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Background: another ‘what if’ scenario. Suppose Shinji was being guarded by the Arch Demon Agares, who is under the direct command of Satan. Suppose that Shinji could eventually manage to synch with this demon, making for a powerful ally while piloting unit one. Suppose Shinji turns into a real man! This story will range from after the sixteenth angel to The End of Evangelion. A little bit OOC, but that’s required to set the WAFFY mood.

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Written by Ultima Bigaroh


Misato’s apartment - the 15 year old Shinji Ikari was in the kitchen, engaged in a conflict with his auburn haired, ‘well beyond depressed’ room mate, who was drinking coffee. She was enraged, causing her to throw the coffee machine on the floor, and further more kicked Shinji as hard as she possibly could. “YOU IRRESPONSIBLE JERK! IT’S NOT NICE TO LIE ABOUT THINGS LIKE THAT!” She had a dark expression on her face.

His less-than-happy reply was, “WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?! KAJI IS DEAD!”

Asuka’s face (already lifeless because those eyes of her lacked the sparkle they once had because of her inability to sync with EVA 02) paled extravagantly. “Liar…”

Shinji growled with rage, “NO ASUKA, IT’S THE TRUTH! KAJI WON’T BE COMING BACK!”

A stray tear dripped down the face of Asuka Langley Sohryu, the once all-powerful slayer of angels. Now, she is nothing more than a pathetic little girl, wishing that she could have died with her mother eight years ago.

The young Ikari sensed Asuka needed comfort, and if he didn’t provide what she needed, she would run away, and possibly never come back. Quickly, he dashed for the red head and firmly embraced her.

Asuka whimpered, “let go of me.”

Shinji replied, “No.”

Asuka spoke more sternly, “Let go of me, Third Child.”

Again, his reply was, “No.”

Asuka eyes narrowed in a demonic rage. “I WON’T ASK YOU AGAIN, LET GO OF ME!”

Shinji looked her in the eyes, returning a glare that put hers to shame. He fiercely whispered, “I will not let you go. Not now, not ever.”

Asuka lowered her voice, but still spoke with vehemence, “Why the hell are you doing this?”

Shinji smiled, and spoke in his normal soft voice. “It’s because I love you.”

Asuka struggled to get out of his embrace, but she couldn’t. Her depression since the fifteenth angel has really brought her energy to a new low. “Don’t lie to me. If you love me, why did you let that angel defile me?” Her voice would once again burst, “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SAVE THAT STUPID DOLL INSTEAD OF ME?”

Shinji tightened his embrace, whispering, “I tried to save you. I really did, but father… that bastard cut off all the nerve connections. It was all his fault. As for Rei… I like her… but more like a sister. You’re the one I want to be with, Asuka.”

Asuka’s eyes opened wide. It hit her that he has shown to have a tremendous spine, a spine made of titanium alloy. She thought, -He really does care… but, could he really love me?- The goddess of fire then spoke up again, tears pouring from her eyes. “Shinji, you can’t love me… I’ve been so cruel.”

Shinji smiled, looking into her eyes. Asuka couldn’t help but smile back, and the sparkle she held in her eyes was beginning to glow again, and her face was returning to a light tan. “Asuka, that’s not cruelty. It’s what I like to call tough love. Also… I know it’s a tender subject… but in a way, I’m just like you. I too had to watch my mother die.”

It was then Asuka’s true feelings for the boy shined through. She remembered him saving her in Mount Asama. She remembered they kiss that they shared, finding out he was pretty damn good. She remembered how invincible Shinji could be in combat, going to just about any length to defend the city, defend the homes of the people that are dear to him.

Without thought, Asuka placed a hand on Shinji’s right cheek and pressed her lips to his, boring her tongue into his mouth. He was surprised at first, but in a couple of seconds, he returned the favor. They kissed passionately for a good minute or so, though it seemed like hours. When they broke, they desperately gasped for air.

Asuka was beginning to break down. “Shinji, I feel so guilty for hurting you in the past. I WAS WRONG!” She buried her head in his chest, crying out all the bottled up tears that were held in her for so very long.

Shinji smiled as he stroked through her hair with his left hand. “I forgive you Asuka. I love you more than life itself. I couldn’t possibly hold a grudge against you.” He then thought to himself, -she looks so sad.-

Asuka looked into young Ikari’s dark blue orbs, and softly said, “I love you too… more than anything.” She took his right hand and guided it under her shirt, placing it on her left breast, and stated, “My heart beats for you, and you alone.”

