Shinji does everybody

By Bluevirage

This story is a parody and all characters belong to someone other than me. Namely Gainax/project Eva and TV Tokyo. All of which should not worry since I make Zippo nadda, nothing off of this story except satisfaction that I finished such a thing. Also for those under eighteen (the complementary ignored warning) out there you should be told that unless your of legal age, have parents that don’t give a damn what you do online or a couple that let you decide what you look at online with there consent go somewhere else. All ya others out there have fun.

Act four

Shinji sat up on his sleeping mat. No sore muscles no aches no pains not even a sore jaw from Asuka’s fist if he handled her wrong and she did not like it. “NO NOTHING!” Shinji blinked catching his anger just as it was about to make him punch the floor. “I guess what Touji said about not having sex was right… I shouldn’t worry about that… No it will only get me into more trouble and hell I can do without that!”

Shinji stood up and looked at his arms. They were more developed since began to work out more as a means to vent his pent up energy. “Good morning sleepy head!” Shinji glanced at Asuka as she stood in his doorway. Getting no response Asuka walked over to him and tugged on his ear. “I said GOOD MORNING!” Shinji flinched ever so slightly and just walked out of his room. “Well someone is grumpy!”

”I wish something would happen to get my mind off of sex! Anything! Even Asuka can’t piss me off anymore than my father has…” It was really all of the Eva pilot’s faults really that Commander Ikari had found out about their activities. The only one who was involved that did not get into trouble was Ritsuko. Shinji bushed his teeth while staring into his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His thoughts continued uninterrupted as Asuka roughly bumped into him and started brushing her own teeth.

”So any plans after school?” Shinji rinsed his mouth out and left the bathroom. “Well GOOD you know we have to see that damn shrink with Rei to discuss our promiscuity! Hello I know you can hear me you jackass!” Shinji smiled.

”Well at least Asuka is good for a laugh… I have changed a lot…” Those were Shinji’s last thoughts before he joined his friends on the walk to school. Asuka kept her distance while following them.

”Shinji you have to get out of this funk! Sure your getting just about as strong as I am but come on your even more depressed than you seemed when you first showed up at school!” Touji walked next to Kensuke with Shinji at his left. Shinji remained silent then slowly glanced at his friend.

Shinji glared at Touji. “Just… Leave me alone…” Shinji picked up the pace as his buddies stopped and shook their heads.

”Its official…” Kensuke said pushing his glasses up on his face.

”Yea he is a real monster and it is our fault right?” Touji replied while looking at nothing in particular.

”Yep!” Asuka was listening in on the two’s conversation and kicked Touji in the back of his legs knocking him to his knees. Kensuke just hoped Asuka would not kick his ass as he helped Touji up.

”What the hell was that for?” Asuka punched Touji in the nose.

”This is your fault!” Asuka walked off glad to have vented her own anger in a way she found much more satisfying.

”DEMON!” Touji called after her while holding his nose. “One of these days I’ll…”

”You won’t do anything she could get you in serious trouble! Well there is a way you can keep her off our backs of course it is far fetched…” Touji looked at Kensuke as they hurried the rest of the way to school.

”And that is?”

Kensuke grinned. “Get Shinji back with Asuka and Rei… The problem is determining how to do so… It was far easier for us to get with Misato than for Shinji to hook up with Asuka… He did tell you how it happened right?”

Touji tilted his head back trying to keep what little blood he had left after all the nose bleeds he caught the other day from a dirty mag Kensuke had smuggled into school. “No… And I do not want to hear it right now… We can discuss this at lunch!”

Lunch that day was a few hours away and Shinji just sat in class staring at the teacher or his work as the day dragged on. He caught a few glances of some of the other girls who had recently started to watch him as intently as he hoped Rei was. He had felt her eyes on him more than once and he knew she somehow deep down inside was not so intent on obeying the commander’s orders if she could. Little did Shinji know he was right about Rei. Because at that moment she was having a rather intense fantasy involving Shinji and herself.

