Chapter 5: Two kind of Angels

As much as Asuka hated to admit it, Mana prepared their little excursion very well. They met at the
school gate, where Mana waited for her, standing in a spot where nobody from school was able to see
her. Soon they started their way to their destination, where no one could easily find them.

After a rather long train ride, followed by a bus trip, they arrived at the edge of the woods which
surrounded Tokyo-3. Mana led her into the cool confines of the woods, walking straight to the destined
target, which they reached after 20 minutes.

Mana laid out two towels and placed a picnic basket between them. Then she looked at Asuka.

"Ready to swim?"

"Sure." answered the redhead. She had brought her red-white striped bikini. Her chances to enjoy life
were few, so she decided to make the best out of today, even if it meant spending the day with Mana.

Asuka blushed as her rival simply disrobed and jumped nude into the small lake. She observed the
shimmering droplets as Mana jumped in, and realized that the other girl was definitely a rival in
the looks department. While her own breasts were bigger, Mana had a nice pair with cute little nipples.
Both had killer bodies to die for, while hair and face being the choice of the observer. Asuka's
biggest bonus were her longer and more athletic legs, which she were very proud of.

While Mana started already swimming around, Asuka applied some sun block. Since her adventure in the
volcano, she knew how bad it was being sunburnt in her plug suit. She had no intention of repeating
it, ever.

She joined Mana after a couple of minutes and was surprised how cool the water was.
This was definitely a wonderful spot for relaxing. The trees provided enough shade to keep the water
cool, while the surrounding grass were still enough place to take a little sunbath.

Both swam a few rounds in the lake, when Asuka decided she wanted a little bit more thrill,

"Wanna race?" she called out to Mana.

The other girl swam to her, then replied: "No."

"Why not?" demanded Asuka.

"Why should I? We should relax, not drain ourselves out by some unnecessary contest."

Asuka hated to admit it, but Mana was right. "Hmmph."


Later, they ate several snacks Mana brought along for dinner. This allowed Asuka to ask some questions
which she really wanted to know the answers.

"Why do you want to help me?"

"You have problems with your mother, right?"


"Then that's the answer."

"I don't understand." said Asuka with a frown on her face.

Mana sighed. "I'm fourteen like yourself. Unlike you, my mother is still alive, at least, until I find
her. I was born seven months after Second Impact, in which my father died. My mother never cared too much
for me. My earliest memories are of playing on the street, eating things I found in the junk and hoping
for better things. While the EVA project started immediately after Second Impact, it took four years
until the JSSDF and the UN managed to get another program moving which was The Trident Project. Unlike
the EVA, young pilots weren't required, but they still have better reflexes. So they searched for children
between four and six to recruit them. My mother sold me for 250.000 Yen to the military. That was my worth
in her mind, possibly even less."

"Then it was maybe good that you went to the military. I mean, at least there you have survived. If you
had stayed with your mother, you could have died." replied Asuka.

Mana chuckled sadly. "It wasn't a training like yours. You were a precious item, a pilot for EVA. I and
the other children, 200, were only material to be trained as pilots for robots. It wasn't a nice training
were you got help from the instructors or understanding if you failed. We were pushed through rigorous
and hard training. Whoever wasn't good enough was shot on the spot. Out of 200, only four survived."

Asuka gulped. And she thought that her childhood was bad. Compared to this, it was heaven. Sure, she was
haunted by
nightmares, and yes, the pressure was high, but not like this. She saw the unshed tears in the eyes of
the other girl. Mana then turned around, laid down on her belly and said:
"Time to catch a little bit sun."

Mana's face was directed on the other side, so that she couldn't see the tears which most likely made
their way down her face. Asuka wanted to comfort the other girl, but squashed that impulse immediately.
She wouldn't hold a nude girl in her arms and comfort her.
A few light spasms indicated that Mana had problems with controlling the urge to sob, so Asuka laid a
hand reassuring on her shoulder.

"But you were strong and survived. And you are still strong. You'll make your way."

Mana turned her head and smiled with wet eyes on the redhead. "Thanks."
After this, she regained her former position.

Now Asuka was able to understand why Mana wanted to help her, despite the trouble she was for her in
the past. She only hoped that she would find a way to pay her back.


After some silent minutes, they started to talk, told each else about their training, their pasts. To
Asuka's shock, Mana had a far more darker past than herself. Especially her so called family life was
even worse.
Yeah, her mother had hung herself, but she hadn't beat her, nor hadn't she sold her to someone.

But there were some nicer news too. Mana had received close combat training, as she had herself, so they
could spar sometimes. Also, the girl she despised so much was as intelligent as herself, the only reason
that Mana hadn't a degree too, was that her training was strictly military.

As Asuka heard that her ex-enemy was also a well-versed sniper, she gulped. She had done some really bad
things to the other girl, and if she would have been in her position, a bullet would have hit her
directly between the eyes.

They talked for several hours, learned much things about each other. While they weren't friendly to each
other, they could certainly become friends. Especially if Mana was really able to help her. Then she
would owe her a really big one.

For Mana it was an interesting time too. She always thought that the German redhead was simply an
arrogant stuck-up bitch, which had almost everything. To hear that this wasn't the case surprised her,
and changed her view of the other girl completely. While she was still upset about the fact that Asuka
ran to Ikari Gendo, she now saw a lot of common interests and similar pasts. Maybe they could become
friends after all. It would not be only good for them, but for Shinji as well. She knew how much he was
hurt as they fought each other.

As darkness fell, the air started to cool down, so the girls were forced to put on their clothes and
they started their way back. Mana, too tired to take the entire trip with the bus and train, used her
credit card for a taxi. Another thing that she should say a big 'Thanks' to Lily and the MAGI.
As they arrived at their apartment complex, it was already after 2200. To Mana's surprise, Asuka
escorted her up to her apartment.

