Shinji does everybody!
A Neon Genesis Evangelion lemon

By aka Blue Virage

Note: This is a lemon meaning it contains mature material. If you do not have legal reasons be it parental consent or you’re of age do not read this. Do not hold me responsible if you get in trouble do not pass go that sort of thing ^^

This is my first Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic of any kind so try to take it too harshly if the characters are not in character or they may be perfectly in character. All I know is this, you read this at your own risk so enjoy.

Act one

What roommates do on weekends

Shinji and Misato sat on the couch in their apartment watching TV. Misato was drinking a beer as usual and was belching too. “Misato please stop with the belching!” Misato burped in Shinji’s face then smiled.

”Aw give it a rest Shinji I mean after all I am the one who saved your ass when you got stuck in the EVA the other day!” Shinji frowned and said.

”Your drunk go to sleep!” Misato stared at Shinji then took off her top and bra. Shinji’s nose started to bleed as he stared at her chest.

”Shinji I think you should learn to appreciate what you have here… This is a chance to actually stop being a wuss and actually be a man!” Misato got really close to Shinji and said.

“Don’t you think about me all the time?” Shinji blinked and said.

”Misato I have! It’s just… Um this is all so sudden!” Misato kissed Shinji and rubbed her breasts. Asuka walked in and gasped and said something in German. Shinji stopped and blushed as Misato burped obviously drunk and said.

”Go back to your room unless you want to join us?” Asuka blushed.

“So Kaji was right?! Your doing Shinji!?” Shinji yelled out.

”NO!!! She offered and well you can be such a mean person when you want to” Asuka was over Shinji as he laid on the floor recovering from her slap.

”Listen Baka! I like you but you always are such a wuss! I treat ya bad cause you’re a wimp!” Shinji stood and said.

”Misato can you go into your room for a moment please” Asuka smirked and cracked her knuckles ready to beat it into Shinji that she is right and will always be right if he wanted to argue.

“She can be so mean… Hmm I wonder if I should take control… But im so afraid… Misato almost had her way with me… I mustn’t run away! Even if she hit’s me and beats me to near death I must try this!”

”See your such a wuss I mean saying please!” Shinji grabbed Asuka and shoved a finger into her pussy. She wore panties rarely and Shinji knew it. Asuka at the moment was deciding if she should kill Shinji or let him continue.

She chose the latter “Oh! Well don’t just stand their baka! Finish what you start!” Shinji fingered Asuka with his middle finger pushing insider her as his other hands thumb rubbed her clit.

Asuka leaned against Shinji and kissed him. “Mmm nice kisser but he better not be bad in bed in fact I’ll tell him that!” “Shinji!” Shinji stepped back afraid that Asuka was going to kick his ass.

”I’ll kick your ass if you don’t fuck me right this instant! And you better do it right I don’t give a damn if it is your first time!” Shinji not wanting to start before he was ready continued fingering Asuka who leaned on him as she licked his neck and ear.

Shinji was blushing the whole time while thinking. “I just hope she doesn’t kill me if I screw up!” Asuka thought.

”He better not screw up and cum too damn soon!” Shinji smiled and kissed Asuka softly and hugged her as she suddenly screamed and came on his hand. Shinji felt he was ready and laid Asuka on the couch and spread her legs.

Asuka still blitzed by her orgasm looked at Shinji dreamily. “Hurry up! I need to cum about six more times at least!” Shinji sighed and climbed on top of Asuka.

”That’s it!? Your only about seven inches!? Bah from what I saw of your friend your bigger anyway” Shinji smiled and lined up with Asuka’s wet pussy and shoved himself into her breaking her hymen.

”AHHHHH!” Shinji was laid out on the floor by a left hook by Asuka. “BAKA! You think I am some fucking plaything a blowup doll? Damn it now your hurt! But so am I!” Shinji held his jaw and right eye with his hand.

Shinji just stared at Asuka’s bleeding vagina and blinked. “I wont say sorry but I will finish what I started” Shinji leapt on Asuka and she slapped him.

”Wait a while it hurts pretty bad!” Shinji slapped Asuka back and she blinked before hitting him again but Shinji didn’t fall again he held Asuka by her hair and started to fuck her.

Asuka screams reached Misato who was drinking another beer.” Keep it down! And Shinji! Keep it up for me!” Shinji thrust into Asuka who started crying. Her gruff façade gone she looked innocent as Shinji thrust into her savagely.

Asuka started to moan as the pain finally faded and gripped Shinji by his shoulders. Shinji thinking he was about to be pushed off started to slam his small frame into Asuka harder making her moan and scream in pleasure.

Asuka pulled Shinji closer and bit his lip as she kissed him. Shinji winced as Asuka said. “An eye for an eye baka!” Shinji smirked blood flowing from his lower lip.

Shinji continued to pump into Asuka as she had her sixth orgasm and said for Shinji to stop. He didn’t and kept on going.

”SHIT!!!!!” Shinji came and collapsed on Asuka who spoke softly in German while rubbing his back. Shinji closed his eyes but was rudely shoved off of Asuka by Misato who hefted him under an arm.

”Bring him back in the morning! I will be in my room” Asuka said as she left for her room.

Misato dropped Shinji on her bed roll and smiled at him. “Shinji have you ever had a blow job?” Shinji stuttered.

”Oral sex!? Why um err no…” Misato shook her head and said in a small voice.

”How can you be so brain dead after knocking boots with Asuka?” Shinji looked away nervously.

”Well?” Shinji blurted out.

”Cause your breasts are like all over the place!” Misato hiccupped and laughed.

”Just lay right there and everything will be okay!” Shinji looked at Misato as she grabbed his crotch and breathed in Shinji’s face slowly moving closer to his lips. Misato kissed Shinji as she stroked him then dropped to her knees and began to suck him.

Misato slurped on Shinji’s cock like a Popsicle and licked it up and down like a lollipop. Shinji groaned and pushed Misato off his cock just as he was about to cum. “Come on lets fuck!”

Misato smiled and handed Shinji a condom. “What!? Oh all right” Shinji put it on and then gasped as Misato grasped his still sensitive cock. “Misato stop or I’ll cum”

Misato stopped and got on Shinji’s lap and slid his cock inside her wet pussy and started to hump him. Grinding their privates together. Shinji was surprised at the softness of Misato’s body and movements.

”Man Misato isn’t as wild as I heard” Suddenly Misato started to hump wildly against Shinji as she had her first orgasm. It was like she was racing to get off. Shinji surprised fell on his back as Misato hopped all over his pole.

Shinji was sure the condom was gone as he thrust back. Shinji soon came and blacked out from the sensations. Misato taking a swig from a Beer can kept riding Shinji. “Well at least one part of him is still awake!”

End of Act one

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