Ranma In the Pokegirl World / Pilots and Pokegirls - Chapter 07 - Fire and Ice

Started: April 16, 2004

Finished: May 17, 2004

Current Revision: May 17, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and in the future possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not restricting myself to following that continuity.

I'm Giving In To The Crowd Disclaimer: I own nothing, especially not the characters and settings containing in this fic. Don't sue me! Like anyone would bother.

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Author Uses Smutty Language Warning! Crude slang terms for the male and female anatomy are contained herein! Danger Will Robinson!

No Guarantee Of Plot Warning! This ain't the Iliad. Telling me how plotless and inane this is will have no effect on subsequent chapters. So there!

* * *

Ranma and Shinji followed a short trail of broken branches and the snapped-off trunks of small trees, as well as a hell of a lot of ice, until they found Rei.


Both men ran over to her where she lay in a shattered cocoon of glittering ice. Her eyes were closed, but her chest was rising and falling shallowly.

Ranma expertly checked her vital signs while Shinji watched anxiously.

"She seems okay, Shinji. I think she might have hit her head pretty hard at the end here, against this big tree." He explored her blue mop of hair with careful fingers, gingerly probing her scalp. "No bleeding either. I think she just took a nasty bump."

Shinji sighed in relief and knelt next to her, taking her hand into his own without thinking.

"Thanks Ranma."

"No prob. What do you think? Let her wake up, or get her out of this ice? It must be hella cold where she's lying."

Shinji chafed her cold hand between both of his warm ones thoughtfully. "Um…let me see if I can wake her up, first."

"Sure. I wouldn't shake her though, she might have hurt her neck."

The slim brown-haired lad nodded and leaned his head towards Rei's. He was reminded of his bare-chested state as he noticed that the blue-haired girl in front of him was radiating intense cold. He shivered as the cool air blew across his exposed flesh. It didn't help that he was kneeling on six inches of ice chunks, his only protection a thin layer of plastic.

"R-Rei. Ayanami-san. Ayanami! Are you okay?"

Ranma was amazed to see a plume of wintry breath come from Shinji's mouth as he murmured into Rei's ear.

'Holy crap! I don't know if I'll ever get used to this "Pokegirl" thing. It makes Nerima look tame.'

'…Nerima. Goddamn that's familiar. …ah, whatever.'

"Ayanami. Rei! Rei, please wake up! Please…"


Both men smiled as Ayanami Rei groaned softly. Her eyelids fluttered, revealing her unnerving crimson orbs to the world once more


Rei tilted her head to the right on its icy pillow, allowing her to see the face of her fellow Pilot. Shinji's face was adorned with a rare smile. His blue eyes shone warmly at her.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Rei- I mean Ayanami-san. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so infor- Mmph!"

Ranma's eyes bugged out as, in two swift movements, the slim girl latched her face onto Shinji's and then rolled over on top of him, pressing their bare chests together and pinning her prey to the forest floor.

'Well, that's a hell of a reaction…I guess she's happy to be alive.'

Eying Shinji's flailing arms as Rei apparently attempted to put her entire face down his throat, Ranma mused, 'Maybe I should rescue the kid. He might like to breathe one of these decades.'


Rei's plugsuit bottom was yanked down and kicked away.

'Damn, she's serious.'

In the moment that Rei's arms were busy, with a desperate whole-body action Shinji made the two of them roll over so that he was on top.

'Oh ho. Going for the dominant position, eh Shinji?'

Rei didn't seem to mind, as she didn't fight her partner's actions. Once their bodies had stabilized, she immediately grabbed his plugsuit by the waist and pulled it down his legs.

A moment later Ranma's theory was disproved, as the instant Rei finished removing the clinging garment, Shinji rolled off of her, bounded to his feet and dashed over to cower behind his larger friend. Rei immediately bounced to her feet and stalked towards them.

In the moment before Rei arrived, Ranma glanced over his shoulder and realized the cause of Shinji's actions: the young lad's front was blue-tinged from his face to his feet.

"Ranma…she's *cold*! Oh my God she's cold!"

The bemused martial artist was the center of an impromptu May dance for the next minute as Rei attempted to catch Shinji and Shinji used every bit of agility he had to keep Ranma between him and his frosty would-be paramour.

Ranma did his best to stay facing Rei, just in case she did something crazy.

Ok, more crazy.

"Alright…this is getting silly. Shinji…when your back is to the meadow, turn around and run for it. I'll keep Rei busy for a bit."

Shinji grunted in agreement as he dashed just ahead of Rei's eager grasp.

"One, two, three…whoops!" Ranma stuck out his foot and tripped her. He watched Shinji dash into the distance for a moment and then looked down at his victim.

"Sorry about that, Rei."

Rei's eyes burned with an unholy flame. A flame as cold as the heart of a glacier.




* * *

Shinji ran. It was something he was quite good at. If his school had had an athletics program beyond "survive listening to how Sensei survived the Second Impact" he would no doubt have become a star in track.

For once, he was glad of his habit of running away. Rei had been something that *needed* to be run away from, there was no question about that. The warm forest air was pleasant on the tingling, burning skin of his front. He didn't think he'd gotten frostbite, but if so, it had been a near thing.

He sighed in relief as he finally broke from the tree cover and into the sun warmed air of the clearing.

Fuwa and Cloud waved at him as they watched over the fallen enemy Pokegirl. His hands immediately snapped down and covered his groin.

Shinji's incipient embarrassment was interrupted by an aggravated female voice.

"Hey! HEY!"

This was followed by a string of incomprehensible cursing which sounded like it would involve a lot of spit hitting the target's face.

"Someone get over here and get this Fershinluger log OFFA me!!"

Shinji gestured, indicating he was going to go help Asuka, and ran off. Both Pokegirls watched his bare back and butt appreciatively.

* * *

"Unh, go Asuka, *puff* I've got it."

It took all of the muscle on Shinji's lean frame to raise the heavy log the necessary inch off of Asuka so that she could crawl out. Silently, she did so, moving on her hands and knees and passing between his broadly placed legs. It was embarrassing for the boy, but necessary, due to him needing a lifting position as near to the trapped redhead as possible.

He just prayed she didn't look up.

"Whew…" Shinji stretched, feeling a bit sore. He'd gotten taller in the two years since he'd been fourteen and new to Eva-piloting. Without thinking, he turned around to talk to Asuka and got an eyeful of what else had changed in those two years.

Asuka had always been beautiful, especially for the gawky age of fourteen, but at sixteen she was stunning. At sixteen, she was one of those girls who could have been any age between eighteen and twenty-five. Her body was a mixture of athletic firmness and jaw-dropping curves.

At the moment, she was sitting in the dirt pulling off her plugsuit bottom. It was rolled down below her innie bellybutton, leaving her perky C-cup breasts bare. Bare and heaving with each deep breath.

Entranced, Shinji caressed them with his eyes. They'd gotten a bit bigger from when she was fourteen, but not much. It was the rest of her body that had needed to catch up. Unlike the women in the pornos Kensuke and Touji had forced him to watch, Asuka's boobs weren't unnaturally round balloons. Instead, they had a pleasingly natural shape that he found absolutely mouthwatering. His hands moved automatically to conceal his body's reaction.

'Dear Kami, she's soooo hot…'

The redhead's flat stomach undulated gently with her breathing as she wrestled with her clinging plastic garment. It, and the rest of her torso was smeared with dirt, sap and pine needles. Her hair had seen better days as well.

That was all easily ignored, as the important thing was her face. For once, it wasn't creased in a scowl, and the mobile mouth wasn't open in mid-curse. Shinji was astonished at how pretty - no, beautiful - the redhead was when not radiating negative emotions. Delicate yet strong nose, high cheekbones, glorious creamy skin, sparkling blue eyes…

He knew he should turn away, hide his eyes lest she grow angry, but he couldn't. She was too gorgeous.

His attention was pulled back to Asuka's lower body as she gave a small sound of triumph. His breath caught as she started to pull her red plugsuit over her hips and down.

In slow motion, he followed the moving edge of the 'suit with his eyes, witnessing her shapely hips appear, then…

'Oh my God.'

…a few fiery curls appear at the edge of the 'suit, then more, then the entirety of the neatly trimmed patch of auburn hair between her alabaster thighs. It was not a sight he ever expected to be alive to see.

Shinji's mindless body watched the show of long, sleek legs kicking in the air as his friend and fellow Pilot completed the process of removing the troublesome 'suit. Her completely nude body blazed in his eyes and in his mind. He knew she was going to kill him for staring, but somehow he didn't care. Behind his concealing hands, he was as hard as steel.

