Chapter 2: Not So Alone

<He really likes that. As any normal boy would. Besides, what male wouldn't want to be woken by a blowjob?>

As Shinji neared orgasm, she stopped, and waited until he had calmed down a little, before moving on top of him.
Lowering herself slowly onto his erection, she was amazed of the feelings that the boy triggered in her.

<Why do I feel so strongly for him? I don't understand it. He should just be a pilot to me. But we fell in love.
I don't know why, or for what reason, only that I did. And besides. it's so good to feel him inside of me.>

Gyrating her body up and down onto him at an increasing pace, she felt him release inside her. Still too early.

<He still needs more training, that's for sure.>

But the fact that Shinji wasn't all too old had its advantages, because he had only lightly softened, not enough
to make it for her impossible to continue her task. And so she did. Faster, then slower, then faster, up and down,
sometimes with a few circling motions to make it more intense.

As she finally reached her climax, Shinji had already finished his second.
After coming back from her peak, she fell forward onto Shinji, using this position to kiss him affectionately.
Not with the passion of an ignited lust, but with the trust, love and affection that she was ready to give her

"You really like waking up this way, huh?"

"I sure do." replied an exhausted Shinji.

"Good." she said with a grin, "then I can be sure that you miss me every morning after you get back to your
own reality."

"There's no doubt about that."

"Because every second without me is a wasted one?"

"Hey, that's my line."

She smiled at him. "You'll survive. Besides, we have more serious matters to discuss."

<Although I'd have liked to avoid them for a little bit longer. A few millennia, perhaps.>

"My comeback in the 'real' world?" asked Shinji.

"That too. But not only that."

"Then what?"

"I will answer you a question that you asked me on the third day." replied an unsure Lily.

"You mean how you were able to get such a nice, caring personality?" he asked playfully.

"Yes. As you already suspected, I had some help with it." Lily admitted, looking downcast.

Shinji took her into a tight embrace. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"But I have to. I'm just afraid that you'll look at me in a different light after you've learnt the truth."

"I love you, no matter what." Shinji whispered softly. "I've decided to be with you, forever. And that means
in bad times as well as in good."

She looked in his eyes, and saw sincerity in them. "I hope you still see it this way after I tell you."

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ##
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

"Do you remember the day you lost your mother?"

This question had more than a little impact on Shinji.
<What has my mother to do with this?>

Seeing his confused expression, she continued: "Do you remember how she vanished, what happened that day?"

Shinji wracked his brain for answers, but could only come out with a "No, not really."

<What does she mean? Why is this so important? I forgot it, and I'm happy about that, so why does she want
to remind me? I don't understand.>

"You were there as it happened. I saw you in the command station of the test facility. You were young, only
four years old. You need to remember."

<I was there? And she was there? Wait.. I remember a woman in a lab-coat. And father, and the sub-commander.
Mother smiling at me. She was dressed strangely. A plug-suit. A plug suit?! Yes. ..and she was in.. an entry
plug. It was the entry plug.. the entry plug.. of Unit-01!!

Something happened.. something went wrong. Father was crying.. I didn't understand.
Until now.>

"She was your first pilot. But something went wrong. She didn't come back."

He looked at the shuddering girl in his arms.

"What happened?"

"It was the first time I was activated - data flooded my unformed mind. Centuries of knowledge in all their
complexity. Knowledge of killing, and of destruction. Pictures of the cruellest events in the history of mankind
were uploaded into my brain. The brain of a newborn child: unformed, and with no way to interpret such information.
I couldn't understand, I was afraid.
But then, in a sea of horrifying pictures, I found a calm place. Like the eye of a storm, a safe haven. Not
understanding what it was, I latched onto it with all my strength. And didn't let go.
Took it with me."

"Mother?" he asked with a controlled voice.

"Yes. As she tried synching, her calm and controlled mind was like a beacon for me.

The only thing that could help me.. that was capable of saving me.

And so I couldn't let her go. I swear, I didn't know that she was your mother. Or that it would be impossible
for her to get back. I swear, I didn't know!" she sobbed out.

<So, the girl that could, and most likely will be my future is the reason for my miserable past. For the loss of
my mother, for the abandonment from my father.>

He didn't know what to do anymore. These revelations hit him into the core of his being, and only the fact that
he wasn't the kind whose makes rushed decisions saved Lily from being pushed away. Shinji looked at the sobbing
wreck in his arms, but he still didn't know what to do. Not knowing how to behave, not understanding her or his
own situation, he was unable to move or to speak.

<How should I deal with this? Should I punish her with pushing her away, or should I forgive her for what she has
done? But was had she really done? What would I have done on this situation? I don't know.>

And then he remembered. He remembered his first day in Tokyo-3, his fear as he saw the Angel for the first time,
his panic as the lights went on and he stood in front of Unit-01. The feeling of fear and panic as he stood there,
and the feeling of betrayal as his father ordered him to pilot. How much he would have given for someone who would
have gave him reasons for making a decision. How he was lost back then, as only his good education and the learned
control of his feelings held him together.

And the moment as Rei was brought in. How relieved he was that there was another one capable of doing this, another
person that would relieve him of this responsibility.
And his shock as he saw her state, severely wounded, bleeding, and if she would have entered the plug, dying. And
his relieve as he had his reason for action, a beacon that indicated in the only left decision, the decision to

In a way, he used the wounded body of Rei in the same way as Lily used his mother.
Only that she, without knowledge or training, without control, had it much harder.
That, just like him, she couldn't fully understand the consequences of the decisions made.
For her, the consequences where that the pilot, his mother, became one with the EVA, joined with her forever. For
him, he was stuck in a war he didn't want to fight, untrained and unwilled, but still going on, trapped by the
responsibilities of this first decision.

<No, we aren't so different. I would have done the same, if not worse things. She wasn't the one who was at fault.
The person who uploaded all these data without giving her a basement of education, this person was at fault.>

Finally finished with making up his mind, he encircled her with his arms, and drew her as close as possible.

"Shhh. It's okay. It was not your fault. It's okay."

Repeating these sentences like a mantra, he calmed her down enough to fall to sleep.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Later, as Lily woke up, she felt immediately calmed by the warmth of his body pressed against hers. He hadn't
abandoned her, and that was all what mattered to her. She opened her eyes, and looked in his face, seeing that
he was still awake.

"Good morning. Feeling better now?" he asked in a gentle voice, relieving her fears further.

"Yes." she answered. "And while you're still here.. you.. you won't abandon me, will you?"

He softly caressed her cheek. "No. I'd never do any such thing. I will stay with you, as long as you want me."

