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Written by Ultima Bigaroh


Chapter Two

Misato’s apartment - two hours after the removal of Rei and Kaworu’s S ^ 2 units. Shinji and Asuka were in shock. Minutes ago, Rei had come over with the invitation of Kaworu. No longer was her flesh tone albino, no longer was her hair blue, no longer were her eyes crimson. She looked like a real human! BLUE EYES! DARK BROWN HAIR! BRIGHT TAN FLESHTONE! Kaworu was no longer albino, but he kept his hair and eye color. And another shock was to come (it involved a telling of S ^ 2 organs being removed).

Rei broke the silence (which seemed to be an eternity), “Shinji… you are my half-brother. We share your mother’s DNA”

Shinji was pale due to intense bewilderment.

Asuka adoringly smiled at her lover, “Shin-chan, you should be happy.”

Warmth spread across him as tears of joy escaped from his eyes. “I am, “ he said, brightly smiling.

Kaworu’s simple expression was this: ^_^


Sync Testing - Three hours later.

Maya gasped at what she saw at her terminal, “98.4 percent?!”

“Good job Asuka!” Misato said, throwing the peace gesture.

Asuka exhaled harshly. “It’s no big deal. All that matters is that I’m finally with my Shin-chan.”

Shinji blushed while the others giggled. The other sync ratios were was follows:

Kaworu: 71.9%

Shinji: 87.7%

Rei: 69.5% (sadly, she won’t be able to party without a functional unit)


Hours later - While Shinji, Asuka, Rei, and Kaworu were on a walk, Misato had stayed home, drowning herself in liquor on her day off. She just couldn’t accept the fact that Kaji was dead. Luckily for her, she wouldn’t have to accept it.

“KAJI?!” Misato screamed over the phone. “I thought you were…”

In Tokyo-2, Kaji seemed to be his ever-joyful self. “Nope, my assassin was also a SEELE spy. He helped ‘fake’ my death.” But seriously, it’s time for him to get serious. ”Misato, listen to me. You need to get out of Tokyo-3. SEELE is going to send the entire mass production EVA series to help initiate Third Impact.

“All nine mass production EVAs?!” Misato shivered at the thought. -They’re insane!-


The next day - Terminal Dogma. Before Lillith, Gendo stood. “Where is Rei? I instructed her to meet me. Where did she go?”

Laughter was heard in the background.

Gendo pulled out his .32 Magnum.

“Your puny weapon will do you no good. As for your doll, she has been freed.” Soon, the large (overdressed) Agares came walking forward into the light.

“You will be erased, you have not been authorized to interfere.”

“Commander, if you only knew what I was.” With that being said, Agares removed his trench coat, scarf, and cowboy hat.

Gendo knew what it was, “Spawn of Lucifer, Adam’s alter ego…”

Agares had red skin, two sharp, horns that stuck out of his head, and celestial wings. “I’m impressed you are aware of our species. I am Agares, first spawn of Satan, formerly known as St. Lucifer. I am the second demon.”

Gendo was merely amused. “I wonder how you will match up to Adam…” Gendo took off the glove in which Adam’s embryo was hiding. He spread his AT Field for protection until he could scheme up a plan.

Agares laughed maniacally. “Such a weak and pitiful soul you have become, Adam.” The demon then used his AT field to shatter the field around Gendo.


“Neither was this.” Agares then disintegrated Lillith’s old, oversized, deformed body with a large ki blast.

“Do you know what you’ve done?!” Gendo asked sternly, and angrily. “Humanity will not be able to artificially evolve. We will continue to live a life of suffering in this world of ungodly imperfection for thousands of years to come!”

“A real world full of pain is better than a fantasy world full of dull perfection. Remember, without suffering, there is no pleasure.”

Gendo scowled in disgust at the demon.


This was at the time NERV’s command center picked up nine objects lying towards them. In twenty minutes, Units 01, 02, and 04 were launched to do battle with Units 05-13. Luckily for them, SEELE was short on cash, and went against an all out invasion. Three S ^ 2 Units Versus nine dummy S ^ 2 Units (these dummy plugs were created before Kaworu was aware of his power to sync with EVA at any desired ratio - at the time, his ratio was only 30.5%).


In Terminal Dogma, Agares became aware of the situation-developing outside, “Commander Ikari, I do not have time to waste with you.”

In the blink of an eye, Agares effortlessly dug his claws into Gendo’s abdomen, and ripped out his intestines. Because Gendo was still not dead, Agares ripped off the commander’s arms and legs with his brute strength. Finally, after five more breaths, the bastard was at last silenced. Agares smirked at the aura of blood, entrails, and limbs that were scattered across the floor, “It is time.”

The demon vanished, and found himself reappearing, hovering above Unit 01. “Soul of Evangelion Unit One, I have come to help you, your son… the savior of all mankind. Allow me to assist you.” The demon then turned into a mass of light, and was sucked into to the unit’s now exposed core.