”Shinji…” That warm smile he had that cute laugh those eyes filled with all sorts of emotions. Rei almost let a happy look appear on her face when she thought of Shinji but mostly kept it to herself. Asuka was having problems of her own.

Asuka frowned while trying to type something up on her computer.. “Grrr damn you Ikari! Somehow that statement seems familiar… If only I could concentrate on my work as much as I think about that jerk maybe I could improve well enough to best him at schoolwork besides Evangelion piloting. I am the best and I will remain the best!” Asuka gave Shinji a smug look even if he wasn’t looking at her she knew he felt her eyes on him drilling into the back of his head like a high powered rifle bullet. Shinji gave Asuka a glance then looked back at his computer.

The instructor suddenly handed out a surprise exam one that even Suzuhara or Aida even with all their connections and sneaky ways had not managed to get cheat sheets for. “Oh man! I am going to fail and my dad is going to kick my ass!” Touji said out loud. “Hmm maybe if I thought of Misato it would improve my concentration?” Touji thought while getting a goofy grin on his face.

Asuka took the test and thought of all the fun she had with Shinji after letting go of her anger… Sort of. “I actually care about that insect and he wants to ignore me? I don’t care about his father’s orders! DAMN YOU SHINJI! Sheesh with all this stress over one guy I should have tried to seduce Kaji!” Asuka felt herself getting wet at the thought and snaked a hand down under her dress and rubbed herself hard to orgasm in the middle of the test she barely passed like all the other children. To say the least no one caught her today unlike the other time Rei found her in the janitor's closet with a friend of hers that had a selector switch.

Lunchtime for Shinji was spent wondering about his sorry life. Irrational thoughts flooded his mind. “Fuck my father’s orders as soon as I get the chance I am going to take Rei to the park for a little walk to talk things over with her and then after the pleasantries are over… She is mine!” Shinji had such a dark look on his face as his friends just stared at him. Shinji glanced at them and smirked. “You two seem to have a problem eating. Would you mind if I just left you alone to go talk to Rei?”

Kensuke nodded along with Touji and then watched as Shinji walked over and sat with Rei. “Shinji is changing man… I am scared! What if he goes insane while inside his Evangelion? He could wipe us out man!”

Touji slapped Kensuke. “Calm down… Trust in Shinji… If we don’t then we are all screwed! With a hell demon like Asuka left to save us from the Angels if Shinji cracks… We might as well…”

”KISS YOUR ASSES GOODBYE!” Asuka said while popping up suddenly behind the two. Asuka punched Touji and Kensuke in the back simultaneously right after her statement and as they gasped in pain shoved their faces into their meals. Stomping off Asuka grumbled “Ungrateful assholes…”

Touji recovered first. “Next time you keep watch…”

Kensuke groaned into his rice pudding for an answer. Shinji and Rei watched the whole scene and then looked back at each other. “Shinji your hands are warm…” Shinji realized he was holding Rei’s hands and pulled away.

”Oh sorry… I was just worried for a moment I might have to set Asuka straight…”

Rei smiled. “There is a first time for everything…” Shinji rolled his eyes.

”Great now you’re cracking jokes… I guess that doctor has helped you loosen up…” Rei smiled slightly before staring once again at Shinji with an expressionless look.

”No you did…” Shinji started to feel like his old self but he remembered his plans and used his pent up rage to push ahead with them. “And you also do know we are being watched by agents of Nerv… So I hope you did not put too much into planning an evening with me… We can talk like this if you like later on…”

Shinji’s head hung as he felt shame wash over him. “I… I… Am not the same as I was before… I have changed a lot…” Shinji thought as the lunch break continued and ended with him lost in his own feelings and anxieties. He was feeling like his old self but with something just underneath the surface which was his new self the one who liked doing things that old Shinji was afraid to and did not care what happened.