Lily hugged him tightly, realizing that she hadn't lost the person whose was most important for her. Ever since
the first activation with him as the pilot, she knew that they belong together. And now, she has faced her greatest
fear, the fear that he leaves her after he found about his mother. And he was still with her.

"Forever then?"

"As you wish." he replied with a small, sad smile. He bowed his head downwards, and kissed her softly.

"I am your fiancee after all."

Lily kissed him back, one, two, three times, with increasing passion. Feeling his erection pressing up against
her thighs was another indicator that their relationship would continue, at least sexually. Her will to do
something nice for him let her wander downwards with her kisses, until she had his erect member again in her
wet mouth. Enjoying the feeling of his silky skin between her lips, feeling the weight of his testicles in her
hands, sensing his arousal and his desire were the most important reasons for her to spoil him this way.

Especially since she had used her AT-field to remove the disturbing hair that had grown there. Now, she was able
to feel him better, without the annoying tickling that had plagued her before this treatment. Slowly moving up
and down, her tongue busy with the head of his penis, she felt the throbbing veins, and the short spasms that
announced his upcoming orgasm.

As he flooded her mouth, she was surprised that, this time, the taste wasn't so bad. That she actually enjoyed the
feeling of the sticky and slippery liquid in her mouth. After she had finished swallowing, she thought about this
strange new discovery, and came soon to the conclusion that her relief of not losing him, and her strengthened love
for him may have changed her taste in this matter.

"I really like doing this. It makes me feel that you are all mine."

"And I enjoy receiving it. But what about you?"

"No. Not now. Now, I just want to spoil you. Let me. Okay?"

"Well, I surely won't complain." he answered with a little grin on his face.

She knew that he was already exhausted, so she took her time and concentrated on strengthen the bond between them.
She showered his body with her kisses, sometimes wet, sometimes just little pecks. Her hands roamed over him freely,
caressing his slender body.
Finally, she laid down on top of him, attempting to get as close to him as their physical boundaries would allow.
Looking in his face, she saw the wonder in his eyes. So far, she was the only one who ignited this look in his eyes.
And each time she contemplated this knowledge, it hurt her deeply.

So she closed her eyes and kissed him on his lips. She started slowly, but soon increased the depth and the speed
of the kisses, until it resembled a frantic try to devour his face. Tasting her had the same effect on Shinji as
always, and she felt his stiffening member between her legs. Soon, she brought herself in position and pushed her
body down, taking him inside of her. And this time, she didn't try to cum at the same time as he. She begun with a
high speed, and increased it even more. At the same time she used one of her hands to stimulate her clit, which soon
triggered a loud orgasm, as she cried her lust and desire out.

The spasms of her vaginal muscles, that clenched furiously his over-sensitive member (that still hadn't fully
recovered from the blow job he received earlier) were altogether too much for him. With a groan that was nothing
compared to Lily's cry of pleasure, he spurted his seed inside of her.

They both fell nearly unconscious, and were unable to move. So they laid there, not moving, enjoying the close
contact of their bodies, and feeling their combined juices as they leaked out of Lily's wet tunnel, and run down
between her rear cheeks, and over Shinji's body to form a little puddle under them.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Later, as Shinji had recovered from Lily's show of affection, he inclined his head questioningly.

"There's one thing that still I don't understand.. if my mother is inside of you, where is she?"

Lily looked at him and answered: "She's in the core."

"But aren't we currently in the core?" asked a confused Shinji.

"Yes we are. She is here too."

Shinji's eyes widened. "But if she's here too, wouldn't that mean.."

<Please, don't say that she's been watching us as we..>

"Mean what?"

"Did she see us.. together?"

Lily blushed a heavy shade of red at this question. "No, she is unable to. I've made sure of that. It was necessary
to bring you here to me without her interference."

"Why was it necessary?"

"She has her opinion of the perfect girl for you, and it is another one than mine. So I decided to put the moves on
you without interruptions from her." she admitted embarrassed.

"So she wouldn't approve of us together?"

"No. Since she has raised me, she sees me as her daughter, and therefore, she sees a possible relationship between
us as a kind of incest, even it is genetically incorrect."

"I see. And who would be the perfect girl in her opinion for me?"

"I'm not sure, but perhaps you should ask her."

"So, I can talk to her if I want?"

"Sure just tell me, and I let her in. Then you can talk to her, hug her, embrace her, and ask her why she married
such an asshole.."

"Yeah, I'd like to, though maybe not that.. There's no need to worry though - if she doesn't like seeing us together,
she'll just have to look in another direction. I won't leave you. Not even for her." Shinji declared with an
expression of seriousness hereto unseen.

"That's good for you. It'll take a few minutes though. Is that okay?

"Sure." said Shinji, smiling softly.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

For the first time in a decade, he saw her. Her brown hair, her green eyes, her warm smile.
Standing there in a lab coat, waiting for him, was almost too much for him.

His mother.

He run to her and embraced her in a strong hug, determined to don't let her go for a long time.

"Shinji. My Shinji. My strong and brave son."

<Who the hell is she talking about?>

"How are you? How is the living with your father? I know that you miss me, but I'm sure he was a good parent to you.
He was always so gentle and caring. How is he?" asked Yui.

<Nani? Went she insane during those years?> thought a shocked Shinji, unable to give an answer.

Lily walked behind him, and gave him the explanation he needed so desperately.
"She does not know what happened in the last 10 years. She can only feel if you are in danger, but is unable to
see your memories. This should explain those questions."

"What are you talking about? I want to know." demanded an irritated Yui.
Instead of an answer from her son, Lily declared HER son that SHE doesn't know what happened. Not capable of
anticipating the truth, she was simply confused.

Again answered Lily since Shinji was still too much in a state of shock to give answers.
"I mean that the history of those years was very different from the events you have expected, or should I rather
say, hoped. With your questions you have only achieved to confuse Shinji. Try a much slower approach."

"How often have I told you to cut that smart-ass attitude, young lady?" asked an annoyed Yui.

"Often enough to make it extremely annoying, but by far not often enough to follow this demand. Especial when
I'm right." explained Lily with an amused grin.

Seeing that this argument had only an additional confusing effect on her son, she decided that her female charge
had a point, and tried a slower approach.
Yui held Shinji on a little distance, to be able to see his face. His expression did nothing to calm her down, so
she started to ask what happened.
"So Shinji, I take it that Lily has already told you what happened during the test?"

"Yes, she had. And I understand."

"And now tell me what happened after it." demanded Yui, already fearing the answer.

