Second Chances.

By StormofDragons


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Prologue: Third Impact never happened. How and Why will be explained in the fic.


“She waited for you,” Misato said simply.

Shinji blinked and looked up at Misato. Sitting there in the darkened living room, he hadn’t moved since Asuka and Misato had left the apartment.

“What do you mean?” he asked, not quite sure he’d heard her right.

“She sat there, in the airport, waiting at the gate, until they told her she had to board or take another flight. I sat there and watched her go, and even as they were closing the door, she was still looking out, waiting for you to come for her,” she said.

“But she said, I mean, … ” he stopped exasperated by the actions of the redhead.

“I know, she sat in that chair and told you she was so happy to be going home, and she couldn’t wait to put this all behind her. Especially you. It was mean and hurtful and typical Asuka,” Misato said, shaking her head. “But when we got to the airport, she kept looking over her shoulder. I kept trying to figure out what she was doing, so finally I asked her. She said she knew you would come for her. She just knew you would.”

“I told her she was nuts, I mean, after what she’d just said to you, I didn’t think you’d ever want to hear her name again, let alone come into an airport to say goodbye,” Misato continued.

“She smiled and said she knew you’d come to save her, just like you always did. You were Shinji of the Purple Shining Armor, and you’d be there. Nothing would stop you, so she sat there and waited. But you didn’t come, and whatever in her was waiting for you, died.”

Shinji didn’t know what to say. Asuka had basically said that she was sorry she ever met him, or had anything to do with the EVA’s.

Not long after Kaoru had been killed, the JSSDF had invaded the base, and captured Rei and his father in the clone chamber, where Rei had been awaiting his father’s arrival. SEELE had played its’ final card then, and released the Mass Production EVA’s, and Asuka had fought like a devil, defeating them all, only to be struck down as her batteries died.

Shinji, stuck in the cockpit where Misato had ordered him to go at the start of the battle, could only watch. Somehow his father had disabled his EVA’s launch system, and he was helpless, as Asuka had battled above. As he watched her Unit-02 consumed by the MP EVA’s something within him had snapped, and he’d gone berserk. And Unit-01 had awoken at his emotions, and crashed through the barriers.

The MP EVA’s had fallen before him, this time permanently. His EVA consuming them as they died, keeping them from reforming. Somewhere in the middle of this process his EVA had sprouted wings, like those of the MP EVA’s, but then another set and another had emerged, until his back was covered by five sets of the great wings. He had gone to her then, her EVA pierced by the terrible lances, and, as it and she were dying he’d fed the core of the remaining MP EVA’s to her EVA, and Unit-02 had recovered.

Asuka, wounded and bleeding, had ejected her Entry Plug, but was unable to escape it, and Shinji had ejected, to come to her rescue, breaking open the jammed door seal of her plug, just as he had Rei’s so many months before. The two children were captured almost at once by JSSDF forces, and rushed to a hospital, Shinji refusing to leave her side.

Misato defended the command center, until ordered to surrender by sub-Commander Fuyutsuki. Fuyutsuki had surrendered the facility after Gendo’s capture, and turned over records that showed the plans that Gendo and SEELE had put in place, and implicating them in the awakening of the Angels and Second Impact.

His father had gone quietly to his death, still thinking that SEELE’s influence would save him. But by now SEELE had been destroyed and most of it’s members killed by agents of the American NID. The Americans and other permanent members of the UN security Council were back in control, and the world was returning to normal.

A year after they’d been released from protective custody, the German Government had requested the return of their national treasure, Asuka’d been excited about returning home the conquering hero. She’d never let on to him that she expected anything from him, and had even chewed him out on several occasions for helping her, standing up for her, or even saving her life.

But she’d actually expected him to come for her? Why? After all they’d been through, and all she’d said, he didn’t think they’d ever speak again. As much as he was upset by that, he was romantic enough to think that the old adage was true. ‘If you love something, let it go, if it doesn’t come back to you, it was never meant to be.’ And even though he could only admit it to himself, he loved her.

Shinji couldn’t believe that she’d actually thought he’d come for her.

“I don’t know what to say, Shinji, I don’t understand it either,” Misato said, shaking her head.

Shinji stood up, numbed by what he just heard. He’d just sat there in the living room, since she’d gone, depressed, and not really thinking about anything, and now this was dropped in his lap.

“I’m going to my room,” he said, and turned away from Misato.

He walked into his room, picked up his SDAT, indexed it up to track 25, and put the ear buds in, hitting play as he sat down. Somehow this music always comforted him. He sat down at his small desk and pulled an ordinary looking note pad from his desk drawer, and opened it to the last page.

This was his private journal, and in it he’d written down all the things he’d thought, and been through in the last several months. Here on the last page, written in plainly elegant Kanji were the words “I Love You, Asuka Langley Soryu.” There wasn’t anything else there, just those few simple characters.

He’d never been able to tell her, he couldn’t say something like that out loud. He’d barely been able to write it on the paper, but he wanted to see how it felt to admit it, even if he didn’t actually say it.

The track on the SDAT switched from 25 to 26 and it played for more than ten seconds before he realized that this was not the song that was usually here.

He rewound it and started track 26 over again, listening carefully this time.

“You’re probably going to be really upset with me for recording over this song, I know it’s you’re favorite, but I can’t talk to you face to face,” Asuka’s voice was saying. “Look, I know I seem confident, and self assured, and the Invincible Asuka Langley Soryu, all the time, but the truth is… the truth is that I’m not. I’m just Asuka, a young woman who’s been scared and alone, and had no one care one bit about me. They cared about Pilot Soryu, or the little genius, or my dead mothers daughter, but not me. The only person who’s ever cared about me, ever gotten to know me was you, Shinji. And I’ve treated you like crap.”

“Tonight, while you were visiting Toji at the hospital I came into your bedroom looking for some paper to write a letter to Hikari. I opened your drawer and found your journal.”

“It took me a long time to read through it, and I saw myself through your eyes. But I also saw your heart. And, finally, I read your last entry. I don’t deserve it. So tomorrow, I’m going to go to the airport with Misato, and I’m going to fly home to Germany. I’ll probably be a bitch to you just like I always am, but if you can forgive me, and you still feel about me the way your journal says you do, please, please don’t let me go. All you have to do is ask me to stay and I will.”

“If you don’t listen to this until after Misato takes me to the airport, you can still catch me. We’re going there a few hours early, so you have plenty of time. Just hop on that new motorcycle of yours and come get me. Like some kind of knight in purple shining armor,” she giggled, very unlike Asuka. Then she stopped and continued seriously, “But, if you don’t really feel that way, or decide that you can’t bring yourself to admit it, I’ll get on the plane and go home. If I leave Japan, I won’t be coming back. Ever. Don’t try to contact me, as I’ve left instructions with my government that I no longer wish to hear from you, or anyone associated with NERV.”

“So I see that I’m coming to the end of the track, and I better wrap this up. Shinji, I really hope you feel the way you said you do in the journal. I’ll be waiting for you. Goodbye.”