Finally, Asuka heaved the hunk of red plastic to one side and sinuously rose to her full five foot, ten inches of Japanese-Germanic height. Her luscious breasts jiggled slightly as she did so, and Shinji gave his full attention to enjoying the sight, the last one that he expected to see as a living human being.


Asuka's voice was the first clue he had that something was strange. In the past two years they'd gotten to be almost…friends. He'd become less of a weenie, if not shedding the mantle of weeniness entirely, and her frequent invocations of "baka" became less an insult and more a pet-name.

However…she'd never said his voice like *that*.

Outside his dreams, anyway. He had a normal adolescent's hormones, albeit suppressed by his withdrawn personality, and he'd had his share of Asuka fantasies, both asleep and awake. She'd never caught him "in the act" though, thank the Kami.

Asuka stepped closer, hips swaying. She smiled broadly, warmly. Shinji's heart beat hard as her blue eyes made contact with his own.


Shinji gulped. Her voice was a purr, not like Fuwa's, but a low, sensual sound all the same. He kept his hands in place, praying she wouldn't notice, and replied, "Yes Asuka?"

Asuka didn't reply. Her eyes were fixed on his, devouring him. Her breathing was getting more and more rapid and deep. He could smell an odd, though not unpleasant, musky scent in the air. It made his head spin and penis throb.

When she was on a few feet away, Shinji was broken from his trance by the intense heat baking his face. His entire body, in fact. Asuka was reaching for him. The air around her shimmered.

Shinji's eyes widened as he put two and two together.

'Oh God, she's just like Rei.'

He put as much urgency as he could muster into his voice. "Asuka."

She stopped her advance and cocked her head impatiently, breathing like a marathoner. He managed to ignore her sweaty, gently bobbling breasts, just barely. His aching cock screamed at him to do what she wanted to do, heat be damned.

"We've got to go talk to the others, to Cloud."

Asuka frowned at the mention of Ranma's Pokegirl. She shook her head and reached for his concealing hands. Shinji intercepted one her hands with his own, instantly pulling it back with a yell.

"Ah! Kuso, that hurts!"

His cry of pain seemed to break Asuka from her abstracted state of mind. Her face twisted with pain and confusion as she crossed her arms over her breasts and shivered.


"Ow. Asuka? Are you ok?"

Asuka's voice was that of a little girl alone in the woods. "It's so hard to think, Shinji. I'm so hot." She licked her lips, in a way that he found both sensual and pitiable. "…so hot." She stared at him, her blue eyes filled with discomfort and arousal. Her hands began to roam, sliding along her curves, pulling at her nipples. When her hands began to slide south of her bellybutton, both his cock and his mind told him to do something *now*, before both of them lost control.

He circled around her, feeling her aura of heat wash over his skin, and headed in the direction of the clearing. He tried to make his voice as reassuring as possible, but wasn't sure he succeeded. "Lets go back to the clearing. The others will know what to do."

He felt her heat at her back as she followed.

'Why is my butt tingling?'

* * *

Cloud and Fuwa watched curiously as Shinji approached them, followed closely by Asuka. Being Pokegirls, they shamelessly ogled his naked male form, to his considerable embarrassment. Cloud licked her lips and Fuwa purred proudly as they caught a glimpse of a vigorous hard-on, insufficiently hidden behind Shinji's hands.

"Your master has a nice big one, Fuwa. You're a lucky Pokegirl."

*purr* "Master is nice. Fuwa likes it when he Tames her."

Cloud glanced at the dark-haired Pokegirl they were guarding, saw that she was still out, and then looked at Fuwa appraisingly. 'Hm, she certainly came out of feral shock quickly. The professor always said that was a sign of intelligence, or at least the potential for it. Lucky Shinji-san. It's always good to have a few smart girls in your harem.'

The silver-haired catgirl ignored Cloud's look, preferring to spend her time appreciating her master's naked body, her furry tail flicking happily back and forth.

"Um, hi Fuwa, Cloud-san."

"Hello, Shinji-san."

Fuwa plastered herself against her owner's front and purred. "Master."

Shinji groaned as Fuwa's hard-nippled boobs pressed into his bare chest, making his hard-on jump. "F-Fuwa." Fuwa's ears and tail drooped as he gently pushed her away from him by the shoulders.

Cloud looked concernedly at the panting, sweating Asuka, who was eying Shinji's bare backside like a crocodile eyes a German tourist. "I think Shinji-san has a problem for us to deal with, Fuwa. He can Tame you later."

Fuwa pouted and played with her boobs, smiling at the way Shinji's eyes were attracted to them. "Promise?"

Desperate to get some help with Asuka, Shinji nodded. "I promise, Fuwa."

*purr* "Good. Fuwa will help you with that big swelling you have there, master."

"Swelling?" Shinji followed her gaze and immediately covered his prominent erection with a yelp. Fuwa laughed a throaty and sensual laugh.

Meanwhile, Cloud was examining Asuka and not liking what she saw. 'Oh my. She needs to be Tamed in the worst way.' Eying the grass being scorched in a circle around the redhead's feet, the voluptuous cowgirl mused, 'This could be a problem…'

* * *

With a yell and a crash, Ranma and Rei chose that moment to rejoin the group.


Heads turned as the pig-tailed martial artist broke from the tree line, barely avoiding a blue-tinted beam that made the air crackle and shimmer.

Ranma made a beeline for Shinji. He pulled up next to him and panted, "Call her off. You've gotta make Rei listen to reason, Shinji. She's off her rocker!"

Shinji looked over Ranma's shoulder. Rei was stalking towards them, her hands glowing with icy power. He noticed that she was leaving footprints of brittle, frost-killed grass behind her. He also noticed, once again, her delicate, angelic beauty. Her refined features combined with her unearthly red eyes to give her the appearance of a supernatural force incarnated in superb female flesh.

His more carnal side coming to the fore for a split second, he stared appreciatively at her shapely C-cup breasts, looking even bigger mounted on her slim frame. Unlike Asuka, she hadn't changed much in the last two years, remaining a small, ethereal beauty. His eyes flicked down to the small patch of naturally blue hair between her trim thighs, then moved guiltily back to her face.

She was looking at him. She seemed to have forgotten Ranma. A small pink tongue emerged from between her pale lips and moistened them. Her eyes glowed, locked with his own. "Shinji."

He blinked at her. "Yes, Ayanami?"

"I wish to become one with you. It is…appropriate, that we mate. Merge. We must join together. It is imperative."

Asuka appeared in Shinji's peripheral vision. "T-the only ones who are going to be doing any "merging" around here are me and Shinji-baka."

Rei flexed her hands. A shimmer of power flared there, then in the air around her. The group of onlookers, who had all reflexively moved several paces away from the two combatants, felt a draft of cool air. The shimmer around Rei looked strangely familiar to Shinji.

Rei's voice was flat. "That is unacceptable."

Asuka flexed her own hands, summoning a flicker of flame. She seemed to have found her bearings in her old animosity towards Rei. "I guess I'll have to *make* it acceptable, Wonderslut."

Rei locked eyes with her rival. When she spoke, her tone could only be described as…icy. "You may try, Sohryu."

* * *


Both girls blinked as Ranma's shout broke them from their battle-trance. Their heads turned to discover him grinning obnoxiously. He jerked a thumb over his shoulder and said, "Cloud has a little suggestion that I think Shinji would like better than you two killing each other over him."

Looking a bit intimidated by the intent gaze of the two powerful combat-type Pokegirls, Cloud came forward and coughed nervously. "Ahem. Asuka-san, Rei-san. The traditional way to resolve such disputes is with…a sex-duel."

Asuka's eyes widened. "WHAAAT! My god, how typical of this place, everything revolves around sex!"

Rei noticed Shinji's anxious look and in light of Ranma's comment, said, "Explain further."

"There are many variations, but the standard duel is the first to climax is the loser." Cloud's tone took on a professorial tone as she added what sounded like the second sentence of a familiar spiel. "This builds sexual stamina on the defense and skill on the offence."

Rei's eyebrow quirked. "Very logical."

Asuka's hands were on her hips in what Shinji had come to think of as the "Asuka Pose". The fact that he was used to seeing it when she was clothed made it now seem somehow erotic. Perhaps it was the way the position of her hands drew attention to her nest of crimson nether hair... He looked guiltily aside.

"I can't believe you're even considering this, Wondergirl! It's sick and perverted!"

Cloud coughed apologetically again. "It was mostly just to stop you from killing each other."

Asuka looked nonplussed. Rei looked blank.