"As you were gone, I haven't seen Father for a few days. Then he came back and shredded the apartment. Next day,
he brought me to an old man and deposited me there. For the next seven years I saw him only on the anniversary of
your death, as we visited your grave together. The last three years, we haven't told or seen anything from each
other. This year in spring, I received a letter that demanded that I come to Tokyo3. I thought that he wanted
finally to be reunited with me, but instead I was brought in front of a purple.....of Unit01 and told me to pilot

As I didn't want to, he brought Rei out in a stretcher, heavy wounded and bleeding, and told me that if I don't
want to pilot, she has to do it. So I piloted, and get beaten up against the third Angel, until I was out and
Unit01 went berserk. Without that, I would have died.
Since then I fight the Angels, live with Misato and since the 7th with Asuka too, and wait for the end of this war."

During Shinji's speech, Yui went from shocked and confused to disappointed, and finally to angry and pissed.

"I'll kill him. I'll kick his balls so hard that they plop out of his ears. After I'm finished, he will beg for
a head-shot." she swore, shaking from anger.

Minutes later, as she had calmed own, she started to digest the information, and asked questions for details.

"So, after he run away, you lived with a teacher? Did you get at least a good education?"

"Yes. Very good. Since I had nothing to do besides learning, I just learned more and more, and he provided me
with the necessary materials. So my education is far above average."

"Well, at least something that he did was good. So, after you came to Tokyo3, the Angel was already attacking?"


"And you were brought straight to Unit01 for piloting it. So, why you didn't want to? Your training should have
been more than sufficient."

Sensing doubts at his non-existing bravery, Shinji answered: "What training? the moment the lights went on, I saw
Unit01 for the first time. How could I have not freaked out?"



It took her again a few moments to digest that piece of information.

"And then he brought out an injured girl to blackmail you into piloting?"


"And who is this Rei? Your girlfriend?"

<I wished, but that was before I met Lily. >

"No. No, she isn't my girlfriend. She is the pilot of Unit00, but I think she is more than that. She is the only
one who is acknowledged by Father. But she is also the one that is worst treated by him."

"What do you mean?"

"She lives in an old apartment complex, short before collapsing, in a small dysfunctional dump that only some slum
population would call apartment." explained Shinji.

"And you live?"

"With Misato Katsuragi. She's the director of operations, and something like a big sister to me.
I really like her, despite her being an alcoholic, lazy slob, who turns good ingredients with cooking to Level 6
Biohazard. But she is there for me, she cares for me, and treats me as good as it is her possible." he explained
with some chuckles at the cooking part.

<And so far, I have survived. as long as I don't let her cook, I should be safe there.>

"There are only 4 levels of bio hazard, Shinji."

"You don't know her cooking." Shinji deadpanned comically.

As things grew worse and worse in her opinion, she decided to bring in the only ray of light in the information she
gathered so far.

"And now Asuka lives with you too?"

<Yes. And so far, she is the greatest danger for my well-being. Not to mention my survival.>

"Yes she does. She came with her Unit-02 on board of an aircraft carrier over the pacific. As we were onboard, the
Sixth Angel attacked, but we managed to defeat him together."

Yui frowned. "But you didn't have Unit-01 with you."

"No. We were together in Unit-02."

"So, you are good at working together? I thought so."


<Only if she calls berating and taunting me teamwork. >

Confused by the less than enthusiastic answer, she questioned further, wanting to know more.
"And how do you two get along? Or isn't it just getting alone? Don't tell me I'm already a granny." she teased.


The reaction of Shinji wasn't what she has expected, not even what she had feared. The look of pure terror, of horror
beyond all imagination was nearly too much for her.
Disappointed she asked: "So you two don't get along?"

<Even not knowing my memories, I have to doubt her sanity. What in hell gives her the idea that I would get along
with this redheaded terrorist? That I have to live with her is worse enough, but being together with her?
No thanks, I like my women more normal, like Lily or Mana.>

"Only if you call her constant berating and hitting me getting along." he spat out.

"But she was such a nice girl as I met her. And you two were always together, and had so much joy together."

<What is she talking about? >

"What are you talking about, mum?"

"After your birth, I worked on Project E as did Asuka's mother. We worked together for nearly 2 years before she
took command of the scientific division of NERV Germany. And during our work, you and Asuka played together. You
two were nearly inseparable. Kyoko and I even began to plan a wedding for you two."

<W...E...D...D...I...N...G?! RUN AWAY!! RUN AWAY!!>

Surprised by this tale, the last sentence shocked him beyond any other thing ever. With unseen speed, he brought
Lily between himself and his mother, taking cover behind her and shaking not only in fear, but also in complete

<The day I marry her is the day of my death. As I brushed a little against her body, she nearly dislocated my
shoulder. I don't want to know what she would do after a wedding night.>

Hurt by this reaction, Yui wanted to go to him, but as Lily slowly shook her head, she stood and waited for Lily
to calm him down.
Lily turned around and hugged him, whispering in his ear: "I will protect you. And you can't marry that German
nutcase when you're already mine. Or have you forgotten?"

Speaking the last question in a hurt voice, Shinji shook his head.

"I will protect you. Ok. You have nothing to fear, not even some wedding plans that are made from others."

Shinji sighed relieved, and looked at his mother. A lonely tear made her way over her pretty face, and that hit
him pretty hard. He freed himself from Lily and went towards her, letting her take him in an embrace again.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ##
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Later, as they have calmed down, Yui asked her son if he is interested in another girl than Asuka, and who she
is. Trying to avoid the subject, he told her about his first days here, about Rei and Misato, how they made his
stay in Tokyo3 bearable. How Rei, despite her calm demeanour and their lack of communication is still considered
as a close friend by him, and Misato almost as a big sister. Only as he told her about Misato's little
introduction speech, where she told him he could take advantage of everything in the apartment, just not of her,
Yui stiffened a little.

"And did you ever thought about violating this rule?" she asked.

"Sometimes. She's very good looking, after all. I would have to be blind to not be interested in her."

"She has the same age as myself as I was absorbed. As you see me now." Yui told him.

Shinji looked over her, and declared chuckling: "Well, you wouldn't be a bad catch either."

He just had the bad luck that his mother was unable to see this as a little joke. With a loud CLASH, her open hand
connected with his face. "That's no way to talk about your mother. Not only did you show a great lack of manners,
but also a disgusting attitude towards sexuality. What were you thinking?"

"He thought that a little compliment and joke would be helping to lighten the mood." interrupted Lily with a
disapproving scowl on her face. "That was no reason to hit him. Where did you learn to be a parent? Neanderthal?"

<No one hits my fiancee. Not even his mother. Even if she is a kind of mother to me also.>

"An incestual statement isn't what I would call a joke."

<And that's reason enough to nearly dislocate his jaw? No wonder that you like Asuka.>

"Then say that you don't find it funny. But it was no reason to hit him. He didn't saw you for ten years, and all
you do is berating, shocking and hitting him. I can see perfectly well why you want to hook him with Asuka. You
two have the same lousy personality towards men."

