The Quiet First Child and the Fiery Second Child


It was night, And the First Child, The Wonder girl, Rei Ayanami walked into her rather

small apartment followed by the Fiery Redheaded Second Child, Asuka Langley Souryu.

Asuka sighed.


"Damnit, of all the places to stay the night, I have to stay at YOUR house." She growled



 "I..I'm sorry, But…Katsuragi-dono ordered that you stay here tonight, Since she's

working late, and Shinji is staying with Ryouji Kaji-sama." She stared at the ground.


Asuka blinked. "But…why couldn't I spend the night at Hikari-chan's house." She

growled yet again, crossing her arms.


"Say, what'd you got to eat here anyway?" Rei looked up at Asuka.


"Theres…some Cup Ramen in the second Cupboard on the left in the kitchen." She



 "WHOO! Asuka ran into the kitchen happily, Opening the cupboard instantly.


"Theres…nothing here…" She twitched, then fell to her knees, "Damnit…"


Rei walked up and blinked at Asuka. "Hey, are you alright?" She said staring at her with

her Crimson red eyes.


 "Just…Fine…" Asuka replied looking up at Rei. She then stood up, and gently kissed

Rei's lips, giggling as she did so.


 "…!" Rei gasped, blinking at Asuka. "Wha…What're you doing?!"


Rei took a step back.


 "C'mon, Wonder girl, I know you want me. It's quite obvious, by the way you look at

me and all."


Rei nodded slowly. "I…do have feelings for you, Ms.Souryu…"


Asuka smirked, Approaching Rei. She placed her hand on her cheek and kissed her lips

passionately. Rei blushed, but instead of breaking away, She wrapped her arms around

Asuka and returned the kiss. Asuka slowly slipped her other hand up Rei's skirt and

grabbed her ass as she deepened the kiss by sliding her tongue into Rei's mouth.


"Mmmmmm…" Rei slowly entwined her tongue with Asuka's before pulling back to

take a breath.


"Now…that was a kiss…" Asuka said, grinning. Rei blushed, again.


"…Ehh…" She nodded slowly.


"Hmm…" Asuka nuzzled Rei's chest, grinning.


 "Mind showing me…your room?" Rei nodded, Blinking her Crimson red eyes and

leading Rei to her gray, almost empty room. As soon as they entered the room, Asuka

pushed Rei onto the bed and climbed ontop of her. She showered Rei's neck with kisses,

giving her a few hickies as well. Rei moaned, Wrapping her arms around Asuka, tightly.


"Ahhmmmm…" Asuka grinned, Rolling up Rei's top and pulling down he bra. She

slowly began to Lick Rei's nipples which were now erect and resembled pencil erasers.

Rei let out a deep sigh, before relaxing her body, and letting Asuka continue making love

to her. Asuka Slowly slid her hand down Rei's skirt, then her panties and fingered her



 "Ahhhhh…Mmhmm…" Rei moaned, as Asuka swirled her finger around to increase her

pleasure. Asuka grinned.


"Like it?" She continued to do so, then began to suck on Rei's beautiful nipples.


"Mmmhmmmm.." Rei nodded slightly, twitching abit as her orgasm was building up.

Asuka quickly lifted up Rei's skirt, and slide down her panties, pressing her lips against

her pussy. She began to lick, and suck on her labia, Causing Rei to go into an Orgasm



"Ahhhh…mmmmm!" Rei moaned, Tossing her head back as she cummed. Asuka

grinned, lapping up every last drop of The First child's cum. She then continued to eat

out Rei's pussy, then pulled back five minutes later, Reaching up and kissing Rei's lips.


"I'm tired of being the Dominatrix." She grinned. "Please, Give me some lovin' too.."

Rei nodded slowly, blushing furiously. She pressed her weight against Asuka, then rolled

over ontop of her.


 "That's the way, First Child." Asuka smirked. "Now, Fuck me!" Asuka said, as she tore

off her own clothing. Rei nodded, And kissed Asuka's neck, beginning to suck on it



 "Mm.." Asuka bit her bottom lip, grinning. Rei slowly pressed her teeth against Asuka's

neck, sucking rougher, and nibbling. "Ooh…Mmm…that's it, Rei. You're getting

better…" Rei continued to do so, Breaking Asuka's skin slightly, then ran her tongue

over the spot that she was sucking on. Asuka bit her bottom lip so hard the skin broke.


"Mmmmmm..ahh!" Rei pulled back, Smiling slightly. "Hmmm…I'll be right back

Wonder girl…" Asuka winked, pushing Rei off slightly. She left the room and returned

with a Red strap on dildo.


"Rei, I want you put this on," She said as the handed the Crimson sex toy to The First

child. Rei nodded, putting it on. Asuka pushed Rei back on the bed, climbing onto her

hips. Rei blinked, Watching Asuka intently. Asuka pushed against Rei so the Dildo

entered Asuka's beautiful love hole. She winced, as she bounced on the dildo once,

making it remove her of her virginity, a tear slowly cascaded down her cheek. Then she

smiled as the pleasure was getting to her, She placed her hands on Rei's chest and began

to ride the dildo like a cowgirl on a wild bull at the Rodeo. Rei watched Asuka and

slowly began to thrust at her as she was riding the 'Big red Machine'. Asuka whimpered

in pleasure as she began to go faster and faster, till her tight passage contracted and she

climaxed a river of cum. She then collapsed on top of Rei.


"I love…you, Rei Ayanami…" She said, while nuzzling her chest.


 "And…I love you too, AsukaL Souryu…" Rei replied as she ran her fingers through

Asuka's red hair.