Ranma In the Pokegirl World / Pilots and Pokegirls – Chapter 08 – To Tame a Dark Lady

Started: Feb 03, 2005
Finished: March 01, 2005
Current Revision: March 01, 2005

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, Neon Genesis Evangelion,
and in the future possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not
restricting myself to following that continuity.

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and settings contained in this fic. Don't sue me! Like anyone would bother.

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own risk.

Author Uses Smutty Language Warning! Crude slang terms for the male and female
anatomy are contained herein! Danger Will Robinson!

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* * *

A meadow. Two bodies. One, sitting upright, blinking in thought.

'Whew…got distracted there…funny how time is.'

Ranma looked to his right and smiled involuntarily at the sight of his big-titted cowgirl,
Cloud, lying on her back and covered by four felinoid forms, one sleek and sexy and
three cute and cuddly. The chibi catgirls and their mother were sprawled out bonelessly
as they clung to their curvy benefactress in their slumber, limbs in positions that only a
member of the greater family of cat-beings could attain without pain.

A glance at the sun told him no appreciable time had passed while he'd been
woolgathering. 'Yeah, funny ol' thing, time. Ten seconds goes by and it feels like ten
months have passed.'

Cloud worked her way out from under the pile of sleeping felines and sat next to him.

"Ranma-san…we have a problem."

"Oh? Everything seems to be going pretty good, as far as I can tell." He glanced around
at the sleeping pile of Pilots and the equally comatose pile of catgirls.

Cloud pointed at the sleeping figure he'd overlooked. "Her."

"She's knocked out pretty good."

Cloud nodded. "Yes, but she won't be forever. You and Shinji-san have to decide on
what to do with her. Soon. Before she wakes up."

Ranma cocked an eyebrow, silently asking her to continue. He was good in a fight, or at
least he thought he was, but he found Cloud's advice about more general things to usually
be sound and he wanted to hear her assessment.

Cloud smiled at her owner's implied trust in her and continued. "You have only two real
choices, Ranma-san. Kill her or Tame her." She saw a set look come into Ranma's eyes
at the mention of killing the hostile Pokegirl. "I don't know her breed, Ranma-san, but
she is both extremely powerful and extremely hostile to us. I don't know why she was
calling for the "Celestial" to come out, but it doesn't matter. If her Master has set her to
the task of killing or capturing us, she won't stop until she has succeeded or she dies."

Ranma's voice was flat. "We ain't killing her. I don't kill unless I absolutely have to,
and killing an unconscious girl don't qualify."

Cloud nodded, her face grave. "Then you'll have to Tame her."

Ranma glanced over at the leather-clad Pokegirl. "Tame her…I don't know if I can just
up and…screw her, just like that." He turned back to Cloud with a comical (to her
anyway) expression of distress. "Besides, I don't want to be unfaithful to you, Cloud-

Cloud smiled lovingly at her Master and managed to keep her composure, but inside her
heart was melting. 'Ooooh…that's soooo sweet…' Rarely did such a thing get said to a
Pokegirl, no matter how valued she was. Forcing down her selfish desire to keep Ranma
all for herself, Cloud began to explain the facts of life to her owner.

"Master…it's your *job* to Tame Pokegirls. Much as I would love to keep you to
myself," she gave him a burning stare, "you will be adding girls to your Harem until it
reaches a suitable size and power level, for your own safety if nothing else."

Ranma quirked an eyebrow. "You're kinda assuming that I want to be a professional
Tamer, Cloud-chan."

"Oh!" Cloud blushed a bit and lowered her eyes. "Yes, you're right Master. I apologize

Ranma came closer to Cloud and took her by the shoulders. "Hey. What's with the
actin' all, all, slave-like all of a sudden? Cloud-chan-"

Cloud looked up and into her owner's eyes, her milk-sweet breath softly caressing his
face. "Ranma-san, Master, I *am* your slave."

Ranma's face went blank with confusion. "Say what?"

Cloud snuggled into Ranma's chest, feeling that the contact would soothe him as she
sensed this might be a difficult subject for him. "Master…in this world where you have
been stranded, there are two types of people: humans and Pokegirls. Some humans
contend that Pokegirls don't even qualify as people, but that's a subject for another time."

Cloud felt Ranma's muscles tense and hastily continued. "Humans own Pokegirls. We
don't even use the term "slave" anymore, since it doesn't apply. A Pokegirl is either feral
or happily bonded to a master."

"But…um, what are your rights? Do you have rights?"

Cloud looked into her master's eyes again, seeing concern and upset swirling in their blue
depths. "There are a few protections written into the law, but…we are property, Master.
I am your possession. You may do with me as you wish."

Ranma stared at his voluptuous, wanton, utterly desirable cowgirl. Part of him was
utterly appalled that such a wonderful person was doomed to a life of being owned by
another human being. And part of him, a part he was equally appalled at, was very, very
aroused by what Cloud-chan, *his* Cloud-chan, had just said. She hadn't been upset.
On the contrary, declaring herself to be his property seemed to make her very happy.

Ranma stared at Cloud's open, smiling face. Her big brown eyes drew him in. "You're

Cloud gazed serenely back. "Yes." She was practically purring.

Ranma struggled to control his breathing. It didn't seem right to be so excited upon
learning that he owned another intelligent being. Still, he couldn't draw his eyes away
from Cloud's smiling face.

"I belong to you, Ranma-san."

His excitement seemed to be infecting her, making her huge bare breasts heave and jiggle
with each deep breath. She brought her hands up and caressed them, pulling at the stiff
pink nubbin on each peak. "My breasts belong to you."

One hand slid down her sleek black and white patched hide, sliding over her belly and
then between her powerful thighs. Ranma's eyes were helplessly dragged down to where
Cloud was wantonly spreading the petals of her moist pink flower. He gritted his teeth,
fighting for self-control. She purred, "My pussy belongs to you."

Ranma's chest heaved as Cloud smoothly pivoted away from him onto her hands and
knees and arched her back, pushing her butt into the air. Unable to control himself, his
hands reached out and fondled her large and beautiful heart-shaped ass as her low, husky
voice purred out the expected line. "My bottom belongs to you."

"Cloud-chan…" Cloud's legs trembled with desire as her owner groaned out her name.
She cried out softly into the grass as Ranma quickly and roughly mounted her, pushing
his entire length into her in one smooth stroke and beginning a rapid, forceful series of
penetrations. "Ah – Ah – Ah – Ah –"

After only a few short minutes, Ranma moaned out Cloud's name as he ejaculated into
her tightly gripping pussy. He collapsed onto her back as her body milked what seemed
like the very last drops of life energy out of him. "Soooo sexy…you're going to kill me
one of these days if you keep doing that…"

He lay there on her warm body, temporarily exhausted, feeling the warm sun on his butt
and the slightly too-warm feeling of his silk pants being around his shins. 'Goooddd,
sooo tired…I didn't even get my pants all the way off.'

Lying under her owner in a post-taming fog of bliss, Cloud was a little upset with herself.
Her inner voice of prudence, sounding a lot like her older sister Buttercup, said, 'My
goodness Cloud-chan, you're acting more like a Vixen than a Milktit! You've got to get
some self-control back! Now was not the time for a Taming session. What if that enemy
Pokegirl had woken up? Bad Cloud-chan!'

She smiled as she felt Ranma's member stir inside her sheath, then frowned. 'And he
still has to Tame that bitch! You've depleted his stamina. Thoughtless Cloud-chan!'

Letting out a little huff of displeasure at being denied her post-Taming basking, Cloud
squirmed, just a little. Ranma immediately rolled off her, this being the signal that she
wanted him to move that they'd somehow worked out over many long, hard days of

Unable to resist, Cloud climbed on top of her hunky Tamer, bring their faces into talking
range and incidentally allowing her to rub her entire body against his. "Continuing where
we left off, Master…"

Ranma blinked at her, distracted by her soft, smooth body rubbing against him as she
came to rest. He sighed a gusty breath of contentment as she tucked her face into his
neck and lay fully on top of him. It struck him that someone should be keeping an eye on
the downed enemy Pokegirl, so, with a groan he sat up, wrapping his arms around Cloud
to keep her close to him.

"Right. So…you're mine and we both like it, I think we just proved that for sure."
Cloud giggled, which made her breasts do interesting things against his chest and he
chuckled approvingly in response. He already felt another stirring down below, just
because of her warm closeness.

"Master…Ranma-san…even if you don't want to be a professional Tamer, you still need
to Tame that Pokegirl. Unless you want to have to kill her."

There was a brief silence as Ranma pondered this. "Okay. I accept that, Cloud-chan.
Now the question is, what to do about it. Or rather, how to go about it." He half-
expected Cloud to make a joke about it happening in the usual way like they'd just
demonstrated a minute ago, but instead she replied in a serious voice, her face still
snuggled against his neck.

"I see you understand the problems involved, Ranma-san. That Pokegirl is both hostile
and has dangerous powers. She's probably some sort of magic-type. Magic-types are
rare and often powerful. Normally the procedure is to use special restraints to inhibit the
Pokegirl's movement and speech so that she can be safely tamed, but we don't have
anything like that."

A distasteful thought struck Ranma. "Could I…ugh, I feel like a terrible pervert saying
this, but could I Tame her while she's unconscious?"

Cloud made as if to nod against his neck. "I can see where you'd get that idea, Master,
but no, it wouldn't work. There is a psychic element to Taming, an interaction between
the Tamer and the Pokegirl's consciousnesses…some even say between their souls. She
would have to be awake for you to properly Tame her."

Ranma chuckled. "Wow, you like to use big words, Cloud-chan. You'll have to use
smaller ones if you want to talk to a dumbass like me."

Cloud moved uneasily against him. "Master…I…it's because I'm very comfortable with
you. I wouldn't talk like this around most people."

Ranma frowned at the tension he felt in his Pokegirl's body and hugged her against him.
"Why not?"

Cloud talked quietly with her face snuggled against Ranma's neck, almost as if she were
hiding. "Most Pokegirls don't have much education. Almost none, in fact. I'm unusual
in that I was taught almost to the level that would be standard for an intellectual Pokegirl
like a Sup-Bra-Genius."

"Oh? Cool! Why is that?"

"We don't have time for a long story, Master, but put briefly, the owner of the Ranch
where I was born has different ideas than most, and I believe he had a dispute going with
other prominent League Researchers and Breeders about how much an ordinary, non-
intellectual-type Pokegirl could learn. He provided me with extra tutoring to prove his

Ranma blinked innocently. "Oh. Did he win his bet?"

Cloud leaned back and looked up at her owner's face, smiling at his naïveté. "Yes, I
believe he did. I scored very well on the League Researcher standardized tests, after all.
The Professor said that I would have made an excellent research assistant if I were a

Ranma smiled, proud that his Cloud-chan was considered so smart. She had certainly
proven her intelligence and general good sense in the weeks he had been with her. He
was far better in the wilderness, but her knowledge of the ecology of wild Pokegirls had
been invaluable. His smile turned puzzled as another incongruity nudged his awareness.
"But why wouldn't you talk this way around everybody?"

Cloud looked up at her owner, glancing around to see that the meadow was still empty.
"Ranma-san…remember what I said about not all humans believing that Pokegirls
qualify as "people"?"

Ranma nodded, his expression darkening as his quick mind worked through the
implications. "You mean…?"