<And she only gets him over my dead body, and obliterated soul. Point.>

"Gendo was happy with me. And Shinji would be happy with Asuka." declared Yui.

Lily grinned smugly. "Let's see. A megalomaniac who abandoned his son, who forced him into battle because he's
too cowardly to do it himself was happy with you. Really, a great accomplishment. Should Shinji go insane like
his father before or after the wedding?" she asked with a heavy load of sarcasm in her voice.

"Asuka would be good for him. He needs someone to force him to move on. Maybe Gendo has his flaws, and he will
pay dearly for them, but at least he is normal."

<Good for him? I am good for him. I will do everything to make him happy. Even share him. But definitely not
with this abusive little brat. Besides, I know your real reason for reacting in this manner. I saw your reaction
as you saw him for the first time since a decade. As your eyes wandered over his nude body, savouring each inch
of skin as a nice view, for a nice memory.>

"What do you think how stupid I am? The problem wasn't Shinji's little compliment. It was more that you are
attracted to him. I can see perfectly well, and your look at his naked body spook volumes."

"I'm not interested in him. IS THAT CLEAR?"

"Yes. As clear as quicksilver, and as transparent as a rock. Face it, you hadn't had sex for 10 years, and your
body remembered faster than you could suppress it. And do you know something?"

"What?" asked an annoyed Yui.

"It would have been a better reunion if you would have go down on your knees before him, than the shit you made."

A shocked Yui wanted to neglect this, but was cut off from Lily.

"The he would have gotten at least a joyful reunion, and not this bitter bickering that only hurt him. Not even
mentioning the slap."

"How sick are you that you say that incest would have been better than a little bit of parental guidance?"

"And how stupid are you? Maybe you have forgotten where we are. Maybe you have forgotten that you have no body.
Maybe you have forgotten, that for the rest of the world, you are dead. And maybe you have forgotten, that
everything that happens here is only in our mind. And now tell me, how could you committing incest without a body?
Beside that, give me a Yen for every boy that fantasized one time about his mother, and I build you a few new EVAs.
So, you could all this have forgotten, but that still doesn't give you the right to berate and hit him."

"I am his mother. I don't care if he has some fantasies about this Misato, but talking about me this way, is
disgusting. And to say that I should rather have sex with him than teach him some manners, is just plain wrong.
You are right, here in this plane of existence, it is impossible to commit incest. But that goes only for the
body. What is with our souls? I'm his mother, not his lover. And to say that I should commit such a perverted
act can only mean that I have failed in raising you properly. For the last time: I'm not interesting in Shinji
in a way beside a mother/son relationship."

"You are only deceiving yourself. What you call 'learning manners', is considered mistreatment. For the soul issue,
do you really mean that your soul isn't connected to him? He loves you, deeply. You cannot deny this.
To say that your souls shouldn't love each other, is bullshit. Here, where we exist only as souls, without bodies
or anything else, love is the purest thing that is possible. And here, everyone could show this love and affection
in every possible way. To rule some ways out because of an imaginary concept like morality, is stupid.
Here, you could screw him as often as you could, and you would still do nothing wrong. You just would show him your
love, nothing more.
Oh, and for you so called 'last time' speech: You are only lying to yourself. You were imprisoned here with me for
the last decade. Having no chance to seek some sexual relieve, your desires became stronger and stronger.
Face it, you're horny as hell.
I offered you to try it with me years ago, but you always used the excuse of that you don't be a lesbian.
Due the fact that we are only souls, I found it back there very silly, and the same is now the case.
You are denying a part of yourself, and as long as you can't face this fact, you will only hurt Shinji.
Psychically, and as we have seen, physically."

After a few moments of considering, Yui finally understood that she was unable to win this argument. She had
raised her daughter too well. Her scientific dissecting, analysing and explaining the situation was too good.
Her arguments are true, she herself explained all the background to her, told her how she could use the MAGI
to further expand her knowledge. But what Lily didn't grasp was the emotional side of her situation.
Scientifically, she was right, she was shocked of herself for considering her son, her own flesh and blood
as fuck-meat. But came what will be, she will not have sex with him, not even just in the imaginary scenery
of this place. So she searched for a way to make a tactical retreat, as she stumbled upon a disturbing discovery.

"Why do you defend him? He is your pilot, but the stance you took on this matter is.. extreme. I know that you
don't see me as your mother, although I see you as daughter, but it surprising how loyal you are to him. Why?"

<Uh-oh. That's not good. But I can't avoid it forever, so I'll tell her. Not that I have this much options anyway.
And the shock she will get may be a good cure for her stubbornness. Maybe it will be even enough to break her
self-imposed shell of morality, and she tries to get a rift between Shinji and me with using herself. I wouldn't
mind, as long as it would make Shinji happy, and cease the hostility between them. If she continues to try to
present him Asuka as his future wife, the results could be catastrophic.>

"He isn't only my pilot. He is the one who is able to see beyond my frightening shell, who accepts me as the person
I really am. Who was my first, and will be my only. He's my fiancee." announced Lily proudly.

To say that Yui was shocked would have been a great understatement. Her eyes grew wide, then wider, and still wider,
while her jaw landed on the floor. "HE IS WHAT?"

<100 points.>

"My fiancee."


"As you know, we are currently inside of the 12th Angel. Life support has failed, and Shinji has died."


"Let me explain. As Shinji has died, I dragged him inside of me, to protect him. I didn't want him to die, so I
decided to save him. As I brought him here, I used this opportunity to talk with him, and to see how he would
react to me. You know that I find him cute."

<We talked often enough about him.>

"Yes, I do." admitted Yui.

"So I wanted to see what he thought of me. He thinks that I'm beautiful, and that let me go further. I kissed him,
and he fainted."

"As he kissed Asuka, he didn't faint. That's if the things you showed me are correct."

<No wonder. His survival instinct was at full speed at this time. There was no chance of fainting. And to accuse
me of lying is really an insult. Since over 10 years we talk to each other, and I have never lied. Otherwise,
you would have met Shinji after our wedding.>

"I never lied to you, and I won't begin now."


"As he awakened, I teased him into a little game. I knew that he had a lot of questions, and I knew that he
was very interested in me."

"How did you know that he was interested in you?"

<You want to know the entire story? No problem, I know that you won't like it.>

"His eyes were glued to my body, and he had a erection. I decided to make a little Question-Answer game. He was
able to ask me all the questions he wanted, but he had to pay a price for my answers. And it went better than I
had anticipated. Instead of getting a little bit more comfortable around me, we ended up with oral sex."

"That doesn't sound like him."

