Release of Tension

Started: August 18, 2004

Finished: August 18, 2004

Current Revision: August 18, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction

Don't Sue Me Warning! I don't own Neon Genesis Evangelion and its associated characters and trademarks. Obviously.

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

* * *

'God, Asuka looks sexy in those jean-shorts.'

It was too easy to imagine the zippered fly of the tight blue denim garment being pulled down - already the button at the top was undone, oh so enticingly. The metal pull-tab would descend on its corrugated track, to reveal…oh, Asuka had declined to wear panties today? What a shame.

He adjusted his black slacks, shifting as they became uncomfortably tight at the thought of fiery Asuka-pussy.

"Thinking of something hentai, baka?"

He blushed. "Uh, no, Asuka, of course not."

"Hmph. Boring little boy."

Shinji resumed his covert examination of his companion's slender, exquisite form as soon as she turned away, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for something good to come on TV.

'I'd show her hentai…'

The brown-haired boy imagined burying his face between her legs, licking at her pussy until she howled her release and drenched his face with succulent girl-juice.

'I'd make you *scream*, Asuka-chan.'

Asuka flopped her arms out and sat back on the couch, relaxing like a predator about to strike. "Now I *know* you're thinking of something hentai." He followed her pointing finger with his eyes, his body freezing solid when he reached the end of the trail and saw the obvious bulge in the front of his pants.

"Um, I, it's not what you think!"

Asuka smiled maliciously. His heart skipped a beat at how beautiful she looked when smiling, even with the evil intent shining from her eyes.

"Hentai!" Her hand lashed out on a familiar track towards his face - and stopped.

Her delicate wrist was held in a hand - his hand. As Asuka's mouth dropped open in shock, Shinji realized that. That. He'd had *enough*.

"Always with the hitting. Always with the "hentai"." He sneered. "Who's the one wearing a slut-shirt and jean-shorts that are two sizes too small and cut short enough to practically disappear into the crack of your ass?"

Asuka flushed, scowling. Her slut-shirt, as Shinji called it, consisted of a tight white t-shirt with everything below the midline of her boobs missing.

He shook his head. "I can practically see your nipples, for God's sake!"

He could. They were poking out prominently through the thin material of the shirt.

He flung her hand back to her. "I see you've got some "thermal expansion" going on as well. What's up with that?"

She dropped her eyes and muttered something about it being cold.

Shinji breathed hard, almost panting. The blood was thrumming through his body, driven by the unexpectedly released tension of many weeks of living together with his beautiful, abrasive roommate.

He slid closer to her, smiling as she jumped when their thighs touched. He dropped one hand around her shoulders and one onto her jean-clad hip, the one opposite him. She shivered as he spoke directly into the delicate shell of her ear, his hot breath blasting it. "No wonder you're cold. Most of your clothes are missing."

She turned towards him, mouth opening to protest perhaps. He met it with his own and raped hers with his tongue. She tasted good, really good. His arm tightened around her warm shoulders, pulling her torso against his chest. She resisted for a moment, then melted, crushing her breasts against him. He could feel her rubbery-hard nipples pressing into his flesh like little bullets. Shinji sucked on her slippery tongue and sent a hand questing past that tantalizingly askew top button.

His body jolted as he found something unexpected.

'Holy - ! She's *not* wearing panties.'

His jaw vibrated with her moan as his right hand slid past curly hair and onto a moist virgin hill. He rubbed at it gently as the kiss continued. 'She's so wet…'

And getting wetter. Shinji's long, agile fingers, the digits of a born musician, traced the swelling outline of Asuka's lower lips, sliding easily in the moisture oozing from her center. Their kiss finally broke and she said, between heavy breaths, "Why'd you take so long, baka?"

He stared into her crystalline blue eyes and replied, "So long to do what? Find out that you're a slut?" Her indignant reply was cut short by a moan as he ran his middle finger up and down the center of her slit. He tightened his grip with the arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his chest again and giving him enough slack to pull her tiny scrap of a shirt upwards, baring her braless breasts.

