Ranma In the Pokegirl World - Chapter 05 - Shinji's Peril / Asuka's Displeasure

Started: February 23, 2004

Finished: March 25, 2004

Current Revision: April 25, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, also possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not restricting myself to following that continuity.

I'm Giving In To The Crowd Disclaimer: I own nothing, especially not the characters and settings containing in this fic. Don't sue me! Like anyone would bother.

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Author Uses Smutty Language Warning! Crude slang terms for the male and female anatomy are contained herein! Danger Will Robinson!

No Guarantee Of Plot Warning! This ain't the Iliad. Telling me how plotless and inane this is will have no effect on subsequent chapters. So there!

* * *

Asuka was pissed.

In fact, she was *beyond* pissed, somewhere between all the flesh sloughing from her head to reveal a naked skull or merely having flames shoot out of her ears.

Shinji watched apprehensively as her jaw worked, her eyes bulged, her fists waved, her-


Rei watched impassively as he squeaked and hid behind a leafy bush, poking his face out inquisitively a moment later as if to see if Asuka was still there.

Shinji resembled a frightened squirrel, she decided. 'It is almost…cute.'


'Why did I think that?'

Cloud looked on, fascinated. She'd never seen someone so completely enraged, especially when it was for such a mundane reason. Still, she half-hid behind Ranma just in case the fiery redhead really *was* a fire-type, forgetting for the moment that she was physically tougher than him.

Ranma himself was puzzled. 'Man, what's up with her? Cloud just told her about how Pokegirls work. It was interesting!'

Was that a shimmering aura around the redheaded Eva pilot, or merely a trick of the light? Since everyone within 5 meters had cleared out, there was no way to tell. Nor was anyone close enough to see a dried leaf she was standing on crisp in seconds, too quickly even to ignite.

The air shook with the catastrophic volume pouring from the redhead's mouth. "I've been *dumped* into a world where-" she panted for breath.

"*Real* woman are rare as hen's teeth, and *men*-" she invested the word with a whole-lotta-loathing "-spend their time running around capturing air-headed, sex-happy *BIMBOS*!? BAKA SHINJI!!"

Shinji's bush quivered.

"How is it Pilot Ikari's fault, Sohryu?"

Asuka spun and glared. "WHAT!"

"We were merely present at the experiment. In fact…it was at your insistence that we attended. I recall you saying, 'I don't want the Baka to hog all the glory.'"

If Asuka's glare could have burned Rei to a cinder, it would have. Or perhaps it was unable to affect the albino's frosty poise? Ranma's hair ruffled in a breeze that seemed to come from nowhere.

"Hmph!" Defeated for the moment by the evil forces of logic and perfect Wondergirl-recall, Asuka turned her back, crossed her arms and assumed the "I-am-not-sulking" sulking position.

The bush- er, Shinji, sighed in relief.

Ranma put his hands on his hips and tapped his foot. "Arright…now that *that's* over, let's get moving."

Asuka gave him a very clear "You want some of this? Well do ya punk?!" look.

He ignored it. "Eh, seen one tomboy pitch a hissy fit and ya seen 'em all. Come on Cloud." He gave the delighted Pokegirl a playful smack to one luscious bare buttock in passing. She giggled and skipped after him, jiggling like a tent full of jello.

Rei indifferently observed Shinji's mezmerization by the appetizing sight. She had noticed similar effects being induced by Major Katsuragi's unbounded cleavage upon male NERV personnel. It was nothing to her.

Asuka saw his interest too. It *should* have been nothing to her, right? But somehow…it wasn't.

In silence, one serene and one smoldering, the two female Eva pilots followed their guides to this strange new world.

* * *

As Ranma walked hand in hand with Cloud, he mulled over the story told by the three teens. Or rather, by the boy, with many interruptions from the redhead and zero participation by the girl with the odd blue hair.

'Giant robots, alien invaders…. I guess they come from somewhere different than me.'

Cloud was happy. She was with her Master and they had some new friends, friends who quite possibly might prove useful in a fight. The two girls 'felt' like Pokegirls to her, and best of all, they were part of that cute young man's harem already! She felt a little guilty at her pleasure at still being Ranma's only Pokegirl, but not much.

Asuka was…still pissed.

Ok, big surprise.

She was in some jungle hell with two of her least favorite people (part of her protested at this, but was automatically squelched), she had just learned that said hell was filled with homicidal animorphic female sex-maniacs, and worst of all she was *hot*.

An Evangelion pilot's plugsuit is designed for a very specific purpose: helping the wearer interface with their Evangelion unit, in an sealed capsule filled with oxygenated cushioning fluid. In a humid arboreal environment, it was quite possibly the worst imaginable item of clothing to wear.

Asuka toyed with the neck-release of her suit. There was one big thing stopping her from removing it:

Old joke in NERV Central: "What does an Evangelion pilot wear under their plugsuit?"

Why, nothing, of course.

The thought of the baka getting to ogle her divine body was a strong deterrent, even in the face of the sweat she could feel trickling down her ribs.

She glanced over her shoulder to yell at her idiotic fellow Pilots to hurry up (not that they were in a rush, just on general principles) and stopped abruptly.

Rei had apparently felt no similar reluctance and had detached the upper part of her suit, allowing it to dangle from her waist. Her bare breasts glistened with the same sweat Asuka could feel coating her own body.

The redhead's gaze flicked past her rival to Shinji, who had followed Rei's lead and was equally half-bared and sweaty. She eyed his flat, firm chest for a moment before reaching a decision.

She waited until Wondergirl had passed and stopped him with a firm poke in the chest.

"I'm going to take off my top, baka, and I don't want you peeping. Got it?"

Shinji flushed a bit and said, "Of course, Asuka. I won't peep."

She looked into his blue eyes for a moment. She saw only innocence there.

Feeling a bit disappointed, she grumbled, "You better not, if you know what's good for you."

She put her back to him and triggered her suit's release. She could feel Shinji watching as she slowly, theatrically pulled the plugsuit's plasticky membrane from her sweaty torso.

"Ahhhh…that feels good."

