Chapter 3: Comeback

The sight was more impressive than everything else since second impact. The large black and white
striped sphere started to glow, brighter with each second. At the same time, the shadow shrank
smaller and smaller.

In the NERV HQ, all hell broke loose. Nobody had a clue what happened; the bomber assault should
have started in two minutes. Now they had to cancel it, noting that the light was already so
bright that the aircraft couldn't even see their target.

It was as if another sun was born in the air over Tokyo3. The light got so intense that the shadows
were burned in the concrete of the streets forever. Even a nuclear detonation wouldn't have been
this bright.

Inside of the two remaining EVAs, neither Ayanami nor Soryu were able to see anything. The automatic
systems shut down any visual of the outside world as the light was too intense for the eyes to handle.
They didn't know what was happening, and had with that as much knowledge as anybody else.

After a loud crunching noise, it was over. The light faded out, the Angel was gone. The battle against
Leliel was finally over and Unit01 stood victorious on the battleground.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

It took some minutes until the systems of the HQ were functional again. As the sensors came back, the
entire bridge crew was greeted with the sight of Unit01 standing calmly on the battlefield.

"What's the status of the pilot?" demanded Misato to know.

Ritsuko answered: "I don't know, we have no sensor data from the plug."

Misato didn't hesitate as she gave her next order. "Rei, Asuka, take the plug out of Unit01 and bring
it to the next entrance. Quick!"

The two large biodroids moved until they stood behind the purple behemoth. 02 took off the armor-plate
which covered the plug, while 00 grabbed the entry plug and brought it to the next entrance, where Rei
carefully set it down. The emergency crews opened the plug and retrieved the unconscious third child.

As the message that Shinji was alive reached the bridge, short but loud cheering erupted from the crew.
Even Ritsuko let a quiet, but satisfied gasp escape from her mouth. Now her work would begin and she went
immediately to the hospital wing.

Misato was unable to stop the tears of joy that flowed down her cheeks. Despite all odds, her personal
'house slave' had come back, she wouldn't drown in her filth again. Words couldn't describe her joy.

For the bridge crew, the day was saved. Their best hope of survival was back. They vowed again to visit
him in the hospital as soon as he could have visitors, only to forget the promise a few minutes later.

Asuka's reaction wasn't all too nice, but at least truthful. "Edible food again. YES!"

And Rei blinked. Twice.

They all were too occupied with their own reactions, so they missed the really big event. Gendo stood
behind his desk, eyes wide with shock, and the mouth agape. This stood not in the scenario.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Ritsuko examined the immortal pilot of Unit01 on a bed in her medical laboratory. The tests were almost
done, but all results showed one thing clearly. Something had happened to him, but she didn't know what.
Gendo wouldn't be pleased with this news, that's for sure.

After she was finished with her tests, she brought Shinji in one of the awakening rooms. She had no reason
to hold him in the medical ward, he was in better shape than ever. And the chances of him telling her
something useful were greater if he were to speak to her in a familiar environment about his experiences,
rather than in the medical ward. She knew perfectly well that he didn't like her. She could understand this,
for too often had she poked him with needles and probes.

Her suspicions were right, as she questioned him after his wake up, he claimed to know nothing or even less.
His lies were easy to recognize, he was one of the worst liars on the planet, but that didn't mean he would
talk to her. So she had to rely on other resources to gain the knowledge.

As Misato showed up, she told her to try to get some information out of Shinji, which made Misato suspicious
about his health. As she asked what was wrong, Ritsuko's answer surprised her with no end.

"He's in a better shape than ever. His muscle mass increased by three percent, especial in the lower abdomen.
Body fat decreased, and all other tests showed optimal results. Whatever happened, he's probably the
healthiest he's ever been in his life. His hormonal levels are all normal, for the first time since I've
observed them. Instead of depression, he should now be content and happy. It is as if he is a new person,
without all the emotional baggage and in perfect health."

"Well, that's good, isn't it?" asked Misato.

"Yes and No. Yes, because he in such a good shape, and even a better pilot than before. No, because I
have no clue what triggered this change. And therefore, I don't know if it is temporary or not, or how
it affects him in the long run. He won't talk to me, so I hoped that you could help."

"And why should I? Last thing I know was that you wanted to nuke him." Misato spat.

"Because it could be a great danger for him. I have found no traces of Angel in or on his body, but it
couldbe possible that the Angel had this effect. And that could be very bad."

"Then why don't you let him go home if you think it's so bad?"

"As I said, he wouldn't talk to me. Shinji knows what happened, but he won't tell me."

"Why do you think that is?"

"I asked him what happened, and he lied to me," replied Ritsuko.

Misato's eyes widened. That was the second time that Shinji tried to lie, and she knew how bad he was
with it.

"I'll see what I can do. Can I take him home now?"


Misato went to Shinji, who was already clothed and left with him the HQ.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

"BAKA, make food. NOW!"