Shinji flushed, stammering out, “Umm… I… uh… I’m glad. ” He noted mentally, -That was pathetic.- He spoke again, but with confidence, “It means everything to me, it really does.”

Asuka blushed, thinking, -So shy, so romantic… so sweet.-

Shinji regained his sweet and loving smile. “Why don’t you go take a nap? I’ll fix lunch in the meantime. I’ll fix some of your favorite European entrees.”

Asuka’s blush intensified, and responded by saying. “Actually, I’ll go wash my hands in the restroom while you gather food. I’d rather help my leibshin cook.”

Shinji’s knowledge of the German language was limited, but he knew what ‘leibshin’ meant. He replied, “I am honored that my leibshin wants to help me cook.”

Asuka’s face flushed to a crimson color, matching the eyes of the First Child. She stammered, “Umm, well, umm, I… I’m glad you think that…”

In addition to washing her hands, Asuka splashed water in her face to assure the fact she was not dreaming. Much to her delight, she wasn’t dreaming, this was reality! Looking in the mirror, she beamed the bright smile of a beautiful angel, and thought, -Somehow, I always knew he would be the one to rescue me. Only one more angel left, and we’ll be able to live happily ever after!- It was there after she made her way back to the kitchen.

Misato had bought an excess amount of groceries a while back, which is by all means a good thing. Shinji was relieved when noticed they possessed the needed ingredients. This meal he prepared was composed of Lasagna, bratwursts, (something Asuka really loves), French Onion soup with provolone cheese, mashed potatoes with beef gravy, and some non-alcoholic Champaign. (Misato insisted that it be used ONLY on special occasions.) -This is special if you ask me,- he thought. To finish it all off, Shinji dimmed the lights and lit a candle in the center of the table.

Once they took a seat, Shinji smiled radiantly. “Let’s eat.”

Through out their feast, Asuka had (on several occasions) complimented him on the finest meal she ever had tasted. Shinji said that he had a good assistant. Asuka said he was damn right. In twenty minutes, they were stuffed.

Asuka, stood up from the table slowly walked towards the restroom. She said, “I’m going to take a bath, is that okay?”

Shinji replied, “Umm, why do you need to ask if it’s okay?”

The goddess of fire spoke, this time in a seductive tone, “I want you to bathe with me.”

Before she could speak another word, Shinji (turning her around) forced her arms above her head, and gently pulled off her shirt. He began to kiss her down the cheek and neck as he got a hand full of her boobies.

Gasping with immense pleasure, Asuka thought she should so something too. -Maybe I should…- She started off by massaging his crotch area with her left hand, while the other one stroked the back of his neck.

Shinji moaned, but not as loudly as she. Next, he dragged the purple coochie cutters down past her hips. They soon fell freely to the floor. He placed his right hand in between her legs, softly massaging her most sensual area through the thin fabric of her panties for a couple of minutes.

“Oh my God… Shinji, it feels so good.” Her body tense up greatly as moisture spilled from her love hole.

Shinji beamed, “I’m glad it pleased you Asuka, but the best is yet to come.” Her eyes widened as he slowly pulled her panties down, forcing his tongue into her mouth as he was doing so. Her loud moans persisted as pleasure roared through her entire body. -She really likes it,- the young Ikari thought.

While Asuka was being pleasure struck, she unbuttoned Shinji’s jeans. A generously loud moan erupted from him while she stuffed her hand down his pants to get a good feel of his manhood. She gently teased him by gently rubbing a couple of fingers on his dick head.

“That feels incredible,” Shinji moaned out. Asuka and Shinji parted so she could undress him all the way. First he lost the red shirt, then the Fruit of the Loom briefs. They begun to kiss again, letting their tongues caress one another. Their passionate kiss lasted for several minutes.

Once they parted for air, Asuka took a deep breath, and prepared for her next task. She took Shinji’s hand and dragged him into the bathroom.

Asuka sat at the edge of the tub and turned the hot water knob. “While we’re waiting for it to fill up, we can… umm… come closer,” she said, grinning. He came closer, and stopped. “CLOSER! I want your penis right in front of my face!” she said, in a demanding tone of voice. Shinji blushed, but eventually came through. She placed her right hand on his rod, and began to softly stroke it. She decided to tease him some more, gently licking his pink head while she jerked his lever.

“Mmmmm, that’s really nice,” Shinji said with a low moan. Of course, his moaning only got louder as she began to lick his scrotum. “OH! That feels… oh yeah.” The pleasure engulfed him. Before too long, his cum shot out unto the girl's face. When she felt some drip to her lips, she licked it up.

