Ranma In the Pokegirl World / Pilots and Pokegirls - Chapter 06 - Asuka's Distress / A Helluva Fight

Started: April 10, 2004

Finished: April 15, 2004

Current Revision: May 3, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and in the future possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not restricting myself to following that continuity.

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* * *

[mid-afternoon, nest of Shinji's catgirl]

Eventually, Shinji woke up and yelled for Ranma to come get him down. Fuwafuwa hissed at the martial artist when he stuck his head over the edge of her nest, but Shinji's hand on her shoulder quieted her.

She looked inquisitively at her new master and perked her cute furry cat-ears.


Now that she wasn't restricted to feline sounds, Shinji could appreciate the pleasant feminine tone of her voice.


…though her vocabulary left something to be desired.

Shinji looked into the Pokegirl's beautiful green eyes. "Ranma is my friend, Fuwa."

Fuwafuwa made a non-committal feline noise of dissatisfaction, but seemed content to remain where she was and keep a wary eye on the nest-invader. Though her body was still and seemingly relaxed under Shinji's hand, her short, furry tail lashed in agitation. Shinji smiled a bit as it thwapped against the backs of his bare thighs.

'Heh, feels kind of nice.'

Abruptly he realized that he was standing there naked in front of another guy. Blushing, he covered himself with his hands.

Fuwa eyed him curiously, furry ears rotating like little radar dishes. "Prrt?"

"Did you bring my plugsuit, Ranma-san? I-I could use it right now."

Ranma kept a wary eye of his own on Fuwa as he agilely climbed into the woven nest. He looked a bit chagrined as the kittens hissed and huddled together on the opposite side.

'Man, talk about bad first impressions.'

"Yeah, I brought it, Shinji. Here ya go."

Shinji quickly scrambled into the clammy plastic garment as quickly as possible and pulled it up to his waist, embarrassed by the appreciative way Fuwa was eying his…parts. "Thanks."

"No prob."

Shinji tentatively placed a hand on his catgirl's shoulder again. His hesitance was overridden when the nude Pokegirl affectionately rubbed herself against him. Ranma grinned as Shinji's face turned bright red. The young Eva pilot's hands snapped back into position to hide his burgeoning erection as Fuwa's full, pert breasts rubbed against his bare chest.

"Sure you don't want ta stay up here for another hour, Shin-man? I'm sure your girl there wouldn't mind."

Fuwa agreed, shamelessly rubbing her entire curvy bare body against her young Tamer's side. "Boobcat!" *purr*

"N-no, that's alright. I'm sure As- I mean, I'm sure the others want to get moving. F-Fuwa."

The top-heavy young catgirl slowed her activity and cocked her head attentively, her ears following suit, pointing straight at him. "Prrt?"

Shinji pointed at the three fuzzy grey-furred kittens and then over the side of the nest. Fuwa's eyes followed his finger. "I want you to bring your kittens down and meet us down there, understand?"

Fuwafuwa's eyes lit up and she nodded. "Boobcat!"

Shinji smiled hesitantly at her. "Good girl."

He almost fell out of the nest when she gave him a quick peck on the lips, followed by a sultry stare. "Boobcat…"

Ranma smacked him on the back and grinned. "I think you just wrote a check, Shin-man. I hope your body can afford to cash it."

"Eh? Ahhhh!"

Shinji's yell echoed through the trees as Ranma, with the skill of practice, did the scoop-and-dive over the edge of the catgirl's arboreal aerie.

"Boobcat." Sniffing at her master's antics (and choice of companions), Fuwa went to grab a kitten to ferry down.

* * *


"There ya go!"

Shinji stood upright and glared at the grinning Ranma. "You could have warned me!"

"Ah, what's the fun in that?"

Shinji's mouth twitched, then formed into a small smile. "You know, I'm almost getting used to traveling that way."

Ranma smiled back. "Heh."

It was a nice change, the ex-Neriman reflected, to be able to play a joke on someone without being yelled at or even attacked. He blinked a moment later, realizing that he was once again reflecting on the past he couldn't consciously remember. 'I guess I couldn't do that sort of thing at 'home'. Eh, who needs it if it's that kind of place.'