Shinji sat there, decimated by what he’d just heard. She could have said something, anything, and it would have been different. He could have stopped pouting after she left and come in here to listen to his SDAT and still been in time. But she hadn’t, and he hadn’t and she was gone.

Misato, sitting at the kitchen table, drinking her fourth beer heard his wailing cry from within his room and rushed to him.


September, Five years later.


Shinji Ikari, now 21, was spending his Saturday afternoon in a small café on the banks of the Seine, admiring the view of the Eiffel tower. He had his sketch pad out, and was busily filling in the details of his latest work. The little girls face was standing out quite vividly in his mind, and he was putting the final details on it with his pencil. He put the pencil away, and pulled out a small case that contained his chalks.

He began to add color to the sketch, then, making marks, and then smoothing them with his finger, to add shading, and contour. He pulled out his selections of reds and golds, and finished adding and blending the colors, to match the child’s hair. Finished, he signed the work at the bottom with the Kanji characters that spelled his name, and tore the page from his pad.

“Mademoiselle?” he said, approaching the young girls mother.

“Oui?” the woman replied.

“For you,” he said, handing the piece to her.

The woman looked at the paper, and then at her child. The resemblance was incredible.

“I’m sorry,” she said, making to hand it back to him, “I can’t accept this, I have no money to pay you.”

“I have no need for money, I am provided for quite well, please, it is my gift,” he said, turning to walk away.

“But why?” she called after him.

“Because for a few moments, your daughter reminded me of someone I once loved,” he called, before disappearing into the crowd.

He’d spent almost three months here, wandering the streets of Paris, living out of a little room he’d rented. He hadn’t lied when he told the woman he didn’t need her money. The Japanese Government had agreed to pay the out of work NERV employees fair compensation for their service to the world, and most of them had received large sums of money. Misato his foster mother, had been given a job in the JSSDF as a Strategic Analyst, and worked with the highest ranks of the Japanese Military.

Shinji and Rei had been designated as National Treasures, and their exploits as pilots had guaranteed that they would be taken well care of. Rei had decided to continue her education, and attend college. She was still in Japan now, completing her first year of Medical School. Shinji had also gone to college, but he’d turned his interests to art and design.

He’d graduated with honors, the pride of the art department at Tokyo-3 University, the previous June, and had set out on a career as a wondering artist. He’s spent the first couple weeks after graduating saying his goodbyes. Misato had seen him off at the airport, crying as she said goodbye to him. Even though they hadn’t lived together for almost three years, she still looked after him, coming over to his bachelor apartment from time to time, to check up on him. He suspected that she was really coming over to get a good meal, because she still couldn’t cook, and there was no way she could survive on what she was cooking.

He’d been here in Paris since, wandering around, letting the artistic energy of the city come into him. He’d sketched and painted so many pieces since he came here, his hands would often cramp up at night, because of all the work he’d done that day. Most of these pieces he kept, even if he didn’t like them, or saw the flaws in his work, which he always did. There was one exception though.

Young women and girls with red hair.

Whenever he saw one, he felt compelled to sketch them. He would then color the piece, and present it to the women, or their guardians, and leave, before they could ask too many questions.

He found himself back at his apartment, and let himself in, walking up the three flights of stairs to the small rooms above. Looking around the room, he could see the scattered pieces of work, most completed, but many still in progress. There was one large canvas on an easel, covered by a light beige colored cloth. He put down his bag, and walked over to it. Casually, he flipped the cloth off of the painting.

Laid out on the cloth was a figure in red, all in red, with hair nearly the same color. The creamy white skin was highlighted here and there by the elegant play of light, but the most striking feature of all were the bright sapphire blue eyes. He stared into those eyes, and his senses swam.

She’d worn this dress on that last day, the day she’d left him behind. She’d returned home, and, despite his best efforts, and those of several Japanese Government Officials, he’d never been able to get a message through to her. She’d told the truth, then, she’d made arrangements that no one from NERV would ever contact her again.

He lay down on his bed, and closed his eyes. Maybe a short nap would help to settle his mind. Then he’d go out for the evening, and visit some of the museums.

That night, as the heat of the day was leaving the streets, Shinji awoke, gathered his supplies, placed them in his bag, and left, to explore the streets of Paris. He stopped at a small shop, just around the corner from his house and purchased a decent bottle of wine, a couple loaves of bread, and a large block of cheese. He thanked the shop keeper, Marcos, and set off.

Tonight, he’d decided, he’d visit the Eiffel Tower Again. There were always couples and singles there, and he might find a subject to sketch.

It was fairly late, well after 2 am, and the crowds had long ago started to dwindle, many leaving only as the rain began to fall, but Shinji wasn’t tired. He’d become quite a night owl, exploring Paris while most of it inhabitants slept.

He still had his sketch pad out, although it was now closed, and a pencil at the ready, just in case he found something to sketch. It didn’t seem likely, as the rain was now starting to come down pretty heavily. He decided to go ahead and go back to his apartment.

He was just crossing the street, heading out of the park, when someone ran into him. His bag fell, spilling it’s contents across the sidewalk.

“Damn,” he swore, and bent to pick up his things.

“I’m sorry,” the person said, and bent to help him. The two of them quickly gathered his things, placing them in his open, but drenched bag. His passport had fallen out, and was lying on the other side of the person helping him. Shinji picked up his last pack of chalks, now soaked and likely ruined as he saw the person pick up his passport.

They froze, staring at the soaking image inside, and the stamps placed there by the various countries he’d visited in the last several years.

He stood up, looking down at the bulky raincoat the person was wearing.

“My passport,” he said.

“Shinji,” came a soft voice.

“Yes, my name is Shinji, that’s my Passport. May I please have it back?” he said holding out his hand.

The person wearing the raincoat didn’t give him back the passport, instead standing up, still turned away from him, and clutched the folder to their chest.

“Hey, look, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but it’s illegal to take another persons passport. Unless you want serious trouble, I suggest you give it back. Now,” he demanded, growing impatient.

“Here you go,” the person said, handing the passport back to him.

“Thank you,” he said, and turned to go. He didn’t notice that the person he’d bumped into had finally turned to face his back as he walked away, head bowed against the rain.

“Shinji!” called the voice, and he stopped.

He started to turn around, annoyed by the interruption, and wanting no more than to return to his apartment and get dry.

“Yes?” he said, holding his hands over his eyes to shield them from the rain. His eyes were still filled with water, and he could barely see.

The person walked closer to him, before he was sure that it was a woman, and was nearly standing on top of his feet before he could see any details. The only thing that he could see clearly in the dim light and the rain were a pair of bright sapphire blue eyes.

“Shinji Ikari,” she breathed.

“Yes, do I know you?”

The woman threw her hood back revealing long flowing red hair, framing her face, and looked up at him.

“Asuka,” he breathed

“It’s good to see you,” she said.

He chuckled slightly, “You can see in this rain?”

