Chapter 4: Too Much Work

"I can still not understand why you did this! Not only that it was perverted and sick, how could
you let Shinji do that!? Are you completely out of your mind?" demanded Yui.

"You were the one who decided to play the high and mighty institution of morality. Do you know
how frustrating it was to clean myself with my tongue? Only because you fight your own body, your
own desires?" spat Lily back.

"And that was reason enough to let him do this?"

"Well, he could fuck you, but you decided to play mommy. He isn't a little toddler, and he wanted
something different. I wanted to try it too, so I did it. And just for you to know: I'm pretty
sure that it was better than you could have ever been."

Yui seethed with rage. Not only that Lily allowed Shinji a threesome, but now she wanted to trick
her into sex as well. If she really thought that this would happen, she'd be severely disappointed.

"There's no way that you ever could compare it, you little brat. I don't know what I did wrong as
I raised you, but I will do anything to ensure that Shinji won't suffer from my mistakes." shouted Yui.

Lily looked at her 'mother' and started laughing.

"You are so stupid. Don't you know what is reality? Shinji constantly pays for your mistakes. He has
a father that denies his existence, because you had a bad taste in men. He lacked any maternal
influence for years, because you decided to play pilot. He lives with a drunk and a violent maniac,
because you are considered dead. He has to fight the Angels and pilot Unit 01, because you are inside
of me. And even after knowing all that, you still didn't learn; you are still following the same path.
You wanted to play mother, so you are belittling him. You wanted to play the moralistic mommy, so you
try to undermine the little confidence he has gained through his relationship with me. You want to
pair him up with Asuka, who only hurt him so far. You are avoiding body contact with him, because you
don't trust your own control. You are showing him that you are a mother who doesn't want him close.
He constantly pays for your faults. Since you are unable to be the mother he should have, now this
ends! You get me? And since you also decline the only other role you could have, a lover, a friend,
or a confidant, you have no right to see him anymore. I'm sick of your attitude and your constant

Yui was shocked as she heard this. Lily wanted to sever all contacts between her and her son?

"You are asking why I let him do this? Well, I knew it would work well, which you are constantly
denying. It was way better for him than what you had for him. All you do is keep hurting him. She will
look after him, will be there for him. She can protect him when I can not. And maybe she can ensure
that Mana too, doesn't get a place in his heart. You can keep your moral standards and your mommy
speeches as long as want. You can tell them to yourself, because no one else will or would want to
hear them. As long as I know you, you've always craved for company. Well, know you had the chance of
company, and all you did was to drive it away. So I hope you enjoy your loneliness, because that is
all you get from me."

Tears streamed over Lily's face as she said that. It hurt her to do this, but she saw no other chance.
Shinji was now her chosen priority, and if Yui couldn't understand what he needed, she needed to be
removed from all possible contact with him.

Yui on the other side couldn't deny the truth in Lily's words. She understood that her actions weren't
taken kindly, but she didn't know that they were taken this bad. That she had failed as mother was a
fact. She knew that for a long time. Now that she had contact with her son, she wanted to make amends,
but instead she made everything worse. Now she would not only lose him again but her 'daughter' as well.
And it was very unlikely that the latter would ever want to speak with her again as well. She saw how much
Lily and Shinji enjoyed the time with her; Her companionship, her humor, her sex. She gave those two
everything she was, and she herself gave them nothing. No wonder that Lily would choose her in an eyeblink
over herself. And she wasn't afraid to show that she enjoyed it as well. Hell, she showed not only the
entire world, but heaven too, that she had the best sex in her life. There was no way that not everybody
registered it, although only few would knew what it meant.
She couldn't understand why everything went so wrong. She only wanted the best for her son, now she would
lose him. Yui looked at Lily and thought if it would be possible if she apologized and made amends, but
the grim look on Lily's face made it seem impossible even before she tried.
She didn't want to be alone. She didn't want to lose her son again. She didn't want to lose her 'daughter'.
She even didn't want to lose the possibility to chat with others as well. She didn't want to lose the
possibility to see what was going on in the world with the help of the MAGI. And she didn't want to
lose her only chance to get Shinji and Asuka together. But how should she avoid that fate?
Lily had made her mind up, she would isolate her forever. While Yui always doubted that she could do this,
she had witnessed how Lily's power had rose since she was together with her son. She saw how Shinji
changed for the better ever since he was with her. Now she had only one way to go.

"What should I do to show that I'm worthy of having contact with Shinji?"


Shinji had the best day of his life. Now that Mana was back, he had not only Lily, but a real girlfriend
as well. Not that Mana believed his story that he was together with his EVA and that the Angel War was
decided, but after he managed to get her in contact with Lily via the MAGI, she was completely on his side.
While she had some doubts about making out with him, she always said that she didn't want to go on the
bad side of his fiancee, it was nice to have her around.

And now he was on his way to a synch test, which meant he was in for a long, hot and steamy sex session.
And with luck, his mother would be too busy to bother him any further. As he thought about her, he shook
his head disappointedly.
He expected more, but it looked like that he only had luck with Mana and beings that were not human.
He shrugged. Mana was human enough for him. He didn't need others, if they always ended up hurting him.

He entered the NERV HQ and went straight to the changing rooms. He had no time to waste, the sooner he
was in his EVA, the sooner he would be happy again. He would have to tell Lily how things went with Mana,
and then, the really nice things would follow.

As soon as he had changed into his plug suit, he made his way down to the cages and hopped into the entry
plug. It turned out that Ritsuko had to come in late this particular day. While it wasn't surprising that
Shinji now liked the tests, what he said came as surprise.

"Dr. Akagi, nice of you to join us. Could we begin or should I waste even more of my time?"

Ritsuko blushed, then let an angry frown appear on her face. She didn't know how this bond between him
and his EVA worked, so she didn't want to anger him when he was inside. No, that wouldn't be a good idea,
so she swallowed her pride and initiated the test.


Shinji was surprised that he didn't find himself in the familiar green and purple surroundings as usual.
Instead, he was engulfed in complete darkness, not able to see anything, not even himself.
For a few seconds, fear crept through his body, but his knowledge that Lily would never hurt him put him
back at ease. Finally, he asked what was going on.

"Lily?! What's wrong? Are you ok?"

"Shh! Yes I'm ok, but I thought a little difference would do you some good. No words, no looks, just

If it wouldn't have been pitch black, it could have been seen that Shinji arched one of his brows. Unable
to do anything constructive, he simply sat down and waited for things to come.