When all was said and done, the core closed off, and Unit 01 spread its celestial wings and its eyes began to shine an unholy shade of crimson. The beast has awakened from its slumber, and SEELE would soon have hell to pay. It let out a high pitch scream that violently shook the surface of the Tokyo-3. The Lance of Longinus was drawn by the energy emitted from the beast, and quickly raged towards the earth like a comet.

“SHINJI’S SYNC RATIO IS AT 99.9 PERCENT AND HOLDING!” Maya Ibuki screamed, feeling a sense of terror when she witnessed the unholy eyes of Unit 01.

Doctor Ritsuko Akagi trembled in fear. -The beast, it’s true form…- She screamed, “Unit One’s true form has been revealed!”

Katsuragi, Akagi, Fuyutski, Ibuki, Shigeru, and Makoto looked on in horror at the beast.

“Shin-chan, what’s going on?! Is everything okay?!” Asuka asked with deep concern in her voice, all the while tears swelled up in her eyes.

Shinji’s video feed popped up, “Asuka, I feel just fine. Please, don’t cry.”

Kaworu looked at the MP Evangelions, and noticed movement. This frightened him, somewhat. “Shinji, Asuka, they’re charging at us right now!”

As the MP Evangelions quickly closed their distance, the Lance of Longinus flew towards Unit 01. Shinji caught the lance, as if it were instinct. He screamed in a fowl rage, “I’LL TAKE POINT!” He willed Unit One forward, and effortlessly cut the closest unit (Unit 09) into kibbles and bits.

The second closest Unit (Unit 05) tried to sever Unit One’s arm with its guillotine staff, but Shinji was just too fast. After the evading the swipe, Unit 01 forced the Lance of Longinus through the core. Two MP Evangelions down, seven to go.

Kaworu charged at Unit 12, and forced the progressive into its chest, piercing the core.

Asuka screamed as she charged towards units 11 and 06, skewering them both with a spear through the chest. Their cores were silent.

In the office of Keel Lorenz - Keel laid in a puddle of his own blood. The other SEELE executives where executed as well, by agents worldwide. Standing above Keel’s corpse was Kaji Ryouji, holding a silenced Glock 17. On Keels holographic monitor played the battle of the Evangelions. The scruffy agent smiled as he saw Unit One rip off Unit 13’s head, then shoving the Lance of Longinus down its stub of a neck.

Only Units 07, 08, and 10 remained. Asuka took her sweet time dismembering Unit Seven, before finally putting the spear through the core.

Kaworu disarmed Unit Ten, and stole its guillotine. He swiftly cut the unit in two, symmetrically (as well as the core.)

Shinji engaged the final unit, and yanked the core out of the EVA with Unit One’s own hands. The lakes that covered Tokyo-3 were now red because of the battle and all the blood shed from the MP Series.


A day later, the truth was revealed about SEELE and NERV, and it was also founded that the EVA pilots tried to prevent Third Impact, not initiate it. The Japanese government recognized the pain the children had to go through to achieve this state of peace, and decided to compensate them. Touji, Rei, Kaworu, and Asuka were paid ten million yen (a little over $100k), while Shinji was paid seven fold that fold that. (roughly over $750k) Misato, now the guardian of all four children, made them put it in a savings account. The lavender haired beauty received a severance pay, triple her normal salary. It would be necessary to pay for all four children’s needs and the five-bedroom estate in Tokyo-2.

Shinji, Rei, and Kaworu were able to skip high school because of their great academic success, and go straight to college. Asuka on the other hand decided to put her PHD to use and became a part-time philosophy professor at the university (she wouldn’t be able to stand full-time because it would keep her from spending alone time with her precious Shin-chan). Misato insisted that they take a half-year brake before continuing their education (though Asuka had to start her job right away). Until Shinji started college, he would go to class with Asuka and serve as Teacher’s pet (Not against his will, either). The students could not believe that their hot little instructor with an IQ of over 200 just recently turned fifteen, and that she was already engaged (That’s right, after the week that they settled in, Shinji spent his money on an engagement ring).

When Kensuke, Hikari, and Touji stopped by, they couldn’t believe what they saw. Asuka, Shinji, both wearing engagement rings, making out on the sofa. They were also baffled about the fact that Rei was Shinji’s half-sister (But the first fact bewildered them on a whole new level.)

Kensuke was now a major playboy, with his big bucks from networking (he recently received his CISCO certification) he had no trouble scoring with random sluts (any female with a sense of morality would be disgusted by his perverted ways).

Hikari and Touji (with reconstruction, he managed get his limbs back) were now a happy couple.

When Kaji got an eyeful of Sohryu and Ikari making out on the couch, he sprinted to the nearest vacant room and got down on his knees, telling God how wonderful he truly was.

Misato knew it was inevitable, as long as Shinji and Asuka had a living breath in their body, they would always sleep together. They fact that they had to use condoms was the only compromise. Giving them her word, Misato trusted them to have the master bedroom.