“Well, no. I was just on my way back to my hotel. I was trying to hail a cab, but they seem to have all gone home for the night.”

“Where are you staying?”

“The Paris Hilton,” she said.

“Jeez, you’ll never get there without getting drowned in this downpour. I tell you what, my apartment is only a half mile from here. Come with me, and we can call you a Taxi from there.”

“You live here?”

“Yes, for about three months now,” he said.

“Alright,” she shrugged, “Lead the way.”

Shinji tossed Asuka a towel from his bathroom, and she dried off her hair. She wasn’t as soaked as he was, but then she’d been wearing a raincoat, and had a hood to cover her head. Shinji on the other hand was soaked clear through, his jeans, his sweater, plastered to him.

“The phone’s on the wall in the kitchen, go ahead and call a cab,” he said, rubbing his hair furiously.

“Thanks,” she mumbled, staring around at the works in the room. “So, you became an artist?”

“Yes, I didn’t know what else to do, I didn’t want to be a scientist, like my mother, and I didn’t want to be in politics or the military, so I decided to study art instead,” he said, taking his sweater off, and tossing it into the hamper.

She started to walk over to the kitchen, but saw the covered canvas. “What’s this?” she asked flipping the cover back.

A sixteen year old Asuka Langley Soryu stared back at her.

“What’s what?” he said, coming out of the bathroom. What he saw there stunned him. Asuka, her coat over one arm, her towel draped around her neck was standing before the painting, admiring the work. The young woman and the adult, two parts of the same person, stood gazing at one another. The Asuka in the portrait stared out with a look of love on her face that she had never worn in his presence.

Carefully, she reached out and touched the oil paint. It was quite dry. Evidently he had painted it a while ago.


“Yes,” he said. Walking up behind her he gazed over her shoulder at the portrait.

“What is this?”

He laughed, “It’s called a painting, most people who visit this city, know of them.”

“Not that. I mean. Where did you get it?” she asked.

“I painted it.”


“Between April and June of this year,” he said.


“My final work for my Studies in the Human Form class. We had to paint a portrait of someone we knew from memory.”

“And you chose me?”



Shinji stopped. He knew why he’d painted it, but how would that answer affect Asuka?

He took a deep breath. ‘Go for it,’ a small voice encouraged him.

“Because I haven’t stopped thinking about you once in the last five years.”

She seemed to freeze at that statement.

“Not something Shinji would say is it,” he said.

“No, not the Baka Ecchi Shinji I knew,” she answered softly.

“He died a long time ago. He died when the woman he loved was somewhere over Mongolia, and he found the last message she ever left for him.”

She didn’t move from the spot she was in, but he could see her tremble as she walked her fingers over the paint.

“So you did get my message?” she asked, the tremble now in her voice.

“Too late to change anything, yes. Misato was home when I found it. If not for her, I would have fallen apart. I spent three weeks locked in my room, after that. She pushed food through the door every few hours. I don’t know what almost killed me. The pain, or the indegestion.”

“And you never tried to contact me?”

“How?” he almost cried. “You did your work well, and the agents surrounding you refused to let any message I sent get to you. Sometimes I’d just get a simple, ‘return to sender’ stamped on the envelope, other times, agents would show up at my apartment in the middle of the night, with vague warnings and dire threats. Either way, it was plain. ‘Ms. Soryu no longer wishes to have contact with any NERV personnel. Quite trying.’ I never did.”

She was silent for long moments.

“Can I use the phone?” she asked.

“It’s still in the kitchen,” he said.

She turned around, and walked past Shinji to the kitchen. She picked up the receiver and made her call. She spoke for several minutes in German to someone on the other end, before hanging up.

Shinji hadn’t moved, instead he was there with his attention focused on the painting again. He had considered it his finest work, but a new vision was coming to him. The same subject, only covered in a bulky raincoat, soaked in the rain, water streaming through her hair. Unable to resist, he picked up his pad, and began to sketch.

Soft gentle lines appeared on the paper, and he smoothed them out. He picked up some colored pencils that were lying on top of his dresser, and began to shade the eyes in. He was working furiously for several minutes when a soft voice behind him startled him.


He jumped, and the colored pencil he was using fell from his grasp.

“Sorry,” she said.

“It’s okay, you just startled me. I’m not used to having someone talk to me while I’m working.” ‘Especially not this subject,’ a small voice affirmed.

“Oh,’ she said.

He looked at his sketch. There was still some bare patches, but the eyes were obviously recognizable.

“Five hundred and ninety two,” she said.


“Five hundred and ninety two letters in five years. My Liaison officer told me. That was her on the phone.”

“Yeah, well, I had a lot of time to think about it.”


He turned to look at her. Setting down the sketch, and picking up a small device from his dresser. He held it up to her, and she recognized it immediately. It was one of the small new generation MP3 players that had been introduced a couple years ago. No tapes, they used memory sticks to store audio data. This one had a small speaker built into the front, and an empty headphone jack on top. Shinji hit the play button.

“Tonight, while you were visiting Toji…” the voice, her own voice, began.

“Stop it,” she said, but he didn’t, and the recording droned on.

Finally, the voice on the player said, “All you have to do is ask me to stay and I will.” He stopped the recording.

She was staring at the floor.

“Five years I’ve tried to reach you, to no avail. I send out at least one letter a week, usually two, and sometimes three. They all come back,” he was saying. He reached into the top drawer of his dresser and pulled it out, dumping the contents. A pile of letters spilled out at her feet.

A white envelope was thrust under her nose.

“This is the one I’m mailing tomorrow,” he said.

She nodded and took it from him, pulling the folded paper out of the envelope, and opening it. It was written in Romanji, so she had no difficulty translating it.

“September 14th, 2022

Dear Asuka,

I have no real hope that this letter will ever reach you, but, as always,
I write it hopes that someday one will accidentally get through and you
will read this.

I didn’t find your message until after Misato got back from the airport.
She told me you waited for more than 2 hours for your Knight in Purple
Shining Armor to show up.

I didn’t know. If I had, I’ve have ridden my steed through the castle
gates to sweep you off your feet.

Instead I sit here, staring at my paintings, which are a poor substitute
for the real thing.

I’m in Paris still, I’ve been here almost 3 months. The weathers’ nice
for the most part, and the people are usually friendly. I’ve picked up a
amount of French, and speak it quite well, if I do say so myself. Well,
I guess I would have to, speaking it every day.

If you get this, please call me. I’m at 27-424-555-5799.


P.S. I still feel the same way as I did 5 years ago.”

She looked up at him. He was standing before the Easel now, and had added a series of bold black Kanji to the side of the portrait.

“I Love You, Asuka Langley Soryu. Shinji Ikari,” the characters read.

Asuka’s eyes began to mist.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” was all she could say.

He stood there, shirt off, looking back at her. He’d put the brush down, and was staring at her.

“Asuka, look at me,” he said, in a soft but firm voice.

She looked up at him, and he stepped closer to her. They’d both grown quite a bit since they were fourteen, but he’d won this contest, and was easily 5’8” while she was only 5’5”

“I can say it now.”

