Ranma in the Pokegirl World - Chapter 01 - A Horse Far From His Stable

Started: March 09, 2003

Finished: December 27, 2003

Current Revision: April 10, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Pokegirl Fanfiction, containing characters from Ranma ½, also possibly other Anime as well.

Based on the Pokegirl material created by Metroanime and others, though I'm not restricting myself to following that continuity.

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Background: My first attempt at a Pokegirl fanfic. Could go in any number of directions.

* * *

Ranma fell out of the hole in the sky and landed on his side with a muffled "thump" of impact. He hadn't had time, nor opportunity to apply his usual (shudder) "cat-like" grace and land on his feet.

He staggered upright, feeling woozy.

'Where the heck am I? And… *who* the heck am I?'

After a panic-stricken minute, he finally recalled his own name.

'Ranma Saotome. Ranma…yeah. That's me.'

Identity confirmed and feeling slightly reassured, he took an assessing sweep of his surroundings. What he saw wasn't pleasant. He was in a blasted wasteland of mud, rock and swamp, continuing as far as the eye could see. The sky was, however, a pleasant shade of blue, filled with the same type of fluffy white clouds found in more welcoming worlds.

Sensing no immediate threats, Ranma shrugged and began to move in a spiral outwards from his starting position, keeping a wary eye and ear out for danger.

'Who knows what kind of stuff lives around here? If anything *can* live, that is…'

Indeed, the place he had so mysteriously arrived at was inhospitable at best, and downright hostile at worst. The ground was treacherous, alternating between soft muck and hard stone.

Deciding to pick a direction and stick with it, Ranma thought idly as he walked along.

'At least there's no bugs. That's one good thing about this place. I sure hope I can find something to eat soon. Some of Kasumi's cooking would sure go down smooth right now… Kasumi, Kasumi…Dammit, I can't remember who that is!'

His irritated (not frightened, no, of course not, remember, Ranma is a tough-guy martial artist) train of thought was interrupted when his keen hearing picked up a faint sound. He stopped and listened intently. Something about the sound seemed indicative of female distress and fear.

Galvanized by the noise, Ranma made tracks as few people could, moving towards it at a speed more commonly displayed by an automobile or other motorized conveyance.

Ranma saw a naked girl-shape, stuck in a muddy sinkhole and calling softly for help. He gulped in embarrassment at the exposed flesh on display, but steeled himself and found a solid spot on the bank of the sinkhole. He stretched out his hand and took the hand of the girl in his, pulling her to solid ground with considerable difficulty.

"Oh, thank you! I was stuck in there for hours. If you hadn't come along I don't know what I'd have done." The girl shuddered. "Probably stayed there forever. Not many people come near the Jusenkyo Spell-Dump."

Ranma was alarmed. "Jusenkyo?"

"It's just over the hills that-a-way, about a mile," she said, pointing. "You're lucky you didn't wander into it. It has a way of pulling people in, if they aren't careful."

The strange word made Ranma very nervous and want to go in the exact opposite direction, for some reason. A reason which he couldn't remember, which was pissing him off.

"Is there anywhere we can get you cleaned up?"

The mud-coated girl pointed in the opposite direction to where Jusenkyo apparently was. "There's a river over there I think, after a bit of walking. Shall we go?"

"Sure, I could use a drink."

After a while of peaceful traveling, an obvious question occurred to Ranma. "Umm, what's your name?"

"Cloud. What's yours?"

"Ranma. Ranma Saotome. Your name's just Cloud, no last name?"

"Pokegirls don't have last names."

After walking for a while longer, Ranma said, feeling ignorant, "Umm, what's a Pokegirl?"

Cloud looked at him, surprised. "You really don't know?"

"I, um, my memories are kinda scrambled. I know my name and that's about it."

She nodded in acceptance. "Oh, well, Pokegirls are leftover bio-weapons from Sukebe's War of Revenge. That's what my last Master told me anyway. I'm not sure who Sukebe is, or what bio-weapons means, but that's what he said."

"Oh. Uh, could you tell me a bit more?"

"Sure. Umm, let's see. All Pokegirls are female and we have to have Masters to Tame us, or we go Feral. That part I know about for sure!" Cloud gave Ranma an odd little glance when she mentioned Taming.

"Speaking of Ferals, we'd better keep an eye out, because they'll start showing up once we get away from Jusenkyo. Even they know enough to avoid it."

Cloud put a finger to her chin in thought. "Lets see, what else… Most of us can fight, but some Pokegirls are made for different purposes, like me for instance. I'm a Milk-tit! I make delicious milk and many other things for people to drink and use."