He mauled her full left boob with the same hand, all the while deepening his stimulation of her rapidly swelling pussy with the other. He wasn't gentle with her breast, part of him venting its frustration with her constant teasing. For a 15-year old, her tits were enormous, at least a C-cup. He sank his fingers into the warm, soft flesh and kneaded it, pulling at the nipple with a bit more gentleness, then kneading it some more.

The beautiful redheaded teen didn't seem to mind. She rested her chin on his shoulder and moaned.

"You're not wearing enough cloth, top and bottom together, to make up one ordinary T-shirt." Judging her to be wet enough, he slid his two middle fingers into her pussy. He continued his rant into her ear as he fingered her. "No panties. Are you taking after Misato?"

Asuka's slender body quivered against him as he slid his fingers in and out of her at a medium pace. "Ah! Misato - doesn't - wear panties?"

"Sometimes. I swear between the two of you I thought I was going to go crazy from the teasing." He tipped her head back and kissed her again. This time, her tongue battled back, making it more enjoyable for both of them.

She broke the kiss, smiling at him from inches away. "Maybe that should have told you something."

He looked back at her levelly. "Maybe."

Asuka blinked as she realized something. "You taste like beer." She glanced down at the end table. "Is that what you have in that glass?"

Shinji concentrated on the humid home his right hand had found inside Asuka's shorts. The fact that he really, truly had his fingers buried to the second knuckle inside her most private of places was starting to sink in, and he wanted to enjoy the sensation while it lasted. His palm rubbed against her pubic hair as he stroked his fingertips against the upper wall of her channel, the intimate flesh hot as blood and as frictionless as oiled silk. 'Something about a spot that's around there…'

He kissed her again, enjoying the warm softness of her mouth against his. They broke apart after another enjoyable minute. "You claim to have drunk enough of it in Germany." He glared at her, his right hand unaffected by the emotion, still ceaselessly stroking. "Going to go wash your mouth out like last time?"

She reflexively glared back, but her body shuddered and slumped against him as he experimentally increased the pressure against her upper inner wall.

"Ah…what are you doing, baka?"

He instantly stopped moving his hand.

"You call me that, the hand stops." He resumed his motion, smiling slightly as he appreciated the hot, juicy grip her pussy had on his fingers. 'God, she's soooo snug down there.'

Asuka moaned again, her legs spasming for a second as she lay against him, breathing softly and quickly. "O-Ok. Deal. Just keep doing that…Shin-chan."

Shinji's heart beat faster at the new pet name. He was a bit disgusted with himself with how quickly he was willing to forgive her. 'I should hold out for a blowjob, at least. …I think that beer is affecting me more than I expected.'

He couldn't deny his enjoyment of Asuka cuddling against his front as he fingered her to what was going to be, judging from her increasingly deep breathing and uncontrolled bodily tremors, a very intense orgasm. His left hand, without his conscious intent, left off mauling her boob and was now rubbing her lower back in slow circles.

It was a nice, warm feeling: her body leaning against his front, her breath against his neck, the soft skin of her back against his left hand, and the hot wetness of her pussy clinging tightly to the fingers of his right. She cried out again and her whole body shook. He could feel individual muscles in her back spasming. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and her pussy clamped down on his fingers like a vice.

"*UNH*! UNH! Oh Shinji! Oh GOD!"

He felt something wet splatter against his right palm in a hot stream. Asuka slumped against him, her body limp as a well-cooked noodle.

He pulled his fingers out of her and raised his hand reverentially. He sniffed. 'Doesn't smell like pee…' Cautiously, he touched his tongue to the transparent wetness. It tasted like he'd heard it described that women tasted, but very very strongly. 'Girl-juice of some sort, I guess.'


