Plain & Simple
Part 1

By: KoalaKiller
Pre-read by: Ze Poodle

(Probably the greatest anime to ever come from Japan is of course not owned by me. If it were, there would have been a 3rd season out already! In any case, please enjoy my little ficcy, and thumbs up to my prereader(s).)

Rated L - for Lemon.

“Oooohhhh yes!”

Misato’s drawn out moan of pleasure filled her messy room as she, on her hands and knees, continued to rock back into Shinji’s hips.

“Mmmmm… harder….” She breathed out, “more…”

As the clock struck 11:14, Shinji’s dick disappeared into the sopping wet pussy again, his guardian moaning as he put his full energy into the action to pleasure the woman.

“Ahhh….” Shinji moved a hand up from Misato’s side to wipe his sweaty forehead. The teenage boy had been pumping into the woman now for a good 10 minutes, getting close now to his release.

The two sex partners had been pleasuring each other ever since their other roommate had fallen asleep after watching a number of animated movies. Without those piercing blue eyes gazing at them, the two had retreated to Misato’s room for some stress-release, though as their bodies slapped together they kept their cries of pleasure soft and muffled.

“Keep the pace up,” Misato groaned out, one hand kneading her large firm breast, “you’re…hitting the…right spot…” her panting filling Shinji’s ears, “getting close…”

Shinji only grunted out softly, his focus on the tight, though slippery channel that his dick was sliding into. Though the boy gathered that his guardian would have had many partners over the years, she was still quite a tight fit as any teenage girl would be. His hands gripped her sides as he banged into the woman from behind, a position that he quite enjoyed being in. Just thinking of himself taking his lovely commanding officer in this way always got him nicely hard and horny.

“Gonna to come soon…” Shinji moaned out, licking his lips as the pleasure he was feeling continued to build up, leaning forward a bit more as he came closer to his peak. Misato in return to his warning, seemed to double her efferts to bring herself off before he burst inside her stretched pussy.

“That’s it…” she panted out, increasing the speed of her movement, “yeeessss…..” She could feel it, so very close now that she would go crazy if she denied it NOW.

Shinji sighed in relief as he felt Misato’s inner-walls strangle his slick cock. Pushing harder into her as she came hard, it only took him seconds to lose his load into her waiting pussy, letting the pleasure wash over his body as Misato let loose a loud moan into her pillow, her stretched tunnel slowly calming down after feeling the much wanted ecstasy.

Some moments after Shinji finished off coming inside her, Misato fell onto her badly abused futon, letting Shinji rest on his heels.

“Just as good as last time,” She murmured softly, her flushed face currently sporting a satisfied smile, “you’re a damn good lover…”

Shinji’s own flushed face contained a similar look as he gazed down at his beautiful guardian, once again thankful that he could experience this type of interaction with her.

“You too, Misato.” He let out another deep breath, still a bit tired from riding Misato so long, “though if we continue on I’ll think I would need a breather, still don’t have your endurance…”

Turning onto her back, the Operations Director folded her arms behind her head to gaze at her talented charge, her appealing breasts very tempting to touch, “Oh I think you’re doing well.” she said, her smile as big as her tits.

Lying down besides her, he pressed his body to hers as he let a lazy hand caress her smooth belly.

“But like you say, more practice makes for a better lover.” His fingers moved up her body and over her stiff nipple, as he looked at her somewhat flushed face.

“Yes,” She sighed out, enjoying his touch, his gentle fingers kneading her skin, “why you think I encouraged you to be friendlier with Rei?”

“Like I said,” He bit his bottom lip, memories of other nights of passion returning to him, “the few times with Rei was nice and all… but, well, she just seems to lack something…”

“I know, I know…” Misato smiled, “but hey, at least you know what your feelings towards her are.” Her own hand was just as busy, running her fingernails lightly down his thigh playfully.

Shinji nodded, drinking in the pleasures of the woman’s teasing, “True.”