Ranma would have been surprised to know that Shinji was thinking along similar lines. The former resident of Tokyo-3 *could* remember what it was like at 'home', and he was coming to realize, more and more, that in comparison, he didn't mind this place all that much.

Their current environment and lack of supplies sucked, but he'd been informed that it wasn't all like this, and they'd be reaching civilization sooner or later. He liked Ranma and Cloud, and his duties piloting a giant mecha into mortal combat had been replaced with the responsibility to be the "Tamer" of Fuwafuwa, a duty which he'd recently experienced and rather enjoyed. He hadn't been gone long enough to miss anyone, but he supposed he'd eventually miss Misato and his two school buddies.

'*If* I'm here that long…'

Shinji broke out of his thoughts to see and hear his Pokegirl scrambling down her tree, a mewling chibi-catgirl held in her teeth. She dropped the kitten at his feet, gave him a toothy smile, and with a cry of "Boobcat!" and a flick of her black-tipped tail, sprang into the tree's lower branches to get another.

Shinji smiled faintly at the kitten as she twined about his ankles, purring madly. He paled as the thought occurred to him that he was now, in a way, the kittens' "father".

'Ahhh! I don't want to be a father! I don't want to be like…him.'

Ranma seemed to have gotten the same idea. He eyed the kitten warily, but still managed to give a teasing grin. "Heh, those kittens seem to like you, Shin-man. It's almost like you're their Pop or something!"

He then noticed his friend's downcast expression. "What's wrong?"

Only Ranma's sharp hearing enabled him to hear Shinji's whisper. "…I don't want to be a father. Ever."

Ranma stepped closer. "Hey, I was only kidding. What's wrong?" His eyes narrowed a moment later as a thought occurred. "…something about your Pop?"

Shinji sighed, enjoying the kitten's friendly ankle-rub despite himself. "…yeah."

Ranma nodded understandingly and then spoke, his eyes thoughtful. "I don't properly remember, but I've got the feeling that my Pop was some kind of piece of work too. It don't mean nothing. I'm nothing like him, and I bet you're nothing like yours either."

Shinji sighed again and then nodded, slowly. "Maybe you're right. I'm nothing like my father, that's true."

'I'm indecisive and not the least bit commanding, and…'



Shinji smiled thinly as a second purring chibi began circling his ankles.

'They sure are cute.'

Fixing his thoughts firmly on the here-and-now, Shinji waited with his friend for the delivery of the third kitten.

* * *

Meanwhile, Cloud, Asuka and Rei were chatting, nearby but out of earshot from the guys…

* * *

Cloud took a deep breath and finally broached the subject she'd been nerving herself to discuss.

"Asuka-san, Rei-san…"

Asuka irritably pushed her hair out of her face for what felt like the millionth time that hour. She valiantly resisted an urge to scratch her sweaty ass. "What is it, Cloud?"

Rei looked at the black and white patched cowgirl attentively, but expressionlessly.

Cloud hesitated again. She had no experience in telling the "facts of life" to threshold girls. While she knew quite a lot about it, probably more than most non-medical Pokegirls, it was more of a Nursejoy's job. 'That reminds me, I should tell Ranma about my background sometime soon…'

"Just spit it out!" barked Asuka, making Cloud jump. The redhead was nearly panting, though it wasn't that hot.

Cloud's eyes softened as she realized how much Asuka was suffering, without even the thin comfort of knowing *why* she was feeling that way. It was enough to steel her nerves for the explanation, even though Asuka was a volatile fire-type. 'Poor thing…'

"Asuka-san…you are feeling hot and itchy, having thoughts about Taming, yes?"

"What! I'm not-" The image of Shinji, bare-chested and nicely sweaty, popped into her mind. The moist zone between her legs pulsed and throbbed. 'No…'

Cloud's matter-of-fact voice bored into her misery. "Asuka-san, I understand that you were not a Pokegirl in your home world. But in *this* world, you have become a fire-type, how, I have no idea."

