Ranma In the Pokegirl World - Chapter 03 - Ranma and Cloud's First Time

Started: December 29, 2003

Finished: December 30, 2003

Current Revision: April 10, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, also possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not restricting myself to following that continuity.

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Incoherency Warning! I can't seem to keep my thoughts straight about writing this. Don't expect anything award-worthy. I don't deal with lots of free time well. :)

* * *

The first thing Ranma felt on waking was a uncomfortable swollenness in his pants. He groaned into Cloud's boobs, giving a little start as he realized the nature of the soft surface his face was resting on.

The memory of the previous night came back to him: Cloud pulling his face into her mighty bosom, his discovery of her sweet milk, the Saotome appetite taking over his brain…and then his relentless feeding, while her voice moaned an erotic song that, at the time, he was utterly blind to.

The memory of his sexy friend's voice, vibrating with an unfamiliar emotion, increased the pressure of the blood pounding in his…he slid an exploratory hand into his silk Chinese pants…his dick.

With a strangely familiar feeling of panic, he gently shook Cloud by the shoulders, struggling to ignore the way the movement made her breasts rub against his silk-clad chest. It didn't help that Cloud's mammaries had swollen to half-fullness in the night, making them even larger and perkier than when he had fallen asleep.

Cloud's long-lashed eyelids slowly opened. She smiled softly at him, the early morning light playing across her lovely face. Her hair was mussed with sleep, and she had never looked sexier to Ranma. His eyes were pulled to her pale pink lips as they parted to say his name. With the two of them crammed into the tree's hollow, her face was only inches from his.

As her warm breath touched his face, the young martial artist felt a powerful urge to kiss her, an urge that was aided and abetted by his entire body. His blood surged in his veins in a way that he had only felt in combat. He didn't want to hit Cloud, though, far from it. The urges seemed to have the goal of getting him to grapple with her, that being the only way Ranma's combat-centric mind could process it.

* * *

Cloud's smile broadened as she felt a hard length press against her thigh.

'Yaaaaay!! Problem number one, solved!'

Her smile drooped as her prospective Tamer rammed one hand against the inside of the hollow, using the momentum to vault out of it, making Cloud shiver at the loss of his body heat.

'Darn it. Problem number two is still active.'

Her smile returned as she climbed out of the hollow, more sedately than the nervous martial artist. She was not one to look on the dark side of things.

'Still, persuading him could be fun…'

Cloud stretched ostentatiously, arching her body and cracking her back with pleasure, feeling her breasts, huge and half-swollen with a night's production of milk, push out into the crisp morning air. When she opened her eyes, she saw the expected sight: Ranma's back was to her, and his ears were as red as fire.

'Fine. Your back is open, Ranma-san…'

Deciding that nothing was going to work but the direct approach, Cloud sauntered over and hugged Ranma from behind. He shivered at the contact, but didn't move. Cloud enjoyed the warmth and firm muscles of her friend's body. She panted a little as her body reminded her that it wanted Taming, *now*.

Her hands began to explore…

* * *

Ranma was on the verge of running, or…he didn't know. The hard points of Cloud's enormous breasts poked into his back. He could feel their heat as they flattened against him, warming his entire back. He loved it. His blood surged, throbbed. He felt like he was going to explode. He trembled as he fought the urge to turn around and embrace her, resisting because he honestly didn't know what he would do once she was in his arms.

Then, she wrapped her left arm around him, resting her hand on his chest. The undemanding contact soothed him. The sexy cow-girl used her other hand to caress his side, under the arm, soothing him further.


Ranma had his eyes closed, enjoying Cloud's warmth and touch, trying to bring his body back into balance. If he'd felt this way in Nerima when Shampoo glomped on to him, things would have been different…

His eyes popped open. 'Shampoo? Who…damn it. Nerima. That's where I was. In…Japan. Ah, that's something anyway.'


Ranma cleared his throat nervously. "Yes, Cloud?"

"I need to be Tamed, Ranma-san. Now. Please?"

The throbbing in Ranma's pants drew his attention, as his mind helpfully supplied the definition of "Taming". Though the day wasn't hot, he was already sweating.

"Um-er-ah-that is-"


Cloud's voice was low and sensual as she repeated her Tamer's name, simultaneously sliding her hand into his thin silk pants. She smiled and pressed herself harder against his back, as her hand closed around an impressively large male member.

'Mmmm…big and hard…'


Thought left the young martial artist's mind entirely, his existence becoming centered on the inhumanly smooth, wonderfully soft, living hide of Cloud's hand, as it gently gripped his swollen penis and began to stroke it.

Cloud's voice crept into his mind like the impulses of his own subconscious mind.

"I need you to put this inside me, Ranma-san. Put it inside me and give me a long, hard Taming. Can you do that for me?"

Ranma moaned an incoherent reply as the sexy cow-girl slowly jerked him off.

