The Huntress

Author: Crackatomb-Lupaz

Warning: The following is a lemon and was probably inspired by the various times i've read other lemons and thought, "wow even I could do better than that." Perhaps I'm mistaken but you the reader are free to judge. Also note that I do not own any of the characters I'm about to defile.

Asuka sat in her room and reviewed the plan in her head once again. After a week of preperations it was about to be made into a reality. She found herself constantly reminded of how absurb this whole idea was, and even more so her eagerness to attempt it.

Originally she had found herself stuck in one of Nerv's hospitals for the treatment of minor injuries obtained during training. She had been left alone for quite a long stretch of time as the physician tending to her was paged to another floor. After waiting alone for an hour, with nothing but the flickering flourescent lights to keep her company, she decided to seek a source of amusement and began exploring the room.

That's when she found them, sitting in an unlocked drawer were a couple small vials of chloroform amongst other chemicals. A grin crept across her face as she imagined a couple situations in which these could come in handy. She made a decision, then pocketted one of the bottles before sitting down and resuming wishing that someone would come in and finish dressing her half bandaged forehead.

When Asuka arrived home at the apartment she hid the bottle in her room and promptly forgot about it for a few days.

Society is rather cruel in the ways that it constantly teases one with sex, so it's only natural that a certain teenage girl comes to have a more active interest in it. Her biggest dilemma however was the way the opposite gender of her age group continually disgusts her on a daily basis. Constantly frustrating herself with this situation wasn't really satisfying in any way whatsoever.

One lazy afternoon she was about to cast the problematic topic out of her mind when her eyes fell upon her roommate lying on the floor with his head propped up on a pillow and music streaming through his earbuds.

Asuka joked to herself about the possibility of a genuine relationship ever budding in their household. Shinji was definately too affraid of her to ever try anything interesting. Infact despite her accusations of perverted male behavior she considered him to be completely harmless. In all honesty if someone here was going to attempt something it would be her, she could force herself on him and no one would believe it, assuming he even had the spine to tell.

Naw, that would never happen, he would have to be sedated for her to even get near him.

Shinji openned his eyes to catch a trail of auburn hair entering Asuka's room.

Asuka created multiple scenarios and played them through in her head, each new one more explict than the last. By morning she had made a mental note to research a propper dosage of chloroform.

The needed information came easily enough off the Net, and by afternoon she obtained a suitable length of rope from a local hardware store. The storekeeper's inquiry towards Asuka's purchase didn't even come close. As the ingrediants were rounded up Asuka could feel the flames of desire begin to burn brighter than ever before.

The execution of Asuka's plan was given a set date when Misato informed her roommates that she would be pulling an all nighter over the weekend, And now it is that night and Asuka is preparing in her room...

Shinji was in the kitchen and lost in thought while scrubbing some dishes.

Asuka moving with a great deal of stealth had positioned herself behind Shinji and waited for him to set down the plate in hand before covering his face with a blotted rag. Shinji collapsed backwards into Asuka's waiting arms and she began to drag him back to his room with an excited grin on her face.

Asuka began by securely tying Shinji's arms above his head and then took a step back to admire her prize. She reevaluated the situation and decided to gag him with a handkerchief.

She knew she had liked him, but she would only be content if things were to happen this way. She took a kneeling position between his legs and pulled down the shorts that were used in his casual wardrobe, his boxers soon followed.

A still unconscious Shinji was now exposed to his attacker and she grabbed him with her hands. Asuka began stroking the length of his exposed flesh and gradually it began to increase in size. She became wide eyed at this development and continued moving her hand.

Asuka heard a muffled groan and looked up at Shinji's face in time to see his eyes shoot open. What followed were numerous obstructed cries.

"Shhh", Asuka whispered as she flashed him the grin of a lioness descending upon her prey.

Going rigid in the back, Shinji's cries became louder as Asuka lowered her mouth around the tip of his length. Finally finding some satisfaction Asuka swirled her tongue around it's head and savored the taste, the feeling, of being so close with another human being.

Asuka slid the shaft as far she could into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it a few times. Sensing this method wasn't really all that effecient she withdrew aways and again focused her tongue on the head.

Shinji had gone silent under her treatmeant once the initial shock had faded. He didn't really understand what was going on and the voice of his mind was being flooded out by sensation.

Using one of her free hands Asuka cupped his testes and gave them a gentle squeeze, this was met with her gagging as he thrust up into her mouth. Quickly recovering and with some added caution she grabbed him again.

It may have been a labour of lust but all things can become monotous and taxing. Asuka was eagerly awaiting the enievdible from Shinji and was starting to have doubts. The thought, 'Maybe he's too frightened, he can't climax' , entered her mind and she quickly came to a possible solution.

Busily staring at the ceiling oblvious to Asuka's movement in any form other than touch, Shinji was caught off guard when he felt the press of two fingers into his rear. This was too much and he began to shudder as her digits stroked upwards against a certain bump inside him. Small tremors assaulted his body followed by an intense rolling burst of pleasure that made reality fade away for a minute. Asuka pleased at her success drank the reward from his body without any concept of disgust.

Shinji felt her hand withdraw from him and heard her stand and leave the room. Soon after he heard the sound of running water from the bathroom. Asuka returned shortly after and decided to remove the gag. Shinji was silent as he lay there with a single tear rolling down his cheek. Asuka sat down and leaning close to him brushed off the tear with a gentle hand.