Rated NC-17. Explicit.
By: Larnir W. Haigh

Here comes the promised part 2.5. of NGE Unforgiven - or what the moonlit night had in store for Shinji and Asuka. Proceed at you own discretion.

-Shinji, - whispered Asuka, - shall we go?
-Is Misato out?
-Well, out. Out drunk till noon. Shinji...can you... please... take me to your room?
-As you wish, - replied the boy, trying to cover his tension with mocking courtesy.

Yes, this had to be more than just whispers under the moon. When a dream comes true, why do hands
have to shake?

Shinji offered his hand to Asuka and felt her fingers trembling as well. Drawing the girl closer, he took a deep breath and suddenly swept her up in his arms and carried - without effort. Asuka was amazed - she always thought of him as a frail boy, but the few steps to the door she felt like being carried by Unit 01, not her pilot.

-Shinji, I'm so... nervous, - whispered Asuka as he slid the door closed behind them. She stood in the middle of his dimly lit room, tense and apprehensive without the magic of moonlight to help her speak. She wanted, she needed to speak - to save Shinji embarassement.
-Me too, - answered Shinji, taking a seat on the floor and gently pulling her onto his lap.
-Shinji, I must tell you... you don't have to worry... you know... a pilot may not get pregnant... even at fourteen, they gave me an implant back in Germany, - she touched some spot on her arm, - so please... don't hold back. I'm all yours.
Instead of an answer she got a kiss, a very affirmative kiss - so deep and long she had to force herself out of it before she forgot to tell more.
-S-shinji... and I must tell, you're my first and only... don't be afraid to hurt me...
Not knowing what to answer, the boy looked straight in the girl's eyes and whispered the simple truth they shared.
-I love you, Asuka.
-Shinji, I love you, - whispered she, putting his name before her own.

Another kiss sent her head spinning, Asuka closed her eyes and finally let herself get lost in the sensations. There was a lot of sensations - the sweet duel of tongues and lips, the hands now roaming her back - and the evening dress offered ample roaming space, the feel of Shinji's chest against hers, the smoothness of his cheek under her touch (must have shaved today the
first time... sooo nice, - thought Asuka).

Shinji gingerly caressed her back and shoulders, running his trembling fingers over the supple neck, the thin collarbones, wondering how frail and defenseless could the Red Demon be - and how gentle and considerate, too. To him. For him. Only for him, - thumped the hasty pulse in his temples, feeding the fire of passion with pride - so precious a feeling for Shinji.
The hands slid over cool smooth silk of the dress, over warm skin, over strands of Asuka's hair. Shinji was lost in the joy of moment, just savoring the almost-innocent touch until Asuka breathed out:
-Shinji... don't be shy, let us go on.
-On? - answered he huskily, sliding her dress off one shoulder. Nothing could be possibly worn under an evening dress with such a cut - so nothing kept him from moving his caresses lower, cupping a hand over a breast and moving it around a bit. A hardening nipple poked into his palm and Asuka purred in Sinji's ear. After caressing the whole breast a little more he focused attention on the pebble-firm berry, rolling and pinching it lightly.

Asuka tried to bring her face closer to his for another bout of kissing, but Shinji had different plans for the moment. Drawing a bit farther from her, Shinji pushed the dress off the other shoulder and feasted his eyes on Asuka as he pulled the pearly-gray silk down inch after inch.
The dress around her waist, Asuka laid her hands on his shoulders and whispered coyly:
-Like what you see?
For all his limited experience Shinji decided he did. Asuka's breasts were such a lovable shape, a perfect blend of round and pointy, tipped with rosy-pink buds... he was at a loss for words.
A deep crimson blush crept over his face, a blush Asuka saw even in the dim light - the boy's mind could not help trying to compare this beauty with the ample and lush forms of Misato. After all, he'd stolen enough glances at and bumped in Misato often enough over the months. No, Asuka WAS better.