Though she was technically the aggressor, Cloud was becoming extremely excited as her Pokegirl physiology reacted to the male hormones and chemicals pouring out of Ranma via his sweat and the vestigial pheromone glands that humans still possess.

Her voice was a croon of pure sexual need as she said, "*Please* Ranma-san!"

She continued in a low, husky voice that would have melted candlewax, "I can beg if you want me to. I'm not proud. I'm only a Pokegirl, and you're a pureblood Human male."

Before Ranma could react, Cloud had dropped to her knees and used her unoccupied hand to urge him to turn around. His body obeyed her, the mind that normally controlled it being otherwise occupied. Once he was facing her she swiftly used both hands to pull down his pants, then, with equal swiftness returned to caressing his member, using both hands this time.

Ranma gasped as his penis was stroked by both of Cloud's marvelously soft and smooth hands. His knees nearly gave out when she took the head of it into her mouth and gave it a little lick.

Releasing him from between her soft lips and gently stroking his length once more, Cloud looked up at him through her dark eyelashes and purred, "Please Tame me, Ranma-san, Master. This humble Pokegirl begs you. Please make me part of your Harem."

Groaning with pleasure, Ranma plunged his hands into Cloud's soft lavender hair. She gave a cute little pleased "moo" as his fingertips caressed her scalp. She shivered as his hands traced the shape of her little cow horns. They were much more sensitive then they looked.

Fighting for self-control, Ranma looked into Cloud's big brown eyes and gasped out, "You don't have to b-beg me, Cloud. I lo-like you a lot. I just-I'm just confused, I don't know what to do."

Cloud smiled up at him, then her smile turned wicked as she took the head of his penis into her mouth again and gave it a brief suck. Her eyes widened as it pulsed rapidly and spurted out a thick, salty fluid. Cloud's mind went blank as her body took over, going into Feral-shock and eagerly swallowing the precious male reproductive essence.

The voluptuous Pokegirl moaned around Ranma's cock as her body used the genetic material in his seed to imprint his ownership on every cell of her being. Between muffled sounds of satisfaction, she mindlessly slurped down the numerous gouts of semen that the orgasming martial artist was pumping into her warm mouth. Ranma just groaned, sweated and struggled to keep his knees from giving out, as intense pleasure rampaged through his nervous system.

Finally, Cloud pulled her mouth off of him, marginally restoring his ability to think. He panted for air, still rubbing her head affectionately. She had made him feel great, the best he'd ever felt. With a twinge in his stomach at the sacrilege, Ranma's mind reluctantly allowed that emptying himself into her mouth had felt even better than…combat. But the feeling was short! It didn't last as long as a good fight, that was the drawback, he reassured himself.

Hearing a soft, "Milk-tit", Ranma looked down to see the black and white patched cow-girl smiling up at him, as she lay on her back on the forest's soft, mossy floor. He gulped at the allure of the sight. Cloud looked very vulnerable and welcoming as she lay there smiling at him, big boobs jiggling with her deep breathing and shapely legs slightly spread, revealing her…

His eyes (and one other body part) bulged. "Milk…tit," said Cloud seductively, somehow using her newly-limited vocabulary to good effect as she looked at Ranma through her long eyelashes and outlined her swollen, glistening vagina with teasing strokes of both hands.

"Milk…tit," she cooed again, using one hand to beckon him closer, using the other to stroke herself. Ranma went to his knees in the soft moss and shuffled closer, his heart feeling like it was going to explode out of his chest. Cloud's body drew him like a soft bed after a long, hard day of training.

Despite Ranma's often one-track mind, he was far from stupid. Cloud was giving him more than enough information to know what came next, between her constant glances to his aching member and way she was stroking her wet opening invitingly.

As Ranma moved to overlap Cloud's body with his own, she added a bit of pleading to her gaze. "Milk-tit?" Ranma didn't think he would have been able to resist the imploring look in her big brown eyes, even if he'd wanted to. With a sigh of surrender, he allowed her to tug his body down onto hers.


Cloud sighed her one word vocabulary in satisfaction as her Tamer's mouth met hers in a passionate kiss.

The world was forgotten by the two lovers as they kissed for a long moment. Cloud's hands quickly stripped Ranma of his remaining clothing as they exchanged fierce, excited kisses for several minutes.

Ranma reveled in the feel of Cloud's nude body against his. Her incredibly soft, smooth hide felt fantastic against his flesh. Her huge breasts made a pleasant cushion under his chest as he kissed her warm mouth. He could feel her nipples becoming as firm as little bullets as her excitement reached critical mass. She gasped out cute little "moo"s of pleasure as his hard member rubbed accidentally against her needy entrance.

Ranma gritted his teeth at Cloud's sexy voice in his ear. He couldn't resist for a second longer. With a deft motion of his hips, Ranma sheathed himself to the hilt in her body. With a loud cry from him, and an ecstatic "Milk-tit!" from her, the young martial artist began using his powerfully-muscled frame to bring them both to satisfaction.

