Ranma In the Pokegirl World - Chapter 04 - Thoughts, Discoveries and Surprises

Started: January 21, 2004

Finished: January 25, 2004

Current Revision: April 10, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, also possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not restricting myself to following that continuity.

I'm Giving In To The Crowd Disclaimer: I own nothing, especially not the characters and settings containing in this fic. Don't sue me! Like anyone would bother.

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Author Uses Smutty Language Warning! Crude slang terms for the male and female anatomy are contained herein! Danger Will Robinson!

No Guarantee Of Plot Warning! This ain't the Iliad. Telling me how plotless and inane this is will have no effect on subsequent chapters. So there!

* * *

Over the next week, Ranma and Cloud had sex. A lot. Somewhere on the order of three times a day, minimum. Once when they woke up, and Ranma had breakfast, once at mid-day, when Ranma had lunch, and once in the evening, when Ranma had dinner. Plus potentially a couple of extra times when either of them felt exceptionally frisky.

Ranma was in heaven. The thrill of carnal union with his cuddly companion never got old. She was his friend, his food source, and his fuck-buddy, all in one sexy package.

Thoughts and worries about returning from wherever the hell he had come from had almost disappeared from his mind. Roaming the wilderness was no great hardship for the martial artist, frankly he was more comfortable in the woods than he would be in a city. All in all, for the first time in his life, he could honestly say that he was content.

Even though he couldn't remember anything much about his past life, on an instinctive level Ranma was dead certain that this was the most relaxed he'd ever been. As day after day passed with no real hardship (to his rather unusual perspective anyway) occurring, he could feel a deep seated tension easing in his very muscles and bones.

He glanced at Cloud and smiled, watching her graze as his mind idled, turning over thoughts with lazy pleasure.

'Man! How stressed out must I have been? I'm like a friggin' spring that's bein' unwound. Was I bein' shot at all the time, where I was before? Maybe a criminal or something? I just don't get it…'

Cloud was in heaven. Her new Master *had* to have the Endurance Bloodgift, he simply had to! It was the only way the cute cowgirl could imagine he could deal out the endless amounts of Taming that was keeping her in a constant daze of euphoria.

Once her studly male companion had managed to get it through his head that Cloud had no interest in hitting or yelling at him, and that she wanted, even delighted in him touching her, the more intimately the better, their relationship had quickly stabilized to a state which made them both happier than they'd dreamed possible.

A few days after her first taming, Cloud had given the point a final ram home.

Pressing her voluptuous nude form against the nervous martial artist, Cloud had said solemnly, looking up at his face while gently stroking her Tamer's bulge though his pants, "Ranma-san. Master. You *cannot* over-Tame a Pokegirl."

Ranma had gulped, his hard-on swelling under Cloud's experienced touch. "O-Oh? Is that right?"

Cloud had pushed herself against him, forcing him to back into a tree. Still gazing up affectionately at his face, she'd boldly delved a hand into his pants and continued her stroking, smiling as his wonderful organ became hard as a piece of steel pipe.

"Mm-hm. The problem for most Pokegirls is *not enough* Taming. Some Pokegirl-types want to be Tamed so often that their Tamers can't keep up. Some can't take it and have to trade the girl away, or put her in storage."

Ranma breathed heavily, loving the warmth and weight of Cloud's soft body against his front and the mindblowing pleasure of her inhumanly smooth hand stroking his cock. He struggled to think. "That sounds bad, storage I mean." He grunted as Cloud gave his swollen penis another gentle stroke. "Unhh….Kuso, I love it when you do that Cloud…"

Cloud smiled. "And I love it when you Tame me, Master."

Ranma grunted again, still struggling to think beyond Cloud's hand on his flesh.


Cloud's warm breath tickled his face as she said, "Yes…please Tame me whenever you feel the urge, Ranma-san, oh please! That would make me so happy!"

Ranma opened his eyes and stared down into Cloud's warm brown eyes. Despite his intense arousal, he felt something clenched in his heart, something that had eased when he experienced Cloud's bubbly friendliness, now melt completely.

He smiled, an unusually warm and open smile. It eased tiny marks on his face of developing lines, lines of stress and worry, into non-existence.

"I always want you to be happy, Cloud-chan."

He leaned into a deep, passionate kiss with his Pokegirl, and shortly, on the mossy floor of the forest, Cloud got her wish.