"I had fun today. Thank you." said Asuka.

"Yes. It was nice. And very interesting too. We really should spar sometime. My skills are getting

"No problem. I would like a little workout as well."

After this, an awkward silence ensued.

"So, till tomorrow 2300."Asuka broke the silence.


Then Mana did something unexpected. She brought her left
hand behind the back of the German girl and drew her close.
As Asuka was surprised, she failed to struggle. When Mana's lips met Asuka's, her eyes grew wide. For
the first seconds, Asuka wanted to break the kiss, and to smack her a few good ones. But on the other
side, she had to admit that it was nice to feel these soft lips against her own, and so she unconsciously
took the choice out of her hands and melted into the kiss. The kiss only deepen for a fraction of a
second, as the tips of their tongues flicked against each other, so that a thin strand of saliva
connected their lips even after they broke the kiss.

Out of breath, Asuka said: "It's time........I go." And with that,
Asuka went to the stairs and ran down. She heard a "See you tomorrow." as she reached the next floor,
and fastened her pace back to Misato's apartment.


While the two girls had their fun, Shinji faced the possible biggest problem in his entire life. He was
in Rei's apartment, and had no clue what he should do. On the bed laid Rei, bound and gagged, by him.
He couldn't permit her running to the Commander, so he had to stop her. But what now?
She wouldn't be unconscious forever, she would awake and then his problems would really start.

Several small groans indicated that Rei started to awake. So, what now?

As soon as Rei regained consciousness, she opened her eyes and searched for the person who bound her.
As she spotted Shinji, she felt great disappointment. She knew that he was seeing this strange girl, but
his actions against her indicated a treachery at a far deeper level than she ever had feared.

As Shinji frantically thought of a solution, he didn't notice a black disk forming in the kitchen. He
gasped as a feminine hand held his shoulder. He turned surprised, and was confronted with the cute smile
of a green-haired Angel.

He kissed her deeply.

Leliel was surprised, this boldness was untypical for her lover. So she looked around, and it didn't
take her long until she spotted the bound form of Rei Ayanami.

After their lips parted, Leliel decided to tease him.

"Kinky. I didn't know you liked bondage. Can I have my way with her too?"

Shinji looked shocked at her. "It isn't.....I mean......I wish it would be that."

"If that isn't it, what then?"

"Ayanami observed us."


"She saw us together."

"So she's a little bit jealous?"

"She knows that you are not human."

This brought a surprised expression on Leliel's face.

"And why?"

"She wanted to run to my father and tell him everything she saw."

"I see. And what now?"

"I have no idea," admitted Shinji.

"Could we draw her onto our side?"

"I doubt that she would listen to me, and neither to you. I don't know."

"Maybe Lily and Yui can achieve what we can not. I can bring you two directly into the plug of Unit 01,
so that we can contact Lily. Maybe they know what to do."

Shinji shrugged. He had no better plans. "Ok."


After a short journey in the black void that was a Sea of Dirac, they arrived at their destination. As
soon as Shinji sat in his seat, he found himself in the familiar confines of the core. Leliel stood
beside him, and the bound Rei laid in front of his feet.

Almost immediately Lily arrived, shortly followed by Yui and Tri.

She looked at Rei. "You know, I expected that you screw Rei sooner or later, but I don't like this
bondage stuff. If you want a threesome, you could at least free her."

Shinji groaned annoyed, while Leliel chuckled. It was Leliel who told the story of what happened, and
after she was finished, there was clearly concern on the faces of Lily and Yui.

"I will talk to her." declared Lily. Then she freed Rei and dragged her away.

Yui went to Shinji and took him into a close embrace. "Poor boy. Each time things look better, something
worse happens."

Shinji freed himself from the embrace and kissed Yui on the mouth, sending his tongue in the warm and
wet cavern of her mouth. Yui was a little bit surprised by this move, but reciprocated this kiss.
After it was finished, she looked questioningly at Shinji.

"I know it was you in the dark."

Yui's face showed her surprise. "You knew?"

"There are only three girls in here. And only one has big breasts, short hair and a little bush down

Yui blushed as she heard this. Now she could understand that his move wasn't as bold as she had thought.

"And what do you think of me?"

"That you are a beautiful woman, a great lover, and that you give the best blow jobs."

Yui blushed furiously. Her face glowed so red, she could have act as the lightning for a complete
red-light district.

"I think that we should repeat it soon."

"I would like that." admitted Yui shyly.


While Shinji, Yui and Leliel talked about the newest developments, Lily argued with Rei about the
stupidity of Gendo Ikari. Even with the reports from Tri, she was unsuccessful in convincing Rei to
abandon her loyalty for the CA, the Commanding Asshole, as she always called him.

As she went back to Shinji, she found him in a much better mood than when he had arrived. If it was
the deep kiss he shared with Leliel, that had raised his mood, or the fact that Yui sucked him off,
was another question.

Lily sat down and watched them. She looked very intensely at Yui's technique, as she heard Shinji's
comment about it being pretty good.
If Yui was so good, she wanted to know why. It didn't take her long before she knew the answer.
Yui deep-throated him to no end, almost swallowing his erection. Lily observed with fascination how
Yui's throat muscles massaged Shinji's member. No wonder that he loved this kind of blow job. Lily had
tried something similar, but her gag-reflex was too strong to accomplish something like this. She would
have to ask Yui how she was able to do this.

It didn't take long before Yui withdrew her head several centimeters to get the full taste of Shinji's
emissions, as he came intensely, making several groaning noises as he shot his load.

Lily waited some minutes to give them time to recover, until she spoke up. "We have a problem."

This sentence, dreaded by every intelligent being, ensured that she now had the full attention of the

"What problem?" asked Shinji, already fearing what the answer would be. Lily wasn't able to convince
Rei to trust them.

