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This story is a parody of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series and the characters within. All characters used are the property of Gainax. _____________________________________________________________________

Unexpected Side-effects
By Redd Penn

Ritsuko Akagi frowned once more at the young pilot laying unconscious before her. Shinji Ikari, The Third Child, designated pilot of Evangelion Unit 01 and son of Commander Gendo Ikari, her lover, had, with little training, defeated two angels in battle. Ritsuko couldn’t help but be impressed by his achievements despite, or perhaps because of, his apparent weakness of character. True, seeing your mother disappear before your eyes and receiving virtually no comfort or support from your father would have had an effect on most people but Shinji seemed almost to wallow in his failures and short comings. And yet, to the surprise of all, he had comprehensively defeated two angels.
What in truth had caused the frown to crease the blonde doctors forehead was the prominent erection the young pilot now sported, despite the fact he was unconscious. She had first noticed it just after his first time in Unit 01 but had simply shrugged it off as teenage hormones. This time, however, Ritsuko had run some tests. The tests showed that his time in Unit 01 had heightened Shinji’s testosterone levels slightly, which would explain his running away. This for him had translated itself into his erectile problem and a heightened production of pheromones, which may explain his fight at school. Further testing had shown that Rei Ayanami, the First Child and designated pilot of Unit 00, showed signs of a sensitivity to the pheromones Shinji was producing.
Alone with the unconscious pilot in the medical room with the door locked and the security camera switched off, by order of Gendo Ikari, Ritsuko approached her patient with a speculative look. Without changing expression she gently opened Shinji’s trousers and uncovered the erect penis within. She ran an appraising eye over his exposed manhood that was slightly larger than normal for teenager of Shinji’s age.
‘You get that from your father you know.’ Ritsuko told the unconscious pilot as she ran her finger softly along the underside of his shaft. ‘I wonder what other traits you share?’
Shinji stirred slightly as Ritsuko’s hand encircled his erection then began rhythmically stroking it.
‘If you’re anything like your father Shinji you’re probably going to make quite a mess.’ She told him matter-of-factly. ‘We can’t have Commander Ikari’s son doing that now, can we?’
Smiling softly Ritsuko bent down and gently kissed the head of the young pilot’s penis moistening her lips with the pearl of pre-cum that glistened there. Allowing herself a moment to savour the taste she then ran the tip of her tongue softly over the head of his penis, continuing her rhythmic stroking, before taking it into her mouth.
Shinji, still unconscious, gasped. Ritsuko, unconcerned, continued flicking and teasing the sensitive head of his penis with her tongue within the moist confines of her mouth. With her lip encircling his shaft Ritsuko’s hands were free to roam. One hand stroked and lightly pinched the skin of his testicles whilst the other teased his pubic hair.
Ritsuko soon quickened her ministrations as she felt Shinji squirm and buck beneath her. His breath became ragged and he whimpered. Then, with a loud moan, his body stiffened as he released a hot stream of semen into the doctor’s waiting mouth. Ritsuko swallowed the warm flood that filled her mouth without leaking a drop, her time with Gendo had made her very proficient in that area, and milked Shinji’s softening manhood to the very last.
With a soft goodbye kiss for his penis Ritsuko restored her patients clothing to their former position and stroked his forehead with a gentle hand.
‘It would seem you share quite a lot with your father Shinji.’ She informed the still unconscious pilot. ‘I’ll give you some medication to keep your newly enhanced libido under control for now but I’m sure that there will come a day when you’ll make some girl very happy indeed.’
Then Ritsuko had a thought.
A very wicked thought.