She shook her head. Whether to deny it, or to forestall it, he didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. He took the last step to her, and she looked up at him.

“I love you, Asuka Langley Soryu,” he said to her, pulling her into his embrace, and kissing her lightly.

Asuka’s head swam, and her body tingled. She couldn’t believe this was happening now. They’d been roommates and pilots together when they were 14, and stayed together until she was 16 and had been asked to come home. Whatever feelings she’d had for him, she thought she’d buried there in that airport, when he’d broken her heart.

“Stop,” she said, pulling away, breathless, her hands pushing against his chest.

“Yes?” he said, looking at her.

“No ‘I’m sorry?’” she asked.

“You want me to apologize for kissing you?” he asked, incredulous.

“No, I just expected you to,” she said.

“Oh. Like I said, that Shinji died. I’m here now. I’ve searched five years in vain to find you, and now, serendipitously, I bump into you on a Paris street, not half a mile from my apartment. This is an opportunity I will not pass up.”

“Oh, and you think that after five years, you can just walk back into my life, and tell me how I should feel, think, or act, ad everything will be just fine?”

“I guess, I wasn’t thinking about any of that, Asuka,” he said.

“Damn straight you weren’t thinking. I never said that I felt the same was as you did, and I sure as hell don’t feel that way now,” she said.

Shinji stood there, taking it all in. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a sad mockery of a smile.

“I had hoped that you’d remember me as fondly as I remember you, but I see that’s not the case. I apologize. Please, call a cab, so you can get back your hotel,” he said, motioning her back into the kitchen.

She turned and walked back into the kitchen, and picked up the phone, and dialed the hotel lobby, and asked them to send a car for her.

When they asked who the room was registered under, she replied “Doctor Soryu.” The Evening deck clerk said that they would have a car at her location in approximately twenty minutes. She thanked them and hung up the phone.

“So it’s Doctor Soryu now, not Pilot Soryu,” Shinji said, still toweling himself off.

“Yes, I returned to College after I got back from Japan, and Got my Doctorate in Particle Physics. I’m here attending a lecture series on the new Fusion reactor that’s being built in Russia.”

“Ah, I remember reading something about that in the paper,” he said.

Asuka noticed that there were goosebumps on his skin, and that a lot of skin was showing. His pants were still on, but he wasn’t wearing anything else. He’d filled out nicely too. Probably a bit of weight training or physical conditioning in college, she figured.

“Well, anyhow, Asuka, it was nice to see you again. I’m going to take a shower and see if I can’t get warmed up. You’re welcome to stay here until the car arrives, that way you aren’t standing outside in the rain. I’ve turned on the street light, so they can see the address. Goodbye,” he said, holding his hand out.

“Goodbye Shinji,” she said, taking his hand in a delicate grasp, and pumping it a couple times.

He turned and walked into the small bathroom, shutting the door. The shower came on a few minutes later, and she could hear the sounds of the water hitting the porcelain of the tub, and draining away.

She stood there, staring at the door of the bathroom, numb.

After five years he’d come back into her life, by accident, and told her that the reason he’d broken her heart was that he hadn’t listened to the recording until after she’d gone.

‘Yeah right,’ she scoffed, ‘You just couldn’t make up your mind until after Misato came home, and by then it was too late.’

But the letters.

He’d sent so many. And, even when they were returned, he kept them. She looked over at the pile of letters on the floor. Shaking her head, she started walking around the room, killing time by examining the contents. The room was fairly packed with paintings, portraits and sketches, covering various subjects. She thumbed through some of the sketchbooks while she waited.

The first sketch in the book she grabbed shocked her. It was a nude of Rei Ayanami. The blue haired woman looked older than the last time she’d seen her, and she was portrayed lying on her stomach, looking coyly over her shoulder at the artist.

Well, he was evidently still in contact with her, but that was only to be expected, she guessed. They’d discovered after the fall of NERV that Rei was some form of clone, created from Shinji’s mother. She remembered how Shinji had been at first upset, and then overjoyed, at the discovery of his “sister.” He’d spent days just walking and talking with her, and Asuka had been jealous of their time together.

She flipped the page.

Toji and Hikari. Toji wearing a prosthetic leg and arm, and dressed in a tuxedo, Hikari wearing a Brides Kimono. So, they’d actually gotten married.

Another picture, this time of Kensuke and Rei, sitting on a park bench, holding hands. So, the third stooge had decided to go for wondergirl. So much the better.

A self portrait, drawn as if in a mirror, with Shinji holding the sketch pad, and glancing out of one eye, to see himself.

The next drawing was a sketch of her, she realized. It had been carefully colored in using inks of some kind. Her yellow dress, the one she’d worn the day she’d come to Japan, and defeated her first angel, blowing in the breeze on the aircraft carrier. She flipped the page, and saw a head shot, devoid of any color except the blue of her eyes. She flipped again, and here was a sketch, showing her in her school uniform, but this one was colored in with chalks of some sort. She remembered seeing colored chalk in his ruined bag.

She flipped the last page, and came to a picture of an event that had never happened. There was a colored sketch there, of Shinji in a sweater, and jeans, kissing Asuka, dressed in a similar outfit.

She heard the horn outside, then, and walked to the stairs.

“I’m going now Shinji,” she called, but he didn’t answer.

She walked down the carpeted stairs, and opened the door, prepared to dash for the waiting car when she stopped.

She’d cried herself to sleep a few times over the years, thinking about Shinji Ikari. If only he’d been older. More experienced, or wiser in the ways of the world, what would have happened then.

The impatient driver honked the horn again.

And here she was, about to leave him again. To return to the safety of the world she’d pulled around her to protect her. Did she really want that though?

She stepped through the door, and waved the car off. She could always call the hotel back, and get another ride later. She needed to talk to Shinji some more.

She took her coat off, and hung it on the peg at the bottom of the stairs, with her purse, kicked off her shoes, and started back up the stairs. As she reached the top landing she could no longer hear the shower running, but could hear the soft whisper of his voice, coming from the kitchen. She stopped, not quite sure what to say, and stayed just out of sight, still on the landing.

“How’s Kensuke? You guys have any plans for the day?” she heard him asking. There was a pause, and she heard a laugh. Evidently he was on the phone. It was somewhat hard to figure out what was going on, only hearing half of the conversation.

“Well tell them all that I said hi, and tell Kensuke I’ll call him on the fourth, like I said I would.”


“Well, no, nothings wrong.”

“… no Rei.”


“Look, I’m fine, alright, I just wanted to see how you guys were doing. I don’t talk to you enough, so I thought I’d call.”

“Yes, but…”

“Yes, I have been.”

There were a few more minutes of one sided conversation and Shinji was slowly being worn down by the person on the other end of the line, evidently Rei.

Finally, in a quite voice, she heard him respond to the latest question.

“I found her.”

“I was in Eiffel park, doing some sketching and it was raining. I started out of the park and ran into her. She came back here and we talked for a bit while she looked around.”