She slowly raised her head. He noticed it was wobbling slightly, as if her neck muscles had no strength. She smiled at him, a broad, drunken smile, the kind of smile he'd seen on Misato after two six-packs. Her pupils were enormous. "Hmm?"

"Um, you just squirted on me. …did you enjoy that?"

If anything, her smile got bigger. She nodded in an exaggerated sort of way. "Mm-hm."

She seemed to notice something on the down arc of her nod and returned to it. Quick as a snake, her left hand darted out and dexterously undid his zipper.

Now she was eying his crotch the way Misato sometimes did after two six-packs.


The air left his lungs in a rush as Asuka's soft female hand, so small and delicate despite its owner's boisterousness, delved into the fly of his boxers and grasped his most sensitive body part. "What are you -"

She pulled the engorged tower of flesh into the open air and slurped it into her mouth like a popsicle, completely short-circuiting Shinji's brain.


The next minute was the most pleasant minute of Shinji's 15 years on the planet. Asuka lavished attention on his stiff penis, keeping it constantly immersed in her warm saliva, wrapping her slippery tongue around it in various ways, bobbing her head and administering constant pressure with her lips. The visuals alone made his lower belly fill with pre-ejaculatory tension: Asuka's mane of brilliant red-gold hair bobbing smoothly up and down, the veiny shaft of his cock disappearing into her face as soft wet slurping noises filled the air of Misato's living room.

He later figured that he'd lasted at most a minute, but it felt like an eternity as the sexy girl he'd lived in uneasy truce with for over a year polished his knob like she actually enjoyed doing it.

"Ahhh…Asuka-chan…going to *come*! Oh god!"

He expected her to pull away, but instead her cheeks hollowed as she sucked mightily. Three powerful jets of semen and one massive wave of euphoria later, Shinji was the one slumped back against the cushion of the couch, a big, goofy smile on his face. Asuka played with his slick, half-deflated member, seeming to enjoy touching it.

Shinji watched her through heavy-lidded eyes. She was smiling faintly as she played with him. He noticed her licking her lips several times.


She looked up, stroking him gently. "Why what?"

"Why…did you swallow instead of spit?"

Asuka's blue eyes glittered. He could tell she grasped the other, unspoken questions packed into his short, loaded sentence.

"I don't mind a little salt in my diet. I wanted to do something for you, baka."

He muttered, "…again with the baka."

She alternated glancing between his face and his rapidly reawakening member. "You're so nice to me…always doing things for me…don't think I don't notice." She scowled at the skeptical expression on his face and stroked him a little more roughly.

"Hey, watch it!"

She smirked, but once more gentled her motion. Shinji sighed and relaxed deeper into the embrace of the couch. His cock was hard and ready once more, a firm cylinder being rubbed by Asuka's soft hand. Being "handled" this way by such a pretty girl was a unique experience, and he was determined to enjoy it. He moaned as she leaned over and took a brief suck on the head. Her slippery tongue caressed it lingeringly, then pulled away.

"Oh *God* that feels nice!" He decided to risk continuing his un-Shinji-like boldness. "I noticed you licking your lips, Asuka-chan. You like how I taste?" Giving her an impassioned stare, he was struck by the fact that her shirt was still pulled up and her shorts were halfway down her thighs, leaving her bare to the world. His cock hardened further as his lust for the redheaded girl renewed itself. 'She's soooo sexy…'

Asuka returned his stare with a fiery look of her own. "You don't know how fucking *hot* it makes me when you talk like that." With a moan of pure lustful hunger, she engulfed as much of his shaft as she could fit in her mouth, licking and sucking wildly.

"Hunh!" Shinji's hips bucked, raising his butt off the couch. "Y-you're going to make me come again 'suka-chan!"

In a brief, violent flurry of clothing, Asuka rendered them both naked and sat in his lap. "If you're going to come…" She pressed the hard shaft against her mound, making him moan as that side was coated with hot pussy-juice, "…then you're going to come inside me."

"A-are you sure?" Shinji panted as she raised herself in a squat above his erection.