It didn't take long, and he heard footsteps closing in. The person sat down beside him, and an eager set
of hands started to roam all over his body. Not wasting time with unnecessary hesitation, Shinji reciprocated
this, wandered with his hands over her short hair, down her neck to her full breasts, to finally stop at the
little bush of hair over her sex.
Shinji smiled as he realized why Lily changed the surroundings. It was a totally new kind of feeling, each
action could only be made with preparations. The ability to see being lost, he had to search with his hands
for the wet spot. His lover too, had to do the same. Her hands always searched for new tender spots on his body,
giving him undescribable pleasure. Soon her lips chanted in, and her tongue drew wet lines all over his body,
taking it's time before closing in on his erect manhood.

Her soft lips wrapped themselves around him, engulfed him with their soft, velvet texture. Ever so slowly he
pushed forwards, inserted more and more of his sex in the hungry mouth of his partner.
She started to move up and down with her lips, each motion giving him a complete lick with her tongue over
the entire length of his manhood. She did this until he was nearly at his peak, then she took him completely
in her mouth, and started to swallow. Shinji was never deep-throated before, so this sensation was soon too
much for him.
The first spurt of his essence shot directly down to her stomach, only the latter ones landed in her mouth
as she drew her head back to taste him properly.

Shinji heard her satisfied gulps, then he did what already became his second nature. He had received pleasure,
now he had to give some pleasure. He kissed her hard on the lips, sucked her tongue in his mouth and caressed
it with his own. Tasting his own juices, he continued to kiss and positioned her in a position where he could
eat her out.
As soon as she laid on her back, he broke the kiss and wandered with his lips downward. He stopped shortly at
her chin, licked it before he continued his way down her neck. He savored the taste of her skin, the taste of
her perspiration of anticipation. At the same time he massaged her breasts, kneaded them and pinched her
hard nipples. He reached her hard buds and suckled on them, wandering at the same time with his hands to her
dripping sex.

He changed from one breast to the other, enjoyed the feeling of her breast against his face. While considerably
smaller than Misato's, they were quite a handful. He circled her aureoles with the tip of his tongue, before
sucking them again in his mouth. He repeated this over and over, while he massaged her wet pussy.

Finally, he started to make his way downwards again. For the lack of sensations from her bust, he compensated
by inserting two fingers in her hot tunnel, pushing them in and out, first slow, then faster.
His lips made another step at her bellybutton, where he drove his tongue as deep as possible inside. This
obviously tickled her because she started giggling. He liked to hear her laugh, so he repeated this action
several times, enjoying the fact that she was so comfortable with him.

As he made the last part of his way, he let his tongue drive a little alpine slalom through her small patch
of pubic hair. He laid down between her legs and took his fingers out of her, now using both hands to spread
her nether lips to give him the best access possible. But instead of diving in like a madman, he started his
administrations a little bit deeper, darted with his tongue against the rose of her lower entry.

She spasms surprised as she felt his, but let him continue. He drove in widening circles away from it,
reaching finally the lower end of her vaginal lips, as he broke the contact and darted with his tongue again
hard against her backdoor.
And this time, he didn't draw back, but pushed harder and harder. She was surprised by this action. In reflex,
she cramped her muscles to stop him on his way. But he was relentless in his assault. Soon, his tongue entered
her, only a few centimeters, but deep enough to give her an unfamiliar kind of pleasure. As much as she wanted
to stop him from entering, as he left, it was too soon for her taste.

He took a long tour over her inner thighs, cleaning his tongue on her skin before he was back at her sex. And
this time he drove in like a madman. Not wasting time with some gentle plays, he placed his mouth over her
slit as if he wanted to take a good bite out of her body. His tongue darted in and out of her, changed her
direction every time.
The same happened with the places it hit. Every tongueful deep in her tunnel, it teased at the next push her
clit, while another one ran over the complete length of her wet folds, at least as much as he had in his mouth.

Her fluids ran like a river, gave him more than enough to lap on, a tasty reward for his work.
Spasms racked through her body, heralding her upcoming orgasm. Shinji sealed her with his lips, wanted her
juices completely for him. Not even one drop should be wasted. He held her on the hip, tried to keep his mouth
on her pussy while she came violently. Her essence gushed in his mouth, enough to give him difficulties of
swallowing all of it.

He felt home between her legs, lapping up the last drops that oozed out of her. The closeness and the
intimacy were overpowering everything else. While she was out for good, his hurting hard-on was a clear
indication that he was ready for round two.
While she still bordered between consciousness and the dark realms behind it, he laid his body on top of
her and positioned his spear at the entrance of her womanhood. He inserted only the tip and started to
caress her face and her shoulders in an attempt to help her come back online. She should feel when he
entered her, or it wouldn't make much sense, at least for her. And he knew better than being controlled
by his sexual urges.

So he waited for several minutes until she took in a calming breath and she wiggled under him to give
him better access. It made clear that she was back and ready for more. With one quick thrust, he buried
himself as deep as possible in her. He started at a fast pace, that was matched by her almost effortlessly.
Nothing could be heard besides the hard breathing of the two lovers and the smacking sound of the act itself.
Shinji felt so good as his hard meat drove through the wet walls of her pussy. He enjoyed each spasm of
her muscles, savored the clamping of them as she had a little orgasm. They continued their fast pace, each
of them lost in passion and the feeling of the body of the partner.

But even the best things come sadly to an end. Shinji felt it as her muscles became more tense, and she
felt it as his erection started to throbbing. Shinji buried himself deep in her, wanting his seed as deep
as possible in her awaiting womb. She was his, and this act confirmed it, told her that she belonged to him,
and that she was his lover.

Completely exhausted, they fell both asleep, Shinji still on top of her.


He didn't know how many hours later when he awoke, but it wasn't relevant. Time was not of essence inside
the core.
He groaned disappointed as he realized the he was alone. Well, that would hardly last for long.
At least he was back in the world of the seeing, as Lily has obviously turned the lights back on. He looked
around and saw the figure of his beloved and Yui in the distance. He stood up and made his way towards them.

Soon, he arrived and was greeted with a hungry kiss from Lily. Yui simply said "Hello." and waited for them
to finish.

As this happened, she started with her usual questions.

"How is life outside?"

"Not bad. Mana came back with me, she lives in the apartment Lily obtained for her." answered Shinji.

"Did you sleep with her?"

"No. She has a hard time digesting the existence of Lily and this situation, so she wants to take it slow.
I have no reason to push her. I can hardly claim that I'm sexually starved."

Yui chuckled. "Well, that's true."

"And how are things going with Asuka?"

"Surprisingly well. Her hostility has decreased greatly, she even supported me a few times. I don't know
what's wrong with her, but this isn't the Asuka I know. Something's off, and as long as I don't know what
it is, I keep some extra distance from her."