Asuka then shot a mock death glare at Shinji after tasting his salty essence, “You should have warned me that you were going to cum, I would have swallowed it for you.”

He flushed, -Wow.-

In an upbeat manner, Asuka said, “Our bath is ready, dear. Let’s get in.”

In the bathtub, Shinji and Asuka took turns washing each other’s limbs and private parts. They kissed passionately with their eyes closed as they scrubbed each other’s hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Once they were more than just Zestfully clean, Shinji rubbed Asuka down with a towel, and then she did the same to him. Afterwards, they kissed again.

After parting, Asuka was the first to speak. “Shinji, let’s make love… now,” she whispered.

Shinji smiled. “Anything to satisfy you.”

“But I get to be on top!” she retorted, dragging him to the couch. “Lay down!”

Shinji did as he was told.

“Good boy.” Asuka then straddled him, and kissed him once more. “Ready?”

He nodded.

Asuka, now holding Shinji’s hands in her own, slowly pushed her pelvic area down on to his. She shivered in pain as her hymen broke. For a minute or two, they just sat their, hands intertwined. His sex holding still in her sex. Tears were in Asuka’s eyes as she tried to get used to the pain. “All right, Shinji… I think I’m ready.” With their hands still intertwined, she slowly rocked her hips back and forth. Every now and then, she would lean down and kiss him passionately. She whispered, “I love you, Shinji Ikari. I hope it will be like this forever.”

Shinji responded, saying, “I love you too, Asuka Sohryu. I assure you, things will be like this forever.” He freed his hands of hers and began to fondle her breasts.

Asuka was becoming weak as pleasure overtook her yet again. She placed her hand on Shinji’s chest for balance. “Mmmm, that feels really nice. Just like that,” Asuka moaned in response to her lover gently massaging her areolas with his fingers. She has almost adapted to the pain, and begun to speed up the pace of her hip’s motions. “Mmmmm, MMMMMM!” the fiery red moaned as she felt intense pleasure building up again.

Shinji, on the other hand, was virtually at his peak. “ASUKA!” he moaned, panting heavily. His backside arched as cum exploded from his pee hole.

Asuka could not handle the feeling of his ejaculation in her vagina. She screamed, “OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING!” Her body tensed up massively, and her love juices dripped down from her clitoris. The young women laid her head on Shinji’s shoulder. “Thanks Shinji, that was the best experience in my life,” Asuka implied, still panting a bit.

“Same… here,” Shinji replied, still catching some breath.

Asuka smiled. “I love you, Shinji. I only wish we could have done this sooner.”

Shinji nodded. “I agree… and I’ll love you, forever and ever.”

Asuka then freed herself from the bologna pony she was pressed against. “Come on, let’s get dressed before Misato and our new roommate comes home.”

Shinji was bewildered, “Huh? New room mate?”

Asuka frowned. “She doesn’t bother to tell you anything.”

Shinji asked, “What is it?”

“The Fifth Child is going to be staying with us, at least until the last angel is destroyed.”

“Great,” Shinji muttered with much sarcasm, “less time for us to be alone.”

Asuka responded optimistically, “don’t worry about it. After the last Angel, we’ll get to leave this place behind. We will get to live happy, normal lives, together.”

The Third Child grinned, “we could go to Germany.”

Asuka smiled. “That’s considerate of you, but I wanna go to Tokyo-2, get to see Hikari again.”

“Yeah,” he murmured, “I would really like to see Touji.”

“Well, let’s worry about that later. Let’s just get dressed,” the red head stated.


In the blue Renault, Misato was shivering at the silver haired boy’s resemblance to Rei Ayanami. -Was he used to create dummy plugs too?- Even though her question would not go answered, the answer is ‘yes’. -I can’t believe we have to do the activation of the rebuilt Unit Four. What happens if we get sucked up by a Dirac Sea?- Her thoughts then shifted to the silver haired child once again, who was quietly sitting next to her. -I hope he’s ready to feel Asuka’s wrath.-


Misato was speechless at what she saw. Shinji was sitting couch, listening to his SDAT player, SMILING. In his lap was the sleeping Asuka’s head (she was smiling too), who was at peace for the first time in months.

Misato spoke up, “Shinji…”

Shinji took out his earphones and smiled at her. “Misato, I hear the Fifth Child is coming to stay with us.”

Misato looked puzzled. -I don’t remember telling him. I guess Asuka must have.- “Umm, Shinji, why is Asuka’s head in your lap?” She noticed Shinji’s blush. -They couldn’t have… I thought she hated him!- She whispered, “You’re in big trouble.”