* * *

After that, things were much more satisfactory for both of them. Ranma learned of the joys of a constantly willing and eager partner, and Cloud received enough long, hard Taming sessions to make her herd-sisters turn green with envy.

Now, though, Cloud was troubled. There was a problem: Ranma needed more Pokegirls.

Not to keep him sexually satiated, oh no. Cloud was certain that she was taking care of that. She smiled as she thought. If that *wasn't* the case then…she just couldn't imagine a Tamer as horny as a Vixen in full rut.

Her smile dimmed at the thought reached it's logical conclusion, a conclusion she'd been turning over in her head all day. Ranma needed more girls in his Harem for a reason that would have made an Earthly Sultan quirk an eyebrow: self-defense.

Simply put, the ecology of the Pokegirl world was deadly. Thus far the two wanderers had been lucky, managing to avoid serious trouble due to Cloud's keen senses and Ranma's wilderness-savvy. Ranma had described several wild Pokegirls that he had near encounters with, when he went out scouting due to something Cloud had heard or smelled.

Cloud had recognized them as some common Cat-types and once, in a stream, a dangerous Water-type. Ranma had been fascinated, but had stayed clear on Cloud's advice.

Cloud's smile became a touch smug when she recalled how she'd reinforced her urgent warning/plea for her Master to be cautious around wild Pokegirls. Once again she mentally thanked her herd-sisters for their helpful advice.

Buttercup had said, shaking her finger half-seriously, half-jokingly, "Remember, Cloud-chan, if you ever *really* need to ask your Tamer for something, just pull down his pants and wrap your lips around his dick. It's hard-earned knowledge that a man, even if he's one of those stuck-up types, can't refuse a Pokegirl anything if you ask when he's having his pole polished."

The other Milktits had giggled at Buttercup's forward language, causing a collective jiggle that would have dropped a male observer to his knees in delight and awe.

Cloud felt warm at the thought of her older sister, but then a bit melancholy as she wondered when they, or if, they would see each other again. The Professor's lab and ranch were so far away… Since leaving the cursed springs, they'd been heading north and east, away from that dangerous place. Cloud just hoped they'd stumble across a town or outpost of some sort, soon. She'd known a bit about where Jusenkyo was, but geography certainly wasn't her strong suite.

Nor was fighting, she reminded herself sternly. 'You're avoiding the issue, Cloud! Ranma-san needs more fighting-type girls to help keep him alive. We've been very lucky so far. One powerful type or evolution in a hungry mood and your Master could be hurt…or dead.'

The cuddly cowgirl felt a pang shoot through her heart at the thought of Ranma being hurt. He was very nice to her, and their bond had grown strong from the constant, intense Taming sessions. She hoped that once he acquired a larger, more powerful harem, he wouldn't trade her away. She wanted to stay with him as long as possible.

Her master needed more Pokegirls, that was a solid fact. That she'd get a lot less Tamings once he had more girls was also a fact, one that made her feel a little jealous and sad. Pokegirls didn't get all that possessive of their Tamers, not compared to human women, but they still had the usual array of feelings. Especially when they'd been treated to the sexual feast that Cloud had been enjoying for the past week.

Pushing the emotions aside, she returned the problem at hand. Their group needed more fighting strength. She knew that she was a lot stronger than ordinary Milktits, and a fair bit tougher too, due to the experimental genetic upgrades that the Professor had used on her breeding line. Still, it wouldn't be enough against a serious combat-oriented Pokegirl.

She looked at Ranma as he happily strolled along, enjoying the feel of his callused hand in hers and musing about his own fighting capability. He seemed to be a heck of a lot stronger and tougher than the Tamers she'd seen, more than could be accounted for via a single Bloodgift. Combined with his phenomenal endurance, it made her wonder if he'd been gene-spliced as well, wherever he came from.

As well, he seemed to have fighting abilities well above the normal. She'd gotten used to waking to the muted thump of his feet on the loamy surface of the forest floor as he danced a dance of combat. He invariably did his "kata", as he called it, before coming over and giving her a kiss, which led to his grinning discovery of her full breasts, which led to a welcome frenzy of feeding and fucking.