Cloud nodded, her face without its usual happy glow, but showing no sign of the outrage
that a human would have expressed when talking about such a thing. "There is still a lot
of anger in human society over the Great War. That and many things about
Pokegirls…we are much closer to the beasts than humans are. A feral Pokegirl is closest
of all, virtually indistinguishable from an animal. So…" She shrugged, the accepting
shrug of a Pokegirl who faced reality. "Some humans treat Pokegirls like clever animals,
some, like the Professor, treat them like full people. It's the way things are."

Ranma scowled. "And you hide your smarts because some people, some *humans* I
mean, might get angry if they think you're being "uppity", right?"

Cloud nodded again. "Yes, Mas-. Yes, Ranma-san." Cloud, clever girl that she was, had
a feeling that Ranma didn't want to be reminded of his ownership of her at that moment.
'Oooh, I hope he gets over this quickly. He's such a good Master, I don't want him to
have problems in human society…'

Ranma hugged Cloud to his chest, staring angrily at the leather-clad Pokegirl sleeping on
the grass, as if human bigotry were all her fault. "We'll talk more about that later, Cloud-
chan. All I can say is no one better badmouth you while I'm around, Pokegirl or human."

Cloud smiled against her owner's solid chest, warmed by his desire to protect her. "Yes,

"So, back to the problem at hand. The Pokebitch needs Taming and we don't have
restraints. She's got to be awake, but we've got to suppress her abilities somehow.
Hm…I think I've got an answer to that, but it's gonna be a little…tricky."

Cloud pulled her face away from his chest and looked up in surprise. "Oh?"

Ranma nodded. "Yeah. We'll discuss that in a sec. Assuming it works, have you got
any other advice? I haven't tamed any Pokegirls other than you, and Shinji's three all
wanted to be Tamed, one way or another. I'm not sure…I mean…god, this is kinda like
raping her." His face twisted in disgust.

Cloud's beautiful, normally serene face pulled into a distressed moue, more from her
owner's discomfort than any thought of Taming being forced onto a hostile Pokegirl. "It
will be against her will, technically, but Ranma-san, I can tell you this: I don't know her
breed, but I can tell that she's a dark one."


"Mm. Not a Dark Element Pokegirl, that's something different, but she's almost
certainly…well, with Pokegirls, their preferred methods of Taming and their general
personality and outlook go together. The Professor said he thought it was the way they
were designed. I'm almost certain that this Pokegirl's breed is one of the ones that enjoys
harsh taming. That type of Pokegirl, a Domina for example, is only loyal to their Master
because of their degree of dominance and how thoroughly they've been tamed."

"So…if I can show this bitch who's boss, in the sack and outside, I can Tame her?"

Cloud nodded. "Bond her. That's the goal. Tame her well enough to Bond with her and
get her to transfer her loyalty to you."

Ranma nodded slowly, his brow furrowed in thought. "Ok…I think I can do that. Any
other tips?"

"I would suggest including oral and anal Taming as means of showing your dominance.
Also, talk to her. Emphasize your strength and power, rub in how helpless she is to resist
you. She *will* be helpless, won't she Ranma-san?"

Ranma nodded. "I sure hope so. Even if she isn't totally subdued, I should be able to
handle her. But, about what you said…oral? Um, won't she…?"

Cloud smiled. "There are a few little known things about Pokegirls that I can tell you,
Ranma-san. One is that no Pokegirl will specifically target the genitals of a male for
attack. Most Tamers don't know that because, well…"

Ranma winced. "Yeah, not like they'd be eager to put it to the test."

Cloud smiled and nodded. "The Professor told me that he thought this conclusively
proved that Pokegirls were designed by a man."

Ranma grinned. "Heh. Makes sense to me."

"So, don't be afraid to be aggressive in that area. The fact that her own instincts prevent
her from doing anything about it should make it even more effective, plus it should
impress her with your bravery. As for anal Taming, just to lay any negative ideas you
have about that to rest, Pokegirls are built differently there than human girls."

Ranma quirked an eyebrow, looking a bit skittish about the subject of discussion. "Oh?
You don't have a…?" He gestured vaguely with one hand, starting to turn red. "'Cause I
coulda sworn I've seen one when we're, ah, when I'm Taming you from behind…"

Cloud blushed a bit too, more in response to Ranma's discomfort than to any true
embarrassment. "Oh, no no! I have one of those, the same as a human female. So do all
Pokegirls, well most of them anyway. The difference is in what comes out."

Ranma's eyes indicated he desperately wanted this part of the discussion to be over.

Cloud tried to think of a way of talking about it without getting into unnecessary medical
detail. "Um…the two important things to know are that that area is always clean and that
you should think of it as nothing more than an alternate route to making a Pokegirl

Ranma looked a little more interested at this tidbit of info. "So it feels good for Pokegirls
when they get it in the butt, too?"

Cloud's eyes twinkled lustily. "Mm hm. It's a different feeling than being Tamed in the
more usual way, but it feels very good. Some Pokegirls have a preference for it, mostly
by breed, but some individuals as well."

Ranma reached down and squeezed Cloud's smooth butt, the large cheeks overflowing
his hands. "Do you like it that way, Cloud-chan?"

Cloud gave him a sultry look through half-lowered eyelids. "Mm hm."

Ranma continued his fondle of smooth, soft cowgirl bottom, pulling Cloud's cheeks
slightly apart. She let out a little moo of pleasure and shifted on his lap. He gave his lush
bodied Milktit a sultry look of his own. "Maybe we'll try that after I break the Bitch's
ass in."

Cloud stared at him with hot eyes. "If you want, Master."

Ranma chuckled and kissed her briefly on the lips. "You I always want, Cloud-chan."

And Cloud's heart melted.

* * *

Shinji dreamt.

Floating, he was floating. Somewhere warm. And soft, and comfortable.


Misato…Asuka…Rei…Mana…Maya…Kowaru…all his friends…

Things were different since Father- since the Commander had died. A burst blood vessel
in the brain, brought on by intense stress the doctors had said. Who'd have thought that
distant, seemingly immortal fixture of a man would die of something so mundane?

Shinji's sleeping mind flipped through a rapid series of images, randomly surfing the
past. Fighting Angels, though the pace had slowed down for some reason since those
frantic early days…his psychiatrist (and Asuka's), Doctor Tomo…Rei wearing a summer
dress and his shock at seeing her in something other than a fuku or plugsuit…Misato in
the shower, "It was an accident, I swear!"…Dr. Akagi snapping on a long rubber glove…

Shinji shuddered.

Hanging out with Kensuke, Touji and his new friend Kowaru. A smile appeared on
Shinji's sleeping face. They had a mutual interest in music and many other things…he
was a good friend. His smile grew crooked as he remembered being interrogated by the
other two Stooges as to whether his friend had ever expressed an interest in long hot
showers, the kind that two platonic friends take together for innocent platonic
reasons…they just didn't understand Kowaru the way he did…

Misato looking snappy in her new Commander's outfit…Mana glomping onto his arm at
the mall and Asuka practically bursting into flame in response (in the dream version of
events she really did burst into flame)…combat training with Kenshin-sensei…Shinji
frowned in his sleep. Why hadn't they ever had something like that before?…it made no

A sensation from his lower parts deflected the arc of imagery and it became more erotic.
A fast shuffle of Taming scenes from the last day…had it only been a day? It seemed
more like a week. Slamming into Fuwa from behind…the tight, slippery grip of Fuwa's
pussy blended into the mindblowing sensation of doing the same to Asuka. The sight of
Rei bouncing up and down with her boobs jiggling, face aglow with pleasure as she
impaled herself on his shaft…he groaned as an unusually rough tongue did something so
pleasant it was probably forbidden by law.

A strong hand, shaking him by the shoulder. "Wake up, Shin-man."

* * *

Upon detaching Fuwa from his genitals Shinji was presented with yet another odd
situation to cope with. "You want me to *what*?!"

"Ya see, I noticed during the fight that when you were riding her back, she couldn't get
you off even though she's plenty strong. She didn't seem happy to have you touching her
either. I figure something about you does something to her. Something that weakens

"Firemaiden! Fire- Aargh!" Asuka nearly screamed in frustration. By talking very
slowly and carefully, she managed to overcome the instinct that was replacing every
word with "Firemaiden!".

'Does something' isn't very helpful, Ranma. You're asking Shinji to put himself in

Ranma nodded, face calm. "Yeah. But not that much. We'll tie her hands up behind her
back. If Shinji's "touch" or whatever doesn't work I can handle her. If worst comes to
worst I'll just punch her in the back of the head until she's out again."

When Asuka opened her mouth again he said, "It's that or kill her." She shut up.

After a moment, she looked darkly at the ground and muttered, "I suppose we have no
choice but to go along with your perverted plan."

"Icemaid- It is not a bad plan."

The redhead turned to look at her blue-haired rival. The other looked as well, interested
in the opinion of the chilly new-made Pokegirl.

"As I understand it, under the circumstances Ranma-san and Shinji-kun are the group's
leaders, due to their pure human nature. If they are unwilling to consider termination of
the hostile, "Taming" her will be adequate. It is a necessary act and Ranma-san's failsafe
plan is adequate, due to the short notice."

Rei reached down and fondled Shinji, ignoring his cry of startlement and Asuka's of
indignation. Fuwa just kept her eyes on the prize. "The only predictable problem I
foresee is Shinji-kun having difficulty performing. He "Tamed" both myself and Sohryu
in the recent past. We have also expended considerable energy in travel. Combine these
factors with his probable difficulty at having intercourse with a strange female who he
considers an enemy and erectile failure becomes a near certainty."

Indeed, Shinji was rising to the occasion as Rei gently stroked him, but slowly and
without great vigor. Fuwa had managed to arouse him with her mouth while he was
sleeping, but his erection had gone away quickly.

Cloud cleared her throat and the group's attention turned her way.

'All this to tame one Pokegirl! The outside world is certainly more challenging than
living on the Ranch.'

"I have a solution." She hefted her bulging breasts. "Fuwa-chan and her kittens depleted
me, but I've had enough time to start production of a little Stamina Plus milk. It's like an
energy drink." She smiled. "It should be enough to help Shinji-san through his

Ranma grinned at his resourceful Pokegirl. "Your boobs are just full of surprises, Cloud-
chan! Can you make money squirt out of those things?" He grabbed one boob and made
as if to look inside it, using the long pink nipple as a peephole.

Cloud giggled and gently pushed him away as he tried to steal a drink from her left udder.
"Bad Master! That milk is for Shinji-san."

Rei and Asuka exchanged a look, for once having the same thought: the only breasts
Shinji was allowed to suck on were theirs. They glanced over at the lounging catgirl,
who gave them a catty smile back. And maybe Fuwa's, they grudgingly allowed.

Rei stepped closer to the pleasantly warm area near Asuka and said quietly, "Perhaps we
can solve two issues with one action."

Asuka nodded. "Firemaiden! Aarrgh….kill two birds with one stone, right."

Rei raised a delicate eyebrow. "I fail to see what avian slaughter has to do with the
matter at hand."

*sigh* "Forget it."

Rei thought about mentioning her lack of the ability to delete her memories at will, but
discarded it as irrelevant. "I find myself…reluctant to allow Shinji-kun intimate contact
with females not already in his Harem."

Scowl. "*Firemaiden!* Fire- Hey! We're not his *harem*."

"That is the local term for our social grouping, so I have gathered from Cloud-san."