<Well, if you would have seen us the last few 'days'.>

"And that we had only a few hours later our first time doesn't sound like him too. But we had it. We are fitting
great together, and I love him. And he loves me. And this is all that counts."

Yui sighed. "As you already said, we are here in a plane of existence where everything that happens is just in
our mind. Shinji may like you, but you cannot replace a real girlfriend in the real world. You cannot go to
school with him, eat ice cream with him, go to the movies with him, or on a romantic date. He should have all
these experiences, but you cannot give them to him. You know that the chance that we two will ever be free from
this body is almost nil."

<Yes, I know. And that's why I have to talk to him again. I know that I'm unable to be always with him, and to
give him a normal life. I don't like it, but I have to take measures that he is safe in the real world too.
And that means that I have to allow him to date other girls. And maybe do a little more than only dating. As much
as I would like, I cannot tell him that he has to give up every chance at being a normal person. I love him too
much to do that. As much as it hurts me, I had accepted this truth before I brought him to me. >

"I know. But that doesn't mean that he ends up with Asuka as you want. In fact, Shinji has a little list and on
top stays Mana Kirishima. Then Rei Ayanami and Hikari Horaki. If all those would fail, he would try to hit on
Maya Ibuki, and if that fails, he would rather try Misato than Asuka. Only Ritsuko gives him so much creeps that
she lands in his list after her." explained Lily.

"Thank god he doesn't know where the Kirishima girl is, and Rei is as animated as a zombie. Hikari has a crush
on another boy, and that he didn't get the fact that Maya wants her sempai shows only how inexperienced he is.
Misato wants Kaji, so that leaves only Asuka. Besides, if you accept the fact that he will have a girlfriend
in reality, why not Asuka?"

<Because she would try to use Unit-02 for killing me as soon as she hears about me screwing HER property.>

"Because she treats him like shit. I don't know if I will be able to leave this form, but as long as I can't,
I want that he is treated well in the real world. And not insulted and hit by an overconfident spoiled little

"Asuka isn't that bad. She just need a little bit maternal influence to calm down a little, and she would be
a perfect match for him."

"And who gives her that influence? You are as long here as myself."

"So you want him to get after Rei. Because she is some kind of sister to you? Or because she is so much animated,
that she will never be a match for you?" asked Yui with a sly grin.

<Rei would have been the best choice, for the reasons she suspects. But she is so loyal to that damned asshole
Ikari that she'd run faster to her commander telling him that I exist, than Shinji could kiss her to silence her.
And since most of the others aren't deliverable, or simply unfitting, there is only one left. And that's the
worst, since she really loves him, and is not afraid of showing it. With her, the danger of loosing him is the
greatest, but it is also the one that will make him most happy.>

"No. I would prefer Mana."

"He doesn't know where she is, and most likely, he won't see her again."

<And I have to change this. Thanks for reminding me.>

"He doesn't know, but I does. I was long enough connected to the Magi to form some kind of friendship with them,
and they told me where she is. I think this knowledge would be a nice farewell gift as he goes back to the real

"Why her?"

<Because she is the only one that fits. And her biggest bonus is that Asuka would never touch anything that had
sex with a girl named Mana Kirishima. She's the best Anti-Asuka defence that exists. Even better than Rei.>

"She had the mission to get information about project E. Shinji was her main target, and she fell in love with
him. But if he wouldn't have been there, she would have tried Rei. I don't think that she would mind too much to
share him with me."

"So, she would be perfect because she would share him? But she doesn't even know that you are existing, so why
these concerns. It is irrelevant if she wants to share."

<No it isn't. as much as I would like to, I will not destroy the life he builds up outside of me, just for my
own selfish reasons. Strange, I would rather share him, than see him unhappy. Well, this was definitely one thing
that you taught me well, considering the environment, maybe too well. Love is strange, and it let you do the
weirdest things. >

"No it isn't. If I ever get out, I cannot come and say: Hey now that I'm in the real world, you have to discard
your current other girlfriend and come to me. That would hurt him too much. And what if he already has a family
with her? No, I want that he has a girlfriend that knows from the beginning that I exist, and that is willing to
share, even if I come into the real world.
Beside, I wouldn't mind to try some nice things with her."

"So, you would prefer her because you think that not only she would share Shinji with you, but would also welcome
you in her bed too. And you really think this would function?"

<With Mana? Sure. She is cute, she loves him, and if I'm right, she would take the same stance as myself. She would
rather share than seeing him unhappy. The fact that she was ready to give her former live up, even to give up her
chances to get him for his safety are clear indicators.>

"Well, I can't imagine Asuka with her face between my legs. And since I can't imagine her with me and Shinji in a
triple relationship, she's out of question."

"You plan to stay with him, even if he has a family in the real world? And this is the reason why you want that
the girl won't mind your existence? Do you really love him this much, or are you just bisexual?"

<Hell, I would let an animal in my bed if this ensures that Shinji will stay with me. And Mana is much cuter than
that. I can't say that I don't find it tempting to try another girl. And with Mana it could function.>

"I think both. But first comes my love for Shinji."

Yui looked around. "And where is he?"

<Thanks to you, doing the same stupid things as in the past. Running away and weeping.>

"He ran this way after you hit him." said Lily and pointed in a direction behind her.

"I should go and apologize. And tell him that Asuka would be a really nice girlfriend for him." added Yui.

<No, you will not. You are not ready yet. Simply going to him and saying that she is sorry, isn't enough. Too much
of his expectations and hopes were shattered in the few minutes you saw each other. To get forgiveness, and more
importantly, getting back his trust will take time, and other measures than those you are able to do now. I don't
care if you really screw him, I would give you my permission to do it. But you need to face the truth, the real
reasons why this reunion went this wrong. And then you need the courage to tell him, and wait for his verdict.
Until you are unable to do this, I will not let you in his vicinity again.>

"No. Not yet."

"What do you mean?"

"Your reunion went way wrong, and I don't think that he is able to cope with you until someone explains a lot.
And since there are just three of us here, I'll have to do it. You need to learn what happened during your
absence first, then you can make real decisions. And you need to face truths you don't want to see right now.
This isn't about a simple 'Sorry'. You have lost not only his trust, but also his love. You confused him to
no end, and shocked him to the core. I'll provide you with his memories, watch them and understand."

Yui looked at the girl in front of her, the girl she thought of as her daughter. "You just want to have sex with

"That too. But I'm generous. If you want, I'll let you watch."

Before a shocked Yui was able to reply, Lily disappeared and let the gasping woman behind.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

She found Shinji sitting on the floor, watching the horizon with tears streaming down his face. Lily sat down
behind him, and encircled him in with her arms. He tensed up for a second, but as he realized that it was her,
the tension left his body. She laid her head on his shoulder, and nibbled on his ear. Getting no response, she
ceased this activity and settled to just hold him, trying to give him the warmth and comfort that he lost with
his shattered dreams of a happy reunion with his mother.