Those words were Asuka's version of 'Welcome Home'. Since Shinji didn't plan to die of food poisoning from
his guardian's awful cooking, he obliged happily. Now that he had someone who loved him, death didn't look as
inviting as before.

During his work in the kitchen, Asuka watched him with an intensive glare. As he became aware of this, he
looked questioningly at the redheaded girl.

"You forced me, the great Soryu Asuka Langley, to eat TWO meals consisting of Misato's “special curry’.
Whatever you're making, it had be worth the torture, or I'll send you back into the Angel, whatever one comes
next. Have I made myself clear, Baka-boy?"

Shinji gave no answer, as there was no need for one. That was what he thought, anyway.

<And mother wants her as my girlfriend and wife?>

He shuddered lightly, which Asuka used for her next barrage of insults.

"What's wrong with you? Can't you even contain your fear at least in my presence. I know that you are a wimpy,
spineless pervert, but you shouldn't show it to me constantly. Do you know how disgusting it is to be constantly
in close proximity with a coward? To have to work with him and trust him on the battlefield?"

While Misato was silent during the begin of the belittling speech, this was too much in her opinion.

"Asuka, shut up."

"Why should I? I just state the truth." answered the annoyed redhead.
She knew, if Misato went on the barricades, the time of truth-telling was almost over.

"What truth? So far, Shinji did more on the battlefield than you ever did. If here is anyone who has reasons
toquestion the support on the battlefield from a comrade, it would be Shinji. Or what do you think, would you
entrust someone your life who constantly declares how useless you are. And...."

"That's enough, Misato." interrupted Shinji. "There is no need to tell her this. I don't need her support on
the battlefield. Rei and I are perfectly able to finish the other Angels off. As we did from the beginning."

This statement shocked both Asuka and Misato beyond belief. Misato would have never thought she'd hear her
Shinji degrade Asuka and give her back what she dishes out so often to him. With wide eyes and open mouth, she
was unable to say or to do anything.

Asuka on the other hand was seething with rage. Her red face spoke volumes of the things to happen, but before
she could begin Shinji bashing of the violent kind, Shinji continued.

"And so I see no reason to further cook and clean for you. You are almost useless, while I have to take the
brunt of the most Angel attacks so far. You should be working for me, not otherwise."

He dropped the cooking utensils and went to his room. Before he shut the door, he finished his speech.

"You can begin now. The most work for the Chinese dish I started to cook is done. You just need to finish it,
and serve it on the table. Tell me when you are ready, and don't forget: If you let Misato to the pots,
everything will taste after Curry and Beer. Now it's your decision what you want to eat."

With that, he left a stunned Misato and an equally shocked Asuka behind as he closed the door to his room.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###########################
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

<What does the baka think who he is?? I'll never cook; I'm the great Soryu Asuka Langley!>

She went to his door and tried to open it, only to find it barricaded.
She punched and kicked at the door, with no avail, it was too sturdy. As she saw Misato on the way to the
kitchen, she nearly panicked and ran after her. Well, the meal was almost finished, and she wouldn't let
Misato ruin the first real food in over a day.

She came at just the right time to take the curry powder out of Misato's hands. After she shoved her
out of the kitchen, she observed the pots and was relieved as she saw that everything was almost finished.
She just had to take the pots from the oven, and give the creation on plates, then she could eat.

<Yeah, on two plates. There is no way in hell that baka-boy will getting more than leftovers. And I will
do my best to avoid even that.> she thought with steel-like determination.

She served the meal on two plates, one with mediocre content for Misato, and an overfilled one for herself.
To her dismay, the baka decided to stay in his room, so he couldn't witness her devouring of his portion.
She shrugged and dug in to the food. If she wouldn't have been so angry, tears of joy would have streamed
down her face as the creation landed on her taste buds.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

After Asuka went back into her room, she heard that the baka had left his and started to talk with Misato.
She placed her ear on the door, hoping to be able to overhear something important.

<And then I will humiliate him as he did it with me today. He will pay, or I'm not the great Soryu Asuka

Outside, Shinji took a portion he had hid from Asuka and started to eat. Misato, who still sat at the table,
nursing another beer, looked at him.

"You've changed, Shinji."

He looked at her. "Yes, I have. Did Ritsuko ask you to question me?"

Misato's eyes went wide as he hit the bull's eye.

"Thought so. She knew I wouldn't tell her anything, so she asked you to do the dirty work."

"No? Yes...I mean...You really have changed. You are almost...happy, carefree, even stood up against
Asuka. And you changed since you were in the Angel. Ritsu wants to know what happened, but since you
displayed your new attitude towards Asuka, I want to know it as well."

Inside her room, the redhead heard everything. <Good, it's getting interesting.>

"It's simple. I died."

Misato looked strangely at him, unable to give another reaction. She didn't know how she should react to
this. Since he sat there, talking, he couldn't be dead, so the statement was proven false. Otherwise,
why should he lie to her, and especially with such a hilarious story.