* * *

Over the next few minutes, the peaceful forest was witness to cries, groans, moans and wet squishing noises, as Ranma pumped Cloud's gushing-wet pussy to a fine froth. Cloud cuddled his body to her with her strong arms and legs, encouraging him to use his full weight and strength to make love to her. Knowing how strong and durable Cloud had shown herself to be, Ranma willingly complied.

Acting instinctively, much as he was in the heat of combat, Ranma showed remarkably little awkwardness for a first-timer, penetrating Cloud hard and unhesitatingly, encouraged by her little mooing croons and happy cries of "Milk-tit! Miiiiilk-tit…"

He loved the feeling of her curvy form being pressed against him as he rutted, not to mention the truly awesome sensation of the heat and pressure of her sopping-wet, virginally-tight pussy. He just couldn't get enough of it, crying out Cloud's name as he almost uncontrolledly thrust deep into her.

"Feels so good, Cloud-chan, oh my god you feel good, unh, I can't stop, *unh*!"

A wet slapping noise of flesh-on-flesh resounded off the nearby trees as Ranma raised himself on his hands and almost violently rammed his full length deep into the soft crack between Cloud's legs, one, two, three times.

"Kuso! Unh, oh, I think I'm-I think I'm going to spurt again, Cloud-chan, oh god that's intense…uunnnnnnnhhhhhh…"

Cloud cried out "Milk-tit!" urgently, and squeezed her inner muscles around the hot, hard thing penetrating her, a sensation she was loving so, so much. She gave a long, shuddering "Mooooooo…" as her beloved Master fired a powerful burst of seed into her.

Ranma collapsed onto Cloud, finding she made a great bed as he continued to spurt inside the hot interior of her body. She was so smooth and curvy…he smiled as she licked his ear affectionately and cooed, "Milk-tit…" He somehow knew that she was saying, "You did great, Master. I'm so happy!" His current distraction made him forget to question how he knew this, for the moment anyway.

"Ah, ahh…" Ranma gasped as the last few spasms of semen being pumped out his body passed. Cloud continued to coo into his ear and randomly caress different parts of his body. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him, protecting him from the cool morning air, and he found that he was content to simply lie here in her embrace.

'I think I love you, Cloud-chan…'

He flushed, feeling a bit silly and confused, wondering if his thought was inspired by the emotion of coupling with his lovely companion, or something deeper. He couldn't remember ever being so happy and protected. He couldn't remember a damn thing about his past, for that matter, but his gut feeling said that the wonderful state he was now experiencing was a new thing. New, and precious.

His meditative state was interrupted by the familiar gurgle of his stomach, wanting breakfast. Cloud giggled at the remarkably loud noise, making her jiggle pleasantly against him. He chuckled as well. "Eh, the old Saotome appetite Cloud-chan. I guess I'll…hm?"

As she'd done last night, Cloud gently pulled his head down to her bulging breasts, and with little hesitation, Ranma took a springy pink nipple between his lips and began to suck. Once more, the sweet taste induced a feeding frenzy, though this time Ranma felt no urge to sleep. Instead, the sound of Cloud's sexy voice moaning her enjoyment of his powerful suction combined with the soft feeling of her boob against his face, igniting his lust anew. Cloud let out a sharp cry as Ranma's penis reinflated inside her.

His eyes blazing with hunger for both Cloud's milk and her body, Ranma grunted and began to thrust with his hips, all the while keeping his mouth attached to her succulent boob. Cloud's pleasure-overloaded body flopped like a rag doll as Ranma took her into his lap, sitting upright and using his powerful stomach and hip muscles to bounce her on his cock, never letting her nipple leave his mouth.

"Unm, unmn…."

"Miiiiiiilllllkkkk-tiiiiiittttt…." Cloud lowed out her ecstasy, managing to loosely wrap her arms and legs around Ranma's muscular back as the intense dual pleasures radiating from her breast and between her legs reduced her mind to jelly.

Ranma was having just as much fun, deftly switching to Cloud's other boob when the right ran dry. The sensation of abundant, delicious food filling his belly, at the same as the hot, wet, squeezing grip of the sexy cow-girl's pussy massaged his penis…he was in heaven.

Once she was empty, Ranma hugged Cloud's cuddly form to his chest and vigorously bounced her on his cock until his resistance wore down and he pumped another load of seed into her body. He groaned happily into her ear as her snug sex spasmed around his shaft, contracting rhythmically, seeming to want to pull the semen as deep into her body as possible. Cloud mooed back, sounding a little bit fatigued, but very happy.

Ranma grinned and caressed her shoulderblades. "You are so cute…"

"Milk-tit." 'You're cute too, Master.'

Ranma sighed contentedly. "Wanna have a little nap?"



Ranma lay on his back, cuddling Cloud to his chest. The cool moss felt nice against his sweaty flesh.

'Maybe this place isn't so bad after all…'

In moments, both Ranma and his Pokegirl were contentedly napping.

* * *

End Chapter 3

* * *

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