"I cannot convince Rei. That means, if we let her go back, she will run to the CA immediately."

"There has to be a way how we can avoid this. If he learns about this now, our plans could fail, and
the war would start anew. We have to avoid this at all costs." deadpanned Yui.

"I agree." declared Lily "But she is Nephilim, not human. I cannot simple reprogram her mind. And we
cannot hold her here, as then everybody would search for Rei in the real world."

"There is a possible solution."

Everyone looked shocked at Tri.

"You have?" asked Shinji.

"I am primarily a copy of her. You could hold her here, and send me out as her replacement. While
Shinji would have to tell me a lot of facts, and help me to get the act together, I think that I would
be sufficient. I know the duties she has to perform for NERV, I am only lapsing in the normal life issues."

The others contemplated this suggestion. Neither Shinji nor Yui were happy with such a drastic measure, but
they had no other choice. After another long talk, when most details were decided, they agreed to follow
this course of action.

Lily brought Rei back to them. "You will be staying here. You will not be permitted to go back to the real
world. You will learn the truth behind this war, and how it will end. If you are able to understand, to
see the wrong in the path of the Commander, we will let you go back."

Rei looked coolly at the others. "My disappearance will be registered. Your plan to betray NERV will fail."
Then she looked intently at Shinji. "I knew that you did not trust the Commander. But I never thought that
you would go so far as to betray him, me and all the personnel of NERV. And that you would become one with
an Angel, betraying the entire human race to their mortal enemies. I'm disappointed that you chose to
bond with Angels rather than with me. You will have to face the repercussions of this decision soon."

Shinji stared blankly at the blue haired girl he once had a crush upon. But those times were gone.
Her disgusting loyalty to his father ensured that he would have no regrets of having her switched with Tri.

"And I cannot say how disappointed I am in you. After the fifth Angel, I had hoped that we would come
closer, that we would become friends or even more. But you always chose the secrets of NERV above me. You
always chose the bastard of my father above me. Your unwavering loyalty is disgusting, as it shows that
Asuka was right with her accusations.
You are a _doll_."

Even Rei was unable to contain the shock these words sent through her brain and soul. She had never
thought that Shinji would say such things to her and had never anticipated that her action for the
benefit of humankind could be taken so badly by him. She was ready to give her life in for Complementation,
to make him happy. Ever since she met him, as he piloted EVA for her, she knew that she would accomplish
the Commander's goals to make him happy. And now, all these struggles, all her efforts were in vain. She
gave her best for him, and everything had backfired.
Tears formed in her eyes, as her heart broke. Unable to say anything, it was Lily who broke the silence
after those cruel words.

"Tri will take your place in the real world. Nobody will know that you are confined here. You will have
no chance to contact anybody outside of my core."

Rei heard this verdict, but was unable to react. Her world had shattered, only dust remained. Now, it
didn't matter what would happen to her. She had lost her goals, her purpose, her will to live. It was over.
She felt the tingling sensation as her entire soul was sucked into the core of Unit-01, but she ignored it.
As Tri disappeared, taking possession of her body, she asked herself what she had done wrong. So wrong,
that a soulless copy of herself would replace her by the will of Shinji.

Tri and Shinji were long gone even before she finally collapsed on the floor and started to cry.

"Are these tears?"

"Why am I crying?"


Leliel brought Shinji and Tri directly back into Rei's apartment. There she waved a short good-bye, and
started her way to her siblings, to tell them that everything was fine, and that their plan was still

Tri looked at Shinji and started her questions. She had a lot of them, and she needed the answers if she
should play her part successfully.

The entire rest of the day was dedicated to her questions and Shinji's answers, with only one break as
Shinji went shopping and bought some food for them. After their meal, she continued her quest for

As dusk fell, there was only one thing left she wanted to know. She observed several times how Shinji was
together with Lily and Leliel, and now, she wanted to experience it herself.



"You have given me so much. A chance to live, knowledge, and now, a real body. Even if this is only
temporary, you cannot imagine how much this means to me. I am ashamed, but I have a last request to ask
of you." admitted Tri shyly.

"And what can I do for you?" asked Shinji, he didn't even think of the possibility to not help her.

"As long as I have this body, I want to experience living. All of it. I know what sex is, and I want to
experience it myself. Could you stay the night and show me how it is to become one?"

Shinji wasn't surprised of this request, Lily had warned him that this would happen. Tri had a lot of
questions considering sex, and Lily had answered them. She warned him that Tri would most likely try to
sleep with him. This idea didn't excite Lily, Leliel and Yui, but they could understand that the poor
clone wanted to experience as much life as possible. So they gave him permission to make his own choice.

Shinji had made his decision before Tri took possession of Rei's body. He would not take Rei's body
without her permission or her knowledge. From his point of view, it would have been some kind of rape.

He gently caressed Rei's face and answered. "No. This is Rei's body, and I will not use it for my
satisfaction without her knowledge. It wouldn't be right to take this body without Rei in it."

Tri understood and anticipated this. She had learned a lot since she was in the core of Unit 01, and
tactic was one of her greatest fields of interest. She knew that Shinji would never take Rei's body
without Rei in it, but since he denied her, she had a better chance for bargaining.

"I understand. But aren't there some things that we could do without penetration?"

Shinji knew immediately that she had trapped him. He was unable to deny her everything, and she had
known that. So she made him deny something she knew for sure that she wouldn't get it, to gain as much
as possible from the experience.

"Yes, there are." admitted Shinji in a defeated voice.

"Could we try them out?"

"Yes." sighed Shinji.

Tri had observed Shinji and Lily several times, so she knew what she had to do. She stepped closer to
Shinji and tilted her head slightly to the right side. Then she slowly brought her face closer. As her
lips made contact with his, she couldn't believe how good it felt. She opened her mouth, and felt the
warm air which was caught inside of it.