-She couldn’t possibly know,- he thought. -Maybe I’ll tell a white lie, just to get by.- “I’m sorry, Misato. I’m sorry that we couldn’t resist the urge to make out on the sofa.”

Though Misato isn’t aware of the truth, she was relieved. It was time for Misato to pull her evil stunts. “Ooh, Shinji. I bet you’ll REALLY rock her world!”

Shinji’s blush went full crimson. Misato giggled. (though she is not aware of the truth.)

“I take it the Second and Third Child have been disregarding good behavior,” an unfamiliar spoke out.

Misato stammered, “oh, umm, Kaworu. This is…”

Kaworu cut her off, “Shinji Ikari, the Third Child. His soul mate there is the Second Child, Asuka Langley Sohryu.”

Shinji’s blush went off the scale when he heard the term ‘soul mate’.

Misato simply paled.

Kaworu continued his speech, “Mr. Ikari, I would like to talk to you. Why don’t us males go for a walk and let the females engage in, how do you say, ‘Girl talk’?”

Shinji stammered, “Uh, umm, sure. But please, call me Shinji.”

Kaworu beamed, “then call me Kaworu.”


On one of the few remaining skyscrapers in Tokyo 3, a large man, possibly over 250 centimeters tall, stood. His face was covered by a scarf and a cowboy hat, while his body was covered by a trench coat and black steel toed boots. -Satan, it is I, Agares.-

It seemed Satan and Agares spoke back and forth on a telepathic channel. Satan asked, -What is it now?-

Agares replied, -Tabris has infiltrated the house of the Third and Second Child. It seems he has taken residence there through the approval of NERV. Should I kill him?-

Satan growled. -No, we may have a use for him. In Fact, removing his S ^ 2 organ would be a simple alternative. With his powers gone, he will have no choice but to join us. After Tabris is freed of his S ^ 2 organ, we can give it to Unit Two.-

-What about the S ^ 2 organ within Unit Four?-

-Leave it. It will come in handy against SEELE’s mass production EVAs.-

-But Tabris is the secondary successor to chairman Keel Lorenz.-

-He would rather side with the Third Child than Keel, so do not worry.-

-What about the Second Child?- Agares asked. -Could she handle an S ^ 2 organ? She can’t even sync with Evangelion Unit 02.-

Satan chuckled, -Several hours ago that would have been true. Now that the Second and Third have become one, she is at peace. Her ability to sync with EVA will be even greater than before.-

Agares shrugged, -I’m not sure about this, my lord. I think you are trusting these Children too much.-

-Be silent, I am to give you new orders.-

-Yes sir.-

-Since we are unaware of SEELE’s whereabouts, we can only deal with a select few of the meddling threats.-

Agares inquired, -The commander of NERV and the First Child?-

Satan replied, -And Lillith‘s empty shell. I have foreseen the future. Third Impact will be started first by the merger of Adam’s embryo and the First. Next, the First will merge with Lillith. The mass production Evangelions, Unit One, and the Lance of Longinus will serve as the keys in the ritual after the forbidden union of Adam and Lillith‘s empty shell.-

-What must I do?-

-You must get close to the First Child, and remove her S ^ 2 engine.-

-Why not kill her?-

-INSOLENT FOOL! We are trying to save humanity, not destroy it. I want to avoid as many casualties as possible. Besides, removing the S ^ 2 engine will allow her to live a normal life with her brother.-

-And Lillith‘s old body? Gendo?-

-Destroy them both. That goes double for double for the commander, for he is the lowest form of scum, next to the Archangels. The way he refused his own son so save the one he loves… disgusting.-

Agares sneered, “It will feel odd to destroy your wife‘s old body.”

Satan chuckled yet again. “It does not matter, her renewed body and her soul are in Hades, and for that I am grateful.”

As soon as the telepathic link was cut out, Agares mumbled, “I prefer the days when we slaughtered humans.” He thought, -Satan is such a fool, thinking he can repent for his wrongdoing. The divine creator will not forgive him simply for this act of goodwill.-


Meanwhile, Kaworu and Shinji were walking about Tokyo-3, discovering how much they had in common.

Kaworu was his upbeat self, as usual, “It has come to my attention that you enjoy classical music, Shinji.”

Shinji was bewildered and shocked, “How did you know?”

Kaworu beamed brightly, “Everyone knows. Your reputation is known worldwide.”

Shinji shrugged, not sounding too enthused, “Is that so?”

Kaworu nodded, “Indeed. And it just so happens that I too enjoy Classical. I believe that Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ is the peak creation of man’s time in this world.

Shinji shivered, “That’s strange, I’ve always thought the same thing.”

