Author: Dark Nagisa

Anime: Shin Seiki Evangelion

Genre: Romance/Lemon

Rating: NC-17

Type: One Shot/Alternate Universe

Disclaimer: Yeah I don't own Shin Seiki Evangelion, GAINAX studios do. Sorry but maybe I will someday but for now I'm stuck writing fanfictions and such. I'm not really against any of the Eva pairings, but I just thought that this would make an all right Lemon story. I've been etching to do this for awhile now and hopefully it'll make the cut on For this fic, I've decided to go for a little Alternate Universe type thing where Asuka is a cop and she hasn't seen Shinji since Third Impact. The details are a little sketchy but hell, it's a lemon, who the hell needs stories when we've got lemon to entertain us. ^_^


She walked through the endless darkness of the deserted Tokyo-3, nothing but herself and her purse. The long, dark, red hair, which flowed freely from her scalp, blew in the wind and her features were slightly angelic. She passed into an alley; the clicking of her red high heels was the only sound audible, columns of smoke drifted from the air vents like a translucent monolith. She looked around, no one in sight; those deep, blue orbs that were her eyes scanned the desolate area. Her face betraying nothing of her inner-self.

She smiled, satisfied that she was not followed, her hands reached up to grip on the cold steel of the handrail which lead towards her apartment, her choice of residence; modest, yet accommodating. Silently she climbed up unto the railing, pale beams of moonlight spraying across her features as her hair bounced from the recoil of her orthodox landing. She looked across, her target was in sight, a small screen door, and it looked as if it had seen better days. Cuts were in the sides, the hinges were rusted and it creaked like mad everytime someone opened it.

She made her way towards the door; the pale moonlight burst open and the beams of light shone across her. Highlighting every detail, a twenty to twenty-three year old woman stood on that balcony, quite a large, satisfied smirk on her face. She wore a tight black Mini-skirt and a white blouse, which was covered by a black jacket. The high heels, being the only articles of color on her entire slender frame. Her footsteps were soft and gentle like that of a cat on the prowl, the unsuspecting victim waiting just ahead. Her hand reached into the purse, fingers coming to grip something inside. That smirk on her face increased as the sleek black object was revealed, running an idle finger along the shiny barrel. She withdrew the gun to a shoulder-level, her eyes narrowing into slits as she burst through the door, flicking the light switch on and aiming the barrel of the gun at the opposite wall.

'Bang... you're dead.' cocking the gun into the air as to imitate the recoil of a shot, but alas, no sound was heard as she spun the weapon around on a pale finger before sliding it back into her purse, a satisfied smile on her face as she removed her jacket and tossed it across a chair, the thin fabric sprawling out all over the piece of furniture.

With a heavy sigh, she dropped herself back in a nearby chair, her arms laying over the edges as she shook her head.

'Another boring day at work... so typical.' she reached over and flicked on the nearby lamp, the bright and strong light threw down upon her physique.

She leaned back in the chair, her feet working on kicking off the high heels, which were cramping her small feet. Eventually she succeeded and the flew to the floor, her toes wiggled slightly to shake off the oncoming cramp that she had felt ever since she hit that ladder. Letting out a soft moan of relief, she tilted her head backwards as her eyes fixated on the ceiling. Her hair draped and fell around her face, making her appearance seem like that of a distant star.

All of a sudden her door silently opened, silent footsteps echoing throughout the space of nothingness. A man, around the same age as her walked in slowly, shadows enveloping his figure. All that could be identified of him was his hair, which was short and saggy. She remained oblivious to his presence, as she stood making her way towards the refrigerator to fetch something to eat.

The door opened with a small popping sound, as the light from the refrigerator spilled across the room. She pulled on her hair angrily and groaned.

'Grr! No food!' she slammed the door shut and turned around.

A silent gasp was all she could muster as she saw the man, standing in her doorway, not moving. The figure stepped forward, a pair of white sneakers became visible, then a pair of black slacks, and finally a white button-up shirt. Her eyes widened and her hands came up to cover her mouth.

