Disclaimer: Evangelion is owned by Gainax, I’m not making any money off this, and I’ll erase it if they want me to.  Also, this story has sex in it and is rated NC-17, so don’t read it if you’re too young in whatever state/country you live in.  Sanks.


By Rx7


            Asuka Langley Souryu blinked as her heretofore unobstructed view of the kitchen wall was suddenly blocked by a tall, slightly damp-looking glass full of some dark, thick liquid.  Following the slightly sloping sides of the glass to its top, she found it held by a small, almost effeminate hand.  Following the hand up to the arm, then to the shoulder, and finally the face, she found Shinji Ikari, her roommate and fellow pilot, looking down at her with a neutral, but marginally friendly expression.

“Thanks, Shinji,” she said quietly, lowering her head back down to the crook of her arm, where it had been resting before he set the glass in front of her.


“Mm hmm,” Shinji replied, pulling one of the other kitchen chairs out and settling into it, placing a glass identical to the one he had given her in front of him.


They sat together for several minutes in near-perfect silence, the only sound being the faint ‘tink tink tink’ of metal on glass as Shinji slowly stirred his drink with a long spoon.  Considering recent events, silence was an unusual state for the small apartment – a fact both Children seemed to acknowledge and respect, holding to it as long as possible before letting it go.


It was Asuka, of course, that broke it first.  Silence was not a friend of hers.  “You sure make a lot of noise.”


Shinji glanced over at the blender, which had been whirring for several minutes until very recently.  “I didn’t think it would take so long,” he replied softly, “sorry.”


“What is it, anyway?” Asuka inquired, watching a bead of condensation rolling slowly down the side of her glass.  “Looks like a chocolate shake.”


“It is,” Shinji confirmed, shrugging uncomfortably, “I thought it sounded good, so I made some.”


“And you ended up with too much because you didn’t measure first?” Asuka lifted her head and stretched, leaning back in her chair and lacing her hands behind her neck.


“No,” Shinji shook his head, concentrating his attention on his glass, “I just thought you might like some too.”




Asuka’s cheeks pinkened slightly.  Well, it’s not like he spends all day pampering me, she thought defensively, I don’t look for charity from him or anyone else – so I think I… her thought trailed off, falling victim to its own directionless-ness.


Finding that the silence had returned, she cleared her throat.  “Still going to the movies later?”


Shinji scooped a spoonful of the shake out of the glass.  “Huh uh,” he replied, bringing the bite to his mouth.  “Kensuke had to stay home, so we decided to do it some other time.”


Asuka nodded.  “I see.”


She let the silence go unchecked this time.  I know how that feels, she thought sorrowfully, Hikari was supposed to go with me to the mall.  She looked up at Shinji through her eyelashes, Kinda sucks to be brushed off, huh?


Shinji had returned to stirring his drink, though he seemed to be taking more care not to touch the sides.


So strange to have it this quiet, Asuka thought suddenly, there’s ALWAYS something going on.  Dinner cooking, or homework, or procedure follow-ups, or Misato having a drink, or… or angels.  Always something – like a storm, all around us…


She bit her bottom lip, trying to redirect her mind from its current course.  A storm, she decided, was an appropriate way of describing her life since moving into the apartment with Shinji and his guardian, Misato Katsuragi.  There was always some crisis or another sweeping them all up in its clutches and scattering the pieces of their lives in every direction.  When whatever disaster it was had passed, they would slowly put everything back together – sometimes even managing to regain a semblance of normalcy before the next big thing knocked it all down again.


It was… tiring.


“It’s so quiet.”


Asuka frowned slightly at Shinji’s small whisper.  “Yeah,” she agreed, unconsciously keeping her voice to a low hush, “it is.  Kinda weird, huh?”


Her frown deepened, and she bit her lip a bit harder as Shinji nodded.  Weird like this conversation, she thought pensively, must be the quiet – because he’s not apologizing or muttering about his homework and going to his room.  He’s actually TALKING to me – like a normal person.


As if to confirm that her theory was correct, Shinji abruptly stood, stepping past her without a word.


Now things are normally, she thought with a faint trace of disappointment, off to your room now, young Ikari, because you-




Asuka looked up, blinking as she found Shinji offering her a paper towel.  “What’s that for?” she asked, confused.


Shinji looked away from her.  “Your lip is bleeding.”


Asuka’s eyes widened, and she slowly reached up and touched her lip, finding it decidedly wet.  Slowly, she reached out and took the paper towel, dabbing her lip carefully and staring down at the table.  “Thanks.”  She bowed her head, refusing to look at him until he mumbled something about having homework and excused himself.


Now who’s running? She thought disgustedly.


Wincing slightly at the squeak, she pushed her chair back from the table and made her way towards Shinji’s room, a vague notion of apologizing flitting through her mind.  She stood in front of his door, one hand raised to knock, for over two minutes, unconsciously biting her lip and drawing more blood.


“What am I even doing here?” she whispered, lowering her hand and turning from the door.


“Fuck it.”


She raised her hand, fully intent on knocking on his door (just because it’s better than sitting around here alone, she told herself) but before she could, the doorbell rang.


Blinking, she turned away, hurrying into the other room five seconds before the boy’s door slid open.  “Coming,” he called, “just a sec.”


Trying to act nonchalant, Asuka came out of the living room.  “Oh,” she said lightly, “you’re gonna get it?”


Shinji blinked, veering away from the front and walking straight up to the redhead.  “God, Asuka,” he whispered, “are you ok?”


Asuka frowned.  “Of course I am,” she muttered, “why wouldn’t-”


She cut herself off as Shinji reached out and ran his forefinger lightly under her chin, making her shiver.  Don’t touch me like that, she thought immediately, it’s… it’s too personal!


In spite of these words, she made no move to stop him, and she could not keep her eyes from widening in surprise as he pulled his finger away and showed it to her, revealing it to be covered in blood.


“I… I…”


The doorbell sounded again, making her jump.


“You should get that.”


Shinji looked pained, glancing from his fingertip to her chin, then to the front door.  “They can wait a minute,” he said finally, hurrying into the bathroom and emerging a moment later with a handful of toilet paper.  “Here.”


Oddly touched, Asuka took the toilet paper and pressed it to her chin.  “Th-thanks.”


For the first time in several days, Shinji smiled at her.