"Hmph. Whatever. I have to admit I'm not too wild about the Baka sucking on the
Bimbo's boobs. For some reason. Not like I care about him or anything…firemaiden…"

Rei ignored Asuka's final muttered words. "I propose we…"

* * *

Meanwhile, Shinji was thinking things over. As per usual, everyone just assumed that he
was going to do what they asked him. He looked over at the gently tussling couple of
martial artist and Pokegirl. Ranma noticed his attention and grinned at him, giving him
an exaggerated two-thumbs-up sign, then gave a watchful glance to the sleeping subject
of discussion and returned to making mock attempts to gain access to Cloud's boobs.

Shinji couldn't help but smile in return. It was difficult to dislike the loud-mouthed
martial artist, at least if you weren't a competing loudmouth like Asuka. It occurred to
him that Ranma wasn't expecting him to act as his puppet, rather his unspoken attitude
was that he was *confident* in Shinji's ability to do a necessary task. Totally confident.

Shinji's posture straightened and his mouth firmed in determination. He wouldn't let his
new friends down! Even if it meant having to have sex with yet another beautiful woman
today. And suck on Cloud-chan's luscious boobs.

Fuwa watched in appreciation as her Master began to rise from the dead yet again. She
petted her frolicking kittens and hoped there would be leftovers. "Merowr. Fuwa is such
a lucky Boobcat."

* * *

"Okay. We all know our roles. While Shinji and I are occupied, Cloud, Fuwa, Asuka
and Rei will watch the perimeter. We've agreed that Shinji wouldn't be compatible with
her, so she'll be part of my, ah, group." Rei, Asuka and even Fuwa nodded emphatically,
Asuka crossing her arms under her breasts and scowling in the fallen Pokegirl's direction.
Fuwa hissed.

"Cloud will help Shinji get ready…hm?" Ranma paused as Rei came over and whispered
into his ear. Whatever he was hearing must have been funny, because a huge grin
appeared on his face.

"Ok, little change of plans. Rei and Asuka, with Cloud's assistance, will help Shinji get
ready." The two Pilot Pokegirls nodded and shot indecipherable looks in Shinji's
direction, Rei's cool and Asuka's smoldering.

Grinning, Ranma leaned over and whispered into his Pokegirl's ear. Cloud smiled and
nodded. Ranma gave her a little kiss on the neck and turned back to the group. "Heh.
Ok, that part's settled. Don't worry, Shin-man, you'll like it. Trust me."

He grinned at Shinji and Shinji smiled weakly back. Having Rei and Asuka as part of
his…"group" (as Asuka had insisted they call it, between spurts of "Firemaiden!" and the
attendant curses) was going to be a constant adventure, he just knew it. He briefly envied
Ranma his placid cowgirl until he realized he had a more compliant Pokegirl of his own.

He looked around until he spied Fuwa lounging on the grass nearby, attending to her
kittens. The very human-looking (except for the alertly swiveling (and very cute) silver-
furred cat ears and swishing furry black-tipped tail) catgirl gave him a big toothy smile as
her master ogled her large, firm breasts and the rest of her curvy arsenal. She rolled over
and arched her back, making as if to pet one kitten extra thoroughly while thrusting her
shapely rump into the air for his inspection.

After a few heated moments, Shinji managed to tear his eyes from the glistening pink
purse between his Pokegirl's legs that was forced into prominence by her position. 'Is
she *always* in heat?'

A familiar happy giggle. "Hm. Looks like Shinji-san is getting ready without us."

"Urk!" Shinji's hands snapped down to cover his reawakened manhood. He was getting
so used to standing around naked that he kept forgetting to cover himself up when

"Why don't you go get him ready, girls? I'll deal with the Pokebitch."

And with that, Rei and Asuka hooked their arms under Shinji's and half-carried the
blushing, stammering young man to a nice flat sunny spot on the grass of the meadow,
trailing a giggling Milktit in their wake.

* * *

Ranma smiled at the spectacle and then returned his attention to his task. "Hm…"

The leather-clad Pokegirl lay supine in the grass, face down. Ranma touched the soft
feathers of her dark cloak, then rolled her over with his foot and undid its clasps.
Underneath, she wore skintight black leather, or at least something that looked a lot like
leather, from head to toe. Her arms were covered to the elbow with long gloves of supple
hide and her legs to the knees in similarly made boots. The rest of the outfit consisted of
a lace-up bustier and pair of high-cut thong underwear.

The short bustier left plenty of creamy pale flesh exposed, both above it and below.
Above, there was all her slender shoulders and the upper slopes of both large and shapely
breasts. Below was a creamy expanse of flesh from her belly button down to her knees
where her boots began, interrupted only by the formfitting leather thong. Ranma had to
admit the effect was stunning, especially when combined with the homicidal Pokegirl's
supermodel good looks.

Where Cloud was very pretty and cute, this…bitch was very, very beautiful. She had
high cheekbones and flawlessly symmetrical features. A succulent red-lipped mouth that
was neither too large nor too small but just right to go with her large, but not too large
eyes and her small Roman nose. She had neat raven-black eyebrows and a smooth
forehead leading to a slight widow's peak at her hairline. Lustrous black hair, very short,
in a pageboy cut which made her look a bit pixyish. He noticed her haircut seemed a bit
ragged, which didn't fit with the rest of her appearance at all. The only other flaw was
the bit of dried blood and swelling on the side of her head where he had punched her.

To top it off she had on either an expertly applied coat of light makeup or some sort of
Pokegirl equivalent, adding an attractive layer of shadow to her closed eyes, a bit of blush
to her cheekbones and a deep scarlet to her lips.

'Hot. I haveta admit, she's totally, totally hot.'

Blushing a bit, he began to strip the unconscious Pokegirl. She mumbled and groaned as
he pulled off her tight boots and gloves, revealing dainty hands and feet. Her fingernails
were long, sharp and painted a glossy dark red. At least they looked painted…he
suspected it might be another Pokegirl thing. Her toenails were as short and perfect as if
she'd just had a pedicure at a spa and were the same shade of red.

Kneeling on the downy feather cloak that was spread out under both of them, Ranma
began unlacing her bodice, feeling rather depraved as he did so. 'Geez, boffing Cloud-
chan is one thing, but this "forcible Taming" thing is something else. I just hope I don't
enjoy this too much. I gotta enjoy it at least a little or little Ranma won't be able to
perform, but I hope I'm not sick enough to really get into it. On the other hand if I don't,
I might have to kill her…oh *man* is this ever messed up. Hello, what's this?'

Around the Pokegirl's slender neck was a fine, nearly invisible silver chain, leading to a
dark crystal pendant nestled between her sizeable breasts. Ranma ignored her
considerable charms as the bodice split like a shell and unfolded to either side of her and
examined the pendant instead.

It was about two inches long, longer than it was wide, rectangular in shape with faceted
ends. It seemed to be entirely black, but then he noticed a faint internal luminescence.
He looked closer and saw through the purplish-black wall of the crystal the form of a
miniature woman. She was dressed in elaborate robes and was glowing with a faint light,
the color of which was impossible to tell due to the filtering effect of her crystal prison.
The detail was astounding; Ranma could even make out the serene expression on her
sleeping face.

"Whoa. That's some good craftsmanship."

He pocketed the item on general principles. Maybe she could tell him what it's
significance was after she'd been Tamed.

Finally, he gingerly pulled the Pokegirl's leather underwear off, revealing a neatly
trimmed black landing strip. Lying stark naked on a cloak of feathers, she looked very
appetizing. Ranma found himself hardening against his will. The darker aspects of this
world churned at the bottom of mind. In this world, you found girls, you subdued them
with sex and you owned them. It was evil, it was wrong, and it was making him very,
very hard.

'Oh man. This is twisted.'

Remembering that he had to tie her arms, he gently rolled her back over onto her face.
As her butt came into view, it occurred to him that she might be hiding something
in…one of those places. It was hardly likely, but who knew it this screwed-up world?
He could ask Cloud or one of the other girls to do it, but…he looked over to where they
were prepping Shinji…they were already busy.

His heart pounded as he watched his hand move towards the helpless Pokegirl's ass. He
was more an observer than a participant as his finger gently moved between her cheeks
and traced the perineum, the area between her pussy and anal rosebud.


He jumped when she moaned softly at his touch. "Oh man. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm

Despite his apologetic words, his finger stayed were it was. 'Just gotta make sure she
doesn't have anything dangerous in there…'


He ignored the Pokegirl's moaning and his pounding heart and slipped one finger, then
two, into her pussy. 'Damn, she's already wet. Maybe Pokegirls are always a little wet.'
He probed as far as his fingers could reach and felt around inside her, but didn't find
anything unusual. Just the hot, slippery-soft interior of a healthy cunt. Before he lost his
nerve, Ranma pulled his digits out of her pussy and slid a nicely lubricated finger into the
Pokegirl's nether entrance. Her moans took on a deeper pitch as he sank two fingers into
her ass and looked for contraband.

'Nothin'. Not that I really expected anything, but…'

Despite his misgivings, Cloud proved right in that there was nothing offensive inside the
Pokegirl's bottom. In fact, when Ranma gingerly sniffed his fingers all he detected was
the faint scent of rose petals. It boggled his mind.

'Geez. Makes me think this guy woulda done my world a favor if he did a little redesign
on regular ol' humans. I bet when she farts it smells like a rosebush exploded.'

Impulsively, he slid his fingers back inside the Pokegirl's bottom sheath and flexed them,
enjoying the warmth and smooth texture inside her and forcing a rich contralto moan
from her throat. 'It's gonna feel great Taming her in the ass. I'm turning into such a
goddamn pervert it's not funny, but what am I gonna do? Being a pervert in this place is
like being a fish in the ocean.'

He could feel his inhibitions dropping as his hard-on tried to dominate his mind. Right
now he wouldn't have minding just dropping his pants and fucking this tall, gorgeous
piece of Pokegirl ass right up the tailpipe, their game plan be damned.

Out of sanitary habit, he wiped his fingers on the grass. Then, with jerky motions, he
yanked the Pokegirl's arms up behind her back and expertly tied them together, using her
folded gloves as rope. 'Heh. I know more knots than a whole troupe of Boy Scouts.
Darn Shibari-fu stylists.'

Examining his handiwork was another test of his rapidly failing will power, as the
exotically beautiful Pokegirl now resembled an illustration from a Shibari (rope fetish)
magazine. She rested on her face, her ass in the air with her slender arms bound behind
her back with strands of black leather. 'Gahhh…keep it together Saotome. At least I'm
in the right mood for this, finally. Somethin' missing…oh right, Cloud-chan said to gag
her too, at least at first.' Heart still pumping extra blood through his system, Ranma used
the Pokegirl's underwear as a makeshift gag, then picked her up and carried her over to
where the rest of the group was waiting.

* * *

The girls lay Shinji down onto the grass of the meadow. Cloud glanced over to where
Ranma was dealing with the Pokegirl, then smiled at him and straddled his stomach,
putting her knees to either side of his torso. "No time to waste, Shinji-san."

Shinji gulped, wondering what was in store for him. He stared up at her awesome
cleavage. Were they going to…? He could feel Cloud's body heat and his dick was
rising swiftly behind her back, threatening to meet her bottom.

Shinji started as Asuka's knees landed on the grass next to his head. "Don't get any
funny ideas, Baka." He looked guiltily away from Cloud's mighty rack, only to find
himself staring at Asuka's red bush instead. He snapped his head to the right and ended
up staring at an equally cute bunch of blue pubes. He squeezed his eyes shut and lay
back. 'I give up.'

"Open your eyes, Shinji-kun."