"I don't understand."

"Minutes before I was able to free myself from the Angel, life support died down, and I did too.
My heart stopped, I was dead."

"And why are you sitting here? You couldn't do that if you were dead." dead panned Misato.

"As I died, I united with EVA. I get a chance to see my life, to judge it, to see how stupid I was.
How I neglected one undeniable truth: That life is too precious to waste it with misery and dwelling
in the past. Death showed me what I never was able to realize--my own worth. The impact I have on other
people, the impact they have on me. Through death, I learned to love life."

<So, the baka loves life? Well, we'll see if I can't change that. He'll pay.>

Misato was much more positive as she heard this. Finally, her charge realized what she tried to tell him
so often. She was proud of him, but still concerned.

"What did you mean with 'You united with EVA'?"

"As I died, I became part of EVA. And part of me is still in EVA, forever, as a part of EVA is in me,
forever. Ritsuko was unable to figure it out; science can never be used to deal with souls.
EVA is now part of my soul, as I am part of EVAs soul. That reminds me, you can tell her that
cross-synch tests are unnecessary. Unit01 is only mine to pilot."

He smiled.

"But since I now have a perfect synch, this will pose no problem."

<What's the baka talking about?>

Misato asked herself the same.

"So, only you can pilot 01?"


"And what do you mean with 'perfect synch'?"

"That I will have a stable synch rate of 99.99, under all circumstances."

Misato gasped.

And Asuka nearly fell on the floor.

<99.99? Impossible. He is a weakling, a coward. He cannot have a higher rate than me. Never.>

"How?" asked Misato.

"As I told you, EVA and I are one."

Misato looked skeptically at him. "You know that Ritsuko will verify this with synch tests?"

"I know." He smiled at Misato. "I don't care."

<The baka doesn't care if he is in EVA? Things are getting worse each second.> Asuka thought with a
quickly darkening mood.

"But you never liked these tests. Did that change as well?"

Shinji looked at Misato as if she was a little toddler. "How often should I repeat myself? EVA is part
of me. To be with EVA, is to be completed. You could say that I love EVA. The ring on my finger is testament
to that."

<The baka loves EVA? Why would he love an overgrown doll? Well, he likes wondergirl too. And he has a ring
on his finger? What's next? Getting engaged to 01?>

"Ok. I think I'll let Ritsu figure it out. And now tell me why you have this new attitude towards Asuka.
And try to give me an explanation I can understand." she finished with pleading eyes.

"That's easy Misato. Finally, I am able to understand her, to see her how she really is. I understand her
actions, know why she is the bitch she claims to be. Understand why she does this. And that's why I don't want
to tolerate her attitude towards me anymore."

<He understands me? NOBODY understands me!>

"What do you mean by that?" wanted Misato to know.

"I know her past, and how her psyche is working. What drives her and what stops her. I know of her past, and
of her future. That's why I try to help her," explained Shinji with a serious tone.

<He cannot know of my past. That's confidential. I'll kill him if he really knows.>

Misato's eyes widened to know sizes as she heard this. "You know of her past?"

"Yes, I do. And I know more of her past than she herself."

<Nobody knows more about Soryu Asuka Langley than Soryu Asuka Langley. Baka!>

"What do you mean, Shinji?"

"That's not important. What is important is that she is on her way to self-destruction. And that I want
to stop her."

"You mean..."

"Yes. Now, she has lost her position as the number one pilot, her most important possession. I doubt
that she will be able to cope with that, that she will get over it. I fear that she will break down,
and do something stupid."

Misato looked sadly at Shinji. "I understand. And you want to help her?"

<What does the drunk understand? The third is talking bull, that's all. There is nothing to understand.>



"My mother would want it. And I want it as well."

Misato looked at him. "Your mother?"

<What has his mother to do with that? Where is she anyway? Considering that she is married to the
commander, she's possibly in a loony bin. That would explain why Shinji is her son too.>

"As I said, I know a lot of the past. But my main reason is my own will to help her."

<Oh yeah. The great invincible Shinji-sama wants to help the poor damsel in distress.>

"And why? I mean, I'm glad that you want to help her, but she hasn't treated you well so far. So why do
you want to do it?" demanded Misato. She just hoped that his answer
wouldn't include words like 'Lover' or 'Girlfriend'.

"I like her. I really do. As I met her for the first time onboard the aircraft carrier, I was enamoured
by her fiery temper, her strong will and her confidence."

<He WAS enamored? Why didn't I like the sound of that?>

"Later, as I begun to understand that under her facade, she is still a little girl, I adored her even

<As it should be. Although I'm not a little child.>

"But then, as she started to act more and more hostile against me, I didn't understand. And as the episode
with Mana happened, I started to dislike her. Her betrayal and siding with my father and NERV against me
hurt me deeply."