-Shinji, don't get a nosebleed please, - said Asuka with geniune concern.
-Noo... you're just so beautiful, Asuka.
-Shinji, you're so...
The bout of kisses she wanted a while ago cut the phrase off. Shinji pulled back after the kiss and just as Asuka started to worry she did something wrong, he whispered:
-Want to hug you...
-Haven't you?
-Skin to skin, Asuka, - finished Shinji, tearing at his shirt buttons. Asuka's hands joined in and in a few seconds the blue tee joined the uniform shirt on the floor. They embraced again and the girl laid her head on the boy's shoulder, savoring the feel of his tight body, his smooth chest (not a hair! She'd hate to cuddle with a hairy guy - but Shinji, her Shinji was the best).
Asuka squirmed a little to rub her hard nipples over him, sending pleasant discharges to travel the length of her body.

Then, his hands gently guided her to turn around and sit in his lap with her back to him. Soon, the couple found out kissing in this way was also possible with a little neck stretching... and breast fondling most pleasant... and Asuka's butt was pressed into something majestically hard.
She was getting eager to find out - eager and nervous at the same time. She took a deep breath and whispered:
-Shinji, want to see all of me?
He nodded eagerly. Asuka rose, unclasped her belt and let the gray silk silde off, pooling on the floor around her feet. Shinji's hands caught hold of the waistband of her white satin panties and after a reassuring touch from Asuka he pulled them down. She turned around and stretched on his bed, smiling at Shinji.

Kneeling by the bedside, Shinji devoured her with his eyes, eager to see, to touch, to feel... Asuka's fiery hair spread over her chest, both pink exited nipples showing between strands - too cute to resist. Bending over the girl, he reached for one nipple with his warm breath, then with his tongue, then with his lips, sucking it in. Asuka gasped and ran her fingernails over his back - Shinji gasped the best he could through a mouthful of her. As his sucking went on and the nipple's twin got its share, Shinji let his right hand creep over the covers, onto Asuka's firm tummy and down, down, down. When fingers his finally reached the destination and
lovingly ruffed the soft curls, Asuka spread her legs wider to welcome Shinji's touch.
-Yes, come on sweet. Touch me there, I'm so...
Next instant Asuka lost her breath as the clue was followed.

Shinji was lost to the world, showering Asuka's throat and breasts with kisses as his fingers played down below with the hot and moist petals, lingering where she pleaded him to, stroking, rubbing, pressing, spreading, diving... Caressing Asuka's love nest he sought the way inside, gently sinking a finger into the hot and yeilding flesh.
-D-do it again, Shinji... More, oh more, please don't stop, - begged Asuka, her hot breath scorching Shinji's ear. The boy dipped in his middle finger instead of the index, and when both digits were wet with Asuka's love juice, both went up her.
Asuka's last sensation was of two fingers moving inside her, pressing against her pubic bone. Then, for a long moment, the world ended for Asuka Sohryu Langley.

Asuka drifted through golden mists of her afterglow, staring at the ceiling vacantly and just enjoying being alive, the sensations of her body returning one after another - the soft bed...the dim light... the hot and musky smell of her excitement... the ragged breath of Shinji... Shinji!

She turned her head and saw him, still kneeling by the bedside, clutching the covers with trembling hands. Now he was naked, too, and when Asuka's eyes finally focused, she saw what made her lover so tense. Asuka let out a small gasp as she gingerly touched his manhood - hard, hot and pulsing with every beat of Shinji's passion-driven heart, blue veins bulging through delicate skin. To think she could take it all inside her body... where would it reach inside her? Looking at her lover's face she felt how excited was Shinji, felt he was almost in pain and needed release. -Poor boy, - whispered Asuka, - Shinji, always forgetting about yourself. Come to me, I'll make you feel better.
He opened his eyes and moaned.
-Come to me love.
-A-asuka... what are you doing to me... I've never...
Shinji gritted his teeth and swallowed hard. Asuka released the throbbing shaft from her hand, scooted aside to make room for him on the bed and guided Shinji to lie on his back.
-Asuka, I c-cannot hold...
-You needn't. I love you, Shinij - payback time!

