Ranma In the Pokegirl World - Chapter 02

Started: December 23, 2003

Finished: December 28, 2003

Current Revision: April 10, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, also possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not restricting myself to following that continuity.

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Incoherency Warning! I can't seem to keep my thoughts straight about writing this. Don't expect anything award-worthy. I don't deal with lots of free time well. :)

* * *

Ranma and Cloud walked through the scrub forest, hand in hand, for several hours. Despite the cute cowgirl's warnings, they encountered no "Ferals", which Ranma learned were wild Pokegirls. Pokegirls who had no master to Tame them. He was flabbergasted by Cloud's response when he hesitantly asked what Taming a wild Pokegirl involved.

"B-B-But that's…sex!"

Cloud smiled happily, pleased by his comprehension.

"Yes Ranma-san. A Pokegirl," she pointed coyly at her chest, "For example, myself, requires Taming, or as you call it, by the old term, "sex", or they go Feral and become a danger to humans."

Ranma's hand sweated in Cloud's gentle grasp. "So…you must have had a Tamer then? Since you're not Feral?"

As she had been doing for the duration of their walk, without pausing, Cloud grabbed a handful of leaves from a nearby bush, popped them in her mouth and began chewing. Once she swallowed the ground-up pulp, she replied, "I was just coming out of adolescence when the accident happened and I ended up in that mudhole. My sisters had been keeping me Tame, but I would have required a master soon."

Seeing Ranma's inquiring expression, she explained further. "Pokegirls don't need Taming until they reach their first maturity, though that doesn't take long. Until then they're called Pokekits. The second maturity is when we can get pregnant in the human way. When we reach that stage we're called Pokewomen."

Ranma was not normally interested in things outside the martial arts, but with his amnesia and the allure of his strange, but friendly companion, he was fascinated with the bizarre information she was feeding him.

With a bit of apprehension, he asked, "So…how do you reproduce…when you're not a Pokewoman?"

"Parthenogenesis," Cloud said matter-of-factly, with a sidelong glance and slight smile.

She giggled at his expression. "Hee hee, it means we make a copy of ourselves, without needing another person."

Ranma grumbled good-naturedly, not wanting to spoil her joke. "Well why didn't ya say so? Sheesh."

Cloud giggled some more, then paused to eat more vegetation.

Ranma waited patiently, wishing he could eat any old random bunch of leaves the way Cloud could. He was getting hungry and they had yet to come across anything that would be edible for him. She had told him that she could digest pretty much any kind of plant matter, though there was still the matter of its taste. Another useful feature of her Pokegirl-type. Ranma meant to ask more about that, when the opportunity arose.

"So…you said there was an accident, and you ended up in that mudhole. What kind of accident?"

Finishing with acquiring a new cud to chew, Cloud recaptured his hand and they continued their walk.

"I was going to see the Professor and there was a terrible noise and flash of light and then I was there, stuck in the mud. I know that one of the things he works on are strange machines, Lostech and Oldtech from the old world, and I figured that somehow I must have been affected by one of those."

The part about the noise and flash stirred the depths of Ranma's mind, making his head ache momentarily.

He rubbed his forehead and the pain quickly went away.

"Something…that sounds kinda familiar. I was…somewhere and there was a noise and a light, and then-boom! I'm landing on my side in this hellhole."

He shot a quick glance at Cloud, having a feeling that he might have offended her. It seemed like a familiar sensation, according to what his muddled memories told him.

Cloud smiled wanly. "The area around the Jusenkyo spell-dump is pretty bad, Ranma-san. Most places in this world aren't that bad."

Another thought occurred to him. "How did you know you were near Jusenkyo?"

Cloud's face was solemn as they walked. "All Pokegirls can feel when it's close. I don't know why."


His stomach rumbled, breaking the somber mood. Ranma smiled and Cloud giggled.

Smiling at him, she said reassuringly, "Once we find a good, defensible spot, I should be able to get you some food, Ranma-san, don't worry."

Ranma instantly brightened at the thought of food. "That would be great, Cloud! Thanks."

The amnesiac martial artist's brow wrinkled in puzzlement as they continued along. 'How is she going to be able to get food, though…eh, another Pokegirl thing maybe.'

* * *

It was nearing evening when a suitable spot for sleeping was found. The woods had thickened and Ranma's wilderness-trained eyes, almost as alert as an animal, had located a hollowed out spot in a huge dead tree. It was big enough to provide shelter from the night air for two, if the two were friendly. He gulped, eying the size of the nook. Very friendly.