<So he is still mourning after this slut? How pathetic!>

"Later action determined this more and more. Before the incident with the 12th Angel, I was already on my
way to have really negative feelings towards her. But I was just on my way to do so. As she wanted to kiss
me, I hoped that things would change, but she made only a great show to put me down."

<Did you really think that I wanted to kiss a wimp like you for real? Idiot!>

"This was one of the reasons for me to act the way I did against the 12th. I wanted to win just to show
her that she was unable to break me, I wanted to see her put down, under me, humiliated by another victory
from me. But as I failed, as I died, I learned many things, including a lot about her."

<The baka wanted to humiliate me? Dream on little boy.>

"While I cannot see her as possible love interest for me anymore, I could imagine her as a really good
friend. As someone who is trustworthy and loyal, someone to confide in, and be together with on a friendly

<And why should I be friends with a wimp? Ha!>

Misato was silent after this speech. It took some minutes until she replied.

"Do your best for her. I understand why you act this way towards her, and I wish you luck. You'll need it."

"Thanks Misato."

"Let's go to sleep. Tomorrow morning is a synch test."

Shinji smiled. "I know; I look forward to it."

Misato looked strangely at the boy. "Shinji, hearing something like this from you scares me."

Shinji chuckled as he wished her a good night.

<Time to sleep. And from tomorrow on, I'll show him who's the best.>

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###########################
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

An again he found himself in the already familiar surroundings of the virtual space inside of Unit01's core.
But this time, his welcome was much better. Lily ran into him at full speed and hugged him as they fell on
the floor. Unable to say anything, partly because her tongue was in his mouth, he greeted her with a soft
caressing of her hair. And slowly, his hands started to wander down, over her back, to her lower cheeks, and
finally to an already very wet spot.

He inserted his index finger in her wet tunnel, which caused her to break the kiss.

"I want another body part inside of me." she exclaimed, and closed her legs so that he had to withdraw his
hand. As soon as he was out of her, she moved in position over him. She bowed down and kissed him once more,
before she finally sat down on his hard member.

Shinji was in heaven. After two full days without her, he was where he belonged. With his beloved fiancée, or
to be more precise, inside of her.
Her slow motions aroused him more and more, without letting him find the already much needed release.
Knowing that he should hold out as long as possible, he fought hard, only to lose. He shot his load in her womb,
felt it running out of her love tunnel, over his cock and his testicles down on the floor.


"Shhh. There is nothing to worry about. I expected that. We need more training for you."

Shinji was still embarrassed as he answered. "I would like that."

Lily smiled at him. "I know. And know it is time for you to give me something in return."

And with that, she moved up to his head and held her still dripping sex directly over his face. Not wasting
a second, his tongue made contact with the outer folds of her labia, soon invading them and going deeper.
While he still didn't like the taste of his own juices too much, her taste was even better than in his
memories. Sensing that she wasn't in the mood for a long play or some teasing, he drove his tongue in and
out of her at a fast pace. He knew that this wouldn't be enough, but he continued until he brought her at
the desired level of arousal.
In one swift lick, he brought his tongue out of her orifice up to her clit, which he sucked hard.
This fast change sent her over the edge. She moaned her orgasm out as her wetness flooded over Shinji's face.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

They were still recovering as a shadow moved over them. As Shinji opened his eyes, the look of pure
unadulteratedshock went on his face. Above them stood Yui. And he was still wet from Lily's juices. On his
groin, his face, his hands.....
Too shocked to do anything, Lily was the one who greeted his mother.

"Hey, you can talk to him later."

"Aren't you already finished?" asked Yui with an arched eyebrow.

"You could still give him some time to recover. You can bother him with questions about Asuka later."

Yui kneed down and took Shinji's limp penis between two of her fingers.
Then she looked at it and declared: "Wash yourself before you come speaking to me."

Then she stood up and went away, leaving an embarrassed Shinji with a full body blush behind.

As Yui made her way to her own little spot, she licked her fingers clean and smiled.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Shinji and Lily took their time to recover, before they cleaned each other with their tongues.
As Lily pointed out, there was no water in the core, so she needed to take another approach to make him
presentable. That she enjoyed licking his body all over was naturally no reason for this, of course.

As they were finished with their 'hygiene', Shinji wanted to know what mother wanted from him.

"She wants to ask you how things are going with Asuka."

"There's nothing going on with her."

Lily sighed. "I know. She doesn't."

"So she asked to know everything that has happened in the real world since I got back?"


"Well, then I should bring it behind me as fast as possible. So that we have more time with each other."

Lily smiled at this. "And I'll give you a nice little reward if you're really fast."

"Sounds good."

After this, they made their way to Yui.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

As Shinji met his mother, she immediately started to question him.

"Did you follow the plan?"

"Of course. What were you thinking?"

"And what about Asuka? Did you confront her as you threatened?"

"Well, as I heard her version of 'Welcome home', which sounded exactly like 'BAKA, make food. NOW!',
I decided to say no. This resulted in some death threats and a ruined door. Oh, and I talked to Misato
about my new behavior towards Asuka, and she understands. So, you are the only one of all people I talk to
who still believes that I could have a loving relationship with her."

