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Warning: If you can’t stand Shinji + Asuka parings, you might never, EVER want to read another one of my stories again. For some odd reason, I really can’t picture him with anyone else; Rei (incest = grossness), Hikari (loves Toji too damned much), Misato (I could picture them being ‘friends with benefits’, but not soul mates. Reason being Asuka and himself would eventually fall for each other), Ritsuko (too damn tied up with her work and Gendo), Maya (because she’s too tied up with Ritsuko, *chuckles*), Mana (because she really doesn’t love him, she used him to get info on the EVA and NERV, and ultimately give them the smack down). If their is anyone out there who he could possibly love (besides the beloved second child), it would be Kaoru. (but I don’t care much for yaoi or yuri.) All in all, there will be a dash of much despised Lime. Why Lime? Why not Lemon? Only God knows. (Wait a minute, it’s because FF.net doesn’t allow smut anymore.) Damn it! =[

Story Background: Takes place after Asuka’s sync ratio drops to 0. Suppose that Shinji has become more of a man. Suppose that Asuka becomes submissive to him, realizing she needs his protection (and his love).

Formatting: “denotes speech” (not that I needed to tell you that.) -denotes thought-



Written by the raging metaller, Lord Ultima Havoc, bringer of absolute chaos


Asuka was severely angered. “Pathetic little boy, just where the hell are you going? Running away again?” She sternly asked. -I wish…-

Shinji was about to open the door to the apartment to leave, to get away from the hell hole that was his home. He viciously scowled, “You spoiled brat!” as he charged towards her.

Asuka’s eyes were growing wide with fear. She was so scared she couldn’t move, allowing him to slap her across the face. She was shocked and softly inquired, “What did you call me?” -I deserved that.-

“You heard me,” the dark brown haired male replied. “I’m be leaving. Maybe I’ll hang myself.” He then marched out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

Asuka was pale. -I won’t cry, I won’t cry! I’ll be strong, for mama, for him.- Surely she never really showed any remorse towards him. Surely she always teased him about being a hentai. Surely, she was mean to his friends. However, he, up until now wasn’t mean to her. He was too kind. Always cooking for her, always cleaning up the messy place they call home, always helping her to study the kanji, always vowing to protect her since the horrific mind rape, always being submissive to her. “I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!” She cried out as if it were Third Impact and death was coming straight for her.

Misato was worried. She discarded her empty Yebisu and exit her pig sty of a bedroom. She noticed the red mark across Asuka’s face and that blood was trickling from her lip. -No, he couldn’t have… this can’t be!- Since Misato honestly didn’t think it was possible, she was beginning to think this was a nightmare. “Did he? Did Shinji do that to you?!”

Asuka softly muttered, “He did, but that’s not important.” She buried her head between Misato’s D cups and mindlessly sobbed. “I hate myself,” she said sincerely.

Misato had the look of pity in her eyes. “Why?” -She was always so tough before, why is she crying now?-

Asuka (still sobbing) retorted, “Do you know what I said to him?!” Asuka paused to catch her breath. “Even after he told me that winning isn’t everything. Even after he told me I was still valuable, despite that I can’t pilot anymore… I can’t say it.”

Misato somewhat shocked, slowly shook her head and hugged the girl. “Why don’t you tell me? PLEASE?!” The elder woman thought this would be the best opportunity to break of the walls of confinement.

Asuka was on the other hand was now crying like a toddler who has been separated from its nother in downtown Tokyo-3. “I could only say that I hate him, even though I didn’t mean it. He even confessed his love for me.” Asuka firmly stated, though the pain was still present.

Misato paused for a minute, pondering something. “Oh Asuka, you really do like him,” she stated (still sobbing.) -Wait, did she say Shinji confessed his love for her?-

Asuka gripped Misato tightly, ready to give the speech of a lifetime. “It’s more complicated than that. I was unsure how I felt about him at first. After Mount Asama, I figured there was something about him that was worthwhile I even kissed him once, just to see what it was like.”