She smiled at him, that rare, lovely smile without a trace of malice, the one that made her look like an angel come to earth. "Yes, Shin-chan. I don't want to talk about it now. I want you inside me, okay?"

Her face intent, Asuka lowered herself. Shinji stared, drinking in the sight of her exposed body as she prepared to give herself to him. She was fit and firm everywhere, from her flat belly to the muscles he could see quivering in her thighs as she squatted down to impale herself. One last thing occurred to him: "Um, Asuka? I don't want to get you, um, pregnant -"

"I've got a contraceptive implant, see?" She put her forearm in front of his face and he noticed a little bump, as if something were under the skin. "The doctor said it would help…stabilize…my monthly mood swings." Shinji's eyes widened at the thought of a *more* volatile Asuka.

"Hey!" She swatted at his head, missing deliberately, both of them smiling. Shinji felt his heart bump as they shared a joke for once, rather than the redhead trying to refinish his face with the flat of her palm. The warmth sparkling is her eyes told him that she liked it this way too.

She continued speaking softly as she resumed lowering her pelvis, picking up the thread he'd started with the question about "spit or swallow".

"For the last while, I've wished I didn't have to be so mean to you. It's just that -" her voice broke briefly into a moan, joined by Shinji, as the head of his cock paused briefly at the gates to her inner body then popped wetly inside. "Ohhhh…Asuka - unh - Langely -" She groaned as inch after inch of hard cock filled her up, stretching her tunnel pleasantly. "- Sohryu isn't nice to complete doormats. It's the principle of the thing. Oh *yeah*!"

The exclamation was for Shinji bottoming out inside her pussy. He panted shallowly, noting that they fit together like two puzzle-pieces. The hot, slippery interior of her body sliding around his achingly erect penis was the best thing he'd ever felt, bar none, even compared to his recent blowjob. Asuka's firm bottom rested against his upper thighs, pleasantly warm and solid. Due to the back of the couch being in the way, Asuka's legs were stretched out in front of her, her ankles somewhere around his head.

They rested for a moment, enjoying their connection. Shinji's awareness narrowed to Asuka's living tissues pulsing around his erection, the insanely tight sheath squeezing him occasionally as she adjusted to the intruder. Asuka vented a continuous low moan, reveling in the intense pleasure, fullness and sense of completion radiating from the thick shaft that was sunk so deeply into her body.

Their voices rang out in harmony: "Oh *god* that feels good…"

A golden moment lingered, then passed. Asuka's voice spoke in the languid silence.


Shinji responded with eyes shut. "Hmmm? Ahhh…"

"We're going to have sex a *lot*. From now on. Ok?"

He nodded vigorously, trying to imagine the luxury of being able to touch and hold and penetrate Asuka's warm body on a regular basis. He couldn't. But he was more than willing to work, work hard, to develop that ability.

Asuka experimented with raising and lowering herself and found it difficult due to the position necessitated by the couch. "Hm…this thing sure isn't made for having sex on." Regretfully, she pulled herself off of Shinji's beloved invader, both teens moaning from the pleasant friction of movement. "Unh…ok, I'm off. Let's go to your bedroom Shin-chan."

Shinji stood, somewhat shakily. He was starting to disbelieve in what was going on. The warmth of Asuka's hand in his own was a fragile lifeline. He used the other hand to gather his clothing. She smiled at his foresight and did likewise. "I think we've got an hour before Misato gets home." He nodded, trying not to think about the future. The present was more than enough to deal with.

When they got to the bedroom, Asuka dropped her clothes and pounced, shoving Shinji to the bed and kissing him fiercely on the mouth. As she hoped, this reignited his passion and the two were soon rolling around on the bed, kissing and rubbing their bodies together.

His senses were ablaze with the feel of Asuka's lush yet slender body writhing against him. When they rolled to a position where he was on top, Shinji poised his member at her wet and ready entrance and thrust powerfully with his hips. As ecstatic groan burst from both teens as Shinji forced himself inside Asuka, against tremendous resistance from her virginally tight tunnel.

