Ritsuko and Misato

a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction by Lara Bartram

The two staggered back to their room, giggling together. They both
sported blushes high on their cheeks and silly grins.

Misato, dressed in a short red skirt and somewhat revealing black
halter top, hiccuped and leaned especially heavily on Ritsuko. "I drank
too much," she stated happily.

Ritsuko, wearing a more conservative pair of black slacks and a clean,
white button-down shirt with wide, open collar, giggled in response.
"Me too."

"I think I'm gonna be sick."

"No yer not."

Misato laughed, snorting in the process, and pulled away from Ritsuko.
"And if I am, what are you gonna do?" She took two staggering steps
backwards and hit the bed, flopping down on it bonelessly.

Ritsuko stared at her for a moment, wavering on her feet. "Puke on

That got Misato laughing again. "That I'd like to see." Another hiccup
followed closely by a belch laced with some of the contents of her
stomach stopped her laughing. "Oh, yuck..."

"Don't you throw up!"

Misato waved her hand limply at her friend, and let her eyes close. "I

Ritsuko wavered again, and gave in to gravity. She fell on the bed next
to Misato. "I drank too much too."

"You already said that."

With minimum bodily control, Ritsuko managed to crawl up to the pillows
and bury her face in one. "I drank way too much," she said, her voice
muffled in the pillow.

"No shit." Misato, fighting down the nausea, rolled over and did the
same, her arms splayed out.

"Ge' offa me," Ritsuko said with as much irritation as she could
manage, and tried to shake Misato's arm off.

"Ah go ta hell."

Lifting her head, fixing bleary eyes and her double-vision on Misato,
Ritsuko said, "I'm in bed with you. I'm already there." Immediately,
she began laughing at her own joke.

Misato rolled to her side and gave her friend a raspberry. "Go to...

"We should do this more often," Ritsuko said tiredly, moving on to her
side to face Misato, smiling.

"Threaten to throw up on each other?"

"Naw, jus' go and get blasted. It's fun."

"You have no idea what you're talking about."

"Sure I do. I'm drunk. It's fun. And there were so many cute guys at
the bar..."

"There was only one guy there, and that was Kaji."

"Oh, wow... alcohol really ruins your judgment."

Misato nodded solemnly, then started giggling again. "Kaji's such a

"What does that say about you since you slept with him?"

"I'm desperate?"

Ritsuko snickered, then fell silent in the darkness.

"Hey, Ritsuko?"


"Ever think about what you're going to do after college?"


"I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."

"I know you do."

"I don't."



At some point, Misato's hand had made its way up to Ritsuko's head, and
she was running her fingers through her friend's hair. Ritsuko didn't
seem to mind, and neither did Misato.

"Do." Ritsuko's hand found its way on to Misato's hip, and rested there
comfortably, sometimes squeezing lightly.

"Don't. And don't say I do."

"You do."

"I don't."

"You gonna marry Kaji?"

Misato made a definite noise to the negative. "No way. He's such a

"He a good lay?"

"The best."

"You're such a slut."

"I'd rather be a slut than an uptight bitch."

"At least you're getting some. I can't believe I have to be a slut to
get laid around here."

"You don't need to be a slut," Misato said quietly.

Someone released a gentle sigh, and then, two bodies moved
simultaneously, and two mouths met.

The gentle, delicate contact between two pairs of lips broke the damn,
and a flood was let loose. Chaste contact became untamed. Closed mouths
became open mouths, and docile tongues began battling.

Misato's fingers were now intertwined with Ritsuko's hair, holding her
head in place, while Ritsuko's hand was now on Misato's back, pulling
her closer.

Ritsuko's free hand was busy pulling up Misato's top, revealing her
generous breasts, though she tried to squirm away from the effort.

Misato broke the kiss. "No, don't," she pleaded breathlessly. She
removed her hand from Ritsuko's hair and tried to push her hand away.
"Don't do that. Don't look at me there."

"Don't be so uptight." Her hand not currently inside Misato's shirt was
busy trying to get the skirt undone.

"But I--" She was silenced by a scorching kiss from Ritsuko, the other
woman's tongue delving eagerly into her mouth. That effectively killed
all protests from Misato.

With a single, swift motion, Misato yanked open Ritsuko's shirt,
popping most of the buttons off. She didn't hesitate to take hold of
one of the breasts that became exposed.

She squeezed, roughly at first, then more gently, and started to
massage it, eliciting quiet noises from Ritsuko as they kissed. Her
mind was in a blissful state of drunken euphoria as her skirt was
finally released and pushed down her legs.

Their hands exchanged positions, so Ritsuko was now caressing one of
Misato's breasts lovingly while Misato was working on getting her
friend's slacks unbuttoned.

With an annoyed grunt, Misato pushed Ritsuko to her back so she could
have both hands free. Straddling the thighs of her friend, Misato ended
their kiss, licking the tip of Ritsuko's nose before sitting up. It was
hard work getting the little button open when she was trashed, and she
needed all her concentration for it.

Ritsuko wasn't helping the effort at all by continuing to alternately
squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples lightly. With a moan, Misato
removed her top and tossed it away, then looked into the eyes of the
one person she knew she could always call her friend.

"Don't stop now," Ritsuko urged, her eyes half-lidded and smouldering.

With a short nod, Misato undid the button and pulled down the zipper.
Momentarily, she got off of Ritsuko's legs to pull her pants down, then
fell on top of her again, her own bare breasts rubbing against the
material of the bra. Her nipples, already hard from the excitement and
cool air, grew even harder at the rough sensation.