The front door to Rei’s home swung open easily enough as she pushed it open. Her place was the same as it always was. After closing the door behind her she slumped against it letting out a ragged breath. “Shinji…” Rei looked at her hands as they cupped her chest and her face flushed as she remembered his touch, his roughness… His release. Rei shook her head. “I must listen to the commander…” Was the thought she kept thinking. Rei was changing also. Things had slowed down enough in her life for their to be new worries that erupted without warning destroying her solitary thoughts.

Commander Ikari had chewed each pilot out for two hours straight after the original session. Shinji almost punched his father but was knocked back by the sub commander. Asuka kicked Shinji in the rear, which no one seemed to mind as long as it did not interfere with his performance as a pilot not as a lover. All these memories swirled inside Rei’s head as she attempted to keep from falling prey to her own needs. Rei reluctantly moved her hands away from her body’s sensitive nipples and went to sleep right there at her front door afraid any movement again would be one that lead to trouble.


“Misato I do NOT want to do the dishes tonight… Ask Asuka!” Shinji was soon washing the dishes after being brow beat into doing it. “She’s lucky I don’t go leather face on her ass… Whatever that means…”

Asuka came up behind Shinji and jammed a stun device into his side. “Move and you will regret it!” Shinji shoved Asuka away from him with an elbow to the midsection and continued cleaning. Asuka smashing the device leapt onto Shinji.

”Asuka I have no time for this…”

”You want this as much as I do…” Asuka’s breath wafting across his sensitive ear gave Shinji a buzz he had not felt for quite a while as she whispered into his ear. “I won’t tell and you know Misato won’t!” Shinji sighed and faced Asuka after she let go of his waist.

”No” Shinji finished washing the dishes and went to sleep after hearing Misato talk about her day while drinking a beer. Asuka went to her room immediately after the incident and punched a new punching bag she had installed until well past her bedtime.


”If one thing I can say about those kids… They sure are toning up a lot since we busted them…” Misato said to Ritsuko as they sat the next day eating lunch together.

”I know Shinji has increased his strength by twenty points according to recent tests. Asuka half as much, Rei on the other hand is about the same except she looks more… Alive” The two women took a drink then sat their cups down and said at the same time.

”I don’t like it!”

Commander Ikari sat in his office while his drink’s ice cubes cracked he looked at Misato and Katsuragi giving them an amused smile. The kind he usually reserved for Rei but this was a matter pertaining to her also besides his son. “I made the right decisions that is all I have to say on the matter. It is obvious that what the selected pilots were doing was interfering with their job”

Misato handed the commander a folder. Opening it he skimmed over the report. “I may have been incorrect after all… I resend my orders for the children to be watched and to attend counseling… But if anything results of this all the blame lies with you Major Katsuragi… And as I have come to understand that you all do not enjoy my “lectures” let me remind you that no lecture I could give you would ever prepare you for the ass chewing my superiors would give you personally… You are dismissed!”

Misato and Ritsuko walked out of the commander’s office and both let out ragged sighs. Misato turning to Ritsuko giggled. “He is going to ask you to do you know what in a few…”

”Yes… I know it was the only thing that saved my ass before…” Misato groaned remembering she had to attend the same counseling sessions with the kids because she had no way of getting out of it.

”Don’t remind me…”

Shinji and Asuka held Asuka’s cellular phone between them and listened as Misato gave them the news. Shinji smiled as Asuka gave him a feral grin. Before Misato was done with her last sentence the two teens tossed the phone away and pressed their bodies and lips together. “Finally I can put to use my newfound strength…” They both thought.

Shinji pulled away from Asuka and started to blush. “Don’t cower on me now! Come on! It has been too long!”

Shinji blinked. “Two weeks is not that long… But I was sure you were going to try and jump Kaji soon enough…” Asuka shoved Shinji.

”Are you implying that I would spread my legs just for anyone?!” Shinji stuttered.