“Yes, she saw the portrait.”

“I think she liked it. I changed it though.”

“No, I wrote the words ‘I Love You, Asuka’ on it.”

“How do expect her to react. After five years she runs into me on the streets of Paris, and has no idea what I’ve been doing with myself since she left. She could care less.”

“Yes, I told her. What you think I’d still leave something like that unsaid. You know what I went through trying to reach her. I spent three weeks in that German Immigration Prison, hoping they’d let me see her, but they just sent me home. And all those German Intelligence Agents showing up at odd hours telling me to forget it, and leave her alone.”

“She didn’t say anything, Rei. She doesn’t know me, and she’s forgotten the me she did know.”

“No. Rei, I don’t want anyone else. I may not have a chance in hell of ever getting her, but I’m not going to settle. I’ve done enough of that in my life.”

“No, I don’t mean to say that I settled for Kimiko, but she understood when we were going out that I was in love with Asuka.”

“I know. I’m sorry, look, I didn’t lead her on, she knew it. But I couldn’t stay with her, I didn’t love her. That’s why I didn’t move in with her.”


“Well a couple of women, here and there, just dating though.”

“REI! You’re gonna make me blush.”

“YES, alright YES, I have and no I’m not.”

“Anyway, I went into the bathroom, and turned the shower on until she left. I didn’t think I could face her. I KNOW I couldn’t face her. It’s just that, after all these years, of dreaming about her, to have her right there in front of me was shocking. And then to be refused out of hand. I don’t know. I just couldn’t face her.”

He let out a deep sighing breath, and Asuka was unsure if he was crying, or just trying to gather his composure.

“Yes, I am. Why do you think? After all these years, of hoping and praying to whatever gods or fates might be listening, Asuka Langley Soryu, the only person in my whole miserable life I ever loved, REALLY loved, walks into my life, and right back out again.”

His wracking sobs were plainly audible now, and Asuka was feeling very poorly for the way she’d treated her childhood friend. Friend? Well, she’d never really treated him like a friend. Even after all the things he did for her, she still called him names and made fun of him. He’d even died for at least once, and she’d never shown him how grateful she was.

“She let me kiss her,” he was saying.

“Incredible. She has the softest lips.”


“Yes, it was a REAL kiss.”

“Yes, there were tongues involved.”

“What do you MEAN I must be a bad kisser if she left after that? It wasn’t right after. Besides you can ask Kimiko, I’m a great kisser when someone isn’t pinching my nose shut so I can’t breath.”

Asuka remembered that, their first kiss, there in Misato’s apartment. She’d said she was bored, but really, she just wanted to kiss Shinji, and then, she’d felt guilty about it, and what he might say to their friends, so she’d plugged his nose, more to make the experience bad for him, than any other reason. And she’d liked the kiss, which had made her disgusted with herself. He really had been, and still was, an excellent kisser. But she’d run to the bathroom to cover her enjoyment, and rinsed her mouth out.

Asuka made her decision.

“Yes your are. The best I’ve ever had the pleasure to kiss,” she said softly, barely above a whisper.

Shinji, bent over the bar between his kitchen and living/bedroom snapped around, staring at her, mouth agape.

“What? No, Rei, not you. Asuka’s here,” he said into the receiver.

“I don’t know. Rei wants to know how long you’ve been there?”

“I never left.”

“She never left,” he told Rei.

“How much did you hear?” he asked.

“Almost the entire conversation,” she admitted.

“I’ll bet that it was a bit confusing one sided,” he said.

“Not at all, I understood almost everything. Except who is Kimiko?”

Shinji blanched. Asuka could hear the sound of someone shouting at him over the receiver.

“Rei. She wants to talk to you,” he said, holding the phone out to her.

“Hello?” Asuka said, taking the phone.

“Asuka, I think I’m glad to hear your voice. But that depends on the next few minutes of Shinji’s life, and the decision you’re going to have to make,” Rei said.

“Oh really,” she said frostily.

“Yes. Understand this, if you’ve heard most of this conversation, and you’ve seen anything of his paintings and sketches, you know how hung up on you he is. After you left Japan he was devastated. He’s spent years trying to reach you, hoping for one last conversation, just to settle things. All of us back here didn’t think he had a chance in hell, but we supported him. In the meantime, though, we’ve set him up with every single woman we could find, and you want to know what he did?”

“I guess.”

“He drove most of them away by talking incessantly about you. We reached the point last year we stopped trying, because it was obvious that he wasn’t going to give up on his silly dream. He’s broken the hearts of half the women in Tokyo-3 by refusing to form any sort of permanent relationship. He’s only ever dated one person for more than two weeks, and that was Toji’s cousin Kimiko, and he only did that because Toji set it up. She’s still in love with him, and hopes that he’ll get over you and come back to her.”

“Oh, well in that case…” she began.

“Shut up Asuka, I’m not done with you,” Rei said, and Asuka was very shocked at the girls voice. She never would have said anything like this before.

“As I was about to say. You have three choices. The first, turn around, walk out right now, and say nothing to him. Let him stay the way he’s been for the last five years, alone and miserable,” she paused.

“Two. You can tell him that you don’t love him, never did, and never will, but you remember the time you had together as kids fondly. Thank him for thinking of you, but tell him you have someone else you’re madly in love with. He’ll be able to move on then, and make someone a wonderful husband.”

“But I’m not…” Asuka started, but was cut off again.

“I don’t care if you’re not seeing anyone Asuka. You have to tell him that if you’re going to give him closure. It’s the only way he’ll ever give up on you.”

“Okay,” Asuka said, “and third?”

“Third, if you really feel about him the way we’ve always suspected you do, or did, stay with him. Give him a chance to show you how much he loves you. How much he’s always loved you, and how much he’s missed you all these years. I imagine from the reports my girlfriends have given me that it’s an experience you won’t regret.”

“Alright,” Asuka said, simply.

“Do you know what you’re going to do?” Rei asked.

“I think so,” she said, nodding.

“Then hang up the phone, and do what you have to. And Asuka?”

“Yes,” she said.

“I hope to hear from you very soon. Shinji’s not the only one who’s missed you,” Rei said, and the line went dead.

“Well that’s not what I expected from Ayanami,” she said, hanging up the phone.

“It’s Mrs. Aida now. She and Kensuke got married eight months ago. Rei’s expecting my first niece sometime in February,” Shinji said.

Asuka looked back at Shinji, shocked.

“Married?” she asked.

“Yeah, Toji was best man, and I gave the bride away. A lot of the old NERV personnel were there as guests, because they’re all really our family. At least all the family she and I have left, thanks to our father. So, anyway, what did she have to say.”

“She told me I had to make a decision.”

“Oh. And have you?” he asked, still standing there, looking uncomfortable.

“I think so, yes. Hang on for a minute.”

She picked the phone back up and placed another call. Whoever she was talking to had been awoken by her call, and Asuka spent several minutes speaking in very firm German before she finally said goodbye, and hung up.