She grasped him with both hands and stroked swiftly, pumping her fist around the base, rubbing her other palm on the slick head. Asuka had no feedback from the boy and so her caress was merciless. A dozen strokes and Shinji's legs trembled, his back started to arch. Asuka dove for her goal, guiding Shinji's manhood to her lips. A long, wet, open-mouthed kiss and Shinji came.

He felt as if every bone was taken away from his body, lying limp and blissful, watching Asuka make a little show of swallowing his life essence, licking her lips clean for him to see. She smiled and then nested close to his side.
-Feel good?
-Never felt better in my life. Felt I... couldn't take any more... You really saved me, Asuka.
-I took it all, my love. You know, you're tasty, - replied she, lying down by his side.
Shinji turned his head weakly and kissed Asuka - not on the cheek she tried to offer him, but full on the mouth. Hesitation away, Asuka kissed him back, making sure he gets a fair taste of himself.
-Wow. Ever told you my Shinji can get wicked?
-If we enjoy it together, what's wrong?
-Shinji...-she gave him a wicked smile of her own, - you're great.
Asuka took his right hand and slowly, deliberately licked the fingers that brought her off.
-Depends on whom you know.
-I love my confident Shinji.
-And I love my gentle Asuka. And I'll give her all she wants.
-I want you, Shinji. The real way. Just feel all tired...
-Me too... get under the covers, let's get a bit of rest.

-Shinji... can I ask you something?
-Yes, my love.
-You were so good... you knew how to touch me... you held out so long... Shinji, am I you first?
-Yes, Asuka, - he stroked her cheek lightly, - you are. I've been thinking of you so often...
-How often is often?
-Every day since we met. Since I saw you on the deck of "Over the Rainbow" wearing that yellow...
Asuka kissed him heartily and Shinji suddenly felt something wet creeping down his shoulder.
-Are you crying?
-Yes my sweet baka. I was so worried. Jealous of every girl around you. Rei-chan - oh well. Had a reason. Sorry, Shinji, sorry. Misato-san. She flaunted herself around you on every ocassion. That Mana girl at school. She was practically crazy for you - didn't know that?
Another kiss served as a pause.
-And Ritsuko. The way she looked at you during tests... such hungry eyes. I'm sure she'd die to be in my place. Or kill. You're so...
-What am I?
-You're a hero. A saviour. A virgin knight...
-Not any longer...
-Never mind. Shinji, my love, will you stay with me? Please don't leave me. When it's all over... you'll be the big idol. All the beautiful and rich girls will...
-Will go to hell. And we'll run away together. Don't cry, Asuka. You're a hero and a saviour too. And a virgin knight, - Shinji smiled.
-For how long?
-Not long, Asuka.

They lay for a while in a tight hug, basking in the warmth of each other's bodies, in a closeness that took them such a long and hard road to reach. Speaking of long and hard - it wasn't long till Asuka felt a stirring between them as Shinji's body decided he had enough rest.

She sat up by Shinji's side, weaving a web of touches and kisses over the boy, rubbing aginst him with her breasts, sweeping over him the silky curtain of her hair, bending down to plant a kiss here and there - his lips... his ear... his nipple...
-Asuka, you're so...
-I've got myself some book education. How to be good with a man, - the Red Demon blushed.
-Thanks for the effort, - they both chuckled.
-Nice doing it for you. And that book got me so hot...
-Are you... hot now?
-Mrrr, not yet. Lie back, you... my tasty boy.
Shinji gasped as Asuka laid beside him and kissed his growing manhood again. She brushed her hair out of the way to let him watch and the sight of Asuka's lips closing around his shaft was magnetic... and then she offered him another magnetic view, opening up her legs.
-Shinji... - whispered Asuka, freeing her mouth for an instant, - like what you see?
-Give me a closer look, - whispered the boy in a voice she could not resist. She moved over Shinji, giving him a look to remember - an eyeful of perfectly rounded buttocks, light fiery curls and glistening pink tenderness... Asuka missed a breath as Shinji raised his head and attacked her with his lips and tongue - in an instant she had a mini-orgasm and a major one well on the way.
-Shinji... this can... aah... waaaiiit... please, the real way.
-Let's do it. Now.

