Repayments & Redheads
By: KoalaKiller
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(I of course don’t own NGE, the best Mecha anime in history, but hey we can always dream. As well, this is a lemon so kids please turn off your monitor now. Anyways, hopefully you read this and enjoy my creative work.)

“So what’s with the look?”

Looking away from the kitchen sink where he had been finishing up the dirty dishes and cups, Shinji Ikari turned his attention to his fellow roommate and pilot. But as most times though he didn’t make direct eye contact with the owner of the voice.

“Huh? What you mean, Asuka?” He licked his lips nervously. It had been only yesterday since Asuka had survived the battle with the magma Angel. He remembered little of what had happened after the Angelic beast had been killed, but was glad he had grabbed her Evangelion before it disappeared into the red abyss

Now though, his mind was wondering elsewhere after himself, Asuka and their guardian had only just returned from their overnight stay at the local hot-spring retreat. The odd question that had slowly wormed its way into his mind puzzled the young teenager, he still couldn’t push it aside as his curiosity was overriding his common sense. True, he could ask Misato of course, but then he knew he would have to go through a number of rounds of teasing before he could satisfy his curious mind.

It was a simple question, but a deadly one if it concerned a girl called Sohryu Asuka Langley.

“I know that look, baka,” She rolled her eyes, “You’re got something on your mind but don’t have the guts to ask.”

Am I that easy to read to her? He thought, as he moved towards the table still avoiding eye contact with the girl.

“Well…” He shrugged as Asuka moved to block his entry into the living room, “I know you well enough not to ask questions that set you off.”

Asuka raised an eyebrow at that statement, then smirked, “Maybe you do, but I think its just because you just don’t have any balls to ask me the most basic of things, perverted or not.”

Seeing that Asuka wouldn’t let him pass, he turned away from the girl, wishing Asuka hadn’t forced him to speak his mind.

“Can’t even look at me?” Snorted the Eva pilot, “you’re that scared of me hitting you? How pathetic…”

“Of course not!” He shot back, still facing away from his roommate, “you hit me offen….” He sighed.

“Well then,” she hummed, bitting her lip in thought, “I want to know what’s on your mind. So I won’t hit you period.”

Turning around to face her, Shinji gave her a very doubtful look. Asuka in return, gave a toothy smile back while crossing her arms.

“A promise?”

“A promise.” Stated the red-haired girl.

He sighed in defeat, realising that once more Asuka could shake lose any information out of him without much trouble.

“Its really just my curiosity…” He turned back around, wanting to hide his flushed face.

“Just spill it, Ikari.” She grumbled out in annoyance.

“Well… I was just wondering about yesterday evening…” He paused, knowing nothing good would come from this and also knowing he was lousy at lying to people, “When I threw that body shampoo to you, um, well, what did I hit?” He winced at hearing the question outloud, thinking how stupid it really sounded.

Behind him, Asuka had a surprised look on her face. The girl knew it would probably be something either really stupid or just plain perverted. But this question, though simple to answer, she didn’t think this meek and weak-willed boy would ask her THAT.

It was something like 30 seconds before he heard any words come from the temperamental German.

“You…you…” She shook her head in wonder, “you want to know THAT!”

“Um,” He dared not look behind him as he shuffled in place next to a table chair, “I overheard all that chatter between you two and I…” Damn it, he thought, I really am a pervert.

“Is that all?” She asked a few moments later, and Shinji had to swallow as he heard the change in her tone of voice.

Crap, he thought, an angry Asuka I can somewhat handle but a teasing one is just as bad as Misato.

“Um, well yes.” He chuckled nervously, wishing he could bang his head on a brick wall to see if it would knock some common sense into him.

Damn his hormones! Cursed Both sides of his brain.

“Well Shinji…” Asuka seem to purr out with a smirk on her face, “if you really want to know, I guess I can expose the answer.” Her voice seem to burn his ears as he sensed her shuffle closer.

“As you already know by close contact with them, my breasts are nicely sized and quite perky I would have to boast. I’m very proud of them as you may guess and when that nasty…” She stretched that word out as she came within strangling range of the boy, “…body’s cap scraped on my poor erect nipple, of course I would curse you for marking my eye-catching tits…”

He could feel her breath on his neck as she finished. His pants right now were giving him hell and he’s face felt as hot as a frying pan.

God… his distracted mind stumbled around, she is GOOD at that. As he licked his dry lips, he was thinking on how to reply to that provoking statement when he felt the girl press herself into his back, surprising him shitless.