Yui sighed as she heard that. She would have to take plan B, which wasn't something she really liked.
Well, she had no other choice.

"I see. So you don't want to try anymore?"


"So you want to visit the address Lily gave you?"

"Yes, as soon as I can. But first I need to talk to Rei. She is the key element in Gendo's plans. If I can
wake up her emotions, I have good chances to bring her on our side. It will take time, but it should be

Yui chuckled as she hear that. "You would have better chances to marry Asuka, than awaking Rei's emotions."

"We'll see. Was that all?"

Yui raised an eyebrow as she heard the impatience in the voice of her son.

"You already want to leave us? Or do you just want to leave me?" she asked dryly. The answer wasn't hard to
guess, although it hurt her to admit it to herself.

"I think that you can understand that I want to spend time with my bride." Shinji answered with an evil grin.
If she wanted to torment him with Asuka, he would strike back.

"Not if I can stop you two. I know, I'll just sit in front of you and watch you two." she replied with an
equal grin.

Shinji was pissed. Not only that she get on his nerves with Asuka, yet she wanted also to cut his time with Lily?
No way!

"Ok. Tell us if you want to join in."

And with that, he went away, leaving a surprised Yui behind.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

"You didn't waste much time." deadpanned Lily after his fast reappearance at her side.

"No. If I want to hear some babble about the grandness of Soryu Asuka Langley, I just need to sit down at home
and wait for a few minutes. Here, I have better things to do." he declared with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"I assume that you want your reward?"



That said, she kneed down in front of him and took his limp penis in her mouth. This time she wanted to make him
hard by only using her lips and her tongue. Not that this would be a great challenge, but a little difference
from the usual foreplay.

A little bit licking at his nuts, some sucking and nibbling on his foreskin, and he was hard within seconds.
So easy, but so fitting. As Lily took Shinji as her lover, she knew that she would have to train him. His lack
of contact with girls, his shy and easy to embarrass personality, all these were signs that she would to get him
accustomed to sex. However, she didn't imagine how hard this would be. Or how joyful, for that matter.
What he lacked at stamina at intercourse, his tongue was more of capable of making up. But after she first joined
orgasm with him, she wanted more. In her search for new methods to train him, a sentence Asuka spoke
brought her to a most interesting discovery. But first, she would need to take the first pressure out of him.

While she slowly bobbed her head up and down of Shinji's erection, a little hole appeared on the floor. Only a few
centimeters in diameter, it was filled with LCL. What she now wanted to try would decide if this little sex-play
could go all the way she planned, or not.

She dipped the middle-finger of her right hand in the body-warm liquid, while she caressed his ass-cheeks with
the left. Still giving him a blowjob, she pressed the lubricated finger at his rear entry and entered him for
the first time. Shinji gasped surprised, but not repelled. The sensation of her mouth on his manhood, and her finger
in his ass were more intense than just the blowjob alone.

Her finger roamed around inside of him, searching for a very special point.
Lily had done some research in anatomy, before she was ready to try this, so she had guessed that she wouldn't
have great problems to find it. But reading and doing are completely different matters.

Finally, she found what she searched for. Already at the first light touch, Shinji shuddered in ecstasy.
She felt the round organ and caressed it slowly with her finger, bringing Shinji in complete new heights of
orgasmic bliss. Almost instantly, he spurted his seed in her mouth, two, three, four waves of warm liquid
landed in her waiting mouth. She swallowed satisfied. So far, everything went according to her scenario.

Instead of ceasing the administrations of his hard member and his prostate, she continued her efforts.
Shinji was dead and in heaven. He already had the best cumming ever, and now, seconds later, a second, more
intense one was building up. He didn't knew what she exactly did, but he wanted it from now on forever.
This was pure bliss.

Lily's work was not even a minute later rewarded with two new spurts of cum in her mouth. Each only a few
drops, it was still most satisfying for her. She let his softening penis out of her mouth and looked upon his
face, smiling joyfully at his expression of pure lust and joy. He was so far gone on his orgasmic bliss, he
didn't even get the fact that Lily has stopped her
work and started to withdraw her finger. This wasn't an all to great surprise, since the LCL did its job well.
Her finger was still slippery.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

After he recovered a little, he looked still smiling at Lily.

"That was great."

"That was only the first part." she replied, and started to kiss him.

While their tongues danced with each other, her fingers wandered over his body. From the side of his face, over
his neck to his breast, where she stopped to play a little bit with his nipples. As soon as they were hard, she
let her hands wander southward again, until she found her target. Slowly starting with jerking motions, she soon
felt how his abused organ started to getting filled with blood again.

After she had reached her goal, she stopped kissing and sat up. She looked gleefully down at him, knowing that
he wouldn't believe her next sentence.

"One of your memories of Asuka gave me a great idea."