Later, Asuka would fondly recall the way his voice sounded - finally a "Now", finally without a hint of Sinji's old trademark hesitation. But then, all she could was to moan out "Yes".

They reversed position in a flash, Asuka spreading under Shinji. A bit of squirming around to find the way and they were becoming one, body and soul, kissing gently as the way was found.
-Asuka, I love you so.
-I love you, Shinji.
She pushed against him, urging to go all the way, and Shinji pushed back. She shrieked briefly as a small pang of pain marked her becoming a woman, and kissed the frozen boy - no, man.
-It's okay, love. It's all okay, - whispered she, welcoming him deeper and deeper, feeling all stretched and filled, merging together with him. Only the parts of her body that touched him, that were touched by Shinji seemed to exist as they made love in an endless rhythm, all lost to the world until Asuka felt a warm explosion building within her and with a final moan let the blast carry her to heaven.

Opening her eyes, she saw Shinji's face - smiling as he continued to stroke in and out of her, working closer and closer to his own release. It felt heavenly in its own way - lying there so peaceful, sated and content as Shinji had yet to vent his passion, watching him, touching him, talking to him.
-Y-your eyes, Asuka... so beautiful..., - panted the boy.
-You're welcome, - replied she, shifting a bit under him, straining her muscles to put some tension in the relaxed love nest around Shinji's hardness. The book lesson worked - Shinji gasped as he felt Asuka grip him without the use of hands and went into a frantic pace of thrusting.
-Come on, love, your flight to the moon, - whispered Asuka and smiled back at Shinji as he let out a high-pitched cry of triumph and separated from her with a final sign.
-You got me so full, - whispered Asuka, giving a happy Shinji a soft kiss, - I'll be back in a sec.

After a rapid and stealthy trip to the bathroom and back she slid under the covers, locking her arms around Shinji and accepting his embrace. In a happy tangle of limbs the Children rolled to lie side by side and kissed each other the last time before falling fast asleep.

Misato woke up as ugly bright sunbeams struck her eyes directly. A beer hangover is really something, if you can beer yourself to one - and even experience levels like Misato's hardly help.
Like a ghost she crawled around the hall, shaking every can in hopes of finding any remains - but fate was cruel. She had to go all the way to the kitchen, all through the corridor.
The door to Asuka's room was open a crack, Misato automatically looked inside and took another step. Her foot was in midair as Misato realized Asuka wasn't there.
If not there, then...
Shinji's door didn't yeild to her touch.

Fighting down sudden nausea, Misato hastily made her way to the kitchen, opened and swallowed the emergency reserve can as quietly as she could (without a whoop) and then stalked to her own room to retrieve the master key from under a pile of underwear and Renault Alpine spare parts.

Stealthily sliding the door a hair's breath open, Misato almost stuck her foot in her mouth to silence herself. Yes, the Children lay in each other's arms peacefully asleep, their clothes strewn all over the floor.
Misato clutched her thumping head and padded back to her room. She reached for the diary and scrawled: "The relationship of pilots Ikari and Sohruy Langley has probably led to them having sexual intercourse. Definite confirmation pending".

Then she tore out the page, carried it to the bathroom and flushed down. Shuffling back to her room, she wrapped a blanket around herself and let out a sign, a small smile playing on her lips as she considered serving the Children a breakfast in bed... her breakfast would be cruel enough.
Anyway, she'd have to talk to Asuka sometime... she did have that urge to know... about...Shinji... sleep..