Author: Steve VADER
Genre: Lemon

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"------" Spoken

<------> Thought

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------


Chapter 1: First contact

<Where am I? Shouldn't I be dead?>

Shinji stood on an endless green plane, under a purple heaven.

"Where am I?!"

"In myself." came a reply.

Not expecting the answer, Shinji jumped and looked for cover. But the only thing he was able to find was

a girl standing a few meters behind him.

"Who? How did you get here? Where..."

"One question after another."


"My given name is Lily. So you can call me that."

"O...Ok. Lily."

She smiled at him. "Good. Now to the second question."

She went to him and sat down.

"Sit sown, that is more comfortable to talk."


Shinji sat down opposite to her, face to face. That was also the moment that he recognized her stunning beauty.
Silver-grey waist-long hair, green eyes, a beautiful face, a slim, athletic body with small breasts, and
finally, long and slender legs.
Contrary to the reaction of most males, this vision of beauty made him quite uncomfortable.

"I come from here. As I already pointed out, you are within me."

"I don't understand."

"It is quite simple. As the life support failed, you died."


"But I have decided that I do not want you die. Also I find it uncomfortable to be inside of an Angel."

"And what do you wanna do about this?"

"Kill the Angel and revive you."

"Who are you?"

"I already told you. I'm Lily. The essence and the body of Unit01."

"Ahm...aren't you too small for that?"

She chuckled.

"We are inside of my core silly. Here you see the vision I have of myself, you see me as I would be if I was
freed of the bindings to the monstrous body of 01. You see what I would really be."


"As long as we are here, time is of no essence. This plane of existence defies the laws of time and space.
That means that we can be here for a long time together, but you still loose no time in your reality."

"I'm not sure if I understand."

"That doesn't matter. But you do understand that you loose no time in your world, despite the amount of time
you are here with me?"


"Good. Because we have a lot of problems to solve."

"What problems?"

She edged closer to him, but with an angry look on her face.


Shinji managed to make something only magicians can do, he brought several meters of security space between
him and her, without moving.


"W....WH.......What do you mean?"

Suddenly, a part of the heaven became black. As soon as this was accomplished, images could be seen.
Images out of his memory. Images as he kissed Asuka.



She breathed a few times hard, then she was finally able to calm down.

"Why did you do that?"

"She wanted to. But it was just a game for her."

"But you enjoyed it."


"And that's what I don't like."


She groaned.

"Because you are destined to be with another one."

"Ayanami? She's cold."

"Not Ayanami."

"Misato? Isn't she a little old for me?"

She gnashed her teeth in anger.

"No, not Misato. And not Ritsuko and Maya from NERV, nor Hikari, Sakura, Chika, Tomomi or any other girl
from school."

"But then, who....."

She went to him and grabbed him at the collar.

"Close your eyes, idiot."


"DO IT!"

Still hesitating, he saw no other choice as to give in in her demands.
And what happened was something unexpected. Quite joyful, but still unexpected.
The pressure of her lips against his made him gasp.
An opportunity that she took to slide her tongue into his mouth.


After a few moments she felt his body relaxing. But instead of the light relaxation that she expected,
it was the full relaxation that one can only achieve when unconscious.

"Well, Asuka is right with one accusation. You are a wimp."

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###########################
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A few hours later, Shinji awakened.
And he was greeted by a quite nice sight. Directly over his face, he could stare at her beautiful breasts.

Instead of accusing him to be a pervert, she observed him through mostly shut eyes.

<Looks like he sees something interesting. It's hard to avoid chuckling.>

Shinji's eyes were glued to her chest. Only after a few minutes he was able to change the position of his head,
toward the direction of her body. And he was greeted by the image of her bare sex.

<If his erection is an indicator for his sexual interest in me, I have already won.>

This time she was unable to contain her laughter.
A laughter, that let ring alarms inside of Shinji's mind. Without loosing a nanosecond, he tried to
get away from her, but she held him firmly in his place.