"Maybe that's wrong. You could use this change in behavior to get close to her. You could at least try
to be friendly, especially if she supports you."

Shinji looked unconvincingly at his mother. "Maybe, just maybe."

A silence threatened to ensue, but Lily brought another topic up.

"Bardiel will come soon. We know that he will make trouble. Are you ready for it?"

"Yes. As long as he follows the codex, I see no problems. I will give my best."

"Good. Then we can use some time for some fun. Lay down, I wanna suck you off as it never happened before."

"Only if we do a sixty-nine."

"No. I wanna spoil you."

"I don't wanna be spoiled. If you want my juice, I want yours as well."

"You won't get it." answered Lily.

Shinji pouted. "Well, then I will simply jerk off and you get nothing."

"If you jerk off, I will lap it up from the floor."

"Hm. Then I lay simply down on my belly, and wait for my comeback in reality."

"You could lay down on me, and I can suck you off." replied Lily eagerly.

"And I can eat you out as well. Sounds good." came Shinji's answer.

Yui watched this little bickering amused, but went away as the young lovers started to make out.

Lily laid down and Shinji laid on top of her, in a perfect position for a 69. But Lily showed again that
she was stubborn. She closed her legs , denying him access to his target, while she was already busy slurping
at his hardening member.
Shinji grinned evilly. Lily had forgot how well he knew her body. His hands roamed along her legs and stopped
at her knees. He started to tickle the inner side of them, sending her in a giggling fit. He knew that this
was risky, if she didn't retrieve his erection from her mouth she could bite him, but so far, such a thing never
happened. He trusted her enough to do this, and he was successful. It didn't take long until she was weakened
enough so that he was able to spread her legs easily. As soon as his head was between them, he ceased the
tickling. Lily started to pleasure him orally again, but this time he was satisfied, as he was busy with his
mouth too.

After this final exchange of body fluids, Shinji went back to the real world.


The next day started boring, and continued this way during the first few lessons in school. Shinji knew
that this would change soon, so he simply tuned the old Sensei out and thought over his plans for the
upcoming battle.

He wasn't finished as a flash coming from the south indicated the arrival of Bardiel. Shinji knew that the
Matsushiro testing site would have been destroyed, but Leliel promised that nobody would be killed. He trusted
the green-haired Angel. More than most humans, to be exact.

He learned a lot of the secrets of NERV since he was together with Lily, and most of them strengthened his
hatred for his father. Rei's existence, while a good thing, was so shallow and empty due to his 'parental
influence', that she nearly couldn't be considered alive. Asuka had to pilot a robot that killed her mother,
as he had to do as well.
While it was a good thing for him, he doubted that Asuka would feel the same if she knew the truth.
Contrary to his own mother, Kyoko wasn't completely absorbed, only her mind was trapped inside the Eva, the
body remained in the entry plug. An empty, mindless shell. His father knew that this would happen, but didn't
do anything to prevent it. Later, those remnants committed suicide, and Asuka was the one who found the dead
body of her mother, hanging down from the ceiling in her room.

Shinji was now able to understand some facets of Asuka's behavior, but he still couldn't understand why she
always treated him so badly. Well, not in the last times, but before.
And that he hadn't any clue why she had changed so much was also unnerving.

The blaring sound of the Angel alarm disrupted his musings, and he made his way to NERV, along with Rei and
Asuka. They entered their EVAs and prepared for combat, as Misato took command from Matsushiro. Shinji
smiled at this, it meant that his father wouldn't take command. He didn't want to follow any order from
the bastard, not even one way or another.

The three EVAs stood outside of the city and waited for the newest Angel to arrive. It didn't take too long
and it appeared on their sensors. Few minutes later, they had visual contact as well.
Rei recognized the form of Unit03 first, but showed no emotion, while Asuka breathed sharply in. Shinji, who
already knew everything about the upcoming battle, waited calmly.

As Bardiel was in range, he turned around and showed the EVAs his back. As the grey tissue of the Angel
formed a hole above the entry plug, Neither Asuka nor Rei knew what the Angel had planned.
With a spitting sound, it catapulted the entry plug out of it's neck, directly in the hands of Unit00.
Then it waited.

Rei brought the entry plug to the next recovery station, where it vanished down to the secure confines
of the geofront. As soon as she joined the other pilots again, both of them, Unit 00 and 02 were suddenly
caught by a black shadow that formed underneath them.
It reminded them strongly at the number the twelfth Angel did to Shinji, but they didn't sink in as Shinji
did. They were simply glued to the ground and were unable to do anything. Since they were all equipped
with close-combat weapons, they couldn't do anything if the Angel didn't decide to come out of free will to

Only Unit01 remained fully operational and took a fighting stance. The Angel mimicked this action.
Shinji was glad that his communications with the HQ were jammed as he gasped in surprise. He didn't expect
that Bardiel would talk to him.

"Are you the one which is called Shinji Ikari?" he asked via a line from Unit 03 to him.

"Yes, I am."

Bardiel growled menacingly, and Unit 03 did the same.

"You banged my baby-sis. Now I will see if you are worthy of her."

Shinji gulped. This wasn't planned.

Without giving Shinji a chance to digest this little information, Bardiel charged and tackled Unit 01
to the ground. The fight that ensued reminded pretty much of a school yard fight, as the two rolled around and
repeatedly hit each other with their fists.

Shinji, not accustomed to such things, started to lose more and more ground. The hits he got increased, and
soon he was unable to land his own and only tried to defend himself from the beating he received.


Gendo smirked as he saw that Unit01 was on the verge of losing. Everything went according to his scenario.
Maybe the fact that the third was bounded to Unit 01 wasn't all too important, as he had feared.
He activated a hidden button, and the line to Matsushiro broke down. Now that Katsuragi was out of the loop, he
took command.

He waited several minutes, before ordering the synchronization between Unit 01 and Shinji to be cut and the
ignition of the dummy plug. All sensors showed that Shinji's synch was severed, and the dummy plug came online.

He started to smirk, as several fast incoming messages brought him on the controvert spectrum of emotions.

"Synch between pilot and Unit01 stable again. The dummy is synched too, but cannot control anything. The pilot
has still control about the Unit. The dummy is not repulsed, but is unable to gain control." reported Hyuga.


To say than Gendo Ikari was shocked would have been an understatement. He had underestimated the bond between
Unit 01 and its pilot. While it wasn't crucial for his plans to use the dummy in this fight, it was necessary
to break the Third.
He wanted to use the death of the Fourth to accomplish this, but this was impossible after the Angel spat the
Plug out. Still, it would have been nice to shatter his confidence by taking the control of the Unit out of
his hands, but it looked like that this wouldn't happen either.
He would need to make adjustments to his scenario. Soon.