Captain Misato Katsuragi was a strong capable woman with a number of admiral qualities and who was proficient in many areas of expertise. Cooking, however, was not one of them. When she had accepted her friend’s invitation to dinner Ritsuko had been hoping that Misato hadn’t been anywhere near the kitchen. As it turned out, that had been a vain hope.
As PenPen collapsed with a soft thud somewhere behind her Ritsuko found it hard to conceal her amazement as Misato devoured her own culinary creation with no apparent ill effect. Not for the first time the doctor had wondered if her friend had some secret power that allowed her to consume what others found inedible. If the saying ‘You are what you eat’ were in any way true then she shuddered to think what Misato was.
Rather than risk another mouthful of her friend’s cooking Ritsuko reached into her handbag and handed to Shinji the new security pass for Rei Ayanami.
Although she’d had ample opportunity to give the pass to the First Child herself Ritsuko, claiming forgetfulness, had waited for an opportunity to have Shinji deliver it to the blue haired girl. The doctor had also taken the opportunity to reduce the dose of medication that regulated the Third Child’s new found libido. She estimated that it would be almost back to full strength by the time he reached Ayanami’s apartment.
‘Why do you keep teasing me?’ Shinji cried out as Misato caught his lingering look at Rei’s picture.
‘Because you go so ballistic.’ His room mate giggled.
‘Just like Misato.’ Ritsuko noted.
‘Gaah!’ A flustered Misato responded.
Grateful for the reprieve Shinji left.
Ritsuko smiled.

The lift rose smoothly beneath Shinji as he fidgeted nervously. He was going to Rei Ayanami’s apartment to deliver her new security pass. A simple task really, so why was he so nervous? Perhaps it was because this was the first time he would be alone with the First Child.
Rei Ayanami was quiet, solitary and, to Shinji, a total enigma. She seldom spoke to, or took interest in, anyone, not even Misato or Ritsuko. The sole exception to this general indifference was his father. Ayanami acted so differently when in the company of Commander Ikari, more open. In turn his father seemed more... sensitive around Rei. Considering the almost aggressive indifference his father usually showed him Shinji thought he should probably feel some sort of resentment or jealousy, but he didn’t. Instead he felt there was something about the First Child, something that was almost but not quite familiar. For the life of him he couldn’t figure out what it was. It was just a feeling really...
Too quickly he found himself standing before Ayanami’s apartment ringing the buzzer. What was wrong with him? His entire body felt like an itch that he couldn’t scratch. He wanted to run! He wanted to sprint as fast as he could, to race the wind knowing he could beat it. He wanted to do something, he needed to do something! He’d never before felt so alive... so aware. Embarrassingly what Shinji was most aware of was the almost painful erection he’d been sporting ever since he’d entered the building. This was not something he really wanted at this point in time.
Giving up on the buzzer Shinji tentatively entered the apartment, removing his shoes at the door.
The state of the First Child’s room shocked him. The bed was unmade, bandages and clothes littered the floor and the dresser drawers were open and overflowing. The place was absolute chaos. And he’d thought Misato was messy!
His eyes then fell to the pair of glasses upon the dresser. Although cracked they were identical to those worn by his father. Curious Shinji picked them up and, without really thinking about it, put them on. Behind him a door opened. Shinji turned at the sound.
For a brief moment Shinji almost stopped breathing as he stood face to face with Rei Ayanami. Even through the blur of the glasses he could see she was naked save for the towel draped casually around her neck. Shinji couldn’t stop his gaze exploring her nymph-like body, running over her partially concealed breasts down to the pale blue triangle to between her legs. His erection throbbed painfully as she moved purposefully towards him.
Embarrassed his eyes went to her face. Rei looked neither angry, shocked or offended merely determined. As far as Shinji could tell she seemed totally unconcerned by, if not oblivious to, her nudity. She ignored his stuttered protests, explanations, excuses and reached for the glasses he’d forgotten he was wearing. Instinctively Shinji pulled back, bumped into the dresser, got caught up with the top draw, tried to pull away from it, lost his balance and fell forward.
There was a long moment of pregnant silence as Shinji found himself looking directly into the First Child’s red eyes. He soon became aware of his hand resting on her breast, he could feel her nipple brushing against his palm. Shinji became even more aware that his erection was pushing firmly against her naked crotch. Breathing hard he held Ayanami’s gaze trapped, as he was, between fear and desire.

Rei Ayanami returned his gaze curiously. She had not been disturbed nor startled by the Third Child’s presence in her room, it had simply been unexpected. She had, however, immediately noticed that the glasses he wore belonged to her. Rei felt neither anger nor outrage at this, she simply wished to retrieve them. During the act of retrieval he had lost his balance and they had fallen. He now lay on top of her. Rei’s initial reaction was to wait for Ikari to move himself off her. When he failed to do so she decided to instruct him to get off her. She was just about to speak when Rei became aware of a feeling. A feeling that was... pleasant?

