Silence is Golden
By Dragonhealer
Asuka opened her eyes an after taking a moment to gaze around she 
noticed she was in the hospital. She turned her head over to one side, 
wincing in slight pain, raised a hand to her cheek, and felt soft 
cotton taped. Taking a moment to adjust her vision, she saw Shinji 
standing a few feet away from her, a look of deep concern in his eyes. 
Asuka closed and opened her eyes, not feeling her body at all.

"Shinji?" Her voice was in a whisper. "Don’t move, Asuka, you’ve been 
badly hurt," he responded calmly. "What happened?" She asked, not 
being able to remember a thing, her head aching. Shinji stayed silent 
for a moment. Taking a deep breath, he slowly walked up to Asuka, 
kneeled beside her, gazing deeply into her clear blue eyes.

"Asuka, do you remember anything that’s happened before you ended up 
here?" He asked calmly, his voice having a shaky tone. It took all of 
Asuka’s strength to shake her head, her memory an extremely fuzzy 
state. Shinji hesitated, then finally spoke, "It was our worst angel 
attack ever. We…..we almost lost you….." He shook a little. Asuka 
stayed silent as she listened, then nodded. "The Angel attacked you 
before any of us could react in time. From what it looked like, it was 
raping your mind…… were begging for it to stop, but wouldn’t. You 
were helpless. The Angel destroyed your limb. You were down. I tried 
to attack it until………until…….." Asuka looked at him, her strength 
slowly returning.

"Shinji…..what happened next?" She struggled to turn her body over. "I 
said don’t move!" Shinji said with more force in his voice. <He sounds 
just like his father> Asuka thought to herself as she obeyed. Shinji 
took another deep breath, making sure to make Asuka feel too 
uncomfortable, and keeping his distance. He locked eyes with hers, 
which nearly caused him to blush, but he fought it back. "Before I or 
anyone else at NERV could react……Rei struck." He made a face like he 
had just seen a ghost. Asuka didn’t move. "It was a horrible sight," 
Shinji continued. "She tore the Angel literally to shreds, like a lion 
attacking a baby zebra. We were all just stunned, staring, feeling 
sick to the stomach, and while it was going on, I heard these very 
words from her very mouth, "……You killed her……you killed her……the only 
person whom I had ever cared about during my existence… could 
you……..I…….I….." he stopped and sighed deeply. 

Asuka was stunned. She stared at him as if he was an Angel himself. 
"Rei…..Wonder Girl……she….actually……said that?" Shinji took another 
deep breath and nodded. "And…..the last thing she said before she 
destroyed the Angel completely was……" Asuka could feel her heart 
racing and beating loud enough for both of them to hear. "……….I loved 
her." He finally finished. Asuka blinked several times at those three 
words. After thinking it over, she finally understood everything. 
"Rei…….said all that?" Shinji nodded. "Loud and clear, Asuka." She 
fell silent for a moment. "Where is she now?"

"When we were able to find, rescue and put you in this room, my father 
told her. She smiled. She actually smiled. If I didn’t know any 
better, I’d say she was overwhelmed," he smiled softly. "I had never 
seen her display such happy emotion. Here, she asked me to give you 
this," he slipped out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Asuka. 
"She had asked me not to read it. I just had to respect her wishes." 
Asuka was impressed at Shinji’s modesty and even felt just a tiny bit 
guilty at the way she used to treat him. "Shinji, will you please read 
it to me? I don’t feel strong enough to do it myself," she asked 

"Of course, Asuka," he agreed, opened the note, and read just loud 
enough for Asuka to hear:

"Asuka, I am so happy that you’re alive. I know that I haven’t been 
showing any real emotion to anyone else other than Commander 
Ikari…….until I met you. I should be mad for the way you’ve been 
treating me, calling me a doll with no emotion or purpose other than 
doing what the commander tells her…..but…..I just could 
never….something inside of me is keeping me from hating you, let alone 
dislike you……I just can’t……I’m quite confused of this new feeling……I 
like you, Asuka……I like you a lot. You’re the other reason why I 
appreciate my own existence even more…….." Shinji widened his eyes as 
he read the last few lines. "…..whenever I’m near you, I feel 
stronger….but I kept silent because……..I love you. When you’re strong 
enough, please come see met at my apartment. "

Shinji blinked at the note. "Wow…..I never realized Rei was like that. 
Not to be rude but I never thought she would be able to have those 
kinds of feelings for someone like you….." he glanced at Asuka and 
noticed the shocked look on her face. "Asuka? Are you all right?" He 
quickly got a cup of water and gave it to her , who sat up as he held 
the cup for her. "Take your time, don’t drink so fast.." he said 
calmly. She drank the water rather slowly, her eyes a little dreary. 
She relaxed, licking her lips. Shinji watched, tossing the cup into 
the wastebasket. He was about to toss away the note when Asuka stopped 

"Wait, let me have it, please. I want to take it with me to Rei when I 
go to her apartment." Shinji nodded and handed her the note. Asuka 
laid back down and closed her eyes. As Shinji turned to leave, he 
heard Asuka mumble in her sleep, "Shinji…….thank you……….Wonder 

She laid in bed. It was Saturday evening. The sky had turned a dark 
orange outside her window. It had been weeks since the last attack. 
She had been waiting for her arrival since then, waiting day after 
day, both in school and at home. She was all she could ever think 
about, always on her mind, that red hair, those cool blue eyes, that 
fiery personality……she knew why. Just as she was about to give up 
hope, the doorbell rang. Her heart in her throat, she got up, walked 
to the door and opened it. She gasped at who it was. "Asuka?" she 
whispered, as if this were a dream. The German girl was alive and 
well, in her school uniform, whereas Rei was wearing a white tank top 
and jean shorts, nothing else. Her eyes locked with Asuka’s, whose 
expression was rather unreadable. Rei motioned for her to enter with a 
wave of her hand.