She shrugged. "That's about it. Pokegirls aren't really taught much, at least I wasn't anyway. You'd have to go to a Pokecenter and talk to someone there to find out more."

Ranma nodded. "OK, I'll do that. Thanks for the info, Cloud."

He shot her a glance. "So, a Pokecenter, is, like, a center for information and stuff on Pokegirls?"

Cloud nodded while scanning the rough ground ahead, "Yes. Pokegirls and Tamers both go to Pokecenters, Pokegirls for healing and training, and Tamers for other things."

She exclaimed happily, "Ah, the river! Oh, I feel so dirty! I need to be clean!"

As the pair came over a ridge, Ranma spied a small, clear-watered river. Cloud rushed ahead and waded into the center of it, splashing happily. Ranma took a seat on the bank and watched her, far enough away from the river to be out of splash range. The large body of water made him feel wary for some reason. Just wary, not like it was a real threat. It also made the image of a short, cute, red-haired girl flash through his mind.

'Goddamn! More friggin' mystery memories!'

Ranma felt his irritation dissolve as he watched the exuberant Pokegirl clean herself in the clear water of the river. The happiness she radiated was enough to dispel even Ryoga's ever-present bad mood, he mused, not noticing that he had no real idea who 'Ryouga' was.

As the mud was washed away, Cloud was revealed to be a very beautiful, extraordinarily top-heavy girl of approximately 18 years of age. She was average height for a girl, which made her seem short to Ranma, and extremely curvy, with a big, though superbly shaped, bottom, and proportionately wide hips. The word "cuddly" came to mind. There were several things about her that Ranma found odd, though he had no idea why they were odd, just that they made him feel that way.

For one, there was the cute little cow corns on the top of her head, about 2 inches long, sticking out of her lavender hair. He didn't blink an eye at the fact that her hair was lavender, though. For another, her bare skin had a pattern of large patches of black, dark brown and white on it, rather reminiscent of a Holstein heifer. Somehow, it combined with her natural beauty to make her look exotically sexy, rather than bovine.

The fact that she was both incredibly voluptuous and stark naked made him have a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was a combination of nervousness of a peculiar type, and a feeling that looking at a nude girl was somehow hazardous to his continued health.

He instinctively ducked his head and protectively crossed his arms over his face. Another image flashed through his mind, this time of a dark-haired girl with flashing brown eyes, wielding a hammer. His mouth moved silently in time with hers, saying, "Hentai!"

After a moment, when the expected impact didn't materialize, he slowly uncrossed his arms and raised his head, finding Cloud looking at him wonderingly. Her huge bare tits gleamed wetly in the sunshine, enticing the eye to stare. He blushed and looked aside.

"Um, Cloud, how come you don't have any clothes?"

"Pokegirls don't need any, silly!" Cloud laughed, splashing at him playfully.

Ranma flinched, though the water came nowhere near him.

Cloud looked puzzled, but refrained from further splashing, seeing as how it bothered him. She quickly completed her ablutions and joined him in sitting on the soft earth of the riverbank.

The two odd companions enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine for a short while, until Cloud announced, "We should get going, Ranma-san. Ferals will be attracted to the fresh water too, and I wouldn't be able to protect you against most Feral Pokegirl-types." She looked a little ashamed as she said the last phrase.

Ranma nodded uncomprehendingly and rose smoothly to his feet, then grasped Cloud's hand and pulled her up as well. 'Whoa! She's way too heavy!' He tried to ignore the other way that statement could be interpreted, his eyes unwillingly taking in the abundance of jiggling flesh before him as the exuberant girl bounced to her feet.

Cloud didn't seem to mind her male companion's gaze. In fact she giggled and ran her hands teasingly over her abundant curves. Ranma blushed and looked away. Cloud's eyes flicked down to his crotch, a cute expression of confusion forming as she failed to see the usual reaction that occurred when male Tamers got an eyeful of her bare body.

Shrugging minutely, even this tiny motion making her big boobs dance, Cloud grabbed Ranma's hand and pulled him towards the river.

Ranma immediately balked. "Whoa whoa whoa! I ain't goin' in there!"

Cloud blinked at him. "Why not?"

He frowned, opened his mouth, and raised a finger to emphatically say …nothing.

Cloud giggled at the way Ranma's expression collapsed from adamant refusal into sheepishness. "Er…I'm not sure, but…I don't like water much. Don't know why."