“You know Shinji,” She breathed into his ear as she draped her arms over his shoulders, “I really hate it when you act like a BOY, like now. Yesterday though, you actually showed me you had the potential in having REAL balls hanging between your legs and guess what?”

His eyes closed shut, he murmured shakily, “What?”

“I like it when you act like a REAL man.” She chuckled, as she dragged his stiff arm to the table to let his hand touch a piece of cloth, “So I have been thinking if he could show me that side again OUTSIDE his Eva, I may reward him.” His eyes shot open in shock as he’s fingers wrapped around the girl’s nightshirt.

“Hm-mmm.” She rubbed herself slightly against his back, “that’s my shirt already off me and if you want what goes under that, then prove to me you’re worthy.”

The two fell into silence as Shinji’s mind went over what Asuka had said. He couldn’t believe she meant any word of it, and he wasn’t stupid enough to fall for any of her tricks. So for once he made a quick decision and broke free of the girl’s weak hold on him, moving towards the entrance to the living room.

“Stop that!” He growled out in a rare show of anger, “stop playing with me like that Asuka, you don’t need to tease me like that!”

“I’m hurt, Shinji,” She turned to face him, arms crossed over her breasts, “you think I was teasing you?” She wiggled her eyebrows in a playful manner.

“Of COURSE you are, you always DO!” After risking his life for her, couldn’t she just for once accept his help and forget that stupid capture operation ever happened.

“Well, well, I see the hidden Shinji is poking his nose out today.” She mused to herself, a thoughtful look on her pretty features.

“Just please give it a rest.” Shinji grumbled out, still quite annoyed with his roommate. She in return seem to ignore that comment, her mind seeming to be on something else.

“So you’re not attracted to me after all?” She raised her eyebrow, arms still crossed.

“Huh?” He sounded surprised by the question.

“You heard me, Ikari, you don’t think I’m pretty?” She pouted slightly, sounding hurt.

“W-w-well of course you are!” He blurted out, not liking the question. Asuka smiled after hearing the somewhat panicked sounding response.

“So why don’t you think I’m serious? I am standing before you without my shirt on.” She continued to poke questions at him, pining the boy with her blue eyes.

“Why should I, Asuka?” He looked to the side of her, not able to hold the intense stare the girl gave him, “you always tease me, mock me and at times hit me. So why should I even think you would take off your…” He trailed off in shock.

The words in his mouth had a good reason for dying, as he watched his handful of a roommate hands move around to her back, then shortly after return as her white bra went slack on her body.

“I always think actions speak louder then words at times, so…” She shrugged off the straps of the bra, though making sure her hands held the cups in place.

“Wh-what are you doing!” His eyes were nearly bugging out with the strange actions of the Second Child. Asuka in return, stepped up to the boy before he could move away and without pause pressed herself again against his body but dropping her hands before her breasts mashed into the boy’s chest.

“So what you’re thinking now? Is this serious or not?” She wrapped her arms around his neck as the two of them stood in the kitchen, breathing on each other as their eyes locked.

“I…I…” He shook his head, his mind clinging desperately onto reality while the lower region of his body continued to increase blood flow to a certain limb.

“Heh, you’re one hard male to convince, Shinji…” Mused the girl, her lips finally brushing against her roommate’s, stripping the last of the boy’s resolve.

His arms on automatic, he found himself pressing the girl harder against him as they wrapped around her lower back. He quickly found himself returning the kiss as Asuka mauled his lips, poking her tongue out to brush against his teeth which encourage his own to play tag between the two mouths.

As the two shared their first passionate kiss, their hands had also started to wondering around. Shinji found his hands slid downwards to cup Asuka’s ass, squeezing the tender flesh with gentle hands. The red-haired girl meanwhile had moved one of her hands down, mirroring the boy’s actions as she let herself enjoy the feelings the touching was giving her.

After an unknown amount of time had pasted, the two finally moved their heads back slightly, their ilps releasing each other as their eyes continued to lock together.

“Convinced?” Asuka’s voice was low, as she took in long breaths of air as the excitement of the moment rushed throughout her body.

“God…” He muttered, too many braincells fried to answer.

“Mmmm… thought so…” She murmured into his mouth as she mashed their lips together again.

This time, Asuka turned up the heat as she started to get more bold with her groping of Shinji’s body. As the boy’s hands continued to roam her lower back and ass, she wiggled her hand into a position that allowed her to start stroking Shinji’s covered member.