”um n-n-no! It was just a joke… Last night if I had been my old self you would have hurt me…”

”Your point being third child?” Shinji knew that tone.

”Stop being so damn mean and selfish!” Asuka laughed and pulled Shinji close to her once again.

Asuka sighed. “Oh shut up!” Shinji’s reply was muffled by the two globes his face was shoved in between as Asuka quickly threw her shirt away followed by her shorts and panties. “Don’t talk Shinji I want your tongue well rested… After last night I came up with a wicked way of paying you back!” Shinji came up for air with a smiled on his face.

”Like what? I am stronger than you…” Asuka kneed Shinji in the crotch and walked to her room and gave Shinji a lingering glance followed by a wink before entering. “Touché… Oww” Shinji got up and followed Asuka while holding himself. Asuka waited for Shinji and baited him closer with a lick of her lips.

”I won’t hit you again… Much and don’t give me that but it hurts look! You like it as much as I do”

Shinji stopped just inches from Asuka and fell to his knees and closed his eyes. “I can’t help but feel like I should run away! But this isn’t my father… This is Asuka… The demon, the easily pissed off redhead who wants me…” Shinji snapped out of his thoughts as Asuka moved closer to him and pushed him on his back and rubbed her body against his while pulling at his shirt.

”Asuka I have to be on top… If I don’t have that control how will I know your not using me like the rest? Rei excluded” Asuka pulled Shinji by his shoulders closer to her face and smiled showing her teeth.

”Listen idiot! You were my first! It was a choice I made and I have no regrets about it! So shut up and enjoy the damn ride! Is that a good enough answer third child? Or do you think I only want you for sex still?” Shinji got his nerve back as his lust overtook him and he grabbed Asuka by the ass and pulled her against his cock which was still trapped underneath his clothing.

”What was stupid was how you kneed me earlier… Just because I said no last night… Well then I have a plan for you… And I think you will enjoy it very much” Asuka gasped as Shinji flipped her over and ran his tongue over her thighs slowly while staring at her red bush. “Seems someone hasn’t shaved in a while” Asuka felt like hitting Shinji for the crack but just let him continue as she relaxed as much as possible with the soft touch of Shinji’s tongue as it slid closer to her arousal then stopped just inches away.

”WHY THE HELL DID YOU STOP!” Shinji sat up and laughed.

”You expecting something? You never said what you wanted did you?” Asuka pulled Shinji by the collar swiftly till she was nose to nose with him her perfume filling Shinji’s nose.

”You know damn well what I want… Oh I did not think you liked foreplay…. Considering the way you treated me last time. So you owe me!”

”Owe you what?” Shinji was using the tone Misato got when drunk which was often. Asuka was about to use her fists.

”Do I have to say it?” Shinji ran his hands over Asuka’s breasts and tweaked her nipples making her blush and let out a gasp of pleasure.

”Yesss” Asuka looked away from Shinji she hated submitting to him but the game he had played with her so far was to his advantage but she wanted no needed “it” so badly she gave in to him.

”I want you to eat my pussy till I cum…” Shinji laughed again and pushed Asuka on her back.

”Was that so hard?” Asuka thought of a quick retort.

”No but when I suffocate you jerk face you will find it very hard to breathe!” Shinji found his face trapped between Asuka’s thighs with his nose right against her bush and his mouth over her wet cunt. “I believe you better make use of the air you have left third child!” Shinji bit down on Asuka’s clit and grinned from in between her thighs. “Um Shinji!!!!!” Ignoring her cries of pleasure Shinji began to work his tongue to bring off his lover.

”I never thought I would be doing this… Again” Shinji thought as he held Asuka’s ass tightly while throwing his tongue into overdrive. Asuka started to pant as her strength began to increase as she felt the oncoming orgasm. Not a spectacular one but good enough for her. Grabbing Shinji’s head she pulled his face away from her cunt and smiled at him before shoving his nose right into her clit grinding their activates to an explosive break.