“What was that about?” he asked.

“Just taking care of my travel plans,” she said.

“Oh,” he said, casting his eyes at the nearest wall, and refusing to meet her gaze. He had his left arm held down at his side, and was rubbing it with his right.

“So, when will they be coming to pick you up?” he asked, not really caring.

“They’re not, I cancelled my reservations for the conference, and rescheduled the lectures I was supposed to give.”

Shinji spent a few moments digesting that. “So…”

“I decided that I’d take the last option that Ayanami pointed out.”

“And what was that?” he asked, hardly daring to hope.

“This,” she said, stepping forward quickly and wrapping her arms around his head, and pulling him down into a kiss.

He started to say something, but, as his mouth opened, her tongue darted inside. Fiercely probing and exploring, wanting to show him through physical contact what was going on inside her mind and body.

Shinji could hardly believe it. Not twenty minutes ago she’d walked out of his life again, and he was sure that this time was the last. Now she was kissing him like no woman had ever kissed him before. The rising heat of her body signaled that he wasn’t the only one enjoying this kiss. Her fingers were laced through his hair, and she was refusing to release him. His strong arms snaked around her, and crushed her to him.

They were both breathing fast, now, and she was tilting her head from side to side as she kissed him, trying to make sure that she kissed every part of him.

She started speaking to him then, in a harsh voice, breathless, and filled with passion.

“Shinji… Shinji… Oh god Shinji… I’ve missed you so much… I’m so sorry… I… Never told you… how I felt… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m so glad you still love me…”

Shinji heard every word, and was crying as they kissed. He couldn’t believe it. Asuka. Asuka was here, in his arms, kissing him. Wanting… wanting what?

“Asuka… Asuka wait… stop…” he said breaking the kiss, and pulling away.

“Shinji,” she pouted, out of breath.

“Wait a minute. What’s going on here, a few minutes ago I was sure you were gone, now you’re kissing my like something out of my wildest fantasies.”

“I realized what I’ve been like to you, and I realized that you’ve never deserved it, any of it. You’re the kindest most gentle person I know, and I want you to know how grateful I am.”

“I told you Asuka, I’m not the boy you left behind. You don’t know me.”

“Do you love me, Shinji?”

“You know I do,” he answered.

“But that’s not me either. That’s the girl who walked out on you, who was too afraid of getting hurt to tell you how she felt. The girl who couldn’t do, but only react. Do you think you know me any better?”

He started to answer, but stopped. He realized that he didn’t know her. Didn’t know what she’d been through since she’d left. He’d tried to follow some of her exploits through the internet, but the pickings had been slim.

“I guess I don’t,” he admitted.

“Then lets get to know each other. If we decide later that it’s not working out, then I’ll leave. You can return to your life, and never have to think about me again. In the meanwhile, I can’t think of any better way to create a more memorable experience with you than to make love to you,” she gasped, running her fingers over his bare chest.

Part of Shinji was trying to object to this, but the rest of him was too numbed by her mere presence to object.

“Alright,” he agreed, and pulled her too him.

They resumed kissing, this time letting their hands roam over each other’s bodies. Asuka was rubbing his back and chest, obviously enjoying the feel of his muscles. Shinji, meanwhile, was pulling the tails of her blouse out of her pants, until it was finally free. He reached up and unbuttoned the front of her blouse, using both hands, until it was open to him.

“Shinji,” she breathed, “Touch me.”

Shinji pushed her blouse back, revealing a white silk bra, with a clasp in the front. Confidently he undid the clasp, and slipped his fingers in between the silk and her skin, forcing the bra up and aside.

Asuka groaned and leaned into him, allowing him to massage her breasts. His thumbs found her small pink nipples, and brushed over them. An electric shiver flashed through her, straight from the contact to her spine, forcing her to shiver.

She removed her hands from his body, and pulled her blouse off. Her bra was next, and she allowed the both to fall to the floor. Shinji’s hands were still on her, rubbing and gripping her breasts, firmly, but not too hard. She wrapped her arms around his head, and pulled him deeper into the kiss.

Suddenly his hands left her breasts and reached around her to cup her ass. He lifted her easily, moving his hands down her thighs, and her legs slid easily around him. Pulling herself closer to him. Her nipples were sending little jolts of pleasure through her, as they rubbed against his chest, and she gave little squeaks of pleasure every time the pressure changed.

He was turning her around, and, still holding her go him walked to the bed, which with his paintings, occupied most of the main room. He held her tightly against him as he fell to the bed. She was on her back, and he was on top of her, supporting his weight on his knees and elbow, so he didn’t crush her.

“Asuka…” he breathed, “are you sure?”

“God, Ikari,” she laughed up at him, breaking the kiss for a moment, “what does a girl have to do to get laid around here.”

Apparently the ‘IT’ she had to do was say something exactly like that. With a soft growling chuckle he relaxed his legs, and his groin ground into hers.

‘Dear god, he’s so hard,’ she thought, feeling him rub against her through their jeans.

She couldn’t help herself, and ran a hand between them, until she could run a finger up the length of his member. He shivered as she touched him. Evidently he was as excited about this as she was.

Shinji moved down her body then, kissing his way down her chin, to her neck, and the sensitive places on either side. Then down to her breasts. He planted soft kisses all the way around each breast, slowly working his way up, massaging them while he was doing it. When his lips reached the areola, his mouth opened, and his tongue flicked out to tease and taunt each sensitive nub.

She was running her fingers through the hair on the back of his head, trying to encourage him. The gentle tongue flicks stopped, and Shinji softly rubbed one nipple between finger and thumb, while the other he sucked gently into his mouth, flicking the tip of it with his tongue, while slowly applying suction.

He did this for several moments, and then alternated nipples. She was feeling heat rising all over her chest from this attention, and her breath was coming faster now, as she gave soft little moans to encourage him.

Then he moved away from her nipples to the center of her chest, still massaging her breasts and nipples with his hands, but his kisses were leading him elsewhere. He backed up a bit more, and continued to kiss down her stomach. He reached a light patch of soft hairs just over the top of her belly button, only a few, but he teased them with his tongue, and they tickled.

She squirmed a little under this attention, and he moved lower, probing her belly button gently with his tongue. He planted soft little kisses all the way around it, and flicked it with his tongue, lovingly.

‘Oh god, Shinji,’ she thought to herself, ‘if you can make me feel like that by kissing my belly button, I can’t wait for you to go a little lower.

Her fingers were still in his hair, and now she was pushing him down, urging him onward, and he was slowly complying. Then there was a problem. Her pants. She was still wearing them. She started to remove her hands from his head and take them off, but he silently whispered that he’d do it.

“I’ve wanted to do this for seven years,” he said softly, lustily, looking up at her until she met the gaze of his dark blue eyes.

“Alright,” she giggled, feeling like a school girl.