Before she could consider why this pleased her, the young man was heading for the front door.  I wonder who it is, she thought, trying to keep her mind on light topics, Misato has keys, and no one I know lives close enough to just drop by.


Quietly, she slipped into the hallway, trying to stay silent – more out of curiosity and a vague sense of shame at her bleeding lip than any real desire to go entirely undetected.  She rolled her eyes as she heard Shinji’s voice.


“Ayanami!  Hi.”


Her expression darkened further as she peered around the corner, spotting the First Child, Rei Ayanami, standing at the front door.  The girl was wearing her usual school uniform, and (as expected) she was avoiding Shinji’s eyes.


Asuka’s eyes widened, however, as Rei whispered, “Are you alone, Ikari?”


“Am I… what?”


The red-eyed girl glanced around surreptitiously, raising Asuka’s suspicions even further.  “I would like to speak with you on a personal matter,” she said quietly, “m-may I come in?”


Wondergirl… stuttering?? Asuka thought incredulously.  What the hell?


Shinji, apparently, was taken off-guard as well.  “Can you… umm, sure!  Yeah! Come in.”


Asuka looked around, slipping into the linen closet as Rei entered the apartment.  She held her breath as the two Children came down the hall, and she thought Shinji might have caught her eye for a moment as he looked around for her, but thankfully, he said nothing.


He knew how she felt about the First.


“May I see your room?”


Asuka’s jaw fell open.


“My… my room?” Shinji repeated uncertainly.  “Well, I guess.  It’s not that great, but if you want to.”


“I would feel more comfortable talking to you there,” Rei said quietly.


“Umm, ok.”


Asuka sighed with relief as the two went into Shinji’s room… but something about the way Rei glanced around the hall before sliding the door slowly closed bothered her.  “Forget them,” she muttered, stepping out of the closet and rolling her shoulders, “I’ll just go for a walk or something… who wants to be around those losers anyway?”


She hesitated though, finding that her feet were carrying her towards Shinji’s door rather than away from it.  Just, you know, to see…she told herself.


Frowning, Asuka pressed her ear to the door.  Her heart skipped a beat as she heard Rei saying, “…t is why I wish to use my mouth.”


Her mouth? Asuka thought, closing her eyes and trying to breath slower, She can’t be talking about… about THAT!


Shinji’s thoughts, it seemed, were running along the same lines.  “You, but… Rei!  We… we hardly know each other!”


Asuka’s mind was in an uproar, barely able to cope with what she was hearing.  “I wish to know you better now,” Rei said flatly, “I want to be your one.”


“My one?” Shinji echoed, confusion evident in his tone.


“The one you seek when you are happy,” Rei replied immediately, “the one you come to when you are sad.  The one you hold when you weep.  The one you confess to when you have sinned.  I wish to be all of those things, Shinji.  I have spent the last five days deciding why I cannot stop thinking about you, and I have realized that I want to be that one.  Will you let me?”


“I… I…”


What is she rambling about!? Asuka’s mind demanded, What the hell is going ON?


“Please,” Rei continued, “let me show you my worth.”


Asuka listened hard, waiting for the refusal she knew must be coming.  Come on, she thought after a moment of quiet, what are you waiting for, idiot?


When Shinji was still silent a full minute later, Asuka’s curiosity got the better of her.  Biting her lip (and not noticing the fresh trickle of blood on her chin) she moved to the edge of the door and silently slid it an inch open, peering in with one eye.


What she saw nearly made her cry out with shock.


Rei was kneeling in front of Shinji, holding his right hand against her cheek as her head bobbed slowly up and down.  At the angle she was looking from, Asuka could not see what was happening… but the soft, wet sounds the blue-haired girl was making, coupled with the gasps and groans coming from Shinji, made it pretty clear.


I can’t believe I’m seeing this!! Asuka thought incredulously.  How could he LET her!?


She felt a touch too hot as Rei pulled back, turning her head to the side and allowing her an unobstructed view of what was happening.  Shinji’s penis was glistening with the First Child’s saliva, its head engorged and pulsing in time with the young man’s heartbeat.  Rei, Asuka noticed… was smiling very softly, her eyes lidded and drowsy as she glanced up at Shinji with unhidden adoration, running her tongue along the underside of his shaft with great care.


“Is this acceptable, Shinji?” she whispered tenderly, “please let me be yours… please make love to me tonight.”


Asuka could not contain her gasp as Shinji groaned, his back arching as he suddenly climaxed, sending a stream of thick, white fluid pattering onto the blue-haired girl’s cheek and shirt.


“S-sorry!” Shinji gasped, swaying a bit on his feet.


“Do not apologize,” Rei said gently, putting her hands on his chest and gently guiding him to sit on the bed, “I will clean myself… and allow you time to think.”  She got to her feet, averting her eyes as she added, “I… apologize for my enthusiasm.”


Shinji, seemingly having no proper response, lay back on the bed and looked up at his ceiling, lost in deep thought.


Asuka blinked as she realized that the First was coming her way, but for some reason, she could not make her feet move.  She cast around frantically for some reason – any reason – for her to be standing there, but she came up with nothing.


Then it was too late.  Shinji’s door slid all the way open, and Rei was in front of her, her crimson eyes widening minutely in surprise as recognition dawned.




Caught off guard, and still in a state of shock, Asuka said the first thing that came to her mind.


“Y-you whore!”


Rei averted her eyes.  “Please do not call me that.”


“What else would you call it?” Asuka demanded, taking a step back as Rei closed Shinji’s door.  “You… you just… I can’t believe you just did that!!!”


“You were watching?” Rei murmured, keeping her eyes on the floor.


“Well, I ummm,” Asuka fumbled for words, suddenly at a loss.  “I didn’t mean to!”


“It was not for you to see,” Rei said quietly, raising her eyes and looking at Asuka’s face, “it was between Ikari and me.”


“Hey!” Asuka snapped, “I just told you, I didn’t mean to see it!  I just came to see if Shinji wanted to get some takeout!  I didn’t expect to find you on your knees!”


“Then why did you not look away?”


Asuka’s mouth worked, but no sound came out.


“Excuse me.”


Rei stepped past her, heading into the bathroom and taking one of the hand-towels off the rack.  Asuka trailed along behind her, still trying to come to grips with what she was feeling.  She just… blew him! She thought wonderingly, Wondergirl just sucked that idiot’s cock!


She realized that she was shivering and made a conscious effort to stop thinking about it.