Shinji did so in response to Rei's cool voice and froze, staring as he drank in the sight of
Asuka sucking on Cloud's right boob. The uninhibited cowgirl moaned happily and
caressed Asuka's head. "Mmm…yes, drink from me Asuka-chan, that's gooooood…"

Warm milk filled Shinji's mouth as Asuka kissed him deeply. A tingling warmth spread
though his body as the milk went down his throat and her hot tongue twined with his. He
felt like he was going to explode from overstimulation as Rei's cool hand wrapped
around his shaft.

"Ahh…" Asuka broke the kiss in time for Shinji to watch Rei push her face into Cloud's
left boob and suckle. Moments later, they were kissing, more milk filled his mouth and a
warm hand replaced the cool one on his now iron-hard erection.

His whole body was tingling. The cool soft grass felt good on the sensitive bare skin of
his back, butt and legs. He couldn't get enough of kissing the two girls he loved. The
only thing keeping him from coating their stroking hands in slippery semen was bodily
fatigue, and that was rapidly fading.

Shinji opened his eyes to see what was going on when no soft lips made contact with his
for the first time in minutes. Cloud was no longer straddling him, instead she was sitting
on her knees beside his legs, next to Asuka. She smiled warmly at him and he smiled
back, then his attention was grabbed by the feisty redhead.

"Oops." Asuka looked coyly down at her milk-spattered breasts. "I've spilled some
milk. What a shame."

"Let me help you with that." Rei spoke in her usual hard-to-read near monotone, but he
thought she sounded a bit…eager? Any further analysis was drowned in a flood of
arousal as the albino's delicate pink lips latched onto Asuka's nipple. "Ohhh…"

'Oh my god. I'm going to come.'

Shinji grunted as a smooth hand gave the base of his cock a firm squeeze, forcing the
boiling semen back into his balls. He moaned pitifully, feeling the aftershocks of his
near-ejaculation ricochet through his body. He opened his eyes to see Cloud looking
mournfully at his penis, then apologetically at him.

"I'm sorry Shinji-san, but I think Ranma-san has the Pokegirl you are going to help tame
almost ready, and I'm not sure how many more climaxes you're good for. Please forgive

Shinji panted and blinked at her. He wanted to say it was okay, but his eyes were
magnetically pulled to where Asuka and Rei were forming a passionately kissing
suspension bridge over his head. They alternated long, wet tongue-kisses with attacking
each other's breasts in a frenzy of oral action. He groaned under his breath as his cock
jumped from the intense visual stimulation, then more loudly as Cloud squeezed the base

"Oh god…call them off Cloud-chan…I can't take much more of this!"

Cloud caressed his stomach apologetically, keeping the other hand securely around his
tormented member. "I'm so sorry Shinji-san, but I can't exactly force them apart.
They're still in heat from being so recently bonded. I imagine it's rather difficult to keep
from jumping onto you, so they're taking it out on each other."

Shinji sighed and lay back. He closed his eyes and listened to the moist noises of his two
Pokegirls eating each other. One of Cloud's smooth hands continued to soothingly stroke
his stomach while the other provided light friction to his penis, making sure he stayed
hard. His Firemaiden and Icemaiden seemed to want to keep him involved as well,
lavishing his sides and chest with alternating cool and warm touches as they kissed. He
could feel their silky knees pressed against him just under his armpits, the right side cool
and the left hot.

Just when he thought he could take no more, his body jerked in shock as the delicious
snugness of a warm, wet pussy enveloped his shaft to the root. Cloud's squeezing must
have retarded his urge to ejaculate more than he'd thought, because he didn't come.
Instead, he felt a spike of intense pre-ejaculatory arousal tingle down his penis and deep
into his groin, spreading from there like tendrils of warm fire though his entire nervous

The foreign pussy was tight as Asuka's had been, and wonderfully hot and slippery
inside. Shinji let out a loud groan as the hot, cool and smooth hands caressing his sides,
chest and stomach combined with the sound of the two girls kissing above him and the
hot cunt squeezing his dick to overwhelm his senses. He felt like he was drowning in

More soft flesh pressed against his face. He sucked blindly on a springy nipple,
somehow knowing who this was. "Hunh! Fuwa…"

"Master is having too much fun without Fuwa, so she came to play." He could hear the
catty smile in her voice.

He groaned weakly but happily as someone grabbed his hands and placed them on a pair
of nice full breasts, enough to completely fill his palms and overflow them just a bit. He
realized from the position that it must be the Pokegirl he was helping to tame, the one
whose pussy was rhythmically squeezing his throbbing erection. Trying to ride the wave
of sensations, he rubbed his face against Fuwa's marvelous boobs and nibbled, licked and
sucked, at the same time kneading the enemy Pokegirl's boobs and doing his best to
gently stimulate her nipples. The various sex sounds filling his ears were joined by a
deep, muffled groan from the Pokegirl riding his shaft and a happy purr from Fuwa.

He began bucking his hips, thrusting inside her, not too hard as he needed to save his
strength. She groaned again, loudly, and her pussy flutter-squeezed him. He realized that
all this activity was distracting him enough to keep him from the singleminded focus
needed to come. Every time he got too focused on the delicious sensations emanating
from his dick, the feeling of Rei and Asuka's knees rubbing against his sides, or Cloud's
hand on his stomach, or Fuwa's boobs on his face, or the soft flesh filling his hands
would distract him and let his arousal abate a little.

'Helping to Tame, ha! I'm the one being tamed here. Unnnnhhhgghhh…oh god that
feels nice…'

* * *

Ranma grinned as he approached Shinji's recumbent body. He was covered in girls like a
man coated with honey would be covered in ants. The only one missing was Fuwa, and
he could see her prowling towards her master even now. He felt a twinge of jealousy at
the sight of Cloud gently stroking Shinji's dick, but it was robbed of strength by the
unquestionable devotion in her eyes when she looked up at his approach and smiled at

As he smiled back and opened his mouth to ask her how Shinji was doing, the bound
Pokegirl in his arms started to wake up. He knew that's what she was doing, because he
was intimately familiar with both knocking people out and waking up from being
knocked out himself.

'Guess we won't need Cloud-chan's milk for her after all.'

He sprinted the last few steps as he heard the leather binding her arms creak as she started
to groggily struggle. 'Sorry Shin-man, no time to warn ya.' With that thought, he
lowered her onto Shinji's ruler-straight erection. Cloud helpfully guided it into the
Pokegirl's pussy.

'Poor guy looks ready to explode. I hope he can hold it for at least a little while.'

Ranma grinned again, both because of seeing Fuwa drop her big boobs onto Shinji's face
and because he felt the fight go clean out of his captive as her groin mated with the ex-
Eva pilot's. He had one hand on her bound arms and one on her bare shoulder and he
could feel her shudder as Shinji slowly pushed into her from below. She was still pulling
against her restraints but her strength seemed vastly decreased.

'Now that that's taken care of…' Ranma felt proud that his theory had panned out. He
vaguely remembered that many people in his past life had thought he was a dolt for some
reason, but in fact he had always prided himself on his keen perception. How else were
you going to be the best if you couldn't figure things out and couldn't see past the nose
on your face? This brought back images of a yellow bandannaed pig and a knife-
wielding duck for some reason. 'Gah…I think my previous life was strange.'

He came back to the present as the lithe naked body of the Pokegirl he was shortly going
to be taming in the ass writhed under his fingertips, moaning through her gag as Shinji
pumped slowly in and out of her wet pussy. 'Okay, maybe not as strange as this.'

He felt a twinge of relief as it occurred to him that she was definitely moaning in
pleasure, not just vocalizing out of panic like someone who woke up being forcibly
fucked should be. 'She *is* a Pokegirl after all. Gotta remember that. Remember what
Cloud told you. I can trust Cloud, she's never led me wrong…'

Ranma took a deep breath and recalled the mood of a few minutes ago, giving the back of
the Pokegirl's head a burning stare as he took off his clothing. She was lying on a cloak
of dark feathers, naked and bound. Her ass… He eyed it now as it jiggled with each of
Shinji's upward thrusts. Her beautiful, firm ass was pushed into the air…round, bare and
waiting for his cock. Cloud's advice rang through his mind like the words of a wise
Sensei. 'Tame her ass. Tame her mouth. Talk to her, show her who's boss. Make her
yours. Use her ruthlessly until she begs for more.'

He stepped closer, into the moaning Pokegirl's envelope of body heat. He hissed as his
semi-rigid member bumped into her warm backside. Despite her sexy body and his
previous surge of arousal, second thoughts were setting in and the situation was too weird
for him to easily get excited. He moved carefully closer until his cock was resting in the
crease of her butt, making sure his feet didn't touch Shinji's outstretched legs. 'Gah, this
is so fucked up.'

He reached around her front to grasp her breasts, not seeing Cloud pull Shinji's hands
away from them just in time. They were soft and warm, twin globes of flesh as perfect
as, if not as titanic as, Cloud's own. The Pokegirl's nipples were erect and hot with
blood, pulsing under his fingers as he squeezed and twisted them. He remembered
Cloud's advice not to be too gentle with her, as well as his experience of Cloud's own
enhanced toughness and liking for strong stimulation and treated them like his own
personal stress toys.

'From the way she's moaning like a bitch in heat, I'd say she likes it,' Ranma thought

A minute later and he still hadn't regained his erection. "Goddamn it." A part of Ranma
was deeply relieved that he wasn't at all turned on by the idea of screwing an unwilling
female, Pokegirl or not. Another part was frustrated with another barrier to getting this
over with.

"Cloud-chan, I need to talk to you."

Cloud's face appeared around the bouncing Pokegirl's hip. "Yes, Master?"

"Suck me please, Cloud-chan." He gestured. "This bitch just doesn't turn me on the way
you do."

Cloud flushed with pleasure and took her Master's cock between her plush lips, gobbling
up Ranma's length in seconds. He closed his eyes and groaned as the divine heat and
wetness of his insatiable cowgirl's mouth worked like magic, making him stiffen

He looked down at Cloud's beautiful face, stiffening even more as he drank in the sight
of her looking up at him with adoration in her big chocolate eyes and his stiff cock
sliding between her lips. Ranma rocked his hips gently, pushing his erection in and out
of his cowgirl's hot, wet mouth. "Oh *god* Cloud-chan, you make me *so* damn horny.
I think I've Tamed you ten times today and I want to Tame you another ten."

Cloud replied by heating the love in her eyes with pure Pokegirl Taming-lust, that and
intense mouth-tongue-throat oral worship.

"Oh, gawwwwwd…you're going to make me come…unh!" With a grunt Ranma pulled
his dripping erection from his horny Pokegirl's eager mouth. Desperate to put it to use
before it faded, he pushed the enemy Pokegirl forward onto Shinji's chest, spread her ass
cheeks and thrust home inside her tiny pink rosebud. "Ahhhh…god, she's really tight!
Thanks Cloud-chan, that was just what I needed."

Cloud nodded, her eyes glued to her Master's hard cock plunging between the flawless
cheeks of the enemy Pokegirl's perfect bubble butt. "Don't be afraid to slap her ass,
Master. Remember how tough we are, and also that this girl's breed most likely enjoys
rough Taming."

Ranma grunted an affirmative as he powered his cock into the vise-tight depths of this
beautiful bitch's asshole. He concentrated on the intense physical pleasure emanating
from his dick, allowing it to take the place of the pure love/lust arousal he felt when
Taming Cloud. It was enough to keep him hard, but only with intense concentration.