As Shinji slowly pushed his tongue in her mouth, she was completely surprised. Her observation, done
from several meters away, showed her that the mouth were open, but not that the tongues were involved
in a kiss. She soon caught on on this activity, and sucked on his tongue, which he seemed to enjoy.
She liked the taste of it, the feeling of the wet muscle in her mouth. No wonder couples did this as
often as possible. But if this was so pleasurable, how would the other activities be? She was in no
rush to gain this knowledge immediately. They had the entire night.

Shinji enjoyed the kiss, and had to admit that Rei's mouth tasted very good. Somewhat fresh and clean,
really enjoyable. He encircled her body with his arms and pressed her closer to his body. Shinji knew,
he would need a lot of control to not go the entire way.

For countless minutes, only the wet sounds of two tongues dancing with each other could be heard.
After a long kissing session, Shinji left the lips of his companion and started his way downwards.

His tongue drew a line over her chin and down her delicate neck. Shinji was surprised how soft Rei's skin
was. He knew of her half-angelic origins, but not even Leliel's skin was this soft and peachy. He inhaled
deeply and enjoyed the light fruity smell of her skin. He paused shortly between her collarbones, as he
decided that he liked this way too much to start on her breasts that soon. Besides, he wasn't done with
taking off her blouse and bra so that was also a reason to take a little detour.
While his hands were busy with the removal of her seifuku, his lips followed her right collarbone upwards
to her shoulder, then trailed along the shoulder to the side of her neck, then upwards to her ear. Ever
so softly he started to nibble on her earlobe, with some little breaks when his tongue explored the inner
sections of her ear, as deep as he was able to get in.

Tri's breathing became faster, and several low moans escaped her inviting lips. Shinji was nearly done
with her disrobing, only her panties remained as he left her ear and kissed her hard on the lips. To his
surprise, this didn't go as planned. Instead of surprising her, he had to battle to stop her tongue from
nearly suffocating him as she shoved it as deep as possible in his mouth and roamed around.

Since it didn't look like that she had to learn some more about kissing, it was time to change his
administration to the two hard little buds which were pressed against his breast. He withdraw his face
from hers. Tri followed him for as long as possible, prolongated the kiss for nearly a full minute. After
the contact was finally broken, she pouted at him. Tri enjoyed this activity a lot.

He laid her back on her bed, and nuzzled his face between her face, inhaled her scent and enjoyed this
closeness. A soft knocking on his head reminded him that Tri wanted to be stimulated as well, so he
started with his administration by making a wet trail with his mouth side wards, to one of her rosy
pink nipples. He closed in in circles, until he finally took the hard nub between his lips and sucked
on them, which elicited another low moan from his female companion. Carefully, he took the tip of it
between his teeth and tugged on it. Her response on this action was several decibel louder than the

He changed in irregular intervals between kneading, sucking and biting. Shinji didn't knew how long he
did this, but as he felt the wetness at his hips, he realized that he was maybe a little bit too good
with his administrations. He stopped them and looked at her calm face, which held, despite her
unconsciousness, a small smile.

His next agenda was to see why it was so wet down there. He sat up and saw the mess Tri had made as
she cummed. Shinji couldn't do anything more than looking at the large wet spot. "And I thought Leliel
is wet." he whispered aloud.

The fragrance of female cum was so heavy in the air, that it aroused him even more. A little groan
that Tri came back into the world of the living. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"This was most satisfactory." she deadpanned.

"Glad that you liked it."

"I think it would be a good idea to relieve you by stimulating you. You look uncomfortable."

Shinji was surprised, he hadn't thought that Tri could read him so well.

"And what gives you this idea?"

"Your appendage is throbbing, and your position of sitting is to relieve all pressure on this area
of your body."

So, she couldn't read him that much. But he had to admit, she was very observant.

Tri sat up and kissed him, brought her hand to his hard member. She started to stroke it gently.
Tri was startled as Shinji nearly bit her tongue and spasmed. She didn't know what to think of it. Only
after she looked down, she understood. Several globs of white liquid were on the dirty floor beside the

Tri waited until Shinji caught his breath, then she decided to make her disappointment clear.

"I wanted to taste you, Ikari. Now this is not possible anymore. The remnants on the tip are not a
satisfying solution."

Shinji blushed as he heard this. He didn't knew why this happened, but he never had such a short
performance since his first time. He was embarrassed and ashamed that he disappointed Tri this way. His
male ego, something he developed only recently, was hurt too, which was another bad point.

"Sorry Tri. But if we wait a little while, you can try what you wanted to."

"I wanted to give you oral stimulation until you release yourself in my mouth. I wanted to taste you."

"You can, you'll see."

Tri decided to accept this. "I think that we can use the time to continue your earlier task. Although I
would prefer that you start this time directly down there, because I cannot say if I can hold out until
you reach it."

Shinji raised an eyebrow at this odd, scientific and so ..... Rei-like statement. Well, now was not the
time to relish such unnecessary thoughts. As Tri laid back and spread her legs to give better access,
all non-sex related thoughts disappeared somewhere in his head, to not surface again for some time.

Shinji dove in and brought his face to her wet sex, which was still glistening with the pre-cum juices.
Even now, a small river of fluid was still leaking out of it. He took his time to take a good look at
Ayanami's sex. Bare, without a trace of hair, it was hidden behind her slightly protruding outer lips.
Those, slightly pink in color, hid the treasures concealed in them. A sniff confirmed that she smelled
differently from his other lovers. She was sweeter, bordering on flowery. With a short lick he took a
first sample of her cum and nearly weeped for joy. While the taste of her kisses were extraordinary,
this was pure heaven. Warm, slippery, but with an undescribable good taste, he had to admit that none
of the others tasted nearly as good.

