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A/N: Thanks to Nemmy for the inspiration! ("I'm a bunny!")

"Thanks for going to dinner with me, Ritsuko. It's always so much more fun when it's dinner for two!"

Misato looked across the table at her dinner companion, Ritsuko. Ritsuko had been slightly surprised when she had invited her, but had agreed to it anyway. She watched as Misato played absent-mindedly with her food.

"Oh, let's just get straight to the point, shall we?" asked Misato. With that said, she stood up, and walked into her room. After a few seconds of shuffling, she re-emerged holding to piles of cloth. She threw one of them at Ritsuko. "Here, put this on."

Unfolding the pile, it appeared to be a white bunny suit. Deciding that she really didn't care anymore, she hastily threw on the outfit. Looking up, she saw that Misato was already wearing hers. The suit had long, floppy white ears and a poofy tail.

"Come, bounce with me!" exclaimed Misato, jumping up and down. As she did so, Ritsuko noticed her breasts bouncing up and down...and was slightly aroused.

"Oh...god I want you so bad right now!" screamed Ritsuko, and pounced on Misato's back. She wasted no time and immediately starting her fellow bunny's behind. At the same time, Ritsuko wrapped her arms around Misato and starting squeezing her breasts.

Misato then said, "That feels so good, but I need something more, if you know what I mean." She winked.

Ritsuko picked up the idea. She deftly left her position on Misato's behind and quickly ran to the kitchen. When she returned, she held a long, orange carrot in your hand. "How's this?" she teased playfully.

She then remounted Misato; however this time, instead of fondling breasts, she stuck the long, pointy carrot up Misato's ass, right below her puffy bunny tail. Misato moaned with pleasure as the vegetable entered her; she felt that she was going to orgasm soon. "I'm so hot now! Let's go outside!"

Not one to disagree (for she was 'hot' as well), Ritsuko dismounted Misato and lead her outside. Once this was accomplished, she resumed her position atop her rabbit friend.

However, at the same moment, a local hunter just arrived from with woods with no game. Upon seeing the two "rabbits," he pulled out his shotgun and shot them both.

The hunter then walked over, and noticed that they were not bunnies, but people in bunny suits. Maybe he was more drunk than he thought. Either way, he decided he wasn't going to waste this opportunity, and began to shag the dead bunny corpses.