Asuka let out a high-pitched wail then shrieked, "Oh *fuck* that feels good!"

Shinji groaned in profound agreement. His redhaired sex partner was so wet between the legs that neither of them were experiencing any real discomfort, but her pussy was just barely loosened up enough for him to fit, making the friction produced excruciatingly intense.

Shinji panted between short pushes with his hips, "I - like - making - you - feel - UNH! - good! I always have."

Asuka's eyes shone up at him. "I know you do baka. I lo- like you a lot." The "b-word" was spoken softly and Shinji recognized it for the endearment it was.

Shinji stopped his efforts and kissed her, murmuring, "I like you too, Asuka-chan." She kissed back happily, running her hands along his back. Their tongues played as Shinji placed his hands on either side of her torso and resumed pushing. Asuka wrapped her long legs around his hips to give him more purchase.

"Unh! Oh god, half-way in!"

Asuka sank her nails into his back as her womb quaked with pleasure. "AHHH! Keep pushing, oh god, put it all in!"

Dropping his weight onto her, Shinji gave a savage grunt, almost a growl, wrapped his arms around her torso and used his hip muscles to bury himself to the root between Asuka's legs. More shrieks burst from the ecstatic redhead's throat as he began thrusting, hard, making full use of momentum to keep himself from getting "stuck".

"Oh god!" That's all she could force from her trembling lips. Asuka felt her pussy spasm as it tried to relax and accept her lover's member, responding to her emotions, but in the next moment the intense friction of Shinji's cock splitting her open would make her reflexively clamp down again. The end result was monumentally pleasurable for both of them.

Shinji didn't have any spare energy to use to form words. His universe was limited to the tight clench of Asuka's hot, slick interior sliding around his shaft and the burning in his thighs and butt as he fed energy to his muscles to keep his hips moving. Asuka's boobs were a soft cushion under his chest as he pinned her to the mattress. She kissed and nibbled at his face, neck and ears. It was the most pleasurable experience of his entire life, but it was also as intense as a full-out EVA combat.

Shinji lasted for multiple minutes. Asuka was so tight that he found it nearly impossible to come. There is an element of relaxation even in the most severe contraction, and just when he thought he was about to release, her pussy would clamp down and cut him off.

After a while he was almost about to cry. Only the knowledge that he was making the girl he…liked…happy, confirmed by her constant, deafening cries of satisfaction, enabled him to keep putting in his maximum effort without slacking.

At last, the redhead's body had gotten accustomed enough to being penetrated to loosen up the slightest bit, enabling the wrung-out Shinji to vent a feeble cry and discharge.

"Unh! *Coming* Oh thank god!"

The vast wash of euphoria pulsing through him was intensified by Asuka's voice purring in his ear, "Mmm…come inside me, oh yes…oh, oh! I can feel it!…so hot…ohhhhh…"

'God, does she ever have a sexy voice when she's like this.'

He grunted as he spurted inside the redhead's luscious body. Once he started shooting his load her contractions became welcome, as he experienced the wonder of how the female body can "milk" the male for his seed. "Ahhhh…oh god that's nice…I'm shooting inside you Asuka-chan…"

He shivered as Asuka's soft lips moved against his ear. "Yes you are, god that's sexy." She squeezed the hard shaft inside her with her inner muscles, moaning as she felt thick, hot liquid pulse against the entrance to her womb. "Ohhh, Shin-chan…I can feel your come." Her voice trembled with emotion.

Shinji felt very close to her as he finished emptying himself. She nuzzled his neck, keeping her legs wrapped around his hips and her arms around his torso. He murmured into her ear, "Let's stay like this for a while." She hummed her agreement, content to listen to his heartbeat. The two teens rolled onto their sides, Shinji flipped the sheet over them, and they rested, joined together as one happy creature.

* * *


* * *