While Gendo got his surprise, Shinji received the beating of his life. After Bardiel had gained the upper hand,
he tried everything to beat him to a pulp.

After Unit 01 was unable to stand up again, Unit 03 used the opportunity to step on it and jump on it
repeatedly. This went on for a while, then Bardiel walked away from the Unit and sat down on a nearby hill.

Shinji received another message from Bardiel.

"I cannot understand that my sis fell for such a wimp."

Unit 03 shook his head slowly, and then detonated with the ferocity of an N2 mine explosion. In the same time,
the black shadows that held the other 2 units vanished too.

Shinji wanted to breathe through, as he felt the familiar pull and found himself again in the core of 01.
He was in for another surprise. Not only Lily and Yui awaited him, but Rei too.

Shinji couldn't understand, Rei was in Unit 00, so how did she came here?

Yui answered his question before he was able to ask it.

"As you received your little beating, Gendo severed communications from Matsushiro and took command of the
battle. He ordered that your link severed, and that the Dummy takes control. Neither Lily nor I had
anticipated that he would try this so soon, but he did it nonetheless. Lily was fast enough to let the
control in your hands, but for this she had to allow the dummy to synch as well. That's why she is here."

Shinji stepped to the blue-haired girl.

"Hi, I'm Shinji. What's your name?"

The girl didn't even blink, but after some long seconds, she gave an answer.

"I do not have a name."

"Call her dummy. That would be most fitting." suggested Yui, which was rewarded by a sharp look from Shinji.

He knew that his mother disliked Rei and the other clones, she thought of them as replacements of herself.
Shinji knew better. Even if his father tried unsuccessfully to get some of her genetics from the plug in
which Yui was dissolved to use for the cloning, Gendo would'nt have seen Rei really as a replacement. He
would have treated her differently.

"I will not degrade her by calling her this." he spat back at Yui, who simply shrugged.

Shinji turned to the dummy.

"But you need to have a name. Or a designation."



"I am three."

"That's hardly a nice name. What about if I call you Tri?"

The clone thought this over, then answered, "That would be acceptable."

Shinji smiled at that, but received no reaction.

He turned to Lily.

"What will now happen to her?"

"She was unsuccessful, so she will be most likely destroyed." answered Yui.

"What!? We cannot let this happen."

"I doubt that we can prevent it." said Yui emotionlessly.

"There is a way." interjected Lily.

"You didn't sound enthusiastic." stated Shinji.

"I could bond her with me. Her body is damaged beyond repair, so there is nothing I can do. But I can
bring her here, to me, forever. So she could survive. But it means that she would be here as well."

Shinji gave his beloved puppy-dog eyes. "Could you do it, pretty please?" he begged.

Lily sighed. She was unable to resist this look, and Shinji knew it.

"You like Rei very much, right Shinji?" she asked.

"Yes. Despite her past and her construction, she was the only one which didn't try to use me.
She is inept at living, but she can learn."

"Don't forget, this is Tri, not Rei. She is even more withdrawn and inept at living. She has to learn a
lot more."

"I think she deserves this chance."

Lily sighed again. "Then so it shall be."


The bridge was in turmoil again.

"Synch of the dummy is increasing. 90 percent. 100 percent. 110 percent." shouted Hyuga.

Gendo didn't understand what was going on. Unit01 wanted to acquire another soul? But it already had one.

"250. 260. 270."

This was definitely not in the scenario. While a functioning dummy would have been good, it was alarming
that it was absorbed too. It meant that he couldn't risk that Rei entered Unit 01 again, and so he had to
rely on Shinji even more. He didn't like this one bit.

"Synch rate exceed 400 percent. All biological components of the Dummy system are dissolved. The LCL in the
dummy system now resembles primordial soup."

While the techs believed that they were only parts of a bio computer, Gendo knew better. The Rei clone which
was the heart of the Dummy-system resided now in Unit 01 as well.


"Before I go back, I have one last question." said Shinji to Lily.


"Why didn't you protect me as Bardiel tried to beat me to a pulp? I mean, you received this beating as well."

"No, I didn't." chirped Lily happily.


"I was well protected by my AT-field. Only you got beaten, I didn't even feel a tingling."

"But why....."

"To remind you that is dangerous to interact with Angels. Especially fucking their little sister." she replied

Shinji was unable to reply, as he was again back in his entry plug. He shook his head and heard Asuka asking
what the Hell had happened. Well, he would need a good answer for this one.


It took Misato two hours to get from Matsushiro back to NERV HQ. She immediately went to the debriefing room,
where she assembled the pilots.

Shinji, who had stayed so long under the shower, had to spill the beans now. He would simply tell the truth.
Well, not the entire one, but the truth about why the Angel detonated. Not that he liked to admit it, and he
doubted that anybody would believe him, but it was the best he was able to do.

As soon as he entered the debriefing room, Asuka shouted at him: "Spill the beans, baka!"

"Calm down Asuka. I'm sure that Shinji cannot wait to tell what has happened out there." interjected Misato.

Rei stood still in the background, but
her eyes never left Shinji.

Shinji breathed deeply, then he answered.

"Since I am bonded to my Unit, I am the primary target for all Angels. They can feel this bond, and know that
it makes me to their most dangerous enemy. I'm the primary target."

"That explains why Asuka and Rei were immobilized while you were attacked. But why did it explode? It had won."
demanded Misato to know.

"Over my link to Unit01, I was able to get some impressions from the Angel. It seemed satisfied that it had
beaten me, but disappointed that it was so easy. As it pounded me again and again, it became more and more
disappointed of my performance. And then it seemed overtaken by sadness and exploded." explained Shinji.

Asuka's face lit up like a supernova.

"Simply put, you annoyed it to death." she declared with much happiness in her voice.

Misato blanched completely, even Rei's skin looked colorful compared to hers. "Please, tell me that she isn't
right!" she demanded.

"She is right. That's the only explanation I have." he admitted.

"YESSS!!!!" shouted Asuka and started a victory dance.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" cried Misato, now on the verge of tears.

Asuka stopped in front of Misato and extended her hand. Misato's shoulders slumped as she put her credit-card
in the hands of the red-head.

"What's that about?" asked Shinji.

Asuka smiled at him and explained: "As you said that you could defeat all Angels alone by yourself, I was
sure that this would never happen. Misato was on your side, so we made a bet. Since the only possibility for
you to defeat an Angel without my help would be by annoying it to death, I bet that this would be the only
way for you to do it. Now that the truth came to the light, I won and get my price. No more chores for me.
Never. And unlimited access to Misato's credit card for a week."