The fresh air on her upper body *did* feel good, though not as good as her orgasmic moan of relief indicated. For some reason, she felt like giving Shinji an exceptionally thorough teasing today.

"Like what you see, baka?"

She smiled at the incoherent noises of denial that followed and began walking briskly to catch up to the others.

"Stay behind me if you know what's good for you. And don't peep at Rei either. She may be a complete headcase, but it's my duty as a girl to keep perverts like you from molesting her with your eyes."

Just as she finished casually insulting both of her companions, Ranma popped into view.

"What's the holdup?"

New instincts fought with old for a second. New won.

He stopped and ogled, grinning.

"Nice rack, Red."

Shinji cringed at the bellow that followed. A corner of his mouth quirked up at Ranma's loud "Hee hee hee!" and dexterous evasion of Asuka's attempted slap. Amused pursued and outraged pursuer disappeared into the brush, making enough noise to make a herd of elephants seem discreet.

'I wish I could be that confident…'

Sighing, the melancholy youth picked up the pace and moved to rejoin his companions.

* * *

High up in the trees nearby, a set of fuzzy grey feline ears perked up. What was that horrendous noise?

Pulled by the stereotypical curiosity of her breed, she moved through the trees with silent grace towards the source of the loud crashing and yelling sounds.

* * *

Feeling hunger start to gnaw at his insides, Shinji moved hesitantly across the damp forest floor. The foot coverings of his plugsuit weren't designed for use as hiking boots any more than the upper part was intended for use as a safari jacket, and he was beginning to wonder if he wouldn't be better off removing it. The feeble psychological comfort provided by *not* wandering a hostile wilderness buck naked was the only thing stopping him.

He wondered what they would eat, and if there *was* anything to eat in this place. Shortly after they'd arrived, Ranma and his astonishingly nude and curvy companion had disappeared into the brush for a few minutes, Ranma saying something about an interrupted meal. He hadn't been hungry at the time, mostly due to the splitting headache, and had just groaned a feeble acknowledgement.

Sighing, he returned his gaze to the pleasantly distracting sight of Asuka's bare back, glistening with healthy sweat. His eyes caressed it, watching her shoulderblades shifting beneath the skin, partially concealed by her red-gold hair which swung hypnotically from side-to-side as she strode athletically along.

Moving his gaze, a bit further ahead he could see Rei's naked back, it's full, sculpted area available for viewing, unconcealed by her short hair.

He only looked for a perhaps a minute before returning his gaze to his feet. If he looked at the sweaty exposed flesh of the two attractive young girls for any longer, he found the lower half of his plugsuit becoming…restrictive. Seeing their backs brought thoughts of their fronts, and thoughts of their fronts brought thermal expansion.

Involuntarily, he brought his eyes back up for another look. They locked onto the upper edge of the plugsuit's lower half. The hollow of Asuka's spine led to…he gulped. The thin plastic garment had evidently worked its way down as Asuka walked. There was perhaps two centimeters of exposure below the line of her trim waist, just enough to hint at the round, firm shape of her posterior. Was that…?

He stumbled over a root, his eyes staying gyroscopically locked on the barest suggestion of Asuka's ass-crack. Thermal expansion was reaching critical levels.

His hands automatically moved to conceal his groin. If Asuka caught him staring there would be hell to pay. She'd only recently stopped chasing Ranma, instead muttering Germanic curses coupled with Japanese vows to render him incapable of fathering future generations of perverts…once she caught her breath.

After staring at his feet for another minute, he flicked his gaze upward and was transfixed. Asuka's suit had slipped another centimeter, creating a display that seemed designed to tantalize him. Shinji was the most mild-mannered of lads (at least outside of his Eva) but the way Asuka's fine ass was sloooowly being revealed was driving him insane.

Gusting forth another sigh, he gradually dropped back until he only caught the occasional glimpse of red plugsuit and luscious bare back.

'I don't trust myself around her. I just wish she wasn't so mean…'

* * *

Above the young male Eva pilot, perched comfortably on a thick tree branch, the owner of a pair of jade-green, slit-pupiled eyes gazed at him fondly.

She bunched her muscles to spring.

* * *

Isolated at the end of the line of travelers, Shinji didn't realize his peril. It was very perilous peril too.

There was a blur of tawny flesh and gray fur, a startled yell which trailed off into the distance and then silence.

* * *

Some time later…

* * *


Rei turned her head to regard her sweaty, half-naked companion. "What is it, Sohryu?"

Asuka scowled, but Rei saw a flicker of worry in her eyes.

She irritably brushed hair out of her eyes and said, "I haven't seen the baka for a while. You think he got lost?"

"It is unlikely that Pilot Ikari would be incapable of following you. Nor would he fail to ask for assistance if he were in trouble."

Rei paused. "…he is not very 'macho', I believe is the expression."

Asuka smirked. "No shit, Wondergirl. The baka's about the least macho person I can think of, outside of the other two stooges."

* * *

Elsewhere, Touji Souzahara said, "Hey!" for no detectable reason.

* * *

The smirk disappeared as she said, "I thought I heard his hoot, but I figured he'd just stubbed his toe or something. Clumsy baka."

Rei noted the trace of affection in the redhead's last statement, but said nothing.

Ranma and Cloud appeared in a rustle of brush. "What's the holdup this time, Red?"

Fortunately for Asuka's modesty (and Ranma's face) the redhead was behind the cover of Rei's body, allowing her time to cover her exposed bits with her arms. Rei turned to face the newcomers, unbothered by her nudity.

Asuka glared. She hadn't known Ranma long, but he'd already vaulted to the top end of her 'people to smack' list. "The baka's gotten himself lost."

Ranma swore briefly, then turned an intense gaze on Asuka's face. "How long?"

"I heard him yell maybe a quarter of an hour ago, but I thought he just bumped himself."

Ranma's face twisted in anger. "Weren't you listening when Cloud explained about the kind of stuff running around out here!? Kuso!"