This action seemed to set off the younger Ikari as his own hands started to move into new parts of Asuka’s body. Leaving one hand on her backside, Shinji moved the other up Asuka’s side til it reached the side of Asuka’s breast. Slowly moving his fingers around what flesh he could touch, the boy went to work kneading the mound as his hips started to move with Asuka’s teasing strokes.

This kind of petting went on for quite a number of minutes, with both teens exploring as much as they could with the current clothing they were wearing.

It was Shinji who was the one that broke the long kiss, maintaining body contact with the girl but he now wore a questioning look on his young face, “What now…?”

All movement by now had stopped as the boy and girl pondered that short, but important question.

“I’m…not sure…” Asuka murmured, not quite sure where to take this situation as, like most times, she hadn’t planned that far ahead, “I’m pretty… hot right… now.”

Shinji himself felt quite warm, not to mention the pleasurable sensations that had been shooting from his groin from Asuka’s teasing hand.

“I guess its up… to you.” He breathed out, not liking to say those words but fully aware he shouldn’t push his luck right now, “If we… stop, then I-“


Shinji blinked, his cloudy mind surprised to hear that one word used by her with such strong emotion, “Huh…?”

“Shut up for a moment…” Asuka closed her eyes for moment, letting her racing mind and hormones settle a little more.

“I choose to do this,” The girl licked her moist lips thoughtfully, “After that Angel… I…” She fell silent, seeming to struggle with what words she wanted to say.

“I’m DOING this, right through, because of what I saw you did for me.” Her blue eyes were full of raw emotion, of lust, “After staring death in the face, I found myself able to stare back and in that moment accepted my fate…”

“Asuka…” He muttered, not sure what to say to all this, not use to seeing this side of the redhead.

“Shinji, listen…” She rested her forehead on his, letting herself enjoy the warm feeling she was receiving from the boy, “I may have in the past had a low opinion on you, maybe not a fair one, but with what you did for a girl you only known for not even a month…”

She couldn’t speak any more, not use to sharing her thoughts like this. She was surprised though, no more then a few seconds later that she felt Shinji’s lips brush against hers briefly before he spoke softly.

“You didn’t have to do anything, not to repay the favor or whatever you are thinking…” A rare, genuine smile crossed his lips as he murmured to her, “I’m just glad your alive, and even though we don’t get along that great, I’m…well flattered that you would do this…”

Asuka stared back at him for a heartbeat, not sure what to say but in the end decided to softly chuckle, “pervert…”

“I think we’re both are…”

“Mmmm… probably...”

After a period of silence, Asuka spoke up again, her voice strong and filled with that same determination that he had grown to recognise.

“Anyways… seeing as we got through that bullshit and stuff,” She pressed her hand harder on his groin, “I think we can now find out if there is a third side to you?”

“Mmmm?” Shinji looked back, his curious eyes asking the question as he continued to enjoy the slow massage.

“Well… there is the meek little Shinji…” Her hand slowly slipped into his pants, ”the big brave Shinji…” Her fingers wrapped around the warm meat, “and I’m hoping there is a Hot and Hard Shinji as well…” Her slow strokes emitted a low moan from the young Ikari.

“Man…” He breathed out, “if this is what they call foreplay…”

“Lets find out then.”

…..Inside Shinji’s room minutes later….

“Oh god…” moaned Shinji.

On the Third Child’s futon, Asuka Sohryu Langley was currently on her hands and knees, above a very erect Shinji Ikari, who was right now running his hands down the redhead’s sides.

“Hmm-mmmm….” Asuka agreed, arching her back as she felt the boy’s fingers slowly tease her smooth skin. This action of Shinji’s as well had the girl rubbing her perky mounds lightly over the youth’s cheat.

The two had removed their clothes as they entered the boy’s room, well Asuka tore off her shorts and panties while Shinji nervously undressed. A demanding Asuka soon had the poor Ikari lad on his back and quickly the pair had returned to teasing each other’s bodies.

“I think I’m about ready…” Murmured the girl, supporting herself with one hand as the other moved between her legs, her fingers brushing her moist lower lips, “and that little soldier of yours is looking quite… inviting right now.” She moaned the last words out as she lightly stroked her own sex.

