations on her pussy, she thought first that
it was Shinji, who was still busy with her nipples. So, as she was licked down there, it couldn't have
been Shinji, which left only one explanation. Rei was the one, who was busy at work on her sex.

Rei pressed her mouth now completely against the wet sex of Shinji's guardian. She had to admit, that
despite the interesting feeling of an erection in her mouth, this was something she liked even more.
While in the core of 01, she could never understand why Yui and Lily engaged in such activities. Now she
It was as intimate as two women were able to be, and definitely something to do on a regular base. Now only
one question remained in her mind: would Misato agree to do the same to her? She would see.

Shinji felt the tensing of Misato's body as Rei started to eat her out, and he immediately knew what had
happened. It would have surprised him if Rei was not involved in some of the erotic games between Yui
and Lily, so there was no question that his new blue-haired lover knew how to please another woman.

Misato, now under the assault of two eager mouths, one alternating between her nipples, the other eating
her pussy, felt the waves of pleasure which announced an upcoming orgasm. She moaned to warn the
inexperienced girl of her cumming, but if Rei understood it, she surely didn't act like it. Her mouth
remained firmly placed over Misato's sex, and her tongue continued her roaming in the insides of he
purple haired beauty.

Misato's body tensed and she bit heavily on her lips to avoid crying out loud. If Asuka would now storm
in, things would be getting complicated, so she thought.
She squirted a little bit of fluid while cumming, which Rei held in her mouth. The girl knew that she
had reached her goal and withdrew her mouth from the dripping sex. Since swallowing Shinji's semen
wasn't possible, she was sure that the same was true for Misato-juice. So she held the liquid in her
mouth and tapped on Shinji's shoulder to get his attention. He stopped his work on Misato's wonderful
tits, the biggest he ever had the chance of sucking on, and looked at Rei. A short puffing out of her
cheeks made the message clear.

He sat up and kissed Rei. Misato's juices flooded his mouth, and some of it ran down over his chin,
and further over his chest. Misato tasted good. Not as mind blowing as Rei or Leliel, but still good.
He decided that he would eat her out too, some time in the future. He had cummed in Rei's mouth, and
Misato had cummed in Rei's mouth. So, only Rei remained unsatisfied. Shinji knew that correcting this
in his room wasn't a good idea.

Misato watched as her juices were given to Shinji, who swallowed them. She had to admit, this double
assault on her body was the best sex she had in a long time. And since Rei wasn't done, it would
continue. She wondered how Shinji would work on Rei.

"Time to go to the bathroom." announced Shinji, and this statement found agreement by Rei, who simply
nodded and stood up.

"Why?" asked a confused Misato, who didn't know what a mess Rei would make.

"We have our reasons. Stand up and come."

"And what if Asuka sees us?"

"The chances of that are too small to consider this scenario as possibility." came Rei's analytical

Still feeling a little bit uneasy, Misato understood that she had to go with them, or destroy any
chance of a repeated performance. This was an even worse scenario than dealing with Asuka, so she
followed them closely.

This was one of the times were Shinji was grateful for the big sized bathtub in Misato's bathroom.
Rei immediately sat down on one of the rims, spread her legs, and waited for the things to come.
Misato saw this. "So, you are eating her out, Shinji?" she asked teasingly. Watching this would
surely make her hot again.



"You will eat her out."

Misato's jaw would have landed on the floor, if such things were possible. She understood that Shinji
wasn't inexperienced, but this was completely unexpected. He expected her to eat Rei out, and announced
that as casually as if he were talking about the weather. Compared to this, she was the inexperienced
one. Misato Katsuragi had some lesbian experiences in her life, but those were a long time ago, in her
college time.
At first with Ritsuko, then with another girl, and finally, she met Kaji and stuck again to men. And now
she was ordered to eat a pussy.

"And why should I do that?"

Shinji smiled at her. "Because, while you are eating her out, I'll do you doggy-style."

"That's a reason." replied Misato and entered the bathtub. She kneeled down and brought her face close
to Rei. But first, she wanted to taste Rei's breasts. As her mouth engulfed one of the rosy nipples, she
felt Shinji's hand caressing her ass cheeks. As Rei moaned for the first time, his lands landed on her sex.