Of course, this was easier said than done.  She looked so… so happy! She thought, standing outside the bathroom and twisting the bottom of her skirt between her hands.  She had him in her mouth – she was sucking his dick!!  And she liked it!  She’s… she’s a whore!


“Why are you looking at me like that?” Rei whispered, carefully wiping her face with the towel.


Asuka flinched, unused to being so off-guard.  “I’m looking at a whore,” she muttered, wishing she felt angrier than she did.  It would be a welcome replacement for her confusion.


“I asked that you not call me that,” Rei said softly, stepping out of the bathroom.  “A… person of that type will have sexual relations with anyone she can in order to gratify herself.  I am only interested in Shinji.”  She walked past Asuka, heading straight for Shinji’s room.




Rei kept her head down, pausing with her hand on Shinji’s door.  “What?” she asked softly.


Asuka scrubbed a hand through her hair, trying to find words to articulate what she was thinking.  The only thing she could manage to say, however, was: “What does it taste like?”


Slowly, the First Child turned to face her, an odd mix of apprehension and longing on her usually expressionless face.  “You honestly wish to know…?” she whispered uncertainly.


Asuka blushed.  Do I?




Rei took a deep breath, her eyes growing cloudy as she said, “I do not think I can describe it properly – it is very unique – but… do you know the way the ground smells after a rainfall?”  She waited for Asuka to nod.  “It is like that.  Damp… and rich… and… and pure…”  She colored slightly.  “That is the only way I can describe it.”


She turned away, stepping into Shinji’s room, but Asuka reached out and grabbed her arm.


“Please release me,” Rei said softly, unable to look at the other girl.  “It is not wrong to want physical closeness – I have spent all week trying to convince myself that desiring intercourse with Ikari is wrong… but I cannot.  No matter how I approach the idea, it feels right to me.”


“Do you love him…?”


Rei considered the redhead’s face, trying to read the blank expression on it.




“So what you’re saying,” Asuka whispered, her voice hitching slightly as she tried to sort her scattered, confused emotions, “is that… if you know you love someone, you should have sex with them as soon as possible?”


Rei nodded.  “Yes.”


“Do you know how stupid that sounds?” Asuka asked desperately, trying to sound angry.  “I mean… I mean – what if I love him too?  Should I go in there and fuck him?  What… I mean… damn it!  You’ve got it all messed up!”


Rei tilted her head to the side.  “Do you love him?” she asked softly.


An hour ago, Asuka would have known the answer.


“I… I think that… I mean…”


Rei pulled away as the redhead trailed off.  “I would like to pose a question.”


Asuka shook her head, trying to come to grips with what was happening – knowing she would be losing some half-seen chance for happiness if she lost her temper with the girl.  “What?”


Rei met her eyes straight on as she asked, “Do you believe that we are destined to only love one person?”


Asuka blinked.  “I, umm… I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it.”


She felt a little faint as Rei leaned closer to her and whispered, “I do not believe that the human heart is so limited that it is confined to loving only one.”


“Why are you telling me this?” Asuka murmured.


Rei pulled back, turning to Shinji’s door once again.  “I am saying that I believe in something that is not commonplace,” she said slowly, “I am saying… that I would not be opposed to you joining us, if you truly love Shinji, as I do.”


Before Asuka could reply, the blue-haired girl slipped the door open and stepped inside.


Now what, genius? Her mind berated her, What a damn freak!  ‘You can join us if you want’ God what a whore!


“So, if I love Shinji,” she muttered to herself, rubbing her forehead in a pained manner, “then I can share him with you?  Well, I don’t believe in that! I want him all for myself!”


Her eyes widened as she realized what she was saying.


Balling her hands into fists, she slid Shinji’s door open, unsure of what she would say or do, but knowing she did not want to just stand around looking stupid.  Her hands relaxed as she found Shinji with his back to her, standing in the middle of the room and giving Rei a soft, deep, passionate kiss.


Her heart broke.


But if I say I want to be the only one, she thought with sudden clarity, what if HE says no?  I mean… maybe he thinks like her, so maybe he’d be happy having ONLY her if I won’t share – then what?  I’ll be alone.  All… alone…


She averted her eyes as Rei broke the kiss, glancing in her direction and offering her a tentative, hesitant smile.


And if I’m alone, she thought, feeling her world crumbling around her, I’ll die.  I hate it! I hate being alone so much!!


The force of her thought rocked her, leaving her breathless and shaking as the truth of it hit home.  She was tired of struggling – tired of fighting all of her battles alone.  Shinji… Shinji would stand beside her.  How did she know this?  Call it intuition, if you will, but she was confident, on a gut level, in the fact that Shinji would stand with her if she would let him.


She had just been too stubborn to admit to herself that she wanted him to stand with her… so now, only one choice remained: be with him and Rei… or be alone.


Rei nodded as the redhead started across the room towards them, the oddest, most out of place look of humility on her face.  Had she been a more vindictive person, the First Child might have gloated over this – after all, the Second had ridiculed her on more occasions than she could count – but she was so caught up in the feeling of warmth and safety that Shinji’s affirmative response had filler her with that any feelings of animosity were insignificant.


“Shinji?” she whispered, discretely raising a hand to halt Asuka’s approach.


Shinji tried to take a step back, sure that he had done something wrong, but Rei held him close to her.


“Shinji… about Souryu,” Rei began gently, “How do you feel about her?  Please,” she laid her finger on his lips, silencing him long enough to add, “tell me honestly.  I will not leave – regardless of your reply.  I promise.”


Shinji took a deep breath, wetting his lips unconsciously.  “She’s… beautiful,” he whispered, blushing intensely at the thought of talking about another woman – especially after what Rei had already done to him.


“Do you love her?”


There was a long, intensely uncomfortable silence, broken when Shinji finally whispered: “Yes.”


Slowly, Rei put her hands on Shinji’s shoulders, turning him to face his door.  “Shinji,” she whispered, kissing his cheek gently as he gasped, “Asuka would like to be with you also…”


Asuka rang her hands in front of her, biting her lip once more as Shinji stared into her eyes.  “I want-” she cut herself off, having no real idea what she wanted.