“Your sure…?” He softly replied, his hands had moved to capture the girl’s hanging breasts as she continued to tease her puffy lips. His fingers had zeroed in on the pinkish nipples, running his fingertips over the stiff nubs with a childlike curiosity, amazed at the strange texture of Asuka’s tits.

“I NEED release…” She panted out, her mind fully clouded with pleasure, “fuck me now…”

Running on instinct, Shinji moved his hands down her body until they had reached her hips. Following his actions, Asuka let the boy position her better as she grasped onto his throbbing rod to aid in reaching her goal.

Lowing down, Asuka felt the tip of his shaft press against her sex, feeling her lower lips spreading to allow the modest sized member to enter her. Taking a breath as he started to sink into her, Asuka forced herself to impale herself on his throbbing dick, wanting to break her barrier as fast as possible.

“Ahh….!” The redhead hissed out, nearly sinking completely down on his cock, pushing best she could the pain aside that had shot through her groin. She instead welcomed the pleasure that came with the short stab of pain, as Shinji echoed the moan that had escaped her lips.

“Whoa…” Shinji breathed out, the sensation of his dick being squeezed from all sides driving spikes of pleasure to his brain, “Unbelievable…”

“Yeah,” Asuka murmured, slowly rising off the offending object in her pussy until only the head remained, “can’t believe this feeling, but…” She trailed off as she pushed back in, muscles stretching as she started to slowly ride Shinji’s cock.

With Asuka’s hands supporting her, Shinji used his own to reach the hanging breasts that started to slightly bounce. His fingers massaged the soft flesh the best he could as his mind mainly focused on his dick penetrating Asuka. He could feel the building pressure, it was rising quite fast as his roommate continued to fuck him, faster and faster every few strokes.

“Damn…” He panted, now realising he was getting close to dumping his first load into the redhead, “Asuka, I’m losing control here… gonna…”

“Not yet!” She hissed out, her mind focused on reaching that most important goal, “hold it PLEASE!”

Shinji had enough common sense to know that if he came first, he would know doubt lose his much-needed hardness and Asuka’s most deserved orgasm, “…hurry, can’t…”

Asuka could sense it, just as Shinji lose the battle and started to shoot a number of loads into her. The boy had lost his grip on the girl’s tits as she had arched her back as her pace had doubled in desperate need.

Shinji flushed face looked at Asuka’s as he felt his last load fire off, and the automatic response that Asuka knew so well was on his lips when Asuka gasped out loud. He could fell her grip on his member double as she cummed over his groin.

“YYEEESSssssssss” She groaned out in delight, embracing the sensations that rocked her body. Shinji himself drank up the feeling of his dick being tightly massaged, then within moments found the redhead fall onto his chest.

Resting on the boy, Asuka caught her breath after having a quite pleasurable experience. Lifting her head from where it had been rested briefly, she look over to Shinji’s red face with an odd expression on her face. The girl tried to think what to say but decided in the end to nestle her head back to the side of Shinji’s neck as she enjoyed the after-effects of her orgasm.

Shinji by now had loosely wrapped his arms around the girl, liking the closeness of her body. He still was trying to wrap his mind around thought that he had just slept, had SEX with, the most popular girl in their school.

“Thank you…” Was the only words in that moment that escape his lips, his muddled mind for some reason replaying the exchange of words before they had entered his room.

“Mmmmm? For…?” Asuka mumbled into his ear, her mind in a rare state of calmness.

“For everything tonight, I guess…” His fingers rubbing the skin on her back, his mind wandering, “for what you said… for what you wanted to give me, for what you gave me…”

“Hmph…” The redhead raised her head to gaze into the boy’s face, “no need to say that baka, I consider this night a repayment for that hand back at the volcano…” She moved her lips to his once more, their tongues automatically darting forward. This type of play went on for a short time before Asuka broke the kiss, moving a hand up to tap Shinji on the nose in a playful fashion.

“Now before we either fall asleep or that twig resting against me decides its got its second wind…” She looked sharply at the boy, who looked back in a mix of confusion and uncertainly.


“We just had SEX, Ikari,” She sighed, “pretty good sex I’ll judge. But you know this doesn’t change much between us…” The disappointed look that sprung across his face made her smile slightly.

“Though that doesn’t mean this however,” Her fingertip tapped his lips, “won’t happen again, but some ground rules I guess need to be set.”

“I think I understand.” Shinji slightly nodded.