11:00 PM - Two weeks after the fall of SEELE.

Asuka and Shinji have returned from the university (as teacher and teacher’s pet, of course). As soon as they got home, they rushed to their room (For some odd reason, they haven’t done anything intimate since that one special day). On Asuka’s lunch break, Shinji rushed to the drug store to pick up massaging oils. Shinji assisted Asuka in removing her clothing for what was to come. Misato decided to be nice and let them have a bottle of REAL Champaign. It sat in a bucket of ice, being chilled (kind of like a fancy hotel).

Asuka (fully nude and free of any hair clips and / or A-10 connectors) laid down on the king-size bed (and on her front side).

Shinji was going to treat her to a full body massage that she would never forget. He started off on her shoulders and slowly moved down from there.

Asuka felt a tingling sensation as Shinji slowly rubbed her down with massaging oils. It aroused her greatly.

When Shinji reached the area of her ass, he pulled an ice cube from the bucket and slowly slide it around her butt cleavage.

The red devil girl moaned and gasped at this wonderful new sensation.

Shinji continued to slowly rub oils on her ass cheeks, followed by the quadriceps and calves.

Now it was time for Asuka to receive a frontal massage.

Before Shinji begun however, he licked her toes. His lover gasped seeing how she was a bit ticklish. He straddled the fire goddess as he slowly rubbed oils down her body.

Most of Asuka’s moans escaped while he massaged her breasts and inner thighs.

Shinji decided it was time to pleasure her on a whole new level. He grabbed two cubes. The one in his right hand took the initiative. He slowly used it to circumnavigate her areolas, taking turns with each one. Her nipples were extremely erect. She softly moaned his name over and over, grimacing in pleasure.

Asuka could feel a fire build up in her, and she needed something to put it out.

Her precious Shin-chan had the cure. He softly pressed his lips against hers, and thus they began another passionate kiss. She looked longingly into his eyes. All the while they were kissing, he began to take the other cube and rub it around her pussy lips.

Asuka screamed in pleasure, though it was muffled a bit because their lips and tongues were intertwined. Her cunt was now as damp as the cube. Her moans and gasps became more intense as he rubbed it along her clitoris.

Playtime was over for Shinji. It was time he put that fire out. He inserted the ice cube into her love hole, softly stroking in and out. Asuka viciously shivered as it rubbed against her private part’s most inner walls. The pleasure, it was too much for her. Sooner than later, the young Ikari’s hand was covered by a steaming puddle of girl cum that had gushed from her vagina. The kiss broke, and he again said those magical words, “Asuka Sohryu, I will always love you. I don’t ever want to be apart from you.”

The auburn haired beauty was tired, the pleasure had take so much energy from her. She softly spoke out, “Shin-chan, I will be yours forever.” She then closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

Shinji admired the view. Asuka laying back on the bed, completely naked. Even her hair was free, it was a rarity that anyone saw her without A-10 connectors or some form of hair clips indeed. She was sleeping, and she looked so beautiful, so vulnerable. Shinji was aroused. So much, he was trying to fight the urge to masturbate to her sleeping form. “I shouldn’t do it, I would be defiling her.”

The Goddess of Fire heard his little struggle with his inner self. Her eyes shot open. “Shin-chan, I won’t scold you if you jerk off to me,” she spoke softly. “I’ll even watch.” She smiled at him.

Shinji quickly threw off his clothes and began to stroke his tribble. Their eyes never left go of one another as he jerked off to her naked body.

“Come closer,” the read head spoke. “I want front row seats.”

The hero of Evangelion stepped forward three feet, allowing his young lover a better view.

The pilot of Unit Two then sat up. “Tell me when you’re close to an orgasm. I want to feel you climax in my mouth.”

The young man could only nod. Since his panting was pretty intense, it would only be a minute or so. His strokes became more vigorous, then finally, “Asuka, open up.”

She complied.

Shinji cautiously placed his penis in her mouth after stroking it a bit more.

Asuka cautiously closed her mouth around his sex. She felt him tense up, and mere seconds later, his essence dripped on her throat. She swallow every bit, moaning at the warmth. The read head decided she should have some more fun, and brought a finger to contact her sensual spot. What she found surprised her. The red devil girl had already gone through another orgasm, just by feeling his orgasm through her mouth.

Finally, both Asuka and Shinji collapsed unto the bed into each other’s embrace, kissing passionately. After a good minute or so, they parted.

Tears strolled down the cheeks of the Second Child, “My sweet Shin-chan, what I feel for you is so strong. I don’t simply love you. It’s beyond love. I NEED YOU.” She was caressing his hand with her right arm as she said ‘I need you’.

Shinji smiled. “Asuka-chan, I need you too. I couldn’t live without you.”

Asuka was now satisfied. “Good night, my sweet baka Shin-chan.”

Our hero replied, “Sweet dreams, my dearest Asuka-chan.”

Both content, they finally were over come by a deep sleep.


THE END? - Hell no!