Why did I come in here? She thought angrily, shaking her head as Shinji averted his eyes.  I mean – look at him!  He doesn’t want me!  Just his stupid little Wonderdoll!  I could be dead for all he cares.  God, I’m such an idi-


Her thoughts came to an abrupt halt as Shinji crossed the short distance between them, standing in front of her and keeping her eyes held firmly with his own.  She thought he might speak – maybe to ask her if she would leave, or maybe to ask her if she really did want to be with him – but he just looked at her.


After what felt like an eternity, he slowly reached up and pressed the sleeve of his shirt against her chin, making her wince as she realized how much her lip hurt.  He pulled his arm away a moment later, and she caught a brief glimpse of an awful lot of red on it before her attention was drawn back to his face… because he was leaning closer to her and closing his eyes.


A powerful tremor surged through her as he kissed her, pressing his lips softly to her injury and applying almost no pressure.


“Do you wish to stay?”


Asuka started shaking harder as Rei’s eyes met hers.  The First Child had her hands on Shinji’s shoulders, watching her intently.


“I… do not believe that Shinji is able to articulate his desires,” Rei said gently, “correct?”  She waited for Shinji to nod, a fierce blush lighting his cheeks.  “But you are welcome, So- …Asuka.”


Asuka swallowed, unable to accept the First Child’s word.  “Am I, Shinji?” she whispered hoarsely, forcing the words past her trembling lips, “c-can you love me too?  Is that even possible?”


An involuntary sob slipped from her lips as Shinji raised his head, smiling uncertainly and nodding as he whispered, “If you want me to love you…”


No one spoke for a moment as Asuka regained her composure.  “So… so what happens now?” she asked unevenly.  “I mean… are we going to… I mean like… how will this work?”  She let out a harsh, nervous laugh.  “Do we all just strip and jump in bed, or what?”


She swallowed as Rei leaned against Shinji’s shoulder, closing her eyes and whispering, “I would like that.”


A spark of jealously lit in Asuka’s gut, making her sigh as she accepted its normalcy.  “So,” she said, trying her best to be bold and confident in this strange, completely foreign situation, “can I go first?”


To her great surprise, Rei shook her head, answering as if it had been an average, everyday question.  “No… I would like to be the first Ikari makes love to.”


“Why do you think you get to?” Asuka pressed, fighting a very real urge to run screaming from the room from the very levelness of her own voice.


Rei looked at her, a totally neutral expression on her face as she replied, “I was the first to proclaim my affection for him.”


Asuka was on the verge of responding with a very caustic comment about kindergarten rules, but before she spoke, Shinji sidestepped between them and turned to his desk, pulling the drawers out one at a time and rummaging through them.


“What is he looking for?” Asuka whispered, wondering once more at how casual she sounded.


“I do not know,” Rei admitted, shaking her head slowly, “perhaps he is searching for protection.”


“You didn’t bring any??” Asuka asked incredulously, “You came all the way across town to ask him to sleep with you, and you didn’t bring condoms?”


Rei glanced at her from the corner of her eye.  “I do not require them,” she murmured, “I am barren.”


Shinji spoke before Asuka had a chance to express her shock.  “Sit down for a sec.”


Asuka blinked, doing what she was told without a second thought.  “What are you going to… oh.”


Shinji shrugged apologetically, holding up a bottle of alcohol and a cotton ball.  “Hold still, k?”


Asuka nodded.  “Why do you have that?” she asked as he uncapped the bottle.


“I dunno,” Shinji mumbled, seemingly grateful for such a mundane conversation, “I just figured I might get a cut or something.”




Shinji nodded, managing a week smile as he put the cotton ball over the bottle’s opening.  “I guess I am, I just-”


He drew a sharp breath, cutting himself off and sloshing a bit of alcohol onto the floor as Rei’s small hands slid around his waist, gently caressing his stomach and chest.


“Forgive me,” Rei said, sounding truly apologetic, “I… I do not know why I did that…”


Asuka pursed her lips.  “Feeling left out, First?” she whispered.


“Perhaps,” Rei replied quietly, “I am… unfamiliar with these feelings.  It is a new experience for me to express myself.”


Asuka flinched as Shinji reached up and touched the cotton ball to her lip.  “So what are you going to do about it?” she challenged, hissing as the alcohol cleansed her wound.


Rei did not answer… instead, she began unbuttoning Shinji’s shirt.


Asuka felt her mouth going dry as Shinji set the cotton ball to the side and simply stood still, staring at the floor with a bright blush as Rei removed his shirt.  He had put his underpants back on following the blue-haired girl’s earlier performance, but now he found them being removed once more.


“Shinji,” Rei whispered, wrapping her arms around him from behind, “make love to me.”


“Us,” Asuka said quickly, blushing as Shinji’s eyes widened.  “What!?  Don ’t look at me like that!  It’s ok for her to want it, but not me?”


Shinji looked like he was about to apologize – and Asuka might very well have hit him if he had – but as he opened his mouth to speak, Rei’s hand brushed lightly over his groin.


“Will you undress me?” she whispered, ignoring Asuka’s gasp of surprise, “I think that would be… arousing.”


Again, Shinji was denied the right to speak as Asuka boldly took his right hand brought it to her breast.  “You’re going to have to figure out a system or something,” she said flatly, “because you said that if I wanted you to love me, you would, and I want you too… so you need to pay attention to me!”


She blushed, suddenly realizing just how selfish she sounded, but to her very great surprise, Rei nodded.


“She is right,” the blue-haired girl said quietly, “if we are both to be your lovers, you must treat us both the same.”


Shinji looked from one to the other, caught on the verge of just throwing his hands up and hiding under his bed.  Who knew life would be this complicated? He thought with a sudden, slightly mad amusement.  One minute I’m alone, the next I’m being told that I can’t feel Rei up more than Asuka because she might feel left out!




To both girls’ surprise, he stepped back, putting a hand on each of their shoulders and bringing them together, side by side.  Then, with a look of great concentration, he reached out and slowly began unbuttoning their shirts, using one hand for each and moving with slow, careful precision.


Asuka glanced at Rei from the corner of her eye, wondering if she found this even remotely stimulating.  The idea of being undressed by someone else was interesting, she thought, but not standing by another girl.  Rei, she found, was smiling encouragingly at Shinji, nodding every time he looked up at her and mouthing, ‘Keep going.’


So… what if he thinks I don’t like this? Asuka thought suddenly, turning to face Shinji once more, Maybe he’ll stop and tell me to do it myself.  I don’t think he’d tell me to leave… he’s too nice for that, but he might give up on taking my clothes off.  Damn it!  How did I get into this situation!?  She blushed suddenly. Why do I like it…?