"Rei, tell me when her tongue is in you."


Misato took her mouth from Rei's nipple. "Why do you want to know that?"

"I won't enter you as long as you don't enter her."

The Major knew that there was no room for negotiating. So she gave Rei's nipples two last wet kisses, and
went then down. Now Misato registered for the first time that Rei was bare, which she found incredible
sexy. And her small lips, the same color as her nipples, looked so cute, and tasty, that she didn't
hesitate any longer.
She felt Shinji's throbbing member on her entrance, waiting on Rei's announcement to spear her up. And she
wanted this badly. So, her mouth made contact with Rei's sex, and her tongue wandered directly to the hard
little knob of the blue-haired girl?s clit.

"AAAAAAahhhhhh." made Rei, and that was the sign for Shinji to begin. If someone would have told him a
few weeks prior that he would have a triple with Rei and Misato, he would have fainted. And now, he saw
Rei convulsing under the merciless assault of Misato's tongue, and had the tip of his erection at the
warm, wet entrance of his guardian.
With one fast motion, he plunged himself up to the hilt in Misato's slit. Feeling that Rei wouldn't last
long, he started immediately at a fast pace. He wanted to have an ideal coupling, where all three came

Misato felt him entering, and was surprised by the speed he used. Her mouth busy on Rei, she enjoyed this
situation more than she had imagined. Not only that Shinji was doing her better than Kaji, Rei also tasted
good and so, she was now hooked on pussies again as well. Life couldn't get better, at least in the opinion
of one Misato Katsuragi.

The breathing of all three became faster, and the moans, which were muffled, in Misato's case, louder.
Then it happened. With a high squeak, Rei squirted her juice directly in Misato's mouth, who was completely
surprised by the pressure and the amount of it. But she wasn't gulping down beers without swallowing for
nothing. She used the same technique for Rei's juices, so the fluid landed directly in her stomach and
emanated a warm feeling there. As Rei finally collapsed against Misato, the feeling of this, and the
merciless banging of her pussy were too much for Misato. Her body tensed and she came for the second time
this night. One of the side effects of this orgasm was the clamping of her vaginal muscles, which sent
Shinji over the edge. The feeling of being milked from Misato's tunnel was overwhelming, so his essence
spurted deep in the womb of his guardian.

Misato and Shinji collapsed too, and it took them several minutes until they were able to move again.

As Shinji registered that there was no mess to clean up, he asked how this was possible. Misato's answer
was surprising despite his living with her for a few months. He simply hadn't thought of that.

"Was this the reason why you wanted to go in the bath?"


"So you had some difficulties with it?"

"Let's just say that Rei's apartment didn't became inhabitable for nothing."

Misato chuckled at this admission. "Then you need some training."

"Yes, I do."

After this, they took a quick shower and went to sleep.


Asuka waited for fifteen minutes before she opened the door and led Mana inside. She took a quick peek at
the living room, and exhaled relieved that Misato was out of sight. She took Mana's hand and went with her
straight into her room. She closed the door and locked it with the cheap lock she had installed a long
time ago.

After this was done, she turned around and saw Mana standing at the window. Illuminated by the street
lights, the girl looked even better than she had thought so far. Asuka understood that she liked the
girl, but being really a lesbian, a carpet-muncher, a pussy-eater, was another matter. She didn't know
if she was ready for this. And if Mana was ready for this was another unknown factor.

Asuka went to the other girl and took a place beside her. Then they looked out of the window, simply
enjoying the fact that they were not alone.

"And now?" wanted Mana to know. The amused tone of the other girl irritated Asuka a little bit. It was
as if Mana had already made up her mind and knew what she wanted. While she herself was still unsure of
how to proceed.

"We should go to bed. It is late."

Without answering this statement, Mana stepped from the window and took her clothes off. Asuka didn't
catch on to this, until she heard the rustling of some clothes falling on the floor. Asuka turned around
and saw how Mana removed her bra, immediately followed by her panties. While she hadn't turned on the
lights in her room, as it could alert Misato, the stray light from the window gave enough illumination
to let her see the others girls firm breasts, the formidable body, and her bare sex. The last of those
things surprised Asuka, as she had never concentrated on Mana's sex before.