What Cloud was saying barely penetrated into Asuka's awareness. She leaned against a tree, dying for a bit of shade. 'Agh…It's so damn hard to think…'

Cloud's voice became soft and sympathetic. "You want to touch yourself, to ease your discomfort, don't you, Asuka-san?"

Before she could stop herself, Asuka thought, 'Damn right!' The urge to get herself off had been building ever since they'd arrived and right now she was a thin scrap of willpower away from flopping onto her back, shoving her hands into her pants and rubbing herself raw.

'Goddamn it, this isn't *natural*. Maybe Ranma's bimbo has a point.'

She saw Rei out of the corner of her eye. 'The bitch looks perfectly comfy, damn it. Why the hell is that?'

When she finally spoke, her voice was ragged. "So? If I believe you, what does that mean? And how the hell is Wondergirl staying so goddamn cool?"

Cloud decided to give Asuka the bottom line. The redhead seemed to like directness, and she needed to know the facts before things got too far out of control and something disastrous happened.

Cloud's voice was sympathetic, but held an urgency that pushed away a bit of the fog in Asuka's head. "You are now a Pokegirl. You are no longer human, and have abilities related to your type-"

Asuka interrupted. "Abilities? Tell me, that'll prove things one way or another."

Cloud nodded. "All right. Rei-san, this applies to you too." Rei gave a minute dip of her chin to indicate her attention.

"It isn't hard, every Pokegirl has the instincts necessary for use of her powers. Asuka-san, hold out your hand and imagine a flame burning there. Rei-san, imagine a piece of ice." Asuka held out her hand and squinted at it through her fatigue and discomfort.

Cloud's voice came to her softly. "Use your abilities and create the flame. Imagine power rushing from the center of your being…"

Soundlessly, a dancing flame appeared in the redhead's outstretched palm.

There was a touch of awe in Asuka's voice as she stared at the unnatural fire she held, the fire that wasn't burning her. "That was *easy*."

Rei inspected the small chunk of ice she held. 'Similar feeling to when I invoke my AT-field. Interesting.'

Reluctantly, Asuka dropped her hand, the fire instantly vanishing.

"…alright, so I'm a "Pokegirl"." Asuka's voice dripped with disgust as she said the "P-word". The uncomfortable feeling, the damnable *itch* between her legs, seemed to be worse now.

"How the hell do I get rid of this…whatever it is?"

"The craving and discomfort you are feeling is your need to be Tamed. The specifics of your type aside, you need-"

This world's definition of the word "Tamed" got through to Asuka in a big way.


Cloud flinched as the air around Asuka's body shimmered. Rei watched with interest. From a safe distance.

"You're saying I need to be *fucked*?"

"If you do not receive taming, you will go more and more Feral-"

"And what the hell does that mean?" Asuka snarled with her eyes closed as she slumped against the tree.

She'd already been told, several times, but Cloud didn't blame her lack of memory considering the circumstances.

"You are a very human-type Pokegirl, so going Feral isn't as bad as for some, but you'll find it very hard to think. When you're totally Feral you'll lose the ability to speak and most of your intelligence."

Asuka felt a little sanity come back to her as her stomach filled with ice. She was very proud of her intelligence, and the thought of losing it struck hard at her pride.

"Lose the ability to *speak*?! That's not that bad? What the fuck!?"

Cloud shrugged minutely, keeping a cautious eye on the about-to-explode redhead. "You won't become as beastlike as some, Asuka-san. Just very limited in your intellectual capacity."

"I like my intellectual capacity the way it is, you big-titted bimbo! Jesus Christ!"

A new voice joined the until now two-way conversation. It was steady, male, and a touch pissed off.

"Hey now…watch the way you talk to Cloud-chan, Asuka."

* * *

Sweat blinding her, Asuka instantly rounded on the newcomer. "Fuck *off* Ranma! I'll talk to your bimbo anyway I damn well like!"

Shinji and Ranma, along with Fuwafuwa and her kittens, had just come through some low-hanging branches into the pseudo-clearing the girls had been waiting in. Shinji and his Harem hung back, watching fearfully as Ranma didn't back off, getting right in Asuka's face. "No, you damn well will *not*."