No answers were forthcoming as Shinji laboriously undressed them, making sure to give each girl equal time until they were both clad in bras and panties.


“Why are you stopping?” Asuka asked, sounding a bit more snappish than she had intended.


“I don’t umm… know how to…” Shinji trailed off, shrugging uncomfortably.


Rei nodded her understanding.  “Here,” she said softly, taking Shinji’s hand and leading it to her chest.


Asuka watched Shinji’s face as Rei guided his fingers over the clasp on her bra.  It’s so hard to think of him this way, she thought, trying not to bite her lip as a foolish grin lit Shinji’s face.  I always thought he was kind of a wimpy little loser… but he’s… damn it, he’s getting into this!  His first time is going to be with two women, but he doesn’t look like he’s scared at all!


Rei’s bra opened with a soft click… and Shinji swallowed, looking suddenly very pale.


Of course, Asuka thought with some amusement, he could just be hiding it well.


“Asuka,” Rei said quietly, “let Shinji unfasten yours alone.”


“Because he needs the practice?” Asuka asked dryly.


Rei simply nodded.  “Yes,” she said coolly, “I cannot speak for you, but I know that I do not wish this to be a singular event.  There will be other times that I would like Shinji to undress me, and I would like him to be comfortable.”


“Us,” Asuka corrected sharply, “undress us… you don’t get him all to yourself!”


Shinji blushed.  I… I didn’t even think you liked me, he thought, tracing her bra clasp with the tip of his finger, now you’re acting like I belong to you – to both of you.  I never would have thought this would happen…


Another soft click filled the air, and the First and the Second were topless.


His hands curling and uncurling at his sides, Shinji found that his eyes would not keep still – they kept insisting on darting from Rei’s breasts to Asuka’s slightly larger ones, taking in every single detail of those wonderful swells.  Rei’s nipples, he noticed, were slightly bigger around than Asuka’s, but Asuka’s stood out a bit farther, and in spite of her paler skin, Rei’s areolas were a duskier, almost caramel color, while Asuka’s were rosy pink.


Both, he decided firmly, were absolutely exquisite.


“So what’s it going to be, idiot,” Asuka whispered softly, “you only have one mouth…”


“Shinji,” Rei said quietly, “I would like to be the first you make love to… so I do not mind if you pleasure Asuka for a few minutes first.”


“Oh that’s big of you!” Asuka snorted, “Forget that – Shinji, if you’re going to do it with Wondergirl, then do it now,” she blushed, covering her breasts with her palms.  “Because I want you all to myself when we do it, I don’t want you deciding in the middle that you should be touching her too…”


There was a moment of silence, broken when Asuka gasped.


“Wh-what are you doing?!” she demanded, trying to pull away as Rei grasped her wrists.


“I would like to see your breasts,” Rei said levelly, “I would like to see what they feel like.”


Asuka frowned.  “Play with your own,” she grumbled.


Shinji laughed, breaking the tension but leading them into another extended silence.


“Shinji,” Rei said finally, “I am ready…”


Shinji nodded, thinking, Well, I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.


Rei turned to Asuka.  “Would you like to watch us?”


Asuka blinked.  “Not like I really have a choice, do I?” she pointed out dryly, “it’s that or leave – and I’m not going anywhere!”  Her expression darkened.  “You might try to keep him for yourself.”


“I will not,” Rei assured her softly, sitting on the edge of the bed, “it would go against-”


“Yeah, yeah,” Asuka cut in, “I’m not leaving.”


“Very well.”


Shinji felt a bit faint as Rei slipped her thumbs into the elastic on her panties, sitting on the bed as she drew them down her long, smooth legs.  Silently, she laid on the bed, keeping her arms at her sides as she waited for her soon-to-be lover.


“Nervous…?” Asuka whispered.


Rei closed her eyes as Shinji gently put his hand on her thigh.  “Yes,” she confessed softly, “a little.”


Asuka moved her mouth down by Rei’s ear.  “Too late to back down now,” she breathed, watching Shinji from the corner of her eye as he hesitated, seemingly unsure of how to proceed.  “He’s almost there, Ayanami… he’s nearly touching you…” she grinned as Rei shivered.  “Don’t scream when he puts it in,” Asuka whispered, nearly laughing as Rei’s breathing grew labored and heavy, “he’s almost… there…”


Rei drew a sharp breath through her nose as she felt something stiff and hot touching her vaginal lips, probing them carefully and seeking her entrance.  So arousing, she thought deliriously, I do not think she has any idea how... sexy it is when she says those things.


Further thought became impossible as Shinji carefully pressed forward, the tip of his penis slowly invading her body and threatening to steal her breath away.


“Ok,” Shinji said hesitantly, blinking as Asuka suddenly sat up and looked down between Rei’s legs, “I’m… I’m going to start now, Rei…”


“H-hai… I am… ready…”


Gently, Shinji began pushing forward.


Asuka could not look away as Shinji’s erection slowly sank into the First’s willing vagina.  It’s… stretching her… she thought, fascinated; I didn’t think he was that big!


“Mmmm… Shinji…” Rei groaned, squirming on the bed as he slowly impaled her with his shaft.  “That feels… so… good… mmmm!”


It was slow going.  Her inner walls gripped and clutched at Shinji with every inch, and she was so tight he thought that he could feel every last millimeter of her wrapping around him.  The only reason he did not climax on the spot was her earlier, oral action… but it was still a narrow margin.  He felt as if he was thrusting into a fist dripping with melted butter, and he knew that moving at more than a snail’s pace would end things in a matter of seconds.


So damn tight! He thought, biting his lip as he slid another inch into his moaning coworker.  And Asuka… what will she be like??  If she’s this tight, I don’t think I can take it…


“Sh-Shinji,” Rei gasped, “I… I’m coming…”


Shinji’s mouth dropped open as Rei’s vagina abruptly clamped down harder than before, squeezing his shaft with vice-like strength even as the temperature inside her skyrocketed.


It was more than he could take.




Asuka’s jaw dropped open as Shinji cried out, throwing his head back and clenching his eyes closed as he shook.  Damn! She thought with some surprise, He’s not even all the way in her.


“Shinji,” Rei whispered, still breathing hard as a small tremor ran through her.  “Thank you… that was… thank you…”


“H-hai…” Shinji gasped, slowly extracting himself from the rapidly cooling inferno that was her sex.