And violent exertion. Fuming, Ranma pounded into the Pokegirl's superbly warm, tight
asshole with what would have been excessive force for a human girl, burying himself to
the root with each stroke. He could tell she was enjoying it, enjoying it a hell of a lot. He
learned very quickly, and the amount of sex he'd had with Cloud was more than enough
to give him a strong sense of his partner's feelings just from non-verbal cues.

'Aaargh, this isn't enough though. Gotta take it to the next level. Talk to her, Cloud
says. Bah! I just want to knock her unconscious again. I'm starting to enjoy fucking her
ass though, god, it's so tight and smooth and hot inside. I'm becoming *such* a pervert
it ain't funny…'

What was he going to say to her? Goddamn it, this whole forced Taming thing sucked.
He wanted to be fucking his dear sweet Cloud-chan, not this aggressive friend-injuring
bitch. Not only did he not want to be fucking her, from the way she was groaning into
her gag, she was enjoying it far too much.

Ranma leaned forward, putting his chin on her shoulder and growled a question into her
ear, burying himself in her bowels all the while. "You enjoying this, bitch?"


'Oh right, she's got her underwear stuffed into her mouth.'

He pulled the saliva-soaked leather garment out of the Pokegirl's mouth and repeated the
question. "You like me fucking your loose, worn-out asshole, bitch?"

The Pokegirl spat, "Loose? My ass is tighter than a virgin Loli-chan's!"

Ranma grunted as the Pokegirl squeezed with her ass muscles, making her nether hole
even tighter. He added more muscle into his thrusting, overcoming the increased
resistance and savagely burying his cock into the girl's warm, clutching bowels.

"Bull. My Milktit's pussy is ten times tighter than this gaping tunnel. I'm surprised your
guts don't fall out every time you have to take a crap." He bit back a groan as the
Pokegirl's inner muscles began a rhythmic flexing, caressing his cock within the smooth
tunnel of her viselike ass.

Inwardly, Ranma was smiling as he regained his mental and moral balance. To his vast
relief, the Pokegirl was reacting just as Cloud had said: completely unlike a human girl.
She seemed to take being insulted while being forcibly fucked in the ass as more of a
challenge than a soul-shattering sexual assault.

'Heh, who'd a thought my big mouth would come in handy in this world?'

"Ahhhhh…maybe it's that tiny little twig you're using to try to Tame me!"

Ranma buried himself to the base, involuntarily enjoying the sensation of fucking the
hostile Pokegirl. "Unhhh…twig? More like a mighty oak!"

'I'll show her who's got a stick up the butt.'

Flexing his own butt muscles, he willed his penis to diamond hardness and began a
vigorous assault on the Pokegirl's ass, fucking her so hard Cloud had to hold onto her leg
to prevent her from sliding off Shinji's dick.

Ranma gripped the Pokegirl's slender shoulders and ceaselessly pistoned in and out of
her excruciatingly tight asshole. Despite the intense physical pleasure of the unrestrained
ass-sex, his dark feelings towards the beautiful, hateful Pokegirl acted as an anchor on his
arousal, allowing him to remain hard as steel inside her butt without any danger of

"Ah! When I'm done, I'm gonna own your ass. You're going to call me master and like
it. Unh!"

The Pokegirl let out a rending groan that seemed to come from the depths of her black
soul, the cocks piercing her pussy and ass bringing endless, unwanted pleasure.
"Unnnnhhhhh…n-never…I'll never call you Master…oh hell, my ass, oooohhh my

Ranma's dark side sent him an idea and he immediately acted on it, switching grips from
her shoulders to her hair. It was too short to give him much purchase, but the Pokegirl
seemed to enjoy it, in a hostile sort of way. "Ahhh….you son of a bitch! Unhhhhhh…"

* * *

Cloud licked her lips, almost drooling. Underneath the bubbly, happy-go-lucky surface
that people usually saw, she was as crazed a sex-maniac as any Pokegirl. Right now, she
was getting to see a marvelous event that any of the hard-core voyeuristic Pokegirl breeds
(like a lot of Sup-bra-genii) would mortgage their left tits to witness.

'Ooooh, I *so* wish I had a camera, or even better, one of those continuous recorders
that the Professor sometimes uses.'

Her big brown eyes were fixed on the sight of her hunky master banging the beautiful
dark-haired Pokegirl's ass with the tireless endurance (it had to be a Bloodgift!) that
she'd come to expect from him. The sight of her incredible body, back arched and arms
bound behind her with black leather, moaning lustily as her hair was tugged on by the
man riding her ass, was absolutely amazing, like something out of the specialist Pokegirl
entertainment magazines.

It was almost enough to make her overlook the bottom layer of "bread" in the Pokegirl
sandwich, the cute young Tamer named Shinji Ikari. He was probably taking an amazing
amount of punishment from supporting the weight of the "meat" as she was vigorously
fucked by Ranma, but Cloud assumed his Harem had him too distracted to care.

The voluptuous Milktit's unusually educated mind continued with the metaphor as she
enjoyed the sight of numerous breeds of rare and uncommon Pokegirls in full rut. She
decided that Rei (currently grinding her pussy into Shinji's face while facing away from
Ranma) would be the "pickle" and Asuka (facing Rei and in full tongue-lock with her)
would be the "hot sauce".

Fuwa (whose face was shamelessly pressed between Asuka's asscheeks and doing
something, probably with her tongue, that was making the Firemaiden shudder with
enjoyment) was…hm, that was harder. Catnip? But that wasn't good in a sandwich…

Cloud abandoned the word game as her Master said her name and gestured for her to
approach him. 'Mmm…maybe he needs me to suck him again…yummy!'

* * *

Shinji was so sexually overloaded he was almost out of his body. He darted his tongue
inside his Icemaiden, the taste of Rei's pussy filling his mouth with its delicious flavor
and mixing with the equally delicious taste of Asuka from when she'd last taken her turn
riding his face. The hot breath of the Pokegirl he was helping tame bathed his neck and
the side of his face. He's gotten so used to the sound of her voice moaning in his ear that
he almost didn't hear it anymore.

It was much harder to forget the feeling of her boobs being crushed into his chest with
each thrust of Ranma punishing her ass, as well as the hot clench of her virginally tight
pussy around his cock. He was grateful for all the distraction, it helped him forget about
the nearness of another naked guy. Shinji had the usual Japanese lack of nudity taboos,
but this two-on-one Taming took some getting used to.

He'd already spurted a load into the Pokegirl riding him, but the sexual sensations
drenching him had kept him hard inside her. It was the first time in his meager sexual
experience that he'd experienced a climax that did nothing much for him other than
relieve from the pressure in his balls. It had been purely physical, a result of the
stimulation he'd been subjected to and nothing more. Not that it had felt bad, it just
hadn't been anything special. He'd noticed that it hadn't resulted in that unusual release
of energy either, no rushing sensation and no "bell" ringing in his head.

He groaned in mortal fatigue as the girls switched off and Fuwa mounted his face for a
little oral loving. He dutifully began to lick the Boobcat's arousal-swollen pussy, noting
the difference in flavor. 'Oh god I'm tired.'

* * *

Without warning Ranma stopped his anal assault, releasing his moaning victim's hair and
pulling out of her ass. Turning his hips, he presented his shiny cock to Cloud, saying
loudly, "Suck me again, Cloud-chan. This bitch is such a lousy lay I'm having a hard
time keeping it up."

Cloud eagerly swallowed Ranma's cock, showing no reluctance at sucking on something
that moments ago had been buried in another Pokegirl's ass.

"Lousy lay!?! You-"

Ranma grinned as the mortally insulted Pokegirl erupted into a stream of sulphuric
curses, mostly centering on his utter lack of Taming ability mixed with wishes for his
"Taming equipment" to wither and fall off. He half-closed his eyes, enjoying Cloud's
loving attentions while he waited for the Pokegirl to run out of steam.

"-of a bitch! You wouldn't last two seconds if this damn Celestial's cock weren't inside
me!" With that, the darkly beautiful Pokegirl's eyes narrowed as she realized that
Shinji's neck was in biting range. She started as a hand touched either cheek, one cool,
one very warm. She rolled her eyes upward to see two deadly serious Pokegirls.

The redhaired one said flatly, "Don't even think about it. We'll cook your brain from
the inside before you give him so much as a hickey." Rei's chilly red eyes glimmered in
agreement. Out of the corner of her eye, the Pokegirl saw a silver-haired Boobcat snarl in
silent warning.

Ranma's blood heated at the threat to his friend. Cloud's eyes went wide at the look of
rage that crossed his face. He pulled his cock from the Milktit's mouth, turned and
grabbed the enemy Pokegirl by her bound arms. In two brutal movements he hauled her
into the air and off of Shinji's dick, then slammed her down onto her knees on the grass,
turning her to face him in the process.

Ranma's voice was an angry snarl as he said, "I'll take that challenge and raise you a
face-fucking. Open wide."

The nude, bound Pokegirl's eyes went wide with shock as Ranma shoved his hard cock
between her lips and deep into her mouth. After a few thrusts, his tip was bumping
against her epiglottis, and then her nose was buried in his pubic hair as he gave her a full-
out throat fucking.

Ranma hated himself a bit for enjoying what he was doing to the hostile Pokegirl. He
was taking his anger and discomfort with this whole situation out on her and it felt good.
Her mouth and throat felt physically good too. After the first few thrusts, she was
actually cooperating in sucking him off, using her tongue on his shaft and swallowing
repeatedly around the head of his cock, massaging it with her throat muscles. He didn't
know if it was Pokegirl instinct or if she was actually giving in, but it felt pretty good.

Then he heard the sound of leather snapping under great strain and knew that this contest
of wills wasn't over quite yet.

* * *

Ranma grunted as the Pokegirl's girl-slim yet inhumanly strong arms wrapped around his
butt, trying to crush his pelvis. He let out a roar of defiance and pumped his hips, flaring
his Ki and brutally fucking her throat at the same time. She was strong, but when
prepared for it she wasn't anything he couldn't handle. He was far, far stronger than any
ordinary man and his Ki was surging intensely through his veins due to all the sexual

Ranma had found his Ki growing stronger than ever before since Cloud healed him and
he first experienced the joys of sexual union. Sex seemed to have the same effect on it as
combat and he was growing to love it almost as much if not more.

He grinned as her grip slackened and then renewed. 'Heh, she can't believe an ordinary
ol' human can be this strong.' He judged her maximum strength squeeze as quite
tolerable and began to slow-fuck her mouth, showing off how he could still move freely
despite her grip.

He grimaced as the Pokegirl's hot, slippery tongue caressed his shaft. 'Unhhh…damn,
I'm going to come soon…gotta hold it off until the right moment…'

Ranma sensed the movement as the Pokegirl went to jab her nails in his legs, and his
instincts automatically made him do a double-smash onto her arms in the proper spots,
numbing them and making them go limp. He fucked her face for another thirty seconds,
then felt something change.

He pulled his dripping cock out from between her soft lips, fighting the urge to finish
himself off right there and come on her face. It was a good idea, but he didn't think he
had more than one more load in him and it probably should go inside her pussy or ass.

"Had enough?"

For the first time, the Pokegirl's beautiful, high-boned face had a look on it other than
hatred and defiance. Instead, she looked…confused, uncertain. She licked her saliva-
shiny lips and said, "I'll never…call you master," as if by rote. Ranma noticed her eyes
never moved from his cock.

He pushed it between her lips and into the hot cavern of her little mouth, saying in a
quiet, authoritative voice, "Suck me."