Asuka cursed. "You-"

She stopped. He smelled *good*. Sweaty and *male*. She stopped herself an inch from glomming onto him.

She looked up into curious blue-gray eyes. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Trembling with the effort of self-control, Asuka tore herself away and huddled miserably against a tree. "Fuck off."

Ranma rolled his eyes at her back. "Well, that was weak."

He was going to continue, but was interrupted by Cloud. She whispered, "She needs to be tamed, soon, Ranma-san."

Ranma blinked and muttered back. "What the hell? You're saying she's a *Pokegirl*?"

When Cloud nodded, he shrugged and accepted it. She was the expert on that particular area, and he trusted her judgment. "Well don't look at me, I'm not doing it."

Cloud suppressed a smile. 'Mine!'

She glanced at the shivering Asuka and continued aloud, "I think she likes Shinji-san. He would be the logical Tamer for her."

Ranma grunted in agreement. "Sure, I just hope the kid is up to it."

Ranma blinked as something else occurred to him. "So, if Asuka's a Pokegirl, what about Rei?"

"She is also a Pokegirl, an ice-type, I think."

Ranma looked over at Rei, who looked blandly back. "So why isn't she freaking out like Red?"

"Ice-types have much lower Taming requirements than fire-types. Rei-san should be fine for quite a while, unless she draws heavily upon her elemental abilities. Right after threshold that tends to speed up the need for the initial Taming."

Ranma filed that away and nodded. "Ok. So…you want me to tell Shinji?

Who would have told Shinji was something that would never be determined, as the mysterious figure shadowing the group chose that moment of relative distraction to attack.

* * *

Ranma felt instincts that had been relatively unused as of late activate as the feeling which had been hovering in the back of his mind burst into full life. He shoved Cloud to the ground while bellowing an alert in his loudest voice.



Cloud shrieked as light flared and explosions sent chunks of greenery in all directions. She clamped down on her panic and crawled rapidly for the sheltering bulk of a nearby full-grown oak. 'Enemy Pokegirl. I should have been more alert.'

Ranma had reflexively gone into a series of evasive backflips, his insane level of conditioning and familiarity with this sort of obstacle-strewn terrain allowing maneuvers that would have been counterproductive in anyone else. His nerves settled down into the familiar poised calm of battle as a barrage of some sort of energy bolts shattered small trees and hurled hunks of turf through the damp air.

He flipped off of his hands and landed in a crouch behind a large, sturdy tree. His mind moving at a speed that would astonished his former teachers at Furinken, he reflected that if this had been a martial arts challenge he would have stood in the open and made some sort of challenging speech. As it was, he was more than content to have some cover.

He stuck his head out and took a quick scan of the surroundings, pulling back an instant later and smiling in satisfaction at not seeing anyone. Those kids from the world of giant robots and monsters had clearly not forgotten their combat training. Cloud was also gone from where he'd left her.

'I guess she's had experience with this sort of thing, or at least knows what to do. Thank God.'


Ranma cautiously peeped around his tree and saw an impressive sight. A tall, sexy, leather-clad woman wearing a cloak of dark feathers was hanging in mid-air, perhaps 3 meters from the ground. 'Out of easy hand-to-hand range…'

Though she didn't have a visible battle-aura, he could still feel the power she radiated. Seconds later she demonstrated that power by unleashed a sizzling bolt of power from her long-fingered, sharp-nailed hand and shattering the trunk of a medium-sized tree.


"You can't hide forever. Bring out the Celestial and I will let the rest of you live."

So saying, she exploded three more trees in rapid succession.


Seeing the rate at which she was depleting their cover, Ranma thought, 'She's a got a point.' He clenched his jaw and readied himself to attack as soon as she turned fully away from him. 'I bet I can surprise the bitch with how high I can jump.'

Before he could do so, the attacker's game of tree-lotto paid off with a quintuple score: her next blast forced Shinji, Fuwa and her three terrified kittens into the open when their cover was reduced to smoking wood chips.

The hovering figure purred in a low, rich voice, drawing out the first word tauntingly.