“Great,” Asuka sighed, “you ruined him.”


She glanced down as Rei put a hand on her wrist.  “Do not be angry,” she said gently, “I have read that a man his age can perform sexually over ten times in an eight hour period, with only a ten minute recovery time between-”


“Why do you know that?!” Asuka cut in sharply.




Asuka glanced over her shoulder, finding Shinji sitting on the edge of the bed with a deep, scarlet blush on his cheeks.




The Third Child shrugged slightly.  “I, umm… if you want to, its… its not… getting soft…”


Rei and Asuka exchanged a glance.




Asuka’s nose wrinkled as she looked at him.  “Go wash it first…”


Shinji blinked, then nodded vigorously and slipped out, heading towards the bathroom.


“You are… unusual,” Rei whispered in the ensuing quiet.


“What do you mean?” Asuka asked absently, trying not to see the other girl’s nudity.


“You care for him,” Rei said thoughtfully, “you wish for him to love you – and to make love to you… and yet you still try to show that you are superior by acting as if you are sickened by his presence.  It is very unusual.”


Asuka shook her head slowly.  “I don’t have to justify myself to you,” she said sullenly.


“No,” Rei conceded, “but if it is possible, I would like you to treat him nicer.”  She nodded as Asuka turned to face her, her cheeks suffusing with color.  “Lovers are not cruel.”


Asuka’s anger faded, replaced by a vague sense of shame.  “Maybe…” she muttered, folding her arms and staring straight ahead.  She shivered as Rei ran her fingers over her back.


“Your skin is very soft,” Rei said thoughtfully.


Before Asuka could tell her to stop touching her, Shinji came back in the room, trying his best to hide his stiffness with his hands.


“Come over here,” she said abruptly, feeling a sudden urge to show her superiority.  She waited until Shinji was standing directly in front of her before whispering, “Which was better, Shinji?”


“Which… huh?” Shinji murmured, confused.  “Which what?”


Asuka grinned, leaning forward and pressing her lips to the tip of his shaft.  “Was it better inside of her… or in her mouth?”  To punctuate the question, she parted her lips and slipped the head of his penis between them.


She shivered as he gasped, surprised by the taste and feel of him.  She was right, she thought, closing her eyes and dipping a bit further forward, the ground after a rainfall… that fits – but she didn’t say how it felt!  It’s like… I can’t even think of any way to describe it, it’s just… what it is, I guess.  She blushed, closing her eyes and slowly starting to bob up and down.  …I like it.


Rei watched the redhead going down on Shinji with a look of intense curiosity.  She uses her tongue more than I do, she thought, unconsciously wetting her lips, and she does not seem to have a gag reflex.  Interesting.


She sighed subconsciously, shifting on the bed as a trickle of moisture slipped down her inner thigh.  Her crimson eyes did not miss a single detail as every inch of Shinji’s penis vanished between Asuka’s soft lips.


Abruptly, Asuka pulled back, resting her head on Shinji’s hip.  “Th-that’s enough…” she panted, wishing that her voice was steadier, “I’m… I’m ready, Shinji…”


Shinji nodded as she laid back, slipping her (damp) panties off and dropping them on the floor.


Rei positioned herself next to Asuka, smiling softly as the girl closed her eyes.  “Do not be afraid,” she whispered, pitching her voice so low that only Asuka could hear it.


“I’m not,” Asuka hissed just as softly.




Asuka did not have a chance to respond to this accusation, as Shinji chose that moment to kneel on the bed between her legs, carefully running the tip of his shaft over her sensitive, moisture-slick lips.


Big, she thought dizzily, catching her breath as he briefly parted her lips, getting a feel for her opening before pulling back and running over her again.  It feels bigger than it looks, too… God, I hope this doesn’t hurt!


She gasped as he pushed forward, forcing her lips apart and sliding the first few inches into her.


“Slow!” she cried, “Oh God, go slow!!”


“S-sorry,” Shinji stammered, “does it… does it hurt?”


Asuka shook her head.  “N-no,” she gasped, “but… but its big!”  Her voice became low and a touch pouting.  “You have to go slow or you’ll hurt me…”


Shinji nodded.  “I’ll go slow.”


Bitch! Asuka thought with some disgust, The only word that describes the way this feels is ‘wow’ and you’re making him think he’s hurting you. Come on!  As fucking wet as you are, he could be twice this big and STILL slide right into you… and you’d love every goddamned inch!


Rei watched the expression on the redhead’s face going from slightly scared to relaxed to openly pleased as Shinji gradually worked his shaft into her, a small smile lighting her features as the two gasped, taken off guard by the feeling of their hips meeting.


Shinji was all the way inside of her.


After a moment, Asuka noticed the attention and stared into Rei’s eyes, her mouth opening and closing as she tried to formulate a coherent word.  “Is it not good?” the First Child whispered, absently stroking Shinji’s forearm as he slowly began pumping in and out of the redhead.  “So hard… and smooth… and… commanding…” she blushed faintly, a light shiver running through her as she closed her eyes.  “I was not aware that anything could feel so good,” she said quietly, folding her arms and resting her head on them as she opened her eyes to watch the Second’s face.  “Were you?”


Asuka clenched her eyes closed, a tear running from each as she managed to reply, “N-no…”


Rei rolled onto her side, resting her chin in her palm as she looked deep into Asuka’s eyes.


“May I kiss you?”


Shinji froze, gasping softly at the girl’s quiet request.


“K-kiss… me??” Asuka stammered.


Rei nodded seriously.  “It is as I said before… I believe it is possible to love more than one person.  Must I be confined to only men?”  She reached out with her free hand and ran her middle finger over Asuka’s sweaty brow, making her shiver.  “Would it not be appropriate for the three of us to be lovers in all ways?” she asked, her voice shining with honest curiosity.  “I cannot think of a more fulfilling relationship.”


Kiss me, Asuka thought, trying to make her mind get around this concept, I, well… I kissed Hikari that one time – but that was practice!  This is… this… her thoughts trailed off, as there was no real description for what ‘this’ was.