Cloud continued. "You're going to have to work together, you know."

Rei quirked an eyebrow. Asuka looked puzzled.

"It's a standard problem with elemental types."

Ranma's black and white patched cowgirl pointed to Rei. "Ayanami-san is too cold. Not only will her lack of heat be unpleasant for Shinji-san, it can also cause…performance problems."

Rei nodded thoughtfully. Asuka looked like she was going to laugh.

Cloud pointed to Asuka. "Asuka-san is too hot. The unrestrained body of a strong fire-type can give her Tamer first-degree burns. Especially to…the obvious body-part."

Asuka nodded, her face intent. Rei said nothing. Both guys winced.

"There are various ways around this, but they all involve equipment that we don't have. If we are to get through your threshold crisis, you two are going to have to work together."

Reluctantly, the two feuding girls looked at each other. Then, they both looked at Shinji. They started with his face, with its concerned look that was directed at both of them, but their gazes drifted steadily lower until they were attempting to pierce the shield of Shinji's protective hands.

Ranma shook his head in disgust. 'Shameless, those two. Worse than Shampoo even.'

His head gave a little throb as he realized that he knew that Shampoo was a short, buxom, lavender-haired girl. 'Ha, looks like my head's finally repairing itself. Took long enough.'

After staring at Shinji's groin for what was not really a long time, though it felt like an eternity to the embarrassed lad, the redhead and her blue-haired rival looked at Cloud and slowly nodded.

Cloud smiled. "Good!"

She started to add something, then looked a little apprehensive and continued only after Ranma put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Go ahead, Cloud-chan."

The sexy cowgirl gave her Tamer a dazzling smile and turned back to the two waiting girls.

Slowly, she said, "I think you should start with the sex-duel anyway." When Asuka immediately opened her mouth to protest, Cloud interrupted with, "You have to learn how to use your abilities on each other. Gently. No fire blasts or cold blasts, just smoothly graduated temperature changes. If can't do that, Shinji-san won't be able to Tame you."

Asuka was going to verbally deliver her displeasure anyway, but whatever she was going to say was lost as a delicate, pleasantly cold pair of hands cupped her breasts from behind. The contact between her overheated flesh and the icy digits caressing the swollen peaks of her breasts was intensely pleasurable, making her cry out in involuntary satisfaction.


Asuka felt Rei's cold body press against her back, the albino's nipples pressing into her shoulderblades like two exotically shaped ice cubes. Her quiet voice was a breath of cool air caressing her cheek. "I accept."

* * *

Rei sank her small hands into her opponent's impressive boobage and kneaded them like fresh bread dough.

Asuka squirmed in Rei's embrace, moaning freely as her boobs were fondled, making her back rub pleasantly against the albino's front. They were sitting on the ground, Asuka sitting between Rei's legs. The redhead's legs had steadily weakened as Rei handled her breasts, eventually causing them to collapse together into their current position.

Rei was experiencing a novel enjoyment. Asuka's hot flesh felt intensely pleasurable against her, in a way she had never before experienced.

'This heat…I cannot get enough of it.'

She overlapped her legs with Asuka's and wrapped her arms around the bigger girl, squeezing herself tightly to the redhead's sleek back and letting her hands roam at will.

Asuka's moans increased in volume as Rei's cold little hand began exploring her overheated cunt, while the other icy member gently mauled her tits. She regained her awareness for a moment from surprise when Rei began kissing her neck, but lost it again when two cold fingers slipped into her boiling-hot interior.

It was like plunging red-hot metal into cold water, except in reverse. Instead of steam, the result in this case was brain-rattling pleasure. Asuka's breasts bounced violently as she cried out her satisfaction.

"*UNH!* Unh…oooooooooo….ah- ah- AH!! Ahhhhh…"

Rei smiled. This was quite addictive. She could imagine staying attached to Asuka's heat-radiating body all day. Though…she added a third finger to the two she was thrusting in and out of Asuka's pussy…somehow this wasn't enough. Clinging like a limpet as she forced her opponent ever closer to a searing orgasm, Rei pondered, trying to comprehend what her new Pokegirl instincts were telling her.

* * *

The two men, forgetting that they shouldn't be staring at such intimate acts, were wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

Ranma snapped his mouth closed. "Whoa. Look at her go."

Shinji looked shell-shocked. "…that's Rei?"

"I tell ya, she may not look it, but in some ways, she's a ball of fire."

Shinji stared at Rei's smiling face, peeking over Asuka's shoulder as she plunged half her hand into the moist opening between the redhead's inelegantly wide-spread legs. "…yeah."

The young male Eva pilot swallowed past a dry throat, unable to look away from the spectacle. He had a monstrous erection, and it was so stiff it was beginning to hurt.

The sight of the two sexy female Pilots "battling" was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen, hands down. Asuka was moaning constantly, writhing in Rei's pitiless grip. All he could see of Rei was her slim, attractive legs lying on top of Asuka's and her small hands roaming across the helpless redhead's front. That, and an occasional unnerving glimpse of her smiling face. He'd never seen that expression on her face, not even on that occasion that he'd gotten her to smile for him.

Ranma wasn't much better off. He may have had his conflicts with both girls, but he couldn't deny they were damn sexy. His erection was beginning to become uncomfortable as well.

Fortunately, Cloud and Fuwa chose this time to bracket their respective Masters.

The silver-haired catgirl dropped to her knees beside Shinji and smiled up at his intently-watching face.

"Let Fuwa take care of that for you, Master."

Shinji glanced down and blinked, not knowing what she was referring to. "Fuwa-"



Ranma was so bemused he didn't even notice. Rei had moved around to Asuka's front and was crouched between her splayed-out legs, doing something involving her face and the redhead's crotch. Ranma was a bit annoyed that he couldn't see what was going on. He was considering moving to get a better angle when he felt a familiar smooth hand on his cock.


The top-heavy cowgirl dropped gracefully to her knees beside her friend and Master. She glanced over to where Shinji's big-titted catgirl was enthusiastically blowing her respective Master and smiled. All was as it should be.

"Just a sec, Cloud-chan."

The two shuffled to the side so that Ranma could get a three-quarter angle on the action and then he let his Pokegirl pull down his much-worn silk Chinese pants. He murmured in pleasure as Cloud gently fondled his straining erection. As she administered her first few licks and sucks to the hard shaft, he muttered. "I just don't get Rei. She's going crazy all over Asuka. What's up with that?"

Cloud sucked the silky cockhead into her mouth, then released it. "Mmm… There's something I didn't mention, Ranma-san." *slurpsuck*

"Unh…Oh? What's that, Cloud-chan?"

Cloud bobbed her head for a moment, letting the hard cock stretch the soft skin of her inner cheek. "Ah, mmm…Heat makes ice-types extremely horny. It- *slurpsucksucksuck* weakens them at the same time, but the more heat, the more aroused they get."

Ranma put his hands into Cloud's long lavender hair and caressed her head familiarly as the horny cowgirl began to really get into the blowjob. "Ohh, god yeah…god, I love it when you suck my dick, Cloud."

Cloud's tongue swirled on his cockhead, bringing a pleasure so intense it was almost pain. "Unh…I'm going to come any minute if you keep that up."

Cloud bobbed her head, sucking away. "You don't mind that, do you? You want a mouthful of come, don't you, you naughty little Pokegirl?"

Cloud moaned around his cock and fondled his balls, as if to urge her Master's semen to spurt forth. "God yeah! Unh…"

Controlling his excitement with an effort of will, Ranma settled in to watch the hot two-girl action that was on tap while enjoying the loving attentions of his number one girl. 'Yeah…sometimes this place isn't that bad.'

* * *

Rei lapped furiously at Asuka's swollen cunt. Once she learned that it could be made to generate a tasty, blood-hot broth when sufficiently stimulated, there was no going back.

"MM! MMmm..."

The hot, rich nectar flowed down the heat-frenzied ice-type's throat like ambrosia. It was so wonderfully *warm*. Rei couldn't get enough of it.

Though…her lower body was missing the heat of Asuka's flesh. Rei thought for a minute, sucking on Asuka's clit all the while. Asuka's body convulsed for the dozenth time, making her cry out and release another small gush of hot juice. Rei slurped the moisture down while probing Asuka's delicate pink inner flesh with her cold little tongue.

She smiled. It was easily enough solved. The small blue-haired teen quickly reversed her body, lying full length on Asuka with her face remaining comfortably seated between the redhead's twitching legs.