"You can look as long as you want. And as hard as you want."

To prove this point, she spread her legs a little to give him a better view.
That was clearly appreciated, seeing his enormous blush and his throbbing erection.
And the fact that his eyes were still glued to her sex didn't indicate otherwise, either.

"Like what you see?"


"Was that a moan or yes?"


"I like what I see too."

And again she had to hold back from an attempted escape out of her arms.

"No, you will not run away."

Shinji had closed his eyes and replied:

"But you are a girl."

"You get a point for stating the obvious."

"I just want to respect your privacy."

"I gave you permission to look. It is my decision as to how much privacy I want. And therefore it is my decision
as to how much of my body I show to you. And since I have decided that you can look at everything, you cannot
disrespect my privacy. On the contrary, your reaction hurts me."

Shinji looked with one eye on her face.

"Why is that?"

"Because I think that you have a reason why you don't want to look at me. Do you really think that I'm ugly?"

"Nani? NO! No, I.. I mean I never saw such a beautiful girl as you."

"Then why don't you resume looking? Are you embarrassed? Are you afraid that I'll yell at you for being a pervert
like Soryu does?"

"I'm embarrassed."

"I see you nude too. Does this embarrass you, or is it the nudity of my body?"


"Then I have an easy cure for it."

"Getting clothed?" Shinji asked hopefully.

"No. But rather staying nude until you are accustomed to it."

"Is this really necessary?"



"Because I enjoy looking at you. But I have to admit that I liked you penis more as it was stiff."

"B..But...But we don't know each other. We are strangers. I don't know who you really are, where I am,
what I am doing here, how I can get back."

"Sometimes I understand why Soryu calls you "Baka" constantly. I'm Lily. You are inside of my existence.
You are here because I want you here. You'll get back when I let you. Understood?"

"You are Unit01?"

"Yes. I already told you."

"How am I inside of you?"

"You are still in the entry plug, so you are still in my physical body. As you died, I decided to bring
your mind, your spirit within my plane of existence. This is where we are currently."

"That's too high for me."

"I'll explain it further when you open your eyes."

Shinji sighed, and opened his eyes. The view of her pussy greeted him again, and the hardening of his
mini-me made it clear that this view was still appreciated.

"Good. You know that each EVA has a core?"


"The core holds the essence of the EVA. It holds the "soul", the spirit that holds the EVA together,
to let it function and to let it live. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Good. Inside of this core, another plane of existence exists. Where time doesn't matter, where death
doesn't exist."


"You know the angels."


<I didn't want to tell him this so soon, but I have no other choice. I hope he is able to see past my
"Have you have thought about how they exist? How they are able to simply appear?"

"No. Not really."

"They exist in the same plane of existence as we currently are. This enables them to do such things."

"But if they are here, why are you here too?"

She sighed.

"Because EVA is basically a clone of an Angel."
Still silence.
More silence.
"You are an Angel?" asked Shinji with a frightened voice.

"No. I'm an EVA. A clone, restricted by mechanical devices to fulfill the wishes of it's pilot."

"Clone of what? As the first angel attacked, you already existed."

"That was Sachiel. He was in fact the third Angel."

"But if that's true, then where are the first and the second?"

"The first, Adam, caused Second Impact. Unit00 and Unit02 are clones of him."

"You are not?"

"Do I look like a boy?"


"I'm a clone of Lilith, the second Angel."

"That's why you are called Lily?"

"No, that would be another story."

"You don't want to destroy humanity?"

"No. I rather would like to create more Lilums." she said and looked warmly at him.

"Okay, now I understand who you are and where we are. But why do you want me here?"

"For answering further questions, you have to pay a price."

"A price?"

"You'll like it."

"What price?"

"For the first question, a kiss. Without fainting."

Shinji gulped. "Ok."

"Then ask."

"Why do you want me here?"

"When we synch, we are one mind and one body. I can see your memories, your wishes, your dreams.
I like what I see, so I fell for you. That's why I want to avoid your death."