As if in a dream Shinji relaxed the hand that was resting on Rei’s breast. He watched her face as he lightly traced his fingers over that smooth mound and gently pinch her nipple to erectness. Rei made no protest or move to stop him. Instead her breath began to quicken and, to Shinji’s delight, she began to squirm beneath him inadvertently rubbing her crotch against his throbbing erection.
Tentatively he kissed her unresponsive lips. Rei did not react.
Feeling a little unsure Shinji kissed the blue haired girl again. This time she responded in kind.
When Shinji followed up with a third kiss Rei became more fully involved to the point where she soon became the aggressor.

The first kiss had startled Rei, an unusual occurrence in itself. The unexpected pleasure Ikari had given her from caressing her breast had surprised her. The feeling that was emanating from between her legs was also pleasingly stimulating but the Third Child’s tentative kiss had caught her off guard. It too had been... pleasant. When she involved herself with the next kiss she was delighted to discover that her enjoyment increased. Rei wanted more of it. She quickly discovered the benefits and of pulling his mouth to hers and running her fingers through his hair, a small pleasure in itself.
When the Third Child, Shinji, tentatively sent an exploratory tongue into her mouth a whole new avenue of pleasure opened up for Rei, one she took the opportunity to explore fully.

For a time Shinji totally lost himself in Rei’s kissing. Both hands now ran freely through her silky blue hair as their tongues explored each other with a passion that overwhelmed him. He had kissed a girl before but that had been nothing like the open unrestrained emotion he now shared with Rei.
Finally Shinji pulled himself free of her lips, she seem reluctant to release him, and trailed gentle kisses down to her breast where he teased and pulled on her hardened nipple with his lips, tongue and teeth. Then, with another trail of kisses, he moved to the other erect fleshy bud to lavish it with equal attention.
Rei cooed, squirming beneath him and running her fingers through his hair as Shinji eventually began kissing a trail down the flat of her stomach to the light blue triangle of her pubic region. Gently he parted the moist puffy lips he found there and sent an exploratory finger into the inviting warmth within. Rei pushed against the invading digit but Shinji withdrew it tasting the sexual honey that now coated his finger. Unhesitatingly he thrust his tongue deep within her welcoming sex with relish. Rei gasped and pulled him deeper into her.
Shinji then remembered something he’d read in a book once, it was a book he knew he wasn’t supposed to know existed and had subsequently been well hidden. With a soft tongue Shinji trailed up along the outer lips of Rei’s vagina until he found the erect bud of her clitoris.

The sudden jolt of pleasure took Rei’s breath away. Her moan of ecstasy came out as a mewl as she thrust her hips towards Shinji’s questing tongue. Within her she felt an intensity of feeling that was almost frightening with it’s intensity, and it was building. Now Rei was panting as Shinji’s gentle stimulations pushed her closer to what she was certain would be an explosion of sensation.
For the first time in her life Rei felt a certainty, she wanted it. She wanted that sensation that may wipe out all her self-control. Rei wasn’t concerned or afraid of it, nor was she ‘just curious’. Rei wanted it. She wanted it more than anything.
Despite her anticipation she was still caught off guard by the liquid pleasure that erupted through her entire body with a sudden euphoric intensity that engulfed her. It was beyond anything she had ever experienced before. For all she knew she may have screamed then and there, if she had she didn’t care.
Revelling in the warm flush of the tingling afterglow Rei lazily opened her eyes, she’d been unaware of closing them, and noted that Shinji was now as naked as she was. Propping herself up on her elbows she ran her eyes down the length of his naked body to the prominent erection that stood poised between her legs.