'S-Shinji?' her breathing quickened, her skin paled at the sight of this man.

He said nothing, but he did step from his hiding place in the shadows to reveal that it was in fact Ikari, Shinji the former pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. His eyes fixated on hers and all she could do was stare right back, the quiver in her eye made it known to him that she was either scared, on the brink of crying or both.

'Yes... it's me Asuka.' he took another step closer, his face still mutual. 'I'm surprised, you still remember me...' he cocked a small smile, a battered and bruised smile.

However his injuries were not that of a physical factor, but they were those of a mental factor. He had endured much and survived, surely he could have sustained some sort of scars from his service at NERV.

Her memories flooded back to when she awoke from the pool of LCL, moments after Third Impact had occurred, the feel of Shinji's smooth hands around her neck and the way that he cried, cried for her. No one had ever cried for her except Shinji, she loved him for that but she never knew how to express it except through physical violence and insults.

'Shinji... I-' she looked away, unable to meet his eyes with her own.

The guilt that she was experiencing was unlike any other feeling she had suffered before, the Angels were all but defeated and the abominations known to man as Evangelion had all been destroyed when Third Impact had occurred. Her fists clenched as she focused on a dirty spot on the wall nearby, but Shinji stepped forward again his body now only a few inches from hers, he was so close as to be able to smell the lemon scent of her hair (No pun intended).

She bit her bottom lip softly, his warm breath tickling her cheek as he dared to come closer. Turning to face him and speak her protest, she was interrupted by his lips brushing against hers. Her eyes widened and she stiffened up slightly, but she slowly melted into the kiss increasing the passion by pulling him back into her and pushing her tongue inside his mouth, searching for his in the never ending waltz of the tongues.

He brought his hand up to caress her right cheek with his fingers, as his free hand ran smoothly down her side the blouse she was wearing was white and slightly see-through. He could see her nipples hardening underneath it and poking through the thin cotton fabric, as Asuka became more excited, her hands frantically searching around Shinji's chest area, gripping around the center of his shirt and ripping it open. Buttons flew everywhere as Asuka pushed herself into him, causing Shinji's body to impact against the wall and Asuka to get better access to his body.

Shinji's hands finally came to rest of the bottom of her shirt, gently lifting it upwards and only breaking the kiss momentarily to pull it over her head and toss it absent mindedly in the corner. He pulled back from the seemingly never-ending kiss and looked into her eyes, for the first time he did not see the eternal fire that was Asuka, instead; he saw innocence and purity. He felt his heart warm at the sight of her and he came to the realization that he did in fact love her, and that he had loved her ever since he met her on the Over the rainbow.

Asuka blushed under his intense stare, and decided it was time to act. She slowly began to kiss down his chest, taking her time to caress every detail of his well-defined chest as her tongue swiveled around his quickly hardening nipples. Her hands moved much lower than her mouth as they fidgeted with his pants, triggering the release and they fell to the floor. Shinji was now only in his underwear (not to mention the full body blush he was pulling off), he leant his head back against the wall and let his hands glide through her long, red hair. The silky texture of it brang back all the fond memories he had of her.

She closed her eyes, now fully on her knees as she twirled her fingers around his underwear, hesitantly removing the under garments to reveal his extremely hard penis, she gasped a little and smirked. -He's so big...- her slender fingers moved along his shaft, taking in every detail of the new object. Being as attractive as she was, Asuka was still a virgin and was actually quite scared at this moment but of course she'd never let that show. She tightened her grip on his penis and leaned forward, parting her lips slightly as she let it penetrate her mouth. Being young and inexperienced she found it difficult to not scrape it with her teeth, letting the head of his penis run along the slick, wet walls of her mouth.

Shinji moaned softly, his hand running down the side of her face and coming to rest on her shoulder, gently massaging it. His eyes fluttered shut as waves of pleasure rushed over him, the constant bobbing of her head was sending rapid jolts of electricity down his spine, the urge to hold her and be close to her was growing greater inside of him.