Shinji jaw would have fell on the floor, if that would have been possible. He threw his hands exasperated
in the air, but was unable to say anything. So he settled on a defeated sigh and left the room.

Rei's eyes never left him throughout the entire debriefing.


As Shinji went to bed, he was more than glad that this day was finally over. His body hurt from the beating he received.
He now had another girl inside the core of Unit01, Asuka was on the verge of exploding due to an overly large
amount of happiness, and Misato set a new record with 37 beer cans in one hour. How she managed this without
bursting was a miracle, but she did it nonetheless.

He put the earphones of his SDAT in his ears. The entire room stated to shimmer in a warm, orange light. His
eyes widened in fear, as a black spot formed on the floor of his room and grew bigger with each passing second.

In an attempt to escape, he ran to the door, but bounced off from the AT-field that enclosed his room
completely. As a green haired head emerged from the black hole, he was immediately calmed. Leliel decided to
give him a little visit, and that was unexpected, but appreciated. He wanted to tell her to tame her siblings
a little bit, so it was a nice opportunity for him to do this.

After Leliel had completely emerged from the sea of Dirac, she closed it and looked around in the bare room.
A disappointed frown etched over her face as she saw how empty and unfriendly the bare walls in this room were.
This wasn't an environment she considered as fitting for her lover.

She went to Shinji and kissed him immediately, shoved her tongue roughly in his mouth and savored his taste.
It was only her second opportunity to do this, and the first alone with him.

As Angel she had no great problem with removing her 'clothes'. Since they were only fragments of her AT-field,
she simply let them vanish and stood now in all her naked glory in front of Shinji.

It wasn't that he didn't like the sight, but after this long and hard day, he was too tired to follow his
teenage libido. His body hurt all over, and the memories of Bardiel pounding him for banging his sister, which
now stood naked in front of him, were too fresh.

Leliel saw that his interest wasn't that much she had hoped for, but a look through his AT-field, to learn of
his feelings, she understood. It wasn't that he didn't like her, quite the opposite was fact, but he was tired
and hurting. While she couldn't do much against the first, she could do a lot against the latter.

"Put off your clothes and lay back." commanded the cute Angel.

Shinji, too tired to argue simply followed her demand. As long as he didn't have to move, it was alright
with him.

Leliel grinned as she saw him lying, with his half erected member lightly pointing upwards. Seeing that he
was still interested despite his tiredness, she decided to heal him.
It was easy for her to manipulate her AT-field to heal his bruises, and it would only take her few seconds
to accomplish it. Now she had other plans.

She positioned herself over him, and brought her face closer and closer to his own. Shinji expected that
she wanted to kiss him, so he was surprised when she licked over his bruised cheek. Even more as the contact
killed the pain from it.
He looked bewilderedly at her and used his right hand to touch the cheek, only to find that the pressure
didn't hurt anymore. Leliel had healed it.

Seeing the wonder in his eyes, Leliel chuckled and resumed the treatment. It was easy for her to find all
the hurting spots, and wandering over them with her tongue was pure pleasure. She thought shortly over this
discovery and came to the conclusion that she liked spoiling her lover. And guessing from his throbbing
erection that poked against her belly, he liked being spoiled. They were a perfect match! A match made in
heaven. Leliel chuckled as she thought this, wandering southwards with her administrations.

She spared his sex from her healing administrations and went down over his thighs, his knees, until she
finally reached his toes. She suckled on each of them, which elicited a surprised moan from Shinji.
Then she started her way back upwards, taking her time by swirling her tongue again and again over his
skin. As she reached his erection again, she saw a clear drop of pre cum decorating the purple head of
her favorite lolly. She licked it up, only using the tip of her tongue, which she pressed against the slit
in search for more of the delicious liquid. As this wasn't rewarded, she started to lick his rod like a
cone with ice-cream. Shinji, now only tired, but not hurting anymore, could do nothing than enjoying the
administrations of his personal Angel.

Shinji moaned again and again, messaging Leliel that he was to cum soon. She understood, and took him in
her mouth. During her first session, she learned that she liked the taste, so she didn't want to waste a
drop of it. Continuing her efforts, it didn't take long until he spasmed and shot his load in her mouth.
The first spurt landed directly in her back throat, and only the fact that she was above him, let it ran
back forwards in her mouth, coating her tongue with the taste she liked so much. Three other spurts followed
closely, forming a little puddle in her mouth.
After he was finished, she started to suck it in and swallow it. Then she cleaned him thoroughly with her
tongue, and laid down beside him.

Shinji was in heaven. As Leliel did it the first time, under the careful guidance of Lily, he thought that
it was just a fluke. Now he knew better. There wasn't a better term to describe Leliel than calling her a
very talented cock sucker.
While still tired, he was determined to reciprocate the favor.

As he wanted to sit up, to be able to bring him in a position where he could eat her out, she stopped him.

"What do you want to do?" she asked.


Leliel smiled. "There is no need for you to move." she told him.

Shinji looked questioningly at her, but understood soon as she placed her legs left and right beside his
head and sat down on his face. Her bare pussy placed firmly against his awaiting and open mouth, he only
needed to move his lips and tongue, which he started immediately.

While he loved Lily more than anything, Shinji had to admit that licking Leliel was more fun than doing
the same to Lily. Lily was rather dry, and produced just barely enough juice to allow intercourse without
artificial help. She tasted very good, but it was just not enough for him to feast upon it.
Leliel was a complete other matter. Sex with her was wet. As soon as he started to eat her out, his mouth
was flooded with her juices. He was lucky that he was rather thirsty, otherwise he would have had a problem.

He gulped his first mouthful down, soon followed by a second and a third. It was invigorating for him to
drink her. He loved the taste, the feeling of the slippery liquid in his mouth, the knowledge that she
dripped this much because he made her this horny. Yes, licking Leliel was the best eating out he could do.

As he saw the signs which announced her upcoming orgasm, Shinji knew that he would have a lot of cleaning
to do. He was right with this assumption. As she cried her orgasm out, her juices squirted out of her with
full force. His mouth was immediately full, the rest splashed out of his mouth over her upper body, his
face, the bed and the floor. Some of it even landed on his desk, where it soaked two of his school books.
Leliel's orgasm rescinded slowly, as did the river which flooded out of her. Again, Shinji could only
wonder how she could lose so much liquid without dying.