"Soooo…a mere boy and a common cat-type." She took aim at the group with theatrical slowness, bringing down her hand as if pointing a gun. Fuwa hissed, her ears flat, standing in a half-crouch in front of her master and her babies. The kittens cowered and Shinji just looked anguished. Ranma could see his right hand clenching and unclenching as he held it against his thigh. "Perhaps the oh-so-noble Celestial will be willing to expose herself to save their pitiful lives?"

Then…everything happened at once.

With a bellow of rage, Asuka burst from the woods behind the hovering Pokegirl and shoved out her arms like she was going to embrace her. Instead, a huge plume of fire erupted from her outstretched palms, turning the air between her and her target into an inferno.

The leather-clad female screeched in surprise and wobbled in the air as her cloak smoldered. A shimmer in the air around her, heretofore invisible, seemed to have buffered the strike, as Ranma was sure that otherwise the hovering Pokegirl would have been completely engulfed in flame.

As the woman spun and shot a quick blast at Asuka, Rei emerged from the opposite side of the clearing with the silence of a sniper and unleashed a blast of super-chilled air. For a moment, the only sounds audible were the air crackling as its ambient water froze and the attacking Pokegirl's cry of pain as her burned back was now quick-frozen. Again, Ranma noticed a shimmer in the air that seemed to render Rei's attack vastly less effective.

Ranma exploded out of hiding even as all of this was going down. His mind now working a maximum hyper-efficiency, time seemed to slow to a crawl. He heard Germanic cursing as the corner of his eye told him Asuka was now pinned under a tree from the attacker's expertly placed shot. The tactician in him was impressed by how fast she had neutralized what could have been a significant threat.

'She's no amateur.'

Snarling in rage and slowly sinking towards the ground, the leather-clad Pokegirl spun to confront the ice-type that had blindsided her. Rei was already unleashing another blast, her ruby eyes blazing in her expressionless face, but the powerful Pokegirl she was attacking somehow managed to react in time, responding with an intricate gesture that ended with both hands held as if gripping a mirror.

Ranma's attention was split between noting that he had closed half the distance to his target, that Shinji and Fuwa were charging from the opposite side and Rei crying out in surprise. Somehow, her blast had rebounded, knocking her back several feet and coating her from head to foot in a thick layer of frost. With less than a second's gap between maneuvers, her target grinned savagely and unloaded a bright flash of power directly into the slim blue-haired girl's chest.

Ranma's heart pounded as he dropped the distance to less than a third, even as Rei's body was hurled back into the surrounding trees. The only thing he could hear over his hammering pulse was Shinji's anguished shout.


'You fucking bitch. I didn't know her well, but Rei was still my friend. You're gonna fucking die.'

All this in less than 3 seconds.

As he closed to pummeling range, a detached part of Ranma's mind noted that his target was extremely beautiful, in a dark, elegant sort of way. High cheekbones, long black hair in an intricate braid, just enough eyeshadow to highlight her dark, luminous eyes, lips either naturally red or made so with expertly applied cosmetics.

Smiling widely in satisfaction, the tall, sexy Pokegirl flicked a glance between the two forces charging at her. Her hands shimmered with gathering power as she apparently decided that a charging Boobcat was more dangerous than a mere human male, despite the speed at which he could run. The slim human boy trailing the fast-moving cat-type was, of course, not even considered as a potential threat of any significance.

Ranma snarled soundlessly as she turned her back to him and shot a barrage of blasts at Fuwafuwa. Blocking out both the sound of explosions and the urge to find out the Boobcat's fate, he lashed out at the Pokebitch's feather-clad back with both fists. As expected, he felt his strikes blunted by some sort of invisible barrier. He grunted in disgust as the tall Pokegirl ignored him entirely, seeming to not even feel a fraction of his hits, unlike Asuka's flame or Rei's ice.

He struck again even as he thought, 'Let's see how you like *this* then!'

"Kashu Tenshin Amaguriken!"

Ranma could feel his chi flowing powerfully through his body as he rained hundreds of strikes on the invisible shield. He struck so quickly that it became visible as a shimmering plane of force where he was saturating it with attacks. To his frustration, the fast, but less forceful than normal punches were still too weak to even make his target notice.