The room fell into a peaceful silence as the two mismatched lovers started to caress each other’s bodies with greater passion. The pair had been for some months expressing their feelings to each other after Misato’s near death experience inside the runaway JetAlone prototype. That night of passion and release had strengthened their bond, and since then the pair had enjoyed their nights together even though there was now a third person living in the apartment.

“I wonder if Asuka will ever suspect this…” Misato mused outloud, a thought that had ran through both of their minds since the Second Child came to live with them.

“Don’t know,” He sighed, a bunch of dreams and fantasies rushed through his foggy mind within seconds before being pushed aside, “But in the end, its best she doesn’t know.”

“True,” She nodded, knowing that Shinji wouldn’t mind having the redhead bouncing on his modest sized dick, and she herself was curious about seeing the pair interact in that fashion, “but maybe in the future she’ll… open up to you in a number of ways.”

The boy had to grin at that suggestive comment, as he rolled on top of her, “Yeah… but for now we can continue doing this fun activity together.”

Before mashing Shinji’s lips to hers, Misato breathed out, “Mmmmmm, another round sounds nice to me…”

And so another round of fondling and humping started up, though this time the more experienced partner decided to lead.

She did so by rolling them over so that she could then pull herself upright, as well as the teenager, “let me get you up better…” Shinji, leaning back with his hands to support him, watched as the busty and slender woman moved back while pulling her lover’s legs apart.

“Mmm, um, sure,” He licked his lips as he watched his guardian now kneeling between his legs, moving her head down to kiss his moist member, “Ooooooo….”

Misato’s lips wrapped around the soft head, her tongue brushing over the sensitive skin and tasting their mixed juices. The boy took deep breaths as he felt the teasing muscle play with the top of his dick. He always enjoyed when Misato went down on him like this, it always got him back up quite quickly and she could make he burst quite violently into her mouth if she went all-out on his cock.

“Verrrry nice,” Misato slowly started to sink down on the continuing to harden member, her tongue mowing up and down the shaft as much as possible as she engulf him completely, “Ohhh yes…”

Moving one hand to place on the woman’s head of long mane of hair. He let the woman start bobbing on his dick without placing any pressure yet; the action was more out of instinct then wanting to encourage his partner, “Mmm.”

Misato continued her work, bobbing on his shaft with a steady pace, not wanting him to lose this load into her mouth tonight. She wanted one more banging to satisfy herself and her charge. Of course, the poor boy didn’t know that as she tended to keep the pilot in the dark if she wanted to only give new life to his member or wished to blow his brains out.

One hand continuing to support him, Shinji’s closed eyes were screwed up in pleasure as his guardian continued to move her tongue over different parts of his dick, while she did as usual a very good job sucking him off.

“Whaaa…?” He blinked suddenly though, as all activity down in his groin stop and he soon found soft lips push into his, caressing them. He returned the passion in the, short but pleasurable kiss and when they broke he looked into the lust-filled eyes of his partner.

“Ready?” She purred softly to him, positioning herself as Shinji moved himself into a better sitting position to mount.

“God yes…” He breathed out, heavy passion running through him still from the lovely technique Misato used.

The woman, kneeling in front of him with legs spread apart, slowly sank down on the tall pole pointing skyward. It was a hard position to get into at first but once comfortable Misato could get some real airtime bouncing on his groin.

As the beautiful woman impaled herself on him, he drank up the tight fit as he felt himself stretch the small passage. He also enjoyed the feeling of the well shaped breasts rub against his chest as his guardian bottomed out on him.

Feeling herself well embedded, Misato wrapped her arms around the teenager’s neck, kissing him gently as she started to slide back up using her strong leg muscles.

“Mmm…” The boy moaned into the woman’s mouth, the combined sensations of feeling so much of her body rubbing his nearly made him lose his control.