"You fell for me?"

"First the payment, then the next question."

"Oh, o.....ok."

Shinji sat up, and leaned towards her. She closed in, and their lips met. Slowly they brushed against each other.
Then Lily's tongue entered the fray, in search for entrance of his mouth. Shinji opened his mouth, this time in
full anticipation what would happen.
She slid her tongue in his mouth, but just shortly, again and again, to tease him to do same.
After a long minute, he did it, and their tongues began to dance with each other, exploring their mouths in
a way that both couldn't imagine before.
Finally their lips parted with only a thin strand of saliva still binding them. As it vanished, the kiss was over.


"Better than Soryu?"

His look at her spoke volumes. "Definitely."

"I told you'll like to pay the price. For the second question, you'll have to touch my breasts."

"And what if I refuse a price?"

"As I already said, we have a lot of time. Curiosity will finally make you comply."

"So I have no chance?"



"Why, you like it, don't you?"

"Yes. So, what do you mean when you say that you fell for me?"

"That I love you."

Shinji is shocked. He never expected to hear such words, especially not from such a gorgeous girl, or rather,
young women.

"Time to pay."


Shinji lifted his right hand, until it was on the same height as her breasts, then pushed forward and made
contact with her left breast. It fit perfectly in his hand as he cupped it around the soft flesh. He then
began to make slow circling motions.

<Wow. That's even better than I imagined. And he's so gentle.>

"So soft. So warm."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes. Very much."

"You can use both hands, you know."

Soon Shinji's other hand was busy fondling her right breast. He clearly enjoyed this contact, as did she.
Not long, and he learned that her aureoles were the most sensitive area. And that they begged for his attention,
not only from his hands, but from his mouth too.
So he withdrew his left hand, and brought his face down to her chest, where he instantly begun to lick her pink

"That's good. Continue, please." she said between her fastened breaths.

Shinji enjoyed this form of contact so much that he was eager to comply. Switching from one side to the other,
he licked, kissed and nibbled on her as if there is nothing that would be more enjoyable.

"That's so gooooooooood!"

Her yell brought him back to his mind, and he slowly begun to cease the stimulation, guessing that a fast
withdraw wouldn't be too pleasant for her.

A few minutes later, she had caught her breath.

"That was great."

"I enjoyed it too."

"Magnificent. What gave you the idea to use your mouth?"

"I dunno. It was so.....inviting. Gomen."

She looked at him with a strange look. "What for?"

"For going too far." He looked down at the floor.

She cupped his face in her hands, and lifted it until he looked her directly in the face.
"Never, never ever apologize for bringing me pleasure. Never again."


"I'm not Asuka. I wanted you to touch me, and you did better than I could have imagined."

"Thank you."

"Only truth."

Shinji gave her a little smile.

<Maybe there is some foundation to build him up. Soryu wasn't able to destroy him completely. Good.>

"The next price is that you touch my sex."

Shinji paled slightly, but managed an "Ok.".

"And if you want to use your mouth, then do it at all costs, clear?"


"Hai, you understand, or Hai, you want do it?"

Shinji looked down at her sex and answered: "Both."

She gave him a great, satisfied smile. "Then ask your question, I don't wanna wait."

"Why do you love me?"

"Simply because I do. To be more precise, I love nearly everything of you. Your gentleness, your care for
others, your will to take responsibilities, your bravery in battle, the look in you eyes, and, as I found
out not so long ago, your stiff cock."

With the last 3 words, Shinji eyes grew wide and he blushed nearly into a new dimension.

"You just need more confidence. In yourself, in your abilities. You need to understand your own worth.
Then you will be a perfect prey for each lonely woman out there. And I will help you with that."

"Because you love me."

"Looks like you begin to understand. Enough talk. Let's begin."