Shinji's stared shocked at her. The shock he received also brought his erection to fall down like a card house.
Lily pouted at this, she was angry at herself. She should have known that this revelation would shock him.
Now she had to start again.

She started to fondle his genitals again, as Shinji finally managed to ask the questions which burned in his

"How? What?"

Lily smiled at him. "Do you remember the events prior to the eighth Angel?"

"What do you mean?"

"At the pool, where you received a lesson about thermal expansion."

"I remember." confessed a lightly blushing Shinji. It was at a time where he hoped to get along with Asuka,
when he was genuinely attracted to her. Now, he was ashamed for that.

"As she jumped in the pool, what did she say?" asked Lily.

"I don't remember...Wait! Something about...Entry."

"To be precise, she told you the way she was submerging in the water. It was called 'Back Roll Entry'."


"Well, I just changed one word, and I had a nice idea to expand our sexual horizons."

Shinji looked dumbfounded at her, clearly not understanding what she was hinting at.

"Do you want to try a 'Back Door Entry'?"

Shinji's eyes widened as he finally understood what she meant. While his brain wasn't too sure with trying,
his sex was definitely interested. During the entire conversation, Lily stimulated him to no avail.
By now, he was hard again.

"You mean you want...that I...?"

"I want you to fuck me in the ass." Lily declared bluntly.

"But, won't that hurt you?" he asked concerned.

"That's why I tested LCL as lubrication. Or have you thought that I was able to enter you backdoor so easily
without some slippery wetness?"

"I...I understand."

Lily kissed him again, and poured a large amount of the slimy liquid at his erection. This done, she laid down
on her belly and spread her bottom cheeks.

"Now you need to lubricate me too. Use the LCL and your fingers. Try to insert first one, then more to loosen
me up a little." she commanded.

Shinji dived his forefinger in the LCL and smeared it at her anal rose. He repeated this two more times, until
he realized that Lily was getting very aroused at his administrations of her rear entry.
He thought back as Lily entered him, how slow and careful she was. Now he had a perfect chance to reciprocate her
gentleness. Wetting his finger once more, he slowly started to wiggle his way in. Slowly, carefully, he inserted
his finger. First just up to the nails, than to his knuckles, he carefully worked his way in, until his finger was
completely immersed in her anus. Equally slow he drew it out, lubricated it once more and replayed this action.
At the third time, he started to stick a second finger in her bottom, which went surprisingly well. Well enough to
use the third finger at his next try, which also glided easily in her.

Lily was already near to orgasm. While she thought that it would be more intense for him, that it would be a good
training for 'normal' fucking, she didn't anticipate the extreme joy it brought to her herself.
She read that this region was able to be at least equally lustful for stimulation as her sex, but she didn't really
expect it.

Shinji slowly shoved his body over her and lied down, in perfect position to enter her rear. The helmet-shaped
head of his erection pressed already against her entrance. He brought himself in an even better position and
started to enter her.

He gasped, surprised at the difference of this new way of copulation. Much tighter, it was more intense than her
vagina, but at the same time, it lacked the feeling of closeness. While he already felt the need to find release,
much faster than normal, he was disappointed that he couldn't look in her face. Next time, they would need to try
another position. Surely, the sexual feeling was immense, but strangely, it wasn't enough.

Pumping slowly in her to lengthen the act, he cherished her trust and her will to give herself to him entirely.
Feeling her anal muscles to tighten their grip further, he lost his fight to stay in control. Acting on pure
instinct, he buried himself as deep as possible in her bum as he shot his load in her back door entry.
At the same time, she came herself, tightened the muscle ring even more, made it starting to be painful for him.
What Shinji never expected was that this pain was so satisfying, so joyful.

Instead of getting soft after his release, he stayed buried in her, still fully erected and ready for more.
However, he wanted to look in her eyes when she came, wanted to see the grimace she always wore when she reached
her peak. Wanted to see the face of his love.

As he contemplated this, he realized that this sexual act brought more to him than just a new kind of sex.
Finally, he was able to realize his feelings for Lily.

He flipped her over, so that she now lay on her back. After this, he took her legs and positioned them on his
shoulders, as he positioned himself for the next entry. Ever so slowly, he made his way in her rear again, more
slowly and more careful then at the first time. But what aroused him even more was the possibility to watch her
reactions on his administrations. The passion and love in her eyes, the almost painful expression as he finished
his entry with a strong push.

After long seconds of waiting, Lily started to use her legs to tell him what she wanted. She pressed down to let
him glide out, and ceased this to signal that he should pump into her. Using this, she controlled their lovemaking
perfectly, not so fast that he would come to fast, not so slow that it would get boring and turn him down.

In and out, in and out, this were their only motions for the next minutes.
That Yui fulfilled her threat and came watching didn't fathom those two. Too deeply engorged in their passion,
they were unable to even recognize the perverted act of Shinji's mother.

