Shinji does everybody!

By Bluevirage

This is the third part or act of my little lemon series. In this part I screw around with the reader meaning YOU. Why I do this well to make ya come back for more, which is part four. I was sort of in a funk with this act but hell now im ready and I am setting up the bomb! Besides I sort of am starting something of a plot. So I may not end this after act four and keep going till it’s resolved the plot that is. Also slight spoilers but they are nothing compared to the sites about this anime that are out there

This is a parody story I do not own the characters and if you are not of age or bla bla don’t read this. If you do not like this story after reading it remember this.

You made the choice to read it.

So now enjoy act three of Shinji does everybody! (Joke title if I ever saw one)

Act three

It was morning at Shinji, Asuka and Misato's place. During the last few weeks Shinji had gone through a startling transformation as a person. "Maybe all that sex was good for me after all... Nah"

Shinji was eating his breakfast alone or rather with Pen Pen since Asuka had to report to class early for some reason or another. Soon the doorbell rang signaling that Shinji's friends were there to pick him up.

Kensuke, Touji and Shinji always walked to school together unless Touji was skipping school. "Hey guys... Um guys?" No one was there so Shinji just decided that they were playing a trick on him and decided to walk to school alone being that he was not in the mood for games.

"See you guy's later wherever you are..." Shinji muttered as he walked off. Just as the door was about to slide shut a hand stopped it from inside and a head peeked out.

"Left already... Hmm oh well" Misato went on to get ready for work. She had to report in later that evening due to some maintenance work being done and had more time to just soak.

Little did Misato know... "Suzuhara are you sure we should be doing this? I mean sneaking into Shinji's place after luring Asuka away with that fake message from the principal's office. Just to sneak a few pictures of Misato... Are you sure this is okay?"

Kensuke held his digital camera with shaky hands as Touji managed to get the door open. “Yes I am sure… AHHHH Hello… Misato… Um… Gah….” Touji fainted at the sight of Misato standing there with a towel around her.

”So you two wanted to sneak in and take pictures of me bathing… Give me that!” Misato snatched Kensuke’s camera and he fainted dead away. Misato got a glint in her eye and snickered.

Moments passed and Touji woke up lying on the floor as Kensuke helped him up. “Misato has forgiven us and said we could go when you woke up… I can’t believe you just fainted man!” Touji stood and frowned.

”Yea well you probably fainted after…. Gah…” Touji’s nose started to bleed as Kensuke looked at him and pushed his glasses back on his face.

”What is it?” Touji blushed rubbing at his nose and pointing behind Kensuke at the bathroom door. When Kensuke turned his glasses steamed up and his nose started to trickle also.

Before the two stood Misato beer in hand smirking at the two completely naked “Well like what you see? Heh” Misato giggled like she did when slightly drunk. Touji just stared hoping this was not a dream and if it was that he would not wake up ever.

”Mi.. Mi… Misato! What are you doing?” Kensuke finally asked blinking rapidly in disbelieve. The plan to hide in the recently vacated apartment then sneak into Misato’s place after getting Shinji out of the house had been Touji’s plan along with the idea of video taping Misato.

Shinji had told them she enjoyed a beer in the morning and that her alcohol tolerance was low sometimes and high at others. Touji was now unable to stop staring neither was Kensuke. Misato smiled and walked towards the two.

”I see your wearing your lucky hat… Well I guess that is good seeing as how your about to get lucky” Touji passed out into Misato’s arms and she smiled and winked at Kensuke who just tried to keep his nose from bleeding.

Later Shinji walked home with Asuka and Rei after a quickie in the bushes near their school with Asuka while Rei kept watch. “Shinji I wonder why the other members of the idiot trio never showed up?” Asuka asked while grinning.

Shinji just sulked. “Oh I think I know what happened… I just hope they had enough common sense to be done before school let out…” Asuka blinked

”What are you talking about?!” Shinji related how his two friends obsessed over Misato. And Asuka finally got the idea.

”She wouldn’t!? Would she? Well they could never over power her while she was sober and even drunk she can hurt someone…” Asuka glanced at a bite on Shinji’s neck caused by Misato who while having sex with him bit him hard on the neck.

”I know… I just have a feeling they did something….” As Shinji reached the apartment with the other two Eva pilots they opened the door to find the apartment… Clean.