“I…” she swallowed, closing her eyes.  “Just once,” she whispered tremulously, “just… only one time…”




Asuka trembled as Shinji resumed moving, stroking her very, very slowly even as she felt soft, warm breath on her cheek.  Don’t look, she told herself, don’t look, don’t look, don’t look, don’t…




Shinji had to wipe a bit of sweat from his upper lip as Rei leaned forward and touched her lips to Asuka’s, kissing her softly at first… but slowly growing more involved, until she was braced with her palms on the bed on either side of the redhead, suckling gently on her wounded lip and unconsciously pressing her breasts into Asuka’s.


“N… no more…” Asuka panted desperately, turning away and shaking all over as the blue-haired girl finally broke the kiss.  “Please… no… mo… mmmmmmm…”


Her weak protest became an even weaker moan as Rei gently turned her back to face her, holding her carefully  as she gave her another deep, intense, lingering kiss.


Asuka’s senses felt like they were on fire as the blue-haired girl’s kiss dominated them.  Don’t like this! her mind screamed, You… you CAN’T LIKE THIS!!


When Rei finally released her, she was shaking and gasping for breath.  “I…” the First Child panted, “I… like kissing you, Asuka… may I again…? Please…?”


Without even thinking, Asuka nodded.


Shinji, realizing that he didn’t have to just sit there and watch, leaned forward and kissed Rei on the shoulder, murmuring, “You’re both… God, I can’t believe this is happening…”


Under his palms, he could feel Asuka’s thighs shaking as a low moan issued from somewhere deep inside her chest.  Suddenly her back arched, pushing her chest against Rei’s even as she wrapped her arms around the other girl, holding her tightly as she shuddered and quaked.  All around his shaft he could feel her inner muscles contracting, clamping down around him as a rush of warm dampness enveloped him.


She’s coming, he thought dizzily, just like Rei only hotter… and wetter… and… and… oh God, I’m gonna come!


Through the storm of pleasure that was ravaging her body, Asuka was aware of Shinji’s sudden cry, and she could feel his shaft expanding as something shot deep inside of her, making her whole body shake as the knowledge of his climax extended her own.  As quickly as everything had started, it was over.  Shinji pulled out of her, rolling onto his back and gasping for breath as he reached down and took her hand in his.


Asuka slowly became more aware of everything around her – of how right everything felt around her.  She could feel perspiration all over her body, though she had no idea whose it was, as they were all so close to one another on the bed.  She could feel Shinji’s breathing growing deeper and deeper at her side, and she could not blame him for being so tired.


But it was Rei that surprised her the most… or rather, her feelings towards Rei.  The blue-haired girl had not stopped kissing her after Shinji had finished, and in point of fact, she seemed to be growing more and more passionate with each passing moment.


“Rei!” Asuka could not keep herself from crying out as Rei’s hand stole down between her legs, her long, slender fingers parting her swollen labia and exploring her opening with tentative, careful movements.


Rei pulled slowly back, continuing to probe between her legs as she looked into her eyes.  “I would like to taste you,” she whispered huskily, “Shinji climaxed inside of you, did he not?”  She waited for Asuka to nod, her eyes wide.  “Let me clean you, Asuka, I want to taste you both…”


Asuka tried to protest – she really did.  She willed her vocal chords to issue the words, ‘No! I don’t want to be your lover – only Shinji’s!!’


…but her throat would not reply, it simply remained closed as Rei slid down between her legs, pushing them slowly apart and lowering herself between them.




Shinji woke with a start at Asuka’s cry.  “What?” he asked blearily, sitting up in bed, “What’s… wr… ong…?”


His words died on his lips as he realized what was happening.  Asuka was writhing on the bed, throwing her head from side to side and gasping in short, ragged, desperate little pants, clearly torn between losing herself in what was happening and rebelling against it… because Rei… Rei was gently lapping at her vagina, a wholly content expression on her face as she ran her tongue over the moist, pink folds, using her delicate fingers to spread the other girl wider and delve even deeper into her sex.


He felt himself stirring again as Asuka’s cries grew more frantic, her hips starting to roll of their own accord as Rei’s gentle attentions obliterated her senses and sent her skyrocketing into the atmosphere.


Slowly, he slid out of bed, standing at the foot and staring at the two girls as they made love.  Tentatively, he reached out and caressed Rei’s soft-looking rear, biting his lip as she instinctively pushed back, bracing herself on the bed and opening her knees invitingly.


Too invitingly.




Rei groaned against Asuka’s lips as she felt Shinji’s shaft parting her from behind, dipping slowly into her soaking passage as the young man’s hands gripped her narrow waist.  He held still for a moment… then began stroking her as if possessed, driving into her with enough force that she had to use one hand to brace herself on the bed.


Unlike the first time, Shinji was not making any kind of effort to be gentle… and Rei found that she preferred it this way.  He was clearly too caught up in his desires to think of anything other than coupling with her, and this filled her with an intensely sensual feeling – as if she was a sex goddess, driving him to the brink of insanity with her feminine charms.


It was heavenly.  On her tongue was the musky, mingled flavors of Shinji’s sperm and Asuka’s fluids, tasting of everything that was sexual, and in her vagina was the hard, demanding feel of Shinji’s penis, unapologetically taking what was now and (hopefully) forevermore, his.


Rei came.  She had to bury her face in the damp sheet between Asuka’s legs to muffle the scream, because the intensity of her climax was so powerful that she could not find another outlet to express it.  She screamed, and screamed, and screamed, her body shaking uncontrollably as Shinji continued to stroke her with powerful, commanding strokes, filling her sex to overflowing with his need and desire.


She was vaguely aware of Asuka echoing her cry, and she realized dimly that she was pumping her fingers in and out of the redhead’s vagina, sending her to ecstasy without even consciously trying.  The realization of Asuka’s climax was followed quickly by the realization of Shinji’s as a flood of liquid filled her, bringing her a sensation of completeness that she had never dreamed could exist.


There was a moment of calm as the three pilots struggled to catch their breath.


“D-damn…” Asuka panted, wiping sweat off of her face with a shaking hand, “we… this is… damn…”


Rei moaned softly as Shinji carefully pulled out of her, all but collapsing on the bed at Asuka’s side.  She smiled weakly as he held a hand out to her, urging her to join them.  Willingly, she took him up on his offer, nestling comfortably between him and Asuka and falling almost immediately into a deep, restful sleep.




“I’m home!” Misato called, shrugging out of her flight-jacket as she slid the front door closed.  “Man, I am starving!” she exclaimed, “Shinji, please tell me you cooked?  Lie to me if you have to… just say it so I can die happy?”