"You are shaving?"


"But you are bare."



"It was for the Trident. The suits were so tight that each hair irritated the skin immensely, so all
our body hair was removed."

Asuka flinched at that, she didn't want to trigger uneasy memories in her friend.


"And what?" asked Asuka.

"Do you like what you see?"

Asuka was glad that she stood with her back to the window, so that Mana couldn't see her gigantic blush.

"I'm waiting."

"Yes." admitted Asuka in a small voice. Yes, she had kissed with the girl, and she had seen her nude, but
not in the intimate confines of her room, not with the lookout of lying in the bed with Mana.

Mana waited for some time, until she asked: "Do you sleep in your clothes?"

This question brought Asuka back to reality. "No."

"Then, what are waiting for? Or should I turn around?" came the amused answer on this.

Nervously, Asuka started to work on the tie of her seifuku, but her shaking fingers were unable to untie
the knot. She was using all her concentration on the effort, so she didn't notice that Mana was standing
closely in front of her.

Carefully, Mana took Asuka's hands and brought then down on her sides, then she started to untie it.

"Why are you so nervous?" she asked, and looked in Asuka's face, which was still hidden in the shadow.
Only the sparkling of her eyes could be seen, but these told Mana enough. Asuka was afraid! And she
understood, if she wanted her, she would have to take the initiative. And it would have to be tonight,
or never.

Asuka looked in Mana's eyes and saw the concern and other deep emotions. She felt how the girl worked
on her tie, which soon landed on the floor. Then Mana helped her out of the top, and started to open her
blouse. Asuka's entire body shook, and she didn't know what she should do.

"There is no need to be afraid." whispered Mana soothingly. "I will do nothing you don't want. I won't
hurt you."

As the buttons were undone, Mana helped her out of the blouse. The skirt was the next item of clothing
to fall on the floor. Now, Asuka had only her bra, panties and socks on her body.

Mana kneeled down and took one of Asuka's feet and removed the sock. This done, she gave her great toe
a little kiss which cased Asuka to flinch. It would be a long way away to make Asuka relax.
She removed Asuka's other sock and repeated her action. This time, she didn't flinch. A good sign.

After Mana stood face to face with Asuka again, she slowly brought her face closer to Asuka's. Asuka,
who knew what would follow and anticipated it, tilted her head to the side and waited for the kiss to
happen. The sensation of Mana's lips against hers was familiar enough to simply enjoy it. And this she
did. Asuka opened her mouth and waited for Mana's tongue to enter, but was disappointed. It took her
while to understand, but as soon as this had happened, she acted accordingly and shoved her own tongue
in the waiting mouth of the other girl.

This was new territory for Asuka to explore. So far, it was always Mana's tongue in her mouth. She
explored the mouth of her ex-enemy and found it arousing to feel Mana's tongue, her teeth and the
roof of her mouth. Mana started to suck on her tongue, and now she understood how good this feeling
was. She did the same for Mana as they were in the core of 02, but back then, she didn't understand
why Mana liked it so much.

During the kiss, Mana's hands had started to wander over Asuka's body. From her shoulders down, she
wandered with one shortly over Asuka's bosom, which caused a weak protest from the redhead.
So the kiss continued for several minutes, until Mana made her next move. Her hands wandered along
Asuka's back, until they finally found the clasp of her bra and undid it.

Asuka stiffened as she felt her bra come loose, but with her tongue in the other girls mouth, she was
unable to protest. Her bra was completely removed, but Mana didn't go further. The kissing continued,
and Asuka relaxed again.

After some minutes, the kiss was finally broken, and Mana took a step back. She looked at Asuka, and
at her breasts. She couldn't see much, but there was no doubt that Asuka was well endowed with proud
standing, firm breasts.

"May I?"

"What?" came Asuka's shaky reply.

"Touch you. You can touch me as well, if you want."


"Wherever you want?"

"No. I meant. Where do you want to touch me?"