“After tonight, I don’t mind having sex with you in a casual manner,” Asuka continued, her tone all-businesslike, “but don’t get it into your mind that this is a serious relationship Shinji…”

He nodded again, that same smile from eariler again appearing on his face, the one that actually reached his eyes, “I’m just glad your still here.”

Asuka couldn’t help herself from smiling back, then curling her body slightly to rest her head under his chin, “Same here Shinji, same here…”

Silence soon fell onto the room as the two drifted off into a light doze, ignoring the fact that their guardian could arrive home at any time. Still though, the pair rested after their exciting and eye-openning experience. The young Ikari found himself soon asleep, his mind in a rare state of peace.

Sadly for the poor youth’s sleepy mind, he was rudely awaken by rushing sensations from his groin. Snapping his eyes open in surprise, he looked down his body to see a very pleasant, not to mention sexy, redhead kneeling between his legs.

Who, by the way, was giving him a very eye-popping blowjob.

“What the…?” He moaned out the words as Asuka’s tongue again sent shivers of pleasure down his spine.

The girl in question paused for a moment, then continued on with her work. She only just started this new venture after waking up from a nice, though short nap. After she saw the boy beneath her still in dreamland, she had firstly decided to wake the boy up with a kiss but when she moved slightly on his chest, she remembered that there was another part of him that she hadn’t put her lips on yet.

And so, here she was giving the Third Child head while tasting their mixed juices.


She smiled around his now fully erect dick, bobbing up and down in a slow pace, running her tongue over different parts of the boy’s meat. Hearing her sex partner for the night moan her name was sending shivers down her body, making her suck harder on the cock’s head.

Mein gott… she moaned silently, I need this thing inside me AGAIN!

Shinji, after experiencing this action for a few minutes had again closed his eyes but this time in pleasure. He was now taking deep breaths as he felt Asuka’s lips slowly bring him to another orgasm. Feeling her tongue run along his skin, he could feel another round of ejecting his seed this time into the girl’s mouth only moments away.

“Nearly there,” He moaned out, “gonna come soon…” Closer… he thought, Closer…

Then suddenly, all movement stopped.

Blinking in surprise, he opened his eyes to look at his groin but what he saw was the girl on her feet, her panties in hand and one of her playful smirks on her sweaty face.

“Now, now Ikari,” She wiggled a finger at him, “You think I’ll just freely give you that for nothing?” Shinji just blinked in return, not knowing what to say.

“If you want to blow, then either do it yourself, or-“ She rubbed her panties briefly on her wet mound, then threw them at his face, “earn it by catching me!”

Darting to his door, Asuka smirked at him as she rubbed her thigh playfully then disappeared down the hall.

Snapping to attention, Shinji in seconds were on his feet and at his door as Asuka’s naked form dashed into the kitchen.

“Asuka, Hey!” He called out, sounding both annoyed and excited.

“Too slow, Ikari!” She called back, “you gotta earn it if you want it!”

The familiar look of determination quickly crossed his face, the same look that appeared when in his Eva, while he chased his roommate around the house.

Buck naked, no less.

It was an odd, but funny sight to see them dart around both the kitchen and living room. This perverted game of tag had them climbing over everything that got in their way, knocking over things while Shinji tried to score himself a second ride with the wildly mare called Sohryu Asuka Langley.

At one time, Shinji did get ahold of the girl and had wrestle her to the ground. But after rolling around, groping each other while trying to stay on top, in the end Asuka’s slender form got lose and she had bolted back to the hallway.

That seemed to flag the end of the merry chase as Asuka led the poor boy into her room. Seeing her facing away from him, Shinji lunged forward to wrap his arms around her slick body, forcing her to collapse onto her futon.

“Got you!” The panting boy muttered.

“So you have,” She replied softly, “now what are you going to do, Shinji?” She smiled softly.

A flash of thought went through his mind, and out of that he got a sudden image that made him smile in a very non-Shinji way.

“On your hands and knees.” His commanding voice sounded odd to Asuka, as she complied, “rear entry huh? Well this bitch is up for that…” She lightly chuckled.

Shinji looked down at the girl’s backside, running his hands over it as she got into position. Seeing that she had spread her legs apart enough, he grabbed her hips as he moved his own, letting one of her hands help guide his stiff member in

Asuka took a deep breath as she felt him cock spread her pussy lips once again, drinking up the pleasure that started to run through her body. The boy slowly pushed his way into her, getting up to around two-thirds in before stopping.