'Fuck! A little more and maybe I can overload this shield.'

He didn't get the chance. A lightning turn and backhand and he was experiencing the familiar sensation of flying through the air. Despair soured the martial artist's stomach as he saw a madly dodging Fuwa get clipped by a blast and go rolling across the ground. He didn't think she was too badly hurt, but it didn't say much for how their side was doing that the only player they had that was still up was Shinji, who was doggedly closing into grappling range.

Ranma automatically tucked and rolled as he hit the ground, after a couple of quick revolutions ending up on his back with his head propped against a tree. His eyes widened as he saw the homicidal Pokegirl grinning happily and slowly leveling her hand at Shinji, who was only about two armslengths away from her, still charging with a look of hatred on his face.

'Shit! One of those blasts will kill the kid!'

Reaching deep inside himself, Ranma drew on his inner strength and with a shout of "Hey *bitch!* Try this on for size: MOKO TAKABISHA!" fired a bright blue ball of energy at his enemy's exposed back.

With an sigh of exasperation that he could hear from where he lay, ready to roll to the side to avoid her energy blasts, the tall Pokegirl spun around and with the same gesture as she'd used fighting Rei, reflected Ranma's Fierce Tiger Ball back at him.

At least…she meant to.

Shinji let out a bloodcurdling yell and jumped onto the Pokegirl's back, passing through her protective barrier as if it didn't exist. Still crying out in fury, the slim lad looped his arms around her throat, attempting to strangle her with all the strength his thin arms could muster. Simultaneously, the unreflected ball of chi smashed into her shield, dispelling it in a brief flare of light.

Not interested in looking a gift horse in the mouth, Ranma kippuped to his feet and charged towards the tussling duo, intent on putting out the Pokebitch's lights while he had the chance. As he came nearer he noticed that she was staggering and plucking feebly at Shinji's arms, attempting to get him off of her. From the strength of her backhand, Ranma judged that it shouldn't have been a problem, but some reason her fingers couldn't seem to get a grip.


Using his forward momentum, he drove his right fist into her gut without pulling the strike one bit, driving the air out of her lungs. As she bent over with a whoosh of expelled breath, he seized a handful of braided hair in his left hand and, holding it for purchase, brutally punched her in the side of the head some fifty times with another cry of "Kashu Tenshin Amaguriken!"

As the dark-haired Pokegirl slumped to the ground, bleeding slightly from minor head wounds and clearly unconscious, Ranma looked thoughtfully at his callused right hand. "That's the hardest I think I've ever hit a girl."

The harsh croak of Shinji's voice almost made him jump. "Good. She killed Rei."

As the rush of combat finally subsided, other priorities than staying alive and taking down the enemy dropped into the front position in Ranma's brain. "Shit! Rei. We gotta go check her."

Shinji stared at him with wet eyes as he unlooped his arms from about the supine Pokegirl's neck and slowly got up off her body. "But, she got blasted-"

Ranma made a chopping gesture with his hand, cutting Shinji off, and spun to where he thought he'd seen Rei's slim body flying through the air. "Yeah, I know, but maybe she's still alive. You never know."

"Boobcat?" "Ranma-san, are you okay?"

Ranma turned to face the two Pokegirls. Cloud looked anxious and a bit guilty, while Fuwa was watching Shinji for signs of distress. The silver-haired catgirl's three offspring roamed around their mother's feet, seeming none the worse for wear now that the excitement was over.

"Girls, keep an eye on the Pokebitch here for us, okay? We've gotta see if we can help Rei."

Cloud nodded and Fuwa ignored him, instead looking at Shinji. When Shinji nodded, she let out an affirmative meow.

Ranma rolled his eyes. "Right…let's go."

Faces determined, the two men of the party charged off into the woods, hoping against hope that their friend was still among the living.

Meanwhile, an angry voice was coming from the other side of the clearing…

"Hey! HEY! Somebody get me out from under this verdammt log! *HEY!*"

* * *

End Chapter 6

* * *

Next chapter: Is Rei really dead? Is Asuka humping that tree she's pinned under? And what the hell's going on with Shinji? Tune in next chapter to find out!