* * *

When Shinji regained consciousness… [old Canadian radio joke]

* * *


Shinji sat up, peeling himself off of the dry, rustling surface he was lying on. Rubbing his sore head, through bleary eyes he looked about, trying to understand the transition from walking in the forest to waking up here…wherever *here* was.

He was in a shallow cup, the circular edges formed from crudely woven forest vegetation, both dry and fresh. Something about the look of it triggered recognition.

'I'm in a *nest*.'

"Mew. Mew. Mew."

He slowly turned his head to the right. 'Oh Kami, what now?'

"Mew? Mew? Mew?"

Three small, grey, fuzzy forms got up from the pile they'd been sleeping in and gallomped clumsily towards him, crossing the short distance in seconds. They sniffed cautiously before rubbing against his legs and side, purring like little engines.

A rare grin split Shinji's face as the three chibi-catgirls lavished affection on him. Their cuteness was off the normal scale and had to be measured in mega-units of "kawaii". Even his customary gloom was no defense. Gingerly, the young male Eva pilot extended a slim hand and began to pet them, the timid action yielding a bounty of exuberant feline ecstasy.


'Their fur is so soft…'

He examined the immature catgirls as they flowed to and fro under the gentle pressure of his petting hand. Their heads were completely human, other than the fuzzy grey cat-ears poking up through their silver-grey hair. So were their bodies, other than the dense short fur that covered their torsos, upper legs and lower arms. And their tails, of course.

He caressed a sinuous tail, to fervent purrs of approval. It was relatively short by feline standards given the catgirl's relative size, 6 or so inches long, soft and fluffy, grey in color but with a black end, tipped in white.

He wondered what their parents looked like.

'Oh *crap*. Parents. Nest. Offspring.'

He looked down at a cute little mini-catgirl. She was purring happily in his lap, and looked back up at him with beautiful green eyes, smiling a human smile. His stomach flipped over as he noticed she had very sharp looking incisors.

'Hungry offspring. Oh Kami. Help!'


Filled with dread, Shinji turned his head slowly and saw the taller, sexier human/feline form that had soundlessly entered the nest. Terror weakened his legs, making him glad that he was already sitting down.

At that same moment, he felt the rough little tongue of one of the chibis lick his hand.

'She's *tasting* me.'

That he was going to be eaten by something so cute was poor consolation.

* * *

Ranma thought as he searched, moving with great though automatic efficiency. He was upset with himself for being so upset with Asuka. He just wasn't used to feeling this way.

'Man, when I used to get pissed, it only lasted a second. Now it lasts a hell of a lot longer.'

He resolved to control himself better in the future. Self-control was the way of the martial artist, after all.

For some reason the image of a roly-poly panda gorging itself appeared in his mind's eye. He absentmindedly resolved to slap around any fat pandas he came across as well.

'Shin-man, where are ya?'

He had decided he liked the gloomy young man soon after meeting him. He struck Ranma as a good sort, but needing a major injection of positive Chi.

He swept aside a springy green branch, automatically holding it to prevent it from smacking Cloud in the face. 'That's one guy that could use Shampoo hanging off of him for a few months. Get some Amazon cheer inta him.'

* * *

Petrified, Shinji watched the lithe form of the mother catgirl slink towards him.

'Oh god she's coming closer! Run away run away run away-'

The purring mini-catgirl in his lap (and the weakness in his legs) held him in place as she effortlessly squatted down, as easily as a drifting cloud, and-

-dropped a fish from her mouth to the eager claws n' jaws of Shinji's vibrating lap-cargo.

A long, whistling sigh escaped his mouth like a tea kettle losing pressure as he realized that Eva pilot wasn't on the menu. He watched as two more fresh, still flopping fish were delivered to the catgirl's other two delighted offspring.

'Brook trout. Nice big ones too.'

The mature catgirl was average height for a Japanese girl, about five foot nothing. Like her kits, she had vivid green eyes and beautiful silver-grey hair, a little more than shoulder length, with two cute, fuzzy feline ears poking up through it on top. The body fur the young catgirls possessed was largely gone, except for a fluffy patch between her legs, leaving her body bare.

Bare and luscious. Shinji gulped as his eyes unwillingly traced the Pokegirl's sweetly curved flesh. A short, furry black-end-with-white-tip tail sprouted above her tight, firm butt. As she swung back in his direction, his male hormones duly noted that his feline captor was also rather…built.

She was nowhere near the dimensions of Ranma's Pokegirl, Cloud, but still nicely top-heavy. Also like Cloud, the catgirl's breasts were supernaturally firm, unnaturally perky for such large, full orbs.

Shinji's eyes crossed as the catgirl's boobs stopped their approach, almost in his face. Aside from the eyeful of Ranma's cowgirl he'd gotten today, this was the closest he'd ever been to a set of bare female chest ornaments. He stared at them appreciatively as their owner merowred a command to the chibi in his lab.

With a last rub of her face on his hand the little catgirl scampered off, fish in jaws, to join her two littermates.


Shinji gulped again as a heavier weight dropped into his lap.



He struggled to breathe as his face was inundated in soft, warm catgirl boobflesh.

* * *

The search was taking too long. Rei decided that she was going to have to reveal a minor NERV secret.


Ranma jerked a glance over his shoulder. "Yeah Rei?"

"I believe I know how to find Ikari-kun."

"Oh?" The group stopped when Ranma stopped.

The blue-haired girl grabbed the dangling sleeve of her suit, pulled it up and did something subtle with a fingertip. Asuka watched with great interest.

Rei peered at something invisible to the others. If it was some sort of luminescent display, the afternoon sunshine made it invisible beyond very close range.

"My plugsuit has the capability of tracking Shinji-kun. I have a distance and a heading. Seven hundred and thirty-eight meters. South-Southeast." She pointed.

"Why didn't you say something earlier?"

Rei was not the most creative of liars, but she had the advantage of one of the world's best poker faces.

"I am still recovering from our transit to this world. I did not remember."

Ranma gave a small grunt of understanding and headed in the direction Rei had indicated.

Asuka slowed down, allowing Rei to come parallel to her. "Can your suit track *me* Wondergirl?"

Rei nodded, keeping her eyes on the forest trail.