Both girl sat on the bed, silent, not looking at each other, their 
backs turned. Asuka pulled up her knees, and unbeknownst to Rei, was 
clutching the note out of view. Rei sat at the edge, not knowing what 
to say. After about ten minutes of silence, Rei spoke up, "I’m so glad 
you came." Asuka didn’t respond, staring into space, the note still in 
her hands. Rei thought for a moment, then asked quietly, "Asuka, what 
do you know about love?"

Asuka blinked. After much thought and consideration, she silently 
moved over to Rei and gently draped her arms over the girl’s 
shoulders. Before she could react Asuka whispered into her ear, "I can 
show you so much more, Wonder Girl." It was Rei’s turn to blink, until 
she heard the sound of Asuka removing her clothes, then it stopped. 
Slowly she glanced over her shoulder, and widened her eyes when she 
saw that Asuka was nude. Rei was stunned, not knowing what was going 
on, until she saw the odd gleam in Asuka’s eyes, her clothes all over 
the floor. Rei understood, and removed her own clothes, tossing them 
on the floor as well. "Asuka…..I don’t….." Asuka moved in closer and 
placed a finger on Rei’s lips. "Shhhhhh…’s okay. I won’t hurt you, 
Rei, just lay down."

Rei took a moment to study Asuka’s body, and felt her heart racing, 
then laid down. Smiling, Asuka crawled over until she was on top of 
Rei, locking eyes with her. Rei blushed a little. Asuka leaned in for 
a very deep and passionate kiss. Rei blushed hotly, as the kiss 
electrified through her body, her mind reeling. Asuka broke the kiss 
and smiled, licking her lips, then whispered into her ear, "You saved 
my life, Wonder Girl, and this is how I am going to show my 
appreciation," she nibbled softly on Rei’s ear before kissing on her 
neck, and dropped the note on the floor. Rei had never felt like this 
before, but something deep within her heart told her that this is 
exactly what she has longed for in such a long time. She moaned softly 
in pleasure, and reached out her hands, not knowing if she wanted to 
touch Asuka’s beautiful body, only letting her fingers to gently trace 
the surface. Asuka noticed this and whispered more hotly, "Touch me, 
Wonder Girl, touch me anywhere." she kissed down Rei’s shoulder. Rei 
shivered slightly in pleasure, then softly stroked Asuka’s breasts, 
cupping them and squeezing gently. She has never felt anything so soft 
and warm, as Asuka’s body presses against hers. Asuka moans softly, 
"Oh yes. Touch me there." she smiled and kissed Rei deeply. She moaned 
in the kiss, her hands now rubbing up and down Asuka’s smooth back. 
Asuka broke the kiss and gently licked Rei’s breasts, teasing with her 
tongue. Rei let out a passionate gasp. "Oh, Asuka!" 

Asuka continued licking, and sucked gently on one of her breasts. 
"Mmmmmm…such a sweet taste you have…" she licked softly. Rei slowly 
arched her back and moaned out loud in pleasure, her hands now 
stroking down Asuka’s sides. The German girl sucked on Rei’s other 
breast, and moved her hand to softy rub Rei’s vagina. Rei immediately 
felt pleasure building up within her vagina, and moaned out Asuka’s 
name. Asuka stopped and gazed deeply into her eyes. Rei looked back 
and smiled. "God, you have such beautiful eyes, Wonder Girl," Asuka 
said she found herself lost in them. "Asuka," Rei softly moaned and 
ran her fingers through her friend’s hair. Asuka moaned softly and 
slowly rubbed her hips and vagina against Rei’s. Both girls moaned out 
in pleasure. "Oh, Asuka! Oh, yes! I love you!" Rei cried out as she 
bumped back. "Rei…..oh yes……this feels so good…..don’t stop…..I love 
you too…." Asuka could feel powerful orgasms triggering within her 

Rei cried out as she felt very powerful orgasms exploding within her 
body, her body now shining in sweat as she holds onto Asuka, still 
grinding and bumping. Asuka screamed in pleasure, and finally 
collapses next to Rei, panting heavily, feeling extremely powerful 
orgasmic aftershocks, her body sweating as she locks eyes with Rei. 
Rei was doing the same thing, breathing heavily and reaches out a hand 
to touch Asuka’s face. Asuka smiled as she breathed, "Wonder 
Girl…….that was……..incredible…….."

Rei smiled. "I love you, Asuka…..with all my heart………" she moved in 
closer and wrapped an arm around Asuka’s body, softly stroking her 
cheek. "You are beautiful." Asuka blushed and cups Rei’s chin in her 
hands, kissing her softly. "I love you too, Rei. If it hadn’t been for 
you I would still be dead," she smiled and pulled up the sheets, 
keeping her eyes locked with Rei’s. Rei smiled and leaned in closer. 
"Asuka….." Asuka placed a finger on Rei’s lips. "Shhh…’s all 
right….your silence is all I need……."

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