Cloud's expression was much happier. "Ah, you're so smart Ranma-san! I wouldn't have found this."

She advanced into the hollow and curled up, beckoning for Ranma to join her. "I spend most of my time with my herd at the Professor's research outpost. I'm not really all that wilderness-savvy."

Ranma obeyed her summons automatically, thinking about her compliment. He really wasn't used to people praising him and being as openly friendly as Cloud. He couldn't remember specifics, but he was solidly sure of that. As he gingerly squeezed in beside his friend, his skin cringing away from touching her exposed acres of bare flesh, he savored the warm feeling her positivity evoked in him.

Cloud sighed as she snuggled onto Ranma's firmly muscled form. After an initial cringe, Ranma sighed as well and relaxed into her embrace. 'If I had to leave, I would miss her already…'

For a few minutes, the forest was silent, both companions enjoying the others presence.

Cloud was reveling in Ranma's sheer hunkiness, contemplating that she'd really lucked out in her first Tamer. He was smart, nice, athletic to a remarkable degree for a human, and overall, really really hunklicious. She giggled quietly to herself, unable to resist giving his tight buns a little squeeze. She desisted after his body gave a shiver of fright at the unexpected contact.

'Poor Ranma-san. It's almost like you were caught and abused by Ferals.'

But that was impossible. From what Ranma had said, Cloud got the impression that he came from a place without Pokegirls. What other explanation could his ignorance of the most simple facts of Pokegirl biology have? It was amazing, but in the absence of a better explanation, it was the only scenario that worked.

Cloud had seen a few men who had been caught by sex-crazed Feral Pokegirls, brought in to see if the Professor could do them any good with an experimental treatment. He hadn't had much luck, and Cloud knew that those people usually had mental problems for life. They were lucky to be alive in the first place, as most men caught by Ferals were literally fucked to death, and often eaten, before, afterwards or during the Ferals' brutal attempts at Taming.

'My healing-milk will take care of your physical problem, hopefully, and then I'll have to get you over your first Taming. Oh, it'll be so much fun!'

* * *

Ranma was reluctantly enjoying Cloud's cuddliness. Her curvy body was warm and soft, her skin like the thinnest, smoothest glove-leather imaginable, but warm and alive. He was trying not to touch any of her sensitive bits, but it was difficult. She was glomped right on to him, there was no space to get away, and, as he'd almost managed to forget while they traveled, she wore not a stitch of clothing. He compromised by wrapping his arms around her trim waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

As her flesh molded to his, Ranma's powerful imagination, part of his ability to visualize martial arts maneuvers in his head on the fly, supplied what he couldn't see. Cloud's shapely body, decorated with black and white patches that resembled her namesake, her long fall of lavender hair, reaching to mid-back, the cute little horns poking out the hair on top of her head. Cloud let out a cute little moan as her enormous tits were squashed against his chest.

Ranma's heart beat fast as the sexy cowgirl's warm breath gusted against his ear. Unbeknownst to either of them, minor brain damage from his father's insane training schemes had early-on crippled his body's male reaction to sexual stimuli. It was very minor damage however, and all the usual hormones and other reaction were still present. Combined with Ranma's considerable ignorance of human reproductive ways and means, it made for one very confused young martial artist, both here, on the alternate-earth of the Pokegirls, and in his home dimension.



Cloud spoke intimately into Ranma's ear, in the warm darkness of their protective nook.

"Ranma-san…I am a cow-type Pokegirl. We need to be milked at least once every other day."

Ranma listened intently as Cloud gave him a little squeeze, letting out another moan as her boobs were compressed against his chest.

Her voice took on a note of urgency as she continued, "My breasts are full…can you feel how big they are?"

Ranma swallowed against a dry throat. He had thought that Cloud's boobs had been getting even bigger and rounder as their walk had progressed, but had put it down to his hentai imagination. After a few glances, he'd religiously avoided them with his gaze, not wanting to even chance offending his new friend by staring at her humungous rack.

Cloud pushed against him again, moaning into his ear, "I'm a Milk-tit, Ranma-san, and I need to be milked."

He protested reflexively. "Cloud-"

Her soft voice took on a sad undertone. "It hurts me, Ranma-san. My breasts are so full they ache. I *need* to be milked. Please drink from me. *Please* Ranma."