“We got some takeout,” Asuka’s voice replied, coming from the living room, “there’s some in the fridge, Misato.”


“Right on!”


Misato opened the fridge and grabbed the small box of takeout, pulling a pair of chopsticks out of the silverware drawer and making her way to the living room.  “Oh, hey Rei, what are you doing here?”


The First Child looked away from the television.  “Shinji invited me to watch a video rental,” she replied coolly, shifting a bit on the couch at Shinji’s side.  “Is that acceptable?”


“Yeah, sure,” Misato shrugged, hiding her surprise at this situation, “you’re welcome anytime, Rei.”  She glanced at Asuka, who was sitting on Shinji’s other side with her feet curled up under her, reading a magazine.  “Too boring for you, Miss Souryu?” she needled.


“Yeah,” Asuka replied, not looking up from the article she was reading, “I don’t go for that lovey-dovey romance crap, you know that.”


“M-Misato?” Shinji asked hesitantly, “Would it be ok if Rei slept on the couch?  I kinda lost track of the time, and it’s pretty late…”


“You clever little sneak…”


All three Children froze, slowly looking up at Misato with wide eyes.


“Ummm… what?” Shinji squeaked, swallowing with some difficulty.


“You picked all the meat out of the lo-mien!”


Not picking up on the collective sigh of relief, Misato rambled on.


“You know I like it – and you ate it all.  I swear!  Kids today are so inconsid-”


“We got two kinds,” Asuka cut in, irritation clear in her tone, “Rei doesn’t like meat.  Get the other package and shut up already… geez…”


Misato grinned, choosing to let the ‘shut up’ comment slide and entirely missing the fact that Asuka had used Rei’s proper name.  “Cool!” she proclaimed, “I’m gonna take it in my room.  Have fun!”


The Children nodded.


The apartment was quiet for the next half hour as Misato ate, Asuka read, and Shinji and Rei watched their movie.  At 10:45, Misato came and bade them all goodnight, smiling to herself as she noticed how content they all looked.  Even Asuka, she thought, making her way back to her room, maybe Rei should come over more often… seems like she’s the catalyst.


Yawning, she slipped into her room.


After several minutes of quiet, Asuka shifted on the couch, holding her magazine with one hand and putting her other on Shinji’s leg.  “What now?” she whispered softly.


“How do you mean?” Rei responded, setting her hand on Shinji’s other leg.


Asuka frowned, keeping her eyes on her magazine, though she was not really seeing it – and had not turned the page for the past hour and a half.  “I mean, what happens now with us,” she clarified, “tonight was… God, I won’t lie – tonight was incredible… but we can’t really walk around all holding hands and kissing and stuff, you know?  I mean…” she blushed, “I can… I can see us doing this again some time, but what about at school and NERV and stuff?”


She closed her eyes as Rei turned to her, leaning across Shinji and kissing her on the lips.  “I will not hide my affection,” she whispered seriously, “for you or Shinji.  I will not and I cannot.”  She turned to Shinji, kissing him softly before adding, “I realize that most will not accept our relationship, so I will try to avoid being intimate in public… but I will not conceal my feelings any longer.  I have lived that way for too long, and it is no longer acceptable.”




They fell into silence for several minutes, moving a little closer together on the couch.


“Hey Shinji?” Asuka whispered, drawing little circles on his thigh with the tip of her forefinger and setting her magazine down.  “I was just thinking that… none of us ever said… you know – those words.”


She closed her eyes as Rei put her hand atop hers and leaned across Shinji’s lap, kissing her once more.  “Do we need to say them?” she whispered, giving Asuka another delicate, tender kiss.


Asuka opened her eyes, shivering as she stared into Rei’s.  “We don’t have to,” she whispered, wetting her lips unconsciously and glancing up at Shinji, “but… I’d like to.”


Shinji nodded, leaning forward and kissing first Asuka, then Rei – then both, as the two girls turned their heads and claimed one side of his mouth each, pressing him lightly back into the couch.  For a moment, no one moved, they simply held the odd three-way kiss as long as they could, reveling in the unexpected feeling of closeness and security it offered.


It was Rei that pulled away first, smiling softly as Asuka took the opportunity to deepen the kiss with Shinji, sliding over into his lap and folding her arms around him.  After a few seconds of silence, Rei spoke.


“The Commander told me once that everyone has a compliment,” she whispered, resting her head on Shinji’s shoulder and watching them kiss, “he said ‘people are incomplete, and they need another person to make them whole.’  I thought that I understood that – I thought that I believed that… but I think, perhaps, that he was wrong.  After tonight, I do not believe that I will be content with a single person, only with both of you.  Each of you has traits I long to possess, and each of you excites me in a different way.”


Shinji and Asuka parted, keeping very close to one another but turning their full attention to Rei as she continued.


“I cannot speak for you two,” she whispered, laying a hand on each of their shoulders, “but as for me – I feel whole for the first time in my life… but only when I see both of you at once.”  She leaned forward and kissed them, one at a time.  “The three of us, together,” she said softly, resting her head on Asuka’s shoulder and lacing her right hand with Shinji’s, “are complete.”


She closed her eyes as Shinji and Asuka glanced at each other, wide eyed.  Trinity, she thought with much contentment, one made of three.  Me, him, her… one.  I do not care what others will think, so long as they are with me.


Warm all over, the three Children stayed up long into the night exchanging gentle kisses and still-hesitant touches, exploring one another mentally, physically, and emotionally until (at daybreak) they fell asleep on the couch, arranged in a loose triangle: Shinji in the center, Asuka to his left, and Rei to his right.  Each girl had an arm around his waist and her head on his chest, breathing in tandem and holding the other’s hand.


United… complimented… intertwined… whole… complete…




The End


Author’s Notes:  This story was written in response to a challenge on the darkscribes.org forum, so if it’s not super-super-all-the-way-100%-in-character… blame that!  I’d say I’m not trying to make excuses – but I totally am. :P  ok, ok, seriously though, I did have certain requirements to meet, and I didn’t want to make a sprawling, 300 page odyssey (which is how long it would have taken to have enough character development to have Shinji, Asuka, and Rei all have sex :P) so I kinda had to work with what I was given.  *Shrug*  I hope you liked it anyway, in spite of its fast pace and questionable ICness.  >_<


RustedAngel did some pre-reading before I stopped him.  :P