Shinji was proud of himself to give his beloved such a good fuck. He already lasted longer than his previous
record in her pussy, even in this more arousing environment. This changed quickly as Lily started to make
circling motions with her hips, sending him over the edge in seconds.
He grunted satisfied as he released himself for the second time in her back door entry.

After Shinji slid out of her, he started to lap at her pussy before she could start to complain that she didn't
come for a second time. He was fully obliged to satisfy her with his tongue, what he always enjoyed immensely.
He didn't know when he became almost addicted to the taste of her sex, he just needed it for a complete
lovemaking. The taste of her, to feel the flow of her juices out of her tunnel, he couldn't imagine something
more fulfilling.

As always he took his time, inserted his tongue as deep as possible to slurp the juices out of her hole,
avoiding her clit to decline her the much needed release. Minute after minute, only the wet sounds of his
tongue working on her sex could be heard.

Lily started to shudder, signaling the nearing end of his favored meal. Giving her as much joy as possible,
he switched over from her tunnel to her clit, licking and kissing the hard knob. And for the great final, he
gently nibbled on it, sending her into a firework of feelings, and giving him a large gush of his most beloved
drink. Sadly, he wasn't fast enough to catch the entire load, so a lot of it gushed against his face and landed
on the floor.

Now, another advantage of this landscape inside of 01 showed it's benefit. The floor was like polished metal,
and spotless clean. So he started to lap the puddle up.
After he was finished, he laid down on top of Lily an kissed her, before he lost consciousness.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Later, after he awoke, he was greeted by the sight of his mother. Shinji blushed lightly, then simply shrugged
it off. The times where such an occurrence would have brought him nearly to a heart attack were gone.
Shinji looked questioningly at his mother.

"It's time for you to go back. And to be more friendly to Asuka. I understand that you have problems with her,
but this is no reason to start treat her badly, now that you have found some confidence."

"We'll see. It depends mostly on her. I will not open hostilities, but if she starts a fight, I won't back down
anymore. I have nothing against doing the chores, so if she leaves me in peace, I have no problems with her.
To expect thanks or something along those lines would be expecting too much."

Yui sighed sadly. While she watched her son and Lily, she finally understood that Asuka would need to be on
very good terms with Shinji before she would have even the slightest chance to break them up. She still favored
a relationship between Shinji and Asuka, but she wasn't delusional. For this to happen, a lot of things would
have to change. Foremost: Asuka's attitude.

"This is acceptable,’ answered Yui.

Shinji looked at the sleeping form of Lily and kissed her on the forehead, before he went back to the real
world. Lily had showed him how he could do that without her help, and he saw no reason to disturb the rest
of his beloved.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

As Lily awoke, she frowned because Shinji wasn't here anymore. As Shinji some time prior, she looked
questioningly at Yui.

"He's gone back. He thought that you'd need your rest and he didn't want to disturb you."

This explanation brought a smile on Lily's face.

"You are a mess." deadpanned Yui.

Lily smiled proudly, before she countered. "And did you enjoy the free show? Your wet panties are indicating
this very clearly."

While still lying on the floor, Lily had a great look up skirts of Yui.

"My panties are not your concern, is that clear?"

"When you mess them up while watching me fuck, it is my concern. I never knew that you were a voyeur."

Yui blushed, she hadn't a good answer on that; it was simply the truth.

"But you are still a mess!" was her only reply.

"Well, you could clean me." answered an amused Lily.

Yui knew, when Lily started to grin the way she just had, she was in trouble.

"I have no washcloth here. Besides, you..."

"You could have used your tongue."

That statement stopped Yui dead in her tracks. She looked completely shocked at her 'daughter', didn't know
if she should start to clean her, or if she should strangle her.

"You know that you would like to taste Shinji, right? Well, here's your first chance. Or do you want to wait
for fresh juice out of the well?" continued Lily.

Yui slapped her. Hard.

Lily winced a little bit. "You still gave me no answer."

And she received none. Later, only some slurping noises could be heard inside the core of Unit01.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

The debriefing was short. Ritsuko confirmed Shinji's statements by acknowledging his synch of 99.99 and
the fact that he was bonded in an indescribable way to his EVA. And that this would make it impossible
for another pilot to synch with it.

To say that Asuka was pissed would have been a major understatement, but somehow she managed to contain
her temper, which surprised Shinji greatly.
Rei blinked, and Misato just declared "Beer time!’

After this, the pilots made their way to their respective homes.
While Asuka and Shinji had the same way, the red-headed girl went ahead, showing again a strange new behavior
that puzzled Shinji. He anticipated some taunts, maybe even a light hit, but not this passivity.