She knew next to nothing of such things, but he certainly *looked* formidable as he struck at invisible enemies with blurring fists and feet, all the while deftly weaving aside from their counterattacks. His style involved a lot of leaping, and he could do so to a greater height than she would have believed possible for a non-Pokegirl.

Ranma couldn't tell her much about his style of fighting other than it was called "Anything Goes" and that he was sure he'd been practicing it all his life. He didn't find his strength and speed unusual, and given that, Cloud decided to say nothing about it to him. Perhaps all humans were like that where he came from, who could say?

There was one thing that he could do, that neither of them had known about. Cloud had discovered it the other day, during a Taming session…

* * *

Cloud licked frantically at Ranma's pulsing erection. "Give me your seed, Master, I need it!"

Ranma's groaned happily at the now familiar, but still wonderful touch of his Pokegirl's velvety mouth. "Oh *god* you're good at that, Cloud-chan…"

Cloud was on her knees before her Tamer, her powerful yet shapely legs effortlessly supporting her as she hungrily attacked his cock. Ranma had his hands in her long lavender hair, enjoying its silky feel as she shamelessly blew him.

The voluptuous cowgirl's soft brown eyes blazed with lust as she took her Master's penis deep into her mouth. She sucked at it with gentle urgency, craving the flavor of his salty semen. She lashed at the warm bar of living steel with her warm, wet tongue, pleased at Ranma's moans of delight coming from above.

Pulling her mouth off of it with a gasp of breath, she said, "Your milk, Master, please, I need it!" So saying, she wrapped her plush lips around his pulsing cockhead and swallowed it down once more.

Ranma let out a half-chuckle, half-groan at Cloud's request. It was hard to think with the moist heat of her mouth and sometimes, throat surrounding his cock. "Unhh…my milk, huh, Cloud-chan? You give me so much of it, it's only fair-"

He let out another groan as Cloud's smooth hand caressed his sensitive balls. "Oh, yeah that's nice! Unh, Cloud, you give me so much milk, I guess it's only fair that I give you some of my own…unNHH! Gawd yeah!"

Trying to think past the intense pleasure and the erotic sounds of his Pokegirl uninhibitedly slurping on his meat, Ranma let out a little grunt and concentrated on giving her the "milk" she craved.

'Unh…man, my balls are tingling in a weird way…ah, god she knows how to use her tongue!'

"Ahh…here it comes, Cloud-chan…"

Cloud's face was intent as she worked her owner over with mouth and tongue action, her excitement responding to his. She was sucking on his cockhead and tenderly laving it with her tongue when Ranma let out a ragged groan and shot his load into her mouth.

As the semen-hungry cowgirl gulped down the eagerly awaited emission, she noticed something odd. While she found it as delicious as ever, it tasted different. A lot different. In fact, it tasted like Milktit milk.

Releasing Ranma's slowly deflating penis from her mouth, she used her hand to gently squeeze out a last few squirts onto the upper slopes of her breasts. Ranma groaned softly at the pleasant sensation, making Cloud smile. Absently pulling her fist along his prick, and causing a bit of resurgence in its stiffness, she used her other hand to dip her finger into the small amount of semen on her boobs and brought it to her nose to sniff.

'Hmm…smells like my milk too…'


Ranma looked down at her with half-closed eyes and smiled warmly. "Yes, Cloud-chan?"

Cloud rose to her feet, keeping ahold of her Tamer's reawakening member. Still stroking it automatically, she brought her milk-coated fingertip to his mouth.

"Taste this for me, please, Master."

Ranma hesitated. "It's not-"

She smiled innocently. "It appears to be Milktit milk."

Reassured, Ranma took her finger into his mouth and sucked on it, giving Cloud a lascivious look as he did so. Her heart sped up at the pleasant feeling of his mouth on her flesh and from the playful carnality in his eyes. Now that he was no longer restraining his urges, she could look forward to being touched, kissed and quite often, pressed to the ground and fucked, at any time of the night or day. She loved it.

Smiling in invitation, and speeding up her stroking of his once more stiff erection, Cloud finished her statement without thinking. "It came from your member somehow, Ranma-san."

Ranma's eyes bugged and he pulled her finger out of his mouth in a hurry. "What!?"

Cloud dropped to her knees and gave the head of his cock a kiss and then began licking and sucking at it once more. Between her oral attentions, she said, "I think *slurp* that you *lick lick* may have *engulf to the tonsils, release and gasp for air* the rare Bloodgift *suck hungrily* called Adaptation, Master."