Asuka's eyes narrowed to suspicious slits. "Hm…"

* * *

Fifteen minutes later…

* * *


Cloud cocked her head, listening to the faint sound of a distressed human voice. "That sounds like Shinji-san."


Cloud listened carefully. "It's coming from above."

"We're coming Shinji!" yelled Ranma, powering his way through the forest's undergrowth.

It didn't take the group long to gather at the base of a sturdy tree. Shinji's discomfited, but not agonized voice could be heard coming from its top branches.

Asuka stared up. "At least the baka's still alive." Rei noted the tone of relief submerged in her voice.

The sharper-eyed of the group could see Shinji's head periodically popped into view and then disappearing, as well as the head of the person who was apparently preventing his escape.

Ranma looked apprehensive. "She's got cat ears."

Rei nodded. "Confirmed."

Asuka yelled, "We're coming Baka! Stay alive until we get there!"

Shinji's voice sounded relieved, but still held an undertone of panic. "Come quick! She's got my pants and I don't know how much longer I can hold her off!"


Asuka's face twisted through various emotions as she watched Shinji being pulled back into the nest by the amorous catgirl. Rei noted the two poofs of smoke that emitted from her ears, as the redhead's face settled on "furiously outraged".

Ranma looked around the group. He didn't like the idea of going up there to confront something so cat-like, but he doubted that any of the others would be able to climb - not to mention fight - as well as he.

"I'm goin' up there Cloud-chan. Got any advice on dealin' with Shinji's, ah, problem?"

Cloud gave him a worried look. From his morning practice, she held him to be a formidable combatant, but how would he fare against a possibly enraged feral catgirl? It was impossible to say.

"Ranma-san…please be careful. Pokegirls can be very dangerous to humans when pressed." She looked into his eyes and said with quiet force. "Don't hold back."

Ranma felt his stomach drop at the concern in his Pokegirl's voice. He nodded and returned her serious look. "I won't."

He turned and started clambering up the big tree without another word. Being an accomplished climber, he didn't find it particularly difficult, but he went slower than necessary, psyching himself up for no-holds-barred combat. The blank space in his memories made it impossible to know for sure, but he had the feeling that it was something he'd had to do more than once in the past.

'Maybe I'll get lucky this time.'

The cold feeling in his gut told him this was unlikely.

* * *

The chilling cat-sounds and feeble human cries were very close. Ranma cautiously peeked over the edge of the nest.


"Good kitty…no, don't touch that, it doesn't belong to you!"

A grin cracked the young martial artist's face as he watched the voluptuous cat-type attempt to get into Shinji's pants. Her attempt was greatly aided by the fact that the beleaguered Eva pilot wasn't wearing any, the feline Pokegirl having won that particular struggle several minutes ago.

The grin increased as he spied the catgirl's chibi cheering section. The miniature catgirls chewed idly on the bones of their recent dinner, seeming to egg on their mother's attempts to achieve satisfaction with little yowls and meows.

He raised his head into view and began to climb into the nest, keeping an careful eye on the feral Pokegirl as he did so. "Yo! Shin-man, your rescue party has arrived."

Sensing the until-now stealthy intruder to her nest, the grey-haired catgirl immediately placed herself between Ranma and her kittens and hissed loudly. Shinji gulped and stayed where he was.

Viciously clamping down on his mysterious instinctive fear of Shinji's feline captor, Ranma edged forward, hands moving slowly and evasively in front of him. "I don't wanna hurt ya…"

With a piercing yowl, she sprang at Ranma in a short, controlled and incredibly fast leap, 110 pounds of muscle tipped with razor-keen claws and teeth.

Faster than it takes to describe it, Ranma's body moved, weaving to the side and slapping aside her extended limbs. Shinji watched in awe as his new friend somehow appeared in the catgirl's rear arc and one blurred limb delivered a devastating chop to the back of her neck. The chibi-catgirls whimpered as their mother collapsed into a boneless heap.

The black-and-red-clad martial artist stood at the center of the nest and let out his breath in a loud whoosh. He stared at his hands, replaying the fight in his head.. He hadn't known he was capable of that kind of speed. For some reason, the image of chestnuts roasting on an open fire came to him. 'Damn weird.'

Shinji's timid voice broke him out of his reverie. "Is she okay?"

Ranma squatted and gave the sleeping catgirl a brief, expert examination. "She'll be fine. Just wake up with a headache in a few hours."

"Oh. Good."

He explained while pulling his plugsuit back on. "She didn't hurt me or anything. She just seemed to want to…" He blushed.

Ranma grinned. "Jump yer bones, yeah, the wildlife around here is into that."

Shinji nodded absently as he made sure the plugsuit was securely fastened around his waist, glancing at the piteously meowing chibi-catgirls. They seemed to want to go to their mother, but kept looking fearfully at her tall, ferocious conqueror. It was making Ranma feel ashamed of himself. "Will they be okay?"

"Sure, sure. Why wouldn't they be?"

Shinji smiled faintly. "I guess."

Ranma walked to the edge of the nest and yelled, "Shinji's okay!" He didn't wait for a reply, turning back to Shinji and saying, "How good a climber are you?"

Shinji went to the edge and looked over for a moment. "Not that good."

"Okay…we'll have to do this the fast way."

"Eh? AHHH!!!"

Not giving his passenger time to panic, Ranma scooped the slim body of his friend up and tucked him under one arm in one smooth motion, then easily swung the both of them over the side.

* * *

Cloud listened with big eyes to the rapidly descending wail…

"…ahhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH! Oof!"

…then smiled with relief as both of her male friends, looking fully intact, descended from the tree. Ranma jauntily and Shinji indignantly.

Ranma placed Shinji upright with effortless strength. "There ya go, buddy."


The females present were impressed with Ranma's display of brawn, each in their own way. Rei noted it coolly, like she did everything. Asuka flexed a slim bicep and scowled. Cloud thought happy Pokegirl thoughts of hunk-appreciation.

Asuka strode over and imperiously poked Shinji in his bare chest. "Are you okay baka?"

Shinji blinked, wondering why she cared. "I'm fine Asuka."