The woman continued to caress her body against the teenager, her slippery tunnel hugging the rod snugly. Misato’s tongue battled with Shinji’s, their eyes closed as the pace picked up more.

Shinji was breathing hard out of his nose as his pleasure built up, feeling Misato slap into him harder and harder. He could feel Misato starting to pant into his mouth before she broke the kiss, her head flopping back as she bounced as fast and as hard without knocking the pair over.

“Yes, yes, yes…” The woman softly repeated, “I can feel it, Shinji…”

Shinji grunted softly in response, thrusting up as much as he could. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer now, the pressure in his groin was close to breaking point.

“MmmmMMMmmmmm…. There, nearly!” She cried out, thumping more and more into the boy, then… “Ahhhhh God!”

Impaling herself one more time, Misato let her orgasm ram through her body. The woman hugged the teenager tightly as pleasure rammed through her, her head still back as she moaned out in ecstasy.

Shinji couldn’t hold out any longer after this and groaned out in relief as he shot powerful wads of cum up the hot, dripping wet pussy. Feeling his cock being strangled drove him even crazier with pleasure as the muscles around his meat squeezed and massaged him.

As Shinji felt back onto the futon, his lover still connected to him, he failed to notice that there was a pair of curious eyes watching him finish off unloading into the NERV Major. Misato as well missed those piercing eyes, her mind totally focused on that slab of hot meat embedded between her legs.

Their cries of release too loud to her soft moan of release from partly closed screen.

They both missed as the thin door closed silently shut, too busy recovering from another night of passionate bliss….

* * * *

Another school day passed without incident.

Well, none that the teachers of the school knew of.

In room 2-A on that fine sunny afternoon, two popular female students roamed around the desks and chairs cleaning and tidying up typically mess that was always left behind. These two girls were also, I guess you could consider, very close friends who tended to share many of their thoughts, dreams and secrets.

And from time to time, they would also share their pleasures…

“You nearly done, Hikari?” Asuka called out to her friend who had just finished off wiping down the last desk from the other side of the room.

“In a moment I will.” Her friend replied, now wiping down the Sensei’s desk.

The teenage girl with the cute pigtails wore a distracted look on her pretty face, thoughts running through her head of what would be happening shortly once arriving home. Her wandering mind made her miss the silent intruder behind her - that is, until slender arms wrapped around her waist, startling her.

“Asuka!” She squeaked out, feeling the warm body press against her back. She as well felt hot breath near her ear as she slowly relaxed in the loose embrace.

“You’re as easy as Shinji, you know that?” Asuka softly laughed into her friend’s ear, “you should know by now not to let your guard down around this German.”

“Asuka… you’re just so unpredictable at times.” Hikari sighed in annoying, though a smile did grace her lips.

“And that’s the way I like it,” Asuka’s hands playfully fiddled with the front of Hikari’s school shirt, “but anyways… seeing that we’re done here, why don’t we..?”

“You’re unbelievable at times,” Hikari covered her friend’s hands with her own; “you know that I have… guests this afternoon.” This of course made the redhead snort in a very un-lady-like manner.

“Those two?” Asuka tsk’ed into her ear, “I know about your warped history with them and all, but still… there are better lovers in this school then those dorks.”

“Maybe,” Hikari licked her lips, her face slightly flushed as a smile played across her face, “but they are quite enjoyable to be with, though more inside my bed then outside at times...” Her cheeks seem to redden more as the pair continued talking.

“And besides, we’ve talked about this issue many times so I would be starting to think you could trust me with my judgements.”


“And like I’ve said, I’ve known them for quite some time now.” Old memories surfacing again of times when the trio in their pre-teens years started to discover how to please each others bodies. But they had not until 8th grade started having full-blown sex.

She still of course, couldn’t help herself at times feeling embarrassed on the topic and actions of sex.

“Yeah, yeah,” Asuka sighed, “I just can’t imagine you spreading your legs for those two - well maybe for that jock, but the geek?”