They sat there for a long time, not moving and not talking. Lily sensed that Yui closed in, but as she stopped
a good distance away, she was satisfied that she didn't have to take measures to keep her at bay. She also felt
the sadness that not only emanated from Shinji, but from Yui as well, and hoped, that those two will make it
up later. Well, for now she just wanted to concentrate her efforts on Shinji.



"Sometimes, our dreams go wrong. I know that you wanted a happy reunion with her, but it went wrong. That can
always happen, so we have to forget and move on. Give her time to understand what has happened since her death,
and give yourself time to be able to forgive her."


"Hey, if you are not talking to me, I have to take drastic measures. Is that clear?" she said with a playful
expression on her face.


As she still received no answer, she started to search for her playful, caring and horny little Shinji. She
moved in front of him, and started to give him little kisses on the lips.

"Are you there? No?"

She moved with her kisses over his chin, to his neck. As she was slowly approaching the area of his chest, he
gave his response.

"Lily!" he cried with a desperate voice, and dragged her in an embrace. He wrecked with sobs, and used her
shoulder as a pillow for his forehead. Lily encircled him with her arms, and waited patiently for him to calm

Just 50 meters away, Yui was immense saddened by the events she witnessed. The knowledge that it was her who
pained Shinji this much was almost too much. She only wanted to go to him, take him in her arms, give him little
kisses on the head and tell him how sorry she was.
But time was against her. Too much years have gone by without her, Shinji was not only too old for such treatment
from his mother, but also would have wanted explanations from her. And answers she was unable to give. So she sat
there, observing her son and his lover, and used the time to learn the events of the last decade, from the POV
of her son.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Later after Shinji had finally calmed down, Lily asked him if he wanted to be joined with her again, to forget
the events of the last hours, and find peace in her arms. As he didn't want to take her up on this offer, she
understood that he had too much questions to calm down.

"Why didn't she know what had happened?" he asked his fiancee.

"She isn't able to see the world as I can do, and she cannot read your thoughts through the synch as I. Her only
way to achieve information is through me, but I shielded her from your painful memories. I know that this was
a mistake, but I never expected that you'll be here, inside of me, where you could be confronted with her. It
was my fault. Gomen."

"Isn't that my line?" asked Shinji, leaning his head against her shoulder.

"Not now."

"And do you have a clue why she wants me to get together with Asuka? I always thought that she would want only
the best for me. And that are you."

"Well, for her, Asuka is the best. I saw her memories about Asuka and you, and you were indeed close friends.
Asuka was always a fiery tempered girl, but extremely loyal too. And her loyalty laid by her only close friend,
and that was you. I searched through her files, and found the reason why she changed this much. Compared to her,
you had an almost enjoyable childhood. You were just sent away. She witnessed the suicide of her mother, the
betrayal of her father, and was tucked into an EVA at the age of 7. The time you had for learning and growing up,
she never had. She was pushed through the schools, and had additional training.

With all this pressure put upon her, she developed an extreme personality to cope with it.
She was always told that only her performance is important, and so she developed the need to be always the best.
You endanger this, in the field that is most important to her. And she cannot let this happen, not without
fighting it. She sensed that you are a danger most likely at latest as you were able to synch with Rei so easily.
Her reaction on this was her typical self, and the way she treats you since then, is her try to stay as the best."

Shinji sighed sadly. "Now I can understand. So she is really just a poor little girl, as I thought in the night
we slept in the same room. But that doesn't mean that we would be a good couple. We are too different. And mom
should have been able to understand that people change. Back then, she was maybe an ideal wife for me, but now
she isn't."

"I know that, and you know it. Soon, Yui will understand it as well. But her memories of a sweet little redhead
weren't her only reason for finding a nice girl for you. Since she is my only companion, we talked a lot, and
in the last months, you were one of our favourite themes.
She knew that I like you really much, but isn't a fan of a relationship between us."

As Shinji tried to speak, she laid a finger on his lips.

"Let me finish. She knows that we are engaged, and she accepts it. But that doesn't mean that her wish of you
and Asuka is impossible. Or you and another normal girl. I am bound to the flesh of Unit-01, and it is unlikely
that I ever will be free of it.

We can be together, but I can't live with you. I cannot lie in the same bed as you, cannot wake you up with a
little kiss and bring you breakfast in bed. I can't go to school with you, cannot go to the movies or on a
romantic date. As much as I love you, I cannot offer you a normal life. And a normal life is something that
we both want for you. We can be together each synch test, but we cannot live together. We can have fun and sex,
but living would mean that the time moves the same pace for the two of us. The time you are here, inside of my
core, not even a nanosecond went by in the real world, the world you live.

You cannot stay here with me for too long, or the stress for your brain would be too high, and you cannot sit
in the entry plug forever to make it possible for me to live the same time speed as yourself.
Do you understand this dilemma?"

After a few minutes of thinking, Shinji replied "Yes."

"So you do understand the reasons she wants a real girlfriend for you? A girl you could really live with, you
could have a family with?"

"Yes, I do. But I don't like it. I'm your fiancee, and I don't want to cheat on you. And if I would have a
girlfriend in the real world, I wouldn't want to cheat on her too. And it wouldn't be Asuka."

"Yes, it wouldn't be Asuka. But you wouldn't cheat on me. You would have my permission."

"Even if I would do it, I wouldn't cheat on my 'real' girlfriend. And since I definitely will not give you up, it
is impossible to take a girlfriend in my reality."

"Until you find one that you introduce to me, and is willing to share."

"Which will never happen. Not with the girls in NERV, not with the girls at school. Rei would run to my father
as soon as she gains knowledge of you, and Asuka...I don't know. And the others would freak out."

"But there is one that wouldn't freak out. That would talk with me, and that maybe would accept this arrangement."

"I seriously doubt that. And even if such a girl would exist, I wouldn't want to have a relationship with another
girl than you."

"Yes you would. If it is the right girl, you would, and you know it. So be truthful to yourself, and accept it."

"Still, such a girl doesn't exist in my life. So, this entire conversation is based on nothing."

"No, it isn't. I know where this girl is, and I know that you would really like to see her. And I know that she
could make you happy."

Shinji shook his head.

"I will load this info directly into your brain, so you are unable to forget it. You will find her in Osaka-2,
Kawamatsu district, Ieyasu Street 354, Apartment 644. Tickets for a train to Osaka-2 will be reserved, and will
be waiting for you at the train station. 1 to Osaka-2, and 2
for back to Tokyo3. You will find some money for a taxi in Osaka-2 and your journey on your private credit account
at the Japanese National Bank.