With that she lay back and spread her legs to give him better access. Shinji laid down on his belly, with his
face in close vicinity to her sex. He looked intensely at it, as if to figure out what to do with it.
After he finished his 'inspection', he brought his lips in contact with her velvet folds. He brushed his lips
against her labia, and as he found this unsatisfying, he begun to use his tongue. After his first lick, that
went over her entire slit, he looked up on her face and said: "You taste good."

"Then continue."

He let his tongue wander from left to right, from top to the bottom and back. As her juices begun to flow out,
he lapped it up with genuine pleasure. Also he registered that he has the most effect on the top of her sex,
so he concentrated his efforts there. As he got more acquainted with her taste, her smell and her reaction to
his acts, he let his tongue part her lips and slid it as deep as possible in her awaiting tunnel.
As a result, she moaned, which surprised him, but after her previous actions, as he was occupied with her breasts,
he only stiffened for a second before he continued his work.

After a few minutes, he wasn't really satisfied with the access to her inner parts, so he used his right hand
to part her outer lips. This done he caught sight on a little knob on the top, and since this is where his
administration had the best effect, he decided to concentrate his efforts on it.
What he didn't expect was the fast response by her. After only a few licks, her body bowed convulsively,
and a gush of a warm liquid came out of her.

This surprised him, but her hands ensured very fast that he continued his task.
As he understood what has happened, he slowed his assaults on her clit down, until he was able to stop without
being forced back on his place.
A silence ensued, that lasted for over 10 minutes.
Then, as she had recovered from her first orgasm, she informed him:
"That was great."

"You surely enjoyed it."

"Yes, I did. And You?"

He smiled, his face still glistening: "Very much."

"You would like to repeat it?"

"Sure. I like your taste."


"Yes. And I like to bring you pleasure."

"Me, or generally a girl?"

"You. Only you."

"Only me. That was what I wanted to hear. Could you repeat it?"

He looked with a soft smile on her. "Only you. And nobody else."


He bowed down to her and kissed her. After the kiss, she giggled.


"You were right, I really taste good."

"Told you so."

"I hope you have another question?"

"Just one, although I think that I already know the answer."

"And the price will be that you let me touch you, kiss you, lick you wherever I want."

"Maybe I should think of a few additional questions?"

"Maybe you should."

"Why do you want me here?"

"I could say to have the person I love with me, but that would only be part of it. To protect you from harm
was another reason. To talk to you, another one. To see if you would like me. To see if you could see more
in me than just a machine for destruction."

"To see if I can cease your loneliness?"


"We are very much alike, aren't we?"

"Yes, we are. Satisfied with the answer?"


"Then lay back."

He complied eagerly with this request. She moved over him, until she laid completely on his body.
The she looked on his face and kissed him. Short, tender kisses. On his mouth, his cheeks, on the tip of
his nose. As she moved downwards, her lips found his chin, his neck, his breast. Where she decided to make
a little stop.

Doing the same as he did to her, she was happy that he could enjoy this as did she herself.
His reactions on her kisses, her nibbling on his aureoles were easy to recognize, especial since the tip
of his erection, which pressed against her belly was getting slippery.
That was when she decided to move downward again. Working down her way, she reached soon his little patch
of pubic hair.

"That tickles."

She took his cock in her hand and looked intensely at it. At the throbbing veins that run along the shaft,
the purple head that already glistened with pre-cum.
She lowered her head and kissed the tip, using a little lick to verify the taste.

<Not much taste so far. Why do girls complain about that? It's too mild to be disgusting.>

She licked from the tip down to the base, taking his testicles in her mouth. One after another, kissing, licking
and sucking on them. After this little excursion, she moved upwards and took the head of his erection entirely in
her mouth. He moaned as her tongue flicked with rapid motion over the purple cock-head.

Taking more and more of his meat in her mouth, she stopped as the tip begun to initiate a gag-reflex.
Then she drew back. His moan confirmed that this action was pleasurably for him, so she repeated it.
Up and down, up and down, again and again.
As her motions grew faster, and the grip of her lips stronger, the final result was already inevitable.
In a motion that buried his cock deep in her mouth, he released his semen in her mouth.