“Kensuke is better at it then you think,” Hikari twisted around in Asuka’s arms, brushing her lips against the redhead’s for a moment, “though Touji is still better. But I don’t mind in the end.”

“Well, it’s hard to kiss you at times knowing his lips have been on yours.” Asuka then returned the kiss, her tongue brushing against her friend’s lips making Hikari poke out her own.

The two made out in this position for quite some time, just enjoying the warmth of their closeness, Asuka perhaps more so. The redhead always put a lot of passion into their touches; the girl was the only person so far that she would share her passion with. Melting her lips to Hikari’s, she loved how her friend darted her tongue around in playful motions, running across different parts of her mouth to give her as much pleasure as possible.

“I gather,” Hikari breathed out heavily after breaking the passionate lip-lock, “that you spied on Shinji jerking off again, right?” Hikari had felt the other girl’s hands roam over her back, all the way down to her ass-cheeks. So of course the pigtailed-girl would return the favour, though it was always more enjoyable when they were undressed.

The redhead’s slightly flushed face increased in redness as she heard those words, “In a sense, um, yeah…” The topic of Shinji and sex seemed to most times make the brash German stammer slightly.

“Asuka, Asuka, Asuka,” Hikari smiled at her friend, “I keep telling you. You should just try one night and seduce him if you can, and stop teasing yourself like this.” And this side of Hikari always amazed the redhead. Mainly because it seemed a lot of people saw her as the straight-arrow of the classroom.

“I…I…” Asuka breathed out, hesitating in her choice of words, “It won’t work, Hikari. I know he has maybe some feelings for me but I think, know! That he likes other girls more then me.” Flashes of overheard conversation briefly came to mind, some of the chatter she heard from Shinji and Misato.

The brown-haired girl stared into the German’s shining blue eyes, seeing many emotions pass through them that few people would ever get to see.

“Oh Asuka,” Hikari shook her head slightly; “I wish you could face up to your desires for Shinji.” She then looked past the head of reddish-gold hair. ”But I guess you need to be prodded a bit to explore them.”

“Huh/” The Eva pilot blinked at the strange phrase of words and the tone of her friend’s voice, “what do you mean, a little prodding…?”

“I guess that’s my signal, huh?” A familiar voice intruded into the girls soft chatter. Suddenly Asuka felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her from behind, forcing her arms to her sides.

“Touji!” Asuka growled out, feeling him press into her back, which sandwiched her between the jock and the class rep, “let go of me, you ape!”

“Sorry Sohryu, just sticking to the plan here.” He grunted out as he held the slim girl, though he had to admit she had some strength in her small build.

“Wha?” Asuka blinked in surprise. Hikari took that moment to release her friend to let her lover push the German girl up against the Sensei’s desk.

“Asuka,” Hikari’s soft voice was only centimetres from her ear, “trust me on this, Touji and I want to show you how good it feels.”

“What the hell is going on, Hikari!” Asuka considered trying for the groin shot, a move she had used plenty of times since she had started to ‘fill out’, “And get your monkey off me!”

“Not til we get the little female dog here to do it the old fashion way.” Touji grunted out. He made sure to hold her in place until his lover had calmed the Eva pilot.


“Asuka listen,” Hikari spoke up again, her voice still soft as her hand touched the other girl’s cheek gently, “Overall I really don’t mind being your lover too. I’ve had lots of fun experiencing this with a girl… but-“

“Hikari?” Asuka blinked at her friend’s words, totally confused now at her behaviour and annoyed as well seeing she had a single-minded jock holding HER.

“Just trust me, please,” Hikari turned her head and Asuka felt the soft lips connect. She returned the kiss as she did always, but it ended shortly as Hikari whispered, “he’s no Shinji, but I trust him to give you your first time enjoyable…”

“Heh, and this is a good repayment for the crap you’ve given me and Kensuke.” Touji snorted out while he started to rub his erect pole against her.