The same thought occurred to the red haired spitfire a moment later. "…good. They'll need you to pilot at home, you know!"

Shinji sighed as the feeble flicker of hope that someone might give a damn about him beyond his uses was extinguished as soon as it was born. It was a familiar sensation, but that made it no less depressing. "Yeah…"

Meanwhile, Cloud was talking to Ranma. "Three kits? How old did they look?"

Ranma shrugged. "I dunno. I'm no expert on Pokegirls, Cloud, you know that. They were cute and furry, that's all I can tell ya."

"They could see you, and they moved around on their own without a problem?"


"How much would you say one would weigh?"

"Oh, maybe 10 kilograms. They were pretty big. Why?"

Cloud looked worried. "Pokegirls mature very quickly, Ranma-san. From your description the kits sound old enough to leave the nest, which means the mother may follow after us when we leave, looking for Shinji-san."

"What should we do, then?"

Cloud glanced over at where Shinji was being (rather affectionately in her opinion) berated by his red-haired Pokegirl. 'She's fussing over him…how cute!'

Another glance confirmed what Rei was doing, or rather not doing. To Cloud her "cool" behavior only confirmed the likelihood of her being an ice-type. She noticed that while the blue haired girl made no move to approach her Tamer, she kept a careful eye on him while appearing to be neutrally studying their surroundings.

Harem dynamics had always interested her, and this was a classic situation, with two powerful, very human types that were inherently opposed. What fun!

"It might be best if Shinji-san Tames her and makes her part of his Harem. The further we get from Jusenkyo, the more dangerous it gets, and we can't afford to be distracted by her trying to capture him."

"I thought it would get *less* dangerous the further we got away from there?"

Cloud nodded. "It's always best to be as far away from that terrible place as possible, but other Pokegirls know that as well, so as we get further away from it, more and more of the wilderness will be overrun with them."

Ranma grunted his understanding. "Huh, it's like you said, we aren't gonna be anywhere near safe until we get to a human outpost, right?"

Cloud nodded again. "Even then, it's not completely safe."

She smiled. "That's why Tamers are so respected, Ranma-san. They need you to help protect humans against wild Pokegirls!"

"Right. So this catgirl that grabbed Shinji would be better on our side than runnin' wild, eh?"

"That's a good way to look at it, Ranma-san. Not everyone is suited to be a Tamer. You have to be very tough and brave to catch and Tame wild Pokegirls. You and Shinji-san should both get as large and powerful a Harem as you can, as soon as possible."

Ranma nodded slowly. "I'll keep that in mind, Cloud-chan. We'll rely on you to point out good ones for us to add, neh?"

Cloud's cheeks turned pink as her Tamer smiled warmly at her. 'Ohhh, it's been so long since our morning Taming…'

The two of them strolled hand-in-hand over to Asuka and Shinji, who were now leaning against the tree and talking quietly.

The voluptuous cowgirl murmured, "Cat-types are common, but they have many useful evolutions and are quite capable in battle, though they are not the best. She'll be a good addition to Shinji-san's Harem, since his other two don't look like they'd be very sturdy in hand to hand combat."

Ranma murmured back, "What about the kits?"

Cloud shrugged, causing the usual tectonic jiggle. "We'll just have to take them with us. They'll have as much or better chance with us than they would with just their mother."

Ranma replied somberly, "Dangerous place you live in, Cloud-chan."

Cloud nodded, her familiar cheerful smile absent. "It is, Ranma-san."

* * *

"He's going to do WHAT?!!!"

Asuka was, needless to say, reacting badly to Cloud's explanation of the realities of the situation. The black-and-white patched Pokegirl had smoothly interposed herself between her Tamer and the outraged girl, as a good Pokegirl should.

She smiled and explained patiently. "If she is to be part of his Harem, it would be best if Shinji returns to the Catgirl's nest. Once she wakes up-"

Asuka's mouth flapped soundlessly for a moment, then caught traction. "Once she wakes up, she'll be all over him!"

Ranma spoke up from where he was standing behind Cloud, hands casually on hips. "That's kinda the point, Red."

He headed her off before she could continue. "Besides, what do you care? It's not like he's your boyfriend, right?"

Caught between conflicting inner imperatives, Asuka could only glare helplessly at the grinning martial artist. As she spun on her heel to stomp away, Cloud caught a hint of pain in her brilliant ice-blue eyes.

Giving them an apologetic look (for what? wondered Ranma) Shinji went off after her.

Rei…lurked…nearby, very effectively too. She was so quiet and - somehow - unobtrusive, despite the eyes and hair, that it was easy to forget her presence entirely.

Cloud turned to where Ranma was grinning at the redhead's retreating back and snuggled comfortably into his side. "Ranma-san…"

Ranma wrapped an arm around his cuddly Pokegirl. "Yeah, Cloud?"

"Please, for me, don't be so hard on Asuka-san?"

Ranma hesitated, then looked down into Cloud's imploring eyes and immediately melted.

"Ok, Cloud-chan. It's just, I don't like the way she treats Shinji." He muttered under his breath, "Plus, she's a bossy bitch to boot."

Cloud giggled, making Ranma smile at the pleasant sound. He moved his hand from where it rested against her side and filled his palm with the voluptuous cowgirl's enormous left tit.

Cloud let out a sexy little moan as her nipple was pleasantly abraded by Ranma's hard palm. "Unnnhh…that's so nice, Master."

"Mm," replied Ranma, face intent as he thought, all the while casually using his Pokegirl's boob as a squeeze toy.

Cloud moaned softly and pressed herself harder against her Tamer's side as Ranma's hand seemingly went through a breast stimulation kata. "Asuka-san…unh…I think she's a Pokegirl…ahhhh…but it's like she's recently undergone Threshold…mmm, keep doing that please…she's confused about her relationship with Shinji-san…oh yes!"

Ranma grunted in acknowledgement as he thoughtfully tormented Cloud's nipple, ignoring her pleased cries. He remembered what she'd told him about Threshold: human girls with Pokegirl ancestry could spontaneously transform into Pokegirls, usually at the onset of puberty. Perhaps something about the transfer here had changed the redheaded spitfire from a human girl to…?