Once more Shinji eyes met those of the First Child as she pushed herself into a sitting position with her legs either side of him. Softly she spoke his name then kissed his lips as he felt the warmth of her hand encircle his erect manhood. With gentle curiosity she trailed her fingers along his shaft, her thumb running wondrously along it’s underside, to the bulbous sensitive head where she spread the leaking pearl of pre-cum in a gentle circular motion with her forefinger. With her free hand Rei gently took hold of his swollen testes. Teasing them, pulling on the swollen sacks and tickling the sensitive underside. Unable to speak Shinji’s breath quickened, so entranced was he by her inquisitive caresses.
‘This goes in here, doesn’t it.’ Rei said calmly, startling him, as she trailed her fingers from the tip of his throbbing penis to the puffy lips of her vagina.
Shinji nodded mutely.
‘Show me.’ She commanded huskily as she released his manhood and lay back before him. ‘Shinji, show me.’
Driven by pure male instinct, or perhaps because she had used his name, Shinji confidently leant forward and steadily guided his erection to her waiting Jade Room. He gasped aloud as her moist vaginal lips gently kissed the tip of his penis. He paused to savour the sensation before he allowed himself to slide into the inviting warmth within. Her tight silky smooth passage engulfed his manhood in a wondrous grip. So caught up in the sensation of her entering her was Shinji that he was surprised when he felt his testicles pushing firmly against her buttocks. God she felt incredible!
As he lay upon her he luxuriated in the feel of Rei’s smooth slick skin beneath him, the feel of her hardened nipples brushing against his chest and the gentle massage of her vaginal muscles as she moved hesitantly beneath him. Gently, dreamily, he began to rock his hips forward.
‘Shinji?’ She asked uncertainly, moving with him.
‘It’s alright Rei.’ He assured her with a kiss.
Shinji felt her relax and his rocking motion soon evolved into full bodied thrusts. Beneath him Rei responded by bucking her hips up to meet him.
‘Shinji! That feels...’ She gasped raising her legs and pressing her heels into his buttocks, urging him on.
‘Yes Rei!’ Shinji gasped, his breath quickening. ‘Yes!’
Shinji soon reached the point of no return as the deep burning pleasure of his orgasm surged through his manhood erupting deep into the warm tight welcoming passage of the blue haired girl beneath him. Wave after delicious wave of nerve numbing pleasure shivered through Shinji as Rei’s inner muscles continued to milk and coax the seemingly endless flow of semen from him. Gasping he collapsed spent on top of her.
Catching his breath he sought out the gaze of the First Child. In her eyes he saw a surprised and somewhat awed wonder that he suspected mirrored his own. With a half laugh he kissed her joyfully, deeply, passionately. Running his fingers through her soft silky hair they rolled over so she lay atop him allowing his hands to run freely down the smooth arch of her back.

Rei was totally lost in a surging sea of emotions and sensations she’d never before felt. For the first time in her life she felt caught up in feelings she could neither contain or control and, to her own surprise, she was revelling in it. An intoxicating mix of heady joy and a bubbling happiness swirled within her and she found herself smiling as she continued to kiss the boy beneath her.
Shinji, Shinji Ikari! She almost wanted to sing his name aloud. She enjoyed his touch. She wanted his touch, and his kisses, and to taste...
Grinning Rei trailed a stream of brief kisses from Shinji’s lips down his throat, across his chest (pausing to tease his erect nipples with her tongue), over the flat of his stomach to his semi-erect penis. Still smiling she playfully ran her tongue along it’s length, tasting him, kissing him, before taking him fully into her mouth. She heard Shinji gasp as his penis stiffened within her mouth. Gleefully she teased and gently sucked on his erection.
It felt good, his pleasure, the pleasure she was giving him, the pleasure they were sharing. He had shown her pleasure with his mouth, Rei felt she could do the same for him. Along with the caressing of her tongue Rei moved her lips up and down the shaft of his penis with the same rhythm they had used when he was inside her. Shinji responded by moving his hips in time with the bobbing of her head as one hand gently stroked her hair. With one hand resting on his pubic bush Rei tickled and teased his testes with the other.
Soon Rei became aware of an urgency in Shinji’s breathing. His movements became more strained, more intense. He was, she was sure, reaching the peak of his pleasure. Rei quickened her pace in response. With a half gasped warning cry Shinji released a large slightly salty, but not unpleasant, gush into her mouth. Caught off guard Rei instinctively swallowed much of the warm white semen as it filled her mouth, though some of it escaped under her lips. She continued to milk his manhood to the last drop before happily lapping up the little that had escaped.
Rei grinned satisfied and affectionately kissed the softening penis she now held in her hand. That was fun, she thought to herself, why stop? Why indeed! Rei half laughed as she gleefully resumed her oral ministrations on Shinji’s manhood. It wasn’t long before it was once more pleasingly erect.