And she did. Quite well, in fact. So well that Ranma had to pull out after only a minute
or he would have filled her mouth with come.

"Unnh…that's enough. Turn around."

Without giving her time to refuse or think about it, Ranma grabbed her slender shoulder
and spun her around, then pushed on her back, making her go onto her hands and knees.

"Ass in the air!" She squealed as he gave her beautifully shaped ass a hard smack to one
cheek and complied, arching her back with a gymnast's flexibility.

With no further ado, Ranma mounted the Pokegirl's slim body and pushed his cock
against her pink rosebud, groaning as he slipped once again into the excruciatingly snug
confines of her asshole. 'Fucking hell…all Taming-talk aside, she's so hot and tight in
there it's driving me crazy. Oh Kami-sama, I can't come quite yet, oh crap, argh…'

Ranma grimaced, baring his teeth in a humorless smile as he fought for control. 'Gotta
still show her who's boss…' Desperate to distract himself, he began raining little slaps
on the Pokegirl's taut buttocks as he slowly thrust inside her. 'God, she really does have
a great ass, it's firm as a rock with just the right amount of padding.'

"Who's your master?"


Ranma pumped hard twice, forcing himself deep into her bowels, making them both
groan with agonized pleasure. He smacked her ass again, hating himself a little for
enjoying the crisp smack of palm on buttock. "Who's your master, bitch?"


Ranma pulled out and teased her rosebud with the tip of his cock, almost sighing in relief
as he realized he had backed off a bit from the edge of coming. "Who?"

She quivered under him but made no reply.

With a roar, Ranma drove his stiffness inside her and thrust savagely again and again, all
the while slapping her now-blushing pink ass with his hard palm. "WHO?!"

The Pokegirl's body shuddered with pleasure and submission. "UNNNNNNHHHH!

Ranma felt his orgasm approaching, the tingles rushing up from deep inside his groin like
an oncoming freight train. He abandoned all restraint and power-fucked the quivering
Pokegirl's slender body, spearing deep inside her with every thrust. "WHO AM I?"

The Pokegirl's asshole flexed around him, spasmed. Her body shook.

Ranma panted through his mouth. This orgasm was going to be a big one. The exquisite
tightness and heat of the Pokegirl's marvelous ass filled all but a small fraction of his
awareness. Animal-like, he crouched atop her body, overlapping her small female legs
with his larger, hairier ones and thrust inside her body, asserting his dominance. "WHO
AM I?"

The Pokegirl cried out, her voice filling with a sublime ecstasy as she felt a powerful will
impose upon hers for the first time in what seemed like forever.


Ranma bellowed as her bottom sheath spasmed around him and her internal heat doubled.


Fireworks burst behind his eyes as he jetted molten sperm into the Pokegirl's quivering
bottom. All the air whooshed out of his lungs as he felt part of his Ki go with it, carrying
his awareness along for the ride.

* * *

After an endless interval, Ranma woke up, realizing he was lying atop his new Pokegirl.

'Candida. Her name is Candida Ravenwing.' He blinked, wondering how he knew that.

She mumbled contentedly in her sleep, her snug asshole twitching around his still
imbedded penis. He sweatdropped as he realized that she was saying something about
how evil and powerful he was, and how the rest of the world should look out because
he'd be stealing their girls and fucking them into submission just like he did her.


"Master, you're awake!"

Ranma started as someone spoke nearby, someone he hadn't sensed. He relaxed a second
later when he realized it was just Cloud, then stared at his hand. Or rather, what was in
his hand.

Cloud stared at the bar of blue light, which filled Ranma's hand like a sword. After a
moment, she smiled hugely and clapped her hands with delight.

"Master, you've picked up a new trick from your Pokegirl! How cool!"

Ranma stared at the energy sword for another second then dismissed it with an effort of
will. He spoke on automatic, his mind reeling as the experience of Bonding with
Candida started to filter back to him. "Yeah, it's one of the things Candida can do which
I somehow picked up when we Bonded. She's a Dark Lady, by the way."

Cloud made an impressed face. "Ooooh. I don't know much about them. That's a rare
breed. You're so lucky, Master!"

Ranma smiled at his perky cowgirl, noticing that it was starting to get dark. "Uh, yeah,
sure. I guess."

Cloud gave him a look which packed a lot more heat. "And so dominant too. You really
showed her who was boss! I was impressed and I think the other girls were too."

Ranma blushed and fiddled with his pigtail. 'Oh man. I suppose once I pulled her off
Shinji they all had the chance to watch me go crazy on her. Oh man. This is so

Cloud glommed onto his side and purred into his ear, "Do you still want to try Taming
my ass, Master? Hmmmm?"

Ranma blushed more, remembering that conversation. "Um, sure. You've got a great ass
Cloud-chan. I'd love to Tame it."

'Oh man, what am I saying?!'

Cloud gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and purred into his ear, "I'll hold you to that
then, Master."

Ranma kissed her back, but on the lips. "Ok, Cloud-chan. Whatever you want."

Smiling, Cloud led him over to where the others were sheltering and they bedded down
for the night, Ranma carrying his new Dark Lady and laying her down next to where he
and Cloud would be snuggling.

* * *


* * *

Next chapter: What's the Dark Lady's story? What's with that crystal and who's inside
it? Will Cloud get it in the butt next chapter? Will I ever get around to changing the
story's title? Will our intrepid adventurers be wandering in these featureless woods
forever or will they get to civilization? How long can I resist adding Tenchi Muyo
characters to the story? Not to mention more Ranma and Eva characters…

Who knows? Surely not me! Ok, maybe I do, maybe I don't, but I ain't tellin' either
way. :)

Now for some omake!

* * *

One liner omake by me

* * *

He stepped closer, into the moaning Pokegirl's envelope of body heat. He hissed as his
semi-rigid member bumped into her warm backside. Despite her sexy body, the situation
was too weird for him to easily get excited. He moved carefully closer until his cock was
resting in the crease of her butt, making sure his feet didn't touch Shinji's outstretched
legs. 'Gah, this is so fucked up.'

A fragment of wisdom came back to him:. 'Remember, it's only gay if your balls touch.'

* * *

Omake by C.A.G. (creepy anonymous guy) or his other identity as he prefers to be
known, The Fanfic Puppy (why he's a puppy is unknown, maybe he doesn't want to die
when someone masturbates, like kittens do)

* * *

Ranma In The Pokegirl World: The Interim Years

"Hey, Ranma, c'mere and grab a fish, wouldya? We've caught enough today."

Ranma looks up from his spot next to Rei's bed, the tree that trapped Asuka so long ago.
Swallowing a mouthful of grass, he looks up to see Shinji's smile as he places another
gutted fish on a stick, the Boobcat kittens - now grown into children - happily eating the

"Sure, Shinji. Be right over." He gives one last long look at Cloud - tempting him by,
well, grazing as an old-time cow would - but no. He's had his fill today, and though she'd
sure appreciate being Tamed for the thirtieth? thirtysecond? time today, Asuka keeps
telling him off about doing 'that' in front of the Boobkittens. He shares a wink with her
before hopping to his feet to get to the fire.

"Pfeh. I don't know why you bother with the wood, baka," says Asuka, cheerfully. "You
know I'd be just as good."

"Yes, Asuka-chan, but the Payback afterward tends to mean I'm good for nothing the day
after, as you always comment on."

"True, true. So, flyboy, how's things?" She addresses Ranma.

"It's all good. I've managed to master a non-explosive version of that Rock Exploding
Finger, which I think I'll just call the rock-breaker. It might not be very interesting, or
very useful for martial arts, but it is good as a hobby. Check it out."

He pulls something greyish out of a pocket before throwing it to the Fire Pokegirl. She
turns it over in her hands, looking at all sides of it before grinning.

"Nice. I didn't even think Shinji could do a Charlie's Angels pose, let alone with me and
Wunderkind over there," she says, pointing in the general direction of the river, which -
though out of sight - is not all that far. "Hey, Kitcha," she calls, throwing the statue to a
Boobkitten, "show that to Aunt Rei, would you?"

The kitten nods before running off, her fishy cargo dropped and her taste for fish guts
temporarily sated.

"So you finally learnt fine control, eh?"

"It's not like I really needed to, Shin-man. It's just... there's something to it, you know?"
Ranma speaks almost in a voice that sounds wistful; describing tenderness was never in
his upbringing, but it's arrived by the roundabout route. "It's like martial arts. There are
hard styles, where you beat the shit out of one another, and soft, which is misdirection
and fine control. I guess I'm learning true martial arts, even with carving like that." He
glances down at his fingernails, stained with grey dust from earlier. "Still, 's fun though."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I've come a long way, I guess, from the old NERV Self
Defence courses." Shinji gazes into the fire, thinking of the training he was doing only
this morning with Asuka and Rei... that is, before it degenerated into something equally
taxing but quite a bit more fun.

"I wonder how I'd do in Synchronization tests now, huh?" continues Shinji, after a pause.

"Worried about home again, Shinji?"

"Yeah, I am, Asuka. They may have had the Angels problem more or less wrapped up
before we disappeared, but I don't know who they have who can help them any more.
Considering that we could barely deal with them on a semi-regular basis, and we were the
best..." He looks down a little further, before perking up somewhat, and taking a bite of
fish. "Mm, just about cooked. Well, I guess there's not much we can do about it."

"You're right about that, baka. Ah, Rei, you two finally came back?"

"Yes, Asuka." A small smile appears on Rei's face. "Catching fish like that does get a
little boring sometimes, you realize."

"Heh. You spent long enough at it," says the Dark Lady of the group, whom had
christened herself Lilith**, as she shakes the last of the water out of her hair. "But did
you and the kits really have to dump me in it too?"

"Oh, come on, Lil, we were only playing."

"Hmph, so I gather." She smiles, grabbing herself a fish-on-a-stick; she doesn't really
need it, because she hunts for herself when everyone else is asleep, but Ranma usually
insists she have something with the group. It's that kind of interaction which has grown
into friendship over the past ten months.

"Besides, it's not really much fun when you regain attention mid-fall and float on the
surface. It's just a pity your hair doesn't count in that repulsor field, huh?"

"Yeah. Don't sweat it, girl, I'll get you back tomorrow or something."


Cloud joins them after an hour or so, feeding the kits - and supplying the adults with a
quick draw when they're thirsty - sitting crosslegged around the fire with the rest of them.

Three EVA pilots, their plugsuits converted into trousers-and-tops, sharing smiles; a
catgirl, cowgirl and demongirl playing with the kittens; and a Neriman Martial Artist and
Chaos Attractor sitting together. It's been a miraculously long Calm Time for him... but
he never mentions it.

"What's wrong, Fuwa? You're really quiet tonight."

"Sorry, Shinji; Fuwa is just thinking."


"Fuwa is just worried, Shinji. We have been sitting around in this clearing for ten months
now... that, and Taming," she says, sniffing the air. Old scents of food and the natural
stains on grass and bodies from their everyday leisure mix together into a rhapsody of
togetherness. "But what happens soon? In a month, maybe two? We will have to find a
town, for Fuwa's kits, so they can be checked up. Or so Cloud says."

"You're right, I suppose." Shinji smiles. "But this place will always be special to us. This
entire mile radius stretch. Where we first came in, when Ranma was with us. Where I
first met you, Fuwafuwa;" he grins, using her full name for effect. It works; her smile,
though rare, is incredibly rewarding. "Where your kits lived. And here. Where we
thought we lost Rei and had Asuka injured, but instead gained the last of our number for
the past year, huh Lilith?"