Using all his restraint from simply devouring her, he used his hands to part her flower and take a good
look at the rosy folds of her inner sex; The clit, now only barely hidden under his hood, the little
piss slit, and the dark passage that led into her womb. Shinji fought with all of his will the desire
to simply bury his manhood inside of this inviting confines. His only ally was the presence of the thin
skin membrane which covered part of the entrance. He would not take Rei's virginity without her knowledge,
or without her being in her body.

Before his control slipped, he brought his lips over the slimy wet folds and started the administrations
with his tongue. This triggered a new wave of erotic feelings in Rei's body, letting her juices run
freely. Shinji had to swallow load after load, and loved each little drop of it.

Tri's moans grew louder and loader as each contact between Shinji's mouth and Rei's sex sent new waves
of untold pleasure throughout her body. While the bliss she received when her breasts were stimulated
were already strong, it was nothing compared to this. The orgasm she already had was a small fountain
compared to the volcano that was building up in her body.
Her moans grew to cries, and those became louder with each wave of pleasure.

Not far away, the agents who were responsible for the security of the First Child resided. While Rei's
apartment itself was not bugged, the corridors outside were. One of the agents was always on hearing
duty and now this particular agent laid in pain on the floor as the cries of pleasure reached new heights.
They had set the equipment on a ultra-sensitive level, because the first child was always so quiet. The
sudden cries were too much for the equipment, and for the operator. The head of the security detachment
commented very dryly. "It's always the quiet ones."

Tri thought that she was gonna die for sure. Several times when she had thought that the pleasure
couldn't get more intense, she was proven wrong. Finally, she couldn't take it any more. With a loud
scream, she came.

Shinji knew that she was close, as the spasms of her body became more violent. Since he had some
experience with a cumming girl, thanks to Leliel, he was somewhat prepared for the things to come.
Tri's cry hurt his ears, as a fountain of her juices shot out under high pressure. His mouth was
filled in an eyeblink, and before he could swallow, his face was drenched, and some of it even dripped
from the ceiling.
Or maybe he simply wasn't prepared.
Shinji swallowed as much as possible, but he couldn't keep the flood under control. It took him nearly
a minute to dry her up enough to remove his face without creating a bigger mess.

After he removed his face from Rei's crotch, he looked around. If Leliel was a wet mess, Rei was a
tsunami. Cum ran from the walls, dripped from the ceiling and covered a good portion of the floor.
The fluid made streaks on the dirty walls, and it showed everyone who wanted to see how much she came.
One thing was sure. If he ever had sex with Tri again, or with Rei, as unlikely as that was, it would
have to be in a closed shower or a really big bathtub. A bed certainly wasn't a good idea.


At the same time, a tired Katsuragi Misato came home, in anticipation of a good dinner and a lot of beer.

"Shinji, is dinner ready?" she called as she removed her shoes.

No one answered, so she stepped into the kitchen.


No sign of her roommate, and no sign of Asuka either. Where were those two? And more importantly, where
were her dinner?

Misato went to Shinji's room and opened the door. If Shinji was in depression again, he would most likely
lie on his futon with his SDAT at full blast. Misato sighed. From the last time, he had improved so much.
She really hoped that he didn't have a backlash of his earlier depressions.

She peeked in his room and saw no Shinji, so she went inside. While she found no Shinji, she found
something very interesting. Shinji had acquired some really.......interesting wall decorations. She never
thought that she would see something like this in the room of her charge, but had to admit that the two
girls were very beautiful. Exotic, but stunning. It was a long time since her explorations with Ritsuko,
but she surely wouldn't mind them hitting on her.

While this discovery was interesting, it was also something more important. Teasing material!

Misato left the room and closed the door, as Asuka just came home. Misato didn't bother to ask the redhead
where she was, instead she asked where Shinji was. Sadly, the answer was just as she expected.

"How should I know where the b....Shinji is?"

She sighed again. Should she wait and hope that Shinji came back, or should she ask Section 2 his
whereabouts. Misato decided the latter, and received information that Shinji visited Rei, and was still
at the apartment of the First Child. This didn't surprise Misato, because she always thought that her
charge had a crush on the enigmatic Ayanami Rei.

She would berate him tomorrow, but now she was too tired and too hungry to do so. "Take out night." she

"I have already eaten." replied Asuka who went straight into her room.

Misato shrugged and grabbed the phone. If Asuka wanted nothing, she could spare some money. More beer!


It took Tri nearly two hours until she recovered from her unearthly experience and regained consciousness.

She sat up and looked around. Her eyes widened as she saw the mess she made. There was no way that she
could stay here anymore. The smell of her dried juices being already overwhelming, she didn't want to know
how the smell would be like in a few days.

Since cleaning the apartment wasn't really an option, she would need a new home. Maybe she could move in
with Shinji? This possibility reminded her that her lover should be here somewhere. But she was unable to
see him. That meant that he was in her small bathroom, or that he had gone. The second possibility was
very unlikely, as she hadn't sucked him off yet. Shinji surely wouldn't went away without this.

Several small noises from her bathroom indicated that she was indeed right with her assumptions.

Tri stood up and made her way over the slippery floor. She wondered how it was possible for her to
make such a mess, it must have been the fact that she was a human/Angel hybrid. Leliel was very wet too,
so she didn't think that this was something dangerous.

She peeked inside the bathroom and saw Shinji standing in the shower. Tri decided to join him and stepped
under the hot water after Shinji made some space for her.

The two washed each other up, and proceeded very efficiently, until Tri reached the main course. She
didn't only clean it, but started to caress and stroke it. Unsurprisingly, the reaction was quite
predictable. Shinji leaned against one of the shower walls and let her have her way with his most sensual

Tri went down on her knees and watched fascinated how his rod was getting filled with blood and started
to grow. It was fascinating for her to see it this closely in all stages of its function. From the small
limp form, only good for urination, to the sleek length that was need for human reproduction and a lot
of fun.