Her eyes grew wide.
<Now I know what they complain about. This taste isn't really what one would call acceptable. Salty, metallic.
Distasteful. But if I spit it out, he will be disappointed. Time to show an act of love.>

And with these thoughts, she swallowed his seed.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###########################
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

<That.......was.........great. The to me. Wow.>

"That was great, Lily-chan. Absolutely awesome."

"I liked it too. The taste is a little bit strange, but not unpleasant. I like to bring you joy, so if you
want, I'll do it again.

"I look forward to it."

"We should rest."

"Sounds good to me."

She crawled back onto him, where she soon fell asleep, as he did too.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Several hours later, Shinji was the first to awake. Due to the fact that she still laid on top of him,
he avoided making too much movement, and settled to look at her beautiful sleeping face.

<She is so beautiful. Like an Angel as we see them in the churches. Graceful, pure, a light that shines
brighter than anything else. I don't understand what she sees in me, but I'm grateful for her affection.
She's perfect. Not bossy and abusive like Asuka, nor half-dead like Rei. Instead she is gentle, understanding,
caring, playful,....everything a man can wish for.>

He begun to stroke her hair with slow, careful motions.

<And she fell in love with me. After what we did only a few hours ago, I cannot doubt it anymore.
I don't know what she really is. To think that she could really be Unit01 frightens me, but at the same time it
is comforting. She will protect me. From the Angels, from anything where she is able to.
But what can I give her? I know that I have no outstanding abilities. That I'm afraid of so much things.
That I wanted to run away from her. What can I do to let her know that I her too.
No. Not love. At least not yet, although it can easily become love.
I can vow to protect her, but that would be laughable. I have to find something. I won't lose her.>

She stirred, and opened her eyes. She stretched her arms, and looked in his eyes. Then she gave him a long,
gentle kiss.

"Good morning, Loverboy."

Shinji smiled to her. "Good morning, honey."


"After your taste."

She blushed. "Good for you that you like it. You will enjoy it very often."

"I won't complain."

She rolled down from him and sat up. He sat up too.

"And now?"

"Now I have to apologize."

"What for?" asked Shinji.

"Because I have my own question."

He looked at her, and saw her somewhat downcast expression. "Then ask."

"Before I ask, could you do me a favor?"


"Love me."

Shinji's eyes grew wide. "You mean..?"

"Yes. Make me yours. Please."


Lily changed into a kneeling position and kissed him. Passionately, their tongues danced for what seemed an
eternity. The she made her way downward, over his chin, his neck, his breast his belly, letting a wet trace
on his body.

"I want to try a better position."


She withdrew from his body to change her position for 180 degrees. Now she could please him, and he was able
to do the same. Again, the first contacts were kisses, but soon, they were occupied by each others breasts.
Shinjis slow nibbling on her erected nipples brought her so much joy, that she stopped her way downwards to
enjoy this sensation longer. Her soft moans gave him the confirmation he needed to continue.

<She really likes this. As do I.>

After a few minutes, she continued her trail until she finally reached his already erect member.
Without hesitation, she took him in her mouth.

On the other side, Shinji didn't wait to use his mouth on her moist sex. Using his fingers to part her
vaginal lips, he drove his tongue in and out of her.

This went on until both were near orgasm. Shinji wasn't able to think or to act as he should, but Lily had
better control of herself. She rolled down from him and said: "Time for becoming one."
Shinji understood, barely, and changed his position to be on top of her.
They faced each other, and his erection throbbed against her wet entrance.

"Ready?" asked Shinji, and her nod gave him confirmation to proceed.
Slowly he entered her, feeling how his cock head parted her, feeling the wet tightness of her vagina.

"This is great."

She shifted a little bit under him, to give him a better angle for penetration, as he continued his way inside
her. As he was all the way inside of her, he drove back to be able to thrust again inside her.
With a careful, slowly pace, he made love to her.

<This is so great. ........ Too great.>

"I'm cummmmmmming!"