”Now I KNOW something happened!” Asuka declared as a giggle was heard. Misato came out wearing a tank top and shorts. She had a look on her face like she had had sex for hours. Shinji knew that look well and so did Asuka and Rei who had been hanging around Shinji more but not really talking much like she always never really did, unless she was screaming while under Shinji.

”Okay where are they?” Asuka asked glaring at Misato. Touji and Kensuke came out of Misato’s room their hair a mess and they had grins on their faces.

“Guys…. I can’t believe this! Oh well…” Shinji just went into his room with Rei. Leaving Asuka to chew out Misato. The two other members of the idiot trio inched there way out of the apartment and related the events of that day to each other.

”Wow I can’t believe we did that… With Misato! And she gave you your camera back… Um did you get anything on film?” Kensuke just smiled.

”Yea but we can’t show it to anyone else anyhow but man I can’t believe what happened!” Shinji came out of his room after a few moments alone with Rei. Asuka glared at Rei who did nothing but glance at her.

”Misato what is up with you? I need to know why you would do such a thing with them… So details details details!” Misato sipped a glass of wine while sitting at the kitchen table. Which shocked Shinji until Asuka said from her seat.

”She says she drinks it after she takes someone’s virginity… Humph as far as I am concerned those losers just caught her at a bad moment… Or in there case a good moment… Which reminds me its six Shinji that means that its time for that movie you promised to take me to see! Unless you want to be as perverted as ever and listen to her tell you every sordid detail”

Shinji sat next to Misato at the table nervously and glanced sideways at Asuka. “I want to hear this” Asuka frowned and stayed in her seat. She was every bit as interested in this story as Shinji was. Rei sat cross-legged on the couch listening in intently.

“Well it is like this…” Misato began.

Early that day

Touji was passed out into Misato’s arms and she still smiled at Kensuke who just managed to keep his blood loss at a minimum. “Mi.. Mi… Misato… Um get lucky? You don’t mean!?”

Misato giggled and winked at Kensuke who was having trouble with his thoughts as much as Touji who opened his eyes and found his face in-between Misato’s mounds.

”MUFHMP!!!” Misato pulled Touji away from her chest and he stood on his own feet staring at her chest.

”You do that all the time why don’t you try something different?” Touji could not believe what he was hearing.

”You mean… Kensuke are you… Kensuke?” Kensuke was already pulling off his clothes while Misato giggled.

”When opportunity knocks…” Kensuke said while tossing his pants over Touji’s head. Touji snatched them away and just blinked. Sure he was pissed but he was also frozen.

”All those fantasies about Misato and now Kensuke is probably going to…” Misato started to speak in a commanding tone.

”Aida please sit down on the couch for a moment… I think you should each have a turn and then how about a threesome? I mean would you honestly expect to do anything in front of the other your first time?”

Kensuke just nodded. Touji blinked. “Um who goes first?” Kensuke looked at Touji and glared.

”I think I should! You’re a statue! Or were a statue a moment ago!” Touji glared back while Misato finished off her third beer.

”Um look either just come to a decision or I can just go to work after having used my dear friend b.o.b (battery operated boyfriend) or Shinji when he get’s back and you would have missed your chance”

Touji sighed and flopped on the couch still clothed. “Well I guess you can go first… I mean you are a nerd and this probably will be your happiest teenage memory” Kensuke sighed.

”Well I guess I can wait… I mean I do still act like a kid” Misato giggled.

”Boys your young men… Aww what do I know just hurry up damn it! It is cold!” Misato said while drinking an ice-cold beer.

Aida and Suzuhara remembered what they told Shinji once when Misato was coming to a parent teacher meeting they had gotten hyped over.

”We said we would…” Aida started saying as he stood up slowly.

”Take care of Misato while Shinji saved the world!” Suzuhara finished saying for his friend. The two friends took hands shook them then nodded and pounced on Misato. Misato was caught unaware as hands grabbed her chest and arms grabbed her legs.

”Where is your room?” Kensuke said while his glasses slipped off his face a little as he pulled on Misato’s chest half dragging her towards what he guessed was her room.

”Right behind you… Ohh I did not think you two could be so rough!” Touji blushed as he held Misato by the legs and helped pull her into her room. The room was messy and Kensuke cleared off Misato’s sleeping space with his feet and laid her down.

The two friends started to loose their nerve as Misato lay before them smiling at the two of them. “Hmm are you two that inexperienced? Don’t you have any clue as to what to do?”

Kensuke was wishing he had kept his clothes on since he was starting to feel a draft on his backside. Touji just whispered into Kensuke’s left ear and he nodded. “Um would you um… Man would you aww you do it Suzuhara!”