"God, I need to get laid," said before kissing Misato and thrusting her
pelvis upwards while arching her back.

Misato simultaneously thrust her tongue as deeply into Ritsuko's mouth
as she could while grinding her hips down.

Ritsuko's entire body shuddered, and she took hold of the hips of her
lover. Shifting her weight, she dumped Misato to her side, and took the
lead. Her hand squirmed down inside Misato's panties, and started
teasing the sensitive flesh around her clitoris.

Misato threw back her head and let out a long moan, then gasped as
Ritsuko began to roughly suck on her nipple. Her entire body tensed,
unsure of which sensation to pay attention to. There was pleasure
bordering on pain in her breast as the blond suckled mercilessly at it,
but mounting pressure and pleasure as her delicate nerves were being
cultivated to explosion.

Her hands found the coordination to unhook Ritsuko's bra somehow, while
she thrust at her hand. She was so close, so close, so close... Just a
little more...

The sensations faded as the wondrous hand left, and Misato groaned in
disappointment. She almost wanted to cry at the loss.

Ritsuko was kissing and licking her way up Misato's chest, her fingers,
slick with lubrication, now pulling at the nipple she had neglected.

"Don't stop, don't stop," Misato begged, tugging on Ritsuko's hair
again. "So close..."

With a feathery touch, Ritsuko touched her lips to Misato's, teasing
her friend's tongue with her own. With their breasts rubbing directly
together, she sank her hand into Misato's panties again, this time
going directly for her core.

Misato whimpered and sucked aggressively on Ritsuko's tongue while she
pumped her hips, match the rhythm of her penetration. It started out
with one finger, then went to two fingers, and added the thumb pressing
into her clitoris.

Her hands roamed across Ritsuko's back, traversing down to grip the
soft flesh of her rear. Misato ended the kiss and held her face to
Ritsuko's neck, biting it gently. "Don't ever stop... Oh God..." Her
hands clenched as the sensations broke and washed over her, and she
moaned loudly, still thrusting eagerly to meet Ritsuko's hand.

"Oh God oh God oh God." She paused with her hips lifted, then let them
fall to the bed, completely spent and loving it.

Ritsuko removed her hand and embraced Misato, kissing the side of her
head. If only she could get a fraction of what Misato had felt, she'd
feel... a lot more relaxed.

With her sex still tingling, Misato pulled out of Ritsuko's arms and
gave her a crooked smile. Her eyes were half-lidded and a little
glazed, but that didn't hide the gleam in them.

She rolled Ritsuko to her back once, and give her a gentle kiss on the
lips, then one on the chin. Another kiss to her throat, followed by one
in the hollow of her throat... Misato licked one erect nipple lightly,
then suckled it lightly. Hearing her friend gasp, she gave it one last
hard suck, then pulled her lips away, releasing the nipple with a
slurping sound.

Her hands rubbed Ritsuko's smooth, taut stomach for a moment, before
they moved lower and took hold of the panties there. Misato pulled them
down slowly, enjoying the slight quivering of Ritsuko's body as she did
so. With her hands on her friend's legs, she could feel how Ritsuko was
desperately trying not to give in to the desire to spread them.

She pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. With the
after-effects of her orgasm fueling her on, Misato ran her tongue up
Ritsuko's leg until she reached the inner thigh. Without a second
thought, lashed out at Ritsuko's sex with her tongue.

The reaction was immediate and almost violent. Ritsuko's entire body
bucked, and if Misato hadn't been leaning most of her weight on the
blond's legs, she probably would have been kicked.

Ignoring it for the most part, Misato repeated the action, then
continued, rapidly flickering her tongue against Ritsuko's clitoris,
hearing the moans she was earning for her effort. Giving the nub one
last powerful lick, Misato moved lower and parted Ritsuko's labia with
her tongue.

Misato very briefly probed at Ritsuko's entrance, just enough to raise
the blond's state of arousal one more level, then returned her
attention the swollen bundle of nerve endings that was the heart of the
matter. Licking her lips first, Misato lowered her head slowly, then,
with one quick motion, engulfed it and sucked furiously.

Ritsuko's hands grabbed her hair and almost pulled her away, except for
the fact that her thighs were closed on her ears. That merely served to
muffle the moans, and eventually the howl of pleasure.

A smile crept across Ritsuko's face as the rest of her face contorted
into a look of mixed agony and extreme pleasure. She couldn't form
words to express just how really good she was feeling, and just let the
animal moans loose.

How long that went on, she didn't know, but eventually, her legs
relaxed, shaking slightly, and she pulled gently on Misato.

The two, both out of breath and sweating, lay in the bed next to each
other with their legs tangled and arms around each other. They
exchanged one last kiss before Misato's head fell back on the pillow
and she emitted a soft snore.


Ritsuko woke up in the morning feeling like a can that had been
liberally kicked around in the gutter. Seeing, however blurrily, Misato
naked in bed next to her wasn't exactly reassuring, especially the way
she looked like she had been hugging her.

Looking around the room, she could only shake her head. Clothes were
strewn all about, and she could smell what was obviously sex. Without
waking Misato, she got out of bed and gathered clean clothes to wear.
She didn't make it quite quick enough though, as Misato slowly
rediscovered consciousness.

"What in the shithouse on the hill happened?"

Ritsuko didn't say a word. This was something they'd just laugh at one
day. But not right at the moment.

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