Shinji does everybody!
A Neon Genesis Evangelion lemon

By aka Blue Virage

Note: This is a lemon meaning it contains mature material. If you do not have legal reasons be it parental consent or you’re of age do not read this. Do not hold me responsible if you get in trouble do not pass go that sort of thing ^^

This is my second Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic of any kind so try to take it too harshly if the characters are not in character or they may be perfectly in character. All I know is this, you read this at your own risk so enjoy.

Act two
a doctor’s visit

Shinji sat with Rei on a bench in one of Tokyo 3’s parks. Rei stared at Shinji as he kept smiling and grinning every so often he would look at Rei and smirk. Rei thought back on the moment Shinji first touched her… Rei looked down to see her right nipple harden and poke out.

Rei’s skin flushed noticing Shinji had noticed. “Rei are you thinking about me?” Rei blushed and nodded. “Want to do something about it before we go back to finish today’s training with Asuka in an hour?” Rei nodded as Shinji started to walk with her to her apartment, which was closest.

Shinji blushed not believing his attitude. He had for the last few days since last weekend been fucking Asuka and Misato at home. Now he was going to score with Rei he thought.

”Shinji… You wont tell your father about this will you?” Shinji nodded.

”Sure I mean its not like I can go brag and talk about stuff with that man… The guy is totally hard-core… In a way he is what I expected out of a father… Only I wish he would tell me he loved me”

Rei stopped Shinji and said staring into his eyes. “Trust me your father is not as cold as you think” Shinji blinked and followed Rei the rest of the way. At Rei’s place she began to undress and sat on her bed holding her right arm as her left crossed her chest hiding her breasts.

Shinji thought about how Rei acted as he undressed slowly. ”Rei is so… I don’t know innocent in a way… Well I know for a fact she can hit as hard as Asuka… I better watch it when I take her virginity”

Shinji undressed and stood before Rei. Rei looked at his penis and opened her mouth a little as she reached out and touched it. Pulling Shinji towards her by his manhood, Rei began to stroke Shinji. Shinji couldn’t believe what he was doing as Rei continued.

”It’s like I am not in control anymore!” Shinji just rolled his eyes back and shuddered. Rei feeling ready rubbed her virgin mound and then laid back on the bed her knees hanging over the side she bit into a fingernail as she waited for Shinji to start.

”Rei I do not know if this is right… I mean your so… So…” Shinji feeling afraid chanted his mantra to himself “Damn I mustn’t run away I mustn’t run away!” Shinji lined up his shaft with Rei’s vagina and thrust into her. Rei screamed and lay there, as Shinji became an animal. He felt his balls slap painfully against Rei’s ass but he dare not stop.

”My… Oh god!” Shinji leant forward and bit into Rei’s nipples moving back and forth across his chest dragging his tongue as he did so. Rei moaned as she started to move with Shinji.

Shinji came and kissed Rei as she dug her nails into his back. “Shinji….” Rei flipped Shinji on his back and then got on top of his still hard shaft and rode him till she came screaming.

Rei collapsed on Shinji and breathed into his ear. Sweat covered their bodies as they slowly pulled themselves apart. They dressed slowly and left holding hands.

At Nerv

“Today you will be training on how to use this” A diagram popped up on the screen behind Misato.

Shinji raised his hand and Misato smiled and answered him before he could ask. “It is a new kind of cannon. It uses photon energy and inflicts twice the damage of your Eva’s rifles”

Ritsuko glanced back and forth at the three pilot’s wondering if it was true about the rumor that Shinji had had sex with Asuka. She had no idea it was true and he had done it with Misato a few times also.

When the debriefing was over the pilots went to suit up as Ritsuko confronted Misato. “Is Shinji seeing either of the girls?” Misato nonchalantly smiled as she remembered that morning with Shinji.

”I think Asuka and him may be doing something… Why do you ask?” Ritsuko eyed Misato’s reaction when she said.

”I what I really want to know is if you are seeing him also” Misato pulled out a beer she kept in her jacket pocket just in case of a panic attack. It calmed her nerves and Ritsuko without hearing a response had her answer.

”I wonder what Shinji’s father would think if he heard about this… Just keep it to yourself” Misato let out a long sigh.

”And why would I not? Just teach them how to use the new rifle’s and that’s that!”


Shinji pulled off his suit slowly. The new targeting system was easy to use but the gun fired a constant beam and he had to let up on the trigger every so often so the barrel would cool. “Learning how to use this new rifle was easy” Shinji thought but soon after his thoughts were interrupted by someone kissing on the back of his neck.

”Misato stop that I mean we can wait till I get home!” Shinji thought it was Misato due to the person behind him casting a taller shadow over him but as he turned around. He found Ritsuko’s lips pressed to his.

”WHA!” Shinji said backing away from her in the nude clutching his flight suit to his body.Shinji’s nose started to bleed as he noticed Ritsuko’s body. He shapely form was nude save for her high heels, stockings and lab coat.