Yes, she thought, enjoying Asuka's warmth while licking her raw red opening relentlessly, that was much better. 'Um…' *laplaplap* 'More juice…'

* * *

Asuka came back to herself as something pleasantly cool settled onto her.

'Oh…that feels nice. Maybe Shinji-baka got me a cold-pack…'

Her body arched as intense pleasure radiated from between her legs. 'OH!'

This time though, her mind didn't shut down. The pleasure was great, but it was growing familiar and she was finally getting used to it. It was still exquisite though, so while Asuka retained her awareness, her body went on temporary strike.

It felt like an ice cube - a *magical* ice cube, somehow made soft and fleshy - was caressing her swollen, hypersensitive and horribly overheated lower bits. Every muscle in Asuka's body whiplashed as her aching clit was taken into something marvelously cold and soft. While the cold, soft thing applied gentle suction and pressure to the giant exposed nerve her clit had become, the magical ice cube slid across it, once, twice…she lost track as the pleasure become too great.


Dimly, through the satisfaction coursing through her every nerve, Asuka felt the pleasantly cool weight atop her bounce as her orgasming body convulsed.

Panting through her mouth, she felt two long, smooth, cool things rub against her ears as their owner adjusted for Asuka's movement. The redhead blinked, the events of the last hour rushing back to her. 'It's Rei. The damn albino is lying on top of me, licking my-'

Rei's cold mouth renewed its now-leisurely attack, kissing, sucking and licking at Asuka's cunt like she'd been eating pussy her entire life.

'Oh Scheisse that feels good! Unh! Ohhhh…'

It felt better than any solo sex Asuka had ever experienced, but a factor of…oh, a million or so. Part of Asuka wondered how such intense sensations were possible. She could understand being licked "down there" feeling good, but this wasn't just a matter of feeling "good". Each caress of Ayanami's tongue threatened to hurl her back into the abyss of pure heavenly satisfaction from which she'd only recently departed. It scared Asuka that a big part of her wouldn't mind that, so long as the pleasure continued.

In the midst of her thoughts, it struck Asuka that not only was she losing their "contest", but she'd already lost, a dozen times over at least. The logic centers in her superb brain told her that "losing" in this particular contest was irrelevant, for any number of reasons, but her spinal-reflex pride disagreed.

With a mighty effort of will, the Teutonic Terror moderated her enjoyment of Rei's icy attentions and turned her attention to winning. Moaning under her breath, she reached up and tentatively fondled Rei's trim little bottom. The cool flesh felt very nice to her hot hands, and she quickly grew bolder, rubbing and squeezing the albino's silky-smooth ass with a will.

Asuka smiled as Rei's mouth slowed in its attack. 'You've got competition now, Ayanami! Asuka Langley Sohryu doesn't lose, she just has setbacks.' She ignored the fact that the feel of Rei's smooth and soft female flesh was making her heart beat faster.

Slowly, reluctantly, Asuka moved her face the necessary two centimeters it took to bring her mouth in contact with Rei's pussy. The afternoon light glimmered off of the sparse, naturally blue strands of Rei's pussy fur. The redhead extended her tongue towards the pink outer folds, wincing in expectation of a nasty taste.

Her eyes widened. 'Mmm, not bad.'

For the second time in the "duel", Rei's offensive was blunted as Asuka licked, licked again, then grabbed the albino's bottom and used it to grind blue-furred pussy against her face.

* * *

The audience watched interestedly as Rei's face popped up from between Asuka's legs. Her neck arched, shivering with tension, as her face twisted with unfamiliar emotion. In fact, her entire body was trying to arch backward but was held down by Asuka's iron grip on her waist.

"Hunnnh…hahh….*AH!* Ahh - ahHHHHH….uuuh…uh."

Shinji's attention had been slowly drawn away from the two battling Pilots as his catgirl brought him closer and closer to orgasm. The sight of Rei lapping at Asuka's pussy, and now, the two girls sixty-nining hadn't helped much either.

He groaned as Fuwa sucked tirelessly. She was purring too, sending pleasant vibrations through his swollen, aching penis. The wet warmth of her mouth on his cock was absolutely superb.

"Gonna come - Fuwa. Unh!"

Fuwa bobbed her head, slowly, purring like an engine, licking and sucking. The feel of her slightly rough tongue on his cockhead pushed him over the edge.

"OH God yeah…unh, ah, unh!"

Fuwa's purr came and went as she swallowed thick spurts of her Master's semen. When Shinji's sack was finally empty, she licked her chops like a (pardon the expression) cat who'd got the cream. Shinji smiled at her wearily and rubbed her ears. The satisfied catgirl pushed her face into his thigh and purred happily.

Shinji mused over the odd rushing sensation he'd felt when he came. He'd felt a surge of energy move from his center and out into Fuwa. Had she felt the same? Maybe he was imagining it…it sure felt nice though. He smiled. It felt…clean, pure, words like that. It was helping him get over the effects of all this strangeness somehow.

He'd expected to feel inadequate when told that he'd have to have sex with a strange catgirl, the way he'd felt inadequate to pilot his giant mecha back in Tokyo-3. Sure, it had been awkward at first, but every time he came into her, besides the pleasure, he felt that nice sensation. For no reason he could pin down, he felt positive about the future. It was an utterly novel sensation to the ordinarily melancholy young man, and he reveled in it.

Fuwa purred. She was with her master and full of his come, the way a Pokegirl should be. No one had told her this, she just knew it. Her master was young, handsome, and had a big, hard cock. He was nice to Fuwa, gave her Tamings and pettings. He was the epitome of Masters. No one needed to tell Fuwa this either.

There was a nice feeling every time he Tamed her, too, beyond the intense pleasure a Pokegirl got from sex. Fuwa didn't know what it was, but it made her want to be…nice. It was hard to understand from her limited (though rapidly broadening) perspective, but Fuwa felt that she should be a better Pokegirl, help her Master, help her Master's friends. Fuwa purred. She'd just have to keep getting Master to Tame her, so that she could understand the feeling better.

Shinji glanced down at Fuwa as she purr-chuckled against him. He smiled absently and caressed his catgirl's ears. He returned his gaze to the now vigorously sixty-nining Rei and Asuka. They'd flipped over several times in the last few minutes, vying for dominance.

The sound of them moaning, groaning, licking at and slurping on each other was maddeningly arousing. He glanced down at his penis, feeling it begin to rise from the dead.

'I sure hope they declare a winner soon. I don't know if I can take much more of this.'

* * *

Ranma had also had all he could take. With a drawn-out groan, he filled Cloud's mouth with jizz. The thirsty cowgirl swallowed it down eagerly, moaning around the large cock stretching her lips into an taut ring. Ranma gritted his teeth as he endured her vacuum-like suction. Not a drop was wasted as Cloud cleaned her Master's penis to a glistening-wet shine, finally releasing the head of his cock with a loving kiss.

'Ahhh, Cloud-chan…what have I done to deserve you?'

Cloud's brilliant smile seemed to indicate that she was happy to be with him, and Ranma had to be satisfied with that. For now. He resolved to do something nice for her, as soon as he could figure out what she'd like. Other than Taming her senseless at every possible opportunity, of course.

"Hey, Cloud-chan, I think they're finally finished."

Cloud stood and nodded. The two young female Pokegirls, one with blue hair, one with red, were lying side by side, panting, each one's head at the other's feet.

"They should have depleted their abilities in the short-term, with all of that girl-girl Taming." She glanced over to where Fuwa was eyeing Shinji's once-more erect penis like it was a Salisbury steak. "Oh my. Master, perhaps you should suggest to Shinji-san that he and Fuwa should hold off for now. Otherwise, I don't think Shinji-san will be up to the task of Taming his other two Pokegirls."

Ranma nodded and began to move in Shinji's direction. "Yeah, good idea, Cloud."



"Master, your pants…"

Ranma stopped, embarrassedly grabbed his pants from the ground where he'd kicked them off and pulled them back on. 'Damn, I'm getting way too used to wandering around with it all hanging out.'

He glanced at Cloud's smiling face. 'Heh, not that Cloud minds one bit.'

Smiling, Ranma turned toward where Fuwa was stealthily reaching out a hand towards Shinji's nutsack. "Yo, Shinji! Ya might wanna…"

* * *

Asuka and Rei lay side by side and breathed. Heavily.

"I - <puff> - think - <pant> - that's enough - <wheeze> - Ayanami. Hahhh…"

"I - <gasp> - agree - <groan> - Sohryu. Hehhh…"

There was a pause for rest.

Asuka jumped as a cool hand touched her on the leg. "I do not think that you are as hot as before, Sohryu."