After you brought her to Tokyo3, you can bring her to an Apartment in the same building you live. Four floors higher,
number 812 is already reserved for this purpose. At the time you will bring her in, the apartment will be already furnished,
and equipped with everything needed."

"But it is still my decision if I want to do it, or not."

"Yes, it is your decision, but I hope that you take this chance for a happy normal live. It would also ensure that
you will be free of the red menace."

Shinji chuckled at this last statement. "And YOU really want that I do it?"

"Yes. I want you to be happy, but even our love can't ensure that you are happy. If you follow my advice, the
chances are very good that you will be happy. And this will make me happy as well. Do you understand that I just
want to ensure your happiness?"

"Yes, I do." answered a stunned Shinji. He really had digested a lot in the last days. His EVA is in love with him,
and he with her. Sex is great, and he liked it extremely. But this revelation, that the girl he loved, would even
share him to ensure his happiness, would even go to these lengths just for him, was too much. He grabbed her, drew
her in a close embrace and begun sobbing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Later, after he had calmed down a little, he started to kiss the line of her neck, teasing it with his tongue.

Between the little kisses, he asked her to erect a little barricade, so that his mother couldn't watch them. Lily
erected four walls around them.

<That should calm Shinji down.>

He didn't need to know that the black appearing stripes were in fact nothing other than one-sided transparent
'windows', not able to block any view but out. Tracing a line of little kisses down to her shoulders, he let
her escape of his grasp, to be able to continue the line down to her breasts. As he learned in the last week, it
was one of her favourite pleasures when he concentrated the efforts of his lips and his tongue there, and bringing
her close to orgasm. And it was one of his favourite things to pleasure her. The warm, silky smooth skin, the hard
buds of her nipples and the soft feeling of her flesh were sensation that he liked more than just a lot.

Kneading one of her breasts, while sucking on the other one, was a sensation that always let her moan. As her
breathing become more frantic, and her body tensed up, he slowed down his assault on her cleavage, not wanting to
ignite her climax so soon.
At the same time, her hands were busy between his legs, and drove him near to the edge. Switching between jerking
motions and caressing his testicles, she added a new sensation as he got wet with precum. Using it as lubricant
for her hand, she started to swirl the palm of her open hand around his purple cockhead, stimulating the massive
accounts of nerves there nearly simultaneously.

As he stopped his administrations, leaving only a thin strand of saliva connected to her, she changed position
without stopping her new technique, which brought him already close to come. Feeling her mouth enclosing him, only
parts of seconds after she removed her hand, he couldn't hold it anymore. She wasn't even able to close her lips
around his shaft properly, as he spurted his essence in her mouth. A lot of it ran down at his hard meat, a
opportunity she didn't waste. Licking and sucking his now over-sensitive sex, she cleaned him and brought him
again to an eruption, and this time it landed mostly on her face.

After she was finished with cleaning him, she tried to clean herself with her tongue, but her reach was clearly
limited. Only her lips and a little bit of the surrounding were be able to be cleaned this way, a lot of
whitish globs remained on her face. As she wanted to use her fingers to get the cum in her mouth, he stopped
her and brought his face close to her. He extended his tongue, and licked one of the drops up, letting it rest on
his extended tongue, offering it to her like a rare delicacy. If she wouldn't have been lost in her passion, she
would have made a surprised face, but so, she just sucked his tongue clean. This repeated itself again and again,
until her face was finally clean.

During this little exercise, his fingers worshipped her wet slit, keeping her aroused, and making his own snack
much more delicious. He dived down to her sex, spreading her with his fingers, and started to lapping at her
vigorously. Her smell, her taste, the contractions he could feel when he buried his tongue as deep as possible
inside of her, all of this were stronger than the best aphrodisiacs scientists could develop. Even after coming
twice, it was only a matter of seconds until he was again hard as a rock, ready to claim her as his again.

Normally, he would finish her off, swallowing as much of her juices as possible, and then unite with her, but
not this time. He knew that it was frustrating for her that he always came too fast, and that it would take some
time until he would have the needed control to come at the same time with her. So he made a little plan, which
should do the trick. After arousing her this much, bringing her nearly to her peak, but not letting her find the
craved release, while cumming twice himself, he know should be able to hold out long enough to enjoy the ultimate
pleasure of a simultaneous orgasm while they were joined.

He positioned himself on top of her, and inserted his hard-on in her dripping sex. Immediately starting at a fast
pace, the sensations for both of them were too much. Lily, already on the edge from his masterful cunnilingus,
reached her peak fast, while Shinji, who was still pumping in and out of her, finding his release the same second.
Although he had underestimated the sensitivity of his abused sex, his plan functioned well. For the first time,
they were joined in the orgasmic bliss while being united. Not one after another, but in a complete synch, they
were lost in a sea of passion and desire.

For minutes, they just laid there, exhausted, trying to regain their breath. Unable to keep his eyes open any
longer, Shinji fell asleep in Lily's arms. And the low moans from outside, inaudible for everyone who was
enclosed by the four walls, subsided satisfied too.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

As Shinji slept, Lily made her way to Yui.

Yui looked at her and asked: "You planned all of this along time ago, right?"



"After the 4th. It was the first time I was really able to look at his spirit, and I fell immediately for him.
It was love at the first sight." replied Lily.

"And what exactly do you have planned?"

"In the last months, I ensured that he will have the best live possible. With help from the Magi I ensured
that his financial future is secured. I prepared everything for him. I was well aware of the fact that as
much as I love him, I cannot offer him a normal life and a family. The chances for this happening are too
small. Then, as was the episode with Mana, I found the solution.

As much as I don't like it, it is the only possibility to ensure his happiness. Share him with her, and let
her be his girlfriend, and later, maybe the mother of his children. I have planned everything, and as the
Angel swallowed us, I saw my chance. I just wanted to talk to him, but my timing was wrong. As I gathered enough
courage to reveal myself to him, he was already dying. So I brought him here. The rest is, as they say, history."

"And what if you ever get out of this body? What then?"

"I will reveal myself to Mana. If she is willing to share, I see no problem. If not, I'll find another one for him."

"And if she is willing to share? Do you plan to form a triple relationship?"

"Sure. The best way to ensure that there is no big jealousy is that each of us loves the other two. I do not mind
trying a girl."

"And why not Asuka? If you want to reveal yourself to his girlfriend, why not her? She is familiar with the EVAs,
intelligent and good-looking. Bring her here, and I talk to her. She just needs guidance, and she will be the
perfect choice."

"You are talking nonsense, and you know that. You would need years to make her a normal girl, and decades to
let her understand that she would have to share him with me. It wouldn't work, and you know that. Life hasn't
treated her well, and as protection, she treats everyone close to her even worse. If she ever looses this form of
protection, she would be a good friend for Shinji. But not a lover."