Distracted, he glanced down at Cloud's face and stopped, transfixed by the lust churning in her big brown eyes.

"Tame me. *Soon*."

The old Ranma would have panicked, frozen, possibly run away.

The new Ranma was used to Cloud, used to nudity and positively enthusiastic about Taming, that is to say, sex.

He gave his cute cowgirl a sensuous kiss on the throat, making her shiver, and purred, "I'll go get Shinji, put him up the tree, and then you and I will find a nice spot for some Taming, I promise."

Cloud gave him an enthusiastic liplock in answer. "Mmm…"

Ranma returned the kiss and upped the ante with a squeeze of Cloud's magnificent ass, then broke away, striding off to find Shinji while grinning like a madman.

Life was good.

* * *

"So, you see, she'll just keep coming after us until you bang her, so it's better to get it over with early, right?"

"Um, Ranma-san…"

"Yeah, Shinji-kun?"

By this point in his life, the brown haired boy was used to being told that he was going to have to subject himself to outrageous things for the purposes of others.

Being told that he was going to have to return to the nest of a horny catgirl, complete with ears and tail, and let her have her way with him might not have seemed like much, at least compared with piloting a gigantic biomechanical mecha into mortal combat without training, but it was still stressing him out.



Shinji's voice dropped to a near-whisper. "I'm still a virgin, Ranma-san."

Fortunately Ranma had good hearing. He shrugged. "So was I the first time Cloud-chan got all frisky. I think anyway, I can't exactly remember for sure. Ya get over it."

Shinji stared at him despairingly.

Ranma blinked at him for a bit, then brightened. "Tell ya what, I'll get Cloud-chan over here to talk to you for a bit. I'll bet she knows more than both of us put together!"

He turned away and strode off, calling cheerfully for his Pokegirl.

"Cloud! Cloud-chan! Come over here and talk to Shinji-kun. He needs a little pep talk."

He may have had sharp ears, but it was too bad Ranma couldn't read thoughts, at least in this particular instance.

'Oh *no*…'

The last thing Shinji wanted to do was spend any "face time" with Ranma's sexy, voluptuous, *stark-naked* Pokegirl. He may have been a morose young man, but he was still a man. He'd done his best to keep his eyes on her face when they were introduced, but he'd still seen more than enough when the world-transferred trio of Eva pilots had walked up to her and Ranma in that little glade, only a handful of hours ago.

During their walk, he'd managed to keep thoughts of her incredible naked body from giving him a constant erection via the same method he'd used to control himself when Rei, and then Asuka had stripped to the waist: distance, distraction, and the thought of Asuka's foot impacting his groin if she spotted any "perverted activity" below his beltline.

His thoughts churned frantically, and uselessly, as Cloud smilingly approached. Ranma gave him a grin and a "thumbs-up" gesture before wandering off, probably to torment Asuka some more. Shinji admired his guts in constantly braving the redhead's fury.

He was impressed with Ranma in general. He reminded Shinji a lot of his jock friend, Touji Souzahara. He was cheerful, confident and completely unafraid of damn near everything as far as Shinji could tell. The total opposite of his cowardly self, in other words.

He was amazed, and pleased, that Ranma seemed to consider him a friend already. Having friends was still new to Shinji, something that had only happened to him since arriving in Tokyo-3, and it was something that he (in the privacy of his own soul, anyway) reveled in. Making a new one was almost worth being sent to this strange place.

He was pulled from his introspections by the close approach of Cloud. He took an involuntary deep breath in surprise, feeling his body stir as he inhaled the combination of her scent and potent Pokegirl pheromones. Despite the lack of modern bathing facilities, Cloud didn't smell rank, like a human would. Shinji fought to dim his responses as he appreciated her sweet smell. It was almost creamy, as if its source resided in her milk production abilities.

"Hello, Shinji-san."

Shinji tried to keep his eyes on her face, but failed for a split second, immediately jerking his gaze back upwards. The image of her titanic yet perky curves lingered as he desperately focused on her lovely face. Cloud didn't seem to take offence, smiling at him in her friendly way.

"H-hello, Cloud-san."

Cloud got right to business. "Shinji-san…where you come from, have you Tamed a human girl?"

Shinji blushed terribly and contemplated his feet. "N-no."

"Oh. You must know something about it, though?"

Shinji's head was a tomato. "…unh-huh. A little."

Cloud continued briskly. "Well, Taming your Catgirl won't be much different from that. She might start by using her mouth, then once she's sure you're ready, she'll probably get in the position called "doggie" or "kitty" style."

She looked innocently at the nuclear-blushing young Eva pilot. "Do you know about that position, Shinji-san?"

Shinji nodded miserably.

"Good! Then you shouldn't have any problem."

Shinji just stared at something very fascinating in the vicinity of his toes.

Cloud continued to lecture. "You don't have to be especially careful with her, physically, I mean. Pokegirls are built tougher than human girls, and we - most types anyway - like a nice, hard Taming."

"In fact, due to the small, but important differences between Pokegirl and human anatomy - oh, how the Professor liked to lecture about that! - "

She stopped and smiled at the flustered young man, noticing his lack of attention. "Do you want to hear about Pokegirl sexual anatomy, Shinji-san?"

Shinji mumbled desperately, "N-not right now, please Cloud-san."

"Okay. In any case, it's not hard to please a Pokegirl, even without any experience."

She smiled merrily at Shinji. "Just do your best, Shinji-san. You'll do fine!"

Figuring it was what she wanted, Shinji nodded, still staring at his feet.


Shinji was startled as Cloud's sexy voice spoke his name, and her hand gently raised his chin. For a moment he was lost in the tranquil pools of her big brown eyes.

Cloud spoke softly, and somehow intimately, though she hadn't moved any closer.

"I haven't known you very long, but I can already tell you're a very nice young man. Pokegirls *need* and want Tamers, Shinji-san. That Pokegirl up there picked you to be her Tamer. She wants to be nice to you. All you have to do is be nice to her, and you'll both be very happy. Just do your best."