His hands came off her breasts, then, and rubbed down her sides, giving her a slight tickle as they passed over her flanks. His fingers looped into the waist of her pants, and worked toward the center button. When he reached it, he slowly, teasingly, undid the first button. He planted kisses on the newly exposed inch of skin from under the waist. His left hand traced the waist band, and moved over her thigh, to the inside of her leg, then up the inside of the thigh, until it met the bottom of the zipper. He ran a finger teasingly up the zipper, until he could grip the pull, and gently eased it down.

He pushed the fabric aside and continued the little kisses, occasionally flipping his tongue out, and teasing her skin, until he met the top of her silk panties.

He stopped then, and ran his hands around to the sides of her slacks and began to inch them downward. She lifted her hips, and he pulled harder, her pants sliding free of her ass, and down her thighs. He stood up, and pulled them off her, tossing them over the side of the bed. She lay there, open before him, wearing only her silk panties and her ankle socks.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, huskily, his eyes roaming over her body.

He lay back down on the bed, between her legs, and began to kiss her again. His lips roved over the side of her panties, and down the front of her thighs, and then into the crease between her groin and her thigh. He kissed down toward the source of the small fire that she was producing, a fire she knew only he could put out.

Then, instead of kissing her as she wanted to be kissed, he kissed down the inside of her thigh in little circles, teasing her. She was gasping, and whimpering in unsatisfied desire, and he finally relented and reached up to pull her panties off her. Again she raised up to assist him, and watched as he tossed them casually to the side.

He lay back down again, still between her outstretched legs, and kissed the top of her pubic mound. The short hairs there, carefully trimmed, and kept tame to make such contact more pleasurable for both partners. She hoped he enjoyed what he found.

His kisses and gentle tongue flicks were continuing down and then, at last he was there. He tilted his head forward, extended his tongue as far as it would go, and gently traced his it up the slit until he hit the hard nubbin that was the heart of her pleasure.

Asuka’s clit gave a little squeal of pleasure that was echoed by its owner as Shinji’s tongue flicked it softly.

He repeated the process, being careful not to over-stimulate her. He kept this up for what seemed like ages, and the sensations that Asuka was feeling built towards a peak. Her breath was coming fast, and her back was arching, her toes clenching as he stopped, and locked his lips down on her hard little clit, just like he had her nipples, flicking it with his tongue, and applying suction.

Asuka’s first orgasm exploded from her, and she announced it loud and vocally by calling his name as the throbs peeked within her body. He had his arms wrapped under her legs, and his hands placed firmly on the top of her pelvic bone, holding on to her as she convulsed under him. He continued to flick her clit with his tongue, until she could no longer take it, and was begging him to stop.

He broke contact, but stayed where he was, his breath heavy, as he breathed in her scent.

She looked down at him, and found him looking back at her.

“Was that okay?” he asked, coyly.

Asuka laughed, almost hysterically, and fell back into the bed.

“Was that OKAY?” she echoed, laughing, “Oh, Shinji, if you only knew.”

Asuka was rather surprised actually. She never achieved orgasm with a partner the first time. Never. But here was Shinji Ikari, the boy she’d teased and taunted as a fourteen year old, lying between her thighs giving her one of the most incredible orgasms of her lift.

“Good,” he said smugly, and buried himself in her flesh again.

“Oh, Shit,” she gasped, and then moaned as he picked up where he’d left off. She felt the pleasure slowly beginning to build again, from it’s low ebb, and knew she wouldn’t be long in having her second orgasm. Suddenly she felt his hand between her legs, moving up her thigh, and a single tentative finger was probing at the outer lips of her labia. Shinji stopped for a moment to moisten the finger, and let his tongue probe the flower like petals that were engorged with blood and slightly spread open before him.

He resumed his licking and suckling of her clit, as his finger slowly teased the petals of her labia open, before sliding smoothly inside her. She gasped as it probed slowly and softly into her depts. Then he pulled it out, and turned it so his palm was facing up. He re-inserted it, and this time, ran the tip up the front of her inner walls until they met the series of small ridges that were there. He rubbed them softly, yet firmly, still licking her clit, and Asuka felt the g-spot throb under his expert touch.

Her second orgasm was even more intense than the first, and this time she had something filling her for her poor muscles to clasp. Her inner walls clutched and tightened around his finger, and he was unable to move it, except for the tip, which kept flicking her g-spot, and sending massive quakes of pleasure through her entire body. Shinji again slowed his attentions, and Asuka came down from the pleasure wave, this time dissolving into an incredibly tingly mass of quivering flesh. Her bones felt like jello, and her skin was flushed and glowing.

“Oh wow,” she giggled, running her fingers through his hair.

Shinji smiled up at her, as she relaxed, and started to return to the task of giving Asuka wave after wave of orgasm.

“What are you doing?” she gasped at him, as he began to lick at her clit.

“Mmm?” he mumbled, and the vibration throbbed through her.

“Shit. Stop. I mean it, no more, I can’t take it,” she said, throwing her head back, and grabbing his hair firmly between her fingers. She gave a hard pull, and Shinji squawked like a wounded bird, as he was dragged away from his new favorite toy, and up to her chest.

“Make love to me Shinji. No more teasing,” she begged, huskily.

“Alright,” he said, and, after she let go, he stood up, and pulled his pants off. His boxers followed almost instantly, and she got her first good look at his erection. It was larger than she’d have guessed from her few fleeting glimpses of it when they’d lived and worked together. Of course, it hadn’t been as excited to be free then as it was now, so some of that was understandable. Shinji reached over for his dresser drawer, and pulled it open, rummaging inside.

Asuka glanced over to see what he was doing, and saw that the drawer was full of papers, notes, sketches, a girlie magazine and about fifty condoms, composed of three or four different types.

“Shinji, My god, were you that confident you’d find me?” she teased.

He turned bright red, and Asuka was pleased to know that he could still be embarrassed.

“Well, no, I had no idea actually.”

“Then why are all those in there?” she pointed.

“Well, I’m not exactly a Virgin, you know Asuka, and I believe in being prepared,” he said, bluntly.

She started to say something, but then changed her mind. If she taunted him too much now, she might not get laid, and that was definitely something that was going to happen, even if she had to kill someone to have him. She looked at the choices he had, and, refusing to wait any longer, pointed to it.

“That one,” she said, indicating a black labeled wrapper with gold writing.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because it’s very sheer, and will feel like there’s nothing between us. I want to know you’re in me, not feel like I’m screwing a rain coat.

Shinji nodded, and pulled the condom out, ripping the package open with his teeth, and extracting the rubber. He looked down, and, making sure it was aligned correctly, slid the condom into place.

He climbed back into bed, and moved up to kiss her. She reached down to caress his member, and snugged the condom all the way to the bottom of his shaft. She knew this brand, it had a small ring at the bottom of it, and would help to keep him erect if he started to go limp. However the way he felt now, she doubted that that was going to be a problem.

She pulled him into a passionate kiss, as he positioned himself over her, and then she felt the tip of his manhood outside her entrance.

He raised up away from her, and gazed back into her bright blue eyes.

“May I?” he asked.

“Please,” she said.