After Leliel came back to her senses, she took a quick peek behind her, and was very happy that his
erection stood again proudly. She smiled down on his drenched face and announced: "Looks like you are
ready again. Just keep down, I will take care of it."
Shinji, unable to resist, simply did as requested, which meant he did nothing.

Leliel positioned herself over him and sat down, taking him complete in herself. She liked that feeling
of having him inside of her, but was unable to suppress a little chuckle as she remembered the first time
she did this, a few weeks ago. If Lily hadn't tricked her into it, she would never have tried it. It was
too gross for her to allow someone to stick a part of his body into her.
While the Angels knew what was happening on earth, things like sex and reproduction, and concepts like
friendship or love were completely unknown to them.

As Unit 01 was caught in her sea of Dirac, she felt that the big biobot was a partial clone of Lilith,
the mother of all. That was strange, but not unexpected. If the Unit wouldn't have been partial Angel,
it never could have succeed in a fight against other Angels.
She wanted to contact this being, wanted to see if she couldn't negotiate with her ......sister? As she
realized that a clone of her mother, was most likely related to her, she found herself unable to finish
the biobot off. It would have been easy to shrink the sea of Dirac until it would crush the Unit, but
she was unable to kill her sister.
She wasn't a real clone, as other genetics were added too, so the term 'Half-sister' fit pretty well.

To gain access to her, under technology and restraints hidden personality, she pierced through the biobots
AT-field and searched for her, finding her in the core. Unable to talk to her immediately, she waited for
things and witnessed how her sister seduced her pilot, a puny human.
She was disgusted by the fact that an eternal being could hold affection for a simple mortal that was in
the dozen cheaper, but as she saw them becoming one, her curiosity was peaked.
The presence of another human in the core of the Unit was unexpected as well, but it was no hindrance
for her. She carefully tipped against the consciousness of her sister, which had no problems of talking
with her. While bred and built as weapon against the Angels, the natural curiosity of her sister was
bigger than any implemented knowledge.
She was really like an Angel, as her race was very interested in anything that was around them too.

It didn't take long to convince Lily, as the Unit called itself, to let her talk with the humans, as she
saw a possibility to end this war. During her negotiations with the humans, she got interested with the
pilot. He wasn't what she had imagined him to be. Instead of a brutal killer, she was faced with a meek
and considerate boy, deceived into fighting by blackmail, half-truths and guilt.
So she decided to add one point to the things she wanted in exchange for the end of the war. She wanted
to try the things Lily did with him. And she did it, at least partially.
While she enjoyed being with him, as he was very cautious and always asked if his administration were
OK for her, she was shocked that Lily simply joined in and had sex with her as well. It was good that at
this time, she hadn't knowledge about concepts like homosexuality and incest, otherwise it would have
been a little bit more difficult.
Not that human morality had any impact on her, she was eternal, but she would had taken it not so easy,
since Lily was raised with such beliefs.
Well, she soon had to admit that she was proud of her little sis. Not only that she had discovered the
joys of sex, something no Angel did before, she also licked her fantastic.
The only annoyance was the female human, whose also resided in the core. She was only bitching and
bickering, until Lily erected some walls to keep her away. How anyone could have been so tight up, she
will never understand.
While Leliel was now able to understand why she was hesitant to have intercourse with her son, she
couldn't understand why she didn't take at least Lily in her bed. It was pretty funny to her. A
scientific mind with the inability to understand that she cannot commit incest, since she had no
genetics of her own. Not that it mattered anymore. Lily would take care of these things.

As she had sex with Shinji and Lily, she understood that there were some things the Angels could learn
from the humans as well. While the pure and innocent love among them was wonderful, it was boring. Doing
things like humans, slurping on cocks, licking on pussies, fucking in all possible entrances was far
more interesting. Well, one of them she still had to try, but this was only a matter of time. She had
started to like the meek pilot, and he liked her as well. While his love and devotion to Lily was
unbreakable, Leliel was satisfied with her second place.
As long as she could have him as often she wanted, she had no problems with anything. Sex was addictive.

But in her ecstasy, she made one big mistake. Overwhelmed by the feelings of her first orgasm, she forgot
to separate her battle-form from the responses of her mind. The light show she produced was so spectacular
that every Angel in the universe probably would see it. The only good thing of it was that it gave her a
good opportunity to disappear, and to have a nice argument to get Shinji under the blanket with her again.
Nobody else could tell him that the light of her love had burned the shadows of the city in concrete, for
all eternity. That it wandered through the galaxy, for every living being to be seen, as testament of her
feelings for him. That it was more lust as love at this time was clear, but as longer as she thought over
him, the more she liked him. Compared to Bardiel, the bully, Zeruel, the ancient warrior and her other
brothers, he was a delighting difference. She fell for him as Lily did, for the same reasons too.

As she stopped her musings about the things which happened a few weeks prior, she realized that she
pumped the entire time up and down onto him. The large amount of wetness between her thighs could only
be explained that he already came multiple times. While she herself, caught up in her musings, failed to
cum. And a look in Shinji's face shattered all hopes of reaching a climax with his help. He was unconscious.
Disappointed, she dismounted him and looked around. She had made quite a mess. And since he mumbled
something like 'Too much work', she decided to help him a little bit.
He was right, Bardiel did quite a number on him, so she should help him.

Using her AT-field, she sucked the entire mess in a little SoD. It functioned better than any vacuum cleaner
ever could.
And no changing of dust bags, never.
Now there was only one thing bothering her, the complete lack of personality in this little room. She would
have to do something about it. And she had a nice idea about what to do.

She never spotted the prying eyes which had seen the entire encounter between her and Shinji.


As Shinji awoke the next morning, he was pleasantly surprised that Leliel was still with him. She sat on
the edge of his futon and was reading one of his schoolbooks and giggled, obviously finding it very funny.

"What's so funny?" he asked, really interested in her answer.

"The stupid things in these books. I mean it is clear that your science is based on the knowledge of one
inhabited planet, its science and history, but some of the assumptions are so arrogant that it borders on
complete stupidity."

"What do you mean?"

"What do you think I am?" she asked him.

"An Angel. Supposed to be a messenger of god."

"That was a religious answer. I want a scientific one." she replied.

"Then I don't know."