As Ranma groaned in helpless lust, Cloud said passionately, "Come again for me, Master. Think of milk, like you did before." After saying this, she swallowed him to the root and massaged his cockhead with her powerful throat muscles.

Ranma's face twisted at the intense sensation. "OH gawd that's nice! O-ok Cloud-chan, more milk is on the way..."

After a few more minutes of being lovingly blown, Ranma groaned harshly and once more began to shoot his load. Smiling with pleasure, Cloud looked up at him through her thick eyelashes, her eyes hot, and pulled his cock gently, squeezing the cum out in long, copious bursts and aiming the spurting organ at her humungous tits. Ranma found the sight very sexy indeed. Within a minute, Cloud's rack was slathered with creamy white goo.

Allowing her Tamer to slump to his knees in mortal fatigue, Cloud maintained her smoky stare and grasped her enormous, white and black patched breasts with her comparatively small hands, sinking her fingers into the soft tit-flesh. As Ranma watched, his dick stiffening anew, she massaged the cum into her flesh, pausing occasionally to lick her hands.

"Mm, it's definitely milk, Master. I think you'll be able to do anything I can do, now that we've Bonded."

She moaned throatily in pleasure, pulling at her nipples, which were now standing up stiffly, pulsing with blood. Ranma gulped through a dry throat at the sight. She was just too sexy. He needed to have her again, as soon as possible. His cock agreed, aching with the exertion of becoming hard for the third time in an hour, but willing to make the sacrifice in order to plunge itself into Cloud's soft body.

Cloud flopped onto her back, staring up at Ranma as he got shakily to his feet. She used one hand to continue tormenting the swollen peaks of her breasts, slipping the other down to her vagina, immediately sliding a finger into its hot interior. Ramming her finger in and out of herself, she moaned out, "You're so- unh! - lucky, Master. That's a very powerful and useful, -ahhh…- Bloodgift to have. The more powerful your girls are, the more powerful you'll get. It's very very rare."

At the moment, Ranma didn't give a damn. He stared down at the wanton Pokegirl as she moaned and fingered herself, her head lolling from side to side as she vocalized her passion. 'Doesn't she know what she does to me?'

Cloud knew very well. Her heart smiled as Ranma lowered himself onto her, giving her a strong kiss on the mouth, which she eagerly returned. Ranma felt like his blood was on fire as his entire front came into contact with the marvelously smooth flesh of his Pokegirl. She felt so, so - awesomely nice, that each time he made love to her, it was like the first time. He would be happy to make her cry out in orgasm forever, if she'd let him.

Cloud's huge breasts flattened out slightly under his weight. They supported him like twin cushions, silky soft and pleasant warm, filled with her milk. Her springy nipples pushed against his flesh, not unpleasantly, just reminding him of how turned on she was. Ranma's awareness narrowed to Cloud's lips against his, her warm tongue gently sliding along his own, the warmth and softness of her boobs supporting his chest and then…


…the insanely addictive feeling of her hot, slippery interior as he sheathed himself inside her pussy.

Ranma lost himself in his Pokegirl. There was nothing other than her body, the warmth of her arms and legs as they wrapped comfortably around him, her warm affection as she kissed him and ground her hips back at him.

Cloud was an active sex partner. She didn't just lie there and take it, nor was she wild. She was responsive, was the way to put it. When kissed, she would kiss back warmly. When Ranma penetrated her, she would shiver with delight and squeeze his member with her inner muscles. Now, as Ranma began to thrust into her snug vagina with slowly increasing speed, she moaned her pleasure into his mouth and rocked her hips against him in a gentle counter-rhythm.

There was nothing but Cloud, nothing but softness, warmth, both physical and emotional, and exquisite bodily pleasure. Having ejaculated twice already, Ranma had quite a bit of staying power and he used it mercilessly. Cloud came once, twice, three times, each time with greater vigor, until the insanely pleasurable convulsions of her boiling hot, soaking-wet sleeve around his penis was too much to take. With a shuddering groan, Ranma allowing the powerful pulling sensation of her vagina to milk the seed from him.