She had thought that after all of this waiting and anticipation that he’d hurry to complete the deed, but instead he eased into her slowly, entering her centimeter by centimeter. He pulled out slightly, and she felt the tug and then a small surge as he pushed himself back into her. He repeated this three times before he was fully within her, and his hips ground into hers. Asuka wrapped her legs around him, resting her heals on his thighs, as she urged him on.

She had closed her eyes as he’d begun to enter her, but now looked up, to have her own gaze met by his beautiful dark blue eyes.

“Oh god, Asuka, you feel so good,” he whispered.

“Oh, so do you, Shinji,” she grunted back at him.

He lowered himself onto her, and wrapped his arms around her, trapping her beneath him. He began to kiss her passionately, and she returned it, only a little distracted by the slow steady motion between her legs. Then, as the passion built again, she started to looser her place in the kiss, and was gasping for breath.

Shinji was picking up the pace slightly, and his hips, combined with the thrusting of his manhood, deep into her, were hitting all the little pleasure centers at once. She felt the heat rising again, and knew she was going to have her third orgasm of the night. Something that had happened only once before in her life.

She was breathing hard now, and seemed to be on the brink of going over, but was just holding on to the other side when he spoke, low and softly into her ear, his breath tickling her neck.

“Cum for me Asuka,” he said, and she did.

The explosion this time was incredible, and she locked her arms and legs around him, digging her nails into his back, and biting down on his shoulder to stifle her screams. She eased up slightly a few moments later when she realized the salty taste in her mouth was his blood. She’d broken the skin, and he hadn’t complained, merely kept up the same slow and steady pace within her.

“Oh, god! Oh, god! Shinji don’t stop. Oh, god! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OOOOOOOOH!” she howled as, for the first time in her life she hit the holy grail that all her girlfriends talked about. The Multiple Orgasm. She lost count of how many times she came, as he continued to pound into her.

Finally she began to ease out of it, as he slowed, and she looked up at him.

“Wow!” she said with a giggle. “Oh wow!”

“Are you okay?” he asked, concerned, and stopped moving.

“Oh, I’m more than okay, Shinji, I’m incredible. Have you cum yet?”

“Well, no, I was worried about you not enjoying this, so I was holding back,” he said.

“Well stop holding back,” she said, urging him to start thrusting again.

He began to pick up speed, and Asuka watched his face. She could tell that this time he was becoming more intense, and focusing on his pleasure this time, instead of maintaining the kinds of stimulation that was needed to guarantee her orgasm. She started to flex her vaginal muscles and gripped his shaft as it slid in and out of her. She heard a catch in his breathing and looked him in the eyes. He was lifted up over her slightly, his weight resting on his pelvis, and he was moving very fast, grinding in and out of her.

“Asuka, you’re so tight,” she breathed.

“That’s it Shinji, do it, that’s it.” She encouraged him, as he picked up speed. She felt another wave beginning to rise within her, and hoped it would be in time. Then she remembered what he’d done for her earlier, and decided to return the favor.

She reached up and softly caressed the side of his face, and whispered, in a pleading tone.

“Cum for me Shinji. Cum now,” she said.

He gave a loud cri, and Asuka felt his hips convulse against hers, as he drove himself as deeply into her as he could. His member throbbed deep within her, and his Orgasm triggered another one for her. She clutched him tightly as she cried out in ecstasy.

He buried his face in her hair, and let out a deep shuddering sob.

“Asuka, oh god, I love you, I love you Asuka, I love you,” he sobbed into her hair, holding her as close as any human being had ever held her, as close as any two humans ever could get.

She held him like that for a few minutes, until he released her, and tried to roll off her. She let him go, and saw him as he sat up on the side of the bed, and stripped off the condom, throwing it into the trash can next to the bed.

“I’m going to take a shower,” he said, getting up and looking down at her.

“Would you like a cloth to clean up with?” he asked.

“Please. I’m all sticky,” she said, smiling up at him, the glow she felt coming through her sultry voice.

He smiled down at her, and nodded, going into the bathroom, to retrieve a warm washcloth for her. He brought it out to her, and turned his back, returning to the shower as she cleaned herself up. She lay there for several minutes, basking in the glow of their lovemaking, while she listened to the water running in the bathroom.

Who would have thought, that Shinji Ikari, EVA Pilot, Savior of the world, meek little Hentai, and frightened little boy could be so good in bed. She had to admit he’d not been at all what she’d expected to find when she’d realized it was him there in Eiffel park.

She smiled to herself. ‘Must have been all those Hentaii Manga he read when he was a teenager,’ she thought.

She smiled toward the bathroom fondly, but then a thought occurred to her, and she got up, walking softly across the bare wood floor, before putting an ear to the door. There was the sound of water running within, but she could hear crying also, a soft sob now and again. Not bothering to ask permission, she turned the knob, and walked into the bathroom.

Shinji wasn’t sitting there crying this time, as she’d expected, but, instead, was running his head under the shower water. He would sob and softly hiccup every so often, as he soaked. He was standing with his head under the water, palms flat against the wall.

“Shinji?” she said softly, and watched as he jerked in the shower.

“Oh, Asuka, I’m sorry, was I taking too long? Would you like me to get out, so you can take a shower too?” he said, brushing the water out of his face, and started to reach for the towel outside the shower door.

“No, that’s okay. I think I’d like to join you, if I may?” she said. Something was deeply troubling this young man, and she was about to get to the bottom of it.

“Oh, okay,” he said, moving back as she joined him in the shower. He was standing at the rear of the small shower enclosure, letting her have all the water. She thoroughly wetted her hair, and body, and then turned to face Shinji.

“Shinji, open your eyes and look at me,” she said. Slowly, tentatively, his eyes opened, and he looked at her.

“What’s wrong? And don’t you tell me nothing. I just heard you crying in here, after we spent most of the morning making love, and I want to know why.”

“It noth…” he began, but then caught himself. “It’s just that, well, this is the fulfillment of my most ardent hope and dreams, and I’m afraid that now there isn’t anywhere to go but down.”

“Meaning?” she asked, already guessing what he would say.

“Meaning that now that we’ve both gotten this out of our system, it’s time for you to leave. You’ll go, and say you’ll keep in touch, or some such thing, but deep inside we both know that we’ll never see each other again. I’m sorry Asuka, I don’t mean to be putting this on you, like this, it just hurts.”

“Shinji, look at me,” she said, trying to get him to look her in the eyes, instead of at her feet. He slowly lifted his eyes to hers, and saw the tears glistening there.

“Don’t believe for a minute that you’re going to get off that easily,” she said with a sob. “It’s taken me seven years to come this far, and if you blow it for me, I’ll never forgive you.” She took a step towards him and drew him into a soft passionate kiss, her arms snaking around him. He responded, and clutched her to him, trembling slightly. Her next words calmed them both, and Shinji finally relaxed, and gave into the joy that was within his heart.

“I love you Shinji Ikari, and I’m begging you, please, please don’t ever let me go.”

The end.