”Nughhh!!!!!” Shinji partially freaked at hearing Asuka’s strangled cry as she clenched her teeth together and felt her legs go limp around his head. Shinji pulled away and pulled off his clothing and looked to the door as Rei entered.

”Hello” Shinji just smiled as he turned his attention back to Asuka. Asuka gripped the carpet so hard she tore out some fibers, which she let go of, as she looked at Rei then Shinji breathing hard.

”Great… She… Is… Oh my… Here… Wait your turn!” Asuka finally gained enough composure to sit up and kiss Shinji and hug him as she began to lick his neck and nibble on his right ear as she spread her legs. “You don’t need a road map do you? So do what you’re here for!”

Letting Asuka stroke him to full hardness Shinji lined up with her vagina and thrust in. Shinji started to move his hips to meet Asuka’s own thrusts against his body. Not having anything better to do Rei watched a slight smile graced her lips as she undressed also and joined Shinji and Asuka. Shinji stopped thrusting into Asuka and pulled Rei closer to him and kissed her then started up his rhythm again. “Shinji…” Rei remembered last night and stood up and placed her crotch before the thrusting and grunting Shinji’s face and looked at him expecting him to get the general idea.

”What is it with you women and oral sex!” Shinji started to lick at Rei’s outer lips moving his tongue up and down her sex in slow strokes savoring her taste. Rei pushed Shinji away from her cunt, which glistened with a combination of his saliva. Looking at Asuka Rei gave her a stare that seemingly told her what she wanted.

”Fine but we share him!” Shinji just blushed and looked stupefied.

”B-but how? I mean I have only one you know!” Asuka frowned.

”And like we don’t know that!” Asuka clenched her vagina in a vice like grip that made Shinji gasped as his already sensitive glands got an overdose of pleasure and cum shot out of his shaft into Asuka who pushed Shinji off of her and he rolled to her side panting as the tingle faded from his loins. Rei looked at Asuka scowling.

”You have broken him…” Shinji smiled and sat up and pulled Rei into his lap and onto his shaft. Rei moaned softly as Shinji let her ride him softly. Asuka dipped her fingers into her dripping pussy and brought them slowly towards her lips when Rei grabbed her hand and looked at her with half closed eyes and brought Asuka’s hand to her lips instead and lapped at Asuka’s fingers. Shinji watched this whole scene and smirked.

”Now things should get even more interesting… I just hope Misato doesn’t come home too soon…” Rei and Asuka began to kiss and Asuka settled over Shinji’s face so he could eat her out while she played with Rei. Rei bounced softly on Shinji’s shaft while running her hands over Asuka’s back while the red head often compared to a demon for different reasons began to play with Rei’s nipples then leant over and began to lick and suck on them. Rei closed her eyes and speeded up her bouncing on Shinji who was sucking on Asuka once again only this time he took his time.

Misato finally got home and melted into a floor cushion with a beer. She heard moans coming from Asuka’s room and remembered noticing Rei’s shoes at the door. “Already those three are at it again…. Maybe I can watch he he eh” Once again Misato’s low alcohol tolerance muddled her thoughts as she opened another beer and gulped it down as she stood and headed towards the room. Opening the door what she saw shook her to the very core…


The end of part four the end of another story. Hmmm I wonder if you guys are wondering what Misato saw? Well I surprised myself with this version of chapter four. Yep I tried four or five other times to get this chapter down. I was thinking of doing something along the lines of a complicated Angel takeover plot as being the reason for Shinji’s sudden change in behavior and I came up with something even better and less complicated!

Teenaged Angst! Its plentiful and more powerful than an AT field and can give some boundless energy. I wonder if post teen angst is just as good? Oh well I guess we can find out together next time. I wonder if it will take me forever to do another part oh well I will do you my readers one better! I will start on part five now instead of later.