Eva Training Academy

Part one: Life is a Dream

A/N: This story takes place like the whole Evangelion series was just a dream by Shinji.

And with that Kawrou was crushed in Eva's hand. Then Shinji herd something on the other plane of conciseness and that noise woke him up. Shinji woke up and walked out to his kitchen and looked at his calendar and saw that he would be going to his new school tomorrow. Shinji spent his last day watching TV and surfing the Internet. In the afternoon he got his mail and saw that the academy would be a live at school place from this year on and he also received his uniform and room assignment. He spent the rest of his last day home playing video games.

Shinji woke up the next day and left out on train to the academy. He got there and saw the mixed crowd of boys and girls. He dropped his stuff off at his new dorm while walking to class wondered why the hallway seemed to fit girls better than boys, but subsided the thought when a red headed girl walked by.

"Damn that girl was hot!" Shinji thought to himself.

He walked into the classroom and was followed by the teacher whose presence was known in the class, by all the boys at least. The teacher went over the ground rules of the academy and when she got to the final year when the students would start test piloting the Evas, the boys paid attention instead of watching the teacher's breasts bounce up and down.

"Oh and I am your homeroom teacher Miss Misato." Misato said.

Shinji at that moment shot up in his seat and thought back to his dream. Misato was his guardian in that dream. The class dismissed and Shinji looked at his schedule and saw that he had a free period then he would go to math, science, and language arts.

"I'll use my free period to put my stuff away in my dorm!" Shinji yelled to himself.

He walked down his hall and pulled out his key to the room and opened the door and walked in, locked the door, and walked over to his bed.

Hey bitch this is my bed I moved you over there! Asuka.

Shinji walked over to his bed and pulled out his cloths and put them in what he thought was his drawer but when he opened it, it was full of bras.

"What the…" Shinji said but was interrupted.

"Fuck do you think your doing in there or here?" the same red head that Shinji saw that morning asked.

"This is my room but what are you doing here." Shinji asked.

"This is my room, and I doubt that there would be Co-ed rooms in this school." The red head said.

The red head who introduced herself as Asuka took Shinji down to the main office and complained until the headmaster said that there was no more room in any of the boys rooms so he put Shinji in the girls room.

Shinji looked at his watch and saw that it was time for math so he took off down the hallway until he reached the math room and took his seat. As the boys and girls filed in everybody took a seat away from Shinji until the last two seats were around him. A blue haired girl came in and took a seat next to Shinji and introduced her self as Rei Ayanami.

The teacher took roll call and in the middle of it Asuka barged in and apologized for being late, giving the teacher a note. And she took her seat, next to Shinji. The math class passed and the other classes passed similarly.

Shinji walked to his dorm and saw Asuka undressing.

"Shut the fucking door, now damn it." Asuka yelled while Shinji shut the door. "It's bad enough you're seeing my perfect breasts but you don't have to show them to every god damn boy in this fucking school!"

Shinji stared at Asuka's breasts all though her tough lashing.

Asuka turned around grunted and put on a skimpy shirt and walked off and sat on the couch. Shinji walked in the bathroom and sat on the toilet when Asuka barged in. Shinji pulled his Shirt down over his semi erect ass.

"Don't worry I wouldn't fuck that little thing." Asuka said as she was undressing.

Asuka pulled her shirt over her head, turned on the shower, and turned around flashed her breasts at Shinji. Shinji felt himself harden when Asuka asked him, "What the fuck are you still doing in here!"

Shinji got up and started to pull up his pants but Asuka caught sight of his bulge first.

"Wait just a minute. This could be fun!" Asuka said as she slid her mini-skirt down her legs and pushed Shinji down. She then moved her mouth over Shinji's cock and started to move up and down with her mouth. Shinji arched back and was about to cum but Asuka pulled her mouth off and set her breasts on his cock then pumped it through her breasts. Shinji didn't hold out long, he cummed all over Asuka's face. She got up and licked the cum off from around her face and started to put Shinji's cock in her pussy, but she heard the door start to unlock. Asuka got in the shower and Shinji got out of the restroom and saw the door open. It was Rei the person who sat next to him in math.

"Hello Rei, this is kinda a mix-up, but anyway I'll be your roommate." Shinji said.

Rei shrugged and moved over to her laundry pile and took off her uniform, only having on her panties. She turned around and told Shinji that that pile was the laundry pile and she would clean it once a week. She told that to Shinji without covering her breasts and Shinji felt his bulge again.

Rei put on casual cloths and sat on the couch turning on the TV, then the door slammed open.

"Damn it do we have the damn boy!" The last roommate said.

Rei, sitting on the couch pointed at Shinji, and when the new girl's eyes locked on to Shinji he felt himself form a ball to minimize her target.

"I'm Hikari, you're Shinji, that's all I want to talk to you about. Good night!" Hikari said, then went to her bed and went to sleep.

Shinji and Asuka went to sleep at the same time and Rei went to sleep an hour later, Shinji woke up to see Rei sleeping in his bed. She threw an arm around Shinji and pulled his face into her breasts and murmured nonsense. Shinji thought about fighting the hold but he went to sleep in Rei's pillows.

"What the fuck are you two doing!" Hikari roared in the morning.

"Sleeping together, what does it look like." Rei said.

Asuka opened the bathroom door apparently just getting out of the shower because she was totally naked.

"Shut the hell up Hikari, Me and Shinji had sex yesterday, but I don't hear you bitching about that now, huh." Asuka said.

Hikari stood stunned and Rei grinned a little but then started to change. The over an intercom wired through all the dorms told all the students, "school begins in 30 minutes"


To be continued…

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