She withdrew his penis from her mouth, a trail of saliva hung from her mouth and the head of his penis, her tongue ran out to disconnect it and she rose to her feet, laying another kiss on Shinji's lips as she guided him slowly towards her bed, Shinji took her hint and followed immediately.

He took control and pushed her half-naked body onto the bed, as he sat down ontop of her, his lips nibbling and sucking at the tender spots on her neck. He was rewarded with several tiny gasps and moans on Asuka's part, and that excited him further, the raging erection that he had began to throb wildly. Little did Shinji know that Asuka was feeling the same desire swell up inside of her as well

'Shinji.. I need you tonight.. Even if it is just for one night. I just need to feel you inside me...' she looked away, ashamed and disgusted with herself before she silently whimpered the final word '...please'.

Shinji hesitated for a moment, but he realized that she needed this as much as him. He reached down, pulling her panties down to her knees, drawing in a sharp breath at the sight of her well-shaven sex.

'Don't stare!' she playfully scolded him for taking a little too long of a look at her nether regions.

'S-sorry...' he smiled nervously, and positioned himself ontop of her, her breasts were pressing into his chest.

He took another deep breath as the head of his penis approached the entrance to her vagina; the warmth that radiated out from it surprised him slightly. His eyes clenched as her two lips parted, just barely allowing his penis entry. The alien object making slow progress into Asuka.

Asuka gasped and groaned a little, she hadn't expected that it would hurt that much. A small tear ran down her cheek that was it, after that there would be no turning back, she had given herself to Shinji forever. She placed her hands on his shoulders, urging him to continue as he silently apologized for hurting her.

His penis slid in a little further, his teeth gritted together, and both his and Asuka's breathing was somewhat ragged and heavy. The walls of Asuka's vagina clamped tightly around his shaft, denying him access any further.

'Asuka... relax...' he leant in, as he pressed a soft and tender kiss upon her lips.

When she received that kiss, her walls gave way and relaxed completely and he slid all the way inside her. Smiling to himself, he began to move slowly in and out of her, his hands came to rest on her pale breasts, and he massaged them in a circular motion. She moaned rather loudly, her toes clenched and her back arched, as the tip of his penis ran against her cervix, in an attempt to increase his pleasure.

'Mien Got Shinji, keep going, don't stop... don't stop, Ahh!' she threw her head back, as his strokes turned into thrusts. 'Oh fuck don't stop, yes, oh yes, FUCK!'

Her eyes widened as her climax approached, her vagina clamping down upon his penis, trapping it inside her. She screamed an ear-shattering scream, as an earth rocking orgasm hit her, triggering Shinji's own climax. He could not withdraw from her due to her vagina holding him inside, so he accidentally let go inside her, his penis spraying his essence, the very core of his soul, deep inside the one that he loved more than anyone in this world.

Slowly, but surely the two lovers came down from their high. Their breathing returning to normal and Shinji began to remove himself from her.

'No. I want you to stay inside me... just a little... long... er'

Shinji accepted her request, coming up to embrace her from behind; letting her relax into his embrace as she drifted off. He breathed in and out slowly; each lemon scented breath teased his senses as he whispered those three words that mean more to Asuka than any other words in the English language.

'I love you...'

The End.

Authors Notes: Well, thus concludes my fanfic 'Reunion' I hope you guys all liked it, but it does need some fleshing out I think. Maybe I should make this into an actual story or something, I don't know; it just seems a little corny. But I'll let you, the reader, be the judge. I know that Shinji and Asuka aren't exactly in character but I think that it added to the effect of the story, plus some people do change over time. Well, farewell for now until my next fic. Peace out.


All of a sudden her door silently opened, silent footsteps echoing throughout the space of nothingness. A man, around the same age as her walked in slowly, shadows enveloping his figure. The figure stepped in closer, his foot catching on an undone shoelace, sending him hurtling forward and landing face first into the ground with a loud thud. Asuka swiftly turned around and aimed her gun at his head, but broke down into laughter instead, and so did Shinji. The two lie on the floor and continue to laugh until Asuka was snapped back into reality by Dark Nagisa yelling 'Cut! Cut! Cut!'...