Eva Training Academy

Part two: The Gemini Twins!

"Shut the hell up Hikari, Me and Shinji had sex yesterday, but I don't hear you bitching about that now, huh." Asuka said.

Hikari stood stunned and Rei grinned a little but then started to change. The over an intercom wired through all the dorms told all the students, "school begins in 30 minutes"

"You did what!!!??" Hikari yelled.

"Had sex with Shinji!" Asuka said spacing out her words.

Hikari fumed then opened the door walked out and slammed the door, Rei followed, then Asuka left leaving Shinji alone in the dorm. He walked into the shower and when he was done went to homeroom.

Misato walked into homeroom with two new students.

"Hello class these are two new students in our class, Lance and Court." Misato said, as she moved the two to new desks in the back.

Misato got into class and started with the announcement that all free periods would be now used for PE. Shinji shuddered because he had a free period after this class, Asuka showed the same emotions but in her anger she yelled at Misato.

"Why the hell do we have to do PE. This school is just to find a pilot for three Evas, that means that all but three of us are going home at the end of the second year. You already have who you're going to use as the pilots don't you, so why do we have to do fucking PE" Asuka said while everybody sat stunned.

"There are five pilots for five units, Zero, One, Two, Three and a new model, the Eva Gemini, which requires two pilots," Court said smugly, "but there are rumors for an Eva series and additional Evas in production."

"Shut the hell up bitch!" Asuka shouted as she walked out into the aisle, facing Court.

"Asuka sit down now!" Misato yelled.

Asuka sat down fuming and Shinji who sat next to her moved over away from her.

Misato taught the class about Synch ratios, which was long and incredibly boring. Shinji sat through the class listening to Asuka complain about how much she hated the two new children. Shinji watched the clock hit the hour when he was released from homeroom to his free period, which was now consumed by PE.

Shinji got into the "gym" right before the bell rang.

"Listen dammit! Break into two teams and go to the equipment room NOW!" The PE teacher yelled.

The kids struggled to form two teams when the gym teacher intervened and made the two teams and pretty much shoved them into the equipment rooms. The children were told to put on a vest and pick up a laser tag style gun, then were told to chose a captain and send them out. The two captains were Lance and another boy from a different class.

The rules briefing lasted about five minutes and then Lance returned into the room and explained the rules. The rules were that both teams would have to protect their captain and if you are hit you are out of the game. It starts now.

The teams filed out and on to opposite sides of the gym that resembles a city. The teacher yelled start and the two teams took off to the other side.

Shinji and Asuka were on the same team and walking down a street when they saw a group of the other team, but the other team saw the duo as well. Shinji pushed Asuka into the wall of a building behind a trash can and started to fire back at the larger group.

"Oh, shit! Sorry Shinji I'm hit, seeya!" Asuka said as she got up and left back to the equipment room.

Shinji crouch-walked back to a pair of steps and walked up them into the building. Shinji closed the door and sat in a crouching sniping position. The group walked slowly in and Shinji picked off one of group and retreated into a back room and waited for more of the other team members sitting right next to the door and waited. The group came in but Shinji got two and ran out the door and down the same street until he found the other captain, took a shot and both teams were called to the outside the equipment room.

Shinji was congratulated for his work and was told the secret of today.

"This was for points to become the pilot. You are currently ranked 15th in the entire school, and since you have a rank you will be informed of any rank changes," the teacher said.

Shinji completed his day and went back to his dorm and got in the shower. When he was in the shower Rei hopped in.

"The water always cold after you use the shower." Rei said calmly, and then she slowly pressed her body up against Shinji's.

She felt down to his now hardened cock and grasped it in her hand.

"Do you like this, I know you liked it when I slept with you last night." Rei said, "I wanted to congratulate you for winning today," and with that Rei turned around and bent over, "You can fuck me if you want."

Shinji stepped forward, grabbed Rei's ass, and stuck his cock inside her. Rei screamed a little as Shinji thrust his cock in and out of her. Rei asked Shinji if they could a new position, and Shinji lay on the floor as Rei sat on top of him bouncing up and down. Shinji grabbed Rei's breasts and massaged them. Shinji felt himself cum and moved his hands around Rei's back and pulled her down to him. He passionately kissed Rei and rolled over so he was on top of Rei and again thrust himself in and out of Rei. Rei yelled and Shinji saw a little of Rei's cum sliding down his cock. He asked Rei if she wanted to taste her cum, Rei said she did, so Shinji sat back and watched Rei crawl up and put her mouth around Shinji's cock. Shinji held off as long as he could but he grabbed Rei's head and moved it up and down and felt himself cum. Rei was about to get back on Shinji when Asuka banged on the door. "Open up dammit!"

Shinji put on his clothes and Rei got in the shower and both pretended that this never happened, but Asuka had her doubts and similar congratulations.

To be continued…