Misato had a sour look on her face and got on her knees and pointed at Touji and he knelt closer to her and she took his face in her hands and kissed him her tongue dancing with his. Letting go of the officially stunned boy Misato then pulled Kensuke closer and did the same.

Touji started to pull off his jacket as Misato let Kensuke feel her chest up again. “Now don’t be afraid I am sure your going to do just fine!”

“Then what happened?” Asuka said her hand on Shinji’s as she made him rub her wet crotch.

”Hmm wouldn’t you like to know” Misato giggled all the way to her room to get changed for work. Shinji and Asuka just looked at each other and fell over making out. As Rei watched them from the couch.

”You should move into one of your rooms…” Rei said smiling slightly at them Shinji stood up pulling up his school pants.

”Rei is right!” Shinji pushed Asuka’s hands away from his zipper. “Let’s move to my room” Pen Pen waddled by staring at Shinji and Asuka until he entered his fridge and went to sleep.

Asuka and Shinji walked into his room followed by Rei who paused for a moment wondering if they would ever get to hear the rest of the story.

As the sun set on Tokyo 3 one lone person stood on the roof of his apartment building thinking about what went on that day.

“Wow I lost my virginity to Misato… Sigh that lucky bastard Shinji! Having three girls at his beckon call… Hmm but Misato was awfully demanding once we started…” Touji thought back to earlier that day.

“AHHHHH!” Kensuke who had flung his frames to a corner of the room during the day’s activities was pounding Misato from behind moaning. Touji just held Misato by the shoulders as she sucked on him making him groan as her tongue rubbed along his cum slit.

The two had finally mellowed out thanks to Misato’s suggestion of beer. Hey she was already corrupting the two might as well go for broke she had thought. “So good!” Kensuke managed before cumming and falling back out of breath coming down from his high.

Touji just managed to stay in control and Misato noticed so she started to take him deeper making Touji pull on her hair gently as he writhed in pleasure at her ministrations. Kensuke had caught his breath by now and was licking Misato’s ass as she kept bobbing up and down on Touji. Sensing he was about to have his fourth orgasm she stopped.

”Why did you stop?” Touji was breathing hard his body coated in sweat.

Misato took a moment to think “Don’t you want to try something different? I mean the way things are now are fun but I think you two deserve something different as far as sex goes”

Touji just shrugged “Im happy the way things are you Kensuke?” Kensuke didn’t say anything he was just realizing what he had done and the thoughts in his head made him uneasy.

”Well broke my glasses so I think before my dad kills me I should try something new… Um what can we do?”

“What can we do? Heh I can’t believe I did that… Man Misato is flexible” Touji blushed as he went back downstairs.

The next day

Shinji laid out on the couch bored. “For the first time in a while I am not horny… Wow I guess it was just a phase” Misato passed by only in a towel and winked at Shinji who hopped up and followed her thinking.

”Damn it wasn’t… Oh well” Shinji found the door to the bath closed in his face.

”Sorry Shinji but im seeing Kaji again. He invited me to a cheap motel for some wild anal sex sorry”

Shinji breathed out a sigh of relief before shock set in. “Anal sex!!!!” Misato stuck her head out of the bathroom and smirked.

“Well since he wont be using my you know maybe you could…” Misato said giggling.

“That’s okay Misato!” Misato wondered what was up with Shinji sounding so happy but ignored her worries as she washed them away.

Shinji was about to go out when the front door slid open and in stepped Rei breathing hard like she had ran all the way to his place. “Shinji I…” Shinji blinked


”……” Rei just came in and closed the door as Shinji watched her she went over to the refrigerator and got some ice and put it into a cup and got a glass of water then took one of the ice cubes and ran it over her face and neck. Needless to say Shinji was steel.

“Oh you want to do it? Okay but Asuka is here and…”

”I get him first damn you! I don’t feel like sharing today so go home” Rei smacked Asuka in the head with the ice she had in her hand.

”Cool off Asuka” Shinji blinked and realized

”Has all this sex made her act more human? Man im sick… I better get out of here… But I can’t run away… Damn it” Shinji quietly inched for the door to his room while Rei and Asuka glared at each other from across the room then in unison yelled.

”GET BACK HERE BAKA!” Shinji stopped turning he smiled weakly and then tried to bolt but Rei pounced him and Shinji hit the ground hard just barely landing on his privates.