As it stood proudly before her eyes, she took it in her mouth. With great care to not scrape it with her
teeth, she took it as deep as possible in her mouth. Too soon, a strong urge to gag manifested itself,
so she withdrew her head a little bit. She wanted to last it long, so she didn't simply start with
bobbing her head, but gave the hot, blood filled erection a long cleaning session with her tongue. She
caressed every square-millimeter of his member, felt the difference of his velvet like skin to the even
more slippery texture on the purple head.

Shinji had to admit, while Yui was definitely the number one in oral sex, Tri's determination nearly
made up for her lack of experience. If she continued this, he would have to admit that she was the second
best. No tongue before had worked so vigorously on him, and she didn't even start to slow down.

Tri felt the throbbing start, as the pressure in his hard one increased even more and made it ready
to shoot. She wasn't sure if she should now change into the bobbing motion she saw Yui and Lily using,
or if she simply should continue the way she started. She decided to do the latter, because if it made
him horny enough to be on the brink of cumming, she was sure to be able to finish him off this way too.

Too soon, Shinji's low moan indicated his orgasm, as did the feel of some spurts of a slimy and slippery
substance which he spurted in her mouth. After he was finished, she used her tongue to roll the spunk
around and to taste it as much as possible.

Tri frowned a little bit, as the taste wasn't something she liked. Only the strange feeling of it was
something to enjoy. Only this and the knowledge that she did something really good to Shinji let her
accept this action as agreeable. She swallowed it in two gulps and stood up.

Shinji, who was still shaking in the afterglow of his orgasm, needed some time until he was able to
leave the shower. Tri left shortly after she was finished with her erotic administrations, and soon,
he was able to follow her.

He saw that she was finished with clothing up and was busy packing her belongings in a garbage bag.

"I need to relocate. I do not think that I am able to stay here much longer."

Shinji knew what she meant.

"And where do you want to go? Do you have a place to stay?"

"No. I will stay with you for the time being."

Shinji looked in shock at her. "But Misato!"

"She will adapt. Maybe join in. I will prevent any hostile interference."

Without doubting her abilities to fulfill this pledge, Shinji took his clothes and realized that he would
have to shower at home too. His clothes were drenched in Rei's sexual fluids.
Sighing, he put them on, while Tri finished the packing.

Strangely, Tri paused several times during her work. While the first breaks were very short, she soon
had to make longer breaks. As her hands caressed softly her stomach, as if she was in some pain, Shinji
asked what was wrong.

"I do not know. My stomach hurts and I feel ...... ill." she answered.

Suddenly, her eyes grew wide and she ran into the bathroom. Shinji turned around to see what was going
on and was fast enough to see how she violently vomited into the toilet. The beautiful body he liked
so much was now wrecked with cramps, as if her digestive system disagreed with something.

Shinji feared that this could be an allergic reaction of Rei's body to it's new inhabitant, but
discarded this thought immediately. How should a body be allergic to a soul?

He held her for half an hour. So long her body tried to empty itself with force. The pain finally
subsided, and Tri was able to speak again. Shinji had often asked her what was wrong, now she was able
to give him the answer.

"You know that Rei cannot eat meat and other animal products?"

"Yes." asked Shinji, not understanding what she meant.

"The enzymes in them are poisonous to her."


"Basically, the human is an animal."

Shinji's face contorted into shock as he began to understand.

"You mean ......?"

"Yes. I swallowed your seed, and my body was allergic to it."

"I understand, Tri. I guess that means no more....."

"No. It means that I cannot swallow it, and that I have to clean my mouth after your release. But I can
still spoil you, if you want."

Shinji waited for Tri to regain her strength until he hailed a taxi that would bring them to Misato's


Misato didn't drink as much as usual this evening. She knew that Shinji would come home and she wanted
to tease him mercilessly. It wasn't often that she had such a golden opportunity.

Misato stirred from her half-slumber as she heard the door opening. Soon, Shinji entered the room. This
was expected. But the fact that he had Rei with him, wasn't.

"Shinji? Can't you be without your girlfriend anymore?" teased Misato.

"Misato-san, it isn't what you think. I mean...."

"What do you mean?"

"Ikari-kun is right. My apartment became uninhabitable after an accident, so he offered me to board
with him." explained Tri.

"In his room? Alone with him? I didn't knew that you were this desperate, Shinji."

Tri simply started to put her belongings into his room, while Misato decided to start the real teasing
frenzy now. She had no objection of Rei boarding here for a night, she could use the couch in the living

"Shinji, I saw your new wall decorations. I didn't know that you have such a good taste."

<Oh shit!> thought Shinji. He knew, this meant trouble.

Misato went to Shinji and hugged him. "I'm so glad that you are a normal boy after all. I already started
to fear that you had more interest in Pen-Pen than in girls. And now you bring your girlfriend home with

Misato continued: "You were awfully long at Ayanami's. I hope you used protection."

Shinji did his best to suppress his blush, but was not really successful.
<Well, two can play this game.>

"Misato, I would never do such things with Ayanami. At her next medical evaluation, everyone would know
that she isn't a virgin anymore." declared Shinji.

He hugged Misato strongly back. "But you on the other hand. A beautiful woman, intelligent and caring.
And the feeling of your bosom pressed against my body. Yes, it would definitely be a nice experience."

Misato blushed profusely as she looked at Shinji in shock. Seconds after this, she jumped back from him
and nearly fell over a chair. "What....?"

Shinji stepped closer to her. "It would be good for us. We could relieve our stress and tension, and
we could trust each other more. Yes, it would have a lot of benefits besides some hot, steamy sex and
some reaaalllyyy nice orgasms."