The redhead placed a hand on Rei's leg. "You're not as cold as before either, Ayanami."

"Perhaps we are safe for Shinji-kun to copulate with now."

Asuka restrained a weary sigh. "I sure hope so. God, will we have to do this every freaking time we want to get some action?"

"That would be…inconvenient." Asuka blinked, realizing she'd spoken aloud.


*sigh* "What is it, Ayanami?"

"It was not altogether unpleasant. I found your heat, and your taste, to be most enjoyable."

Asuka blushed as the taste of Rei's pleasantly cool pussy made itself known in her mouth.

"It was almost enough to offset your personality."

Asuka's eyes widened and she automatically began to retort. Then…she smiled a twisted smile. "Gee, Rei, that was almost…normal. Are you sure I didn't break you?"

"I am well. Do I show signs of illness?"

Asuka sighed. "I guess you can't grow an entire personality in one day. You're fine, Ayanami."

There was another long, almost companionable silence.

"So…who goes first?"

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"Hm…how about Jan-Ken-Pon?"

"What is that?"

Asuka sat up and stared down at the placidly resting Rei. "You haven't heard of Jan-Ken-Pon? Where were you raised, a test-tube?"

Rei, wisely, chose not to reply.

Asuka rolled her eyes. "Ok, this is how it goes…there's three things you can choose…"

* * *

One explanation of Jan-Ken-Pon later…

* * *

"Ok, on the count of three, we go. Jan!"

Asuka pondered. 'What to choose…hm…rock! Nothing beats good old rock.'


Rei contemplated. 'The smooth enveloping strength of paper has a strong appeal…'


"Paper beats rock."

"I know, Ayanami, I know! I taught you everything you know about this game. *Literally*."

Asuka assumed the secondary "Asuka Position": arms folded over chest, head down, face in an expression of majestic dissatisfaction.

She spoke with her eyes closed. "I guess you get first crack at the Baka. Don't wear him out - I need to get some relief from whatever this crazy world has done to me too."

The word "relief" made Asuka aware of the renewed heat of desire rising in her loins. It was nowhere near as bad as before, but it was there.

'I guess I *do* need a guy. And Shinji-baka is the only one around. Like I'd let Saotome near me! Hmph.'

"I suggest that we couple with Shinji-kun together."

Asuka's eyes popped open in surprise. "WHAAAT! What *is* it with you, Ayanami? Are you some sort of closet sex freak? First you eat my pussy like you had a degree in rug-munching, now *this*!"

"It is only sensible. I feel my desire rising again. Do you feel the same?" Asuka blushed. "I see you do. I fear my power will return with my need to join with Shinji-kun. I do not wish to injure him. I-"

"Okay, okay, you've made your point. So how do we do it?"

"I propose…"

* * *

Shinji looked apprehensive as Asuka and Rei drew him towards the edge of the clearing. Asuka wanted to be as distant as possible, in order to have at least a little privacy, but due to the danger of hostile Pokegirls and the chance of something going wrong with her and Rei's abilities, Cloud had insisted that they stay within view. When Rei had agreed, the redhead had reluctantly gone along with it.

Cloud and Ranma settled down on the grass to chat, while keeping an eye on the leather-clad enemy Pokegirl as well as the distant coupling.

Fuwa pouted. Her tail lashed angrily as she contemplated her Masterless state. After a minute with no one paying attention to her, she shrugged and began playing with her kittens. It wasn't a Pokegirl's way to dwell on the negative.

Ranma squeezed one of Cloud's enormous tits assessingly, making the sexy cowgirl moan.

"Ah-hh, Master…"

"You're full-up, aren't you, Cloud?"

Cloud gave him a sultry look from half-closed eyes. "Mm...yes, Ranma-san. Would you like to drink?"

Ranma shook his head. "I'm kinda hungry, but I think we should hold off on our usual, um, activities for a bit. I think everybody's getting hungry, and food is hard to come by around here."

Cloud's eyes widened. "Oh my, I hadn't thought of that. Our new friends are probably starving."

"Yeah, and your boobs are our main source of chow." The pigtailed martial artist gave both immense mammaries a playful squeeze.

Cloud moaned softly, enjoying her Master's touch. "But what will you eat?"

Ranma nonchalantly ripped up a handful of grass, popped it into his mouth, chewed and swallowed. "I can do anything you can do, remember? Heck, grass doesn't taste half bad."

Cloud clapped her hands in delight. "Oh, how wonderful! That will make things so much easier!"

Ranma ate more grass. "Yeah, I figure between you and I being able to eat the local plants, your boobs, and Fuwa's hunting ability, we should be okay."

Fuwa, who had been listening with half an ear, wandered over, ears rotating idly and tail flipping lazily. "Fuwa's kittens are hungry." She indicated her own sizeable boobs. "Fuwa has milk, but Cloud has more. Could Cloud…?"

Cloud smiled up at the silver-haired catgirl. "Of course, Fuwa. I would be happy to."

Fuwa smiled gratefully, her green eyes lighting up.. "Feeding three kittens is hard. Fuwa thanks Cloud."

Moments later, Ranma was treated to the unusual sight of his cowgirl nursing two purring chibi-catgirls, one on each enormous tit. She leaned back onto her elbows on the grassy meadow, each pendulous mammary resting on her ribcage like a gallon jug of milk. Cloud moaned happily as the little furballs sucked away. "Their tongues are s-so rough…"

The chibis' mother smiled at her offspring's happiness and knelt between the cowgirl's short, powerfully built but shapely legs, which happened to be sprawled conveniently wide. "Fuwa wants to thank Cloud for feeding kittens…" With that, she bent her head and began to lick.

"OH! Ohhhhh…"

The chibi feeding on her right tit finished filling its belly and detached, bounding to the grass and flopping on its side for a nap. Just as quickly, the remaining mini-Boobcat pounced on the vacant spot and began to suck.

Ranma was beginning to get another hard-on, just from Cloud's sexy moans. Due to the unusual circumstances, it was making him feel…weird.

'Damn, I feel like a real pervert.'

To take his mind off of his Pokegirl's sexy voice, he occupied himself with watching the sleeping body of the leather-clad Pokegirl, casting the occasional glance at the coupling trio across the meadow.

'Sheesh, look at them go. Poor Shinji, we're gonna have to get him some vitamins or something. Kid needs more muscle on that skinny bod. He could use some training…maybe I'll ask him later.'

* * *

Meanwhile, on the other side of the meadow, a few minutes ago…

* * *

Nervously, Shinji lay on his back in the shade of the nearby trees. Was he really going to do this? Have sex with both Asuka and Rei? He'd had sex with Fuwa, but that was somehow different. She was clearly not human, and anyway, he hadn't known and worked with her for years.

His hard-on pulsed as he watched the girls talking about some last minute detail. He didn't even bother trying to follow their conversation, he was too frazzled. They were both so beautiful, even sweaty and dirty as they were. He couldn't keep his eyes off their pussies. There was something both cute and very arousing about those furry little patches. It was a girl's most sacred spot, and he was going to be entering it, in *both* of them.

What about pregnancy, what about diseases? Would they have to get married? What would it be like, marrying two girls? *Could* he marry two girls? It was making his head spin. So, instead of thinking, he just lay back and tried to relax.

His body jerked as Rei took a seat on his upper thighs, just below his groin. Her body was cool but only pleasantly so, not the icy contact of before.


Rei wasted no time, immediately seizing Shinji's thick organ in her small hand and stroking it. "Call me Rei, Shinji-kun." She bent her head and licked his pulsing cockhead. "We will be joined soon, so we should become more familiar."

"Yeah…" he wheezed. The cool, wet caress of her tongue was very pleasant.

Shinji's body quivered again as Asuka's hot tongue joined the action. "Mm…save some for me, Ayanami."

'Unnhhh…oh god…both at once?'

The nude young redhead was kneeling at Shinji's side, placing one hand on Ayanami's back and one at the base of his penis. Her body was very warm, but much more tolerable than before.

She gave a squeeze to the base of Shinji's cock after a minute of enjoyable licking. He noticed that this forced away some of his urge to come, which was already strong.

"There! Nice and firm. Climb aboard, Ayanami."

Rei nodded and did so, rising and spreading her legs, then positioning herself over Shinji's erection. "Thank you, Sohryu-san."

Shinji gasped as the head of his penis contacted Rei's moist opening. It was slightly warm, unlike the rest of her body. She lowered herself slightly and they both moaned as Shinji's bulbous cockhead pushed aside her outer lips and popped inside without much difficulty.