”Watch it that could have lead to an embarrassing injury not to mention me being unable to satisfy you for weeks” Asuka hoisted Shinji to his feet and tried another tactic.

”Shinji don’t you love it when your with me?” Shinji just smiled and tried to keep from passing out from the strangle hold Asuka had on his neck.

”Sure Asuka but Rei is also important to me” Rei held Shinji by his waist from behind and sat her head on his shoulder. Asuka tightened her grip and said.

”Then chose idiot! I can’t wait forever… Besides I have toys that are better than you are” Shinji wanted so badly to say something then that would shut Asuka up but he refrained. Rei on the other hand…

”Then go ahead and use them” Rei pulled Shinji away from Asuka and started to pull him into his room. Asuka put her hand on Rei and she pushed her away.

“Come on cant you take turns? If not I can help you out tomorrow heh?” Asuka punched Shinji in the shoulder.

”Fine then! See if I care!” Asuka went into her room and slammed her door. Shinji felt suddenly guilty and sad that he could not see anyway out of this situation. Rei hugged him and pulled him into his room. Shinji did not resist until he heard Misato say.

”Why don’t you just share him Asuka? What harm can it do and Rei what would you want? Shinji to be happy right? Well wouldn’t any guy be happy with two girls?” Misato went into her room to change for her date with Kaji.

Rei smiled slightly then watched as Asuka came out of her room dressed in nothing. “Fine fine fine…”

Shinji blinked. “Don’t I get any say in this?”

”NO” Came the two girl’s reply. Shinji just hopped he could keep some resemblance of control. Soon Shinji stood before the girls and wondered if this was the time to show some balls. Of course his pants were on…

”Listen up… Rei I want you to eat out Asuka and if you refuse then I refuse to move an inch!” Asuka nudged Rei and whispered in her ear. Both girls giggled as Asuka said.

”Uh Shinji you already have moved an ‘inch’” Asuka pointed at Shinji’s crotch and he covered himself up with his hands.

”DON’T DO THAT! Makes me uncomfortable…” Asuka just laughed and sat there on the floor next to Rei expecting something to happen. Shinji finally spoke again after he calmed down.

”Ok….” Shinji blinked as his mind went blank.

”Something wrong?” Asuka said in a fake sweet voice Rei just looked back and forth between the two as she started to get ideas.

”It’s just that I… Don’t want to do this… Sorry… I lost my nerve” Asuka shot up tackled Shinji and threw him on his bed mat and got on him saying.

”THE HELL YOU HAVE! Rei sit on his face I will take care of the baka down here while he takes care of you. Trust me he can do that right!”

Shinji started to get mad and blurted out. “HEY WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” Asuka rolled her eyes as Shinji’s voice got cut off by Rei’s muff as she sat on his face and Shinji started to lick at her hairless mound. Rei closed her eyes and moaned as Shinji started to work her clit hard with his tongue his fingers were running over her lower back as he did this Asuka started to work Shinji back to full attention with a few slow licks to the base of his cock. Shinji gasped and accidentally nipped Rei’s clit making her pull his hair and forcing his nose into her flesh effectively cutting off his air.

”Hey looks like Rei has a personality when one knows how to bring it out eh?” Rei opened and eye and wanted to say something but just ignored Asuka.

”I wish those two would get along like this all the time don’t you Misato?”

Misato straightened out her jacket as she dragged Kaji out the door. “Oh shut up Kaji!”

Shinji started to apply suction as Rei suddenly gushed over his face. Shinji just gagged and kept on sucking hoping Rei would lose her incredible grip on his face. Shinji’s attention on his air supply shifted once again to his privates as Asuka sucked on the head of his tool while stroking his balls then gripping them hard as she began to slowly run her tongue up and down the sides of Shinji’s tool. Shinji had no control over what happened next. He blacked out as he came whether it was the lack of air or his orgasm he was out of it and Asuka had no idea but Rei noticed when the suction stopped.

”I think I broke him” Asuka stopped and faced Rei while leaning up and pushed her aside.

”Damn you made him pass out” A drop of cum dripped from Asuka’s lower lip onto Shinji’s nose and he opened his eyes and blinked.

”Rei next time don’t pull my hair…” Shinji suddenly felt different and smiled accordingly. Asuka and Rei never having seen this look glanced at Shinji. Shinji came over to Asuka and with that look still in his eyes kissed her. She had not yet swallowed his cum and she shared it with him. Rei felt slightly left out until Shinji reached out and pulled her closer and kissed and licked her lips also. Kissing the two girls at the same time was not something Asuka expected so she pulled away and asked.