Understanding that her teasing abilities had diminished a great deal, she felt it necessary to slip
into her 'guardian' mode. "Shinji, stop this at once. Why is Rei really here?"

"She told you. Her apartment became inhabitable. It has always been an unhealthy environment, but now
it became too much to bear.
She didn't know where she could go, so I offered her to stay here."

She shrugged and accepted this story as truth. "Ok. But you should shower. You smell strange."

"Will do." <I wonder what she would say if I tell her what the smell is. Pure Ayanami juice.> thought
Shinji and suppressed a giggle.

Later, after Shinji had showered, he went to his room where Tri already waited in his bed. Nude, as
usual for Ayanami.

Misato followed and saw this too. She barged into his room. "Rei, what are you doing here?"


"Nude? In Shinji's bed?" shouted Misato.

"SCHNAUZE!" came a loud yell from Asuka's room. The last thing Misato wanted to happen would have been
that the German girl saw this. Shinji would be dead pervert meat after she would have been finished
with him.

"Rei. You cannot stay here. You have to sleep on the couch." whispered Misato.

"I see no reason to do so."

"Rei, it would be improper to stay here nude. Please go and sleep on the couch."

"Is it improper for Shinji to sleep here nude as well?" asked Tri.

"No. Why......?" replied a confused purple haired beauty. Well, confused until she saw a nude Shinji
slipping between his sheets.

Misato's eyes nearly bulged out. "I will not let you two sleep nude in the same bed. Alone." she
whispered angrily.

"So you want to join us?" asked a smiling Shinji.

Misato swallowed the angry tirade she wanted to unleash. With fury in her eyes, she replied: "Yes."

She left Shinji's room, but came back with her futon, a pillow and a blanket. She laid those items
down on Shinji's side and laid down on them. There was no way in hell that she would leave them
unsupervised for the night.
Tomorrow, she would find a solution for Rei's boarding problem, but until them, she would have to
keep a close eye on them.

Rei waited for her to settle down, her finger already on the light switch. Misato nodded to her and
signaled that she could turn off the light.

Tri looked at her and decided to try something the Major always seemed to enjoy. Teasing.

"Major, during the night, Shinji will undoubtedly suffer from normal bodily functions and sprout an
erection. If you seem it necessary to prevent all sexual contact between him and myself by taking
him inside of you, please be quiet. I am tired and need my sleep."

Rei couldn't see Misato's reaction as she turned off the light with the last word, but Shinji's
snickering and Misato's sharp intake of air indicated that her attempt was successful.


If the previous day ended unpleasant for Misato, it was nothing compared to the awakening on the new
day. No alarm clock announced the new day, but the Angel alarm sirens did it.

Zeruel, the 14th Angel had arrived.

While Misato shushed the three pilots in her car, Shinji wondered why Asuka didn't get a fit as she
saw Rei emerging from his room.

Ikari Gendo had to hide his surprise too.
The scrolls didn't only predict arrival of the Angels, but their abilities and their looks as well. But
now, the Commander of NERV faced a problem he never had anticipated. Zeruel didn't look like it stood
in the scrolls. So he had most likely other abilities than foretold too.

The arrival of Zeruel announced one of the most important events in Gendo's scenario. In the fight
against this Angel, Unit-01 should finally be awakened to its true form and obtain its own S2 organ.
It was crucial that this happened, as this was the last Angel where there was a chance to accomplish
this. Now, with this change in events, Gendo needed to adapt.

As the pilots and the Director of Operations arrived, they were intercepted by Maya and Ritsuko. Ritsuko
briefed Misato about the new Angel and what they knew about it, while Maya brought the pilots to the
changing rooms. Time was of essence, with an Angel on the doorstep.

The changing room for females was filled with hostile silence. Asuka glared often at the blue-haired
girl which came out of Shinji's room this morning. She wasn't all too thrilled about the prospect of
living with Shinji, but it was the will of her mother, therefore law. Mana as competition was bad, and
she was relieved that the former spy wasn't all too interested in a sexual relationship with Shinji.
Her arch-enemy was another matter. Rei was a threat.
She looked good, in a mysterious way, was a pilot herself, and would most likely do whatever Shinji wanted.
She was a doll after all.

"Why did you sleep in Shinji's room?"

"My apartment became inhabitable. So I board with him."

"You mean you boarded with him."


The loudspeakers announced that the Units were ready for their pilots.

"We talk after I kicked the Angel's ass."

During their way to their Evas, Shinji joined the two girls.

Soon, all three units reported that they were ready for combat.

Now it was time for Gendo to adapt his plans. "Unit-01 will remain here as backup. 00 and 02 should be
enough to deal with the Angel."

Misato wanted to protest, but knew that it would have been futile. So she gave the orders and watched
as the blue and red biomechs on the soon-to-be battlefield arrived.


Shinji was on another visit in the core of 01 while he waited for the order to engage Zeruel.

"Hy, Lily, hi Yui." he greeted the two inhabitants of the core. Strangely, Rei was nowhere in sight.

"Where is Rei?"

"She is in this direction. She wants to talk to you, alone." answered Yui.

"Do you know why?"

"No. Most likely she wants to convince you to let her free and help Gendo to finish his stupid plan."

"Hardly." interjected Lily. "She talked often with me since her arrival, and she is a broken soul. Talk
to her, it is important. I'll tell you when it is time to go fighting."

"Thanks, Lily." He gave her a little kiss and went in the direction where Rei should have been.


Asuka and Rei had great problems with fighting the Angel. It was fast, agile and used its arms and legs
like a martial artist. Again and again, they got hits, but instead of finishing them off, it looked like
the Angel was playing with them.

With a loud battle cry, Asuka lost her patience and attacked wildly.

Down in the command center, Ikari Gendo smiled.