Misato nodded. “I see…” -Is this really Asuka talking?-

Asuka went on. “When his sync ratio was higher than mine for the first time, deep down, I was proud of him. When he was absorbed by the sea of daraq, I could not help but worry about him. I was worried he wouldn’t make it. When he wanted to leave after the incident with Unit three, I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t want him to go. After being absorbed by EVA, I thought that was the end. I thought he would never make it. My sub conscious wouldn’t hide the truth anymore. It was then, I knew I loved him. After my incident with the fifteenth angel, after he comfort me, it was beyond love. I knew then he was the only one I could ever love. I wanted to tell him so badly, but my ego… it made me too God damn stubborn to admit it. I was too weak. That’s why he’s going to die, to prove his love for me, and it’s my fault. For this crime, I deserve burn in hell for all eternity.” If Asuka was a fallen angel, she would have indeed regrown her wings back after that speech.

Misato felt her heart explode, she felt nothing but pity and understanding for Shinji and Asuka, thinking this would be the end of the road for what is known as their ‘happiness’. -Damn it, there’s no time.- Misato wiped her charges tears away. “Stop crying damn it, and go find him. Tell him how you really feel before it’s too late. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to him.”

Asuka sniffled one last time, and smiled. “Thanks Misato, I willl do it for him.” Asuka then left in a breeze. -Please God, don’t let me loose him.-

Shinji was no more than a block away when he heard her call out his name. He scowled, as he figured she was going to insult him again. The foot steps got closer, and closer. Finally, he outburst in to rage again. “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!”

Asuka paused for a moment, then softly muttered. “No.” Tears were welling up in her eyes again.

Shinji gritted his teeth. “I’m not in the mood for your bullshit, just leave me alone,” he hissed before continuing his walk.

She gazed upon him, softly uttering, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” It seemed that another breakdown was inevitable. “I love you!” she cried out.

Shinji thought is was too good to be true. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” In fact, his eyes almost blew out of their sockets when his brain officially registered her words.

“Forgive me Shinji, I was such a coward.” She trailed off, “I was too afraid to admit what you truly meant to me when I should have.”

Shinji was beginning to think there was hope after all. “Really, and I mean what to you?” He inquired, turning to face her.

Asuka, still sobbing, looked into his deep-as-the-ocean eyes. “Everything.”

Shinji, being the cocky, manly guy that he now is, placed his hands on her shoulders. “Everything, huh?” he said, grinning.

Asuka whispered, “Yes. I want you to be mine.” A serene look has over taken her face. She was like a sweet little angel indeed.

“How much do you love me, Asuka?” Shinji asked, now grinning mischievously.

Asuka hugged him tightly. “Even more than mama,” she faintly replied.

Shinji knew play time was over. Now was not the time for his hormones to cloud his judgment. With much seriousness in his veins, he threw the grin out the window. “Then I am yours.”

Asuka could barely compress her joy. Just the words alone made her panties fill with creamy substances. “Then I’m happy. I thought for sure that you would abandon me.”

“I wouldn’t even think of that. Not for a second,” he said. Then, without any sort of warning, Shinji pressed his lips against hers, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. She moaned as she felt it slide around the roof, the walls, the teeth, and her own tongue. After registering this sensation, she returned the favor. After a few minutes of tongue jousting, Shinji parted.

He smiled at her so genuinely, it forced her to smile back. “Let’s go home Asuka.” Shinji swept her off her feet as he carried her down the street back to the apartment.

-Mama, I’ve finally found true happiness!- She was no longer oppressed by her hazardous superiority complex. Asuka could at last speak what was TRULY on her mind. She whispered, “I’ll never let you go, my sweet baka,” tightly embracing her lover.

Shinji grinned. -Looks like Asuka is back to normal. Happier though, but still the same.- “I’ll never let you go, either. Not ever.”

Many meaningful things were exchanged between the two. Later, Misato had gone to work, and would be gone all night long. This was the perfect opportunity for the adolescents to bond even further. Shinji was sitting on the couch, all the while Asuka was straddling him. Their arms were wrapped around each other. (tightly, I might add.)

“Well Shinji, should we, um…” Asuka blushed, thinking, -I’m not sure if I should say this.- “Should we make love?” She slapped herself mentally, -Oh God, I sound so stupid.-

Shinji gazed unto Asuka’s eyes. “I think we should wait.” -Is she serious?- he stated mentally.

There would be a compromise, or so she hoped. “Can I at least take you through the mouth?” she implored.

Shinji smiled. “I don’t see why not.”

Asuka lifted off his shirt and threw it across the room. Next, she unfastened his pants. After she fully undressed her lover, Asuka was about to lower her mouth on to his member. -I hope I can do this properly…-

Shinji grinned. “Wait.” He felt something was missing.

