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PJ's Smut

This son of a bitch actually gets his own page. From what I gather, this guy churns out smut like a machine.
He's even got his own goddamn section at the greyachives.

Afterschool Lessons
School Snatch
Teacher's Pet I
Teacher's Pet II
Angel in Bondage
  • Everyone has that one crazy teacher back in high school, right?

Papa's Girl 1
Papa's Girl 2
Papa's Girl 3
Papa's Girl 4
Hot Afternoon by the Pool
  • I guess I this is where I'm obligated to say something about how incest is fun for the whole family.
    The fucked up thing about this is that it apparently takes place at the same time as the fics above it, which is fucking impossible because then she'd have to be in Japan and Germany at the same time...

Early Morning Lover
Masturbation Punishment
  • The Misato-is-an-abusive-drunken-dyke-stories-that-end-in-the-middle series.

Interactive Lover: Asuka Pops Her Cherry
  • Not as good at the second person thing as The Second Person.

The Date
Where I Give Asuka A Physical
Training Day
  • Everyone has that one crazy teacher back in high school, right?

The Pink Pussy
Super Angel
  • I think these two are just random. I like Super Angel, though. The first line really sets the mood.

"Let Me Give You A Ride"
Asuka's Sleepover
Virtual Final Fantasy
Sisters in Slavery
  • I haven't read these ones yet. I'll get back to you.

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