With this, he released himself in her womb, flooding her with his essence of life.

After a minute, he drew his shrunk penis out of her. Looking at her aroused state, he understood that his
celebration of love wasn't as satisfying for her as it was for him. Realizing this he apologized. "Gomen."

"Don't apologies, finish me off!" she yelled at him.

This brought Shinji out of his "I'm such an unworthy looser" mode, and he started immediately to do what
he likes best, after intercourse, of course.
He dived down to her sex, sealed it with his lips and let his tongue dance all over the place.

<What's that for a strange taste? It wasn't here before?>

He blushed as he realized that this was the taste of himself, of his own seed.

<Maybe Asuka is right. I really am a hentai. Otherwise I wouldn't enjoy this so much. Our tastes mixed together.
I mean, I lap my own cum out of her and I enjoy it. Because I know that she enjoys that? Because I know
how wonderful it was to shoot it inside of her? Because this is the ultimate sign that she is mine?
Irrelevant. I like it. I can think about this later. Now I have something better to do.>

For the final, he concentrated his efforts on her clit, bringing her quickly to an earth-shattering orgasm.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

After they recovered, he asked: "Did you like it?"

"Yes. The beginning was strange, the feeling of something shoved in me. The stretching of me. I'm just glad
that I don't have a hymen as normal girls. I'm sure it would have hurt as hell."

"I'll never hurt you. Never."

"I know. After that, it got better with each thrust."

She smiled on him, to minimize the effect of her next statement. "Now you just need to get the stamina to
finish it properly, and it will be pure joy."

Shinji blushed at this statement and stuttered: "G.g.g.gomen."

"Hey, nobody starts as a master. You just need some training."

"And you will train me?"

"Of course, or do you think that I let another girl near you?"

"So you are the jealous type?" he asked playful.


A silence ensued that was broke by Shinji. "What do you want me to ask?"

She sat up and looked down at him.

"I'm lonely. As I synched with you, I found someone who could love me, who could be mine. I don't want to
be lonely anymore. I want that you stay with me."

"I understand. I won't leave you. I mean, I have to go back in my reality, but I will not abandon you."

Tears streaked her face as she heard this confession of his feelings for her.

"Shinji, do you want to marry me?"

To say that Shinji was surprised would be an understatement.

<She wants to marry me? Is that even possible? How?.................................................
She is lonely. I'm the only one she has. She don't want to be alone. She's the same as myself.
She gave herself to me, to show what I can gain. I understand that.
And if this is the way I can repay her for her love, I'll do it with glee.>

He sat up, took her face in his hands and looked her long in the eyes.

"Yes. I will marry you. I will make you my wife. I want to live with you. Not only today, but for the rest
of my live." Then he kissed her, long and passionately.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
######################################################################## ###########################
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

<Yes! He said: Yes! I'll have a fiancee. Someone who loves me. Who loves me for the way I am.
I know that I have him tricked into this, but I also know that he won't take back his promise.
And I will do everything so that he doesn't have to regret his decision.>

She hugged him closely to herself, letting her tears of joy fall, not caring if he understood that
those were tears of joy.

<I will have to make a sign that he belongs to me. An engagament ring, yes, that should do.>



"I want to give you an engagement ring."

"Is this possible? I mean here."

"Yes. But it will hurt a little."

Shinji gulped. "As long as I survive."

"Don't worry. I will never do something that endangers you."

"I know."

The he felt a burning sensation that circled his ring-finger of the left hand. He lifted this hand in front
of his face, and saw his engagement ring. A ring of purple metal, 5mm thick, was now embedded around his finger.
As he looked closer, he saw that this ring couldn't be taken off. It was directly melted in his flesh, a sign
of a bond that would last forever.

She took his hand and kissed the ring.
"Now we are engaged. And sometime, we will be husband and wife, as it should be. I love you."

With this she showed her own left hand to him, which was now decorated with a similar ring.

"And I love you."

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Preread by Ezstarius.
Domo Arigato.