“Just let yourself go for once, Asuka.” Hikari stroked her hair as the redhead was bent over to give Touji proper rear-access.

“Hey! I haven’t yet-“

“So the great bitch-queen is scared, huh?” Touji snorted out again, “and Hikari told me you like the idea of a men who know what they want.” Asuka wanted to respond to that but her friend distracted her.

“Wha… Hikari!” She groaned out, as Hikari hand brush against the front of her panties. The brown-haired girl had lifted Asuka’s school skirt and was slowly stroking the wetting panties.

“You’re already wet…” Hikari mused, her hand now pulling down the piece of underclothing, “I think you’re starting to get into the mood.”

The class rep soon slid her middle-digit down her pouting pussy lips. Asuka couldn’t help but shudder in pleasure as she felt the familiar teasing strokes of her friend.

“Hikari….” She moaned out.

“I know you like this.” The pigtail-girl finger soon came across the little sensitive nub. Rubbing it lightly seemed to send little shocks through the redhead’s body and Hikari had to admit the urge to go down on her friend was strong. But of course, today Touji would get to do some deep explorations of Asuka’s pussy, thought a little digging around wouldn’t hurt and it would help get Asuka nice and wet.

“Ooohhh yeah…” Asuka sighed, now feeling Hikari slip a long finger up her tunnel, feeling it rub the walls that would spark more pleasure to flood her veins. The slow stroking continued for a moment, helping make the redhead nice and slippery with each thrust.


“I think that’s enough, Hikari.” Touji’s voice interrupted the bliss between her legs, and as well reminded her that she was in the throes of pleasure while in arms of a mindless troll.

“Hmm-Mmmm.” Hikari withdrawal caused Asuka to squeak out in protest. But any words from her mouth were stopped as Hikari again moved her head to let her lips caress the German’s. This distraction worked well, as behind her the jock made his move.

“Open up, Sohryu,” Touji muttered as he forced Asuka’s legs apart more as well as made sure her skirt stayed up. With the girl not struggling to set herself free, he without hesitation ran a finger across her swollen lower lips as the continuing girl-action added more hardness to his cock, “Mmm, you got her nice and wet, very ready for a good fuck.”

“Mmmmm… wha?-“ She gasped into Hikari mouth, surprised as she felt an unfamiliar object teasingly rub against her wet pussy, her slightly parted lips giving it easy access to her narrow tunnel.

“Here we… go.” Asuka could feel the boy’s hard cock push inside her, the stiff rod stretching her lower lips as it travelled deeper and deeper. The feeling was overwhelming to her as the hot, hard flesh sent shivers of pleasures down her spine.

“Hikari…” Asuka whispered, “Ooooh, God it’s big… ” She had broke the kiss, taking in deep breaths as Hikari’s lover finished bottoming out in her. Feeling herself impaled in this way she could not put into words, but images of Shinji and Misato flashed in her mind and for a moment wondered what her guardian felt when the younger Ikari thrusted in all the way to the hilt.

“Good huh?” Their hips bumped again as the boy started to pump the fierce redhead sex, making Asuka moan once again, “now try and keep up with me female dog.”

Asuka feel him retreat from her again, leaving only the tip in her before he shot back into her, “I’ll…make you…squeal…like the girl…you…are for…this!” Her panting and the other actions that the pair were doing seemed to urge Hikari to be more active.

Pushing Asuka back up, making Touji stop for a moment to let his lover have access to Asuka’s front, the class rep started to remove the redhead’s necessary clothing to reach two familiar peaks. Asuka herself, with her distracted mind, let her female lover expose her chest, feeling the gentle fingers rub the large firm mounds once the annoying bra had been unclipped from the front.

“Mmmmm, nice.” The redhead hummed delightfully, the slender fingers darting over her pointy nubs, feeling them being pulled, twisted and squished.