Well, he had better things to do than to think over the new and far nicer behavior of his flat-mate. Tomorrow
he would make his journey to Osaka-2, in search of a girlfriend in the real
world. While this would have made him very anxious a few weeks prior, he was now just mildly annoyed. He didn't
want another girlfriend and made this way just to terminate some arguments of his mother against his relationship
with Lily. Since Lily was the one who gave him the address, he had hopes that there would be an acceptable
solution for this dilemma.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###########################
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Gendo sat behind his desk and glared against the wall. The new developments considering the Third and 01
were a danger for the scenario. Maybe the greatest danger so far. SEELE he could handle, Rei was as obedient
as ever, but this new developments endangered his re-unification with Yui immensely.
He was no fool. He knew Yui would never forgive him the treatment of the Third. This was one of the main reasons
why he needed a controlled third impact. Only then, he could change the world so he could be happy with his
beloved again.

Since he could do nothing to get the much needed answers from the Third, he would have to take some drastic
measures. He knew torture wasn't an option; the Third was bound to 01. If the Third would be in danger, the
Unit would most likely respond. This wasn't a chance he wanted to take.
So he had to use his best tool, at the danger to lose some control over it. Only the fact that this Rei wouldn't
survive the attack of Armisael allowed him to take this way of action.

The door of his office opened and Rei entered the dark room.

"I have a new assignment for you."

"Hai, Commander."

"The Third has a unique bond with 01. Dr. Akagi is sure that he knew perfectly well what kind of bond this is,
what had really happened as he was in the 12th Angel. I need this information, for our benefit.
If he endangers the scenario, he also endangers your purpose."

"This must not happen, Commander."

<What are your intentions, Commander?>

"Correct. Since he refuses to talk to Dr. Akagi or to other persons, I give you the task to retrieve the
information at all cost. Do whatever is necessary to get the answers. I set up a bank account, so you'll have
money if you need it for some 'persuasion' techniques."


"You ordered me to be not romantically involved with the Third. This rules a lot possibilities for information
gathering out."

"If you need to have a relationship with him to gather the information, so it will be. And if he only talks
when he has sex, you will sleep with him. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, Commander."

<Yes. Now, he will be mine. And whatever he tells me, you will not learn anything of it.>

Rei left the room, and left a sighing Gendo behind.

"Was that wise Ikari? If Rei learns too much of her emotions, the scenario will fail."

"I know old friend. But if we cannot gain knowledge of the bond between the Third and 01, the scenario has
already failed. We both know what will happen when Bardiel comes to challenge us, and we know that those
events are crucial for the further scenario. If we cannot use the dummy to break the Third, the scenario is

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###########################
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

On the next morning, Shinji woke up extremely early. His clock announced the end of his sleep at 04.30,
an ungodly hour to wake up. Well, this time, he had a good reason. The train to Osaka 2 would depart at
06.00, so he hadn't all too much time.

He ate some cookies and made two bentos; one for him, and one for Asuka. Because he didn't know if he had a
chance to eat in a restaurant today, he wasn't taking chances. Thus, the bento for him.

Misato had been taken care of, too. There was enough beer in the fridge, and as he explained yesterday that
he would need some time for himself, she didn't make a big fuss over his missing of a school day.
Well, not really. She wanted to make a spectacle, but was stopped by Asuka who pointed out that if they'd
need to know something about second impact, they could always ask the only witness.

Shinji had no clue what was going on with Asuka. Ever since the synch test, she was neutral, and supportive.
Not the arrogant bitch he knew so well. Shinji marveled if this change was good or bad, or what has caused it.

He shrugged it off and left the apartment in a hurry. A mistake he would have to pay dearly for.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

He got the train just barely, only a little intervention of the Magi allowing him to do so.
One of the greatest bonus points of the maglev trains was their speed. Osaka-2 was over 600km away from
Tokyo3, but the train arrived in just 86 minutes.

Arriving in an unfamiliar city, Shinji did as Lily suggested. He took a taxi and told the driver the address
he had gotten from his unusual love.

As the cab stopped on front of Ieyasu Street 354, Shinji exited and stood in front of a large apartment block
like thousand others. He entered the building and took the elevator to reach the 6th floor.

After leaving the small cabin, he made his way to the door number 644.
He stood in front of the door, unsure if he should knock or not. His mind in was in turmoil, should he knock
and meet the girl Lily would like to see as his normal girlfriend, or should he leave and simply stay with
Lily, even if it meant that he wouldn't have a normal life.

His only reason to come here was to take some of his mother's arguments against his relationship with Lily
away. Now that he was here, he wasn't so sure if that would be worth the price.

But if Yui would lose this argument, only her wish to see him with Asuka would stay in their way, a much smaller

He raised his hand to knock.

<And what if I don't like the girl behind this door?>

His hand slumped down.

<Going on dates, having a real girlfriend for spending time, for talking and for loving is very tempting too.
Although I love Lily, I would really like to try living with a girlfriend for real.>

The hand rose again.

<But one fact remains. If I have a girlfriend in the real world, I would cheat on her. And this is something
I cannot do.>

Shinji smiled.

<Looks like I found the solution.>

Before he could drop his hand again and go away, the door opened and a girl emerged.
Shinji looked in open shock at her.


------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Preread by The great Jeffman
Domo arigato