Cloud cried out in delight at the hot liquid sensation of her Tamer's ejaculate being pumped into her. With a mercilessness of her own as well as a wicked little grin, she added her own voluntary contractions to her body's involuntary ones, vacuuming Ranma's cum out of his penis and pulling it deep inside her body. His eyes bulged as the silken inner membrane of his cowgirl's pussy clamped down and vigorously milked every last drop out of him, creating a pleasure so keen it was almost pain.

"Oh, Kami, unh!, Cloud, goddamn, unnhhhhh…"

Cloud crooned softly to her sweat-soaked Tamer as he rested his face on the comfortable slope of her bosom. Comforted by her sweet voice, Ranma drifted off to sleep, leaving a happy Pokegirl to hum quietly to herself.

* * *

Cloud came back to herself, smiling as she noticed that she was leaking from the memory of the enjoyable Taming session. She glanced at Ranma and then at the position of the sun.

'Almost lunchtime…'

Her nipples (and other parts) tingled pleasantly at the thought. There was nothing on this planet quite so content as a regularly milked Milktit, especially when she's being milked by a warm human mouth.

Her attention was caught by a tug on her hand. She turned her head to see Ranma smiling at her.

"There's a clearing ahead, Cloud-chan, see?" He pointed at the increased sunlight coming from the break in the tree-cover. He smiled at her affectionately. "It'll be a good place to have lunch."

Cloud returned his smile, putting a little bit of heat into it. "I'm sure it will…" she purred.

For once, Ranma didn't look at all nervous at his Pokegirl's lascivious gaze. His smile became more of a confident smirk, and he slid his eyes to Cloud's breasts, hugely swollen with hours of milk-production. She gasped as her Tamer reached out and lazily tweaked a nipple, making it leak a drop of rich, creamy, lactose-laden fluid.

Ranma purred back, in his deeper male voice, "I'm hungry today, Cloud-chan." He locked eyes with her. "*Very* hungry."

Cloud blushed, her heart racing at the unchained lust in her Tamer's eyes. Her body buzzed with the desire to be Tamed.

Casting heated glances at one another, the two entered the warmth of the shafts of sunlight coming from the break in the canopy.

Then, just as an eating/Taming frenzy was about to begin…there was an interruption. A very unusual interruption.

* * *

Cloud's ears perked up. "What's that noise?"

Ranma paused, his mouth open, halfway to Cloud's nipple. Reluctantly, he closed it and turned his head to listen. He blinked.

"Some sort of weird buzzing, crackling sound…"

Feeling the air ripple with a disturbance, both Tamer and Pokegirl instinctively retreated to the edge of the cleaning.

Ranma's face was intent. "It's coming from the center."

Cloud clung to his arm. The air was buzzing and there was an sharp, ozone-like smell, as if lightning had just struck. She didn't like it.

Then, before their startled eyes, reality split open and dumped three bodies onto the verdant grassy center of the meadow.

Ranma was stock-still. 'Holy shit! Maybe that's the same thing that happened to me!'

Cloud was equally motionless at his side. 'More strange people. Two of them are girls…maybe the male is their Tamer?'

The three forms stirred.

The pretty female redhead put a hand to her head in pain. "Ooohhh, my head…what have you done this time, Baka?"

The young male, who had brown hair, clutched his temples and said with an ease that hinted at longtime habit, "Gomen, Asuka."

The third, a slim, very attractive girl with blue hair, slowly raised herself to her knees and swayed in place, clapping her hands to her presumably aching skull. Both Ranma and Cloud noticed with interest how the brown-haired boy immediately abandoned his efforts at self-comfort and used his hands to support the pretty bluehead, asking in a concerned voice, "Are you okay, Ayanami?"

Cloud also noticed how this caring action made the redhead scowl at her male companion's back. She smiled mischievously.

'Hee, that's jealousy, or I'm no Milktit.'

Her eyes widened a moment later as she noticed a flicker of what looked like flame around the redhead's brilliant red-gold mane. 'A Fire-type? And so human-looking too…'

After a bit more chatter, head-clutching and a few growls from the redhead (and apologies from the boy) the three staggered to their feet and came towards the waiting duo.

The boy bowed apologetically. Ranma noticed that he was wearing an odd, closely fitting outfit, made of some sort of plastic or vinyl. In fact, they all were, in different colors.

"My name's Shinji Ikari. Sorry about this."

* * *

End Chapter 4

* * *

Next chapter: Getting acquainted and…who knows? :)