“Fuck…” The redhead moaned, “God….” Now if only… her foggy mind wandered, then stopped as she felt soft wet lips caress an erect nipple, “Oooh yeah…”

Down below the pounding continued. The jock was pumping in the redhead now hard and fast as he felt his orgasm coming closer very quickly.

“Gonna… blow soon…” He breathed out.

Asuka heard his as she continued to moan with each thrust, and those magical lips of Hikari’s was helping her reach her release. The feeling of being jack hammered with a warm, hard dick was driving her crazy. The motion of slam, retreat, slam, retreat was drawing her oh so close…

“Harder, HARDER!” She gasped out, Hikari’s teeth pinching her nipples playfully.

Touji grunted out in return, their pace in full high-gear as the pair raced towards ecstasy.

“Damn, damn…” Asuka panted, now feeling herself a step away from climax. Touji knew he would blow in seconds, just holding on until the redhead creamed over his dick.

“Yes.. yes… YEEESS!” Asuka’s soft cry of release echoed in the room signalled her release as Touji hammered home, letting himself go and letting loose a number of powerful loads of cum. Hikari, her fingers now back on the redhead’s chest, gently massage the globes of flesh as she watched the flushed face of the German girl.

“Damn I needed that,” Touji signed out heavily, “watching you two make out… damn it sure turned me on extra hard.” Hikari had to smile at that as she gazed calmly into those sky-blue eyes of Asuka Sohryu Langley.

“How you feeling, Asuka?” The brown-haired girl asked, continuing to ignore her own needs for now seeing as she hand two young man who would later met her needs.

“Damn you, Hikari…” groaned the redhead, “if I needed a guy, I could have just rented one.” Though Asuka couldn’t help smile at her warped friend.

“Doubtful,” Hikari spoke softly, “if you couldn’t even try this with Shinji, you wouldn’t let some strange guy do that.”

“Kaji…” She murmured out then sighed in annoyance at herself in mentioning that name.

“In any case, if I didn’t like that so much, I would have had your sex toy hauled in by section-2, Hikari.”

“You needed the release Asuka,” The other girl replied, “and I knew you would get off with someone like him forcing you.”

“Yeah, yeah…” She pulled up her panties, wincing at the wet feeling, “though I’ll think of something to pay you two back.”

Hikari only smiled. “You can try, demon!” Touji snorted. The boy had retreated to a safe range after dumping into the redhead, and this had allowed the pigtail-girl to come around to hug her friend briefly from the side while letting her hands slid over her sweaty chest.

“In any case,” Hikari said, waiting until her friend was steady on her feet, “we better go, seeing as I only just recall Shinji said something about tests at NERV for you guys.”

“Oh shit!” Asuka cursed, snatching up her book-bag then dropped it as she remembered she needed to put on a few pieces of clothing that Hikari had removed, “totally forgot!”

Before the two other teenagers could blink, the redhead, in a whirlwind of motions, was out the door, dressed and somewhat presentable within what seemed like seconds.

“Gees…” Touji shook his head, as he fixed up his pants, “and she didn’t even say thank you to me for all the hard work.”

Hikari just smiled up at him then picked up her own bag. With one last look around the classroom with an eagle-eyed gaze, the brown-haired girl lead her long-time lover out of the school to meet up with their friend and partner, Kensuke.

End for now…?

Author ramble:

Oh god… what was I thinking!

Or was I thinking at all…?

I can’t believe I just wrote a fic where Touji got a shot at Asuka in that way. Heck, I nearly dumped the whole scene but after a few days of thought and chatting with a few people I decided to rework it and man the final copy was a lot better by far.

In all, I think this is my best piece of work so far though Asuka/Shinji fans my disagree with that statement. But don’t fret you guys, I’m planning to do a second part of this fic but first gotta work out who gets laid next.

Annnnyways, before I go I would just like to say a big thanks to Ze Poodle for his help in fixing this thing up so it was readable.

Until next time…