Mana brought her hands to Asuka's face and caressed her cheeks.

"Your face."

Her hands wandered over her neck to the shoulders, "Your neck and your shoulders." then over her arms,
"Your arms," until she took her hands. "Your hands," Then she moved them over the side of Asuka's body down.
"Your hips," And clapped against her ass. "Your rear."
This caused Asuka to chuckle, as this playful action surprised her completely.
"Your legs I have already touched, so I don't think that I need permission to do it again."


The hands came back to the front and slowly moved upwards. "Your belly." Finally, they landed on Asuka's
breasts and cupped them. "Your breasts."
Asuka gulped. You touched them before you asked." she pointed out. Mana's answer didn't come in words. She
took one of Asuka's hands and laid it on her own bosom, then she brought her hand back to Asuka's.

Asuka had a hard time. Not only that it felt so good to have Mana's hands at her tits, but now this was
accompanied by the feeling of Mana's flesh against her own hands. As she contemplated this, she became
aware that her subconscious had already acted, and that her second hand now caressed Mana's front as well.
She saw a soft smile in the face of the other girl and kissed her shortly on the lips. It was a very soft
kiss, only the lips were involved, but the action itself spoke volumes. It gave Mana permission to
continue, and strengthened Asuka's resolve to let the former spy continue.

With a quick motion, which surprised Asuka, Mana kneeled down and removed the last piece of clothing on
the redhead's body, her panties. Too surprised to react, Asuka realized that she was now completely naked
only after Mana stood straight again, and gave her another soft kiss.

After this, she took a step back and admired Asuka's body. She was so beautiful. Her orange-red hair
shone in the illumination from outside like flames, her slender body was something that any woman would
be jealous of. Her breasts were big, but firm and in a perfect form, with big nipples that invited
someone to suck on them.
While she couldn't see this, she could feel them rather well. And that they were already hard, too.
Asuka's entire frame was slender, which included her hips too. And her legs, extremely long and well
toned, could outmatch most models. A small darker patch indicated that contrary to her, Asuka had some
pubic hair.

Ever so slowly, Mana bowed to bring her face on the same height as Asuka's cleavage. Then, she closed
in and planted her first kiss on the hard nipple of Asuka's left breast, closely followed by the right
one. Asuka inhaled sharply, but since she didn't object, Mana continued by bringing her mouth in full
contact with Asuka.
She started to suckle on her like a baby, and the increasing breathing was a sure sign that the redhead
enjoyed this as well.
Alternating between the two nipples, she enjoyed the taste of Asuka's skin, the feeling of having her
hard nubs between her lips, and occasionally, between her teeth.
And while this was happening, her hands roamed all over Asuka's body accustoming the pilot to her touch.
She suckled hard on Asuka, as one or her hands made it's way through the small jungle on Asuka's mons venus
and reached the slimy folds of her sex. "Your sex."
Asuka didn't object.

Mana left the large globes of flesh and wandered downwards, to her belly. Reaching her bellybutton, she
pressed her tongue into it, an action which caused Asuka to chuckle again. Then she continued her way

As he reached the pubic hair, Mana removed her face and changed her position. She kneeled down fully and
placed her arms between Asuka's legs, using a little bit of force to spread them apart.
This position would also allow her to support the redhead if she collapsed, which was her goal.

It was sad that she couldn't see the sex of her lover, as she couldn't admire it, but as her lips made
contact with the wet and slimy slit of Asuka, she was perfectly content with tasting and feeling it.
Asuka gasped at this first contact. While it was nice to feel Mana at her front, this was pure heaven.
Now it didn't matter that it was a girl who was eating her. In fact, she would have been unable to answer
the question if Mana was a boy or a girl. Too caught up in the exploration of this new world of sexual
feelings, Asuka was only able to enjoy it.