Cloud's face became distressed. "But we have to get across, or we'll be stuck on this side for who knows how long!"

Ranma noticed that Cloud didn't seem to consider, even for one second, the possibility of them splitting up. He wasn't sure if it was because she wanted to stay with him for protection, or for another reason. The thought just didn't seem to cross her mind at all.

The thought of her needing his protection made him feel warm inside. Cloud was very easy to like. Her aura of warm, bubbly friendliness pulled very strongly at Ranma, for reasons he didn't know or couldn't remember.

He smiled at her, wanting to reassure his friend. The words came out without him having to think about it. "Don't worry, Cloud-san. I can get across the river without getting wet."

"But how-oh! Oh wow…"

Cloud stared, wide-eyed, as a grinning Ranma made a brief dash and then a prodigious leap across the shining waters, to the river's opposite bank. Clapping her hands with a mixture of delight and amazement, she smiled brilliantly and waded into the river, using her weight and strength to cross it without much difficulty.

Ranma gulped again as she emerged from the cool, clear water. Her long lavender hair was loaded with water and plastered to her back, stray strands clinging alluringly to her wet, bare torso. The sun shining off her spectacular nude flesh was enough to make a legion of Otaku die of nasal bloodloss.

Her smile turning sultry, Cloud advanced slowly on her friend and took a deep breath, simultaneously tilting her head back to further push out her tremendous rack. The cleavage thus generated was as awesome a drop as the Grand Canyon and a million times as sexy. She nonchalantly rearranged her wet hair in the back, as well as idly removing the excess locks that were concealing parts of her breasts. As they did so, seemingly by accident her hands leisurely outlined the shape and size of the perky spheres.

Her show finished, Cloud returned her gaze to the front, finding Ranma with his back to her, his ears bright red. She let out a cute little huff of frustration and pouted, hands on curvy hips, a sight that would have rearranged the blood-supply of any non-eunuch that happened to witness it.

'Maybe he doesn't think I'm sexy?' Her pride twinged at the thought.

'Or maybe he's just shy!'

In the world that Cloud had grown up in, where pretty much any guy could get laid at the drop of a hat, a shy male was rare, but not unheard of. They were considered to be less rare than Legendary Pokegirls, but more rare than Unicorn-type Pokegirls. In other words, pretty damn rare.

'Oh well, there'll be time for him to get over it…'

Cloud walked past the statue-like martial artist, grabbing his hard hand with her soft one and pulling him along into the light vegetation that started appearing after they crossed the river. She enjoyed holding his hand, and had a feeling that he liked it too.

"Come on Ranma-san. We've got to find shelter, or the Ferals will get us."

She glanced down, still seeing no evidence of the usual male reaction to the unrestricted sight of her bare body. 'Oh my…I hope Ranma-san doesn't have a medical problem…'

She returned her gaze to the front, watching alertly for Ferals or other threats to her new friend and possible Tamer. A small smile illuminated her lovely features as a thought occurred to her. 'Mm, my healing-milk might fix that.'

She concentrated in the way she had learned, immediately feeling the subtle signals that indicated her body was switching production to the desired type of substance.


* * *

Ranma gulped, momentarily held by the sight of Cloud's big, luscious bottom, moving seductively with the natural sway of her hips as she walked away from him. It was dappled with black and white patches, the same as the rest of her body, and was a living work of art.

"Eep!" He was almost pulled off balance as Cloud didn't stop and started to haul him along.

'Damn, she's *strong*!'

And heavy. Using his intuitive knowledge of weights and forces, Ranma estimated that Cloud weighed in the vicinity of twice what he did, though she was not fat in any way, other than…he blushed, trying not to think about that.

'Weird. I know girls aren't supposed to weigh that much, heck, guys aren't that dense…it must be because of this "Pokegirl" thing…'

He moved his fingers, rubbing them against Cloud's hand as it grasped his own. It was soft and smooth, pleasant to the touch. It felt different than a regular human hand, though. Ranma's eyes scanned automatically for danger as he walked, thinking.

'More like…super-thin leather or something. *Living* leather. Soft, warm hide…weird.'

He hastened to defend his new friend, even against his own idle thoughts.

'Not that she's weird, of course! I like Cloud. I like her a lot.'

At that moment, the girl in question pulled at his hand, urging him to go faster.

She turned her head and gave him a warm smile. "C'mon, silly!"

Smiling broadly without realizing he was doing so, Ranma allowed himself to be pulled along, deeper into the forest.

* * *

End Chapter One