Asuka was confused. “What is it, Shinji?” -Did he change his mind?-

Shinji chuckled. “Now that you’ve seen me, I get to see you.” -It’s only fair,- he thought.

Asuka’s face was as red as her plug suit. -I hope he likes what he sees.- First, she threw off her yellow T-shirt. Since she had no bra on, her perfect breasts were exposed. This caused a jump in activity for the crotch of her lover. -He must like it!- she thought, smiling.

Shinji’s grin widened. “Perfect, though I still see some articles of clothing. You would be wise to remove them now.” -Even perfect is an understatement.-

Asuka wasn’t about to disobey her one true love. Without hesitation, both her coochie cutters and panties went bye-bye. Asuka turned around, and back again. This enabled her soul mate to see everything that there is to see (physically, of course.)

Shinji was truly pleased, and his stiff sex was evidence enough. “Voluptuous, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, those don’t come anywhere close to describing how pretty you are.” He mentally slapped himself, -Damn it, that’s not the only reason I love her.- “Even though you’re not as tough as you let on, you’re still the smartest person I know, the best EVA pilot, and the best friend I could ever ask for.”

Unable to contain herself, Asuka buries her head in Shinji’s lap and cries like an infant. “Oh Shinji… thank you… for everything. You’re then only reason I’m still living. Her soul mate then ran his hand through her soft, silky head of hair “You’re the only one who’s ever showed me true kindness!” Asuka calmed down a little bit, before continuing. “Shinji Ikari, I think I was born… just to meet you.” She then rested the right side of her face on his left thigh.

Shinji smiled at her. (Again.) -She looks so innocent, so peaceful.- “I feel the same way.”

Asuka closed her eyes and softly uttered, “Shinji, you’re so sweet.”

“And you are too.” -Damn, this is the hardest I’ve ever been.- “Are you ready?”

Asuka, rubbing his thighs, replied, “Yes. I can’t wait to feel your essence any longer.” With that being said, she lowered her mouth on to his special extension, and began to slowly bob her head up and down. She moaned as she felt his warmth rub against the walls, roof, and tongue within her mouth.

Shinji moaned as well. He stroked his partner’s soft, auburn hair as she gently bobbed up and down. -It feels so good.- He moaned some more, each moan becoming more intense. “Asuka, I’m about to…”

Asuka could fell his tendons tightened to new heights. -He really likes it! It was then his essence was unleashed. She let out a high pitched moan, which made her sound like she was enjoying herself. She swallowed his fluid and enjoyed how the warmth traveled down her throat. She then came up to kiss him again.

Shinji caught her by surprise. In the middle of their smooch, Shinji slid the left hand to her right breast, and the right hand to her special zone. He began to massage both areas softly, making her moan uncontrollably. -Asuka, I’m glad you likes it.- After they parted from the kiss, Shinji began to circumnavigate her left nipple with his tongue. (still massaging the other areas.)

Asuka moaned and panted. She cried out, “Oh Shinji, I feel like I’m in Heaven!” His hands and mouth rotated. Shinji’s left hand was on her ever so wet private part, his right hand was on her left breast, and his tongue was circumnavigating the right nipple. -It feels so, so, VERY nice.- Several seconds later, she said, “Oh God, I’m about to…”

Shinji began to kiss her down the right side of her neck while he stuck his right hand’s index finger into her anus. She squirmed in ecstasy, her moaning and panting becoming extremely vicious. -I can feel her muscles tightening.-

Asuka arched her back, screaming, “Shinji! Shinji! Shinji! I’m going to explode!” After letting out one hell of a moan, love juices splattered out of her, covering the hand of Shinji. Now unconscious, she was about to collaspe unto the floor, but Shinji caught her. He carried Asuka to her bedroom and placed her on the bed.

Shinji kissed Asuka on the forehead, then whispered, “Sweet dreams, Asuka. I’m glad we could share this moment together.” Admiring her serene, nude, sleeping form, Shinji laid down by here side. -I’ve finally found true happiness. I found my purpose to live. Thank you, mother. I promise I'll always love and cherish her, for all eternity.- Mere seconds later, he dozed off. They slept side by side for over nine hours, getting the best nights rest they ever had.


Finally, it’s done. Well, that was the one shot, ridiculously happy romance story. Lousy, isn’t it? Flame, criticize, compliment, suggestions, all welcome. (In fact, I implore you to do one of the preceding.) ‘Til next time, I’m getting the fuck out of here.