"Good. Realizing the lack of knowledge is the first step to wisdom. As you can guess, I am not from Earth.
But that doesn't mean that I came from a place with fluffy clouds and where everyone plays the harp. We
are simply life forms from another planet, way older than your human race. A long time ago, we visited a
lot of other worlds and helped evolution by influencing the genetic structures of primates. To make them
more intelligent, to give them a basic chance to develop into higher beings. Earth is one of those worlds.
But we were interrupted. Climatic changes and other natural catastrophes forced us to draw back. While
we almost finished the enhancement of your race, we were unable to destroy all traces of our visit. We
forgot this planet, only Adam and Lilith stayed here as guardians.
We would never have guessed that you would use our remnants to make some religions. Well, this was certainly
a surprise.
As you awoke Adam with all its catastrophic side-effects, we were called to this world again, to correct our
mistakes we did back then. Your race isn't developed enough to understand the true ways of evolution, to gain
access to some of the secrets you have discovered with the Qum'ran scrolls." explained the green-haired Angel.

"I understand."

"No, you do not." answered Leliel smiling. "Time for me to go. See you later!"

And with that, Leliel was swallowed up by another black disk which appeared out of nowhere. This time,
Shinji had the first chance to take a look around in his room to oversee the mess he made with her yesterday,
to know what he had to clean up. As he saw that Leliel had already taken care of that, he was relieved, but
as he finally spotted his new wall- decoration, he almost fainted right on the spot. Three very precise
painted pictures now hung at his walls.
The first showed Leliel, in all her naked glory, standing on a shore. It was a life-size picture, in
photo-quality with 3d-effect. The second, equal in quality size, showed Lily lying on a familiar green
ground. Her face relaxed as it always was in the afterglow of an orgasm, he could also see the wet trail
from her pussy down to the floor.
And the third showed both of them, sitting on a bed beside each other, with spread legs to give him a
perfect view. Both had one of their hands on the slit of the other, spreading the nether lips to give a
great view in their pink insides.

As beautiful as the pictures were, Shinji now faced a dilemma. How should he ever be able to do homework
here again? There was no way that he could concentrate on other things than sex while looking at those
pictures. His eyes widened as he realized that this wasn't even his biggest problem. What if Misato came
inside? Or worse, Asuka?
He knew that he couldn't take them off, because it would hurt Leliel, but he was soooooooo dead.


On his lonely way to school he contemplated some excuses if someone ever enters his room. Asuka said that
she had something eaten wrong, and that she felt a little ill. Shinji suspected that she only used it as
excuse to skip school, not that he couldn't understand it.

As he placed his schoolbooks on the desk, two of them were still a little damp. While this wouldn't a
problem if nobody noticed it, he had the great luck that Kensuke and Touji decided to pester him this
day. Touji wanted some of his homework to copy it, so the jock grabbed for the books and drew his hand
back in disgust, because of the damp feeling the book had. The faint but decidedly strange smell was
weird too, so he asked what Shinji did with the books.

"Heya, what ya doing with tha freaking books? They are clamp and smelling weird."

Shinji thought for a fitting answer, and decided to tell the truth.

"They are simply smelling after an Angel. That's all."

It was no wonder that those two didn't believe even one word from him. So they went to their own desks.

"Suke, Shinji is getting evil. I mean, yeah, he often told me to do my homework alone, but that he
booby-traps his books with some weird stuff is evil."

"Yes it is. I don't know why, but he had changed a lot in the last weeks. And not for the better."

"And what do you think why?" asked Touji.

"Dunno. Maybe some tests, or an Angel did something weird to him. I mean, this all had started after he
was swallowed by one. Strange things can happen if you have to play chewing gum for an Angel."

"Maybe you could hack in some files. I really want to know."

"I'll do. You are pretty concerned about him." said Kensuke.

"Hey. I'm a pilot too. What if I get fucked up next?"

"And that's your only reason?"

"No. How should I complete my homework if I can't copy it from him?"


Mana was surprised as the doorbell rang. Shinji should be in school, and no one else knew that she was
back in Tokyo 3. As she opened the door, she was in for a big surprise.

"Soryu." she said with a lot of disdain in her voice.


"What do you want?"


"Not running again to the Commander?" Mana asked with a raised eyebrow.

Asuka flinched at this remark. She wasn't proud of her actions back then. She knew, as she ran off to the
Commander and told him about her suspicions regarding the new girl in class, she had lost Shinji's trust
forever. Although he still lived with her, and his obedience towards her orders, all his actions showed
that there wasn't more. Not that she wanted it, but that she was regarded as not trustworthy didn't fit
well with her. That she deserved it was even worse. And now she was here, wanted to talk with the girl
she hated so much that she sided with the Commander against Shinji.


"Then what?"

"May I come in?"

Mana shrugged and stepped back, giving Asuka space to walk in. As the two sat down in the living room, Mana
asked again: "What do you want, Soryu?"

"I know why you are here."

Mana smiled amused. "Really?"


"And what's your theory?"

"You are here as girlfriend for Shinji. Because his real love cannot act this way."

This statement peaked Mana's interest.

"And who would be his real love?"

"The conscience of his EVA, called Lily, but you know of that. He is together with her, but since she
wants a normal life for him, she brought you back in, because this Lily thinks that I'm unfitting to
be his girlfriend."

"Lily is right. But since when do you want to be with him together?"

"I don't."

Mana blinked confused. "I don't understand. If you don't want to be with him, why do you care if I'm here
or not?"

"My mother wants me to be with him. So I will too."

"Your mother?" came Mana's confused question.

"She is inside my EVA, as is Shinji's in his. As he started his relationship with Lily, his mother
contacted mine via the MAGI. She brought my mother back to consciousness, as she was completely lost in
the confines of 02's core. Yui Ikari brought her back, so she is now able to have contact with me. To
talk to me."


"She didn't like the way I have developed as she was gone. She wants to correct this. Because she thinks
that I should be together with Shinji, I will. So you have to go." Asuka stated in a monotonous voice.



"No. I see no reason to go."

"As far as I know you haven't slept with him. So your ties with him can't be too serious."

"If I fuck him or not is hardly your concern. Besides, I have my reasons. And you? Do you want to sleep
with him?"


"Then why do you want to do it? Because your mother told you so?"


Mana was taken aback by this strange conversation. Asuka acted even weirder than the first child, creeping
her out. This wasn't the Asuka she knew, the girl which nearly got in a cat fight with her, the girl which
was even more tempered than herself. She didn't understand this extreme change in behavior.

"So basically, you are here to tell me to bugger off, so that you can screw a boy you don't even like?"


Mana stood up and went to Asuka. Then she simply knocked against her head. "Hello? Anybody inside?"

Asuka batted her hand away. "This is not funny."

"You aren't either. What has happened to you? Not that it really interests me, but you creep me out."