She smiled, a different, more special smile than before, and Shinji's heart missed a beat, then thudded double-hard. "For me?"

He nodded, this time sincerely, staring helplessly into her eyes. He continued to stare as Cloud turned and slowly sashayed away, hips and curvy derriere swaying enticingly.

One thought kept playing over and over in his mind:

'Ranma's one lucky guy…'

* * *

Cloud sauntered over to where Ranma was waiting impatiently. He quirked an eyebrow.

"So…did you manage to get the kid over his jitters?"

The sexy cowgirl smiled happily. "Yes, Ranma-san."

He grinned and rubbed his hands together in anticipation of some "quality time" with Cloud. "Good! I'll get him up the tree and then…" He waggled his eyebrows exaggeratedly. Cloud giggled.

* * *

In the forest nearby, Asuka fumed. She'd heard enough of the two talks to Shinji to form a rather accurate impression of what they were encouraging him to do.

Ranma and his floozy were nothing but a couple of pimps. This whole thing was…wrong somehow! It was an abomination to decency.

And why was she so damn hot? She was sweating more than seemed right. Asuka rubbed her head irritably. It was hard to concentrate too. Plus, all the chatter about sex was putting perverted thoughts in her head. She didn't want to think about anyone that way, let alone Shinji. It kept popping up though, didn't seem to want to go away.

She wriggled her hips. This damn plugsuit was chafing. Maybe it would be better to just say to hell with it and go starkers. It was the local fashion anyway.

'Aarrgh! I wonder if Vunderfraulein is suffering as much as me…'

After a bit of looking around, she managed to find Rei, standing statue-still nearby. To the redhead's disgust, her shorthaired rival looked appallingly cool and composed.

'Feh. Figures.'

The heads of both girls turned as the sounds of Ranma toting Shinji up the tree were heard. Rei noted the interesting mixture of emotions playing across Asuka's face, but made no comment.

* * *

"Ok, you just yell when you want to come down. Take your time, okay?"

Shinji nodded, still nervous, but willing to try. "Hai, Ranma-san."

With a wave and a grin, the martial artist hopped over the side of the nest and headed for ground, driven by thoughts of sweet, sweet nookie.

Shinji was left alone, stark naked. He'd decided that since his plugsuit would just get in the way, and not wanting it to get damaged, he'd removed it and given it to Ranma once they were up here. It was a warm summer day, and naked, the temperature wasn't uncomfortable, but Shinji shivered anyway. Of all the bizarre situations to be in…

He glanced over at the recumbent body of the mother catgirl. It was once again surrounded by the mewing forms of her three kittens. The mini-catgirls had retreated, hissing and spitting feebly, once Ranma had entered the nest, but had immediately returned to their mother's warmth once he departed.

Shinji moved over to her, slowly, in case the chibis held a grudge against him as well. He smiled slightly as one of them rubbed her face against his hand. Apparently they didn't.


The silky fur of the chibis felt weird, but nice, as they rubbed along his bare waist and legs. Feeling internally adrift, disassociated from his usual self, he stroked the catgirl's head and the fur of her three kittens as he waited for her to wake up.

* * *

In the forest below, Ranma and Cloud kissed. Rei and Asuka were waiting against the "tree of love" as Ranma thought of it, within earshot, but out of immediate view. For now, the young martial artist and his girl had some privacy.

Not that he was sure Cloud needed any, Ranma thought as her hands deftly stripped him of his clothing. That ultra-smooth hand immediately caressing his cock nearly made him lose the thought, but as he pushed Cloud against the trunk of a large elm, some part of him wondered if she would even care if they fucked in public.

The heat of her juicy cunt surrounding the head of his cock completed the wiping of his mind as he grabbed two handfuls of her big butt and used his great physical strength to lift her into the air.

Asuka and Rei were treated (or subjected) to the sound of Cloud's cries of pleasure as her Tamer screwed her brains out, her legs wrapping around his waist as he vigorously fucked her against the rough bark of the deciduous tree.

Asuka stared, amazement momentarily overcoming her disgust. 'That tree is *shaking*. How strong *is* he?'

The big, leafy tree creaked alarmingly, shedding leaves as the two continued to rut. With a peeved sigh, Asuka slid to a sitting position at the base of the catgirl's tree.

"You're on watch duty, Wondergirl." She jammed her fingers into her ears without waiting for a response.

Rei gave a miniscule nod and continued her vigil.

"Oh, yes! YES!!!"

Asuka scowled.

* * *


Shinji's heart speeded up as the catgirl, *his* catgirl finally stirred. He had no idea how long it had been, having fallen into a waking reverie as he ran his hands through her hair and the kittens tirelessly purred and rubbed against him. His face cracked a smile at the thought. They were complete attention sluts, as were all cats, and apparently, cat-type entities.


The catgirl stretched, languorously, as she woke up from her impromptu nap. She shook her head once, but that seemed to be all the harm she had taken from Ranma's quick takedown. She stiffened in mid-stretch as she spied him, then continued, rolling onto her back and arching her body.

Despite the odd situation, Shinji found his body rising to attention as each supple, bare inch of the sexy feline creature was brought to tautness right in front of him. Despite the cat ears and tail, every other bit of her was all girl. The catgirl merowred quietly in satisfaction as her chosen one's eyes locked onto her big, round boobs.

Wasting no time, she rolled over and smoothly glided over to Shinji, meowing an imperative command to her offspring as she did so. The chibis scampered away from Shinji without complaint, rubbing along his sides in farewell as they did so. Shinji twisted his head to watch them go, smiling as they piled into a heap of grey fur on the far side of the nest and instantly fell asleep.

He turned his head back, giving a small start as he found the catgirl right in his face.


Somehow the chibis slept through his startled cry as he went over backwards with the mother catgirl plastered to his front.

* * *

Cloud and Ranma were on round two, still using that same long-suffering tree as a backstop.

