Eva Training Academy

Part Three: A friendly little game of ….. poker?

Asuka walked out of the restroom and walked over to the couch placed in front of a TV.

"Hey, Shinji, Rei have you seen the remote anywhere?" Asuka asked.

"I took it to Misato's class and told her not to give it back until you apologized." Hikari said.

"You can just get up and change the channel can't you?" Shinji asked.

"No because I also asked the Headmaster to cut out our cable line until, again you apologize to Miss Misato." Hikari said.

"Ahh damn it Hikari." Asuka said leaving toward Misato's room.

When Asuka got there she overheard Misato talking to a member of the school council.

"Get the potentials together tonight for the most aggravating game you can think of." The council member said.

Asuka stepped back and ran into a council member, who threw his hand around her mouth, Asuka blacked out.

Asuka woke up in her dorm room at 6PM; Shinji was setting up for what looked like a game night.

Asuka seemed to have a half memory of the day but she didn't know what exactly they were doing.

"We invited over Lance and Court for some games of poker, strip poker." Rei said raising her eyebrows.

Asuka, Rei, Shinji, Lance, and Court were all sitting at a round table, shuffling a deck of playing cards. Rei dealt out the cards and laid the rules, it was Texas-hold-em, and everyone had to play every hand. The loser lost an article of clothing.

Rei dealt out the first hand, Asuka didn't look too impressed with her hand, Court and Rei both looked emotionless faces and Shinji and Lance were trying to mask their faces.

After all the cards were dealt Rei got the worst hand and took off her over shirt.

The hands drug on with Shinji down to his pants, Lance had not lost any thing, Rei had lost everything but her panties, Asuka was down to her bra and panties, Court was the most unlucky of them all, she was totally undressed.

Shinji was trying not to look at the girls but on one of his glances at Court she caught his eyes retreating. She winked at Shinji. Shinji became confused but snapped back in it when he was told the rules for the final hand, the loser, except for Court, lost all their clothes. Shinji ended up being that person.

Rei and Asuka picked up the mess that had been left, and Lance was leaving, Court went back into the restroom to put on her clothes. Shinji went over to his stuff and pulled out his sleeping clothes. Shinji walked back to the restroom and opened the door.

Much to his surprise Court was in there pulling her shirt over her head.

"Oh shit sorry Court," Shinji let out, "I didn't know you were in here."

"No, no its alright I was just leaving," Court said.

Shinji walked over to the shower and heard the door close behind him. He started to take off his clothes and turn on the shower. He had his shirt off when he felt a hand reach down into his pants.

"What, not happy to "see" me," Court said grabbing Shinji's cock.

Shinji turned around to see Court utterly nude. "Do you like what you see, huh Shinji?"

Shinji's pants had fallen down when he jumped back into the shower. Court walked up to Shinji and sat on his cock. She started to move up and down slowly, she then flipped Shinji's position so he was then fucking her from behind. Shinji kneeled over Court, still violently moving in and out, and grabbed her breasts.

"Oh, you like the breasts huh?" Court asked seductively.

Court got off Shinji and lowered herself allowing Shinji to put his cock between Court's breasts. She moved her body up and down, Shinji cummed all over court's upper body. She moved her hand around to pick up all of Shinji's cum with her finger and put it in her mouth.

"Shinji, take me again," she said as she kneeled over and stuck her fingers in her clit.

Shinji walked up and thrust his cock in Court, resuming his dominate "doggy style" position .He thrust in and out furiously not taking long to cum again.

Court cummed and got off to leave, "Well I've got to go, but I hope we can do this again, sometime."

Shinji got in the shower for a minute to make it seem like he was in the shower, but got out immediately to create the suspense.

"What the royal fuck were you doing in there god dammit," Asuka yelled.

"Um nothing really!" Shinji responded.

"Likely story." Asuka continued yelling.

To be continued??