Shinji felt he was in ecstasy’s heaven. The only world he was aware of consisted of himself and Rei Ayanami. The intensity of the orgasm she had just given him with her mouth had shaken him. That she was now following up with more of the same was incredible! Her willingness, her desire to give him pleasure had triggered within Shinji a kind of euphoric joy he’d never experienced before. He couldn’t help but revel in the intense wonderful sensations she aroused in him. Sensations he wanted to share.
Steadily Shinji moved himself round until he was facing that perfect pale blue triangle of Rei’s pubic region. Gently he parted her outer lips with his fingers as Rei raised her leg to accommodate him. Then, with a soft tongue, Shinji explored the sweet warm depth of her Jade Room once more. Rei moaned softly thrusting her hip against his questing tongue and gasping as he concentrated once again on the sensitive bud of her clitoris.
They rolled gently again and Rei was soon atop of him orally teasing and pulling on his penis as he in turn nudged and tickled her clitoris whilst running his hands over the smooth firmness of her buttocks. Once more Shinji felt the deep burning build up that signalled his impending orgasm as Rei rhythmically ground herself onto his tongue. Shinji responded intensifying his efforts as Rei released him from her mouth panting heavily.
She cried out his name as she climaxed then released a moaned-gasped ‘Yes!’ as another quickly followed.
Rolling off him Rei quickly straddled his erect member and guiding it with her hand lowered herself onto his penis. Placing his hands on her breasts the blue haired girl began to ride him, her inner muscles pulling on his throbbing member, as he thumbed her sensitive nipples. The warm build up soon reappeared, more intense, urgent, rising as Rei’s pace quickened. Within her eyes Shinji saw what he himself felt, desire, pleasure, love?
‘Rei I...’ He gasped, his orgasm racing towards him.
‘Yes!’ She urged.
‘Yes!!!’ Shinji cried out, pushing up to her as his climax exploded within him.
The intensity of the orgasm shook him, burning deeper than ever before as Rei continued to bounce on the wave of his ecstasy.
Finally, exhausted, he allowed his arms to slide around her as Rei collapsed gently to his chest panting softly. Luxuriating in the peaceful lassitude he felt Shinji gently stroked her light blue hair delighting in her scent.
‘Wow.’ He murmured with wonder.

From where she lay upon his chest contently listening to his beating heart Rei, to her own surprise and delight, giggled.

They were late.
Unlike most Ritsuko was not disturbed by the pilot’s tardiness. In fact she almost smiled as she watched them enter the Geofront via security camera. She’d noted certain differences in the two pilots.
At first glance Rei looked no different. Ritsuko, however, noted a slight tentativeness in the First Child’s steps. The doctor also saw, to her surprise, a certain warmth in the blue haired girl’s eyes when she looked to Commander Ikari’s son and, at times, she almost seemed to smile.
The change in Shinji, though subtle, was more obvious. The Third Child looked astonished, like someone perpetually on the point of saying ‘Wow!’, yet he also seemed more... relaxed, at ease with himself.
Did you fuck her hard Shinji? Ritsuko asked the young pilot silently, watching impassively as the two made their way to the briefing room. Did little Rei suck your cock and swallow your cum? Did she let you fuck her arse? I imagine she would have been very agreeable if you’d suggested it, the doctor gloated silently.
For a brief instant Ritsuko felt a pang of guilt at using the young man she had come to admire and even like as she watched Commander Ikari’ son make his way with the First Child along the corridor. He’s fine, she assured herself, no harm done. If anything his situation is better, the doctor noted as the two briefly held hands as they waited in the corridor.
Gendo Ikari, who’d been standing beside her observing the two pilots, suddenly stormed out of the room scowling.
Much better, Ritsuko smirked.