”Um Shinji what is up with you?” Shinji laughed and pulled Asuka closer and roughly pinched her nipples. Asuka slapped Shinji and smirked at him. Rei started to pant and Shinji moved his right hand over to her chest and rubbed down the center of it. Soon Shinji replaced his finger tips with his tongue and Rei started to shudder. Asuka meanwhile was holding onto Shinji as he worked his fingers in and out of her wetness.

”You like that? I have something better in store…” Shinji stopped what he was doing and what he said next made Asuka come back to reality sharply.

”If you eat each other out” Asuka flat out punched Shinji in the head.

”You’re a sick perverted…” Rei complied and started to kiss Asuka. Asuka’s fist relaxed and started to wander over Rei’s body as Shinji watched that strange look in his eyes he sat on his knees watching and inwardly scolding himself for his lack of control.

”Damn I must stop this… Wow Rei’s really going at it… NOOO I have to… Screw that this is cool!” Shinji ran his hands over Asuka’s back as the two sixty nined. Asuka wanted to stop but Rei had her legs over her head. One of her last thoughts before hormones took over was.

”She’s flexible… Must kill Shinji im no damn les…OHHH” Asuka cried out as Rei started attacking her pussy with her tongue harder. All the while Shinji just smiled to himself before realizing he wanted to come again.

”Now do you want more girls?” Asuka collapsed on top of Rei after cumming. Rei was pissed Asuka did a half assed job but was waiting for Shinji.

”No you damn perverted ass hole… Before you were kidding but now your just” Shinji backhanded Asuka and jumped on her and rammed it home.

”You may act tough but once I lay it on you cant stop begging for more now can ya? Just think of how embarrassed you would be if everyone knew you were letting me fuck you!” Shinji punctuated each word with a hard thrust as Rei watched trying not to touch herself.

”Let Shinji do it…” She thought as she caught that itch again watching him verbally and physically abuse Asuka.

”Ahhhhh!” Asuka gripped the carpet hard as Shinji suddenly bit into her left nipple and making her scream as he kept slapping against her. Asuka came and wrapped her arms around Shinji as he pulled out and turned Asuka over.

”Now bitch tell Rei how much you liked eating her even if you did a less than worthy of my complement job!” Shinji pulled Asuka’s hair and smiled as she started to cry tears of shame but she wanted Shinji to keep fucking her so she said.

”Rei I loved to eating you” Shinji pointed at Rei and she understood what he wanted and laid down in front of Asuka’s face and pulled her head towards her wet mound.

”Good now that we are all enjoying ourselves lets continue!” Shinji was about to take Asuka’s ass this time when all three’s phones went off outside the room.

”SHIT!” Rei said standing quickly she had to go along with the others even if she was itching for an orgasm. Shinji leaned in close to Asuka’s left ear and licked it before saying.

”Try to resist next time and I swear you will love it!” Asuka came again at the thought and collapsed. Shinji stood and quickly went back to his worrisome self.

”Damn it… Oh well” Soon all three were down in nerv headquarters standing before Gendo.

”Explain my son why you are having intercourse with the other two pilots?” Shinji never expected his father to get on his case seeing as how the man could not show love towards him for some reason… Other than the fact the three of them came to headquarters for some emergency that was actually a test to see how quickly they could get to work. Let’s just say coming in to work smelling like sex is not a good thing… Misato was pissed also and Kaji just stood there.

”Well Shinji?” Shinji let his darker side take over and he said what he had wanted to say for a long while. In a sarcastic voice Shinji said.

”Dad I love you” Gendo’s steel expression gave way to shock as many in the room dropped there cups and just stared at Shinji as he spoke. “But in all honesty fuck off. Later people” Shinji turned on his heel walked out of his fathers office and immediately started running while screaming.

”WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT?” To himself Gendo just looked at Misato and said.

”Hmm he’s so much more like you now… Cause I remember you telling me that exact same thing once…” Misato blushed. “Except for that I love you bit… As for you two your restricted from seeing Shinji… Rei im surprised at you most of all!”

”Sorry” Rei said while trying to understand why she loved sex now. Asuka hummed to herself as Gendo glanced at her.

”Asuka anything to say yourself?”

Asuka blinked as she looked at her messed up clothing. “Don’t run no more fake tests its hell to get in here when half the technicians are racing to get to their posts after going home”