“Ohhhh god yeah…” She moaned as he moved back til only an inch remained in her. It took him a few attempts to adjust to the position but within a minute the two had started up a slow pace. Shinji’s focus was on giving Asuka as deep a penetration as possible while the girl after dozen or so pumps started to pinch one of her nipples with a hand.

“Fuck yeah,” The German swore, panting harder as she felt Shinji starting to hit that small magic spot, “harder, Ikari, HARDER!”

“Trying…” He grunted out in return, trying to both please her and not to blow into her too early.

Come on, Come on, she thought, fingers mauling her breast as she drew closer to her orgasm.

Oh god she’s tight… His lust riddled mind thought, his breathing deep.

“Nearly…” She squeaked out, “…THERE!”

Feeling her muscles tighten around him, he pushed all his length into her as he felt himself beginning to lost his second load of the night into the pretty, thought very sweaty young lady.

The red-haired girl had cried out in delight as her body was hammered with pleasure, any common sense that was left in her pushed aside as she let Shinji shoot inside her again.

The Ikari youth himself by now had finished empting into the redhead, and was ready to collapse. Asuka had already done that and seemed to be enjoying the afterglow of the sex they had just experienced. Though Shinji wanted to join her, he knew he needed to do a few things before going to sleep, and so he quietly left the half-asleep girl.

Asuka blinked her eyes as she felt something touch her cheek. Forcing herself to focus on the face before her, she looked at the smiling face of Shinji Ikari.

“Mmmm, wha?” She mumbled as she lifted her head.

“Shhh.” He’s finger covered her lips, “Misato is home.”

Seeing her eyes widen, he only continued to smile, “don’t worry, she’s asleep now, its around midnight.”

“What? I was asleep?”

“Yeah, around an hour.” He nodded, “Misato came home not long ago but went straight to bed, long day and all I guess.” The girl hummed in agreement.

“Anyways, I thought before I went to bed I would make sure everything was back in their places so Misato wouldn’t know what happened tonight.” A short silence came between them before Shinji finished speaking.

“Well, I’m off to bed, so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Standing back up, he shuffled towards the door but stopped at it when he heard Asuka call his name.

“Shinji…” She looked at his face in the dim light, “…thanks.”

In return, he smiled back and nodded before sliding the door shut.

Closing her eyes again, the girl’s mind finally had the chance to go over what had happened. It had been strange that she had opened that much up to him, but in some ways she was glad she had. In the past, she knew she only had one person she could rely on, but now after seeing Shinji prove himself inside and out of his Eva, she gathered that to every rule their should be an exception.

“And besides…” She mused to herself, “after tonight I doubt I could resist him.”

Some minutes after Shinji had left, the proud and daring Evangelion pilot fell asleep.


“Where the fuck am I…?” mumbled Touji, staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling, “And why do me muscles feel so sore.”

“Do it again, Tou….” A familiar voice murmured, a potentially deadly voice.

“What the…Shit!” Memories suddenly returned to him in a flash as he finally took notice of the naked warm bodies at both sides of him. To his left where the familiar voice came from was his long-time classmate and all-round good girl, Hikari Horaki. And without having to look to his right, he felt the slender leg of the red-haired Ranko Saotome rubbing him quite pleasantly.

“How the fuck did this happen?” he groaned out, shaky memories on the party that celebrated the last night of the school trip.

“Did someone spike the drinks…?” He wondered outloud, then felt a hand running down his thigh.

“Rested up, big boy?” Ranko murmured into his ear, “Hikari seems to be still sleeping it off, but I’m up for a second round.” Her voice felt like silk to the boy’s ear.

“Um… maybe?” He chuckled nervously, as Hikari started to move her head to stare at him.

“Touji? How did…?” She blinked, then blushed suddenly as memories of earlier activities resurfaced.

Oh god… his muddled mind thought as the Class rep. soon gained a similar look in her brown eyes that the redhead was wearing.

I doubt Shinji would ever believe this shit, thought the Jock as the earlier fun and games started up again.


….or not?

Author thoughts and notes:

And that’s a wrap. I have to say this little story of mine was quite fun to write. True, I wouldn’t call it great but I hope everyone who read this liked my style of creative writing.

For the few people who are still waiting for the next chapter of OverDrive, sorry guys but that chapter is a long ways off unless something gets the creative juices running. But that doesn’t mean I won’t write anymore Eva lemons though I’ve got no ideas currently.

Well anyways, that’s all I’ve got to say but look out for more fanfic work soon.