”This is the pilot’s area…. I mean pilots….” Shinji was unnerved by Ritsuko’s presence and what a presence it was!

”Shinji… I know all about you and the others… And I wondered are you as good as Rei seemed to imply when she told me about you two earlier?” Shinji slapped his forehead.

”Okay… “ Shinji knew it was useless he just had to accept the fact that he liked these women using him… Sure with Rei and Asuka it was not completely like that reversed somewhat especially with Rei but he also like Misato having her way with him.

”Good so how shall we start?” Shinji was shocked that Ritsuko bothered to ask.

”I don’t know…” Shinji felt his hands touch Ritsuko’s chest as she placed them there and smiled at Shinji.

”Try not to be so afraid of me… I won’t do anything you would not want me to… Would I lie?” Shinji just kept looking away hoping something would happen that was non sexual. He even went as far as to hope his dad would walk in no such luck.

”If you are worried about the camera’s I have had those taken care of just relax if you want me to I can take control would you like that?”

”She is pushing all my buttons… Misato just gets drunk or horny and uses me… She is aww the hell with it!” Shinji just nodded and Ritsuko licked his chest and cupped his small ass in her hands as she kissed Shinji hard and pushed him against his locker.

”Mmmm” Shinji moaned as Ritsuko cupped his balls and squeezed them softly and started to stroke his hard shaft. The doctor smiled her charms were working Shinji not to mention her hands.

”Just let me make all the choices… I will make you cum just like you want right?” Shinji just nodded as Ritsuko stroked him with both hands now. Shinji cried out as he dry cummed.

”No water works? Maybe your sack needs more working” Ritsuko pulled Shinji closer as she got on her knees and started to lick and slurp on his ball sack. Shinji tried to keep standing his hands were clenching and unclenching. Only one thought raced through his head.

”Please don’t stop!” Over and over until Ritsuko licked just under his cock head and he came on her face. Glob after glob of cum landed on Ritsuko’s face as she held Shinji’s cock and pumped it. Shinji was beyond the point of return and just was concentrating on the intense pleasure he was feeling and the sensations shooting through his entire groin.

”Thank you Ritsuko…” Shinji managed to say as he slid to his knees. Ritsuko was licking her lips and fingers clean of cum she had collected from her face. She pulled Shinji onto a bench and got over top of him. Since the bench was so low to the ground and since Ritsuko was taller than him.

She was able to grasp his soft cock and rub it to hardness and sit on it. Shinji just let his hands be placed at her waist as she smiled at him and closed her eyes and sat fucked him. Shinji’s leg’s jumped as they hanged at the sides of the bench with each bounce against his cock.

Ritsuko smiled at Shinji. “He is so cute… Hmm I may do this again or not depends on him” Shinji just laid there letting someone else do all the work for once.

”This is so much better isn’t it Shinji!” Ritsuko had cum only once and Shinji seemed to be enjoying the ride so much he was actually drooling. Shinji started to rub Ritsuko’s breasts and pinch her nipples as she grinded there privates together.

Shinji moaned loudly and sat up and kissed and sucked on one of Ritsuko’s breasts as she held his head to her chest as they slow fucked. Rei walked outside of locker room having searched all of Nerv for Shinji.

She had an itch that wasn’t there before… It had appeared earlier but Shinji had quickly scratched it. Now it was back and even worse. She was able to keep from just entering a bathroom and just masturbating till she came because she knew it would be ten times better with Shinji.

Asuka seemed to have the same idea and was looking for Shinji elsewhere. Soon Rei came past the locker room again only Asuka was there and was standing outside the door looking pissed.

”That baka he is in there fucking Ritsuko… Ugh! Just wait till I get him home! I will teach him! No oral sex for a week! Well maybe for me but him hell no!” Rei blinked once and stuck her head in the locker room even though she could not see the two she could hear and smell the sexual activity.

Rei started to pant and looked pained and just entered the locker room. Asuka stared. “What is up with wonder girl cant she wait?” Asuka was more in control of her hormones cause she had used her favorite dildo earlier in the locker room before she left leaving Shinji to be attacked by Ritsuko.

”Ohhh I owe her one too!” Asuka stalked off leaving Rei to do what ever she wanted. Rei crept in and just watched the going’s on. Shinji was on top of Ritsuko and pumping away at her cunt. A puddle of fluid was beneath the two and Rei knew it was cum from the look of it.

“How long have you been doing this?” Rei asked making Shinji stop hop up and grab his clothes and bolt. Ritsuko got up and got her lab coat and closed it.

”Rei have you ever heard the statement patience is a virtue?” Rei nodded. “Practice it next time… Unless you are jealous?”

”Me and Shinji have no commitment… I was just….” Ritsuko shook her head and left Rei alone to fend off her own urges.

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