Mana enjoyed it as well. The slippery feeling on her lips, the taste on her tongue, the wetness she gulped
own on a regular base, this all made it to the most intense sensation she ever had. She could feel each
little spasm of Asuka's muscles; hear the frantic breathing, and the low moans of the German girl.
Too soon for her taste, Asuka's body shuddered, and a small amount of tasty liquid was released in her
mouth. A good portion of Asuka's weight rested now on Mana's arms, as the legs of the redhead were now
too weak to keep her standing. Slowly, Mana helped her glide down on the floor, where Asuka was able to

As the pilot came back to her senses, Mana held her in her arms and caressed her hair soothingly. With a
soft touch against Mana's face, she informed the Trident pilot that she was back in the real world again,
which was rewarded by a soft, strange tasting kiss. Too tired to think about, Asuka had the first taste
of girl-juice on her lips, the taste of her own.

Mana helped her to her bed, were they lay down. Asuka nestled close to Mana and kissed her. And her hands
landed on the firm breast of the red-brown haired girl. The feeling of Mana's breasts was nice; the hard
buds of her nipples were a tickling sensation on the palms of her hand. Slowly, she kneaded the hot flesh
and elicited a mall moan from her. She kissed Mana again, then she at up and looked down at the young
woman who had made love to her only a few minutes ago.

Asuka hesitated at first, but finally, she brought her face down and started to spoil the tits of Mana as
she was spoiled by her. The quickening breathes and the encouraging touches of Mana's hands made Asuka
smile in realization that she was doing a nice job. It was strange. Only two days ago, she hated Mana.
And she would never have thought about kissing a girl. Now, she had her first orgasm at the hand of Mana,
and was munching on the girls firm tits. And she liked doing it!

After several minutes, Mana took one of Asuka's hands and pressed it against her sex. Asuka stiffened
shortly, until she realized that the feeling wasn't that much different from masturbation. So she let
her hand there and drove her finger up and down over the puffy lips of Mana's sex.

This continued for a few minutes, and then, Mana pushed Asuka lightly away from her nipples. Asuka knew
what she wanted, but she was unsure if she was ready to do it. Yes, she had kissed another girl, but
kissing was something boys did as well. She had her tits sucked by a girl, but a boy could have done
it as well. She was eaten out, but a boy could have done it. She sucked on Mana's nipples. This was so
far the only lesbian action she did, but as babies, most girls have done it.
As Asuka sat up, she saw that Mana spread her legs to give her better access. The dim light didn't let
her see much, but the dark folds of Mana's sex were easy to recognize.

And Asuka knew she couldn't do it. She couldn't lick a pussy. She wasn't a lesbian. This was wrong.
Everybody had told her that things like this were wrong, and their words now reared their ugly heads.

Asuka tensed as she felt Mana's hand against her cheek. It was a simple gesture. A simple caress. Nothing
really sexual. But as it is often, simple gestures can have tremendous impacts. In her case, it gave Asuka
strength. The strength to find the resolve to give Mana the same satisfaction she had given to her.

With a swift motion, she brought her lips on the satin folds of Mana's sex and forced her tongue as deep
as possible on the love tunnel of the other girl. She felt the soft texture of her labia, the slimy
wetness of her inner folds, the taste of pussy on her taste buds. Unseen to Mana, tears streamed over
Asuka's face. She had faced her biggest remaining enemy, herself, and had won.
Now, that all barriers were broken, she lapped vigorously on the wet sex, using her lips and tongue to
bring satisfaction to her lover. She gulped the delicious fluid that seeped out of Mana's love tunnel
down as if it were a rare delicacy. And for her, it was. And since she didn't plan to share her newfound
love, she would be the only one tasting it.

It didn't take long until Mana gave in to this relentless assault. A shudder of her body, a loud moan,
and some fluids flooded Asuka's mouth. That was it.
For Mana, it was the first orgasm at the hands of Asuka. She didn't know how hard the German girl had
to fight.
For Asuka, it was much more. It was the beginning of her future. A future with Mana at her side. And
there was nothing that could separate them. Whatever hindrances lay in their way, she would shatter them.

Asuka lay down on Mana's side and took the still shaking girl in her arms. She held her until she was sure
that Mana was sleeping. "You and me - forever." she whispered. Her last words before she succumbed to sleep
as well.


Preread by Wanderer
Useful comments and encouragement to write by Kuracao
Domo arigato.