Mana knew that this statement wasn't the entire truth. As she received her mission to learn about the EVAs,
she was briefed about all the pilots. Her initial reason to try it with Shinji was that he was the
Commander's son. Otherwise, she would have tried to get close to Asuka, because her knowledge was much
greater. Her superiors even sent some lesbian whores to her for training. Back then, she was more interested
in the redhead than in Shinji, which changed pretty fast as the hostility between them grew each passing hour.
Now, she disliked the other girl immensely, since she was responsible for her life in the shadows.
But as she saw her now, broken, without the barely concealed temper that was her trademark, she couldn't deny
that she was a little bit concerned. Well, it looked as the learning of the information in the file of Asuka
weren't wasted after all.

"Since when you are acting like a doll?" Mana asked sweetly.

Asuka's eyes went wide as she heard this. She gritted her teeth and answered: "I'm not a doll."

"Sure? Because you act like one. Like
a cute little girlie, always obedient to her mother. Say, when you talk with her,
are there strings to your limbs attached or not?"

That was enough for Asuka. Not bothering to answer, she lunged out from her seat and attacked the other
girl. Her uncontrolled rage blinded her too much to rely on her training, so she was stopped cold by a
kick in her stomach.
Pain shot through Asuka's body, and her eaten breakfast landed on the floor.

Mana looked concerned on the girl which now laid on a puddle of vomit. She knew, Asuka was out for good.
She reached down and rolled the girl on her back.

"That was more like the Asuka I knew." Mana stated.

"Why?" asked Asuka weakly.

"To help you. I'm not sure what is going on here, but it looks like Shinji banging his EVA isn't the only
strange thing here. You acting even weirder than Ayanami isn't good either. Why are you doing everything
your mother wishes?"

"She was dead. For a long time. Now she is back, and I'm a failure. I'm not the person she envisioned to be.
So she wants to help me become what I should be."

Mana looked astonished at the laying redhead.

"That's idiocy. You were alone as you grew up, and you have your own personality. Even if she came back,
she has no right to change you after her wishes."

Asuka sat up, as she had recovered a little bit from the really mean blow she received.

"She is my mother."

"She's a ghost in a machine, and a pile of dead meat." answered Mana coldly.

"Why do you try to defend me?"

"As I got the mission to gather information from the EVA's, it was planned that I try to get close to you,
instead of Shinji. I had no objections."

"Then, why Shinji?"

"He is the Commander's son. And as I met him, I liked him for real pretty fast, while my affection for
you depleted at an even faster rate."

Asuka let out a chuckle. "And now you hate me, right?"



"Yes, and No. You ruined my life, fucked up my career and did everything to make me angry at you. But still,
I don't really hate you. But if I intervene to solve your little problem with your mother, you owe me big

Asuka stood up and nodded. She knew, against her mother, she was unable to do anything. Even if she wanted
to be her own person, as she was since her death, she was unable to argue with her, to say 'No' to her
wishes. This was her weakest spot, and she needed help. While she never thought that this girl would help
her, she wouldn't decline this offer. Whatever Kirishima wanted from her, if she was free again, she would
pay the price willingly.

"How do you plan to do it?"

"After I was brought here, Shinji arranged a video-call from Lily, to show me that she existed for real.
Since then, I often talked to her, and we are quite close. I will contact her, and then things will be set
in motion."


"Say that after it is finished. I have to make a call now, and you should wash your hair. You can use my
bathroom, and a blouse which is hanging in there as well."

Asuka nodded and made her silent way into the bathroom, while Mana grabbed the phone and started dialing.
She had another reason to help Asuka with this. She had her own bad memories about her mother. It was she
who sold her to the military after all.


A half hour later, Asuka emerged clean out of the bathroom, and looked questioningly at Mana.

"In two days we will meet at 2300hr, go into NERV HQ and then we will solve this little problem of yours.
And tomorrow, you can start to repay me, by going for a little swim with me."

"Why don't you go with Shinji?"

"I know a little lake, not far outside from Tokyo3. It is perfect for some skinny-dipping, but that would
give Shinji only wrong ideas."

Asuka eyes widened in surprise. "So you don't want.......?"

"No. Originally, I came with him to be his girlfriend. I thought that his little tale of Lily and his
relationship with her was a fairy tale. As he proved me wrong, I tried still to be a girlfriend, but
realized that I don't want to share. I want someone just for me. Lily understands that, so we made
an agreement. I give Shinji a normal life, and she fucks him often enough to keep him away from me."


"Not stranger than obeying a dead mother."

Asuka shrugged. "Where do we meet?"

"Tomorrow, at lunch break, we will meet in front of the school gates. And for the other thing, I'll
come and get you."

Asuka nodded and left the apartment.


At the same time, Shinji walked down the road, smiling and in the best mood since he could remember. But
like most good things, it was short-lived, as Ayanami Rei blocked his way.

"Please come with me. We have to talk."

<Ayanami wants to talk to me? Strange.>

He followed her into the dark hole she called her apartment and waited for her to start the conversation.

"Who was the green haired girl you slept with yesterday?"

Shinji's jaw fell down as he heard this question. He narrowed his eyes and asked, "How do you know?"

"I watched you two yesterday."


"You are acting quite different in the last few weeks. I wanted to know what triggered this change."

"That is none of your concern."

"It is. Everything that endangers the scenario is of my concern."

"What scenario?" asked a bewildered Shinji.

"The scenario of the Commander."

"I don't give a fuck about his scenarios!" yelled Shinji.

"Who was this girl. Her abilities indicated that she was no human."

Shinji didn't answer, he was way too angry to do so.

"No answer is an answer. I will contact the Commander and inform him of this development."

She took out her cell-phone, but before she could hit the speed-dial, Shinji slapped the device angry out
of her hand and stepped on it.

"No, you will not." he pressed through gritted teeth. There was no way in hell that he would allow anyone
interfere with his new life.
"Yes, I will. Your actions are endangering the scenario, so I have to report them."

Shinji decided to play his last trump. "You vowed to protect me. If you go to my father, you are
neglecting this vow."

"My loyalty to the Commander is more important."

"Because he is your creator?"

Rei showed no signs of being shocked, but that didn't mean that she wasn't. "You knew?"

"Yes. But that is irrelevant. You will not go to the Commander. I will stop you."

Rei contemplated these words. Shinji had no chance of stopping her, so she couldn't take this seriously.
So, she simply started to walk in direction of the door, as Shinji stopped in front of her. She tried to
go around him, but as she was unable to, she used her AT-field to clear her way.
Shinji punched against it in a futile effort to stop her.

She was shortly before the door when he felt another presence, and the weakening of her AT-field. Rei
wanted to strengthen it, but it was too late. Shinji hit her with something hard in the back of her head,
and the world faded to black.


Preread by ultimaxslc
Useful comments and encouragement to write by Kuracao
Domo arigato.