"True enough," she says, laying back on the grass, smiling. "At the time, I just wanted to
kill someone. Whoever had that damnable Celestial influence, for sure; I still haven't
figured it out, but still, I think we've all grown together nicely."

"Yeah. We've enjoyed ourselves, but perhaps like Fuwa said, it's high time we moved on
and got on with the things that need doing. We've shirked responsibility long enough; this
place will be here for us when we need it, and we'll always remember our time here."

"Does that mean we're leaving?"

"Not right away," Ranma hedges, showing that he - like the others - still wants to... well,
shirk. "I'd say another two weeks, maybe a month. Give ourselves time to lay in some
supplies, as we might not find another river anywhere near as plentiful, and I don't think
Asuka, Rei and Fuwa will be as willing to feed from my milk as they are from Cloud's,
huh Shinji?"

Shinji blushes in memory of their camp rations for the first month or so, before they
mastered the art of catching an unholy amount of fish and "mystery meat" as hunted by
Fuwafuwa and Lilith. Though Cloud had managed to eke out rations for Shinji, Asuka,
Rei, and the kittens (Ranma eating grass, Fuwafuwa and Lilith hunting for themselves), it
had been a tough time. Especially considering that they had to fetch Ranma after each
feeding session for a Taming session. Boy, now that was a chore. :)

"I guess you're right, Ranma. But still, we'll survive somehow."

"What, even if we have to get some hackish fanwriter to write us the rest of our story?"

"Pfft, yeah. So long as they aren't total Marty Stu-ers like that TheFanficPuppy. Jeez, but
he's a bum."

And they all slept, happy and secure in the knowledge that their author would return
someday and write chapter 8, goddamnit.

Except for the part where TheFanficPuppy self-inserted and killed them all in their sleep,
but that got Retconned anyway.


**Name for the Dark Lady was used purely for convenience purposes. It's cliché as fuck
- excuse the pun - but it works, and in an unofficial work such as this, that's all that
counts ;)

* * *

First omake by Oracle (who judging by his various omakes and fragments, really needs to
be writing fics of his own, dammit)

* * *

Speaking of which, I don't suppose we could get an ETA on the next chapter, could we? I
don't mean to pressure you, but...

Ah, who the heck am I kidding, of course I mean to pressure you. The multiverse needs
more smut, dammit!

Of course, maybe you just need a little bit of inspiration. With that said...

(Cue wavy dream-sequence-like effect)

"Where the hell are you leading us, you moron?"

Grumbling slightly, Ranma whirled around, fixing an angry glare on the currently fuming
Asuka. "I don't know where I'm goin' any better than the rest of ya', so just cut me some
slack, huh?!"

"Please settle down, Asuka-san, Master," Cloud interjected, quickly positioning herself
between her Tamer and the hostile redhead. "It won't do us any good to fight amongst
ourselves, right? Right now, let's just try to settle down and focus on trying to find out on
where we are."

Asuka growled and muttered something under her breath but decided to let the matter
drop for the time being. "Alright then," she conceded, glancing around the room with
obvious distaste, "so where are we?"

"It appears to be a bar, Second Child," Rei replied coolly, her crimson eyes slowly taking
in the rowdy revelry and shabby decor with an air of profound disinterest.

Asuka rolled her eyes. "I can SEE that Wondergirl, but what the heck are we doing here?!
We're SUPPOSED to be looking for a place to stay!"

Now it was Ranma's turn to roll his eyes, "Look Red, I've spent most of my life travelin'
around with Oyaji, and if there was one thing that spendin' all those times in taverns
taught me was that if ya' want information, this is where ya' go. Now ya' gotta problem
with that?"

Asuka just grumbled in response.

"I do not like this place," Rei stated, after a moment of silence, "The smell of beer and
sweat is quite prevalent. It is most-", Rei crinkled her nose, "-unpleasant."

"Yeah, well hopefully we won't be here long," Asuka complained, glancing over to the
young boy standing at her side, "Right, Shinji?"

The young boy in question, however, gave no sign of hearing her, his attention seemingly
focused on the raucous chorus of yells that had suddenly erupted from a table near the
back of the bar. Turning her head to see what had managed to capture her 'owner's'
attention, Asuka's jaw slowly dropped open.

Standing on the table on the back of the bar and generally making a spectacle of herself
was an older Pokegirl, one who seemed hell-bent on laughing, drinking, flirting, and
flaunting herself for the benefit of each and every one of the male patrons that currently
surrounded her. The near constant din of loud yells and catcalls surging forth from the
back of the bar suggested that she was doing a particularly good job of it, a theory that
was quickly confirmed as the Pokegirl began to dance and the cheers redoubled.

However, all of this was meaningless to the gathered Children in the face of one simple

The Pokegirl had long purple hair.

"Is that who I think it is?!" Asuka murmured after a brief moment of stunned silence.

Shinji swallowed heavily in response and slowly extracted his Pokedex from his back
pocket, momentarily grateful that the staff at that 'Pokecenter' place they had stopped at
in the last town had insisted on issuing him one. "Yeah, I think so," he mumbled, pointing
the scanning reticule in the direction of the wildly gyrating Pokegirl, "Let's see."

"Boozecat," the device quickly chimed in, "The Perpetually Plastered Pokegirl. A Cat-
Type of unknown origin, this breed of Pokegirl has been known to drink as much as three
times her own body weight in beer."

Shinji and Asuka shared a long glance, followed by an equally long eye roll, before
finally answering in unison.

"It's her."

(Cue wavy dream-sequence-like effect. Oooh. Deja vu.)

And we're back. Anyway, hope this serves as sufficient inspiration to pull you away from
Doom 3 for the time being.

I would cite Einstein's old quote about all great work being the product of 10%
inspiration and 90% perspiration, but I'm afraid that this particular forum would probably
take that out of context. ;)

* * *

Wasn't that great? You don't know how tempted I was to add Misato after that little bit
o' fic.

* * *

Second omake by Oracle

* * *

"Firemaiden! Fire! Fire! Firemaiden!!"

Shinji groaned and reluctantly lowered his hands from their current positions, namely,
firmly ensconced over his ears. Ever since he had woken up this morning, he had been
subjected to a constant stream of high-pitched and often vehement-sounding nonsense
chatter courtesy of his long-time acquaintance and newly-minted Pokegirl, Asuka
Langley Sohryu.

At the moment, said redhead was currently standing in front of him, hands on hips and
bust thrust out authoritatively, savagely glaring at him in trademark Asuka Langley
Sohryu fashion and awaiting his response. As it was, Shinji was still too exhausted and
disoriented from the events of the previous day to really work up a suitable response, so
in equally trademark fashion, he wearily resigned himself to the path of least resistance.

"Sorry Asuka," Shinji mumbled, hunching down in an attempt to look as small as

Unfortunately, this action only served to further incense the hostile fire-type, whom
quickly responded with an entirely new barrage of gibberish criticizing Shinji's character,
lineage, physique, and quite possibly his personal hygiene.

"Look Red," Ranma interrupted, moving to stand between the fuming redhead and the
cowering boy, "leave Shin-man alone. I don't know what's got yer' panties all in a twist,
but I know that he hasn't done anything to deserve it, so jus' back off and leave 'em alone,

"Icemaiden. Ice, Ice, Icemaiden." Rei seconded, kneeling down and gently encircling
Shinji's arm with one cool hand before beginning the arduous task of guiding him back to
an upright position. "Icemaiden."

"Firemaiden!" Asuka barked, glaring daggers back at the martial artist before finally
giving a disdainful sniff in Shinji's general direction and storming off into the nearby

"Oh dear," Cloud murmured from her position slightly behind Fuwa, observing the
blasted path of smoking foliage and scorched earth that the redhead had left in her wake.
The resident catgirl, for her part, simply glared angrily at the impromptu trail by which
her new harem-sister had made her exit, her own sparse fur slowly relaxing from its high-
alert position.

"Oh, this isn't good," Cloud murmured, glancing anxiously over at Ranma, "I know that
Asuka's a Threshold case, but I still didn't expect her to take the effects of her first
Taming quite so badly. I hope she doesn't do anything rash."

"Her?" Ranma replied dryly, "Never."

"What's the matter with her Ranma-san?" Shinji asked in concern, having finally regained
a standing position with Rei's help. "Why's she speaking like that? I could barely
understand what she was saying!"

"Beats me," Ranma shrugged, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head with one hand, "I
don't speak German either."

* * *

Third omake by Oracle

* * *

"Firemaiden! Fire, Fire, Firemaiden!"

"What's that, Asuka-chan?" Shinji asked worriedly, "Touji fell down an old well? He's

"FIREMAIDEN!" Asuka screeched, lunging and closing her hands around the Third
Child's neck.

"Oh my!" Cloud gasped from her position at the sidelines, watching helplessly as one of
their new traveling companions attempted to strangle the other, "I don't think that that's
the proper way to hug one's Master, Asuka-chan!"

* * *


Now get back to writing the next chapter of WHBM, and happy tails.

Err.. trails.


* * *

BONUS SECTION: Pokegirl Profiles

* * *

These are the mostly "baseline" profiles for the Pokegirl breeds that have been shown
thus far in RITPGW. Cloud for one definitely deviates from this, and who knows about
the others. Then there are things like evolution and environmental factors. Things aren't
quite as cut-and-dried in my version of the Pokegirl universe as in the baseline one.

Disclaimer: Much of the following entries have been taken directly from The Pokegirl
Primer, written by Alzrius and others. I claim no credit for those parts, though I may
have added and changed material therein.

* * *

CLOUD, the Adaptive Milktit

MILKTIT, the Cowgirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Unique
Diet: herbivore, can digest almost any plant material
Role: milk producer, living chemical factory
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Rollout, Warm Milk, Busting Out, Cream, Butter Up
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Toughness (x2), High elastic levels,
skin recovers quickly, slight animalistic features. Breasts can produce several gallons per
day of milk, internal glands can alter the milk to a soporific, a sedative, a hormonally
affecting drug, or a hypnotic. Cloud may be able to produce many other substances,
depending on what she has managed to sample.
Evolves: Minotaura (battle stress), Mooncalf (Moon Stone), possibly others, due to her
genetic alterations
Evolves From: None
This Pokegirl produces extremely nutritious milk that can triple the
healing rate of injured Pokegirls. Her diet is strictly vegetarian, but she
can digest almost any vegetable matter. Milktit's breasts swell over the
course of the day with milk, requiring frequent milking in order to not be
immobilized by the size of her breasts. Any Pokegirl who drinks Milktit milk will
herself lactate for roughly a week afterwards, their breasts swelling to accommodate
the milk they're producing. The milk of those Pokegirls will not cause other Pokegirls
to lactate, and they cannot make their milk anything other than healthy and sweet-tasting.