"Rei?" asked Shinji, as he reached the blue-haired girl. As she turned around, Shinji was shocked.
Her red eyes were swollen as if she had cried for hours. The look in her eyes was empty and dead.

"Did you possess my body without my knowledge?" she asked with an emotionless voice.

"No. I would never do such a thing, and you should know this." replied an aggravated Shinji. He thought
that she wanted to talk, not to accuse him of rape.

"You could have had my body."

"What do you mean?"

"Ever since the fifth, you would have only needed to ask. I would have done everything or you, and I would
still do it. If you want me, here, now, you can have me."

"Then why did you want to follow Gendo's plan at all costs. Why would you have betrayed me to him?"
demanded Shinji to know.

"The scenario of the Commander centers around the resurrection of his wife. You have stated several times
that you missed Yui. To fulfill the scenario would mean to make you happy. I am aware that I cannot survive
my participation and my role, but I would gladly gave my life to make you happy. If necessary, I would
ensure your happiness even against your will. This was my purpose, my reason for living. And now I have
nothing. No purpose, no reason to live, not even the knowledge that after my demise, you would remember
me with feelings of friendship. Which was all I ever wanted. I always knew that my life would be short,
and that my only way of leaving something behind would have been of doing something significant for
another one. For the Commander I am a tool. For you, I wanted to be the person whose brought you
happiness. You stopped me, rejected me. I have no grudge against you. Whatever you do, it is your decision.
I beg only for one thing. Let me die."

Tears streamed over Shinji's face as he heard these admissions. He always knew that Rei hadn't much, but
because she chose his father over him, he thought that she was even more of a doll than he ever thought.
He would have never guessed that she would follow Gendo only to make him happy, only to give him reason to
think of her as the person whose brought his mother back. She never expected to be his friend, never
expected him to go with her on a date, or even talk to her.

Shinji gulped. "You will not die, Rei. I won't let you die." He closed in and hugged her.
"Do you really think that you can give me happiness by replacing one missing person with another? If you
would die by giving me my mother back, didn't you know that then, I would miss you? You cannot be
replaced. Not for me."

"Shinji, it's time." interrupted Lily's voice.

"I have to go and fight a little bit with Zeruel. We will continue this talk at my next time here. And
during the meantime, talk with Lily and Leliel. And forget the idea that you can be replaced."

Rei looked still hauntingly hollow at him, but now, a tiny spark flared behind her eyes. He only hoped
that it was enough until he could come back and finish his talk with her.

Back in the real world, he heard the rest of Misato's orders. " ......grab the rifle and attack. You
are our last chance, now that 00 and 02 are out of commission."

Shinji shrugged. He told Misato that he wouldn't need a gun, and he had no intention of following
those orders. He knew that Zeruel was too strong for Tri and Asuka, that he was the only one who could
fight this powerful Angel. That Zeruel wouldn't hurt the two girls was also sure, so he could follow
the plan without agreeing to some other half-thought plan of Misato. She was nice teasing material,
but a horrible tactician.

Seconds after the catapult launched, Unit-01 arrived at the battlefield. The sight which represented
itself to Shinji was too much. Shinji had expected the two units defeated, but he would never have
expected to see such a sight.

Unable to resist, he broke out in laughter.

00 laid on it's belly, glued to the ground by a black shadow and the fact that Zeruel used it as chair.
And 02 laid over Zeruel's lap and received the spanking of its life.

It took Shinji several minutes to calm down. After his laughter died down to snickering, he brought his
EVA closer to the Angel. Zeruel saw this and tossed 02 down from his lap on the ground, then he stood up.
He grabbed 02 and tossed it across over 00. Two small black shadows glued the hands and feet of the red
mecha on the ground.

This time, Shinji expected the contact with the Angel, so he wasn't surprised as Zeruel's booming voice
came over the communication system.

"Greetings, Ikari Shinji. Contrary to Bardiel, I do not plan to beat you up. You make my sister happy,
and that is all that counts. But we need to make a convincing show for your superior. Do you know some
martial arts?"

"That's good to hear." answered a relieved Shinji. "And no, I don't know any martial arts."

"That complicates things. Maybe another kind of fighting?"

"I watched Rocky 1-5 several times, so boxing would be the only way of fighting I have at least a
little clue."

"Then we shall box." announced Zeruel. He went to the laying units, and bonked three times against
02's head.

"First round."

What followed was something nobody, not only in the command center, but everyone, would have ever
expected to see. The purple EVA and the black Angel fought like two boxers. With raised fists, they
exchanged punches and evaded like every fan of this sport saw often enough on TV or live. Although
nobody could claim that they ever saw a fight where the foot movements caused little tremors.

For over 20 minutes they fought. Shinji heard Misato yelling to finish the Angel off, but ignored her.
Contrary to her, he knew what he had to do.

Finally, Zeruel announced that it was time to end the charade. "After my next attempt at an uppercut,
I will purposely lose balance. Use this to punch my core."

"Doesn't that hurt?" asked a concerned Shinji. He liked Zeruel somehow, and thought that it would be
nice to have him as a friend.

"I'm tougher than that. Ready?"


Zeruel jumped forward and tried to deliver a classical uppercut. Unit-01 evaded, and Zeruel lost balance
which gave Shinji the opportunity for the killing strike. As the fist of 01 hit the core, the mighty
Angel exploded with the ferocity of an N2 mine.

After the command center had everything once again on their sensors, Misato's voice called once again
out to Shinji.

"Shinji, can you hear me?"

"Yes, Misato."

"What was that for, a show? Your duty is to kill the Angels, not to fool with them around!"

<She will never know how true her statement is.> thought Shinji, suppressing a laughter.

"I defeated it, so I fulfilled my duty." he answered as coldly as he could manage.

Back in the command center, Misato sighed. She would have to have a long talk with her ward.


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