Ranma's heart was really pounding now. 'How do I get myself into these situations?' From the familiarity of the panic, he had a suspicion that his missing memory contained many examples of this kind of craziness, more than he cared to think about. 'Maybe I should be glad it's gone…'

Then what Cloud had said penetrated his awareness. He couldn't stand the thought of his kind, loving friend being in distress, especially if he could ease it.

"Drink?" he said in a strained voice.

Cloud purred into Ranma's ear, pretty well for a cow-girl. "Mmm, yes… Suck on my nipples and drink my tasty milk, Ranma-san. You'll love it, I guarantee!"

As the young martial artist's mind and body reeled in desperate indecision, Cloud ran her fingers affectionately through his hair and then used her soft, yet very strong hands to gently pull his face to her bosom.

In the warm darkness, Ranma's face came into contact with a smooth round shape. It felt nice, like a soft-skinned balloon. Cloud's hands gently moved his head until a small, warm and wet protrusion bumped against his lips.

Tentatively, he extended his tongue and touched the wet nub with it. His belly instantly rumbled as the flavor of the liquid reached his brain.

'Mm, sweet and creamy…'

Instinctively, he latched onto the nipple and began to suck, hard.

Cloud cried out in ecstasy as the pressure within her swollen right tit began to abate. The feel of Ranma's mouth pulling on her nipple was a fiery pleasure she had never before experienced.

"Yes, that's it, suck from me, please Ranma-san!"

The interior of the hollow tree vibrated with Cloud's low cries of pleasure as the hungry young martial artist rapidly emptied one of her boobs. Member of her herd were normally milked via hand, into containers for storage and later use. Being milked that way was pleasantly euphoric, but every cow-girl craved the intense sexual pleasure of having her boobs emptied via a suckling mouth. Having this handsome young man, her new friend, feeding from her bosom while she cuddled his hunky body was making Cloud very very happy.

And horny. Cloud moaned helplessly as her nipple conveniently enlarged itself for easier feeding, reacting to the stimulation of Ranma's hard, relentless suction. The same stimulation that was making her body ready itself for mating. As he fed, she prayed that her healing-milk fixed Ranma's problem, allowing him to Tame her the next morning. Otherwise, she was going to have to fight to not act like a Feral and try taking him by force.

Ranma blinked as he came back to himself, feeling how his face was pushed deeply into the soft flesh of Cloud's right boob. It felt nice, as did the long, springy nipple he held in his mouth. He closed his eyes and sucked petulantly at the organic spigot, wanting more milk.

A breathless voice came from above his head. "R-Ranma…"

He grunted around the nipple, still sucking hard, unwilling to relinquish it. "Hmm?"

"That one is dry, Ranma-san, p-please, my left still aches, please drink from my oth- unh, yes, mmm, so good -"

Once what Cloud was saying penetrated, without any trace of shyness the food-frenzied martial artist slid his face across to the other, bulging breast, and latched onto the milk-oozing nipple, sucking mightily.

He grunted in satisfaction as the milk immediately began to flow. "Mm, mm!"

Once more Cloud's soft cries filled the hollow as her body was heated by Ranma's voracious feeding. With a true Saotome appetite, he filled his sloshing belly with the contents of Cloud's left breast. With his mind largely turned off, liking the softness of Cloud's body, his hand even came up and fondled the breast he had abandoned, his gentle touches only serving to intensify Cloud's sexual pleasure and eventual torment.

"Oh OH! That's so good, unh, touch me, feed from me Master, oh *YES*!"

Ranma paid no attention to her strange talk, pushing his face deeply into Cloud's soft boob, making happy, guttural little noises at the wonderful sensations of warmth, softness and quickly departing hunger.

This time, he recognized when Cloud was dry and ceased his suction after a few last pulls, just in case there was a few drops still remaining. Finding his mind rapidly clouding over with an unnatural fatigue, he snuggled his face into Cloud's bosom and slept.

Panting a little as her body nagged at her for immediate Taming, Cloud stroked Ranma's hair and worried.

'He went to sleep like dropping a stone into a pond. That means he's definitely got something wrong with him, or the healing-milk wouldn't have done that. Oh, please be all right Ranma-san!'

With Pokegirl practicality, knowing there was nothing to do but wait until morning, Cloud wrapped her arms around Ranma and immediately fell into her usual dreamless sleep.

* * *

End Chapter 2

* * *

Next chapter: Taming frenzy!