Cloud was facing the tree as Ranma took her from behind, her arms wrapped around it, the rough bark scraping pleasantly at her smooth, tough skin. She yelled her pleasure as her nipples were treated to an intense friction that would *not* have been fun for a human girl. Ranma giving her an extremely hard taming and she was loving it.


Ranma grunted though his exertions. "You-LIKE-that-UNG-Cloud?"

He was certainly enjoying it. Normally he liked to feel as much of Cloud's skin against him as possible, but he knew that both of them were good for several goes, and his pent-up lust made this hard, deep penetration very satisfying. He smiled. Apparently for both of them.

"Oh God! More please, Master! MORE!"

Ranma grunted as the hot velvet of Cloud's pussy squeezed him deliciously. Each penetration was a world of pleasure unto itself. He rammed his hips hard against her cushiony backside, loving how she moaned as she enjoyed both the feel of her Master's cock spearing deep inside her and the friction of the rough bark against her skin. "Unhh…as much as you want, Cloud-chan."


Much to Asuka's displeasure, Ranma complied.

* * *


This was more pleasant than the kiss with Asuka. At least he could breathe through his nose. The warm, soft body of the amorous catgirl made a pleasant blanket, despite the heat of the day. Shinji was becoming intensely excited as her nude form pressed against him. He moaned into her ear, and she purred her satisfaction. The purr made her erect nipples vibrate against Shinji's sweaty chest, to their mutual pleasure.

"Ah?" Shinji blinked as the acres of smooth, warm skin pressing against him disappeared. Breathing heavily and sporting a throbbing erection, he sat up and saw the catgirl on her hands and knees, facing away from him. Her cute, furry tail, black-tipped and rather short for her size, was standing stright up and out of the way.

She gave him a sultry look over her shoulder and merowred an invitation, arching her back with inhuman flexibility.

Shinji's vision tunneled as his eyes locked onto the pink, fleshy outer petals of the catgirl's vagina. It was swollen and glistening, squeezed to extra plumpness by her arched back and closed thighs.

His heart hammering in his chest, he followed his instincts and quickly, awkwardly got into position behind her. 'Mustn't run away - mustn't -'

Shinji let out a little involuntary groan as the sensitive tip of his erect penis touched the silky flesh of the catgirl's swollen cunt. The hot girl-juice filling the little dip in the middle felt incredible as he pushed himself inside her.

With closed eyes and a firm grip on the eager Pokegirl's hips, he vented continuous shuddering groans as he slowly plundered her tight, slippery insides. Thought was completely obliterated from his mind as he struggled to last against the intense pleasure. For once, there was no hesitance to Shinji's actions. The intensity of the moment made such second thoughts impossible.

After only a minute or so of deep, slow (and judging from the catgirl's pleased yowls, very satisfying) thrusting, Shinji's body told him that it needed to cum, *soon*. The catgirl, tail quivering and standing up like a flag, arched her back even further as the frenzied young Eva pilot began rapidly driving his pelvis against her bottom, forcing his sizeable member inside against the sweet resistance of her inner walls and giving her exactly the sort of hard, deep penetration that all Pokegirls craved.

"Oh, *fuck*, unh!"

The nest was filled with the slap of flesh on flesh as Shinji's hips met with the catgirl's round ass, the sound competing with Shinji's grunts and the feline Pokegirl's little meows and yowls. Both participants felt like they were on fire. Shinji's soul was swelling with the unaccustomed pleasure, and the young catgirl was reveling in the vigorous rear-entry sex that her instincts craved.

"Oh GOD, gonna cum, oh yeah! UNH!"

Shinji completed one final thrust, plunged his member deeply into the young catgirl's body and shot his load with a heartfelt groan. He groaned weakly, again and again, as her tight cunt quivered in response to his orgasm and began contracting around his imbedded member, pulling each squirt of thick, hot seed deep inside her body.

"Oh god that feels good…oh yeah…"

The two slumped to the leafy floor of the catgirl's nest, still mated together. Shinji noticed her body shuddering under him as she went into feral shock, every cell in her body, starting with the central nervous system, being imprinted with the genetic signature of her new master. He would have been concerned for her, but most of his attention was focused on the blissful euphoria filling him.

It had started as he'd finally managed to discharge inside the incredible heat and friction of his sex-partner's cunt, radiating from his groin and quickly surging through his entire body. By the last few blissful squirts, every cell had been bathed in a drug-like high. Now, for the first time in his life, he felt totally, mindlessly content.

They lay there for a timeless interval, at first resting comfortably with Shinji's slight form atop the catgirl's sleek back, then flipping onto their sides and curling up together once Shinji noticed that he was squashing her tail. She cuddled up to his chest, purring. Shinji extended a hand and stroked her sweaty side, gingerly at first, then growing more confident as she meowed softly in happiness at the touch.

As they enjoyed the post-coital glow, Shinji reflected on one unusual occurrence that stood out from the other new sensations. As he'd finally started cumming inside his Pokegirl, he had felt an unusual tingle and surge of energy that made the inside of his head ring softly, like a great bell. He assumed it was part of the new pleasurable activity he had been engaging in, but had no way of knowing for sure.

The catgirl had felt it too as it flooded into her, but didn't know what to make of it other than it had felt…nice.

Putting the minor mystery aside for now, Shinji caressed his purring Pokegirl and muttered, "I think I'll call you…Fuwafuwa."

* * *


Asuka stood, scowling, hands on hips, bare boobs jutting proudly. It was blessedly silent, and that damn tree had, at last, stopped vibrating.

"I thought they'd be at it until dark! Honestly…"

Rei mentally added "exceptional endurance" to Ranma's list of unusual traits. He was quite the specimen, and the scientist in her longed to put him in a lab, where she could run all sorts of delicious experiments…

She blinked. Where had that thought come from?

* * *

Far in the distance, in the airy upper reaches, a force of darkness and evil noticed the pulse of energy that Shinji had released.

A *sexy* force of darkness and evil.

Spreading her wings wide, she cloaked herself in magic and accelerated in the direction of our hapless party of Martial Artist, Pilots and Pokegirls.

* * *

End Chapter 5

* * *

Next chapter: A titanic tussle and then a torrid torrent of Taming!