"Did you tell him of her past, as I asked you to?"


"What if he begins to understands her, and get involved with her?"

"This will not happen. That he understands her, which he already does, doesn't mean that she will drop her
defences. She isn't the little girl you remember anymore. She has changed a lot, and not for the better."

"And you really think that the Mana girl would be better for him?"

"Yes, and this is what I fear the most."

Yui looked questioningly at Lily. "Why?"

"She loves him, and he has deep feelings for her. With her, it is possible that I'll lose him."

"And you are willing to take this risk just to make him happy?" Yui asked with awe.


"Then I haven't much room to argue against your relationship with him, right?"

"Correct. You cannot deny love beyond all fail safes."

"No, I can't. One last thing: After he woke up, he will most likely ask you why I hit him. What do you wanna
tell him?"

"The truth."

And with that said, she went back to the sleeping form of her fiancee, leaving a sighing Yui behind.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

As Shinji woke up, he was greeted with the face of his beautiful lover.

"Morning sleepyhead." she said with an amused voice.

"Morning lovely." he replied as he sat up and stretched his body.

He looked at her intensely, until she started blushing.

"What are you looking at?" demanded to know an embarrassed Lily.

"At the only girl in the universe that would go to such lengths just to make me happy. I don't know how I should
handle this. I love you. And I want to be with you. I know that we can't have a normal life together, but I don't
mind. And you are offering me to have another girl beside you, just to give me a 'normal' life, just to make me
happy. That's almost too much for me. I'm not someone special who would deserve such a treatment, I..."

"Stop. You are special to me, and this is all that matters to me. I made these decisions because of this love. As
I decided to reveal myself to me, I knew that I had to share you." interrupted Lily.

"But your acting at the beginning indicated otherwise."

"You mean my little tirade because of the kiss?" asked a pouting Lily.


"Well, you just kissed the wrong girl. I have another one for you in mind, and Asuka isn't a girl that would share
anything. It simply creep me out."

"I understand."

Lily looked at him, definitely curious about something.

So Shinji asked: "What?"

"You didn't ask the question I expected."

"You mean why mom flipped?"


"She is since over 10 years incarcerated here. That gives her the right to be a little strange."

"It's nice to see that you don't hold her actions against her, but you are wrong with the reason. You should try
to understand the reason, because then you can understand her actions."

"Then, tell me the reason. I think you know, since otherwise you wouldn't lure me into asking."

"Yes I know, and you are partially right, it has to do with her stay here. We now had sex each day for the last
week. And it will be hard for you lacking it in the real world, until you are visiting the address I gave you.
Now imagine, you had sex for years, and then a decade nothing."

Shinji was stunned. He understood what Lily meant, it wasn't hard to fathom. But it was another matter to look
at this clinically and without emotions. He dissected the implications of those revelations, and overviewed
the facts before he answered. He was really happy that he admired Rei since his arrival, and tried to learn her
control over emotions.

"So she wanted me?" he asked without a shiver in his voice.

"Yes, she did. She fought hard to subdue her desires for the first male she saw since a decade, a nude male,
and your statement that she looks good nearly shattered it. So she overreacted and hit you."

Shinji gulped. "I understand."

That response surprised Lily greatly. "You do?"

"How couldn't I, after such a week.? I can understand perfectly, but not her actions."

"What do you mean?"

"We are here in your core. Everything that happens here, will be only inside of our minds and souls. Right?"


"Then she could have simply told me. I would have thought over it, and with your permission, I would have tried
to help her. It's nothing more than a fantasy. And nobody beside us three would have ever known it. It wouldn't
be as real as our engagement, where I have the proof of our love on my finger."

"You learned a lot of control from Rei. And I would have given you permission, or more, give you permission.
But there is another problem, that is much bigger, especially for her.

What if she makes love to you, on a regularly base, and sometime in the future, we leave this body. This is what
she fears the most. That she fell in love with you, not only motherly, but as lovers, and then she is freed and
looses the only person which loved her as she was entrapped here."

"So she's like me. If there is love, it will be forever."


"I can understand her fear. Any relationship between her and me would end in disaster if she ever is freed from
you. It would be hard for her to don't have her love, and it would be disastrous if she comes free, and her first
action is to deep-tonguing her son. Although I would like to see the face of my father if that happens." he added
with a chuckle.

"And there would be no chance to see you again. Due to the genetic similarities, each Doctor would know that you
are very unusual lovers."

"Or you change her genetics of her new body."

"Which I could do, if it would be necessary."

"Do you have planned this as well? To make her happy, too?"

"It crossed my mind."

"Well, with one accusation she is right. You are incorrigible."

"And proud of."

"Well, you said that I have to go back soon. I would like to solve this incident with her before I leave."

"Sure. Follow me."

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

They went only a few hundred meters until they met Yui, lying on the floor and staring on the heaven.


She looked at them, and sat up. "Shinji."

He sat down beside her. "I forgive you."

Lily's head suddenly jerked around, searching for something. "I have to go." she announced as she vanished.

Ignoring this little oddity, Yui asked if Lily told her why she reacted that way.

"Yes, she has. And I understand your fears. But next time, run away instead of hitting me, ok."

Yui laughed sadly. "If it would be that easy. What if I hit on you, instead of hitting you? What then?"

"I wouldn't mind."

Yui, who was looking at the floor, lifted her head and looked Shinji in the eyes, searching for any sign of a
bad joke or a forced answer. As she found none, only genuine care for her, she slowly lifted her hand, and
caressed his face. this was the only movement for some minutes, until Shinji took the lead, and moved closer
to her. As he sat directly beside her, he lifted her face until he looked in her green eyes, and kissed her
softly on the lips. Yui backed off. "Don't."

"I understand. How far you will go is your decision."

He laid down with his head in her lap. There was nothing sexual about that gesture, just his way to tell her
that whatever she does, she couldn't hurt him with her affections. She softly caressed his cheek. Minute after
minute went by, both were satisfied with the peace and newfound closeness.

Suddenly, Lily reappeared with a surprised and shocked face.

Sensing that something was wrong, Shinji sat up, and looked at Lily.

"What's wrong?" asked Shinji.

"We...we have a visitor."

Beside Lily, a black spot on the floor appeared, expanding to the a diameter that allowed a figure to grow out
of it. It was a girl, looking the same age as Shinji. She had green hair and earth-brown eyes and was clad in
some strange white and black robes that revealed nothing of her figure.
With a cute smile on her face, she waved at Shinji and Yui.

"Hi, I'm Leliel."

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
Preread by Nova
Domo Arigato