* * *

ASUKA, Firemaiden

FIREMAIDEN, the Fiery Belle
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fire/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare, though less so in WAPL territory. There also exists a Firemaiden
colony in the Dark Continent allied to the S-Goths of Sanctuary.
Diet: human standard, though heavy on "hot" spices like pepper. Kimch'i and jalapeno
peppers are considered favored snacks for Firemaidens.
Role: shock assault trooper
Libido: Average to High (depending on genetic ancestry or breed type if the Firemaiden
is evolved from another Pokegirl breed)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Ice, Normal, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ground, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Firestorm (a huge ball of fire), Flame Sniper (thin, condensed arrows of flame),
Firewind (a tornado of flame and wind), Fire Scythe (creating a scythe of hot flame to cut
through something), Flame Sword (a katana of hot plasma, the advanced version of a Fire
Enhancements: Resistant to high heat, though can control herself when being Tamed.
Body constantly produces a low heat field.
Evolves: Titto (via a special Evolutional Stone); this evolution is a "reward" meant only
for those Firemaidens allied to the World Alliance of Pokegirl Leagues. Some
Firemaidens, those who make it to Sanctuary, can often choose to be evolved into a
Sanctuary Goth. Foxymaiden (Fox E-Medal), Magic Knight (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Any Fire or Fighting-type Pokegirl when Tamed by a Tamer possessing
Vixxen or Growlie ancestry or a Fire-based Blood Gift/Curse.

Firemaidens began making their appearance around PS 90/CE 2082 when the first Blood
Gifted Tamers began to breed with various Fire or Fighting-type Pokegirl breeds. They
remained a popular fighting breed right up to Mao's Rebellion. Though some Firemaidens
were subverted by Mao's forces against their Tamers and humanity in general, many
others, most of them being affiliated to the leagues which later joined forces to create the
World Alliance of Pokegirl Leagues, stayed with their Tamers.

After the Pine Ridge Massacre, Vince McMahon, then a Harem Master of the Capital
League, gathered dozens of Firemaidens together in a strike force to clear out Mao's allies
in League territory, they operating under the tactical command of Vince's wife, a
Sanctuary Goth named Linda Vachon.

In a deliberate reversal of normal league policy when it came to rogue Pokegirls (the
"shoot-on-sight" policy that saw thousands needlessly killed by paranoid humans), the
Alliance Firemaidens subdued Mao's errant fighters, captured them and brought them
before McMahon. Then, in what is hailed today as the "Stamford Taming Orgy," the
rogues were restored to a "normal" state of mind, free of Mao's influence. McMahon's
role in that mass-capture won him the unofficial title "Grand Harem Master" and helped
propel him into the forefront of League leaders. Using his fame, McMahon later
convinced the leaders of other small leagues to join forces with him, thus creating the
World Alliance of Pokegirl Leagues in PS 265/CE 2257.

After Mao's Rebellion, Firemaidens all but disappeared from the scopes of wandering
Tamers, though beginning in PS 295/CE 2287, the Indigo League started a distinct
Firemaiden breeding program. Many believe that the heroines of the Stamford Orgy,
feeling angry and disgusted at human treatment of Pokegirls in the wake of the Rebellion,
cut themselves off from human contact and retreated to secluded colonies shielded by the
World Alliance. In truth, many of those Firemaidens were evolved into Dittos and, in a
radical project which remains top-secret, allowed to assume female pure-blood human
form to become Tamers themselves!

Other Firemaidens were rescued by the Sanctuary Goths and relocated to the Dark
Continent. They formed their own colony, Bright Light, around the year PS 265/CE
2257, in what used to be called the Kalahari Desert.

To the end, Firemaidens are shapely women possessing flame-red hair and bright-colored
eyes. Save for their hair and eye shade, plus their love of "hot" food, there is nothing that
marks the difference between a Firemaiden and a pure-blood woman unless she uses her

When calling on their powers, a Flame Aura forms around the Firemaiden. The Aura
heats up the air around the Firemaiden, thus serving as a quasi-shield against weak
Water-based attacks.

Unlike some other Fire-based Pokegirl breeds, Firemaidens can call on their powers in
the blink of an eye; they don't need to keep something aflame to act as a "trigger" to
activate their powers.

Socially, Firemaidens are quite loyal and protective concerning their Tamer and their
Tamer's friends. Since Firemaidens most often arise via evolution from other Pokegirl
breeds these days, their often hang onto whatever social or physical aspect their pre-
evolution selves might have possessed (i.e. a Vixxen's high sexual drive, a Growlie's
loyalty, an Amazonchan's fighting skills, a Tomboy's strength, etc, etc).

* * *

REI, Icemaiden

ICE MAIDEN, the Frigid Pokegirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian
Role: sometimes a pet, often found working in cold environments
Libido: Low; not usually subject to typical Feral problems, more often
a craving that leads to distraction
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Cold Snap, Heat Drain, Kick, Punch, Ice Barrier
Enhancements: immune to nonmagical cold
Evolves: Yuki-Onna (Edo League; orgasm), Snow Queen (mechanism unknown), Ice
Princess (normal), Foxymaiden (Fox E-Medal)
Evolves From: Nymph (Ice Crystal), Watermaiden (Ice Crystal)

One of the last types supposedly developed by Sukebe in the War, these coldly logical
females saw which way the war was going and surrendered en masse in return for certain
considerations. Like the Amazonchan, there is an Ice Maiden Preserve though this is
located in icebound lands far to the north. They are very much like human women in
many respects, though their body temperature is far lower than a human's and they have
trouble operating in high temperatures. It takes a very special Tamer to be able to engage
their emotions, but those who do find Ice Maidens can become quite friendly though they
never lose their cool demeanor.

* * *


BOOBCAT, the Agile Cat
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products.
Role: acrobats, scouts
Libido: Average, seasonally can be Extreme
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel, mouse Pokegirls, bird Pokegirls
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, canine Pokegirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Slash Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3),
Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wildcat (normal)

When a Catgirl is driven to evolve due to battle stress and/or injuries, it will turn into a
Wildcat. There are three sub-types, and the final form will depend on the unconscious of
the individual. If enhanced agility is called for, then the Pokegirl will evolve into a

In battle, Boobcats prefer to use the natural terrain and obstacles to their best advantage.
Perhaps a little smarter than the other Wildcats, Boobcats love to run on rough terrain. As
the name implies, the Boobcat has larger breasts than other Cat-types, but this in no way
affects their acrobatic abilities.

* * *


DARK LADY, the Seething Bitch Pokegirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human foods
Role: murderess, combat
Libido: Low (High with Tamers who can control them)
Strong Vs: Magic, Normal, Psychic, celestial Pokegirls (Angels, Megami, etc)
Weak Vs: Fighting, Dark, Dragon
Attacks: Reflect, Absorb, Burst, Energy Blade, Aura Barrier, Mystic Bolt, Power Bolt,
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Magical Levitation, Darkvision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dark Elf (Moon Stone)

Dark Ladies are evolved from Dark Elves when brought into contact with a Moon Stone.
They stand taller than their previous form, usually an inch or two over five and a half feet
tall. Their breasts are generous but not huge, a modest C-cup, and are quite firm, with
sensitive nipples. Their nails are always painted and well-manicured/pedicured, even
after marching about the wilderness for days on end. Dark Ladies always prefer to have
long hair, and will never cut it unless it's in danger of dragging on the ground. Even then,
they'd rather braid it or style it to raise it just enough that it doesn't quite reach the
ground. They are very vain about their hair and will go to great lengths to care for it and
enhance it. A Dark Lady will always try to dress in an outfit that is provocative and
arousing without looking slutty, such as dresses with long slits to show off her legs, or
low-cut tops that show off the upper portions of her breasts.

Despite their allure, Dark Ladies are not often found in Harems. This is because, although
they are very beautiful, they are consumed with intense rage. They seem to have nothing
but fiery hatred for everyone and everything, with a special place being reserved in their
dark hearts for Pokegirls of a celestial nature, such as Angels, Megami, and Megami-
samas. The best known example of this was when a kindly Angel rescued a Dark Lady,
not knowing what type of Pokegirl she was, from drowning and took her back to her
Tamer to nurse the half-dead Dark Lady back to health. When the Dark Lady awoke to
seeing an Angel watching over her and tending to her, she immediately flew into a
screaming fit of rage and attacked her rescuer, killing the poor Angel, who didn't even
have a chance to defend herself, and slaughtered a third of the Tamer's Harem, who were
shocked into inaction, before being brought down.

Dark Ladies are not subtle combatants. They don't have the patience or inclination for
subterfuge and much prefer open confrontations. They usually use their Magical
Levitation enhancement to remain away from any sort of physical fighting, and hide
behind magical defenses such as Aura Barrier while they rain down Mystic Bolts and
Power Bolts, along with taunts. When the fighting does get physical, they use Energy
Blade until they can get more distance between themselves and their opponent, and if
worse comes to worst, they Teleport away, although they are loathe to quit a battle, and
have an annoying tendency to return for rematches at the least convenient times. During
battles, Dark Ladies verbally as well as magically assault their foes, mocking things they
believe in, telling them how weak and pathetic they are, and how she will torment their
surviving friends/lovers/Pokegirls. Dark Ladies are not fools however, and their anger is
calculated. They know when to retreat, and won't throw their lives away in an attack
unless they perceive there to be no escape.

No one is really sure why Dark Ladies are so sadistic. They seem driven to cause pain
and anguish to anyone they can, for reasons even they don't seem to understand. They
hate celestial Pokegirls, and those who would associate with them, more than other
people, and will target them in preference to others. Some have suggested that Dark
Ladies are upset because they have lost their Longevity enhancement that they had as a
Dark Elf, and feel cheated of their long lives. Others postulate that they hate celestial
Pokegirls because they seem to radiate the peace and serenity that Dark Ladies lack so
much in their own lives.

Despite all this, it is possible to Tame and control a Dark Lady, though difficult. Dark
Ladies don't respond well to kindness nor appeals to reason, but raw power, and the
willingness to use it, is one of the very few things that gets through to them. A Tamer
who shows himself to be her superior will earn her obedience, but doing so is a harsh
lesson to force on her. Since a Dark Lady will naturally satisfy her carnal lusts on
helpless victims, a Tamer who forces himself on her in such a manner can make her
submit to him. Generally, this requires her to be heavily bound and gagged so she can't
cast her spells while the Tamer takes her harshly, bragging about his ability to do this to
her and her inability to stop him. The more harshly she is taken, the quicker and better the
results will be, and more exotic forms of intercourse, such as anally or tit-fucking, are
known to work better.

After the Taming, a Dark Lady will behave very differently towards her new Tamer. She
is obedient to him now, and appears to revel in her new position. Her loyalty to her new
Tamer is unshakeable, and she would gladly die before abandoning or betraying him. She
is almost obsequious in her desire to please her new owner, calling him "Master"
whenever she can, almost whorishly servicing his every desire, volunteering to be the
first to fight pokebattles for him, etc. She regards her Tamer almost as a god, and will talk
long and almost lovingly about him to anyone who is willing to listen. Such rants are not
love-driven poems however. A Dark Lady appears to view her Tamer almost as some sort
of evil overlord, telling others things such as "my Master is more powerful than you can
possibly imagine!" and "my Master finds you displeasing, begone!" A Dark Lady in a
Harem will always work her hardest to be the Alpha, seeing only herself as the most
worthy to be with her Master.

Feral Dark Ladies are beings of pure rage, attacking anything that moves with a mindless
fury. They are too distracted to use their magic or their Magical Levitation ability though,
and always resort to just using their strength to tear their opponent limb from limb. In this
state they aren't much of a fight, and they know it, making sure to find some poor soul
every few weeks to force themselves on. Such experiences are never pleasant memories
for the one they use. No Threshold girl has ever been known to become a Dark Lady, for
which everyone is thankful.

* * *


Bloodgift: Adaptation
Description: Gains some abilities of every Pokegirl he Bonds, effects vary with strength
of Bond.

* * *


Bloodgift: (???)
Description: Currently known facts: registers as a Celestial to those who can sense such.
Weakens some infernal/dark oriented Pokegirls by touch.

* * *


* * *