'Unh…god, she's dripping wet…'

Rei's breathing became erratic as her legs seemed to lose strength, causing her to slowly but smoothly impale herself. Asuka watched, her eyes narrowed in interest as Rei's gaze gradually defocused from the outside world. She could see the pulse beating strongly in her rival's neck. A low, quavering moan began to come from her mouth. It was not the sound of someone in control of themselves. At all.

Asuka flicked a glance down at the thick cylinder of hard flesh slowly spreading Rei's petals apart. Excitement bubbled in the pit of her stomach, making her heart rate and breathing pick up.

'Mm. So big. That's going to go inside me…it's just Shinji-baka. I'm getting *way* too into this.' She decided to wait until things had gotten into a nice rhythm before sitting on Shinji's face.

'No need to jump the gun.' She eyed the "gun" and licked her lips.

Rei's moans increased in volume as her tiny pussy reached the three-quarter full mark. Her self-control, always such as big part of her, was nearly depleted.

"Unnh - Hunh-hh-hhh - Ah!"

Shinji's heart was pounding. The sensation of having his cock slowly sliding into the lubricated silkiness of a supremely tight pussy was great, but his excitement was derived more from the fact that it was *Rei*.

So beautiful, so distant - not any more. Now she was a soft, cool weight on his thighs, a warm, juicy grip on his stone-hard penis. He struggled to control himself as she settled onto him, her legs spreading to either side and hanging off his hips as her womanhood swallowed him to the root.

He tried to distract himself by staring at her face. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were pink, her lips moist and slightly parted. The soft, sexy moan coming from her mouth was going straight to his nuts. He *needed* to come inside her, but he knew he shouldn't, not yet.

"Unh - Rei-chan - please hurry - can't take much more-"

"Don't come inside her yet, Baka! Here, pay attention to this instead."

Breathing like he'd run ten flights of stairs, Shinji opened her eyes to see Asuka's crotch descending on him, sleek thighs, red-furred pussy and all.


Asuka lifted a bit of her weight off of his face. "Lick, Baka!"

She let out a little squeal a second later as a warm, wet tongue began to obediently explore her nether regions.

"Ahhh…so this is what it's like to have a slave! You're such a multi-use baka…"

Her back arched as Shinji discovered her clit. "Oh GOD! K-keep sucking that, Shinji-chan…oh *yeah*…keep s-sucking…"

Moaning throatily, Asuka ground her dripping cunt onto her favorite boy-toy's face, riding the wave of pleasant sensations. Though she would have denied it, having Shinji, her Shinji, make love to her like this was turning her on like crazy. The sex with Rei from before may have *felt* good, but this was far more emotionally intense.

Sightlessly, she reached down, grabbed his arms and placed his hands on her breasts.

"Ahhhh…you're doing fine Shinji-baka, now make my boobs feel good."

Somehow, despite lack of practice, Shinji managed to keep giving Asuka an satisfactory tongue-bath while gently fondling the aching tips of her perky breasts. The horny redhead gave a deep, satisfied moan as he began a rhythmic squeezing and pulling that made fire flow from her nipples straight to her pussy.

Her voice shook. "S-Such a talented baka…god yes! That's just right, keep doing that, my clit, k-keep sucking…O-hhh, Jesus, god, I-I'm gonna…"

With a unladylike grunt, Asuka gushed hot pussy-juice onto Shinji's face. "F-FUCK! AH-HH-hhhh…ooooohhh…"

She moaned happily as Shinji kept gently licking her sensitive bits. His hands released her breasts to affectionately stroke the silky skin of her upper thighs. "Ohhhh…that's nice Shinji-chan. I'll give you a nice reward once Rei's off your cock….mmm, yes…"

Asuka's mouth watered at the thought of Shinji's sizeable penis. His hands and tongue had given her a marvelous orgasm, but a hunger was building deep inside for something meatier and more substantial.

She eyed the spastically bouncing Rei, enjoying the erotic sight and sound of the small girl violently impaling herself on Shinji's stiff cock. Her hungry gaze focused on Rei's swollen, deep-pink nether lips, split wide open and sliding smoothly around Shinji's thick, veiny shaft. At the top of Rei's pussy, Asuka could see her small clitoris, pumped full of blood and visibly pulsing. There was a distinct wet noise as the frenzied girl impaled herself again and again, Shinji's shaft shining with the moisture pouring out of her inner reaches.

Her eyes widened as Rei's frantic cries finally penetrated her pleasure-sodden senses. 'Scheisse, she sounds like she's going out of her mind! Is it really that much better than having your pussy licked?'

Asuka watched, fascinated, as Rei took a deep breath and let gravity mate her and Shinji's crotches together, hard and fast, forcing his cock as deep inside her as humanly possible. The redhead eeped as Rei's action made Shinji groan into her pussy, causing a pleasantly stimulating rush of warm air. His butt came up off the ground, thrusting his hips against Rei in a penultimate effort.

The blue-haired girl's face twisted in the grip of some powerful emotion. Her mouth gaped open and an immense noise came out.


She could feel Shinji's body tense as he fired his load into Rei's shuddering body. 'My god, she's *screaming*! I've *never* heard Ayanami scream, even when that Angel was…torturing her that one time.'

It was impossible to tell if the blue-haired albino was suffering the torments of hell, or experiencing the most explosive climax of her entire life. All Asuka knew was that whatever Ayanami was feeling, it was *intense*.

* * *

Cloud smiled and petted the purring mini-Boobcat that was resting on her stomach. Her other hand petted Fuwa, who was cuddled up to her side, napping and purring in her sleep.

Ranma's head jerked up as Rei yelled like she was being dipped in molten lava.

"Holy! -"

He started to get up, but stopped when Cloud took his hand.

Seeing her relaxed position and smiling head-shake, Ranma slowly resumed sitting on the grass.

In response to his quizzical expression, she said, "Rei-san is experiencing the benefits of Pokegirl anatomy. It's not unusual for a Threshold girl's first full intercourse with a man."


"Mm…" Cloud licked her lips sensuously, holding Ranma's blue eyes with her own deep brown pools. "When your cock goes inside me, it feels wonderful. The deeper it goes, the better it feels. And when you *come*…" Cloud shuddered, making Ranma stare appreciatively at her jiggling bits.

"…Pokegirls are made to handle the sensations. For Threshold girls, it comes as a bit of a shock. They get used to it quickly, though."

Ranma contemplated this. "So sex feels really good for Pokegirls…I guess that's why you don't mind being Tamed by me whenever I feel like it, Cloud-chan?"

Cloud nodded enthusiastically. "Oh yes! …I don't think a man *can* understand exactly how good Taming feels to a Pokegirl." She locked eyes with Ranma again.

"That's why we want it, all - the - time." She drew out the last three words sensuously, looking deep into her Master's beloved eyes.

Ranma swallowed hard, held by Cloud's hot brown-eyed stare. He could feel his cock stirring for the umpteenth time that day. 'Goddamn, she really *does* want it all the time…'

* * *

Asuka stared. Once Rei had finished screaming and shuddering, her body had gone limp and fallen over backwards like a puppet with its strings cut.


Asuka eeped as Shinji pushed her off his face, causing her to fall flat on her back behind him.

"Rei! Rei, are you ok?!"

Shinji stared anxiously at Rei's face. The fact that it was creased by a huge (shockingly huge, for Rei) smile as she slept should have told him something, but he was too upset to notice. He was also upset enough to lose some of his usual reticence. He caressed her face gently. "Rei…"

She sighed in sleepy pleasure at his touch. "Mmm…Icemaiden."

He finally noticed her smile and relaxed. 'Thank god she's okay.' This was the second time today that he'd thought she might be hurt or dead, and it made him realize how much she meant to him. He'd gotten closer, in different ways, to both female Eva pilots over the last two years, since…things had changed.

It wasn't like he and Rei had been romantically involved, but they'd spent an increasing amount of time together. Quiet time, as they were both quiet people. Still, it had been a source of very pleasant social interaction, for both of them, he thought. Most people wouldn't have thought of their silent observation of nature as "social", but neither he nor Rei were ordinary people.

All of a sudden, Rei cried out.

"Ah! AH! Oooooo…."

Shinji's stomach filled with anxiety. 'What now!?"

A wet, sucking/slurping noise drew his attention. He turned his head toward Rei's lower body and his jaw dropped. Another body part received a priority-one signal and began wearily readying itself for renewed action.


* * *

A minute ago…

* * *

Asuka stared jealously at Shinji as he tenderly comforted the fallen Rei.

Yes, she mused, "jealousy". There it was. Though she monopolized his free time shamelessly, forcing him to cook and look after her in a multitude of ways, he always seemed to be able to make time for Ayanami.