Kaworu grinned, “Of course, and it seems that you and I were destined to meet.”


Back at the apartment, Misato was milking as much information out of Asuka as possible about her relationship with Shinji.

“What gives?” Misato asked, smiling mischievously. “I thought you hated him.”

Asuka blushed. “I was wrong.” She had then told her about everything Shinji told her, including his attempt to rescue her from Angel 15.

Misato smiled, “So, how serious are you about him anyway?”

Asuka could not deny the truth, “When this is all over, I will go wherever he does. I love him, more than anything this world has given me.”

Misato wasn’t prepared for answer like that. “Umm, how can that be? You two have only been together since when? Today?”

Asuka fumed. “It doesn’t matter. If I knew everything I knew about him now back when we met, I’m sure it would have been love at first site.”

Misato turned pale.

Tears threatened Asuka eyes as she spoke, “Misato…”

Misato, “Yes, Asuka?”

Asuka could not hide the truth. She needed the world to know how much Shinji meant to her, “I can’t lie to you Misato, the way he made me feel… Please, don’t get angry Misato.”

Misato felt a lump in her throat, as if she knew what was coming.

Asuka continued, “This feeling that I’ve had for him since Mount Asama, it’s been building up for so long, and now… I just couldn’t hide it. They way he made me feel… I just had to make love to him. And, the feeling… it just felt so right.”

Misato couldn’t help but cry, “Asuka, you can’t tell anyone at NERV about this. Please, try to keep it in between our family.”

Asuka nodded.

Misato smiled. “You’re happy, aren’t you?”

Asuka smiled back. “The happiest I’ve ever been.”

“Well, if you’re so much happier, I’m thinking that just might have a positive influence on your job a NERV.” Misato implied. “I’m not sure, but I think it would be much easier to open your mind.”

Asuka wiped away her tears. “Probably, but I don’t care about sync rates and killing angels anymore. I only need my Shin-chan.”

“But as long as you’re able to do it, you’ll have to. The commander won’t let you slack off if your sync rate is sufficient.”

The red head replied, “I know.” Her blood boiled with rage. “I swear, the next time Shinji gets hurt because of him, I will kill him! What he did to his friend is unforgivable.” She gritted her teeth. -Refusing to let Shinji save me, that bastard!-

The lavender haired woman’s tears became more forceful. “Oh Asuka… I’m sure Shinji would have loved to hear that.”


All went well for the week. Shinji found time for both his new best friend, and his eternal soul mate. However, nothing good can last forever, or can it?


Kaworu stood in the cage of unit two. “Let us go, shadow of Adam.” Before he could synch with the EVA, a hand entered his chest as if it were liquid. He scowled, “Spawn of St. Lucifer!”

The demon chuckled, “Your S ^ 2 organ has been successfully transferred to unit two. You are now a human, Fifth.”

“But how so?” Kaworu then realized the voice was familiar. “Arch Demon Agares, I should have known...”

The overdressed demon chuckled again, “I’m sorry Tabris, but the Third Child needs you as a friend. More importantly, you are needed to help defend NERV from SEELE.”

“I do not understand your motifs,” Kaworu stated, ever so boldly.

“Lucifer wishes to protect humanity from Third Impact. He hopes it will allow him to repent for his sins against the divine creator. I know you will cooperate with us, after all, you wish to continue your relationship with the Third, do you not?”

Kaoru grinned. “I suppose you are right, but what do you plan to do about the First and Lillith?”

“The first will be spared, as you were. Lillith on the other hand… must be disposed of.”

Kaworu chuckled. “I don’t think the commander would like that very much.”

“The commander will soon be dead.”

A soft voice spoke up in the background. “Who are you?”

“If it isn’t the First Child. Tell me, is your assimilation with the second Rei’s memory complete?” Agares asked, smirking under the scarf.

“I will not tell.”

“Then I’ll take that as a no. I guess this means I won’t be able to tell you about the bond between you and the Third.”

“Shinji?” Rei asked. “Please, I must know.”

“Ah, so your memory assimilation IS complete. To put it bluntly, you are his half-sister. Part of you was composed from his mother, the other part of you from Lillith. If you allow me to take your S ^ 2 organ, you will be able to live a normal live with your brother.”

“I would like that…”


End of Chapter One.

Next chapter: Shinji, Agares, and a berserk Unit One fuse together, meaning SEELE is in some deep shit (not to mention he’s got Units Two and Four to back him up). Also, Gendo… dies… a… very… brutal… painful… DEATH! Well then, I’ll see you the fuck later.