Despite Hikari's periodic proddings, she had refused to even consider making Shinji her boyfriend. This was even after admitting to her friend, under strictest confidence, that the older Shinji got the less of a sniveling worm he became. She'd even grudgingly admitted that he wasn't bad looking.

She turned over the final thing Hikari had said on the subject, only last week. "If you don't take him, some other girl will! It's not like he's lacking for offers, you know. Tall, good-looking, famous…he's not going to be on the market forever, Asuka-chan."

Asuka frowned at the emerging "couple" in front of her and for once, directed her scathing tongue at herself.

'Stupid pride…'

Her self-recriminations were interrupted by a tantalizing smell wafting through the air. As Asuka was getting quite hungry, this immediately caught her attention. She sniffed delicately and her mouth watered.

'Mm…smells good. Like…I don't know…just good. It's coming from…'

The redhead stared, appalled. The mouth-watering smell was coming from the creamy crack between Rei's pale, slim thighs.

'Oh god. This world is warping my mind.'

Rei sighed and shifted, spreading her legs more widely apart. The still-puffy lips of her vagina parted slightly, enabling a thick clot of white goo to begin oozing from the bottom of her slit. Asuka's stomach rumbled.

To her horror, she found herself padding forward on hands and knees.

She dipped her head, her nose brushing Rei's sparse blue pubes and sniffed again. A thread of silvery saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth, unnoticed.

'Oh god, that smells soooo good…'

It occurred to her that she had already eaten Rei's pussy for upwards of ten minutes today. *And* she was going to have Shinji squirting his jizz into her *own* pussy, hopefully soon. So what did it matter if…?

While Asuka thought, her hungry Pokegirl body made the decision for her. The Threshold redhead moaned as her tongue dipped into the rich cream filling Rei's twat.

'…tastes as good as it smells…'


Rei's pleased moans went unnoticed as Asuka ate.


Shinji stared as the ravenous redhead hooked Rei's legs over her shoulders and hoisted her food-source's pelvis into the air. Gripping the small blue-haired girl's hips firmly, she sealed her mouth to Rei's pink-lipped flower and sucked with all her might.

Asuka moaned in utter satisfaction as Rei-spiced cum flowed down her throat and into her empty belly.

* * *

Ranma stared. "Whoa."

He turned to Cloud. "Is that normal?"

Cloud smiled and nodded, watching as Shinji slowly moved to get behind his feasting Pokegirl. It was hard to tell from this distance, but she was willing to bet that his small harem's antics had readied his body for another performance.

"Pokegirls adore cum. It is considered a delicacy when eaten fresh from another girl's body."

She cast a covetous glance at Ranma's lap, where a considerable bulge had been forming for the last while. "The seed of one's master is the best, by a large margin, but all Pokegirls crave sperm, in any quantity or quality they can get it."

Ranma blinked at her. "So…my jizz tastes good to you, Cloud-chan? Swallowing it isn't just something you do to make me happy?" He blushed a little. "…'cause it's really kind of a turn-on for me."

Cloud licked her lips and swallowed a mouthful of saliva, tearing her gaze from Ranma's groin so as to respectfully look at his face when she answered. "Oh yes…you can't imagine how good it tastes. If I had a choice, it would be hard for me to decide whether I would want you to come in my mouth or inside my body, Master."

Ranma swallowed his own mouthful of saliva. It was difficult to hear his sexy, wanton, big-titted cowgirl talk this way without succumbing to the urge to jump on her and bang her brains out. The fact that she had finally managed to convince him that she would absolutely *love* him to do just that made self-control even harder.

'Keep your eyes on her face, on her *face*!'

"Ah, hum, this sounds kinda weird, but…you always have a choice, Cloud-chan. We can…make love anyway you want. I'm not like your owner or something, y'know."

Cloud's eyes were meltingly warm. Her eyelids drooped, allowing her to give Ranma a sexily sleepy gaze. "Oh, but you *are* my owner, my sweet Ranma-san. I belong to you, body…" She kneaded her black-and-white patched breasts and moaned, making Ranma gulp. "…and soul." She stared lovingly at him with sparkling eyes.

Ranma had no inkling whatsoever of how literally Cloud meant those words. She saw this in his eyes and resolved to talk to him about it sometime soon. Before they got to what passed for civilization in these parts, it was something he was going to have to be aware of.

* * *

Asuka growled in displeasure. The rich, creamy contents of Rei's cunt were fully consumed, beyond a doubt.

Growing tired from supporting the slight girl's weight, she placed the semi-conscious albino back on the ground and proceeded to lap furiously at her pink-lipped hole for another minute until she was absolutely sure it was empty. Liking the thinner but still pleasant taste of her victim's juices, she began seriously experimenting with techniques for causing their release when there was an interruption.

* * *

Shinji was as close to "sex-crazed" as it was possible for someone with his reticent nature to become. It had been a long, strange day, filled with unusual feelings, smells and even tastes.

Asuka's flavor was still heavy on his tongue as he crept up behind her. She was on her hands and knees, with her succulent ass in the air and her red-tressed head between Rei's legs. The only thing he could hear was the soft wet sound of her attempts to somehow coax more of his cum out the helpless albino's vagina.

For once, he didn't feel shy and awkward at all. He felt *horny*. Girls had been using him for sex all day and it was time for payback. Boldly, he reached out and fondled the redhead's spectacular bottom. It was round and firm, the skin astonishingly soft. His abused erection pulsed as he luxuriated in in the marvelous feel of Asuka's bum.

Panting through his mouth, Shinji shuffled closer, overlapping his body with Asuka's. The above-normal heat of her body was welcome, seeming to merge with the inner heat of his lust. The sensitive head of his cock brushed the velvet skin of her bottom, making it twinge. Groaning under his breath, Shinji adjusted himself so that his penis slid up to rest in the warm crease of the redhead's ass. He wanted to be close to Asuka, he needed to *touch* her. Actual sex could wait for a minute.

He lowered his chest until it touched Asuka's back, then reached around and filled his hands with her full, firm breasts.


The exclamation of pleasure came from both of them. Asuka moaned as Shinji roughly kneaded her breasts, seemingly enjoying sinking his fingers into their soft jelly-like mass. Her excited voice gained a quiver as he satisfied his initial urge and began a more sophisticated stimulation, concentrating on the swollen, achingly sensitive nubs that her nipples had become. Each gentle squeeze and tug built Asuka's arousal until she felt like she was going to self-combust.

His face intent, Shinji released Asuka's tingling boobs and slid his hands over her skin, moving up to her collarbones and then onto her neck. Asuka twisted her head to kiss his fingers as her lover's long, delicate artist's hands gently caressed her face. She sighed as he slid his hands into her hair, running his fingers along her scalp, then pulling them back through the long, fiery red-gold strands.

She sighed and rested her face on Rei's pussy as Shinji caressed her back, her slim but strong arms supporting their combined body weight. Her breath quickened again as his hands moved to her stomach, feeling the flat, smooth expanse of it with appreciation, then sliding south of her bellybutton.

To her disappointment, Shinji avoided major stimulation of her needful lower orifice, merely exploring her tangled curls with his fingers, then tracing the puffy, pulsing-with-blood outer lips of her vagina. Her disappointment disappeared with a gasp as Shinji knelt back, taking her weight off of her, and rubbed the head of his penis up and down against the juicy center of those currently excruciatingly sensitive flaps of skin.


Once again, the pleased exclamation was made by both of them. For Asuka, the small contact with the most needy part of her anatomy was enough to send a ripple of pleasure though her entire body. For Shinji, it was like dipping his dick into a well of pleasantly hot, oily lubrication, just at the limit of comfortable warmth. He did it again, pushing his cockhead against Asuka's outer petals and this time allowing himself to go an inch inside. She moaned loudly in response, and he used his hand to rub himself up and down, enjoying the tight grip of her inner lips.

'God, she's *gushing* down there…'


"Y-yes?" Her voice was surprisingly vulnerable, and his lust-hardened heart softened, just a bit.

"Do you want this?"

Her voice strengthened, becoming more like her usual arrogant tone.

"Of course I do, baka, what do you think all the - OOOhhhhhh…."

Shinji smiled, having shut her up by the simple means of another short penetration and up-and-down motion. His voice held a teasing lilt as he said, "No, I don't think you do..." He started to pull out.

"Noooooo…!" Asuka's voice was comically piteous.

Shinji couldn't help it. He laughed. His voice had deepened some as he aged and Asuka found the low, masculine sound very pleasant despite the nature of their current interaction.

Shinji could hear the smile in Asuka's voice when she finally shot back over her shoulder, "You know I'm going to get you for this, baka, don't you?"

The brown-haired teen smiled softly at the sight of her beautiful face with its blue eyes twinkling at him. He gave her bottom a fond caress and said, "I'm sure you will, Asuka-chan, I'm sure you will."

Asuka purred back, "Mmm…you have nice hands…"

She shot him an imperious glance over her shoulder. "Now fuck me, baka! Move those hips, I haven't got all day!"

Shinji rolled his eyes and gave her a mock NERV salute, the type he'd seen Division 2 members use. "Yes, Ma'am!"

Taking her at her word, he gently pressed down on her back, encouraging her to arch it.

"Put your butt in the air, Asuka."

Wordlessly, she did so, her body tensing a little as the ultimate event rapidly approached. He took hold of her shapely hips with one hand, using the other to position his cock for deep penetration. Another low wordless moan came from Asuka as he delved an inch into her juicy interior.

'Man, is she ever sensitive down there…'

The sauna-heat of her thick, slippery natural lubricant felt divine on his aching erection. He could hardly wait to immerse his full length in it. The problem he knew, wasn't in having sex with Asuka. It was making sex with the stunning redhead last beyond a few short thrusts. Shinji hoped that his fatigue would come to his aid there. It was an *effort* to shoot his load, a definite physical effort, and he was nearing the edge of sexual and physical exhaustion.

Taking a deep breath, Shinji caressed Asuka's deeply arched back, rubbing the subtle bumps of her spine. Smiling at her murmur of pleasure, he seized hold of her hips and thrust.

Another loud noise burst from both participants. Shinji gasped and groaned as the incredibly tight, soft and slippery grip of Asuka's virgin pussy immediately threatened to collapse his control. He did the only thing he could think to help: he sped up.

His breath coming in short, harsh bursts, he thought, 'I'm - sorry - Asuka - this isn't going - to - last - very long -'

Asuka's voice was somewhere between a moan and a shriek as Shinji's hips slapped hard against her muscular behind. The instant Shinji's long, thick meat speared into her overheated vagina, unbelievable, soul-reshaping pleasure ripped though her body, mind and spirit. Her athletic body trembled as she strove to arch her back beyond the limits of human flexibility. Her mind contained only endless repetitions of one solitary word:


Like Rei before her, Asuka was experiencing one of the differences between humans and Pokegirls. Human females have most of the sexual nerves around the surface area of the genitals. Deep inside the vagina the nerve endings are minimal, during penetration mostly only transmitting a sense of fullness.

Pokegirls are built the opposite way: their sensitive bits are just as sensitive as any human woman's on the outside, but the deeper in you go, the more densely packed the nerve endings become.

As Shinji gave his all, gasping and sweating as he strove to not come, all the while ramming his steel-hard penis deep into his red-haired sex partner, overlapping waves of intense pleasure merged into one colossal wavefront of continuous climax that threatened to drown Asuka's sanity.

* * *

Rei woke, feeling her hips being gripped hard by desperate hands. She lifted her head off the ground and saw Asuka's flushed face hovering above her groin. Every time the redhead's constant, loud moan rose to a near-scream she ended up blasting Rei's sensitive pubis with her hot breath. The sexually-content albino shivered, enjoying the characteristic heat of her Harem-sister.

She sat up and stroked Asuka's head tenderly, running her slender fingers through the redhead's tangled tresses. Asuka didn't even try to shake her rival off, being occupied with not passing out or going insane. She was afraid that if she *did* pass out, she might not wake up the same person.

* * *

Shinji was in heaven and hell at the same time.

Asuka's pussy was *incredibly* tight. The only thing that let him move inside her was the fact that it was swimming in natural lubricant. Each plunge of his erection into her silky, tightly squeezing tunnel bathed his cock in the thick, slippery, pleasantly hot fluid.

It felt unbelievably great, and as much as he wanted the experience to continue forever, not being allowed to instantly empty himself into her was pure torture.

Thus, he was forced to race against his body's arousal, penetrating Asuka harder and faster, faster and harder. The release of restraint would give him back a little strength, but the increase in stimulation would almost instantly up the ante again. He wasn't helped by the ever-increasing frequency with which Asuka's sheath would spasm, temporarily increasing her tightness to agonizing levels as the entire silky tunnel would grip and massage his furiously thrusting penis.

It was a vicious cycle, leading to him to the present moment. He was filling Asuka's juicy crack with as much speed and power as his body could generate, his hips violently slapping against her firm ass. He could hear wet squelching noises as his cock pushed aside her tightly clinging inner lips and slid in and out of her slippery tunnel.

Each push into that divine liquid heat threatened to be the last. He was at the limit of his self-control and could only hope that he was satisfying her with this rough, uncontrolled love-making.

"Oh god - gonna COME 'Suka - Oh -"

Asuka panted, her breath stirring Rei's blue-tinted pubes. Her wailing voice held a hint of fascinated despair as she felt a mega-climax building, forming from the cumulative aftershocks of the continuous ones that were ravaging her sense of self.

She felt good, amazingly good. She wanted to be impaled on Shinji's penis for the rest of her conscious existence. She wanted to join in violent union with him, she wanted to be taken in every hole in her body. She was on fire with pleasure, she could feel herself burning like a exploding star from within. Her pussy spasmed, and this time she didn't fight it. She used her inner muscles to squeeze and pull at the divine hardness filling her, wanting Shinji's cum.

"Yes, *YES*! Shinji-chan…Ooooooohhhh…fill me, FILL ME!"

At least that's what she wanted to say. All the onlookers heard was, "*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Shinji's eyes bulged as Asuka's vaginal sheath spasmed one last time, gripping the entire length of his penis and milking it with astonishing strength. He would have liked to say something more appreciative, but what came out was more of a strangled grunt as his body spewed forth its hot liquid essence.

He felt a brief, super-intense series of flashes of sensation as he discharged inside Asuka's body. It was like he was split in two.

The sensations coming from his penis as it was massaged by the incredibly hot, silky, slippery inner membrane of Asuka's vagina were added to the intensely satisfying, yet debilitating feeling of shooting his load, becoming something that consumed his entire attention.

Yet somehow, he could simultaneously appreciate the feel of her warm bottom against his groin, her soft silky female legs against the inside of his hairier male ones as he crouched, mounted on her body. He could feel her hipbones under his hands, covered by her sweaty, incredibly soft skin.

* * *

The instant Shinji's ejaculate fountained against the entrance of her womb, Asuka felt a nuclear shockwave of pure, untainted ecstasy radiate from the core of her body like the plasma from an exploding sun.

She had never been so aware of the difference between her body and spirit before. For the first time in her life she could tell where one ended and the other began, for the simple reason that her body's capacity to feel, to experience sensation, was completely filled up by the unimaginably intense orgasm washing through her.

Yet, she had successfully clung to consciousness, and she could feel Shinji's spirit connect with hers via this act of mating, in some way she knew she'd never be able to adequately describe. She felt a tingling, non-physical rush of energy come from him via that connection and flow into her like water. It felt wonderful, pure, and almost…holy. She could feel it cleansing her somehow, helping to heal her inner hurts and insecurities.

She could feel Shinji's feelings as well, his genuine concern and affection for her. She clung to this projection of tangible proof that someone cared about her with all her strength, trying to get more, trying to take it into her heart where it would never be forgotten. She had known, intellectually, that he felt warmly towards her, but this was a dimension of direct experience far beyond mere psychological insight.

'He cares, oh god, he really *cares*!'

It would have been a small thing to someone with a more emotionally nourishing background, but for Asuka this was like a candle flame in a previously dark universe. She curled her spirit around it, dimly sensing Shinji take her into her arms, letting her glomp onto him and snuggle.

As her body sighed a contented sigh, with a softly murmured, "Firemaiden…" Asuka's spirit followed her physical self into sleep, her last thought, 'I care about you too, baka…'

* * *


* * *

The Littlest Pilot, A Modern Fable (C.A.G. style)

* * *

The littlest Pilot stuck his dick into Rei.

"Too cold!"

The littlest Pilot stuck his dick into Asuka.

"Too hot!"

The littlest Pilot stuck his dick into Fuwa.

"Just right."

"Boobcat!" *purr*

* * *


* * *

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* * *


* * *

Both men smiled as Ayanami Rei groaned softly. Her eyelids fluttered, revealing her hellish crimson orbs to the world once more. Ranma fought back an urge to yell, "It's alive! ALIVE!"

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